I SHOULD have put my faith in Scotland and not England.

I tipped both to win but Roy Hodgson's men slumped to a shock defeat at home to a weakened Holland side while the Scots edged out Denmark to claim their second 1-0 win in a week.

England's defeat downed the Top Treble and the England to score 2+ Super Single.

My second Super Single was Luis Suarez to score for Uruguay but his mate Edinson Cavani beat him to it in a 1-0 win that was expected to be more.

After the early-morning internationals there's not a lot to look at on Wednesday with one English League One match between Southend and Sheffield United who are locked on 55 points and it's easy to this ending in a draw.

I said the chances of me posting anything for Wednesday were slim and that's the case. It's never a problem having a no-bet day and with golf on the agenda and not much happening until Friday it's likely to be the same on Thursday.

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March Super Singles Total

31 bets (14 winners, 17 losers)

Loss: 5.4pts

March Advised Accas Total

44 bets (10 winners, 34 losers)

Loss: 11.3pts

  1. stagger 3 years ago

    Glad I avoided Coventry now. Colchester going through a decent spell. Millwall at home on Saturday.

  2. sam c 3 years ago

    Having a bit of a look at the Paraguay v Brazil game and have noticed Renato Augusto has scored in their last 2 games and is available at 4/1 anytime, might be worth a small stakes shot. Costa has also scored in last two and is also at the reasonable price of 5/2.

  3. cottweiler 3 years ago

    just goes to show that football is a funny old game, a few decisions go against england with iffy refereeing but that happens but how in hell did scotland get away with that win christ no way in hell did they deserve that, denmark were all over them

  4. Jordan 3 years ago

    Ecuador have hit the woodwork but with 15 minutes or so remaining, a goal isn’t looking likely. Did what most do on here and chase the bigger odds but never mind. Probably won’t have a bet tomorrow as the only fixtures worth taking a punt on are the South American qualifiers which kick off after midnight, so not many will be able to follow.

    Do like Mr F’s Suarez bet having scored in his last 4 against Peru (three have been the first goal) and the fact he is one of the worlds leading scorers this season (17/20 @ best @ William Hill). Also like Argentina to give Bolivia a thumping at home like they have done in their last two. Colombia scored 3 the other day in Bolivia and bookies expect at least 4 for the Argentinians (11/8 @ Coral).

    • robertc 3 years ago

      For the very first time mate I’m glad you were wrong!!!

      Great when it’s the 89th minute and a plan comes together!


    • jambo973 3 years ago

      Well done Jordan once again. They couldn’t have left it any longer. :)

  5. theboss 3 years ago

    Equador goaaaaal!! Get in! Gave up on that shut 365 off then alert come they scored :)

  6. Jordan 3 years ago

    Ooh. That fat lady hadn’t sung yet :D

    Algeria over 1.5 team goals
    Ecuador to score

    (31-20, William Hill) – 2 points **WIN**

    Algeria Over 2.5 Team Goals
    Colombia/Ecuador BTTS & Over 2.5 Match Goals

    (123-20, William Hill) – 0.5pts **WIN**

  7. laskillful 3 years ago

    After the England dissapointment.. I’ll b dabbling with this for low stake…

    Argentina o3.5 mgs, Trinidad o3.5, mexico o2.5 mg , Uruguay o 2.5 mg, Usa o2.5mg… at around 14.3 odds…not a bad day all round with Maldive, Japan n Australia doing me well… goodnight all

    Well done Jordan, I see Ecuador has done it for u

  8. theboss 3 years ago

    What do you think on Uruguay getting over 2.5 goals @jordan


    Argentina over 3.5 (5/6
    Uruguay over 2.5 (6/4)

    Double 3.5/1

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Might be too many but I do like the rat to score as you’ll see below.

      • theboss 3 years ago

        I’ve done a double with messi to score and Arg win and Suarez to score Urg to win so don’t want to put too much on his shoulders ??

        Think I’ll play it bit safer with over 2.5 match goals for Uruguay game and Argentina over 3.5 goals

        Double pays 2.2/1

  9. Jordan 3 years ago

    Well seeing as though Ecuador pulled through and the majority of my die-hards are online, I’m going to stick a point on Suarez anytime and Argentina to score 4.

    Suarez (Uruguay) Anytime
    Argentina Over 3.5 Team Goals

    466/200 @ William Hill – 1 point

    Argentina goals are suspended at Coral but this double will pay much better there if you can get it later.

    • jacksonator 3 years ago

      Quality work as always mate. Been on your tips for months and paid for me to go to my mates wedding in Atlanta. Might go watch some hoops while I’m there. ??

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        That’s great to hear mate. Looking at going to an NFL game in the US this year as well as one at Wembley but maybe an NBA game in the future.

      • elvis parsley 3 years ago

        He recently paid for my trip to Cheltenham races. £60 ticket, £40 fuel, £150 betting and pie money.
        Quality footy tipster is lord Jordan.
        Enjoy your trip to Atlanta jacko….

        • Jordan 3 years ago

          Elvis, not a bad return for the subscription cost of the site then ?

        • jacksonator 3 years ago

          Cheers mate I will. Hope you enjoyed Cheltenham. Lived there for about 5 years and loved race week. Only move 20 mins up the road but still miss the buzz during the week

        • max 3 years ago


  10. Jordan 3 years ago

    Milk round Max is back ?

    Missed you like an sti mate ?

  11. Alves 3 years ago

    Trinidad and Tobago ht result 4/5

  12. max 3 years ago

    missed u too Jordan

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      max, try tipping instead of trolling.

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Fat chance of that Mr F. Only tip I’ve ever seen from him was a Harpreet styled confidence bet and it failed miserably so he went back to trolling me which looks to be a fetish of his. Sad.

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 3 years ago

          Jordan, you’re right about the job though. Bit of jealousy there I think.

          • Jordan 3 years ago

            I’ve got that from the majority of people I know who like a punt Mr F so its understandable. Max tends to have a hatred for my success even before I had my own thread and new career, so I bet he’s seething now. Pity the lad. That’s me for a couple of days on the footy anyway. Back on Friday ?

  13. Alves 3 years ago

    Trinidad and Tobago ht result 4/5 – WIN ?

    Waiting on them -2.0 AH tae but don’t know what’s worse, T & T’s finishing or St Vincent while team ??

  14. Jordan 3 years ago

    You’re right Max. I will be still finding time to post on here because users still want me too, even though I can’t bet myself. Happily help others. Its actually not that much more than what I was getting as I worked for the States of Guernsey, but this time I’ll be getting paid for gambling. One of few in that will be able to say they enjoy their job. Don’t be too jealous milkman ?

    • gazza 3 years ago

      Great news on the job Jordan ??. Also great you’ll be sticking around on the site, you’d be sorely missed if you had disappeared altogether. Thanks once again mate.

    • mmac 3 years ago

      Well done and all the best from Jersey✌?️

  15. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pahahaha you lose track alright. I never said I was a carer. I said I worked at a care home as a maintenance man. I also said I had a motorcycle accident when I was 17 which I received a big figure for as the person who caused it wasn’t insured. 10 years ago. You’re a joke ??? No p*ss in my pint this morning please mate ?

  16. Jordan 3 years ago

    No joy from the rat and Argentina don’t seem too fussed about a big win despite domination. 1 point back down but doubt many got on that.

    Like Mr F I won’t be posting anything else on Wednesday. Thursday looks even worse so its quite refreshing to see Fridays fixtures. Couple days off gents. Good luck with your punts.

    March Totals

    Bets 66
    Points Staked 118.61
    Points Returned 151.39
    Profit/Loss +32.78

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      If those figures don’t add up then you need some math lessons son.

      If you haven’t noticed. I have my own thread, so don’t need to post every winner and loser. I also posted saying it had lost, so felt it necessary to post it had won. Sorry Max, just for you ?

      Suarez (Uruguay) Anytime
      Argentina Over 3.5 Team Goals

      466/200 @ William Hill – 1 point **LOSE** (Already had been added to the CORRECT totals)

      • superjim 3 years ago

        Jordan, some people get behind a keyboard and can’t help themselves. You have to ignore it and rise above them or else you wil get fed up. You can’t take their crap personally. Let admin deal with them. You also must remember the other 99.9% on here who do appreciate your effort. This goes for all the other tipsters as well.

    • -wato- 3 years ago

      Jordan many congrats from me too on getting the job hope it goes well mate hope you can stick around here too. Sound advice on looking ahead to Friday exactly what I will be doing too a couple of days break certainly doesn’t do any harm and I think at times it is required in this game can be tough going trying to find winners on a constant basis. Will be having a real good look at all the weekend games myself staring from this afternoon so hope to be able to find a few myself over the coming days

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Thank you sir Wato. I like many used to try and pick out value from every game listed on the card on the day, but that is a road to ruin. Waiting for some ‘real’ fixtures now after that dreaded international break.

  17. Jordan 3 years ago

    I gave no dig to Chris Guy in the slightest. I told him straight up that I don’t think you would make long term profit backing defenders as goalscorers. Simple as that. I also said I am open to be proved wrong. @alves has me on Facebook so can vouch for everything I say is true. Not that he has too. Yes, I got the job. Start on the 4th. Was supposed to be 31st but has been brought back due to a member of staff being away. Thanks.

    • markus 3 years ago

      Gratz on the job @jordan! From the other threads, wasn’t too sure if you got it or not.

      • robertc 3 years ago

        Same here mate great news well deserved.

        Great you can still stick around here too mate, wouldn’t be the same without you

  18. dom77 3 years ago

    Jordan are you allowed to be a tipster on here with your new job? I hope so.
    Ive had a career change too. Quit my teaching job to be a stay at home dad.
    Your tips are my only source of imcome..no pressure lol!

  19. radu 3 years ago

    Viterbese – Rieti – Viterbese to win @ 1.90 – 3u bet365
    Combo @ 3.28 – 1u Unibet
    Chiajna – Iasi – Iasi to score @ 1.47
    Pandurii – Steaua – over 1.5 goals @ 1.42
    Trakai – Utenis – over 2.5 goals @ 1.57
    Combo @ 3.70 – 1u
    Kapaz – Zira – 2-3 goals aggregate @ 1.95
    Viterbese – Rieti – Viterbese to win @ 1.90

  20. hampy 3 years ago

    Wong tai sin reserves v southern district res

    4th vs 9th (bottom) away side conceeded 15 goals in their last 3 aways. Last head to head finished 1-0 to wong on reverse fixture but looking at recent results im expecting a much heavier defeat for southern
    Over 2 fh goal line 4/5 (1.80)

  21. boomshackle 3 years ago

    Jordan these losers will continue to bait if you don’t stop biting. Your tips are the best on the site by miles so don’t encourage them with a response mate!

  22. alan1872 3 years ago

    hope yer job goes well jordan yur tipping is top class cheers

  23. theboss 3 years ago

    Congrats Jordan :)

    Don’t forget us all ?

  24. mattr 3 years ago

    Well done on the job Jordan whatever it may be. not around here much nowadays posting wise but still follow you closely. Good luck and hope you do manage to stick around.

    Anyway I think there are goals out there today despite others reservations about the card, but I am more often than not wrong, which is one of the reasons I don’t post much any more and follow Jordan closely :-)

    Anyway is late notice but am starting off at 9AM today with a short priced O2.5mg treble in Azerbaijan U19 league. Pays 1.1 on Bet 365.

    Neftchi Baku v Sumqayit
    Inter Baku v Baku
    Ravan Baku v Gabala


    • mattr 3 years ago

      My bad. Only game one kicks off at 9. 11 and 12 respectively for other two.

  25. GregBrowning 3 years ago

    Morning gents

    Great couple of results for Scotland during the international period – just hoping we can produce results like this when it matters and who knows we may even reach a tournement before Mr F reaches retirement age, haha!

    Quiet few days ahead big I do like a match from the Estonian league – a league that has become a stable part of the goals diet over the years

    Kalev II v Joker KO 5pm

    The season may be young still but these two look like they’ll Be battling it out opposite ends of the table! Kalev have started the season well winning 3 o their opening 4 and have the opportunity to go top of the table today! They’ve
    Netted 15 goals in those games and welcome a Joker side who they have defeated on their last 4 visits!joker have managed to net in all 4 games this season and should have a chance of betting here! Taking Kalev to continue their good start to the season and their strong record against Joker!

    Back Kalev to win 4/6 (NAP)

    Over 1.5 First half goals 11/10
    Over 3.5 match goals 11/10

    And well done to Jordan on his new venture – all the best mate ?

    • warktheline 3 years ago

      Will be on Guru!?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      GregBrowning, I wouldn’t put money on Scotland making it before I retire.
      I’m hoping that day is sooner rather than later but it probably won’t be my decision anyway.
      23 years at the Daily Record – I’m not sure how long I have remaining.

  26. gunner 3 years ago

    Ha ha I now know your whole life story Jordan. Yeh seriously don’t bother replying to those idiots son-they just trolls mate. Some cracking tips yesterday and congrats on the job

  27. goalwisher 3 years ago

    March: Bets 101 W43 L57 P1 +1.65 units

    Not quite sure how i’m still in profit – was looking bad yesterday but managed to dig out the hole.

    Bet 102
    Voluntari v Cluj Both score yes
    Odds Evens Stake 1.5 units

  28. jorge1877 3 years ago

    Yeah well done on the job @jordan – was on both tips yesterday which were brilliant.

    I thought you would still be permitted to gamble as long as you didn’t bet with the firm that you work for?

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Jorge its not a bookmaker I’m working for. Its basically a hedge fund partnership.

  29. waveybluenose 3 years ago

    Don’t explain yourself Jordan tips speak for themselves mate

  30. Alves 3 years ago

    NTC v Geelong women – over 0.5 gls 4/5

  31. Alves 3 years ago

    NTC v Geelong women – over 0.5 gls 4/5 – WIN ?

  32. Alves 3 years ago

    Geelong women 0.0 asian handicap 1.550

    Just playing about with change in account

  33. Alves 3 years ago

    Last bet Void so trying over 8.5 asian corners 1.775 in samut v port game 6 wi 23 mins played

  34. Alves 3 years ago

    Corners win in Thailand, Wong Thai Sin reserves RT9 corners 8/15, 7-0 up on 66 mins and lead 5-1

  35. punterpounder 3 years ago


    cfr cluj dc

    Sparta prague dc

    southend v sheff utd over 1.5 match goals

    odds 1.14/1 @ladbrokes

  36. Alves 3 years ago

    Rt9 corners falls 1 short :( that’s ma betting fix sorted fir tge day ???

  37. snowster 3 years ago

    In play – muang thong Utd O2.5 match goals at 1.775 (it’s 0-1 at half time)

    • snowster 3 years ago

      Well well, in within 4 mins of restart, muang thong come back as expected

      Chicken dinner!!!

  38. hampy 3 years ago

    Inplay about to ko
    Juventus u19v palermo u19

    Juventus 1.5 team goals
    Reckon be something like a 2-1 scoreline

  39. snowster 3 years ago

    In play (just started)
    Juve u19
    Italy u19
    O2.5 match goals double 2.79/1

  40. big mac 3 years ago

    Draws bet

    Tsv 1860 Munich Ii v schweinfurt 05
    Panduri Targu jiu v steau bucharest
    Melilla v linares deportivo
    Southend v sheff Utd

    4 x 1pt trebles
    1pt fourfold

    All bets to win 294/1

    Updated draws total. +4.45pts

    • big mac 3 years ago

      Current cash out is available 35pts profit as always I will be letting the bet run

      • snowster 3 years ago

        Argh! 87 min penalty kills the Romanian draw. Glad I hedged away ?

      • big mac 3 years ago

        Panduri battled for 60 mins with 10 men and fell to an 88th minute steau goal.

        Treble is still running for 33.36pts profit

        • big mac 3 years ago

          In the end finished with 2 out of 4 draws once again

          Updated draws total. -0.55pts

          • snowster 3 years ago

            Would you believe that Sheff u hit the post in injury time, then Southend broke up the pitch to get the third!! Fine margins. Unlucky I had high hope for this at around 9pm!

            • jacksonator 3 years ago

              Was looking good for so long bit of bad luck there. Did a Yankee and money back basically. Will hit the 4 soon I can feel it

  41. big mac 3 years ago

    Top treble

    Wac Casablanca to win
    Victoria 89 Berlin v Zwickau over 2.5 match goals
    Oxford city v Truro city BTTS

    1pt @ 4.34/1

    Updated trebles total. + 1.50pts

  42. hampy 3 years ago

    Rijeeka 11 v vinegrader

    Over 1.5 away goals 1.66
    Personally holding out for a little more. Last head to head away side won 5-0 and generally score with ease

  43. Jordan 3 years ago

    Apologies for the spiel this morning gents but a long lost ‘fan’ returned last night and was clearly a bit peeved that I had been given my own thread and my new career role.

    Cheers for all the congrats. I was replying to the ones at the top but realised it continued down the page so to all of you, thanks.

    I am not allowed to bet personally on any of the sports we deal in, which is all the sports I bet on unfortunately, but I will in some way or another still post bets here. Just might not be as often and I obviously won’t be on them myself.

    Like I said back Friday as I don’t feel there is anything worth a gamble over the next couple of days. Good luck with your punts and cheers again ?

  44. mattr 3 years ago

    Anyway is late notice but am starting off at 9AM today with a short priced O2.5mg treble in Azerbaijan U19 league. Pays 1.1 on Bet 365.

    Neftchi Baku v Sumqayit
    Inter Baku v Baku
    Ravan Baku v Gabala


    That’s me for the day except a dabble on Greg’s Estonia tip. Sorry forgot to say was a 2 pt bet earlier. Have a good day all.

  45. 3 years ago

    1pt treble for today
    Talinna Kalev II win 4/6 (Greg’s nap)
    Southend vs Sheffield United over 2.5 match goals 23/20
    Sparta Prague vs Slova Liberec, Slovan AH +1.5 1/2

    At least 5 Sparta players were involved on yesterday’s international friendly between Sweden and Czech Republic. I think it will be a difficult match for Sparta.

  46. hampy 3 years ago

    Jiskra domazlice kicking off soon
    Over 2.5 match goals looks a decent pick but at 1.61 im waiting 5-10mins inplay for better price

  47. goalwisher 3 years ago

    earlier bet = lose.

    Staying in romania

    Bet 102
    Both score yes concordia v Lasi
    odds 2.25 2 units.

  48. warktheline 3 years ago

    Well done Sir Jordan on job front,? will continue to follow your excellent tipping when posted. ?

  49. snowster 3 years ago

    Vernamo u21s to win
    8/11 inplay

  50. 3 years ago

    Sorry just logged on today
    and have just skimmed the comments. So, is Jordan not going to have his tips column anymore? If so then i’m absolutely gutted a he’s a brilliant tipster. I follow him and Greg, equally brilliant. Jordan is that it? No more regular column just occasion tips as standard posts?

  51. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Jordan, come on – we all know this ‘trader’ job is just a cover for your real venture.

    I honestly think the new chain of florists you and Crane are opening will be a real hit.

    “Jersey And Paisley Specialist Irises” was a great choice and might even work as an abbreviation?


    10th plays 8th here in the Northern Prem and although Frickley have had a decent campaign, the wheels have fallen off with inly 1 win in 5…and that was against struggling Colywyn Bay.

    Nantwich have had a similar season but form-wise, they are in better shape. Take out the drubbing at high-flying Darlo and a Cup defeat to Halifax, you are looking at only 1 other loss in 14.

    Of most interest is the stat that in 9 of their last 15, Nantwich have managed 2+ team goals and that’s the one for me.

    (2 POINTS)

    Good luck with all bets.

    • tigerman1 3 years ago

      Haha, Hull you just let the cat out of the bag :D :D

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      I would laugh at this but you have used Jersey instead of Guernsey. Big no no Mr HullShaker!

      • craneguy 3 years ago

        oooft ffs schoolboy error hull sit up at the back lad, you wouldn’t catch me making a simple mistake like that………………… :D

  52. goalwisher 3 years ago

    Bet 104
    In play 10 both score yes Prague v liberec odds 2.00 3 units

  53. stagger 3 years ago

    Cambridge City v Stratford Town (SLP)
    Kings Lynn v St Neots Town (SLP)
    Frickley v Nantwich (NLP)
    (19/4 Lad FOBT)

    There’s a bit of stat-based reasoning on the goals forum. Thanks very much and good luck all.

  54. craneguy 3 years ago

    @Jordan WD on the new job and GL in your new venture going forward………. ;)

    ps remember if you ever need assistance working out the returns on a scorer Trixie you know where to find me……. :D :) :) :)

    hull, you are a cheeky monkey so ye are ;)

    • craneguy 3 years ago

      am slow tonite again just got the abbreviation hull ya auld goose ye belter :D

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Lol will do crane! Ta.

      • craneguy 3 years ago

        ha ha ha converting odds from decimal to fractional, working out American odds and converting European to Asian etc is the easy bits but a Trixie ……………. :D

  55. oozie 3 years ago

    Good to hear you will still be posting on here @jordan ?
    Will you still be doing your monthly points system that you currently do and advising how many points per bet ?

  56. craneguy 3 years ago

    nite owl

    Paraguay btts&overs 8/5 WON

    looks like a no bet nite a think…………. mite have a go on hulls donno yet

  57. oozie 3 years ago

    Has bluemooner1894 confirmed he will be starting the Challenge bet this weekend ?

    @jacksonator @bluemooner1894
    @stubhoy @kelly-d @big-mac

  58. dom77 3 years ago

    Someone should let tallin know that the ball is meant to go on the inside of the posts not the outside.
    Red card has killed my bet even though it was given to the opposition.

  59. insanekit 3 years ago

    Jordan, don’t you dare leave us! I need you to put my kids through college and I only have one so far. All the best!

  60. craneguy 3 years ago

    decided to have a nibble at this, would of went for hulls tgs but using pp tonite and the don’t do a tgs market before ko mite have another look in play

    sheff utd o1.5tgs 7/5
    oxford city o2.5mgs, kings lynn btts, frickley btts tad over 3/1

    GL all………..

  61. richard 3 years ago

    Pembroke vs Hibernian’s about to start

    Away side have scored 7 in 5 of past 6 H2H

    Over 2.5fhg @ 1.90

  62. goalwisher 3 years ago

    Yo yo day again.

    Last crack both score Sheffield United in play 2.3 4 units

  63. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Jordan, apologies for the geographical oversight…don’t even know where Jersey came from. Everything’s a bit blurry past Crewe ?.

    Seriously though, best of luck with the new job – you’ll not need it mind…?

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Lol cheers Hull. Doubt many could point it out on a map so I don’t blame you.

  64. warktheline 3 years ago

    Inplay- Holywell Town to WIN 8/11. Were trailing 0-1 , but since equalised. H/T 1-1. Buckley have been under constant pressure, and will do well not to at least concede again!

  65. warktheline 3 years ago

    Inplay- HANWELL not to lose 3/1 currently trailing 1-0 H/T. Sorry no time to re write, last attempt failed!

  66. dom77 3 years ago

    Going through a frustrating patch backing teams that are on great winning runs and seeing them draw when i bet on them.
    Hoping hollywell wont be another.
    Won last 7 straight home games scoring average 4 goals per games. Of course once i backed them they struggling at 1-1

    • dom77 3 years ago

      Real aviles…i ended a 7 game winning streak. They scored a winner in the last min but then disallowed.
      Killed gregs nap too.

  67. tictactoe 3 years ago

    INPLAY: Sheffield utd over 1.5 goals 21/20 just under 30 left, 2-2 was the reverse fixture and southend lost 4-1 to rochdale last game, sheffield putting 3 past Crewe. 5 on

    • tictactoe 3 years ago

      Shame I have psg w u1.5 tgs and frickley nantwich u 2.5 inplay at 21/20 and 17/10 but didnt put them up! both 0-0

  68. mr boofle 3 years ago

    Good luck with your new venture Jordan. Top tipster. You had great tips, advice and write ups. Especially during the NFL season.

  69. tictactoe 3 years ago

    INPLAY: sheffield over 1.5 goals 21/20 2-1 down

  70. craneguy 3 years ago

    sheff utd o1.5tgs 7/5 LOST
    oxford city o2.5mgs, kings lynn btts, frickley btts tad over 3/1 LOST

    just check that fur me wid ye Jordan………….. :D

  71. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Nantwich seemed to dominate that game but couldn’t find the net once never mind the 2 goals I went for…27/20…lost.

    Night Owl…

    LINENSE v SAO PAULO – 11.30 KO…Over 2.5 goals…43/40
    (2 Points)

  72. hampy 3 years ago

    Aucas v independiente
    Away side double chance 2.50
    Currently 1-0 at ht

  73. craneguy 3 years ago

    nite owls

    s. de. guapiles o2.5mgs 5/6
    o3.5mgs 11/4

    ca. talleres o1.5tgs, flamengo o1.5mgs, Corinthians o1.5tgs 4/1

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