IT'S the penultimate week of Premier League action before Judgement Night will see the bottom two plummet through the relegation trapdoor.

Raymond van Barneveld played a blinder last Thursday to stun Phil Taylor in one of the all-time classic matches but still has plenty of work to do to avoid the drop – and the bad news is he's up against fellow Dutchman Michael van Gerwen tonight.

MVG added the Gibraltar Darts Trophy to his 2015 glory haul at the weekend and remains unbeaten in this season's Premier League. He lost to Barney in last season's final but can get revenge tonight and is 8-15 at Boylesports for the win.

Kim Huybrechts props up the table and his relegation fate could even be sealed tonight if results go against him. He takes on Taylor who is still smarting from last week's defeat to Barney in which his figures of 115.8 is the highest losing average in TV history.

Huybrechts will have to come out firing in an attempt to save his skin and his capable of hitting plenty maximums. He has hit over 2.5 180s in four of his last five Premier League matches and is 4-6 at William Hill to do so again.

Peter Wright is also in the thick of the relegation battle and has drawn four of his last five, winning the other. We faces James Wade tonight and I fancy another tight battle, with over 11.5 legs paying 5-4 at Skybet.

Adrian Lewis needs a win over Dave Chisnall to ease his drop worries and while Chizzy should be too strong I'm steering clear because Lewis is too unpredicatble – when I back him to lose he plays a blinder and when I back him to win he has a stinker. A bet on the maximums looks the shout for this tussle of two big hitters.

In the night's other match Gary Anderson can see off Stephen Bunting and the Flying Scotsman is 4-6 at Stan James.

Other Thursday sporting highlights include the likes of Miami Masters tennis, Tour Championship snooker and Super League rugby so let's hear your tips and chat.

Scott's darts treble

Huybrechts over 2.5 180s
MVG win
Wright v Wade over 11.5 legs
(9-2, Sportingbet)

Mr Fixit's darts double

Anderson to beat Bunting
Taylor to beat Hybrechts
(13-10, Paddy Power)

  1. JonathanC 4 years ago

    Tonight’s semi-final between India and Australia should be a close encounter. I think the key factor is the venue, Perth.

    In the world cup so far, Australia’s opening partnership has only topped 30 once, (against England, so make of that what you will) whereas India’s bowlers have taken the opening wicket for less than 30 in 4 of the 5 games they’ve played in Australia. An early wicket looks very likely.

    Australia’s fast bowlers have broken their opponents opening pair for less than 30 in 4 of their 5 games played on home soil too, and India have lost their first wicket for under 30 in 3 of the 5 games.

    With the pressure of a place in the final at stake, and both team’s bowlers in top form, value bets are hard to find, however I’d suggest:

    Fall of 1st Australia wicket under 29.5 5/6
    Fall of 1st India wicket under 28.5 5/6

    Both with SkyBet, can see both or either happening so take your pick

  2. Jordan 4 years ago

    Right, no more effing spreads, no more effing money lines. Sick of it. My first email to Huggy this afternoon…

    ‘Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:26:35 +0000

    Gutted for you buddy. A bad day for all then.

    Right, we need to do overs or nothing, as Unders failed us yeterday haha. Games I like the look of to go OVER.

    Magic/Hawks 201.5

    Grizzlies/Cavs 194. (High scoring teams make the defensive teams score more)

    Rockets/Pelicans 203

    Timberwolves/Lakers 202

    76ers/Nuggets 209

    Suns/Kings 212

    Not in any order. Just going by order on 365. Favourite would be Cleveland/Memphis.’


  3. paul 4 years ago

    Bad luck jordan. I blew my winnings from bulls game to have only 2.52 profit left. Fck that time for bed.

  4. Attila 4 years ago


    ***WON*** HOUSTON ROCKETS +1.0 @ $1.92

    The Pelicans are banged up and the loss of Asik & Evans will be too much for them to hold off an in form Rockets side.

    ***I was misinformed on the team news but it didn’t matter as the Rockets overcame a slow start to win comfortably enough :-)
    – Sticking with Singles only still.

  5. Jordan 4 years ago

    I can guaruntee you’ve not lost as much as me over the last two nights Paul haha, talked myself out of both favourite picks too. Might have a few days off or even wait till the playoffs. Just betting for the sake of it now. Quit while I’m still ahead.

  6. Jordan 4 years ago

    Out of the 9 games that have been played and finished tonight, 9 of the road teams have won. I don’t want to see any more home court advantage sh*te ok hahaha

  7. Jordan 4 years ago

    Dwayne Wade out for the Heat. There goes the Treble! Getting on the Celtics -5.5 while I still can @ 10/11 @ Stan James! **LOSE** WON WITHOUT WADE & WHITESIDE, AWESOME**

    Jordan/Huggy SS

    Memphis Grizzlies ML @ EVS @ PP/Bet Fred **LOSE**

    NB Rockets/Pelicans Over 203 @ 10/11 @ Various **LOSE**

    Smaller bet on Celtics/Heat Over 201.5 @ 10/11 @ Varoius **LOSE**

    Treble @ 365 @ 58/10 **LOSE**

    Lets hope for a bookie bashing of the finest quality!

    More like midnight f*cking robbery. Only winner was the Clippers 3rd quarter ML in play. Think that’s me done on the SS. Much better record with my trebles etc so a couple of bad nights and I’d rather quit when I’m ahead. Tempted to wait until the playoffs so all the sh*t are out the way. Two nights in a row my first and favourite picks would have won. Another sour pill tonight.

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      You need to take a break and freshen your mind jordan, with the amount of bets you do a day, your head must be wrecked with all the research.
      Try sleeping, it’s a good starting point.
      Best of British when you return bud

  8. Jordan 4 years ago

    Haha Jasper I had 8 bets today/tonight, a lot less than a few on the site and that’s not every night. Get plenty sleep and still make it to work and earn a living but thanks for the concern pal.

  9. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    Chin up Jordan mate. Betting looks easy but i find it to be one of the hardest things, can’t seem to win at anything

  10. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    Great, a pointless Thunders 3 pointer loses my inplay spread bet. That’s defo it for me on betting, sick to death of games changing as soon as i place a bet

  11. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    6k lost since august = can’t beat the bookies

  12. Jordan 4 years ago

    Cheers Alty. Two bad nights in a row hasn’t dented profit over the long run but it just looks bad when I put up a few losers a couple nights in a row. It is difficult but days are usually good over bad. Tonight and yesterday were just ones to forget but it would have been so much better if I stuck to my guns.

  13. Jordan 4 years ago

    Christ Alty I haven’t deposited since October! Where are you going wrong pal?

  14. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    NBA Lettuce Longshot..Small Bet.

    Raptors ml
    Wizards ml
    Timberwolves ml
    Knicks +18
    Cavaliers +7

    12/1 Bet365….lose ..miles off lol

    Longshots rarely come in and this wasnt even close.

    Unlucky Jordan 2 nights youve had but many more great days/nights.

    Attilia and others well done with your wins.

  15. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Only one home team won. What a bad night.
    No NBA for me for a while.

  16. Juan 4 years ago

    A truly shocking night of NBA guys, my gut said avoid the Grizzlies I should have followed it! Then lumped on Celtics whixh got thumped also. At least we still had ADs tennis acca running think ill stick to the tennis!

  17. OriaZ 4 years ago

    @Jordan, it’s been two bad nights but in the long run like you said, you’ve been picking the right bets. Take a break if you need, I can understand the feeling.

    I can only say thanks for the research you’ve been doing along with Huggy for the super single picks.

    Posted yesterday:

    Also having a 12-fold fun bet :

    – OKC +15.5
    – Suns ML
    – Lakers +10.5
    – Raptors/Bulls over 187.5
    – Jazz + 5.5
    – Hornets/Nets under 208.5
    – Clippers -7.5
    – Wizards +6.5
    – Magic +16.5
    – Nuggets -4.5
    – Celtics/Heat over 190.5
    – Pelicans/Rockets over 191.5

    Pays 27/2
    ** LOST **

  18. Juan 4 years ago

    Anywhere i can watch the cricket while in work? All gambling sites have been blocked!

  19. Juan 4 years ago

    Apart from this one obviously haha!

  20. Harry 4 years ago

    JonathanC I’ve only just seen your post but this game is in Sydney not Perth, which is a completely different pitch and unlike Perth is not giving much to the seamers

  21. Harry 4 years ago

    Juan try a sports streaming site if possible

  22. Stuart 4 years ago

    JonathanC the venue for Australia v India is the SCG

  23. Lyall 4 years ago

    Not a single post about darts….

    Mr F, could you not give Jordan and Huggy their own thread and stop them taking over every other sports thread with their tedious and obscure discussions about the minutiae of NBA or US football.

    It’s a serious question. I’m sure plenty of others are sick of wading through UK threads to find comments about cricket, darts, tennis or rugby.

    Why not have a daily thread for tips on obscure markets and keep the other threads for what they’re meant to be about?

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Lyall, this thread is for all non-football sports so whether it’s darts, NBA, cricket or tennis all comments are welcome and just as valid as any other

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Lyall, darts is usually quite popular on the thread and I’m sure there will be plenty of tips. It’s a sports thread as Scott says and we won’t dictate what goes on it – that’s up the visitors. For what it’s worth I’m on a double – Anderson to beat Bunting and Taylor to beat Huybrechts. Pays 23-10 at Paddy Power. Taylor let me down last week but has an 8-0 record v Huybrechts.

      • Jack 4 years ago

        Exact same as me Mr F-and my only bet for tonight.
        Only worry with Taylor is that he said he plays worse the later he plays but should bounce back.
        As for Anderson-should get the job done and if he doesn’t it will make my dislike for Bunting ever stronger.

  24. Harry 4 years ago

    Lyall if there isn’t a single post about darts then it’s nothing to do with Jordan or huggy or anyone else, it’s because nobody has tipped it or wants to talk about it. If you look back at Mondays thread for example it’s 90% cricket chat. It seems like there’s a much bigger NBA following on this site than darts anyway

  25. Harry 4 years ago

    Woohoo! finally think I’ve found something of top value for the next cricket game. This market doesn’t usually stay up for too long and is only ever available with William Hill. I’ll re-post in the morning with a proper write up hopefully for anyone that wants stats or needs persuasion

    India v Australia

    Total boundaries – over 51.5

    5/6 William Hill



  26. RPC 4 years ago

    The NBA is hardly any obscure market, betting on the general election or winner of the voice is obscure. I like the tips and I hope Jordan and Huggy aren’t giving up after two bad nights.

  27. Ket 4 years ago

    Lyall i have a few tips for the darts tonight, be interested in what you’ve got to say.

    1. Anderson most 180s 5/6
    Hasnt been as prolific as he was during the worlds but over the past few weeks there have been signs of him returning to that form. Bunting can hit a few 180s himself, however the inconsistency and often walking with the last dart gives me confidence to bet against him.

    2. Van gerwen most 180s 8/11
    If you follow darts this will need no explanation. He has been on fire this year. Yes barney beat taylor last week, but he only hit 3 180s in the process. Often a good game between these 2, just depends which barney turns up.

    3. Taylor over 2.5 180s 4/5
    Had this last week aswell (cant remember if i tipped it). Obviously last week was a one off and i dont expect him to hit 9 again but 3 is easily achievable. Huybrechts needs a win to stay alive in the premier league as a loss will mean he is relegated before judgement night. This tells me this game has legs in it and in turn enough time for this bet to come in.

    Treble 4.7/1

  28. Shotty 4 years ago

    Jordan i wouldnt give up mate like i said on the other thread stick to your bread and butter and go for overs! Money line betting is too unpredictable and at least with points you can sit back and enjoy the baskets and not care whos landing them! I stuck one points bet up last night and was happy it won and that was me done for the night get stuck into tonights games and you will come up with a winner!

    Also early darts thoughts.. MVG and Anderson double pays just over evens @SkyBet might stick this on soon while the price is still nice

  29. Attila 4 years ago

    @ Harry – good stuff mate! My Ovwr 54.5 total boundaries just landed as well.
    Looks like a win for Australia as well which I put a decent amount on so smiles all round :-D

  30. Harry 4 years ago

    The total 6’s would have flown in too and the century to be scored, which were the other 2 I was looking at. It does look very much like an Australia win Now mate, I only had 1 point on a nz India double so not too upset.

    • JamesB81 4 years ago

      Yes, so much for the stats I put up yesterday.

      11 sixes so far.

      bet365 had their O/U market at 9.5

    • ticketyboo 4 years ago

      Hi! Harry thanks for all the tips mate still waiting for Hills to pay out on the boundaries bet got Australia to win outright.thanks again mate

  31. Juan 4 years ago

    Shotty – Anderson and MVG double should pay closer to 6/4 if you shop around. For me a safer option is MVG + Taylor which pays close to 6/5.

    Great work on the cricket Harry – Boundaries bet up a long time ago!

  32. OriaZ 4 years ago

    2 tennis bets for interest today:

    – Baghdatis vs Bolelli > Bolelli to win
    – Brengle vs Wozniaki > Wozniaki to win

    Pays 6/5

    – Haider-Maurer vs Coric > Coric to win
    – Berankis vs Dolgopolov > Dolgopolov to win
    – Pospisil vs Del Potro > Del Potro +1.5 set handicap

    Pays 11/10

  33. JamesB81 4 years ago


    Well done on the boundaries bet (Over 51.5), probably the best bet of the match. The bookies not keeping up with how the ODI game has developed / particular circumstances.

    Doubt they (WH) will be as generous again.

    As so many predicted at the outset, it’ll be an Aust v NZ final. On the face of it, two similar sides and a difficult game for the punter.

  34. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    Cycling: Volta Catalunya stage 4

    VAN DEN BROECK v Rolland
    VALVERDE v Contador
    Double @ 2.15 with WH

  35. Alex 4 years ago

    Harry well done mate. I didn’t get on in the end as I was so shattered when I got in yesterday and am even worse today. Work is super busy at the moment. I checked the stats for your bet and thought that Australia would get pretty close to bringing in by themselves. I was going to tip OZ win/most sixes at 11/10 but as I say I was seriously mangled. Any preliminary views on the final? I know I am jumping the gun here :)

  36. Harry 4 years ago

    Juan, James, Alex thanks guys. James I’ve seen them massively over price that market 3 times at least and I’ve jumped straight on it. Theres not really anything difficult about it you just have to check the ground stats, the team stats, and the circumstances. No proper views on the final yet as I’ve not given it any real thought, backed NZ pre tournament though with 5 points each way at 4/1 so I may just leave it at that and enjoy the game

  37. Harry 4 years ago

    You’re welcome Ticketyboo

  38. Ket 4 years ago

    Australia most 6s 4/6

  39. Ernie 4 years ago

    Ad any Tennis picks today?

  40. aj 4 years ago

    Evens Treble

    Judd Trump @ 1/4 (snooker)
    Klizan @ 2/7 (tennis)
    Johnson @ 1/3 (tennis)

  41. Jordan 4 years ago

    Lyall, think you’ll find this thread is usually called ‘US’ and other sports tips. Deal with it.

  42. tomtie 4 years ago

    Mr f is the darts double price wrong on your comment?? I placed same double with 365 and only got 22.60 back for 10 if it comes in just under 13/10???

  43. Bullseye 4 years ago

    Premier League Darts week 8


    Lewis vs Chisnal, highest checkout Lewis 4/5
    Anderson vs Bunting, Bunting over 2.5 180’s 4/6
    Wright vs Wade, Wade most 180’s 13/8 (NAP)
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, highest checkout Van Gerwin 4/7
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor over 2.5 180’s 8/11
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Huybrechts over 2.5 180’s 4/6


    Wright vs Wade, Wade most 180’s 13/8
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor win
    Anderson vs Bunting, Anderson draw no bet


    Lewis vs Chisnal, Chisnel +2.5
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor win
    Anderson vs Bunting, Anderson win


    GL if you follow

  44. Jordan 4 years ago

    Cheers lads like you say two bad nights doesn’t dent the other great nights I’ve had but its just disheartening when your first two choices come in after talking yourself out of them by injuries etc. Me and Huggy have decided to scrap the SS and put up our own bets as and when we post so should anyone choose to follow then it’s up to them. I think a good sign tonight is that there’s only one game so give tonight a rest and I’ll be back for tomorrows bigger card with an OVER pick and an OVER pick only :)

  45. Shotty 4 years ago

    Jordan whats your thoughts on tonights game? I think it could potentially go over 184+ but i do think its to close to call Pacers look the more likely team to score more points but think it would only be around 90 at most! Might just leave it and stick to the darts tonight

  46. Ad 4 years ago

    Jovsnovski and Krajicek have made the last couple of days okay. Hopefully some more upsets kicking around in Miami.

    Parmentier d Stosur @ 4/1
    Vaidisova d Halep @ 9/1

    Hopeful, but why not!

  47. Shotty 4 years ago

    ***Super League***

    Salford vs Widnes

    Tough game to call but im surprised the bookies are making Salford such heavy favourites i know they have done well at home so far but Widnes are a decent side and i cannot see them losing by more than 10 it should be a close game tonight so my bet is Widnes +10 pays evens @SkyBet

  48. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    VAN DEN BROECK v Rolland
    VALVERDE v Contador
    Double @ 2.15 with WH

    LOST. Ok, I stop tipping on this crappy race.

  49. OriaZ 4 years ago

    Shotty, my thoughts on the Bucks/Pacers game :

    Both teams aren’t fast or very offensive oriented, they’re the fourth and seventh defensive teams in the league. Initially I would say the total will be under, but it’s probably going to be a close game which could lead to overtime … and overtime will kill the under.

    It’s probably best to just leave this game alone.

  50. Shotty 4 years ago

    oriaZ i agree mate im going to leave it alone and wait for better games tomorrow just the two bets for me tonight the super league bet i just recently posted and im going to have a dabble on the darts Anderson and MVG win double just over evens @SkyBet

  51. Jordan 4 years ago

    Shotty I agree with Oriaz. Two teams that defend well with the Bucks having last night off with a big comeback win against the Heat at the buzzer (Beat Huggys bet). Gun at my head would say Bucks ML & Under 188 @ just over 2/1 but its a no bet game for me.

  52. Jordan 4 years ago

    It will probably be a decent one to watch though as the Pacers are behind the Bucks in the Central Division who sit in the last playoff place.

  53. Harry 4 years ago


    England v NZ 1st test – NZ Win

    England v NZ 1st ODI – NZ Win

    Double 3.7/1 skybet


  54. Shotty 4 years ago

    Going to stick with your advice guys and leave the nba alone tonight!

    Harry any idea why NZ are such a big price considering there recent form at the world cup?

  55. Harry 4 years ago

    Shotty do you mean big price against England or in the final v Australia?

  56. Shotty 4 years ago

    Against England mate

  57. Harry 4 years ago

    No idea to be honest mate other than the bookies yet again doing what they’ve done with England through this world cup and even in the upcoming ashes test by over rating England massively. I know new Zealand aren’t quite as good a test side as they are an ODI but with mccullum, southee, ronchi, Williamson etc I’d still rate them better than our lot. They’re 2/1 for the test and 4/7 for the ODI but with test cricket transforming now too I think they’ll continue their ODI form and transfer it to the test. after the world cup when people start looking ahead to these games and the ashes I think the prices will start dropping which is why I’m highlighting them all early. I see the ashes prices have already dropped in the last few weeks

  58. paul 4 years ago

    Harry I was sposed to do 6s but with it on a 330am too late for cashout happy me

  59. lee cunliffe 4 years ago

    Salford V Widnes

    I expect Salford to get back to winning ways tonight after last weeks slip up, they been involved in some high scoring entertaining games this season and Rangi Chase is playing some of his best footy ever. Widnes are a scrapping type of team (remember their spirited comeback against my Wigan boys) but injuries are mounting for them. Kevin Brown is by far their best player and he is missing again along with their big winger Ah Van and I think top scorer to date for Widnes Lloyd White is out. Throw in couple of injuries picked up last week for goalkicker Danny Tickle and forward Danny galea and this is going be a long night for the Widnes Vikings

    tip Salford to win -10pts

  60. lee cunliffe 4 years ago

    along with my post above Salford to win -10 I looking at few tryscorer bets

    Caton Brown to score anytime 13/8 at sky bet

    Paddy Flynn to score anytime 11/8 at sky bet

    outside bet for ex Wigan player who scored in his last 2 matches Weller Hauraki anytime 7/2 at paddy power

  61. Shotty 4 years ago

    Lee looks like you were right backing Salford my widnes bet is looking done and dusted unless they get a real talking to at half time!

    Going to put up another darts double

    MVG over 3.5 180’s Taylor over 2.5 double pays over 2/1 @SkyBet

  62. Shotty 4 years ago

    Just noticed great call with Hauraki anytime too mate!

  63. OriaZ 4 years ago

    2 tennis bets for interest today:

    – Baghdatis vs Bolelli > Bolelli to win
    – Brengle vs Wozniaki > Wozniaki to win

    Pays 6/5 ** WON **

    – Haider-Maurer vs Coric > Coric to win
    – Berankis vs Dolgopolov > Dolgopolov to win
    – Pospisil vs Del Potro > Del Potro +1.5 set handicap

    Pays 11/10 ** LOST **

    Del Potro had several chances to take the 2nd set but no …

  64. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    After a nice win on Brazil v France btts.

    I am putting pennies(small small bet) on.

    NBA Lettuce Longshot

    Pacers -3
    Total over 196.5


    8/1 bet365..no chance..but i will try lol

  65. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    Cycling: E3 Harelbeke 2015

    Another hard day on the cobblestones in Flanders tomorrow. Below you will find my thoughts:

    Sep Vanmarcke
    Finishing place 1-3 @ 2.25 with 888sport

    Vanmarcke was the strongest at the Omloop and very good at Strade Bianche. Not his kind of terrain, but he showed his good form on the gravel roads of Strade Bianche as long as he could. A flat tyre at the Omloop cost him his place at the front, but he did an impressive chase and I fully expect him at the best tomorrow.

    Waiting for the match-ups, more to follow…

  66. Ad 4 years ago

    Parmentier isnt giving me much of a chance here. 29% first serve ac???? that’s gotta be the lowest ive ever seen.

  67. Harry 4 years ago

    New Zealand v Australia

    Highest 1st 15 overs – New Zealand

    1/1 bet365


  68. Shotty 4 years ago

    ***Super League***

    Salford vs Widnes

    Tough game to call but im surprised the bookies are making Salford such heavy favourites i know they have done well at home so far but Widnes are a decent side and i cannot see them losing by more than 10 it should be a close game tonight so my bet is Widnes +10 pays evens @Skybet

    **Lost** shocking performance

    Better night on the darts though MVG Anderson double won and 180’s double too!

  69. Alex 4 years ago

    Harry I take it that bet is motivated by the McCullum factor previously smashing his half-century in only 21 balls v Oz and his last innings v SA.

  70. Chirry 4 years ago

    Would like to be able to bet on basketball and baseball, anyone any good websites to help with it? Stats or that

  71. paul 4 years ago

    Lost 70 on cornerless chile won 65 back on phil the power. Gutted didnt get on chisnal.

    Think nba might go unders. But its a total 50/50 . Not on it.

    Any ideas anyone

  72. Bullseye 4 years ago


    Lewis vs Chisnal, highest checkout Lewis 4/5 **LOST**
    Anderson vs Bunting, Bunting over 2.5 180′s 4/6 **WON**
    Wright vs Wade, Wade most 180′s 13/8 (NAP) **LOST**
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, highest checkout Van Gerwin 4/7 **WON**
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor over 2.5 180′s 8/11 **WON**
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Huybrechts over 2.5 180′s 4/6 **WON**


    Wright vs Wade, Wade most 180′s 13/8
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor win
    Anderson vs Bunting, Anderson draw no bet

    3.92/1 **LOST**

    Lewis vs Chisnal, Chisnel +2.5
    Taylor vs Huybrechts, Taylor win
    Anderson vs Bunting, Anderson win

    11/5 **WON**

  73. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Anyone know how many 180 Phil Taylor got?

  74. Harry 4 years ago

    Yes and I think he hit 77 off 29 balls against England too. I saw stats the other day showing his strike rate being superior in the tournament and new Zealand on average are the highest scorers over the first 10 overs in the whole tournament. With him and guptill as openers they play very aggressive from the start regardless of who they’re up against, and warner and finch have not been as quick off the mark and have both been dismissed early and cheaply a few times. I can’t actually access the exact stats I need for how many runs each team scores after 15 overs but you can roughly work it out from looking at the players’ scores. I think sportingbet have it priced up correctly as they got NZ 4/6 and Australia 11/10

    • Alex 4 years ago

      Harry check this site out it should give you everything you need as it has a neat summary of the runs after 10 overs etc http://www.icc-cricket.com/cricket-world-cup
      You can click on results, then pick your match click recap/highlights on the right and scroll down the page. To the right you will match details with the summary you need.If you go back to the top you can access the scorecard etc I looked at the head to head and most of their games against the better opposition as well and your bet looks good so I am on for 6 points.

  75. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Well done Bullseye

  76. Shotty 4 years ago

    RobRoy he got 4 mate

  77. Don_Corleone 4 years ago

    jordan i lost a load last night aswell join the club, trying to get back on track tonight though.

    i posted this yesterday

    nets @ hornets

    over 197 i think it was


    cant be bothered to scroll all way through yesterdays post’s not long finished work.

  78. Ket 4 years ago

    Anderson most 180s 5/6

    Van gerwen most 180s 8/11

    Taylor over 2.5 180s 4/5

    Treble 4.7/1

    Great night for me! And those who followed (if anyone did lol)

  79. paul 4 years ago

    Ket I followed the power

    That you tipped

    100 on but returned 165 cant complain

    Good man n well done.

    KNow nowt of darts except phil t is a legend

  80. Juan 4 years ago

    Good darts Ket! Few winners myself Taylor made me sweat tho Huybrechts didn’t lie down easy

  81. Bullseye 4 years ago

    Cheers the wet lettuce mate

  82. Shotty 4 years ago

    Ket awesome tipping mate lot of us did well from the darts tonight good to see!

  83. Ket 4 years ago

    Cheers lads.
    Yes Mr F, good night all round

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Ket, thanks. Just checked my account – the darts double is winner. Hope Scott’s came up too.

  84. aj 4 years ago

    Evens Treble

    Judd Trump @ 1/4 (snooker)
    Klizan @ 2/7 (tennis)
    Johnson @ 1/3 (tennis)

    *LOST* bloody Johnson..

  85. Attila 4 years ago

    Shorty – reason New Zealand are so big is cod Australia are No.1 ranked in 50overs. Also, MZ rarely beat Aus so the bookies have priced it up based on rank & h2h.
    I’ll be on Australia for the straight win at $1.45 but a large stake.

  86. Harry 4 years ago

    Attila he meant why are they so big to beat us when they come over for the ODI and test match soon. I tipped them to win both in a double earlier

  87. Attila 4 years ago

    Useless Peter Wright let down an Evens single I did on that match to go over 11.5. But made it back on Mr F’s double so a. Break-even for me today.

  88. Ad 4 years ago

    Risky in play doubke on Delbonis/ Garcia. Around 6/1

  89. Attila 4 years ago

    If any1 still wants a play on NBA today I’m on:

    – Bucks ML @ $1.65 (10 points)

    The Bucks are coming off a big emotional win against the Heat and also welcome back Mayo & possibly Dudley which gives them a boost tonight. Pacers also ha a win yesterday but I’m going to side with the home team here. If the Bucks are up by 5+ points at any stage in the 4th quarter I’m going to cash out though as Pacers have a habit of coming back at the death.

  90. Attila 4 years ago

    College Basketball Play-Offs:

    – West Virginia +13.0 @ $1.92 (10 points)

    There is no doubt Kentucky will win this but West Virginia are in top form and nearly always cover ATS as underdog. They destroyed Maryland in the last round and will test Kentucky today.

  91. Author
    Scott Allot 4 years ago

    Well done all tonight’s winners on the darts. Wright the numpty let down my treble but BetVictor‘s Instabet app offer of 3-1 for MVG, Anderson and Taylor all to win ensured a bit of profit.

  92. Harry 4 years ago

    Thanks Alex, I must admit I didn’t look particularly hard as I was pretty confident with it already.

    Just checked through all the stats and New Zealand average 105 runs after 15 overs and Australia average 87 runs. When the 2 sides played each other 3 weeks ago in the pool stages, Australia hit 87 runs from the first 15 overs and New Zealand hit 108 in reply.

    New Zealand v Australia

    Highest 1st 15 overs – New Zealand

    1/1 Bet365


  93. Attila 4 years ago

    @ AD – Hey mate, what do you think about taking Lleyton Hewitt for the straight win at EVENS? He’s always a fighter and Belluci is in shocking form…

  94. Paul 4 years ago

    Looking ahead to the Cricket World Cup Final at MCG.

    I think whoever bats first will win and if its Australia Im getting on straight away though they are 2/5 so may go on the sixes.

    Dont think it will be the tight affair of the group game I think if Australia bat first theyll get over 300 with New Zealand getting around 260 in a gallant effort . Should be over 10.5 sixes 10/11

  95. Attila 4 years ago

    I’m going to go ahead & tip Lleyton Hewitt to WIN @ EVENS.

    Bellucci is a classic clay player but rubbish on hard. He’s lost his last 8 straight games. Lleyton, whilst not playing with as much stamina as he did in his younger days has never been knocked out off the Miami ATP in the 1st round. He’s also well rested and plays well on hard.
    How the bookies have Bellucci priced as favourite here I don’t understand. He is ranked 20 places higher than Lleyton in ATP rankings but that means nowt today.
    Lleyton to win.

  96. Rookie 4 years ago

    Guy martin for next top gear presenter. 2/1 coral but still 6s at SJ

  97. Juan 4 years ago

    Atilla – Ad (and myself!) waiting on Harrison & Bellucci for his quad….

  98. Harry 4 years ago

    Paul I’d be careful with sixes mate I’ve researched it and in the 4 games at the massive MCG so far there have been 5, 5, 4 & 5 sixes. Boundaries might be a safe bet as the total set with williamhill is 54.5 and in the 4 games here there have been 53, 65, 51 & 66 boundaries. Averaging 59 boundaries a match.

  99. Attila 4 years ago

    Jian – haha, well i guess I’m on my own with Hewitt then :-)

  100. Attila 4 years ago


  101. Shotty 4 years ago

    Attila whats your thoughts on the Rabbitohs game later? The -8 set by the bookies looks very do-able for them?

  102. Attila 4 years ago

    Shotty – I was thinking of just doing a Rabbitohs & Bulldogs straight win double @ $1.85.
    But I haven’t really studied it yet…The Bunnies should cover the -8, but I’ll post later on in tomorrow’s thread with my final choice mate :-)

  103. huggybear 4 years ago

    bucks -4.5 – smallish bet

  104. Shotty 4 years ago

    Attila n

  105. Attila 4 years ago

    They might cover that Huggy. They’ve got a strong team & bench named today… Good luck man!

  106. Shotty 4 years ago

    Oops ignore that posted by mistake was going to say…

    Attila nice one mate ive just stuck it on now as i feel the handicap might increase closer to kick off and im confident on it!

    Going to post it as a tip, Rabbitohs -8 pays 10/11 @SkyBet should win by 12-18+ hopefully!

  107. mlac 4 years ago

    heads up.

    bucks to win 2nd quarter 6/5

  108. huggybear 4 years ago

    quite a nice start to my bucks -4.5 , but iv`e said that in the past , come on bucks nice strong 2nd from you.

    Ersan Ilyasova, 17 point 1st quarter , give another mate.

    agree ATTILA , if they go ahead in the 4th i`m taking it too

  109. Juan 4 years ago

    Atilla – there goes the quad….lump on Hewitt at will lol

  110. mlac 4 years ago

    suddenly the pacers come back, leaving this game well alone now.

  111. Attila 4 years ago

    Yeah Huggy, I know Pacers will make it close in the last 6 mins of the game. And cos I’ve got a big 10 points on the ML am just gonna cash out when odds are good enough.

  112. Jordan 4 years ago

    Warriors/Grizzlies Over 198.5 Points @ 10/11 @ Various

  113. huggybear 4 years ago

    you just gotta laugh… 1/2 a point loss

  114. huggybear 4 years ago

    and just for the bonus laugh . they miss a free throw with 1 second left ..

    just off to hang myself

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