FIVE days to go and the countdown to Euro 2016 is really on. It will be great to forget about friendlies and obscure leagues and concentrate on teams and players we know well.

It's just a shame Scotland aren't there but in a way it makes the finals more enjoyable as we don't need to fret about failure.

A bookies' survey revealed 12 per cent of Scots will support England and we'll watch more live football than any other nation. I don't know what that says about us … but remember all games are live in the pub!

I backed against Scotland as France finished their finals preparations last night with a convincing 3-0 to bring up my France -1 Super Single and I also tipped the French to be leading after 30 minutes.

The Top Treble was downed at the first hurdle as Germany managed their first clean sheet in nine games against Hungary.

Just a word about Greg's early goals calls – and what brilliant tips they were with strikes in the first 10 minutes in France and Austria. In fact all six tips he suggested came up.

On Sunday there are more of the dreaded friendlies including Sweden v Wales and Belgium v Norway while Copa America continues. Brazil v Ecuador follows Haiti v Peru at 3am and like Jordan I reckon both will score.

That was an early-morning Super Single and was a loser as it ended 0-0. It's been a quiet start to Copa America with just three goals in four games, all four under 2.5 goals and no to both to score in all four.

So today's only bet is under 2.5 goals at Mexico v a Uruguay side without Luis Suarez. Belgium beat last week with a shock draw against Finland but with a stronger side today should see off a young Norway side at home.

Remember to check out We Love Betting for their latest tips and video chat.

2pts Daily Double

Belgium (5pm)

Mexico v Uruguay under 2.5 goals (12am)

(6-5, Coral)

June Super Singles Total

Loss: 1.7pts

(3 bets, 1 winner)

June Advised Accas Total

Loss: 3pts

(2 bets, 0 winners)


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  1. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Majority of my bets over recent days have been absolute honkers so it’s with a degree of irony that I’ll be landing in Finland for a shot at redemption…


    This Kakkonen Group B game sees top side Honka look to cement a 5th back to back win and with a g/d of +17 after 5 games, they have the firepower to do some damage.

    Atlantis travel to Esbo on the back of 2 losses, 2 draws and 1 win but it’s a look at results in games against the same opponents in recent weeks that interests me.

    Honka walloped Esba 8-0 last week whilst Atlantis managed only a 0-0 draw agaibst the same team just 3 weeks ago.

    Similarly, Atlantis were held 0-0 to Klubia-04 who were then beaten 3-0 by Honka the following week.

    The last 6 H2H’s read 6-0 in favour of Honka and everything points to another solid home win tomorrow.


    FC HONKA WIN & OVER 3.5 MGS…4/5
    (3 Points)

    OVER 4.5 MGS…11/8
    (2 Points)

    OVER 5.5 MGS…11/4
    (1 Point)

    Good luck with all bets ?

  2. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Brazil game

    Jonas to score anytime odds 2.40 stake 5 PTS

    First time ever placing a bet on someone to score, let’s hope its a winner

    • snowster 2 years ago

      Don’t understand.

      Offer doesn’t include goal scorers, yet you complain
      Player starts and doesn’t score in the time he is on the pitch. So he only played 60, would it have mattered if he had played, 75, 89, 90+6 and have been subbed? It’s a losing bet – accept it.
      You raise it with the company who reiterate the rules
      Lady points out what we are all thinking – he had his chance and didn’t score – valid bet
      Yet you complain – defies any kind of logic. I think under the circumstances you should say thank you very much for the gesture and get on with your life, perhaps trying to understand the types of market you are using by reading about them first

    • kpoothegreatest 2 years ago

      I don’t see anything wrong you are doing harrybaines..You keep on putting your tips and I will follow!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 2 years ago

        kpoothegreatest, as I’ve said before he can be a bit more modest. To be fair the stuff about the Nigerian scam was a load of nonsense.

  3. radu 2 years ago

    Costa Rica – Paraguay – 2-3 goals aggregate @ 2.00 lost
    Haiti – Peru – Peru 0 or 1 goal @ 1.80 won
    Brazil – Ecuador – 2nd Half 1 or 2 goals @ 1.70 lost (disappointig Brazil team style of play , they should fire Dunga , last time coached Brazil team was ……. , now do the same thing)

  4. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Daily double

    Belgium Win
    Sweden game under 2.5 match goals

    Stake 12.5 PTS /// Odds 2.15

  5. capone31 2 years ago

    Over 2.5mg treble

    Rockdale City Suns
    Blacktown City
    South Melbourne


    Rochdale postponed so it won as a double

  6. nate pesh 2 years ago

    In play China jia league

    Quingdao DNB 2/1
    Quingdao double chance 4/5
    Quingdao over 1.5 TGS 2/1

  7. wasclueless 2 years ago

    Norway Div 1
    Byrne v Sandess > 2.5MGS, Kongsvinger > 1.5MGS 0.9/1
    ATGS if he starts Zlat Evens

  8. dom77 2 years ago

    Morning everyone. I’m still not ready to post a tip yet but I did have a bit of luck last night. Backed Corinthians to win (they never lose at home). Went 1 nil down to bus parking smash and grab fodder.
    2 goals then scored in the 89th and 95th minute!

    And on another note. Whats the largest amount of points you have staked?

    I have done 50 points a couple of times because I’m quite reckless.

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      80 Points on the forums just lastnight but before i came here the most i have done is £1900 on a challenge bet for like bet 12. it lost. I needed a goal to be scored by the 80th minute and they scored in the 80th minute and 8th second. Could not believe it. If i had done my bet with william hill it would of won as they include the 80th minute or whatever minute you say.


      Goal before/including the 60th minute. They always have include.

      From this day i only go up to £1000 on the challenge bet, when i have a bigger balance i will start going higher. So easy to gain profit with high stakes but if you loose, then its a problem

  9. nathanl 2 years ago

    4 fold acca for me today paying 3-1
    Tahiti vs New Caledonia O2.5 mgs
    Congo DNB
    Ghana win
    Zimbabwe win

    Just for the record I was stuck between New Caledonia DNB and O2.5 mgs – DNB@1-2— O2.5mgs@4-7

    • nathanl 2 years ago

      And I went for 2.5 mgs – New Caledonia win 1-0, trust me to choose the wrong one

  10. mattr 2 years ago

    £10 Challenge bet 7

    O2.5mg Karlovy Vary v Malse Roudne (Czech 4 0930)

    £66.90 pays £100.35

    Everything crossed please :-)

    • mattr 2 years ago

      Win in 35 minutes :-)

      I am going to withdraw £50 now so whatever else happens have 400% profit in 6 days. Will then start again with £25 and keep £25 spare for another challenge when needed. Let’s see how far this £10 can go :-)

    • nate pesh 2 years ago


      I had over 1.5 FHG After u flagged up the game

      • snowster 2 years ago

        Well done Mattr, I meant to say thanks for the Austrian tip on Friday which I used in my own challenge. Keep up the good work, and well done on banking some!

  11. maccathered 2 years ago

    sweden v wales
    wales double chance @ 6/5 (NAP)
    wales to win @ 4/1 (nb)
    Bale set to start wales good enough to get a least a draw.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Glad when these friendlies are over i read bale was supposed to start,wales going to struggle if they can;t get nowt from sweden.

  12. hampy 2 years ago

    inplay quingdao hainiu v shanghai shenxin
    btts currently 1.66 holding out for 1.80 myself

  13. hampy 2 years ago

    rezeke novado (latvia 2)
    inplay over 1.5 fh gls 4/5

  14. maccathered 2 years ago

    favoritner to win inplay @ 3/1

  15. tonys 2 years ago

    Watched with interest. Great stuff Mattr. Good exercise in self control and sensible betting.

  16. nate pesh 2 years ago

    Valencia women winning 0-3

    Could be more goals in this game

  17. craneguy 2 years ago

    just been going though last nites thread and the posts on it, what an absolute load of drivel Nigerian cash donations this that and the other……………

    I come on here (and suggest I’m not the only one) to pick up tips, take in some well sourced research and write ups and post a bet or two of my own, not to read that type of garbage and about how someone got £30 out of 365 because of a girl on minimum wage being “cheeky” on live chat

    can I suggest this type of chitter chatter posting is more akin to twitter and facebook and surely not for the main tipping forum page……………


    • hampy 2 years ago

      hampy likes this

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Its not just me then lol

      • hampy 2 years ago

        haha end of the day i look at betting as part business part fun. Cant stand the bragging or moaning.

    • snowster 2 years ago

      Couldn’t agree any more

    • snowster 2 years ago

      Big Mac. I’ve missed you! Please come back! Your tips were ace

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      Yeah come back big mac i won some good money on your tips mate…

      • big mac 2 years ago

        Cheers guys but seems every time I post now it gets deleted now?

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          big mac, if everyone stuck to putting up tips and ignoring comments they don’t want to read it would be a lot better.
          Were any tips deleted – no.

          • big mac 2 years ago

            I agree mr f but unfortunately there is too much rubbish that is not tip related on here now, and that does not get deleted

            • Author
              Mr Fixit 2 years ago

              big mac, most of the rubbish gets deleted but I’m not always here to delete it.
              I’ll never understand why people can’t just ignore folk they don’t like – it’s very easy.

              • dom77 2 years ago

                Spot on mr f. If someone posts a great winning tip which includes a load of irrelevent rubbish underneath it doesnt bother me.

  18. mattr 2 years ago

    Kind words thanks guys. Yes you make your own luck but sometimes is just with you. Key for me is the caution though. Today’s odds of 1/2 were largest I took but everything suggested goals. Wouldn’t have been first time such a game ended 0-0 though..

  19. craneguy 2 years ago

    morning hull, was looking at finland too but think will keep my powder dry for Iceland later on GL…………

  20. mgreen68 2 years ago

    Mattr…well done mate

  21. craneguy 2 years ago

    hamps, I’m not saying just because it not my cup of tea it should not be part of the forum in general just surely not on the main tipping thread……………

    • hampy 2 years ago

      i know bud. does wear ya down and just want to give out a big yawn. Especially when they give out decent tips but still let themselves down. wont continue this now as gonna stick up a couple of tips and get a bbq on for lunch :)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      craneguy, it’s an open forum as it always has been.
      There is a separate forum for members that hardly anyone uses but it’s still there.

  22. tonys 2 years ago

    Put £10 on second half goal at ht on u19 Lithuania / estonia. Came in for £15.34. May be i should use this as Bet 1.

  23. wasclueless 2 years ago

    China Women > 4.5, 5 GL 1.750
    Beat todays opponents Thailand 6-0 last week. Cant find team news but odds have shortened possibly suggesting a decent line up again as they warm up for Rio.

  24. spursman 2 years ago

    Great weekend here for the Rory Gallagher festival, i think Mr F would love it himself as plenty of Scots about…..hope there’s a few decent games about today to bring up our bets :-)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      spursman, I’d enjoy the Rory Gallagher Festival – especially as I’m related to Rory who was my mum’s (Annie Gallagher) cousin.
      Went to see him a few times at the Apollo in Glasgow when I was at primary school then back stage.
      Stayed at his parents’ place too in Donegal on holiday.

  25. androkabro 2 years ago

    Heads up!!! I know alot of tipster fear to bet on @2.5under market but let me share my confident tip today//// Ranhein u2.5 odd 2.15 with my bookie.Norway div1.GL

    • nate pesh 2 years ago

      That’s brave!! Their opponents have conceded 16 in 5 away games but what is on your side is that they have only scored 2 away goals in those games!! Also the home team have only conceded 5 in 4 home games and only scored 7 so actually this does have a chance

      Ranheim draw no bet 8/15 looks good

  26. slim 2 years ago

    Riga fs women ko 12.00 could be a few goals in this one, going to bet on goal lines inplay along with wasclueless pointer on China women.

  27. richard 2 years ago

    Just came on to tip that game slim but you beat me to it.

    5 meetings since April last year with 4 sewing over 5.5ftg. Two meetings Rigas FS at home have both ended 6-0 to home side

  28. goalwisher 2 years ago

    March: Bets 113 Wins 49 Losses 63 Push 1 +3.05 units

    April: Bets 176 Wins 86 Losses 82 Push 8 +16.85 units

May: Bets 145 Wins 73 Losses 71 Push 1 +15.8 units
    June: Bets 9 Wins 4 Losses 4 Push 1 +1.1 units

    Bet 10 – double
    Belgium win
    America MG No clean sheet v Figuirense
    Odds 2.10 2.5 units

  29. hudson 2 years ago

    China women v Thailand women

    1st half goal line 1.5,2 @1.925
    FT goal line 4.5 @2.050

    2 x 2 point singles

  30. slim 2 years ago

    Happy days Richard, didnt take long for the 1st one. Hard to find value now but hopefully they don’t go mad 1st 15 mins get better odds

  31. androkabro 2 years ago

    @Nate pesh Gl but i will prefer mjondalen dc at 1.7

  32. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Been on the site for around 2 years I’d say – Mr F and the Admin team have done a cracking job building the site up to what it is and it’s a great community when it comes to depth and breadth of knowledge and some good, good folks.

    I’ve enough politics and general bollocks to wade through at work and for me the site has always been, as Hampy says, a very welcome mix of business and good crack with some decent, likeminded punters with no hidden agendas.

    Not my style to get involved but saturation point surely reached now?

    The obnoxoius self-ingratiating comments from a small minority I can deal with.

    The outlandish private life claims I frankly find amusing and clealy posted by some with severe social inadequcies (I mean come on Max – “spent the afternoon with gf on a photoshoot”…laugh?? I nearly shit myself! What was it, a police line up?

    When it comes down to wading through thousands of inane words posted about issues non-related to tipping or even betting on the main thread then that’s a different kettle of fish. Nigrtian scams Harry? My eldest is 5 and well aware of stranger danger on the internet…seems a little odd?

    Not sure about smelling rats/parrots but something doesn’t compute here and it’s certainly divisive on a site where there has previously been very little?

    Food for thought.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      HullShaker, myself and Scott try to adminster comments as best we can but I’d rather spend my time looking for tips.
      As much rubbish as possible is deleted when we get the chance.

      • HullShaker 2 years ago

        Certainly not meant as a pop at yourself or admin Mr F – think the sites moderated well – just a call for a few to maybe employ a bit of humility when they post.

    • shortee 2 years ago

      best comment ive read in 5+ years @hullshaker

  33. laskillful 2 years ago

    @bigmac put up ur tips n forget whatever comment, that’s what we need on here, I second Mr fixit

  34. jim burnside 2 years ago

    Schen zhen in running jst now HT 8/11 to win.only matter of time I feel hav been following this

  35. forshie 2 years ago

    Mr F, Nice one on the France -1 super single yesterday. Another tipster in the Outlook tipped -1 also and I lumped on it for a decent profit. Thanks again ?.

  36. wasclueless 2 years ago

    China ladies looks a fail …

    Zlat starts and hopefully scores
    Zlat ATGS 20/21

    • 2 years ago

      Zlat went off, can I have my money back bookie? Na just kidding. Didn’t think it was possible Sweden winning without Ibra scoring.

  37. bullseye 2 years ago

    Scandanavian 6-fold:

    Ranheim vs Mjondalen – Ramheim win
    Strommen vs Kristiansund BK – over 2.5 MG’s
    Asane vs Levanger – over 2.5 MG’s
    Mjallby AIF vs Landskrona BoIS – over 2.0 goal line
    Atvidabergs FF U19 vs DjugardenS IF U19 – over 1.5 first half goal line
    Vasalunds IF vs Hammarby U19 – Hammarby U19 win


  38. craneguy 2 years ago

    wasn’t going to bother until Iceland tonite but like hull thinking in finland so having a wee go at this double

    honka o3.5mgs, YPA o2.5mgs 17/10

    YPA have seen 19 goals in there last 5 therefore think there is a bit of value in the o2.5 at 4/9

  39. spursman 2 years ago

    Top atmosphere this year Mr F, sadly a few people being taken away by ambulance from a mix of heat and alcohol, we always get a good crowd in town even if it pours rain….more festivals like this are needed though i dare say without the alcohol :-)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      spursman, I’ve never been but know a few guys from over here who go every year.
      Just a pity the great man isn’t still with us.

      • 2 years ago

        Great to know of yer Rory and Donegal connections MrF, I’m further down the coast closer to the Father Ted festival myself. Was a huge Gary Moore fan growing up but Rory’s truly loved throughout the world, one of the really nice guys, glad that festival is doing great.

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          mrfurious, I only met him a few times when I was really young but tragic how his life ended before his time.

  40. bullseye 2 years ago

    Jamaica vs Venezuela – Jamaica win 16/5 **NAP**

    Jamaica were impressive in their 2-1 friendly victory against a very strong Chile side last week. They played to their strengths which were pacey counters and attacking down the flanks and actually generated a lot of chances. Had it not been for saves by Chile’s keeper they may have won by an even bigger margin. It took Venezuela 84 minutes to break down a Guatemalan defence to secure a 1-1 draw which is not exactly flattering. I dont read too much into friendlies but nowadays Jamaica are a much better team than people give them credit for and I feel this is the game they feel they’ll need to win with Mexico and Uruguay lying in wait.

    Italy Serie B Play Offs
    Pescara vs Trapani – over 2.5 MG’s – Trapani win 13/5 **NB**

    Im a big fan of Trapani who’ve delivered the goods over and over again and I’ll take them to win in this first leg. They just seem to have a knack of being able to win games even if they are playing poorly and their away record is excellent; they’ve won 8/9 of their last aways! Pescara looked vulnerable in the 2nd half of their semi against Novara where they shipped two goals at home quite easily so for that reason I’ll side with Trapani.

    Good luck all

  41. laskillful 2 years ago

    I agree with u Mr.F look at d tip n forget all other stuffs, big Mac com bk n tip. miss ur tips, harry is also a great tipster. we should learn to accommodate as we are from diverse backgrounds. its a forum. These are bound to happen. Let’s bash the bookies!

  42. craneguy 2 years ago

    mr f/scott/admin all members and forum users

    apologies but genuinely meant no offence and not at the wind up just fed up of wading through crap to get to a tip/post/write up from decent tipsters with a proven track record, and going by comments from yourself and others are appealing for more quality tips and less blah blah blah also………….

    I’ve been around here for 3 maybe 4 years now and said this many many times (and I’m not trying to blow smoke up anyones backside here), this is by far and away the best place on the web for not only free tips but all tips in general, where else can you get tips on darts, tennis, football, etc etc for free? and if you wish to join as a member at such a reasonable subscription cost

    I appeal that it is kept that way going forward, thanks

    ps hull, police line up……………….. best giggle I’ve had in ages :D :D

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      craneguy, we know changes are needed and they’ll hopefully be made before the start of the season.

  43. maxxxx 2 years ago

    Again nothing for me warranting a NAP or NB, so going to take Belgium win & BTTS. I wont be watching the game as I’m off for a BBQ and enjoying the sun wiv a few cold ones, but will tip this up, basically I think Belgium will win with all their attacking flair and Norway could nick a goal, they have scored in 6 of their 8 away games.

    Belgium win & BTTS 12/5 Bwin (2PTS)


  44. mattr 2 years ago

    2pt single

    Atviadbergs u19 v Djurgardens U19 GL O3-3.5 @ 1.725 (Sweden U19 1600)

    £10 challenge bet 8

    Atviadbergs u19 v Djurgardens U19 O2.5mg

    £25.35 pays £30.98

    Banked: £50
    In reserve: £25

    Also got a point on the Jamaica and Mexico Copa games to be highest scoring second half which are both 11/10. Not gone to plan as yet but don’t suppose anyone has had much luck yet.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

  45. archie 2 years ago

    wales to score 2/1

    • 2 years ago

      Looks good. Bales on, Zlats off.

      • 2 years ago

        Fecking ell it went in at the other end. Hopefully Bale gets another free kick, lot of wasted ones

  46. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Sweden just had to get another goal to bring my double down at the first hurdle, would of been like 10/1 for a goal as well. Gutted

  47. bluemooner1894 2 years ago

    Hi guys ….
    My Acca 4 today as follows …
    Serbia btts 9/10
    Pescara btts 8/11
    Valur Reykjavik btts 11/20
    Flemengo btts 9/10
    Jamaicia btts 5/4
    £10=£217.46 bet Victor
    (If 1 let’s u down with this bookie? U get ur stake returned as a free bet)
    Gd luck if u follow any or all of these selections ?

  48. goalwisher 2 years ago

    Bet 10 a loser
    Bet 11 double
    Belgium win
    Over 1.5 Mgs Serbia v Russia
    Odds 2.00 2.5 units

  49. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Belgium 1 -0 up already, gonna be the swedish who take me down unless Belgium get a shock draw or loss.

    Belgium race to 5 corners… 2-0 down right now

    Odds 3/1 stake 5 PTS

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      A corner already, get in

      • nate pesh 2 years ago

        2-2 now let’s go

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          Nice 3-2 at the break, i can cash out for even money but if i leave it i get another £50 not sure what to do… they should get it but they are very weak at the back and the away side have had by far the better chances. I hope they come out a stronger side in the second half.

  50. hampy 2 years ago

    fjolnir v vikingur reykjavik
    over 2.5mgls
    valur v stjarnan btts
    also same game over 9 corners
    pays out 94 from 20 bob

    • hombre3000 2 years ago

      Happy any tips on the rest of Iceland? They all look good for over 2.5gls and btts don’t they?

  51. nate pesh 2 years ago

    In play

    Ranhein double chance 5/4
    Ranhein DNB 10/3

  52. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Belgium race to 5 corners… 2-0 down right now

    Odds 3/1 stake 5 PTS


    • 2 years ago

      Well done on the corners. You always have a win it all back bet lined up lol
      These Euro friendlies are great compared to that sh!te Copa cup

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Fair play Harry – well done and nice to see no histrionics.

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        Cheers lads, if Sweden didn’t score in the 87th min and my double was still running i would of been well happy when Belgium scored twice in 3 minutes.

        Belgium are not a very good team after watching today, won’t go far in Euro’s in my opinion. Both sides were equal today, maybe 55% to Belgium but you would expect more from a rank 2 team :)

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          harrybaines, I got lucky with Belgium but don’t judge them on these friendlies.
          Be totally different when the real action starts.

  53. craneguy 2 years ago

    honka o3.5mgs, YPA o2.5mgs 17/10 LOST

    • dom77 2 years ago

      Bookies forced such a high goal line with lame odds for win.

      In hindsight HT/FT 8/13 was the best bet.

      Honka obviously not going to win big as they did it last week.

  54. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Honka selection was honking alright…2-0 and not enough goals…lost .

  55. montyboy 2 years ago

    It’s very quiet

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      montyboy, everyone in Scotland’s out in the garden sunning themselves. This will be our summer.

  56. craneguy 2 years ago


    Pescara o2.5mgs, fjolnir o2.5mgs, breidablik btts just under 5/1

    just a tenner for an interest as while sitting outside watching the sun go down

    probs do a few usual late ones on Iceland goals

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      Bloody hell Crane – thought you were going to burst into poetry then.

      Hombre, looking to catch one or two in-play and if looking good will post ?

  57. craneguy 2 years ago

    think we all are mr f……….. its been a glorious few weeks tbf very unseasonal for us, was just round at shop topping up on beers and theres a fair few lobsters walking around…………………

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      craneguy, my brother is pissed off we are hotter than Sydney where he moved to.

  58. craneguy 2 years ago

    took olafsvik o1.5mgs 75mins 0-0 9/2

  59. geoff50 2 years ago

    My selection in Iceland is a double of over 1.5 IA team goals and over 1.5 match goals in the Fjolnir game at 11/10.

    I’m pretty confident this will land but I’m no expect on Icelandic football like Hull!

    • HullShaker 2 years ago

      I’m expert Geoff – just focus on it a lot so usually know where goals are more likely…not coming to much fruition at the minute but early days yet! Good luck pal.

  60. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Maybe worth following in-play as my picks have been crap but will be having a go at these pre-kick off:

    BTTS & OVERS…20/21
    (2 Points)


    (2 Points)

    OVER 14.5 CORNERS…5/1
    (1 Point)

    Good luck with all bets.

  61. walenchi 2 years ago

    Copa America has failed so far to produce the goals, hence am taking a small stake on under3.5 goals for today’s games…accumulating all games

    Good luck if you follow me.

  62. craneguy 2 years ago

    took olafsvik o1.5mgs 75mins 0-0 9/2 LOST

    ended 1-0 with a 92nd min goal was too greedy there should of just stuck with one late goal over 83 or so………..

  63. awilks90 2 years ago

    Had a couple of days off as I found my self chasing losses with these dam friendlys. Mr F and the regulars have been doing wanders for me for over 18 months. Everyone just needs to post tips and ignore the sillyness of a few people. Bring on the euros.
    Peace and love and some bookie bashing!!

  64. craneguy 2 years ago

    lol think a should stick to poetry hull bets are rotten atm…………..

  65. maxxxx 2 years ago

    I think Belgium will win with all their attacking flair and Norway could nick a goal, they have scored in 6 of their 8 away games.

    Belgium win & BTTS 12/5 Bwin (2PTS) Boom! WON

    Another day of profit for me and those who followed. These past few days have paid for my trip away. I cant see me tipping anything else tonight guys, so you can all enjoy your night and your winnings.


  66. HullShaker 2 years ago

    In-play: FH go 1 up after 4 minutes…

    Over 3.5 mgs…11/10
    (3 Points)

    Over 4.5 mgs…5/2
    (1 Point)

  67. craneguy 2 years ago


    Pescara o2.5mgs, fjolnir o2.5mgs, breidablik btts just under 5/1 LOST

  68. craneguy 2 years ago

    aye mr f its flippin roastin was still 25 back of 8, mrs cranes threatened tae sleep in the skud thenite hink al take the spare room…………………..

  69. archie 2 years ago

    jamacia over 2 bookings 5/4

    venezuala over 3 bookings 21/10

    last one b4 bed . GL all

  70. archie 2 years ago

    didnt take long for jamacia bookings to come in. 5/4 winner

  71. craneguy 2 years ago

    breidablik o1.5mgs 0-1 84mins 11/5

  72. craneguy 2 years ago

    breidablik o1.5mgs 0-1 84mins 11/5 LOST

  73. tonys 2 years ago

    Got my £5 to £47.76 today in 11 bets, betting on >0.5 match goals (see Betting Challenges June 4-5 thread). Just need to find one more to take to over £50, then I can bank some. Need to start with bigger stakes !

    • jambo973 2 years ago

      followed your last 5 and started with 10 so it been pretty good and nice tipping.

  74. richard 2 years ago

    I may have taken too late posting this as they’ve already scored in the first minute but I fancy goals in the match just kicked off in Barbados

    Pinelands United vs UWI Blackbirds

    Pinelands are bottom last 3 at home have ended in defeats of 2-8 (against team in 8th), 2-3 (7th) & 2-5 (6th)

    UWI are second top with the second best attack in the league

  75. craneguy 2 years ago

    nite owl, not withstanding the previous 2 h2h’s both being under 1.5 taking a punt on this

    mexico btts no draw 11/5

  76. kelly.d 2 years ago

    6-0 19mins gone do pinelands have no keeper lol

    • richard 2 years ago

      1st half handicap was -3 @ 8.00 – kicking myself as I talked myself out of it based on fact I though Pinelands might score in the first half, -4 @ 13.0 was offered at 1-0 before it started raining goals

  77. tonys 2 years ago

    Get on the Pinelands game. First half goals ? Keeps coming in and out of play

  78. tonys 2 years ago

    You can get >7.5 fh goals at 4/6 – surely they will get another in the next 18 minutes. Only put £10 on.

  79. craneguy 2 years ago

    great spot ricardo 0-8 29 mins, just cant get a bet on it on 365 though keeps coming in and out grrrrrrrrrrrr

    • richard 2 years ago

      Cheers crane I took over 1.5,2.5 &3.5 fhg + over 4.5,5.5,6.5,7.5 &8.5ftg pre match along with btts @1.90 and UWI to score over 4.5tg @2.75

      In-play I’ve taken 1st half -7 @13.0 and over 8.5fhg @3.75 and over 9.5fhg @ 11.00

      Not boasting – just celebrating and you guess how big my smile is right now :)

      • craneguy 2 years ago

        would never doubt you in any way Richard think you know that too tbh…….. you’re not a boaster just a quality tipster on the odd balls and in SA too you have posted plenty in the past, just wish you would come back and post more often…………. kin belter sir……………..

  80. tonys 2 years ago

    And there it is !

  81. craneguy 2 years ago

    WD tony nice 4/6 there…………….

  82. tonys 2 years ago

    Shame it was only £10 but mustn’t be greedy – just waiting for odds to go up again !

  83. tonys 2 years ago

    There’s number 9 – surely the bookies will just withdraw it !

  84. goalwisher 2 years ago

    Bet 11 win

    Bet 12
    Uruguay win
    Odds 3.40 1 unit
    Bet 13
    Both score yes Mexico v Uruguay
    Odds 2.20 1 unit

  85. jambo973 2 years ago

    right think its time to move to barbados!!

  86. tonys 2 years ago

    Put £10 on 1 more fh goal. 8 minutes to play.

  87. tonys 2 years ago

    Lost. Oh well -might put my £47.46 on >0.5 mgs on Mexico / Uruguay

  88. bullseye 2 years ago

    Jamaica vs Venezuela – Jamaica win 16/5 **NAP** LOST

    Italy Serie B Play Offs
    Pescara vs Trapani – over 2.5 MG’s – Trapani win 13/5 **NB** LOST

    Red cards in the 20th minute of both games effectively killed them. One of those weird days today…

  89. craneguy 2 years ago

    wee heads up for tomorrow on goals on a poor card………

    iskra, tromso2, assyriska, halmstad and Iceland all look good

    tromso2 v follo both teams have scored/conceded 45 between them in last 5, not bothered to look further back………

    Iceland always score a few and with being at home to Lichtenstein tgs surely must be on the cards…………

  90. craneguy 2 years ago

    some man Richard…………… never seen a score line like this in my life 0-14 66 mins great spot once again…………..

  91. maxxxx 2 years ago

    Don’t go chasing losses tony, bookies love that.

    I think everyone needs to just be careful backing on these obscure leagues which you know nothing about such as Iceland and Barbados, unless your Greg who is a specialist. Keep your powder dry till the Euros or be disciplined like me and others on the site and stick to 1 or 2 bets a day. A lovely little 12/5 tip for me landed earlier my only bet. #discipline


  92. craneguy 2 years ago

    0-18 82 mins will take u19.5 11/8

  93. kelly.d 2 years ago

    21-0 seriously didn’t think it was possible in today’s football

  94. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Cracking stuff Richard?

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