I'M not sure what I've started here but the betting challenges have certainly sparked an interest.

Harrybaines is the man courting controversy among a few on the site but let's draw a line on whether he should get the £50 prize that was up for grabs. I'm dealing with him privately over this.

The challenges are popular so let's united in our main aim which is to beat the bookies and stop the squabbling.

On the members' forum there is a section for betting challenges but if people prefer to do them on the site then so be it.


  1. simpledxb 2 years ago

    [Bet1] Novelda v Villareal o2.5fhgs 4/6 50 pays 83.33

  2. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Go Ahead Eagles v De Graafschap

    over 3.5 goals. odds 1.60 stake 30

  3. michaelc 2 years ago

    I’ll have a bit of that…….

  4. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Go Ahead Eagles v De Graafschap

    over 4.5 goals. odds 1.60 stake 30

  5. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 2 €32 chelsea women game over 2.5 mgs odds 11/10 returns €67.20

  6. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Im getting super bored now, catch you guys after

  7. michaelc 2 years ago

    I knew I should have waited until the 91st minute to put the bet on!! Stoppage time goal king Harry

  8. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Goal. @harrybaines the late devil strikes again…

  9. superjim 2 years ago

    Good call. ?

  10. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Liking look of Eintract game for another goal… odds 2/5 at present for o.1.5gls… to low for me at present… am watching…

  11. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 2

    Eintracht Frankfurt v Nurnberg

    Over 1.5 goals

    Stake 58.50 / / odds 1.44

    • petet 2 years ago

      Great work Harry – just a quick one though, surely this should be a £48 stake for bet2, not £58.50?

      Well done getting bet 2 in though :)

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        I sometimes wait for odds to rise

        • petet 2 years ago

          Ok Harry.

          I cant dispute your great run (it’s pretty amazing) but for the purposes of recording a challenge shouldn’t it be based on the odds you tip at?

          Either way, well done on the run you’ve put together here in the last week or two.

          • harrybaines 2 years ago

            It doesnt really matter, people can choose there own odds. Im not updating odds every minute

            • petet 2 years ago

              Thats not what I mean Harry. But I don’t want to argue – winners are winners ultimately and I respect that.

              • harrybaines 2 years ago

                I like to wait for odds to rise inplay, i get the bet out as soon as i see something and people can choose there own odds.

                In my opinion thats better than me waiting later and telling everyone, it gives more people a chance to see the bet. and thanks

    • tigerman1 2 years ago

      Haha, Harry you must be on something…

      Boom! Well done sir!

    • harrybaines 2 years ago


  12. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Using nice winnings from an epic Go Ahead Eagles goal and a rather large lump on that paying 183… am back to starting with Bet1 50 on Frankfurth o1.5 at 8/15

  13. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Almost fastest return ever…
    [Bet] 1 50 on Frankfurt o1.5mgs at 8/15 = 76.67 *win*

  14. superjim 2 years ago

    Oh ffs

  15. superjim 2 years ago

    Scored as it was placing bet. Double ffs

  16. duddymufc 2 years ago

    Been watching for a good few days think it’s time to get on board! Harrybaines what a guy! ??

  17. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Could well be another goal in this Frankfurt game… o2.5 is 1/1… tempting… Frankfurt all over them

  18. tigerman1 2 years ago

    Surely there has to be a goal in the Falkirk vs. Killie game.

    Falkirk has scored in their last 10 games… today of all days drawing a blank?

  19. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Bet2 – 25 of bank @ 11/8 on Frankfurt game o2.5mgs
    Returns 59.37

  20. superjim 2 years ago

    Frankfurt are 4/1. Doubt Nuremberg will score.

  21. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Need a Harry…

  22. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Bloody Germans

  23. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Bet 2 lost but Bank at 51.67…

  24. harrybaines 2 years ago

    When you put £100 on over 0.5 goal cos your pissed off but then comes in @3/1 in the falkirk game

  25. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 1 €30 juventude rs 1st goal before 80mins odds 11/10 returns €63

  26. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 3 coming in 40 mins


    @mr-fixit are you meant to be emailing me mate?

  27. superjim 2 years ago

    Nice, I’ll check back then.

  28. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 1 cortiba to score 2+ gls 1/3

  29. Alves 2 years ago

    £18.59 on it

  30. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 3

    Coritiba v Juventude

    Over 1.5 goals

    Stake £90 — odds 1.33 +

    Up to you if you wait for the odds to rise but i will be

  31. superjim 2 years ago

    Are Cortiba the favourites here?

  32. superjim 2 years ago

    Are Cortiba in White?

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Yeah white mate, they should score. They score most of there goals in the last 15 mins. Someone has to win otherwise it will go into extra time + pens

  33. superjim 2 years ago

    At right. So Cortiba pushing for a 2nd.

  34. jambo973 2 years ago

    well in harry.Think this might go to extra time?

  35. meadway 2 years ago

    Get in kelly! nice one! and harry of course.

  36. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Tempted to do Corbita asain handicap 0.0 @1.30 but its such a bad price.

    Jambo, away team will defend like hell now as if it stays like this they go through but corbita are the better team so who knows.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, I emailed you then left the office.
      Will pick up any replies tomorrow afternoon.

  37. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 2 €63 botafoga rj game over 2.5 match goals 3/5 returns €100.80 (1.30)

  38. jambo973 2 years ago

    that was a pretty intense last few minutes

  39. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 2 – Boca to score 8/13
    £24.79 on

  40. Alves 2 years ago

    Boca equaliser then the scorer takes off his shirt celebrating and gets a 2nd yellow ?

  41. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 3 Bolivar v Uni de Sucre over 1.0 gl line 1.525 £40.05

    Away team down to 10 men in 35th minute so should at least see 1 goal, Bolivar only 1/6 to score so last bet of night

  42. harrybaines 2 years ago

    What a penalty shootout that was in the boca game hahahah.

    Off to Preston for a few hours in the morning (12ish) so ill be back around 4ish, Good luck with your morning/afternoon bets. I will catch you all after for Bet 4 ;) £148 stake i have now from 3 bets from a £30 stake and waiting for the right odds. I make that approx 5/6 bets away from £1000. Night :)

  43. superjim 2 years ago

    Good stuff. Night.

  44. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 3 wins, 1-1 85 mins. £61.08

  45. waddo 2 years ago

    £20 Nacional Medellin to score next, returns £34.54 – currently 1-0, 48 mins played

  46. waddo 2 years ago

    £34.54 Nacional Medellin to score over 2.5 team goals, returns £59.66 – currently 2-1, 55 mins played.

    • waddo 2 years ago

      *WIN* Ooft, talk about the late late show, 90 +5th minute! harrybaines style…? – crazy scenes at the end of the game – Rosario player taking offence to the celebration so decided to kick Berrio, then they both get sent off! Then another red in the 11th minute of stoppage time.

      Medellin were 10-1 to qualify just before they scored.

  47. nathanufton 2 years ago

    I think @wato brought up a VERY valid point on this betting challenge thread, and that is that you can’t bulldoze your way to a £100 or £1000 in a few days. I speak from experience.
    I know harry has had some great success this past week which has inspired many to try and follow his tracks but trust me, if you don’t have a plan with your own set of rules, the do’s the don’ts, it will fall on its backside.
    What I have noticed from my own success’s and failures is that I get further if I resist the urge to stray away from my script – the rules. I fail when I try to squeeze in that last bet. Or I go off course and wreck it.

    By all means ignore my advice if you want but from a punters perspective, we want to limit what we spend, build our balance slowly, pay ourselves regularly and for gods sake, do your own research. You cannot blame someone else for you betting on something that doesn’t deliver and then do the high five’s when the bets come sailing in.

    My over 0.5 tmg’s is as good a chance at bank building as you’ll find. Its safer and slower than other bank building, but trust me, when you get over £1000 for the first time, it’s thrilling. The further you go on with it, the more pressure you put on yourself to find that odd match that isn’t going to let you down.

    Just to be clear: I aim for 37% bank build per day, some days I struggle, some days I waltz past it. It takes just 8 days of 37% gains to turn a £10 into £123., a further 7 days to hit £1100. And a further 22 days to hit 1,000,000.

    Incidentally: @ £10,000, a 1/20 will make you £500. Retirement plans anyone?

    Take your time, pace yourself and don’t try to hit your first financial goal with a bang, because that next bet – well, it could all hit the wall.

    On a personal note, I expect to make 37% per day up to my first £100, then after that, I try to creep past each 37% over 2 or 3 days. The less you bet on, the less can go wrong.

    This thread exists to stop people clogging up the main thread with in-play’s, but I fear its going pear-shaped and this is putting everyone using the thread under too much pressure.

    Stay safe guys.

    • duddymufc 2 years ago

      Brilliant advice mate thanks for this!

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      Words of wisdom Nathan. I’m taking it in ad what you have mentioned about trying to get as much money as quick as possible has ruined me most of the time.
      Greed isn’t a good thing to have when betting. I’m learning the hard way, usually because I miss a bet so try and compensate with a rash bet.
      Appreciate the tips as I’m sure alot of novice betters like myself will also.

      Unless you have a crystal ball like @harrybaines it’s slow and steady for the win

    • meadway 2 years ago

      Just 22 days to hit 1,000,000?

      please start posting your bets here mate haha :P

      • nathanufton 2 years ago

        @meadway it takes 8 days to get to £100, then a further 7 days to £1000, then a further 22 to hit a mill. that’s 37 days. 37days of 37% daily gains.

        Incidentally its 17 days from £10 to £1 mill if you can bag a 100% daily gain. The problem is, the further on you get, the less you’ll want to bet.

        over 0.5 tmg’s is the way forward on strong home favourites, but look at the recent form ( 0-0’s ). theres other checks such as league average tmg’s etc but waiting just 10 mins can see a 1/20 rise to a 1/12 or 1/14. That’s where you make your big strides towards that 37%.

        Once you’ve hit that 37%, you’ll be on £13.70 for the first day. IF you carry on betting and pick up a couple of odds and sods, those small 5% gains you were getting earlier on, start to be come 7%’s and 8%’s, because the betting bank is building. Come the end of the first day, its entirely possible to make a 400-600% gain. BUT you’ll fail 10 times before you achieve that. The 2nd day of betting should never be taken as ” oh I made 400% yesterday, I can do the same again “.

        All of my tips/tricks and a whole heap of info is well documented in the betting challenges thread.

        I also take it very personally if I drop on a few picks and one of them goes tits-up. Its extra pressure for me and to be truthful, I do not want the burden of that.

        As I’ve told the guys before, each day, you’ll see a good dozen games that jump out at you and you then scrutinise each match with a fine toothcomb looking for anything to put you off it. BE BRUTAL with your culling. If any match fails any of the checks, bin it.

        As I write this, I dropped onto a nightowl match featuring a Danish team Odense, it was only a 1/25 but its a 4% gain. Its taken me 19 mins to write this, the first boom went in about 10 mins back, I’ve just heard a 2nd..

        I shall gather my thoughts and start my daily match-hunting homework.

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      nathanufton, slow and steady can be good as long you pick almost 100 per cent winners.
      As I’ve said before I know someone who only bets big stakes on 1-10s and shorter.
      Two a day can win £200 on £1000 stakes. £200 a day is £1400 a week tax free.

      • nathanufton 2 years ago

        Its patience and avoiding overreach. My betting strategy was inspired by a guys about 10 years ago, started with £1000 and bet on tennis matches. He bet exclusively on the big names in big tournaments playing the minnows ( not the minnows that nobody knows about ) – Boris Becker was a wildcard at Wimbledon and won at 100/1.
        He had a string of about 20 bets and had over 120k riding on one of the top seeds to win the tournament – the other top seed beat him and he lost the lot.

        Set aside £10 and put it on just 1x 1/25 and roll it for 294 days. Try it !!

  48. archie 2 years ago

    Juventude came through for me. Haha go 2-1 down in 90th min . Only to score in 95th. Thats £12 for bet 2 , lets fet ready to rumble GL all today.

  49. waddo 2 years ago

    £59.66 on over 0.5 HT goals in the Avondale U20’s match, returns £91.47

  50. Alves 2 years ago

    Banked £50

    Bet 4

    Over 0.5 ht gls at Avondale 4/5 £11.08 on

  51. primetime 2 years ago

    Trying my luck,

    Bet 1 – Super Rugby IN-PLAY

    Tenner on Crusaders O4.5 tries – Evens

  52. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 4 wins :) £19.95 to play with later on

  53. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Anyone else lookin at the Vietnam womans game.
    Both teams concede

  54. waddo 2 years ago

    £91.47 on Dinamo Moscow RT5 corners, returns £128.05

    • waddo 2 years ago

      Thought they would have taken the game to Zenit a bit more in that 1st half considering they’re still in with a shout of winning the league. 2-3 at HT, hopefully they’ll use the incentive 2nd half and bag the next 3 corners.

      • waddo 2 years ago

        Not looking good 2-4 with 30 to play, seems like they’re not bothered about being champions, maybe given up thinking Lokomotiv have the league.

        • waddo 2 years ago

          *Lost* – starting new challenge in a bit

          • gowzzer 2 years ago

            Il be on it with you mate. Had a terrible few days. Winning but then loosing the lot.
            Need to take what Nathan said on board.

            • waddo 2 years ago

              Yes mate, think I’ll just stick to goals for now. Going to start banking a little here and there too in these challenges.

  55. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 5

    Over 4.0 gl line at Pascoe Vale

    £19.95 @1.775

  56. Alves 2 years ago

    Needing a late goal here or bets down, away team been down to 10 men since 54th min but PV still can’t score :(

    • obi wan cannoli 2 years ago

      Granted you were on the under 21 sides, but Melbourne Knights are a feeder team for the A-League sides. They are one of the strongest and most well funded sides in Australia (outside of the A-League), so you always need to be careful opposing them. Pascoe Vale are well… really rubbish in all fairness. The Knights are having a crappy year (both in the NPL and u21’s to be fair), but they are a team in Victoria, that we know not to oppose. I currently live a suburb away from the Paco boys, so I’ll give them a smack for you Alves.

      Sincere apologies I didn’t see your tip earlier, as I could have forewarned you about this one. Best of luck mate, always enjoy reading and following your tips.

  57. Alves 2 years ago

    Bet 5 loses

  58. waddo 2 years ago


    £10 Ha Noi II Women match over 0.5 FT Goals, returns £17.27

  59. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Port Melbourne game
    O 0.5fhg

  60. cyrus 2 years ago

    Right, £30 into £500ish.

    Bet 1: Mc Oran u21 over 1.5mg (algeria youth league) £25 returns £36

  61. theboss 2 years ago

    And there she blowwws!

  62. gowzzer 2 years ago

    It’s hard not to get frustrated and lump on when everytime you go to make a bet a team scores!
    Warriors game, away to place over 0 5 fhg…. they score !

    • theboss 2 years ago

      I was looking at that and as soon as i went to click the bet the scored lol

      I’m waiting for the Albirex game for the over 0.5 to drop down

  63. gowzzer 2 years ago

    I might just join you bossy boy. Currently at £30. Looking for over £100 today then thst will do me nicely

    • theboss 2 years ago

      I’m doing what I use to do with Nathan and some others. Losing far too much on these quick challenge in the last 2 days!!

      So start with £10 and bet on 1/12 – 1/7 for just a goal in a game building slowly…

  64. theboss 2 years ago

    I’ jump on at 1/10 normally or 1/12 is there’s too much action lol

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      Haha sounds safer. I might try the same. Looking for action packed games with no goals seems to be the way forward. It’s just getting them in time and not chasing

  65. theboss 2 years ago

    on at 1/12 – £12.66 returns £13.71

  66. theboss 2 years ago

    it starts off slow mate really slow but once you hit like £50 then your winning £5 every 1/10 hit 2-3 those a day.

    I would rather start with £50 for bet one but don’t like the though of losing it all if one fails. £10 isn’t so bad.

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      I got you mate. I think I might give it a try so try and post what your thinking and il try and get on it aswell.

  67. tonys 2 years ago

    Hi Boss. I have been reading this thread with interest. Your approach sounds a good way to go – how far have you got from £10 starting bet before now ?

    • theboss 2 years ago

      Furthest i got was around £100 mark then went of script also it was the Euro game with man u in it at home who couldn’t score! so they were straight on my C..T list.

      On the another hand Nathan has reached £4k I think and only needed to bet 1 or 2 times a day to get £400 – £800 a day! Best just trying to get to £100 first then £200 not aim for £1000k straight away and bulldoze you way to it because that’s when you make mistakes.

      • gowzzer 2 years ago

        Getting to £100 is ruining me haha

      • wax 2 years ago

        Afternoon lads. I managed to reach the 300 quid mark twice in the last forthnight but chickened out and cashed in instead of trying to go any further. As has been said already discipline and patience are very important when doing these bets.
        Theboss I’d imagine with you being a Liverpool fan that United would have been fairly high up on your c..t list even before they cost you your bet.

  68. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Talk about leaving it late :o
    Could if made a Mega profit betting late on. But a wins a win

    • theboss 2 years ago

      Yea that’s the thing they could have scored soon as you place the bet at 1/10 or last second of the game at 7/1…. that’s hot it goes lol! it won so i’ll leave that game alone now

      • gowzzer 2 years ago

        Wise words. Too close for comfort that one. Up to £40 today so time to start being a little more cautious

        • theboss 2 years ago

          no mate it was over 0.5 MATCH GOAL not first half goal! even if it didn’t come in at half time we have another 45mins!

          Did you do over FIRST HALF GOAL? if you did then you lucky man! LOL

          • gowzzer 2 years ago

            Yeah I was on first half goals. Haha I know mate. That’s why I’m calming It now

  69. theboss 2 years ago

    on at 1/12 – £12.66 returns £13.71

    # WON # :) last kick of first half

  70. tonys 2 years ago

    I put £15 on this @1/12 so up to £16.25. I try and pick out ‘very active’ games for shots and corner for putting on over 0.5 goals, often at around half time, and sometimes do 2-3 in an accumulator but don’t like going much beyond 60 mins in for over 0.5 goal. I have never really made much money as one or other often goes tits up. I think i need to place less bets and also good practice to bank some monies then you are not disposed to chasing losses (as psychologically you have to transfer monies into your betting account). There is some very good advice on these boards if you heed the right people.

  71. tonys 2 years ago

    Warriors versus Balestier Khalsa has had 8 corners and 13 shots after 49 minutes, and at 1-1 might be worth looking at for over 2.5 goals, @ odds of 2/9. Any thoughts ?

  72. tonys 2 years ago

    I put my £16.25 on @ 1/4, returns £20.31 if it wins….

  73. theboss 2 years ago

    Benfica Macau v Windsor Arch KA

    hoping over 0.5 goal is available in this in play but might take a while to show and if there is no goals early.

  74. tonys 2 years ago

    Cashed out @ £5.08 so I have something to continue with…

  75. archie 2 years ago

    Inter baktu win 5/6 .2nd bet £12 on £22 back if it wins

  76. gowzzer 2 years ago

    How did that finish 1-1!.
    Back down to £10

  77. theboss 2 years ago

    Going for this next bet:

    ES Setif U21 v JS Kabylie U21

    over 1.5 match goals currently at 1/7 after kick off should see it go to 1/5 after 5 mins

  78. tonys 2 years ago

    I have gone Inter Baku or draw (1/14), and >0.5 goals in both Malaysian games which were 0-0 at HT (Johor and Sime Darby). Put £4 (of my £5.08) on to return £6.42

  79. tonys 2 years ago

    Warriors finished 1-1 so at least I got some cash back (£5.08) !

  80. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet 2: Johor (malaysia) over 0.5tg 36 returns 46.

  81. tonys 2 years ago

    Well done Cyrus – Johor goal in !

  82. theboss 2 years ago

    USM Algrr over 0.5 match goals

    £13.72 returns £15.09

    At 1/10

  83. tonys 2 years ago

    Sime goal in; Inter Baku goal in. Cashed out for £6.39. Just missed USM Alger. Well done theboss !

  84. tonys 2 years ago

    £4 on >0.5 goal Kapaz / Gabala game to return £6.90, but 68 minutes gone….

  85. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Negeri sembilan
    Score 7th goal

    £16 returns £26.66

  86. tonys 2 years ago

    Gabala goal in – £6.91 back. Don’t like late ones but put £2 on >6.5 in Negeri Sembilan game. Returns £4.

  87. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet 4: Over 1.5mg in USM Alger u21 game £70 returns £95

  88. archie 2 years ago

    Inter batu win £22 on mexico u 23 to score over1.5 goals 6/5

  89. iags 2 years ago

    hungary v ivory coast 1 fhg £50 8/15

  90. iags 2 years ago


  91. iags 2 years ago

    Al ahly cairo v roma over 1.5 fhg evens £20 return £40

  92. markus 2 years ago

    Paging @harrybaines

  93. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 1 €20 mc oran game over 2.5 match goals odds 4/5 returns €36

  94. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Sure did Kelly. Only up to £10. Started the day with £20, but hopefully I can get a decent amount up

  95. theboss 2 years ago

    The 3 out of 6 games in the Austria games haven’t had a goal

    Guess which 3 I have bet on before kick off??

    Can’t make this shit up ???

    • christos76 2 years ago

      I feel your pain. 3 Russian games yesterday, choose one for over 0.5fhg. scores were 3-0, 2-1 , 0-0 at HT. Guess which one I picked!! :-/ I have a knack for picking the dud matches!

      • theboss 2 years ago

        I needed a goal in all three before 70mins last one come in at 62mins i think

    • theboss 2 years ago

      phew they all came in!

  96. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 2 €36 aik 3rd goal before 80mins odds 10/11 returns €68.72

    • theboss 2 years ago

      on it Kelly but went for a bit safer AIK over 2.5 goals at 8/15 give them extra 10 mins lol

  97. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 4

    AEK Athens v Panionios

    Over 0.5 goals

    Stake £148 — Odds 1.33 now

    Up to you if you wait for odds to rise

  98. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 3 €68.72 cagliari over 1.5 team goals odds 1/1 returns €137.44

  99. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Looking at my bet 5… does anyone know why Ascoli were 4.20 to win and before the game they shot up to 11/1? Also draw came down from 3.40 to 1.60???

    Thanks, resting players or something?

  100. theboss 2 years ago

    Harry Benfica game has goals in it!

  101. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet 5: Under 3.5mg U20 Gremio game (brazil) normally hate doing unders but got a good feeling about this one. £95 returns £149

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Them stats are unreal, 7 shots on target and 15 off. Good luck if this lands but home team are whooping arse

      • cyrus 2 years ago

        Think I rushed it, thought if I did overs it wouldn’t come through with my luck so went unders. terrible by me. Just gunna follow you for a bit now Harry

    • theboss 2 years ago

      Thats a terrible bet mate!! Don’t go unders!

    • cyrus 2 years ago

      *lost* two goals seconds after posing haha

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        What made you put that on with them stats mate, not even much stats about the teams either

        • cyrus 2 years ago

          Simply lacked discipline and rushed it lol very unlike me too, won’t be happening again

  102. theboss 2 years ago

    Too late 3rd is in lol

  103. cyrus 2 years ago

    Last one of the day now.

    Bet 1: Over 2.5mg in Cagliari game £30 returns £40

  104. jbs 2 years ago

    Bet 1 (Double):
    Benfica to win 2nd half @ 1.7
    KV v Njardvik O2,5mgs @ 1.4

    7 goes to 16

  105. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 5 coming in 10 mins maybe

  106. footiefan 2 years ago

    El national v fuerza amarilla ?

  107. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 5

    Benfica game over 4.5 goals

    Stake £226 odds 133

    up to you if you wait for better odds

    • tigerman1 2 years ago

      And I hope Benfica is the one that scores the next 3 goals :D

    • tigerman1 2 years ago

      Owwh! They just substituted one of their top scorers! :(
      Anyway, still hopeful

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Stoppage time goal here watch ;)

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          Bet 365 are gonna limit my account arent they hahahhaha

          • petet 2 years ago

            depends how you bet Harry. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to open a Betfair account and lay a few bets (for a very small loss) so you can have some losing bets too on B365. I know someone who wins big regularly and he’s still fine and I know people who have had their account limited after just a few smallish wins.

            • harrybaines 2 years ago

              id loose a lot though as you cant get two even bets and one is guaranteed to win on the same game? explain how id do this please and instead of using betfair say id use any other bookmaker. I dont understand betfair lay etc.

              I will use betfair to do it but say it as in anther bookie so understand

              Said there would be a stoppage time goal in Benfica game lol

              • petet 2 years ago

                Betfair isn’t that complicated but the ‘doing’ is sometimes easier than the ‘explaining’.

                In your case – you want to get a few bets through bet365 which lose to create a little more of a ‘average Joe’ profile and keep the analysts at B365 away from looking at your account.

                Some people deliberately place some bets to lose for that purpose but you’d be crazy not to lay on the exchange (such as betfair) and back the ‘opposite’ result too and minimise your losses.

                Worked example may help to explain:

                MLS tonight – Philly v DC Utd

                Currently you can get odds of 16/5 (4.2 in decimals) for DC United to win at B365
                You can also lay DC United at Betfair at odds of 4.4.

                This means if you put
                £20 on DC United to win at B365
                you laid a stake of £19.31 on Betfair (this would have a liability of £65.65 if DC United win the game)

                you would have the following outcomes

                If DC United WIN you collect £64 profit from B365 but you lose £65.65 from Betfair making an overall loss of £1.65

                If DC United DONT WIN (i.e. draw or Philly win) you collect £19.31 from Betfair but you lose £20 stake at B365. Assuming a 5% commission at Betfair this means you make an overall loss of £1.65

                So you lose a very small amount to try and create some losing bets. IMO a better idea than trying to just place losing bets for the sake of it.

                Hope this helps and gives you some ideas how to make your B365 profile look better :)

                id loose a lot though as you cant get two even bets and one is guaranteed to win on the same game? explain how id do this please and instead of using betfair say id use any other bookmaker. I dont understand betfair lay etc.

                I will use betfair to do it but say it as in anther bookie so understand

                Said there would be a stoppage time goal in Benfica game lol

                • harrybaines 2 years ago

                  So is laying a bet on betfair say on dc united win like double chance? It the same as backing double chance for The home team or draw?@petet

                • petet 2 years ago

                  Yep – in essence it is. Bet fair’s prices tend to be quite keen though (as they reflect the liquidity of the market) and also you’re not risking being blocked there if you win as they dont restrict the winnings on the exchange as you;re not taking Betfair‘s money ….

                • harrybaines 2 years ago

                  @petet i see you said “If DC United DONT WIN (i.e. draw or Philly win) you collect £19.31 from Betfair

                  My stake would be £19.31 so what do i actually gain from placing this if they draw or get beat if i only get my stake back and nothing else? Id have a loss of £20 as my total would be £39ish ?

                • harrybaines 2 years ago

                  @petet say i lay dc united at odds 4.00 with the stake of £1000 and they draw or get beat and the bet wins how much do i get back in total? On the site it doesnt say profit only liability = loss?

                • jacksonator 2 years ago

                  Harry if you lay a bet for £1000 at say 4.0 and the bet wins, you would be liable for £3,000 (£1,000 at 3/1 which is 4.0 decimal odds). If however the bet loses, which is what you have bet on by laying it then you get the £1,000. Think of betfair as you betting against someone else, if you lay a bet you act as the bookie, you choose what odds you are willing to give and if someone accepts it and the bet then wins you are liable for whatever stake you have laid at the odds you chose

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      Awesome again @harrybaines

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Over 5.5 goals tempted me loads over evens in the 78th min and it lucks like i was right, didn’t do it though

    • tigerman1 2 years ago

      Great work Harry, great work

    • drjabobs 2 years ago

      Great stuff Harry

  108. gasparo 2 years ago

    nice one ;)

  109. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet2: over 2.5mg Shamrock game £40 retuns £54

  110. Alves 2 years ago

    Posted on main thread but maybe get abuse for clogging up thread so posting it here tae ?

    Cagliari, Crotone & Millwall to score around EVENS, will try turning 5 to 50 in 1 bet a day

    Wins in 1st half ?

    £9.85 back for a fiver and sticking it on a corner in the 1st 10 minutes in the Scottish Cup final at 4/7

  111. kelly.d 2 years ago

    bet 4 €137.44 KH Hlidarendi Women game over 1.5 1st half goals odds 4/6 returns €229.06

    bit riskier

  112. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet 3: Over 2.5mg in Haukar game £54 returns £82

  113. harrybaines 2 years ago

    @jacksonator im lost, so say you did a single £1000 and lay dc united, if this wins you have to give someone £3000 and if looses you get £1000 which is your stake? Do you get anything on top of your stake? cos if you only get the £1000 back you either loose or get your stake back and nothing else?

  114. jacksonator 2 years ago

    @harrybaines it takes a bit of getting used to, but if on betfair you lay something, you chose the amount you want to win, and the odds at which you are willing to offer. So in your instance if you want to lay DC united, you need to decide what you want to win, and at hat odds you are willing to risk. If you are willing to risk £3k to win £1k then you would lay £1,000 at odds of 4.0. Effectively you are the bookie offering someone odds of 3/1 on DC united winning, If someone takes your bet you win their £1,000 if DC united don’t win, but you pay £3,000 if the do win.

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      So if dc united draw or loose liked i have said i get my £1000 stake back and another £1000 of the guy who has bet against me? blagging my head this haha.

      So why dont people do this instead of double chance? Home team is like 1.28 odds to draw or win on 365 but if you lay dc united which is the same thing on betfair its practically evens?

      • jacksonator 2 years ago

        No you don’t get £2,000, just £1,000. Don’t think of it as a stake, think of it as you are willing to risk paying someone £3,000 to win £1,000. When laying something it isn’t like a stake, you chose how much you want to win (in this case £1,000) and then what odds you are willing to give someone to take your bet, if you offer 3/1 (4.0) then if DC united win you owe them £3k, if they lose or draw then you win the other guys £1,000

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          Kinda getting there haha so when you lay a bet does the £1000 actually get taken out of your account there and then or only if you loose?

          • jacksonator 2 years ago

            If you laid a bet of £1,000 at 4.0 then effectively you have a liability of £3,000 (if the bet wins then you pay the other guy £3,000) so you need to have £3,000 in your account, it does go out of your account at the time the bet is matched, but if DC united ended up winning then it would go back into your account, plus the £1,000 from the other guy that you have won

    • jacksonator 2 years ago

      It is best to think of it as thought “backing” something on Betfair is like a normal bet, you select your stake and you either win or lose at whatever odds it is. When “laying” however, you are acting as a bookie and offering someone a bet at the odds, if you win then you take their stake, if they win then you pay them their stake at the odds they took

      • jacksonator 2 years ago

        as Pete said, it is useful to create a few losing bets on bet365. Say you back DC united to win at 3/1 on Bet365 at £100, if it wins then you win £300. However you could also lay this at Betfair. You could lay them for £100 at odds of 4.0 (3/1). If DC united win, then on Bet365 you win £00, however you pay £300 on Betfair as you laid them for £100 at 4.0 so you offered someone 3/1 for DC united to win and took a bet of £300.

        If DC United lose, you lose your £100 on Bet365, but you win the £100 you laid on Betfair.

        The odds won;t ever be that exact, and there is 5% commission on Betfair, but it shows how you can have a few losses on Bet365 and not actually lose too much money which may keep the traders at 365 off your back

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          “If DC United lose, you lose your £100 on Bet365, but you win the £100 you laid on Betfair.”

          That would only equal a return of £100 though or would his stake be £100 aswell so in total i get £200 on betfair? does his stake have to be the same as mine?

          • jacksonator 2 years ago

            no you would get £100 on betfair, so overall would have broken even (lost £100 on 365 and won £100 on betfair) – think Pete was just using the example as a way of having some losers on 365 but not actually losing the cash as you have done the opposite on betfair

            • harrybaines 2 years ago

              So if you did this on its own as a single it would be pointless if you didnt back the opposite on 365 as you can only get your money back or loose money?

              • jacksonator 2 years ago

                Yeah you got it, the only reason you would use betfair to lay it is if you had also placed the bet on 365 and wanted to have some bets lose on bet 365 without actually losing your cash

                • harrybaines 2 years ago

                  Why do they even offer this market then? do they know themselves (betfair) people are using it for this reason?

                  Lets say i put £1000 on dc united win @4.00 on 365 = £4000 if united win

                  If i lay dc united for the odds of 4.00 and stake £1000 and they loose or draw i get my £1000 back but id be loosing the £1000 i placed on 365? = loss of £1000 ?

                • jacksonator 2 years ago

                  Well in what you just said, if you lay DC united at betifair and they lose or draw, then you win the £1,000 that you have risked at betifair, but lose £1,000 at betfair.

                  As I say, think of laying a bet at befair as you acting as a bookie, you don’t actually stake anything, you decide how much you want to win and what odds you are willing to take from someone else. So in the example above if you lay DC united at 0dds 0f 4.0 you haver a potential laibility of £3,000 if DC united win, but you get £1,000 if DC united don’t win

  115. tigerman1 2 years ago

    Harry, any more tips for tonight?

  116. superjim 2 years ago

    There is a site that brings up the best games to use when placing bets at bet fair. Students do it to guarantee money from all the free bet offers from all the different bookies. So basically,you put the bet on at bet fair, Grimsby not to win and the Grimsby to win at bet 365. You want the bet 365 to loose and bet fair to win. Sometimes it will be the other way around but no harm done. The student site finds the best games where it costs you the least for doing this. It matches bet fair games up with same games from other bookies.

  117. harrybaines 2 years ago

    I think ive kinda got it but im gonna do £10 stakes to make sure i know what im doing, dont wanna be doing £100 stakes if im doing it all wrong.

    No more from me tigerman tonight

    At a wedding from 1 tomorrow so i wont be on until sunday, gutted as i could potentially get to £1000 again as the united game is on which i feel i could smash but i cant unfortunately and lots of others too. Good luck tomorrow everyone :)

    • markus 2 years ago

      What are your thoughts on the United match? Just so we know what to look out for

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Dont like pre match bets mate, i like to see what the game is like at halftime. if it looks good id probably wait until the 55th min and do over goals what ever score line it is

    • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, enjoy your day. I’ll put up a challenge thread covering Saturday and Sunday and hopefully next week when I’m away admin will create them. If not just comment on the latest one.

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        @mr-fixit thanks mate, No worries pal. Have a good time away :)

        @superjim Good call, if im able to see the first half when im at the wedding ill get my girlfriends phone and post a tip ( Mine is broke ) Depending on how much and how clear i can see the first half it probably wont be my bet 6 and most probably a suggestion. It could be my bet 6 but i doubt it, & see you on sunday :) Of course if i cant watch it you wont be hearing off me haha :)

        Thanks :)

  118. superjim 2 years ago

    I’m at £150 now, so I’ll leave that till Sunday then.

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