I'M not sure what I've started here but the betting challenges have certainly sparked an interest – and now you can win £50 for completing one.

Harrybaines is the man courting controversy among a few on the site but he deserves to be cut a bit of slack.

You can't deny his tips are good but he needs to make his bets crystal clear. All we need is something like Bet 1 is on over 1.5 first-half Salzburg goals at for example 4-5. And tell us the stake.

On the members' forum there is a section for betting challenges but if people prefer to do them on the site then so be it.

To encourage the use of this thread I'm giving away a £50 free bet to the first person who finishes a challenge to £1000. Harrybaines mistakenly got there yesterday with much debate about how he did. In the circumstances I'm not giving him the prize – he doesn't need it anyway – but I will do if he completes another with total clarity.

This has to be self-policing though as I've go a few busy days getting some advance stuff done before going away on Sunday morning for a few days.

So if anyone claims the prize I'll need others to agree to it but with updates this should be easy to follow.

  1. harrybaines 2 years ago

    If you dont want me to have the £50 i won fair and square split it between these people please.


    Thanks :)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, I won’t be splitting it – it will go to whoever does it next as I’ve said.
      Unless you win the vote. I think it’s 1-0 to you just now.
      I’m calling it a night – early start and all that.

  2. inplay 2 years ago

    Had a good day so will give this a go. Unsure in specific rules? Does the starting bet amount matter? And can you split your running pot on multiple bets rather than lumping it all in a single bet?

    Bet 1
    Toronto vs New York o2.5mg 8/13 £75

    (Not advising anyone follow)

    • inplay 2 years ago

      Lost. Was the most frustrating last 10 minutes with nyc just playing for the draw and time wasting.

      This was the more confident of 3 bets with the other 2 coming in. Will probably have one more go tonight and hopefully carry on tomorrow.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      inplay, the starting bet should be £10 or £20 – no more.

  3. harrybaines 2 years ago

    New york game over 10.5 corners

    odds 1.50

  4. inplay 2 years ago

    Bahia vs America MG o0.5fhg 11/10 £25

    • inplay 2 years ago

      Sorry should say Bet 1 and please don’t follow as I’m running this comp off half profits from other running bets until out can run itself

    • inplay 2 years ago

      Lost. Done for tonight with the challenge, will check in tomorrow and try again

  5. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Cheers matey :D

  6. nathanufton 2 years ago

    I started my fresh challenge – independent of my main overs 0.5 tmgs – well the start of it anyhow.

    I chucked a £10 on overs 1.5 in the Accrington and Liverpool game and bolted on a NY red bulls win to a treble. It came in nicely for a boosted £23.34.

    That’s enough off script for me now, and I’m back on the overs. I took Allianza Lima 45 mins in for 2/11 and grabbed a 1/16 on Club American match to give me a goal. Still nil nil on both but could wake up to a healthy £29.30 tomorrow morning.

    • nathanufton 2 years ago

      America Mg delivered the goods quite early on and Allianza made me sweat with about 5 mins to go. They all count but I’d prefer if they came in a bit earlier.
      I’ve picked off half a dozen games in Sweden and Turkey, some had already dropped a goal before I struck the bet so I scrubbed them. Either they come in or they don’t. Either way I shall be shutting the laptop down and doing some other stuff until late in the game to check.

      Incidentally, I NEARLY went off script yesterday when the late Allianza goal went in, I contemplated grabbing a 1/16 on the home win but talked myself out of it. 2 mins later it was 1-1. So I shall be sticking to the plan rigidly.

      • nathanufton 2 years ago

        Just waiting on a Gothenberg goal and Osmanlispor in Turkey to bring home the bacon. Tiny prices but new balance could be up to around the £40 mark…..

  7. theboss 2 years ago

    Well I’ll be around all day today so let’s get it going again @harrybaines

    Hopefully that first loss is out the way now ?

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      Ditto mate. Quiet day at work so should be able to jump on most of them.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      theboss, let’s give him our support.
      Bottom line is he’s trying to beat the bookies – and doing a decent job.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        Right, off to the golf. Good luck to everyone with all their bets (and challenges) today.
        Check in later.

  8. archie 2 years ago

    New day new challenge.
    Soul to win . Start new challenge

    • hampy 2 years ago

      Seoul just scored. Can follow on futbol 24 app mate. Seen just lost it on inplay tracking

  9. albion 2 years ago

    Having a go at this. Bayterek Astana over 0.5 fh goals @8/11 £10.

    harrybaines inspired me haha.

    • albion 2 years ago


      • albion 2 years ago

        14 goal attempts to 3 for Kyzylzhar vs Bayterek at half time so I’m going to make bet 2 Kyzylzhar to score the 2nd goal my bet number 2.

        Kyzylzhar next goal @4/6 for £17.27 returns £28.38

        • albion 2 years ago


          Kyzylzhar created chance after chance only to be suckered on the counter.

  10. geoff50 2 years ago

    Going to try to go from £50 to £500 today.

    Starting with over 1.5 FHGs in the Czech u21 league with Slavia Prague home to Jablonec.

    20 mins gone and 0-1 price is 1/2.

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      I’m in mate

      • gowzzer 2 years ago

        Sorry, I though it was match goals. Will probably go for that if it comes up and odds are decent

    • geoff50 2 years ago

      Fell at the first hurdle ? Plenty of action in the game. Over 2.5 is tempting at 4/6 but not going to start chasing and will look for other bets later on.

      • gowzzer 2 years ago

        Iv had to hold back twice from chasing mate. Just mise over 0.5match goals in the Turkish u21 game and the Vietnam womans game.
        Hate it when that happens

  11. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Hi Chaps
    HoChiMinh II Women v Than KSVN Women
    o.5 4/9
    50 pays 72.22

    • simpledxb 2 years ago

      This website is still so slow and clunky – the hosting platform is dreadful… first bet of day in.. took about a minute!

      Hi Chaps
      HoChiMinh II Women v Than KSVN Women
      o.5 4/9
      50 pays 72.22

      • theboss 2 years ago

        Don’t think they have done anything to speed it up yet..or if they have it hasn’t worked!

        They really need to add push notification too! such a simple word press add on to install!

  12. simpledxb 2 years ago

    HoChiMinh II Women v Than KSVN Women
    o.1.5 2.050
    20 pays 41 (taking 20 of the 72.22 won)

    • meadway 2 years ago

      Was that your first challenge bet mate?

      • meadway 2 years ago

        Haha in nice and quick again. Cheers simple

      • simpledxb 2 years ago

        Yes – 1st bet was £50 returned 72.23 (B365 gave me an extra 1p – woohoo) then took 20 and returned 41. Bank now 93.23.
        Looking closely at Prague u21 game…

    • simpledxb 2 years ago

      HoChiMinh II Women v Than KSVN Women
      o.1.5 2.050
      20 pays 41 (taking 20 of the 72.22 won)
      *won* – total bank now at 93.23 [2 bets]

  13. simpledxb 2 years ago

    There will prob be another goal in last 10mins of viet women game but leaving alone now…

  14. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Hwacheon KSPO women o.2.5fhgs @4/7 93.23 pays 146.50

  15. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Might be worth a look second half re the Korean women game – there are more goals in this.. tempted to do a small stake on o4.5fhgs.. will post if I do.

  16. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Gonna jump on the remainder of your challenge.

  17. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Hwacheon KSPO women o.5.5mgs @8/15 146.51 pays 224.64

  18. cyrus 2 years ago

    Bet 1: £20 on over 1.5fhg in Czech under21 game returns £30

  19. theboss 2 years ago

    Belarus game looks like goals galose @simpledxb

  20. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Looking @ young lions game… 0.5fhgs is currently 1/3. Waiting for it to drop….

  21. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Cheeky £20 on 0.5fhgls in Spart Prague u21 game @7/4 – 20 pays 55

    • simpledxb 2 years ago

      Cheeky £20 on 0.5fhgls in Spart Prague u21 game @7/4 – 20 pays 55
      [Bet5] *lost* – was a cheeky 20quid as a speculative punt – god knows how no goals in first half but nevertheless – bank now at £204.65

  22. christos76 2 years ago

    Can’t believe Sparta Prague couldn’t manage ONE goal in first half! :-(

  23. stubhoy 2 years ago

    Bet 2


    Falkirk v Kilmarnock
    BTTS 3/4

    Walsall v Barnsley
    BTTS 4/7

    £70.55 Returns £194.01

  24. theboss 2 years ago

    Wake up @harrybaines no time for a lie in mate LOL we need to make some thousands or hundreds at least ;)

  25. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Guess i didn’t win the vote for me to get my £50, it was the last thing on yesterday’s page so i doubt anyone saw the vote at all.

    Ill be back later Boss, not feeling it fully today after yesterday’s affairs. Good luck with them bets though mate!! :)

    • theboss 2 years ago

      I did vote yes mate so 1/0 so your winning lol

      • gowzzer 2 years ago

        I never seen anything. I vote yes aswell, considering I was prepared to throw a tenner into the mix

    • markus 2 years ago

      You have my vote too.

    • albion 2 years ago

      I will add to the vote for Harry. He deserves it after all he’s contributed recently.

      • meadway 2 years ago

        Ive followed most of harrys tips but a lot of them were not clear as mr f said. Not always a stake or odds. Didnt state starting stake.

        I dont think there would be a single problem if all of those were shown clearly on every bet. As simpledxd has been doing today as a example.

        • gowzzer 2 years ago

          I understand what your saying from a competition point of view, ruled and regs etc.
          But from a purely betting point of view I don’t see why we need to know what odds/stakes etc. If you look it up and fancy it aswell, go for it. With @harrybainesrecord I’d happily go for a tip he simply says he thinks wll win

        • theboss 2 years ago

          he does have to type it quick and and post and wait 15 seconds for the site to post it so by that time normally it’s won lol

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Didnt expect this, Cheers lads!

        • gowzzer 2 years ago

          Credit where credits due and all that mate.

          • jorge1877 2 years ago

            I think that @harrybaines should probably get the prize too. After all he did provide a screenshot of the mistake bet that took him from around £1k to around £2k (can’t remember the exact numbers). Plus he had already achieved the £1k by then anyway.

            Maybe that’s the way to go in future to provide screenshots to prove the bets actually went on as there was some ambiguity around one of the MLS bets too?

            I just wish I had got on one of these challenges will try and follow the next one though.

  26. cyrus 2 years ago

    30-1k challenge. Just need to get past bet 1 first lol.

    Bet 1: Over 3.5mg Czech u21 game £30 returns £46

  27. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Still snouting for a suitable next punt as bet6…. ?

  28. theboss 2 years ago

    Going for Home united over 2.5 goals they look like getting another goal..

    Not challenge just a bank builder

  29. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Sparta u21 o2.5gls 4/9 204.65 pays 295.60

  30. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Sparta Prague U21 v Znojmo U21

    over 3.5 goals. Odds are like 1.60

  31. simpledxb 2 years ago

    I just did a Harry (we have a new phrase ?)
    [Bet6] Sparta u21 o2.5gls 4/9 204.65 pays 295.60 *win* – plus the extra 1p from B365 bank now £295.61

  32. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Am looking at Hougang v Young Lions and also Home Utd games…

  33. cyrus 2 years ago

    bet 2: £46 on over 2.5mg Home united game returns £64

  34. superjim 2 years ago

    I said last night to mr f you had done it Harry. There is a lot of us on this page enjoying your tips. So come on, let’s go……

  35. superjim 2 years ago

    Oh ffs, I missed that while doing my last post.

  36. theboss 2 years ago

    Arrow FC are on fire! i was son them to score next goal! and boom

  37. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Bloody work calls getting in way…

  38. harrybaines 2 years ago

    A few missed my bet 1, so ill start on bet 2 as i won bet 1 but ill start at the same stake again as some of you
    ( £30 )

    I see from @meadway point of view but you have to understand, i have to type to teams down going from one page to another as im not amazing at writing in czech. Im not posting all the details as its impossible and if i do and they score straight after someone says you put it on as they scored. Ill either be posting My stake and returns or the odds. Not both, you decide. im sure from my stake/returns you will be able to figure the odds anyway and they will have change by time you get on the gambling site you use anyway. I would post all the details but its impossible sometimes

    • superjim 2 years ago

      Not bothered by stake or odds. Sometimes you wait a minute anyway for them to improve. Bet number and the bet. All I need.

    • gowzzer 2 years ago

      Let’s do this mate. Il be on as many as I can get on

    • theboss 2 years ago

      Harry sod posting all that crap! that’s just to keep the thread “LEGIT”

      We don’t care if you post fast! just post it. lol

    • meadway 2 years ago

      Most of us can work out what you mean with each post harry. I am just saying for purposes of the challenge. But hey dont worry yourself about a challenge mr f started as a encouragement to use this thread for challenge tips. You have done a great job, just concentrate on bashing the bookies. Keep it up.

  39. superjim 2 years ago

    @theboss. What device did you install auto refresh on?

  40. gowzzer 2 years ago

    Well done mate. Was on your arrows 8th goal tip
    Good stuff

  41. superjim 2 years ago

    I’m on iPad mostly, or safari on iMac.

  42. gowzzer 2 years ago



  43. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 2

    Brno U21 v Dukla Prague U21 over 1.5 fhg

    £30 —– £45

  44. theboss 2 years ago

    Anyone else using a. Android phone you get get auto refresh on Doplhin browser ??

  45. peaky blinder 2 years ago

    Unlucky there harry, some poor finishing and the woodwork didn’t help.

    I’ve been following with interest your challenges so going to follow you for smaller stakes, albeit.

    Been following site for years, since old format.

    But actually spent money and signed up today to become a member so I could follow your posts easier like the lads explained above. Keep up the good work!

  46. peaky blinder 2 years ago

    £3 to £50 afternoon challenge

    £3 o2.5mgs brno/dukla
    £3 returns £4.71

    Brno won 4/5 at home and look like scoring despite shoddy finishing in 1st half

    • theboss 2 years ago

      starting at £10 :)

      • peaky blinder 2 years ago

        Lol @theBoss I’m a first time poster. I’ll be more pissed off if this loses than the £400 I pumped onto your boys last night! ;)

        • peaky blinder 2 years ago

          £3 to £50 afternoon challenge
          £3 o2.5mgs brno/dukla
          £3 returns £4.71
          Brno won 4/5 at home and look like scoring despite shoddy finishing in 1st half


          Frees up my afternoon to follow the pros on here :)

        • theboss 2 years ago

          Sorry. Mate I meant to post for harry £10 on his challenge.

          Sorry for the loss too we were utter shite second half!

  47. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Brno U21 v Dukla Prague U21

    over 1.5 goals

    Stake £30.

  48. superjim 2 years ago

    Anyone on a mac? I have found a nice auto refresh extension.

    • miller 2 years ago

      @superjim – I don’t have a MAC but I found this extension for Safari – http://agriffindesign.com/downloads/autorefresh/

      As I have an iphone and ipad here I have been trying to install this extension to test it out but I don’t believe you can install extensions on either of these devices as they are locked down completely compared to Safari on a MAC. Also tried Firefox and Chrome browsers on both but these are also locked down for extension installations….isn’t the ipad labelled by Apple as the best mobile device to browse the web…..hmmm….not sure if I agree.

      Anyways, hope the above extension does the trick for you.

      • markus 2 years ago

        Just too bad reloading the page takes 10 seconds. It’s one of life’s mysteries why they don’t fix the site already.

  49. superjim 2 years ago

    @Miller, that is a nice one. It reloads the page scrolled at where I left it. Maybe there is an ap for iPad/iphone.

    • miller 2 years ago

      @superjim, tried to find an app but there wasn’t one to see if I could add it via a back door but couldn’t find one at a quick glance, but thats no biggy to me since I do all my betting on my PC unless I am out and about and act on a whim

  50. superjim 2 years ago

    Me too. OOH the irony. Missing the bet as we are looking for a way not to miss the bet.

  51. peaky blinder 2 years ago


    Think you need to start a technical help thread re: auto refresh apps :D

  52. harrybaines 2 years ago

    I think i have won the vote @mr-fixit ;)

  53. nick 2 years ago

    I vote no, for an example you posted this last night –
    “New york game over 10.5 corners odds 1.50”
    New york red bulls and New york city fc were playing in seperate games at the time you posted that…

  54. peaky blinder 2 years ago

    Harry I think if you win another challenge, you should think about employing a secretary to do your typing for you! ;) ;) you could pay her a month up front, tax free :D

    Then the haters won’t have a leg to stand on :D

    All interested parties send a CV to @harrybaines, c/o mrfixit

  55. warktheline 2 years ago

    All Harry has to do is clearly state his bet! You’ve certainly caused a stir young man! ?

  56. tigerman1 2 years ago

    Dear Harry, I am waiting for the next tip :)

  57. waddo 2 years ago

    £20 over 1.5 HT goals in the Guinea U23 v Paraguay U23 match, returns £34.54

    • miller 2 years ago

      @waddo, nice one. Was looking at the match already thinking about jumping on then after seeing you recommend it confirmed my thoughts so jumped on at odds of 2.10

    • jambo973 2 years ago

      nice waddo was waiting until the odds were better and just missed it

  58. theboss 2 years ago

    Let’s not start all this again PLEASE!!!

    He will probably complete it another 10 times over! he’s the only one who seems to be closest to completing it so it’s just a matter of time till he wins this £50….

    And the votes are like YES: 10-12
    NO: 2

    • meadway 2 years ago

      This is so childish. Its like a school playground on here.

      Give harry the £50 free bet mr f and move on.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        meadway, you’re probably right – I’ll give it to charity.
        In fact maybe I’ll give it to Harry to place for charity – as we know he doesn’t need it.

        • peaky blinder 2 years ago

          I have tried to post the same reasoning now 3 times MrF and all awaiting moderation??

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          theboss, I’m kinda fed up with the whole thing to be honest.
          I’ve said I’ll give him it and he can do a charity bet.

        • meadway 2 years ago

          Harry mate have some respect for Mr f. Can you not see you are taking this way too far?

          Private messaging mr f is more sensible than throwing a tamtrum.

          • harrybaines 2 years ago

            I have done everything the man has said, i do have respect but he seems to be putting up unlimited barriers after i take one down

            • meadway 2 years ago

              We are all trying to help you here mate, but you are letting yourself down. Private message him, no need for this public show.

            • simpledxb 2 years ago

              You lost me at the xbox comment mate… let’s not be petulent teenagers – it’s 50 quid and no point arguing – MrF makes the rules and we’re all here to play nicely. I can see arguments for both sides but compromise on the £50 quid charity bet and the adulation of the forum.. job done. And then let’s get these challenges back online… I’m still pissed about Skopje game…

  59. warktheline 2 years ago

    @flashharry, that’s your new name I’m giving you! Top man, the betting messiah has arrived! Well done pal, you’ve placed a huge grin on my face!?

  60. warktheline 2 years ago

    @flashharry, you’ve entered my ‘hall of fame’ alongside Guru Browning, Sir Jordan, King Wato and Mr Corners! ?

  61. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Am back after hours of work calls… ? looking for Bet 7 – Bank £295.61

  62. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Rabotnicki skopje v vardar – o1.5mgs 4/7 £295.61 returns 464.53

  63. waddo 2 years ago

    £34.54 over 1.5 HT goals in the Flora II match returns £59.66

  64. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 2

    Nac game over o.5 fhg

    Stake £50 odds 1.36 at the moment

  65. big mac 2 years ago

    Just popped over to have a look at this thread it’s like bloody eastenders on here #pathetic

    Nice tips @waddo I’m off

  66. simpledxb 2 years ago

    Starting again…£50 bank

  67. ahmich 2 years ago

    That didn’t take long Harryb good tipping. I was on the 1.5 fhg. Fingers crossed

  68. simpledxb 2 years ago

    [bet 1] – o3.5mgs flora tallinn game 50 pays 80.76

  69. townie 2 years ago

    give it to rangers for joey barton

  70. harrybaines 2 years ago

    My bet won even if i didnt place it or not, that can make up for the fact i placed a bet by accident and it won. At the end of the day both won and i only needed one.

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Mate, i did the challenge and i have proof to show i placed it.

      Nice pun, but say i bought the ticket and i had the number but i dont shout out and i show them at the end, i still win.

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Not about the money, i wouldnt care if it was £10. I just dont like it when i win something and dont get it.

  71. tigerman1 2 years ago

    Please, can we just get on with the challenges?

    I am seriously biting my nails for another goal in this Breda game before HT… grrr!

  72. primetime 2 years ago

    Soooooooo, where do I find the betting tips then?

  73. -wato- 2 years ago

    Don’t know what went on with these messages but not getting involved. I’ve never been one for these challenges when people staring posting each day. My thoughts are now that I will probably join in for a bit of fun and see where it takes me. I will add that anything I post here will not be inplay and posted at least an hour before kick off etc. I feel that trying to complete a challenge in one day or a few hours is a bit mad but that’s just my opinion. I like to have a bet but playing loads of bets in one day is just not for me and could lead to problems which I would most certainly not get into. I will probably just give a challenge a go maybe one or twice a week and not guaranteed to post each day but will let people know if I know some have joined in. Will start with small stakes of £10 and maybe go for £500 in the first attempt the thought of placing bets of 3 figures is a little scary at the moment but will see how I/we get on. These challenges should be fun so let’s try and keep it like that. Also I will be posting odds but I have 6/7 accounts setup and I know some only maybe use one so the odds may not be exactly the same or even offered on some occasions

  74. donbay 2 years ago

    onto more pressing issues, any challenge for today

  75. waddo 2 years ago

    £59.66 – Orebro (over 1.5 team goals) & IFK Goteborg Match (over 1.5 FT goals) returns £120.51

  76. peaky blinder 2 years ago

    Landed an early goal in Orebro game £19 returning £33.25.

    Starting a challenge to £250

    Bet 1

    Under 2.5 match goals
    Breda v Willem II @ 8/11
    £33.25 returns £57.19

    Its Holland, but this doesn’t always mean goals. This is the playoffs and Willem II also won 1-0 away to free scoring Jupiler league side Almere in the last round.

    Expecting them to grind it out again.

    Gl if u choose

  77. theboss 2 years ago

    Bistards they removed the Gladbach game just before kick off! going to be goals in that

  78. kelly.d 2 years ago

    €20 IBV/KFS/KFR U19 half time result, Sprimont Comblain game o2.5 mgs odds 47/25 returns 57.60 (7pm)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      kelly.d, great stuff. We’re back to actually doing bets.
      Off to walk the dug before he madness returns.

    • kelly.d 2 years ago

      this is bet 1

    • kelly.d 2 years ago

      IBV/KFS/KFR U19 half time result has been cancelled so bet reverts to a single

      €20 Sprimont Comblain game o2.5 mgs odds 3/5 returns €32 (7pm)

  79. tigerman1 2 years ago

    It’s raining goals in Turkey and very little in Sweden.

    Come on lads, goalsss

  80. simpledxb 2 years ago

    All the negative nonsense ruined my mojo…
    [bet 1] – o3.5mgs flora tallinn game 50 pays 80.76

  81. michaelc 2 years ago

    right then, back from work, kids to put to bed and then let’s see if I can manage to catch a challenge bet or two before my own bedtime. Down a fair bit this month so just going to start with a few quid and see if I can get £50 – £100 back in my account before the end of May. Going to start with a Greg-early-goals-special for the 7.30 kick offs in Belgium and follow whatever looks good on this thread for a couple of hours. Now where’s that beer. It’s been a long day!

  82. michaelc 2 years ago

    Aaarrghh deleted comments meaning there are 15 comments permanently at the bottom of the thread……. Play sensibly during the day in future please people! Want to see the most recent comment at the bottom – particularly on such a time sensitive thread!! Don’t make me phone your parents………. (sorry, day job as a head of year in a secondary school……)

  83. superjim 2 years ago

    Oh ffs. I just saw this Bet 2 Nac game over o.5 fhg from Harry. I am auto refreshing and still missed it.

    • theboss 2 years ago

      we all missed it! it came in within a minute and then we went over 1.5 FHG and it lost

  84. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Just done a random bet

    over 0.5

    Balikesirspor v Alanyaspor

    Not a tip but just gonna tell everyone incase it wins and dont get accused of lying, £30 stake = £102. Placed in 78th min

    Cant see it winning but hate doing certs on bet 1, love abit of high odds risk on et 1

  85. nathanufton 2 years ago

    Goal in the Gothenberg game ( the away side ) has left me just waiting on the Turkish game. Its only a 1/20 but with the 2nd half having already kicked off, the lobeger it drags on , the more nervy it gets.

  86. nathanufton 2 years ago

    happy days. Turkish game just delivered. 37% profit on the day. Up from £29 to £40.

  87. tigerman1 2 years ago

    Kalmar vs Djuurgardens

    over 2.5 goals looks good now… wish me luck :)

  88. simpledxb 2 years ago

    @mr-fixit can we start a new thread pls? this one is all messed up…

    • jambo973 2 years ago

      I agree with that its all over the place

      • Scott Allot 2 years ago

        New thread for betting challenges is now up folks. Less drama please and then there’ll be no need to delete comments and cause the format to go haywire. Cheers.

  89. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Bet 1

    Sivasspor v Fenerbahce over 4.5 goals

    odds 1.70

    smallish stakes kinda risky

  90. archie 2 years ago

    another challenge. kilmarnock to score their 1st gal 2nd half 7/5 £5 TOO £200 challenge.

  91. archie 2 years ago

    H/T 0-0 come on killie get that goal , get me started.

  92. archie 2 years ago

    last challenge for the week. if this dont get started , i will start again week end. not having much luck at the mo.

  93. archie 2 years ago

    juventude D.C priced up @7/5 won 4 and drew last 5 games against coritiba . they are 1-0 up from 1st leg.
    anyone is brave enough they are 5/1 to win . again hoping to go
    £5 up to £200 ,

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