Sports are an integral part of human society and culture. Since the oldest human civilizations, men and women have engaged in athletic competition, whether it be for fun, training, or just for the sake of the challenge. And as long as people have been competing, others have been wagering.

Sports betting is one of the most popular subindustries of the sports industry. And thanks to the advancements made in the 21st century, the industry has now gone digital. Online sports betting sites have quickly overtaken traditional, land-based bookies.

Reasons for this vary. Sports betting sites make wagering a lot simpler and more accessible. Many of them are mobile compatible, meaning punters can even place bets through their smartphones, or any electronic device with an internet connection.

While most people have already moved to the digital space when it comes to betting, some are still unaware of its presence and influence. So, for any newcomers to online wagering, we would like to go over some important details and explain the Dos and the Do Nots of the industry.

Do Get Your Hands on Bonuses 

One of the major benefits of online sports betting are all of the promotional offers that these websites provide. For example, you can find an excellent free bonus on, and similar online gambling and sports betting websites.

While there are all kinds of different bonuses, the most popular ones are usually “free bets.” For anyone who doesn’t know, a free bet offer allows you to place a bet worth a certain sum of cash, without actually staking said cash.

Another popular type of bonus is the “match bonus.” As the name suggests, if you take advantage of a “match bonus,” the website will refund the money you’ve wagered, up to a certain sum. In other words, they will “match” your bet.

There are, of course, other types of bonuses you can take advantage of. So, the next time you are browsing for sportsbooks, look for ones that offer the promotions that appeal to you, and best fit your gambling style.

Do Not Wager Past Your Limit

Every big-name or long-time gambler and punter will tell you that a bankroll is important to establish. A bankroll is basically the sum of money that you set aside for gambling/betting, that you can afford to lose.

Once you’ve established said bankroll, the important thing to do is stick to it. Whether you’ve lost it all, doubled or even tripled it, never bet beyond what you’ve set aside. It is important to know your own limit, and know when the time to walk away has come.

Do Explore Transaction Options

Online sportsbooks in 2023 offer a wide variety of transaction options. Gone are the days of credit cards, as punters nowadays are spoiled for choice. And while the credit card remains the most popular method, you are free to choose from one of the following transaction options on most sports betting websites:

  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Coupons/vouchers
  • Direct Wire Transfers

E-wallets and cryptocurrency especially have begun gaining quite a bit of traction. For the uninitiated, there are a ton of excellent tutorials on choosing your preferred crypto operator, as well as guides on e-wallet-based transactions. So, explore your options, and choose the one that appeals to you.

Do Not Use Unlicensed Websites

Licensing is one of the most important parts of online sports betting. If you don’t know, a license is basically a seal-of-approval issued by a national or international gambling commission. The role of these commissions is to review a gambling or sports betting website and infer whether everything runs fair and smooth.

Most punters recommend you use websites licensed by your own country’s gambling commission. However, while the UK has one of the best and most reputable gambling commissions, some prefer to visit offshore betting sites. So, if that is the case, look for licenses issued by Caribbean nations like Curacao, as online gambling is a serious subject in that region.

Do Proper Research

Every experienced bettor will tell you that sports betting is all about research. Studying a players’ style, history, and even medical records, researching a team’s strategy and tactics, and examining a manager’s managerial style. All of these factors go into the odds that sportsbooks come up with. So, studying and understanding these factors could help you to get ahead of the odds and make better, well-informed decisions.

Speaking of odds, you will also need to do research in that department. Examine and understand how sportsbooks come up with odds, how the odds work, and the different kinds of bets that come out of said odds. It is tough work, but ultimately a lot more rewarding, as it will definitely help you make better decisions when it comes to betting in the future.

Do Not Go with Your Gut

Often times, in lieu of research, you will hear punters say “just go with your gut.” That is a probably the worst piece of advice for a fledgling bettor. Sure, sometimes your gut can be right. However, more often than not, a “gut feeling” leads to hurt feelings.

The best way to determine which athlete, team, or club to place a wager on, is by studying the statistics, odds, and game histories. Facts speak for themselves, whereas emotional decisions and gut feelings often bring disappointment and a smaller bankroll.

Do Have Fun

Finally, it is important to remember that sports betting should be all about fun. The moment you start treating the hobby as an investment is the moment you step one foot closer to problem gambling, or an increase in stress levels.

In 2023, we are all painfully aware of the danger of stress, and it is best to avoid it. So, don’t look at sports betting as a profession, investment, or career. Rather stick to it as a hobby, that sometimes you can monetarily benefit from. In doing so, you will be safe from the more dangerous sides of the industry.


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