AFTER yesterday's action Johnb is 16.625 points down for May but still hoping for a turnaround.

He's got three tips for Wednesday and is advising doubles and the treble.

Johnb's Wednesday Tips

Bath 2.20
Beausant 5-2 racebets

Nuclear Power 9-4 NB racebets

Ayr 4.20
Maleficent Queen 7-2 NAP racebets

Also 3×0.5 point doubles & 1×0.5 point treble

Maleficent Queen (NAP)

Won four of her five races and in her last three runs she has gone from a rating of 78 to a rating of 96. That would be a concern for most horses but Keith Dalgleish has a special filly on his hands.
The step-up in class would be a concern to most horses but in my opinion there is definitely a Group 3 race out there for her to win and probably even a Group 2 or better.
This is by far her hardest race but Maleficent Queen is still improving and the bar for her full potential is set well above this level.


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  1. ciaran1988 2 years ago

    1 winner from 3 yesterday with Elusive In Paris @ 11/2 so a 3.5 point profit from that. Other 2 tips ran poor after big drifts just before the off.

  2. ciaran1988 2 years ago

    3.10 Ayr – Al Khan @ 5/2
    7.55 Kempton – Important Point @ 11/8

  3. Johnb 2 years ago

    It seems my comment earlier didn’t go down too well when all its meant to do is help the punter,
    Bookmakers spend millions of pounds to stay ahead of the punter, they can put in many more hours of study than your individual punter because they have a team researching,
    So when we are at such a disadvantage why do we make it easier for them by backing in a sporting event when we don’t have what is one of the most crucial aspects of our study.
    Today was the first ever meeting at the new all weather track at Newcastle,

    (a) we don’t have any idea if there is a draw bias

    (b) we don’t know if the track favours front runners, hold up horses, handily placed horses or if there is no bias

    (c) we don’t know how the track is racing because it hasn’t bedded in yet

    We can listen to trainers & jockeys that have galloped horses on the track earlier this month but even that doesn’t tell us properly because there is a big difference between galloping a horse on a track to actually racing on a track,

    Newcastle today gave us some pointers but not enough and the track will change over the next few meetings, today’s main pointer was the lack of kickback compared to the Tapeta surface at Wolverhampton

    I have always said I don’t always just stick to form and a couple of years back I got slated for it, I like to try and work out how much a horse can improve, I study the racing styles of every horse in a race and try to figure out how that style will suit how I think the race will be run, but I won’t try and predict how a new all weather track will run because you can’t.

    Now there was an overreaction earlier to my comment and some people don’t want to listen and won’t listen which is fine but I am here to try and help the people who do want advice,
    It wasn’t a criticism earlier it was a warning to people who want advice.
    I think “know it all” was also used, well I am still learning but after 30+ years studying racing, studying horses and I mean in the flesh, then I do know quite a lot and that’s not being big headed,
    30+ years there were a lot of ups & downs trying to find what worked for me and now my way works for me, another way will work for someone else because there is no right way.

    I also said well done earlier for the first winner at Newcastle which just so happened to be be one of the lucky 40ish horses that had already been galloped round Newcastle but very few punters would have been aware of that fact

    I stand by what I said earlier and again it wasn’t a criticism, well done for the first winner but my advice to the people who want advice is to leave Newcastle alone for now, in fact I didn’t even research one race there today.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      theblack, that’s a ridiculous comment. It doesn’t matter how Johnb makes his profit – take his advice every day and you will win as has been proved.
      Put up or shut up is my advice to you.

    • lobwedge 2 years ago

      Great piece JB, why can’t people understand? Keep up the good work JB and ignore the trolls.

    • lobwedge 2 years ago

      Miss Inca Sock Kemp 8:25 E/W
      Currently 12/1

  4. 2 years ago

    john b even said beforehand it is a new course etc
    its a risk
    its called gambling
    no disrespect to alan m
    im sure he didnt mean anything
    ive been too busy last 3 days
    just looked in now
    ive seen a lot of haters i havent seen before
    where are the fans when he wins ???

  5. 2 years ago

    ill be waiting for alan m tips tomorrow
    youre a v valued member and i have had bets blind
    and watched in disbelief as the e/w bets have come in

  6. theblack 2 years ago

    mr f. I did not think was a ridicoulous comment.
    I am so verry sorry to offend your site.
    Seems all you guys is plaudits.
    Maybe I am wrong.
    All the best to JB and all the rest of the c ommunity.
    JB did really help me.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      theblack, no that’s not the case but what you said wasn’t constructive in any way.
      If he’s helped you why have a go?

  7. 2 years ago


  8. 2 years ago

    Oh My … Just had a quick read of yesterdays page, I hope AlanM has not gone for good.

    While I confess 99.9% of the time I don’t back anyones elses tips other than my own, I always read what AlanM posted up and I think if he has quit the board in my opinion for what it’s worth the board has lost a real asset.

    I don’t know how he found a 12/1 winner, but he did and that’s what he does, he is good, better than me and better than most. I also think he is very supportive, I have known members post questions about all sorts of things and he has gone out of his way to research it for them.

    FFS Guys get a grip.

    Anyway … Rant Over, here is my humble offerings.

    3:10 Ayr – Al Khan – unlucky on Saturday not to win at Thirsk and they have him out quickly again, CD winner.

    7:25 Kempton – Fallen for a Star @ 8/1 – First time in Hcp and stepped up in trip. Trademark Cumani – 60% strike rate with that trick.


    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      the postman, he’s got no reason to leave – everyone respects him.
      Nothing wrong with what Johnb said.

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        John said you should give up betting if you back horses at Newcastle. That was poorly worded and came across as arrogant to some and I see why.
        It didn’t to me as I recognised what John was saying.
        Would be great if John and Alan could have an online shake of hands sooner rather than later, and agree that comments were lost in translation, and as I respect these 2 with the highest regard as tipsters, normal bookie bashing can resume as soon as possible.

      • jc 2 years ago

        Mrfixit, you can’t say there is nothing wrong with what jb said. He said anyone betting on it should think about quitting betting and doing the lottery instead. That’s pretty disrespectful to Alanm who is highly valued and clearly had reason as he gave a winning 12/1. It was a low blow and a bit patronising.

    • jamiea1991 2 years ago

      whats your nap? x

  9. gengar 2 years ago

    very productive and helpful ….. He said that’s it has he had no runners left poor guy hasn’t said he’s leaving and he getting torn into and other half having dig at JB how in anyway does this benefit anyone its not a bloody competition no one is winning a prize for getting more right then anyone else apart from there winnings which we could back if we wanted there’s us and the bookies no one approach is right but if both there approaches puts money in the bank who gives a flying fudge profit is profit the arguments are killing the thread. just delusional no ones learnt from the previous is it worth it ?

  10. biggee 2 years ago

    On a more interesting point johnb do you think Beausant will like the ground today at Bath? Its got a nice low draw mind..

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      The ground shouldn’t be a problem on breeding and when the horse won on soft ground I would question just how soft it was as the horse ran with a nice low action and the way he quickened suggests the ground was better than soft, he looks a different prospect this year and the form of his last two runs makes him hard to beat

  11. duncanpoundcake 2 years ago

    Shalambar 4.05 bath ,Luke Morris staying to ride this one before going to Kempton,top weight but much lower mark on grass than on the all weather 20/80 GL.

  12. tommy400 2 years ago

    I’ve not read the comments all I know is jb puts up tips every day I follow them regardless his advice is sound everybody has losers but he has had some amazing winners made me a very happy man. I do follow others alanm dc JimRon de Niro to name a few and sometimes I mix them up in multiples. To me Newcastle was unusual but I did it anyway for a few quid had 1st winner but it was only coz there was money for it I did it. Bottom line is we get advice for free if for some reason u think u a hard done too don’t follow site pick your own u mite do better but I’ll stick to following main guy and others cheers for everything john b

  13. 2 years ago

    This site is fantastic with some super tipsters and its FREE, i was brought up with horse racing and my late father use to pay for tips in the 70’s/80’s, he’d love the info/tips we get on here, lets all keep it together to beat the bookie!!

  14. biggee 2 years ago

    O’keefe has a runner up at Ayr today 4.20 race MORE MISCHIEF my mate’s daughter wont be travelling up there but says Jedd will be there and a decision will be made on whether to run it as it ideally wants good to soft ground. He thinks a great deal about it and I’m told it will only run in races that will add value to it hence it being entered in another listed race and will only run if the ground is right. My mate’s daughter also said if it runs back it as trainer will only run it if he feels it has a chance. Just passing on what I get told again don’t shoot the messenger. Gd luck.

    Ps De Niros Cousin.. that friend request wasn’t me fella.

    • 2 years ago

      oops sorry mate…u probly didnt want people to know…..anyway im on yr bat phone tip today mate as my only bet today. batphone tips are what this great site is about imo. gl mate ???

      • biggee 2 years ago

        Eh! You’ve lost me now I don’t do friend requests I’m not a paid member on here so not allowed to private message anyone even if I wanted to.

  15. jimron12 2 years ago

    Ew Yankee today adding lobwedges pick in the 8.25

    High Ron 6.15
    Fort Carson 5.05 (quite Keen on)
    Tangramm 7.25
    Miss Inca Sock Kemp 8:25

    Good luck all let’s hope the rain doesn’t do to much damage except for fort Carson who will love it

  16. 2 years ago

    nap: sandymount 8-45 southwell 11/4

  17. rale 2 years ago

    I think Swany had enough when somebody branded him an idiot, for questioning sanity of that same person, for e-mailing Mullins with “advice” how to run his business. That was funny, I have to admit.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      If you remember the quote then you should realise that I asked Willie Mullins about Annie Power ever going chasing as in my opinion he had a horse there that was capable of winning the Gold Cup,
      Nothing about telling him what to do and I have emailed a lot of people in racing about different subjects which was why I managed to get a Lulu Stanford interview,

      Anyway back to Mullins, he later came out and said publicly that he thought Annie Power could win a Gold Cup and he wanted her to go chasing but the decision was all Rich Richi’s

      You also have to remember that Willie Mullins has never won the Gold Cup so in my opinion he has to be doing something wrong surely with the horses he has at his disposal.

      The great Michael Dickinson in 1983 trained the first five horses home in the Gold Cup

      1 Bregawn 100-30F
      (G Bradley)
      2 Captain John 11-1
      (D Goulding)
      3 Wayward Lad 6-1
      (J O’Neill)
      4 Silver Buck 5-1
      (R Earnshaw)
      5 Ashley House 12-1
      (Mr D Browne)

      Also as for the other point about a certain someone, it goes far beyond what you think it was about and is nothing to do with racing

      • rale 2 years ago

        Thanks for clearing that up, JB. Let’s leave it at that then, as it was nothing to do with racing

  18. peter daryll 2 years ago

    I like johnb and alanm so hope he comes back , both great tipsters ,

    Soie d’leau 4/1
    4.55 Ayr nap/nb

    Iv been in iffy form this week I blame it on working too much, but hoping to get back to winners enclosure and I like this selection

  19. word2mother 2 years ago

    I understand the reasoning behind JBs apprehension regarding betting on a new track, and he was right to advise us to perhaps give it a miss as it could be a lottery.

    However, alanm felt confident enough to tip it (and rightly so), so when JB goes OTT in warning us off it, it kinda implies anyone backing the meet (and following alanm) has a loose wire, so despite believing JB only had or profits in his mind, I can see why alanm may be peeved, especially when he is firing out 12/1 winners whilst JB has double stake 11/8 naps failing miserably, yet we move on like JB is still infallible. There must’ve been over 50 races yesterday and I believe JB should be allowed to take some flack when the best he can offer is an 11/8 loser whilst warning others off 12/1 winners.

    That being said, this is a free service and I appreciate all regular tippers giving us their time and best efforts. Hurry back alanm, you are a stalwart here.

  20. Johnb 2 years ago

    This is an independent view from a very well respected stats site.


    17th May 2016
    Today Newcastle becomes the sixth all weather racecourse in Britain. The old flat turf course has been ripped up and replaced with Tapeta, making Newcastle the second racecourse in Britain to have that surface.

    Just as when Kempton changed from flat turf to all weather, and when Wolverhampton changed from Polytrack to Tapeta, it is going to be difficult for punters to find winners at this course over the next few months.

    When there is a major change at a racecourse we zero the stats.
    Newcastle is totally different now so knowing that Frankie Dettori had a 38% strike rate there is no longer valid. The stats have to be reset and start again with this new surface.

    Draw biases can be totally different now too. On turf there could have been a bias on the stands side, or the far side because of specific drainage. Presumably ripping up the turf course would remedy that. The different material could produce a different bias too. For that reason it is best to reset all known draw bias data and start afresh.

    Left handed courses should have a natural low draw bias. But as we have seen at some of the other all weather courses the maintenance team can vary the going across the width of the track. They can effectively slow up the inner rail / far side on the home straight to try and negate any natural low draw bias.

    Tapeta Time To Bed In
    It could be the twilight zone all over again

    Any new all weather surface needs time to bed in. This can take months and during that time there could be very unpredictable results.

    When Wolverhampton changed to Tapeta there were extremely random results produced there in the first few months. Analysis of the first five months of Tapeta at Wolverhampton revealed that the results were indeed very random.

    The good news is that after that results returned to normal, and in some cases stats had a real uplift. Some of this improvement in stats was due to trainers understanding which horses do best on Tapeta, and jockeys totally mastering the surface.

    It could be Newcastle spends the next five months in a twilight zone of random results. It could be even longer because there are few meetings at this course in the summer and only in the late autumn will there be one or two meetings a week. Until then sample sizes will be low and more significantly jockeys are not going to get much experience of racing on this surface.

    The next few months could produce some unusual results so I would tend to back off on backing there.
    But there is one big difference now to when Wolverhampton first started using Tapeta. Back in August 2014 there was absolutely no data to analyse before the first race at Wolverhampton. Now we have had nearly two years worth of Tapeta data from that course and we know hell of more now.

    We know jockeys such as Pat Cosgrave, Ryan Tate, George Downing ride the surface well whilst jockeys such as Jamie Spencer, Oisin Murphy both under perform on Tapeta. We also have a head start in knowing which sires like the surface and which flop.

    Waiting for the course to bed in can be a big issue as the speed of the surface will change over time. There may also be temporary draw biases that come into play.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      The last I will say on this debate and that’s what it is, a debate, debates are good,
      I listen to all views and some I agree with and some I don’t,
      If someone says something I don’t like I don’t complain because everyone on this site is entitled to an opinion
      I don’t let it get to me and never will.
      I feel strongly that without important data to process it is very hard to make a case for any horse,
      If the information isn’t available about a horse not running at a certain track before or running over a certain distance for the first time then I know I can rely on breeding stats and visual clues from watching horses run, hence why my Antepost selections do as well,
      But what I can’t foresee is how a new course will run,
      My view that punters should seriously consider giving up betting for backing at Newcastle is just my opinion as course stats in racing and knowing how a course is running is just as important as seeing the team sheet in football, if I didn’t know who was playing then I wouldn’t back a team

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        Johnb, this is your thread and you can give your opinion whether it’s agreed with or not.
        I don’t see what the fuss is about. Plenty of people shoot you down and you’ve already said you didn’t mean it to come across as slating alanm who we know is a fine tipster.
        Time for everyone to draw a line under it and get on with what’s important – putting up reasoned tips and beating the bookies.

        • word2mother 2 years ago

          top day predicted for JB after all this, in the absence of some regulars, here are my tips hohoho.

          1545 Ayr – Nice Vintage 3/1
          1555 War – Towering 3/1
          1750 Bat – Swirral Edge 3/1

  21. alanm 2 years ago

    Onwards we go.

    Nap Chain of Daisies 9/2 4.20 Ayr
    NB Belledesert 9/2 5.20 Bath
    They’re off and running Northern Thunder 9/2 1.30 Ayr

  22. rookie 2 years ago

    14 hours ago
    13.50 B Bigger and better 6/1
    14.45 W Deadly move 8/1
    16.40 B Sans souci bay 6/1
    19.35 D Colonel maximus 7/1

    • rookie 2 years ago

      16.20 at Ayr looks to be wide open. If pushed id lean towards Brandybend at around 13/2 but it is a watch only race for me.

      • jimron12 2 years ago

        Interesting ed walker just tweeted about rain for his horse in this race he must fancy it and now the rain arrives….

  23. 2 years ago

    yep confident de niros cousin paddy brennan and cant do any wrong at the moment hes horses are flying looks good to me

    • 2 years ago

      i like how its having first run for trainer as well. usually see improvement when changing stables. im on it mate. cheers

  24. 2 years ago




    I hope the trainer pulls Al Khan
    P L E A S E.

  25. 2 years ago

    two more : kenobe star 4-05 bath 6/1
    glasgow central 5-55 kempton 11/4 gl

  26. Johnb 2 years ago

    Maleficent Queen (NAP)

    Won four of her five races and in her last three runs she has gone from a rating of 78 to a rating of 96
    That would be a concern for most horses but Keith Dalgleish has a very special filly on his hands
    The step up in class would be a concern to most horses but in my opinion there is definitely a group 3 race out there for her to win and probably even a group 2 or better
    This is by far her hardest race but Maleficent Queen is still improving and the bar for her full potential is set well above this level

  27. Johnb 2 years ago

    Course I did, if I have an opinion then I voice it,
    When I am confident on here I tell people because I think I know a little about the game,
    I often phone the clerk of the courses office at courses because I want up to date ground info first hand, anyone can phone them that’s why they advertise their number,
    I email people in racing because I have an opinion and I want people to know my opinion before what I think happens

  28. thehawk 2 years ago

    As you say John its up to the owners of the horses not much W Mullins can do if Rich Ricci says Annie Power is not going chasing. I hope it does as I have 50s for the Gold Cup just in case :)

  29. dougiec 2 years ago

    Welcome AlanM I’ve just watched a rerun of every race at Newcastle and have my own thoughts but have look at the 2.35 with Tawdeea 1 mile 2 and 4.40 Orions Bow 6fl and there is plenty to like about this course on the first days racing.
    Having an ew day
    Namhrooddah..3.20..Ayr Rioja Day..5.25..Ayr
    And Pat Smullen for the GOOJ
    Gl,new box of stars delivered

  30. dougiec 2 years ago

    Sorry 4.20 Ayr for Namhrooddah, giant of a filly and still raining at ayr

  31. the notorious 2 years ago

    The approcaillis 100/30 7.35 Dun
    This horse won its last start at this track under an inspired ride from Fallon. This horse broke poorly last start and still managed to win.If he breaks ok tonight he should be scrapping it out.
    It was a big gamble for 27 yo Michael O Callaghan to take arguably a jockey in decline under his wing but so far he is reaping the rewards.
    Read a piece on Fallon stating a 58 yo jockey still going strong in US so why cant I!!!

  32. biggee 2 years ago

    Get in johnb you beauty! Still the best tipster on here!! What a ride from Steve Drowne.. Take note Ryan Moore!

  33. Johnb 2 years ago

    I like an honest trainer and jockey letting the punter know how it is,
    George Baker & Steve Drowne both saying this race has come a bit quick after his last run and was a bit flat today, it’s noted

    Just shows how much better Beausant was than the other horses when he can still win while feeling the effects of his last run, George Baker says they got away with it today .
    Big ride from Steve Drowne though as he had to give everything just to try and keep Beausant straight, some jockeys would have settled for second place

  34. the notorious 2 years ago

    John interesting you mention bregawn in your comment, which leads me onto highly controversial jockey Graham Bradley.
    Theres no doubting Bradleys ability as a jockey, hence his victory on Bregawn the highlight, but John once a jockey gets labelled as “dirty” its essentially a bad smell wont go away.
    Having read Barney Curleys book its clear Curley had reservations about several dodgy rides from Bradley all on Dickenson horses. Curley alleges on one occasion Bradley put in false strides on a heavy favorite Robin Goodfellow, which was eventually beaten out of sight, in return for payment from a well known bookie.
    Naturally Curley reported his concerns to the security department of the jockey club, only for them to charge Curley under whats known as the catch all rule. Curley had been charged with causing serious damage to the interests of British racing.

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      Part 3

      Part 4 at the start shows the most controversial Graham Bradley ride on Man Mood who was a heavy odds on favourite in a two horse race at Warwick when the outsider of two Drumstick won

      What people have to remember is racing has now cleaned up its act, it will never be perfect but it’s a lot cleaner now than it used to be

  35. word2mother 2 years ago

    Almost went woth a de sousa day damnit. Lots of combinations still live, maleficent queen needed for 40/1 treble.

  36. lbr 2 years ago

    Get in JB. Much needed double and a nice way to put the focus on what is important – taking money off the bookies. Maleficent Queen made for a really enjoyable watch. Fingers crossed for the treble.

  37. Johnb 2 years ago

    Maleficent Queen she is a future group winner

  38. Johnb 2 years ago

    Guaranteed a 7.08 point profit today with one left to run

  39. heartstopper22 2 years ago

    Great stuff with the nap Johnb

    Any thoughts on this year’s epsom dash?

  40. wn 2 years ago

    Kingscote ruined the treble, well done JohnB 2 singles and a double.

  41. Johnb 2 years ago

    Nuclear Power found a lot of trouble in running at a crucial stage and Richard Kingscote has quite rightly given the horse an easy ride after that because all chance had gone
    Not saying the horse would have won but would have been a hell of a lot closer

  42. the notorious 2 years ago

    Wp Jb

  43. -wato- 2 years ago

    Johnb thanks for today mate

  44. jpq 2 years ago

    Cheers Johnb, nice double

  45. rale 2 years ago

    Biggee, ignore him.
    Well done JohnB, for double. Shame about 3rd one. Still good day.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      de niros, I think you should take a break from here.
      One too many comments against other users.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      rale, he’s gone.

      • elvis parsley 2 years ago

        Mr f
        So glad to see Alan back, top man and top tipper.
        Onwards with the fight against tyranny (bookies)
        Best racing thread I’ve come across on the web is back !!!!!!!!!.

  46. rubyhardie 2 years ago

    Thanks for great double today JohnB. Had 3 singles and Trixie on. Crossbar, but onwards and upwards. Cheers

  47. hungry horse 2 years ago

    Guys, does anyone know any decent stats websites that show things like draw bias at a corse etc? Great tips today John B. I had your two winners and AL khan for a nice 55/1 treble

    • Johnb 2 years ago

      FLATSTATS will give you what you need to know for free but to access the full site there is a subscription charge, but like I said there is enough on there for free and it is a good site

      JUMPSTATS is subscription only

      • Johnb 2 years ago

        I used to use drawbias as it was easy to access but stopped in 2011 because for some reason they wouldn’t change their stats for right handed tracks before 2011
        From 2011 onwards the draw bias changed for right handed tracks so a low bias in 2010 became a high bias in 2011
        The reason is that they changed the rules meaning all stalls in the uk had to be numbered from the inside,
        I don’t know if they ever changed their stats though

        The difference with Flatstats is that you can use the filter for all sorts of things including going conditions

  48. 2 years ago

    Alanm, on your n/b bud, BIG well done again!!

  49. biggee 2 years ago

    rale I didn’t see his comment which is just as well I guess glad to see the back of him tho and it might help to get a couple of the regulars back on here.. lets hope so!

    Well done johnb you’re the man wish I’d done the fc with your nap.

  50. recoba 2 years ago

    Boy in Bentley…7.15. 3/1

    On the drift but I don’t see why. Few decent rivals in race though.

  51. 2 years ago

    Johnb, very well done today, top tipping!!

  52. Johnb 2 years ago

    Been looking forward to Thursday’s racing for a while now as I was pretty confident of a good day but after saying that they will probably lose now.
    Just waiting on racebets to put odds up

  53. Johnb 2 years ago

    7.08 point profit today after two rule 4’s
    May 9.545 points down

    Thursday’s Tips

    Wolf Of Windlesham 10/3 racebets

    The Black Princess 2/1 racebets

    Golden Reign 11/10 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

    Also 3x 0.5 point doubles & 1x 0.5 point treble

    Nice to see Golden Horn’s half sister out again on Thursday, Golden Reign showed a lot of promise on debut in a good race, she was third and only one & a half lengths behind the second Golden Stunner who was herself only a neck behind So Mi Dar, although So Mi Dar has come on a lot since then,
    Golden Reign is a long way from being a Golden Horn or a So Mi Dar but she is well upto winning this race

  54. Johnb 2 years ago

    Well done Newcastle yesterday managing to hold some races over the wrong distances

  55. Johnb 2 years ago

    Newcastle to remeasure track after times dispute

    NEWCASTLE has pledged to remeasure distances on its new all-weather track as soon as possible after claims some races were not run over the correct trip on its opening day.

    The course staged its first all-weather fixture on Tuesday, having been closed for Flat racing since last autumn while the turf was replaced by a Tapeta surface.

    The new track got a thumbs up on the day from trainers and jockeys but those analysing the races have since spotted discrepancies.

    Sectional timing expert Simon Rowlands, who chairs the BHA’s Horseracing Bettors Forum, pointed out the races officially run over 6f 22y, 7f 69y and 1m 27y started very close to the six furlong, seven furlong and mile poles respectively.

    And the official times recorded by the winners of those races, notably the 1m 25.03s credited to Turbine in the 4.10 over 7f 69y, led to doubts they had been run over the advertised distances.


    “All the races other than the first two look surprisingly quick, but the seven-furlong race was ludicrous,” Rowlands said.

    “The biggest problem is with the seven furlong 69 yard race, which will have been run at a world record speed if it started from that distance from a standing start.

    “It appears the time is wrong, because everyone who has timed it makes it about half a second slower, but even then it would be wrong. You cannot run seven furlongs and 69 yards in 85 seconds, even Frankel wouldn’t.”


    Rowlands’ claims caused a stir on social media and Newcastle reacted by vowing to look into them and to check the distances before the next meeting a week today.

    “We have obviously measured the track through the work but we will have it remeasured by Milton Keynes Survey as soon as we can and certainly before the next fixture,” said Susannah Gill, director of external affairs for track owners Arena Racing Company. “We will update everyone if there are any changes necessary.

    “The distances have been taken off historic information and measured by the construction team, but we will have it done by MK Survey, who are the ones that have measured other racecourses and are the standard company used.

    “We have changed things by developing the track, there is no doubt things might be slightly different with rail positions, etc, so we are happy to have it remeasured.”

    Laying a Tapeta track was part of Arc’s £12 million investment in Newcastle, which has 37 all-weather fixtures in 2016, including the installation of a floodlit straight mile.

  56. dougiec 2 years ago

    Well done JB and AlanM along with clarion and Word2 mother sticking with AlKahan. Sorry if I’ve missed posted winners

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