I DON'T know how the betting challenges have been going while I've been away but hopefully they've remained popular.

Put up all your challenges here and make it clear what you're betting on and when.

On the members' forum there is a section for betting challenges but if people prefer to do them on the site then so be it.

  1. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Nice to see you back mate, i completed another £30 – £1000 challenge same day you went away pal. I was on bet 5 before and lost my £298 stake. It was on the AaB Aalborg vs midtjylland game. I did over 0.5 goals and i didn’t land after a disallowed goal in the 70th minute. They have played around 30 + games head to head and none of them saw a 0-0, bad do it had to be today the history came to a end Good thing when the head to head is good but the streak has to come to a end at some point, unfortunately.

  2. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    Pachuca v Monterrey

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £80 odds 1.33

  3. Alves 3 years ago

    Im on over .0.5 Pchuca gls before posted on other thread so hope yer right

  4. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    Why has the Iinitial stake on bet 1 been rising recently. Started off as 10-1000 challenge, then last time I looked bet 1 was £50, today bet 1 is £80. This is a big outlay for the average punter and appears more high risk than a challenge.

  5. superjim 3 years ago

    I start on 20 or 30. If I only jump on at bet 4 plus then I will start higher. I think Harry’s tips get less risky the higher he gets.

    If you start on half of Harry’s stake, and only get to 500, I think that is still pretty flipping brilliant.

  6. tribe lover 3 years ago

    Right, going to try something new in doing a £1-£10 challenge five times and see if I can make any profit whatsoever so in total five pounds will be staked.

    Bet 1: Over 2.5mg in ASM Oran u21 game £1 returns £1.83

  7. tribe lover 3 years ago

    Bet 1: Over 2.5mg in Port Melbourne game £1 returns £1.80

  8. tribe lover 3 years ago

    Bet 2: Shanghai Shenhua to score before 80min £1.80 returns £3.46 @5/6

  9. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    Tomsk v Kuban

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £40 odds 1.33, quite risky this not going to lie but the home team need a goal

    My bet won lastnight but i did over 1.5 goals aswell so it lost

  10. superjim 3 years ago

    Me too boss

  11. tribe lover 3 years ago

    Bet 3: Over 4.5mg in Mika II game, £3.40 returns £5.34

  12. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 1 BFC Daugavpils game o2.5 mgs odds 11.10 returns €42

  13. tribe lover 3 years ago

    Bet 1: Over 1.5mg in Smena u21 game £1 pays £1.44

    • tribe lover 3 years ago

      *lost* 16 shots and couldn’t even find the back of the net for the home team. Think i’m done for today, luck just ain’t on my side.

  14. theboss 3 years ago

    Erm why was my comment removed?

    Because I said TWITTER?


    • meadway 3 years ago

      Theboss, promotion of other betting site’s (competing one’s) are not allowed. It’s been like that for a long time in the past. If harry was to promote his twitter here, the message’s would be deleted.

      • theboss 3 years ago

        Bit stupid really if you ask me.

        It’s not like people will all go to twitter and not come here. It’s only harrys tips that would be on there.

        If the site was equipped to function like a tipping site we wouldn’t have this problem.

        Time = money

        Speed is not what this site possess.

        It would be solved with a simple plug in.

        Then we would all shut up about other sites.

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 3 years ago

          theboss, to be honest all you do is try to push harry off the site.
          If he wants to go he should go but why would we encourage that?
          I’ve already been in touch with harry about the possibility of using him more/better.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        meadway, it depends what’s being promoted but as I said theboss is determined to move him away from here.

        • meadway 3 years ago

          It seems that way mr f. I think using your twitter page would solve it all.

        • theboss 3 years ago

          I respect you @mr-fixit so i don’t want to argue with you..

          I paid my money to be a member of the site and to get tips from the array of amazing tipsters on here…

          it just pi..es me off when I miss a tip because I’m not constantly on here pressing F5 all day..

          • Author
            Mr Fixit 3 years ago

            theboss, so why not direct him to @mrfixitstips. As I said we’re talking to harry about other things anyway.
            Also I can’t do anything about comments when I’m on holiday.
            If craneguy is pushing him away I’ll look into it.

            • theboss 3 years ago

              I totally forgot about your twitter feed, but would he not have to tell you so then you would have to post on he behalf which would lose valuable time?

              To be honest I don’t even like twatter. I’d much rather come on here when he posts but be told as soon as he as posted.

              • Author
                Mr Fixit 3 years ago

                theboss, if you’re on twitter you can get alerts when he tweets as you know.

                • markus 3 years ago

                  Fixit: Have you received my email regarding comments? It should help you and your site tremendously.

                • Author
                  Mr Fixit 3 years ago

                  markus, all emails regarding technical improvements should be sent to admin – mrfixitstips@gmail.com.

            • theboss 3 years ago

              No problem. poor harry has been picked on a lot on here it’s more the other person which is trying to get him off here than me.

              Also hope you enjoyed the break.

              • markus 3 years ago

                Fixit, I have. Have heard nothing back. Have sent to the hello@ address as well

                • Author
                  Mr Fixit 3 years ago

                  markus, they’ll get to it. Busy with a lot of stuff just now – as well as covering for me and Scott this week.

  15. theboss 3 years ago

    it would be easier but some people might not want to give there number out.

    I think Twatter would work because the push notification. I use to use it when the other Harry was on here before the big change.

    There is no way to do it on here but no one listens to me they just remove my comments LOL

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      theboss, I’ve also said harry or anyone else can use @mrfixitstips twitter feed.

  16. superjim 3 years ago

    Yeah with Harry’s style of fast inplay betting we need to be pinged when he puts up his next bet. I’m up for What’s app or twatter or whatever works.

    Missing the times when he gets to a grand. ? If we can do it once, it pays for another 25 plus goes at it.

  17. jacksonator 3 years ago

    I agree actually, and it isnt just for Harry, I follow Jordan’s tips but sometimes I miss them if they are in play ones which can be frustrating. It would be really great to be able to follow people as we can now, but to get a notification any time they post by email.

  18. oozie 3 years ago

    I also missed Jordan’s 2 x 5 point wins in-play which was a bummer.
    I wouldn’t mind getting woken in the middle of the night with a ping, as long as its a winner. ?
    The only way is Twitter or What’s App.
    Can’t see it happening right enough.

    • superjim 3 years ago

      I also missed Jordan’s 5 pointers. It can be the difference between profit and loss. MrF Maybe members could follow 2 per 3 folks and get pinged somehow.

  19. superjim 3 years ago

    Can site maybe send Harry’s posts straight to Twitter feed Mr F? I may have to join Twitter then.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      superjim, we could do that but no guarantee it would be done on time because no one is sitting here 24/7 waiting for comments or tips to drop.

      • theboss 3 years ago

        I’m just going to quote what @markus said @mr-fixit

        “Won’t happen. I’ve been pushing for the Disqus.com plugin for ages now, and neither Fixit or “admin” will even acknowledge the request. That comment-plugin is MADE for this. You can be subscribed thru your favorite social media (or the site itself) and not only can you be subscribed/follow people and get notified instantly, it updates asynchronously so you don’t have to hit F5 like a tool all day”

        I know you don’t deal with this side of the forum mr f but pass it on the the web developers.

      • superjim 3 years ago

        Ah I see Mr F.

  20. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 2

    Weiner sportclub game over 0.5 goals.

    Market ain’t avaliable yet but will be in the 60th min, odds will be 1.44 or 1.50

    Stake £65

  21. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Sorry for the bad runs guys, these fixtures are awful and i am really thinking about taking a rest and then start when the real leagues are back. Seems like everyone isn’t doing amazing, even the big tipsters on other sites. They ain’t in profit for this week either :(

    • jacksonator 3 years ago

      I think you might be wise, that way no chance of forcing it, but that says can still get on one if you really fancy it, just might be a lot slower progress, but better that than nothing

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      harrybaines, glad I’ve been away. You should always take a rest if you’re not feeling it.
      OK, off to watch the England game – hope it’s half decent.

    • superjim 3 years ago

      With your style though Harry it only takes 1 run to cover quite a few .

  22. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 1 €30 FC Chiasso no clean sheet odds 4/6 returns €50

  23. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Nobody else think England btts will be a good bet? Nearly evens!!!!

  24. harrybaines 3 years ago

    England v Australia

    Btts yes odds 2.10, anyone disagree?

  25. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1 england game over 0.5 goals

    stake £40 odds 1.61

  26. gowzzer 3 years ago

    No more bets tonight?

  27. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 1 €30 Criciuma 1st goal before 80mins odds 4/5 returns €54

  28. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 2

    Kansas City v DC United

    over 0.5 goals

    odds 1.70 stake £75

  29. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 1 €30 playford game over 1.5 fhg odds 4/6 returns €50

  30. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 1 €30 Machida Zelvia 1st goal before 80mins odds 1/2 returns €45

  31. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 2 €45 rigas fs 1st goal before 80mins odds 5/6 returns €82.50

  32. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 3 €82.50 Thor KA Akureyri Women game o1.5 fhg odds 5/6 returns €154.68 (2pm)

  33. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 3

    Jammerbugt v Avarta

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £150 odds 1.44

    • duddymufc 3 years ago

      Lovely job :)

      • superjim 3 years ago

        Good call.

        • michaelc 3 years ago

          Just going to add my voice for needing something that goes ‘ding’ when someone posts. I can’t sit here all day wondering if someone is going to post or not, and have missed almost every one of Harry’s excellent tips. Neither the site, nor Harry, owes me such a notification, BUT if the site had such a feature it would massively enhance it (and my betting balance)

          • harrybaines 3 years ago

            I understand what you mean, the “ding” would be good for when a post is posted on this forum, just like flashscore when a goal is scored, also have different sounds and of course silence it if you don’t want it on. It would be a good feature.

            Thinking about it, all social media have this feature, especially facebook for any notification

            • superjim 3 years ago

              Yes but we need to get a push notification email/ping when certain people post. When you post Harry we might only have a few minutes to get the bet on.

  34. harrybaines 3 years ago

    This forum is dead today

  35. gasparo 3 years ago

    AIK over 0.5 mg -50€

  36. archie 3 years ago

    hull city over 20 points in booking 3/1

  37. archie 3 years ago

    hull over 20 points in bookings 3/1 . going for £5 to £200 in a week .

  38. kelly.d 3 years ago

    hoping for goals
    €20 hull game over 2.5mgs odds 6/4 returns €50

  39. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 4

    Legionovia Legionowo v Rakow

    over 0.5 goals

    stake £240 odds 1.30

    up to you if you wait for the odds to rise :)

    • kelly.d 3 years ago

      on it at 8/11

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        Last 5 mins, come on you bald men

        • harrybaines 3 years ago

          Stopping now till season starts, not throwing my money away anymore. Had enough of this s**t

          • kelly.d 3 years ago

            harry im on a bad run myself, it just goes like that sometimes, but thanks to your tips i still have a good enough bank. you have won me more than i have staked on my own bets in last 2 weeks so will be a shame (me been selfish) if you went on a brake.

  40. kelly.d 3 years ago

    last challenge for today
    bet 1 €30 Vasco Da Gama RJ over 1.5 tgs odds 1/1 returns €60

  41. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Can’t believe this, was on the phone to my dad minutes before kick off and i said i was gonna use my £50 free bet at halftime if it was 0-0 and do ramos to score first….

    He scores first but in the first half when i don’t have my bet on :((((

    Next time i think of a bet, just gonna do it and not wait for the odds to rise, stung me too many times.

    Odds were 21/1 at kick off for him to score first :( Would of covered my losses greatly this week, damn

  42. kelly.d 3 years ago

    bet 2 €60 godoy cruz game over 1.5 mgs odds 5/6 returns €110

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