Confederations Cup semi-final, Thursday, 8pm

SPAIN have cantered to the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup with three wins out of three and are just 2-5 with Coral to set up a final showdown with Brazil.

They now face Italy in a repeat of last year’s European Championship Final which they won 4-0 and although I can't see a repeat of that rout I expect Vicente del Bosque’s team to win in normal time.

The Italians, 8-1 with bet365, have been decent throughout but couldn't live with Brazil in their final group game and crashed to a 4-2 defeat.

Cesare Prandelli’s troops have conceded a total of eight goals and that's too many. Italy have posed a threat at the other end but the loss of star striker Mario Balotelli is huge and he's on his way home alongside Ignazio Abate. Andrea Pirlo is also a doubt while others are said to be shattered.

So it's Spain for me and Fernando Torres, top of the scoring charts with five goals, is worth a look at 5-1 with Coral to score first. Forget about his four goals against Tahiti, what was impressive was coming off the bench and also immediately making an impact with the goal that killed off Nigeria in the final group game.

With Roberto Soldado and David Villa fighting for places there's no guarantee the Chelsea man will start though so check team news before having a bet.

After seeing Nigeria create and waste at least four chances against Spain I'd have fancied the Italians to score but the absence of Balotelli puts me off that bet and he'll be replaced with Alberto Gilardino.

Recommended Bets

Torres to score
(5-4, Stan James)

Spain to win to nil
(27-20, Coral)

  1. Madi 7 years ago

    I was initially thinking Spain to win 2-1 but having read that balotelli is out I’m now thinking 2-0 or 3-0 Spain

  2. jasper 7 years ago

    Thanks william hill for the 10-11 btts brazil.
    Made my week.
    Fancy spain 2 or 3 nil, though there hasnt been a shock yet,

  3. Wilesey 7 years ago

    Italy still have Shaarawy and Giovinco as well, I’d like to see Italy score would make it more interesting.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Wilesey, from what I read Shaaraway is one of those feeling fatigued and won’t start. Looks like Italy will go with Gilardino up front on his own and defend for their lives.

  4. Susan Thomson 7 years ago

    MR f wats it to be win to nil or not to win to nil.
    On your top tips colum it’s not to win to nil and on this one it’s to win to nil.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Susan, it’s win to nil. Fixed it, thanks.

  5. gerry 7 years ago

    3.2 4.2 spain

  6. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Susan I think the not to win to nil is the Spain u20 game Mr Fixit is referring to

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, no it was a typo and now sorted.

  7. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    1-0 or 2-0 Spain for me. Thinking would most likely be 2-0 though so £60 on 2-0 @ 13/2 and £10 on 1-0 Spain @ 13/2 as a cover bet.

    Paul if Spain win tonight will they pay out on the finalists tonight do you think?

    Noticed that Coral had De Rossi first goal @ 50/1 and anytime @ 20/1 but now been cut to 20/1 and 7/1. Interesting to see what Coral coupon says. If Torres starts I will back him first but may have to drive to Clydebank to get the 5/1 price. May seem a bit extreme but half a point is £50 when it’s £100 stake.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, I don’t know if they’ll pay out tonight on finalists, suppose they don’t have to until the final kicks off but they might. 50-1 De Rossi was ridiculous and 20-1 is still big but I can’t back him as I’m Spain to win to nil.

    • macca 7 years ago

      yeah yeah

  8. Chris Harris 7 years ago

    Chris – have you not heard of betting online yet? Who uses bookies yet along drives to one these days???

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, the other Chris is right. You can still get better prices in shops sometimes. They have to try to compete with the internet and even coupon prices are better on occasions. I bet mainly online but still like to go into shops and have a good look at coupons, screens, maybe the Racing Post. Also it’s somewhere to walk the dog to and on a day like this somewhere to shelter. And the other thing – is it a nicer feeling being handed a wad of cash after a win or just seeing the figure appear in your account?

  9. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Chris the reason why you would drive along to the bookies is because Torres is 4/1 with Coral online and he will be 5/1 in shop. Same as Neymar was cut to 9/2 with Ladbrokes online but still 5/1 in the shop. That’s why.

  10. m.gerrio 7 years ago

    mr fix show me the difference between fractional odds and decimal odds.thanks,

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      m.gerrio, as has been said it’s down to arithmetic. Most bookies offer both so you can compare them on any site. Google conversion tables fractional to decimal if you want to find out more.

  11. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Dunno how this will look on here but here goes m gerrio

    7/2 4.5 7/20 1.35
    5000/1 5001 10/3 4.333 1/3 1.333
    4000/1 4001 16/5 4.2 3/10 1.3
    2500/1 2501 3/1 4 2/7 1.286
    2000/1 2001 14/5 3.8 1/4 1.25
    1500/1 1501 11/4 3.75 2/9 1.222
    1250/1 1251 13/5 3.6 1/5 1.2
    1000/1 1001 5/2 3.5 2/11 1.182
    750/1 751 12/5 3.4 1/6 1.167
    500/1 501 19/8 3.375 2/13 1.154
    400/1 401 23/10 3.3 1/7 1.143
    300/1 301 9/4 3.25 2/15 1.133
    250/1 251 11/5 3.2 1/8 1.125
    200/1 201 17/8 3.125 2/17 1.118
    175/1 176 21/10 3.1 1/9 1.111
    150/1 151 2/1 3 1/10 1.1
    125/1 126 19/10 2.9 1/11 1.0909
    100/1 101 15/8 2.875 1/12 1.0833
    80/1 81 9/5 2.8 1/13 1.0769
    70/1 71 7/4 2.75 1/14 1.0714
    66/1 67 17/10 2.7 1/15 1.0667
    60/1 61 13/8 2.625 1/16 1.0625
    50/1 51 8/5 2.6 1/18 1.0556
    40/1 41 3/2 2.5 1/19 1.0526
    33/1 34 7/5 2.4 1/20 1.05
    30/1 31 11/8 2.375 1/22 1.0455
    28/1 29 13/10 2.3 1/25 1.04
    25/1 26 5/4 2.25 1/28 1.0357
    22/1 23 6/5 2.2 1/30 1.0333
    20/1 21 11/10 2.1 1/33 1.0303
    19/1 20 21/20 2.05 1/40 1.025
    18/1 19 1/1 2 1/50 1.02
    17/1 18 20/21 1.952 1/60 1.0167
    16/1 17 10/11 1.909 1/66 1.0152
    15/1 16 9/10 1.9 1/80 1.0125
    14/1 15 5/6 1.833 1/100 1.01
    13/1 14 4/5 1.8 1/125 1.008
    12/1 13 8/11 1.727 1/150 1.0067
    11/1 12 7/10 1.7 1/200 1.005
    10/1 11 2/3 1.667 1/250 1.004
    9/1 10 5/8 1.625 1/300 1.0033
    17/2 9.5 8/13 1.615 1/400 1.0025
    8/1 9 3/5 1.6 1/500 1.002
    15/2 8.5 4/7 1.571 1/1000 1.001
    7/1 8 8/15 1.533 1/1250 1.0008
    13/2 7.5 1/2 1.5 1/1500 1.0007
    6/1 7 8/17 1.471 1/2000 1.0005
    11/2 6.5 9/20 1.45 1/2500 1.0004
    5/1 6 4/9 1.444 1/4000 1.0003
    9/2 5.5 2/5 1.4 1/5000 1.0002
    4/1 5 4/11 1.364
    18/5 4.6

  12. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Well not so good so take 2 try here m8

  13. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Paul are you nipping into Coral? Could you check the price for De Rossi on shop coupon

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, not been near a Coral’s shop today and heading to work soon.

  14. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    If Torres starts then Boylesports may be the bookie to bet with as they will refund losing first goalscorers up to £100 if your player scores second.

  15. dee 7 years ago

    Hi, m.gerrio. There is no complicated thing hidden in fractions and decimals. It is simple mathematics and they only use it for showing regional differences. So decimals will be considered in some part of world and fractions will be in some other part.At the end the profit will be same.

    For example in a game showing odds 8/13 (fractional) or 1.61 (decimal). Just good at mathematics it will be like flicking your finger to convert it to decimal otherwise get a handy calculator and do 8 divide by 13 which is equal to 0.61.

    Always remember the odds will be displayed including your returns so for every £1 you put on the return will be £1.61 in which your profit is 0.61 which is what you got above after doing 8/13 maths.

    Its just as simple as it is ;) Hope it helped you :)

  16. dee 7 years ago

    :) Sorry, a small correction in m.gerrio’s reply. “Odds will be displayed including your stakes”. Thanks.

  17. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Nice to see the Racing Post siding with my selections of 1-0 and 2-0, hopefully that’s an omen after they tipped Fred yesterday.

    Hopefully Torres starts but Racing Post suggests it will be Soldado. Will wait for team news before lumping on

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, not sure who will start but by tipping Spain to win to nil I’m on the same wavelength as the Racing Post. It seems Italy are going to shut up shop without Balotelli so 1-0 or 2-0 would seem reasonable.

  18. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    I personally prefer fractional odds

  19. lee 7 years ago

    Alright guys I’m looking for card market can’t seem to see one ??? Spain v Italy to get booked ??? HELP

  20. Chris Harris 7 years ago

    Honestly never seen (or heard) prices being better in a shop!

  21. Chris Harris 7 years ago

    mrfixit- I rarely handle cash anymore due to my profession, I just like seeing the several 0’s in my account!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, both is nice but sometimes being handed cash is good. Shops often doing promotions and enhanced bets but coupon prices can be better. Last season coupon prices on both teams to score tips were often higher.

  22. Chris Guy 7 years ago


    First Player Booking – VC and Skybet

    To be shown a card – Betway, VC and Skybet

  23. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Chris Test 1 step by step

    1) Check Corals online and see that Torres is 4/1 to score first goal tonight (cut from 5/1)

    2) Jump in your car and jump to the nearest Coral and see that Torres is 5/1 on the coupon.

    3) Smile and tell yourself that I was right.

    Basically prices online are generally better BUT sometimes when goalscorers are being hammered the bookies cut the price online but you can still get the price in shop. For instance a player could be 14/1 for first goal. Just before kick off you discover that your player is playing in a more advanced role and the bookies online are slashing the odds. If you make bit to the shop on time you generally still get the full odds. I’ve never seen a shop cutting prices on a first Goalscorer to date as they have coupons and the screens they use to check prices do not change.

    Do you understand?

  24. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    For instance I backed Joe Ledley for Celtic not too long ago. He was 11/1 for first goal and 7/2 anytime with William Hill online. I went into the shop and on the coupon he was 11/1 first goal and 11/2 anytime.

  25. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    First Player to be Booked?

    With the Italians tiring, who do you reckon will receive the first booking. The bookies vary with their opinions and there is some decent value should you back the right player.

    De Rossi – 14/1 VC and 17/2 Skybet
    Jordi Alba – 10/1 VC and 25/1 Skybet
    Xavi – 16/1 VC and 33/1 Skybet

    Think I will have a flutter on De Rossi as my bonkers bet @ 14’s. I will also have small stakes on Alba and Xavi too as very big odds.

  26. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Who you on Lee?

  27. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Take your pick Lee it’s going to be one of the above

  28. Craig alves 7 years ago

    chris betfred doing their double delight hat trick heaven on tonight’s game but only 7/2 there for torres 1st gl

  29. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Yeah I know Craig, crap mate ain’t it. Torres 5/1with Paddy Power and Skybet now.

    I will be backing him or Soldado, whoever starts up front. Backing your player with Boylesports is def the best option though cos they will refund if your player scores second. Think if you pick the striker then he’s going to get goal number 1 or 2

  30. Striker 7 years ago

    Sometimes i have to place a bet in a shop if they restrict my stake online

  31. dee 7 years ago

    Goalscorer odds @ bet365

    Torres FG (4.75) LG (4.75) ATG(2.05)
    Soldado FG (4.75) LG(4.75) ATG(2.05)
    Villa FG (5.00) LG(5.00) ATG(2.20)

    Thinking of going with Torres and Villa.

  32. dee 7 years ago

    Above odds are from bet365.

  33. dee 7 years ago

    Why BET three six five word is blocked in comments?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      dee, it’s not. It’s in your last comment.

  34. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Dee would be surprised if Villa starts to be honest

  35. Craig alves 7 years ago

    aye I know Chris, there always like that tho, it’s just an extra gamble if 1st gl scorer gets a 2nd or 3rd then quids in but if not lose £150 if you have £100 on torres if could’ve had torres at 5/1. should be a good game tho

  36. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Yeah Craig but think about it this way you need Torres to score at least two goals and one of them has to be first goal and you get 7/1 or just back him first goal at 5/1. As you say if I was putting £100 on him to score first goal and he did but didn’t score again, I’d feel as though I’d just lost £150 instead of winning. I think the double delight is great but they have dropped the odds recently but it wasn’t always like that. I’d be willing to take the risk if I was only losing half a point but not 1.5 points.

  37. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Anyone backing my players to be booked. Telling you it’s going to be one of them. Got 14/1, 25/1 and 33/1. If De Rossi is first player booked I get £450 back or if Xavi or Alba I get £400 back

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, I rarely do first booking because it could be anyone of 22. I don’t know how you can say for sure it will be one of three you’ve backed.

    • malcolm 7 years ago

      Is this bloke for real? what an idiot

  38. Rory 7 years ago

    Mr F I’m sitting with half my double up after last night ie brazil to win & btts I had that as double with Spain win & btts to score I’ve seen a lot of scepticism about Italy netting without balo so just wondering how can I cover this bet best. It’s is £800 in if Spain win and btts? Any thoughts welcome guys

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Rory, easiest way to cover is back no to both teams to score. But of course you still need Spain so Spain to win to nil would be a bigger price.

  39. Adventurous value gambler 7 years ago

    New to the site but gone for 3-3, 3-2, 4-2, either way in the Spain v Italy game, You all may laugh but it’s wat I fancy, Big old wedge back if any come off.
    Good luck all… AVG

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Adventurous,I am not laughing but having read what Prandelii is saying anyone of those would be surprise. Looks like he’s going to play defensive and maybe try to force extra time.

  40. Nathan 7 years ago

    You would have thought though ‘when’ Spain score, surely Italy will have to come out and give it a real go at some point! I can only see Italy scoring from a set piece though tbh.

  41. Rory 7 years ago

    Cheers mr f took ur advice and decided to do Spain -2 assuming if Spain win to nil they will still score 2 or 3

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Rory, Spain -2 wasn’t my advice. That’s not a great cover to be honest.

  42. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Rory Spain -2 would be a losing bet if Spain won 2-0

  43. RabTheHermit 7 years ago

    I’ve noticed the odds of overs has drifted out. That will be why.

  44. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Paul I very rarely back things like that as I see it more as a novelty bet than anything. Obviously it’s a lottery so maybe I should have said I’m hoping it will be one of those three.

  45. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Rory with -2 you need Spain to win 3-0, 4-0, 4-1 etc maybe you would have been better doing -1?

  46. Becks 7 years ago

    Team card and corner combo…Spain to win..4-6 cards and under 10 corners..currently priced at 5/1….does look rather good, considering Italy is tired and we all know how firey they can be!

  47. lee 7 years ago

    Chris guy thanks my internet buggered up but I’m back I just put 400 on Torres score/win double at 2/1 with paddypower what a price…… I will quickly have a look at Italy’s midfield I will be back

  48. lee 7 years ago

    Candreva and derossi look the best players to get booked

  49. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Lee that’s a great price but unfortunately Power restrict me to £20 so no good. Torres first goal and money back if he scores second. Great bet. Boylesports have Villa @ 4/1 fav and not even playing so they will prob cut Torres

  50. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Lee Candreva is 20/1 with VC for first booking. There must be money going on De Rossi, cut from 14/1 to 8/1.

  51. lee 7 years ago

    I just tried to put 400 on it let me put 276??? How random lol just looking through I got 124 to play with in play can’t see any cards on paddy power

  52. lee 7 years ago

    I’m thinking the balls going to be in that area pretty much all game someone’s going to kick out (I HOPE)

  53. The UHT 7 years ago

    Spain are justifiably massive favourites. But Italy are Italy, and while they got thrashed to nil last summer, whatever team they put out is good enough to get a goal, even against Spain. Spain I can’t see losing, but the Italians are wily and capable. For me, that makes 5/2 on BTTS and Spain to win must-bet.

  54. smokeit34 7 years ago

    italy to me can play absoloute rubbish or can be brilliant…

    ballotelli missing is a bid blow but at the prices available for an italy win i cant say no.

    6/1 beter may be available and can always lay in play as long as no early spain goal.

    italy masters of defence and if they can nick an early goal on the break i can see 1-0 italy.

    50 on italy win for me, should be a great game just for watching anyway.


  55. 1plus2 7 years ago

    Italy playing a tad better than i thought they would here

  56. lee 7 years ago

    Tell you what Italy are doing well

  57. Rory 7 years ago

    Chris guy de Rossi should have banged the first one ther Italy should be one up here

  58. Madi 7 years ago

    Italians look well up for it Spanish not so much

  59. Rory 7 years ago

    Mr f I didn’t do my previous posted bet I did as u advised although watching the game Italy looked like they are def going to score should be 1 or 2 up

  60. Craig alves 7 years ago

    btts 7/4 now

  61. lee 7 years ago

    What’s the chances a goal in the 45 min for spain

  62. 1plus2 7 years ago

    When torres is in a Spain team that’s playing a half decent team Spain are well below par imho

  63. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Can’t believe no bookings yet and Spain get the finger out you should be wiping the floor with Italy.

  64. Craig alves 7 years ago

    just stuck pirlo 1st and anytime £2 on at 28/1 & £3.05 on at 14/1. Spain have been piss poor so far and can see pirlo pinging a freekick in to the top bag. ideal scenario pirlo 1st gl spain 2-1 but that’s never gonna happen is it haha

  65. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Falling asleep waiting for the game to go into second gear

  66. Rory 7 years ago

    This is dire

  67. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    For what has been a very dull game so far on the betting front, thank you De Rossi £30 first booking @ 14/1 for £450 back.

  68. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    14/1 Bonkers bet up, GET IN!!!!

  69. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    I think if Balotelli had have been playing tonight then Italy would have won in 90 mins. Spanish players are looking more tired than the Italians in my opinion.

  70. Smiler arbroath 7 years ago

    Nice one Chris guy.with de rossi

  71. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Cheers Smiler. I’m waiting to get £450 back though for a Spain/Brazil final so need Spain to win.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, fair play, just a bet I don’t do. Like you need Spain to get through though.

  72. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Yeah the first player booking will soften the blow if the Italians triumph but really I would like Spain to win.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, before the game started I told a colleague I feared 0-0. He backed it and I didn’t it!

  73. lee 7 years ago


  74. lee 7 years ago

    Max you can put on is 69 so be quick

  75. lee 7 years ago

    Did anyone get it in time ?????

  76. Rory 7 years ago

    I’ve lost so much money on that game it’s not even funny…gonna have lay low for a while… terrible result for myself and a lot of others I’m guessing

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Rory, you should have simply bet no to both to score as advised.

  77. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Paul before kick off I feared extra time. I priced it up @ 9/1, didn’t say anything and didn’t back it.

    Lee no idea how you get 9/1 just now, best I see is 7/4

  78. lee 7 years ago

    Spain 9/1 Italy 25/1

  79. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Lee Coral not offering anything now

  80. lee 7 years ago

    Can you send pics on here??? I have took a photo 9.53pm 9/1 69 on 690 bk

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      lee, you can email me at Don’t doubt you but it has to be a mistake. If it was 9-1 and 25-1 I hope you backed both.

  81. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    In that case it must be a mistake Lee cos even now best price is 15/8 for Spain in extra time

  82. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Not being funny but why can Spain not even hit a shit on target?

  83. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    A shot that would be lol

  84. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Getting made to sweat on Spain here but looking better with Martinez on

  85. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Lee I believe you but what I’m saying is its obvious from the odds quoted by other bookies that they’ve made a boob of that one. Price should more likely have been 9/4. Hope you get it mate

  86. Craig alves 7 years ago

    extra time bets

    £5 italy 13/2
    £5 over 1.5 corners 6/5 (been 5 already :)

  87. lee 7 years ago

    They have took the bet off completely….. Where do I stand on this if it comes in I have a photo

  88. lee 7 years ago

    I just sent it to u

  89. lee 7 years ago

    Have you got it MR.F

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      lee, I’ve got it. As I said it must be a mistake and now it looks like they’ve spotted it. It’s clearly a mistake so they don’t have to pay you at 9-1. If it comes up they’ll pay you it what it should be, if it doesn’t ask them to void it and tell them you only backed it because of the price.

  90. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    If they’ve accepted the bet and the game kicks off (extra time) then in my opinion they’ve got to honour the bet. You could easily argue if it was only 9/4 then you would have put £400 on it. Think thy have to notify you and offer you it at the amended price. Wait and see if it wins first

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, they’re covered for errors so don’t have to honour it. We all know and Lee knows 9-1 was the wrong price.

  91. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Click in settled bets on your account. They’ve prob settled it as void

  92. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Who’s best a penalties the Spanish or the Italians?

  93. lee 7 years ago

    They have give me 69 back and my bet has dissapeared…. I bet loads with them so I will kick up big time if it comes in

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      lee, if it comes up you have an argument to get paid at reduced odds.

  94. lee 7 years ago

    Lol I know it was wrong but hey they took the price…. Its the same as when I put a horse down at 14/1 when its gone down to 8/1 if they take it I’m laughing

  95. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Yeah it is an obvious mistake. Lee looks like they may have done you a favour by voiding the bet. Looks like penalties to me

  96. lee 7 years ago

    Because they gave me my money back its a win win really because I can’t lose but still gain a lot

  97. lee 7 years ago

    Chris guy it looks pens big time bit of a boring game tbh

  98. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    I’d do what Paul says although as I’m a bit o a chancer I’d argue that if I had known the odds were so short my stakes would have been higher.

  99. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Didn’t see any live betting on Coral site. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the pre match price and they forget to move it off their site lol

  100. lee 7 years ago

    I would have done a lot more if they let me they blocked it at 69….. MATA really lol

  101. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Wow from Martinez

  102. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Buffon looks like a vampire

  103. lee 7 years ago

    Lol i want Italy to win ??? Then beat Brazil

  104. lee 7 years ago

    Well I’m happy lol I’m going bed night guys

  105. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    What about Italy to win confed @ 9/1 with Betfred. You won’t get that in the final. Come on Spain don’t let me down

  106. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Got a funny feeling Torres is going to miss a penalty

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, wrote my Record column this morning on a Brazil-Spain final so had fingers crossed throughout. Never once covered the 11-4 prediction so happy to make a full profit.

  107. Rory 7 years ago

    I did the Spain to win to nil bet mr f thinking it was a banker but no such thing as we know…o well have to take a heavy hit on the chin n try again

  108. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Same Paul, was going to cover but chose not to

  109. Madi 7 years ago

    Italy deserved to go thru, Spain were dire, just didn’t look interested until extra time.

  110. MrT 7 years ago

    Now that was a costly draw!

  111. Madi 7 years ago

    I had btts-no so not all bad, got on that at 1.96. Mr fixit any idea why I couldn’t post earlier, the comment kept vanishing :/

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Madi, no idea.

  112. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    That’s VC paid out on the Brazil/Spain final

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