TEN goals in three games made it a much better day at the Euros – and a bad one for bookies with all three favourites winning.

I started my last 16 challenge with Croatia draw no bet and simply took France at 1-2 to beat Ireland so I'm up to £30 in the fight to make £250.

There are just two games tonight and Spain v Italy is so tough to call. I'm confident about England beating Iceland but it's no certainty so I'll have a think before deciding on Bet 3.

On the members' forum there is a section for betting challenges but if people prefer to do them on the site then so be it.

Bet 2

France (2pm)

(1-2, Ladbrokes, bet365) WINS

£30 to go on Bet 3

  1. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    do you trust england enough to make -1 handicap your bet 3 mr fixit ?.
    if they score in the 1st half surely must come in.
    as a Welshman I am just coming back down to earth after celebrating us being in the quarter final, and if England cant beat Iceland by 2 they might as well pack their bags and come home.

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      elvis parsley, I think England will win but I don’t trust them.
      Minus 1 will not be my next challenge bet.

  2. harrybaines 3 years ago

    I have done 6 bet’s now all odds basically evens except one. I am glad to say have smashed my challenge as i have £1800 when my challenge is to get £1000 or more. I hope you have been on some of my tips :) After i complete a challenge i withdraw and start again at £50 but would you like me to have another bet with my current stake or start at bet 1 with a £50 stake.

    Bet 1 with £50 stake or have one more bet with my current stake and try to make it 7 bet’s in a row.

  3. harrybaines 3 years ago

    What did i say about Chile upsetting Argentina by lifting the trophy at 2/1 @nathanl ;) did you get on mate?

    • nathanl 3 years ago

      Think it wouldn’t have been a much different result (goals) if both teams had 11 on the pitch, poor refereeing

    • nathanl 3 years ago


    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      nathanl, I’ve never seen a more animated ref. Was as if he was conducting an orchestra.

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      harrybaines, the challenge thread is your oyster. Stay there please.

  4. nate pesh 3 years ago

    How much did u have on it fella?? ???

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      I didn’t have anything on it as i am doing a challenge but like i said it did fancy it & i did mention it for other’s as i knew it was a good shout :)

  5. nathanl 3 years ago

    Bet 13
    Splitting stakes

    England 2+
    £60 pays £114.55

    England win to nil
    £40 pays £84

    Banked £100

  6. capone31 3 years ago

    Harry go for 7, because you’ll put more effort into finding a winner!

  7. tonys 3 years ago

    So onwards in the quest for £10-£100;

    Bet 2: Long An FC 2 vs PVF Vietnam, >0.5 mgs @ 1/4. £11.53 returns £14.41

  8. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 2 WON

  9. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 3: Balestier Khalsa vs Home United, >1.5mgs @ 2/9, £14.42 returns £17.62

  10. frastar 3 years ago

    I would be interested in doing/following your challenge. Will you let post bets in plenty time please. If you can.

  11. billy maclean 3 years ago

    Did france yesterday since you havent put up bet3 ive put the 30 on a double of under 2;5 spain v italy 2/5 and england win 1/2

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      billy maclean, probably leaving today. Anyone off to the office for 2 games and a busy night.

  12. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 4: Italy vs Spain, >0.5 mgs @ 1/6 £17.63 returns £20.56. Might be a tough call !

  13. nathanl 3 years ago

    Bet 14
    Italy to score
    £22 pays £42

    Banked £78

    ** bet 13’s still to run

    • nathanl 3 years ago

      Well that was fast

      Bank @£120 with bet 13’s still to run

  14. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 5: Holmen vs Mondalen, >1.5 mgs @ 1/12, £20.57 returns £22.28

  15. tonys 3 years ago

    Nice one Nathan

    • nathanl 3 years ago

      Cheers mate, only small stakes for interest but Italy 2+ was 9-2 when I put it on, should have put a little on that too!

  16. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Gutted i didn’t wake up in time for the Spain game, was it any good anyone?

    • miller 3 years ago

      Yes Harry, Italy looked class from what I saw of it. Had my two little girls running circles round me at the time though so only had one eye on it but looked like they deserved the win. Both teams had their chances and both de Gea and Buffon pulled off a couple of good saves each. Italy just looked like they wanted it more and looked like they had the answer to everything Spain tried to throw at them. The Germany v Italy game should be a good one.

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      miller, as you say deserved win by Italy. Looked pretty good and game with Germany should be a cracker.

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Cheers pal & hotmail or gmail tigerman? I go on one far more often that the other as i need to with email updates. One i could leave for a month and i could still see all my new email’s on one page :)

    • tigerman1 3 years ago

      Mister @harrybaines, have you checked your mail lately?

    • tigerman1 3 years ago

      Mister harry, check gmail.

  17. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 5: Holmen vs Mondalen, >1.5 mgs @ 1/12, £20.57 returns £22.29 WON

    Crikey that was ridiculously undeserved ! Mondalen grabbed a second goal after 95 minutes 43 seconds – full-time whistle went after 95.55 !! Message to self – be very careful about the >1.5 mgs rather than the 0.5 mgs markets. Message to the Holmen team – play to the final whistle lads !

  18. tonys 3 years ago

    Bet 6: England to qualify @ 1/6, £22.29 returns £26.00

  19. tigerman1 3 years ago

    England game looks like the absolute bonkers Hungary vs. Portugal :)

  20. nathanl 3 years ago

    £9.07 bet 16
    England to qualify (1-2 down)
    £32.75 pays £50.22

    Banked £72.25

    — a lot riding on England now – 1 bet down (win to nil) 3 more on them

  21. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 7

    England race to 7 corners @1.65

    Stake £1800

    • harrybaines 3 years ago


    • miller 3 years ago

      Congrats Harry, but said feeling right down in the dumbs….WTF

    • miller 3 years ago

      Dumps that should have been….Jesus cant even spell

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Cheers Miller and what mate?

    • miller 3 years ago

      Cant believe we have been knocked out by Iceland, didnt see that coming at all. Should be used it but really……WTF….held held in shame. First time since Euro 2004 I felt confident that England may do something but what a f*ck up

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Rashford should of game on 30 min’s earlier, he made a big difference at the end tbh

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Bet 8 anyone? :)

    • miller 3 years ago

      I’ll take bet 8, please shine some light on this embrassing night :)

    • miller 3 years ago

      Agree completely. Hodgson has to be out of a job now surely

      Wish I followed your bet so I would have had some highlight from tonight. Said to my mates who were round watching the game about it and we were like…cant see that coming it…..but as normal, you know better. As I said ealrier. Congrats mate, just wished you had bet on an England late goal as it may have come in then with your luck :)

    • miller 3 years ago

      Well there you go….Hodgson has resigned

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      He has just gone mate :)

      Cheers mate, i got lucky at the end but i guess i was unlucky not to have a few just after i placed it. I was split between the two mate but the corner bet just took me as it was better odds at the time and the game wasn’t looking great. I won’t get the recognition from other members as others would doing a challenge from £50 to £2800 in 7 bet’s because of how people peruse me, but hey ho. Doesn’t affect my winning’s if i get recognition or not :) Hope to see you on the next Challenge pal

  22. nathanl 3 years ago

    Had enough on England they are shite (Knew this before the game)

    £9.07 bet 17
    England exactly 1 goal (cover)
    £50 pays £91.67

    Will update after FS

  23. nathanl 3 years ago

    Last update from £9.07 challenge bet

    Poor poor result from England game, thankfully cover bet 16** not 17 that should read saved me a bit from disaster!

    Total from £9.07 challenge = £158.92

    Calling it a day now, good going for a while and peak was £287 but bad day sets me back significantly with the root being Argentina game, calling it a day because only one game per day now so will just stick it up on normal thread

    Look forward to the start of footy again for many challenges to come!
    Good luck all

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Chin up bud, if i was you i would do a different challenge strategy as you could have 14 winners and after 3 looser’s there isn’t much profit left in how you do it. Not my call though, just my opinion :)

    • nathanl 3 years ago

      First time ever doing a challenge bud and didn’t expect it to get this far so not too worried about a final outcome if it’s 17x the initial stake I used, still plenty of profit left though, only reason it took 14 winners to get up to this is because the very small starting stake and betting safe with say betting £40 banking £70 on bet 4 etc. If I was a bit more ballsy I could be up more but more experience which is only a good thing

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      I get you mate and good stuff mate. Just ask if you want my opinion mate :) I know what market’s have done me in the past haha and one’s to avoid.

      For people that love to find flaw’s in my post & start putting word’s out, i am not saying i am the best just saying if he want’s my opinion he can have it and i am happy to give advice

  24. jambo973 3 years ago

    At this point harry i’m just hoping to get on in time lol. good going today.

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Cheers pal, one more with this big stake or start again? ;)

    • markus 3 years ago

      I’ve worked myself up to £500, so do one more for big stakes and I’ll follow. Need to get this baby to a thou
      (harry mate, loose = lose ;) )

  25. frastar 3 years ago

    Hi Harry

    Will keep an eye out for your next challenge. Feel gutted. Knew Iceland would win and probably btts but don’t bet big so didn’t have a lot on it. Would be interested in starting with a fiver and even if I got to 50 or 60 quid I would be more than happy with that. Well done on your result.

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Cheers pal, i started off at £50 and all my bets have been basically evens and the money has just doubled and doubled, but didn’t want to do a evens bet with that £1800. First time doing all these even bets, they used to be around the odds of 1.60.

      Did you know that if i got up to £3000 i would only need 10 more bet’s at the odds of 1.30 to get up to£50000

      Or make that 5 bet’s of 1.60, seem’s very do-able if you ask me seen as i have done 6 bet’s in a row at evens or just under. 5 more bet’s at 1.60 seems so easy it doesn’t even sound right

      @markus will do mate and nice work.

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Make that 6 bet’s of 1.60 but it’s 10 bet‘s of 1.30, reckon is seems possible guys? I do and i am not flattering myself either

  26. capone31 3 years ago

    Keep going Harry, and what’ bets do you avoid?

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      big one for me is goal before a certain time especially with big stakes, it will ruin you when it comes in just after that certain time frame

      Liverpool goal before 50:00 for example

    • markus 3 years ago

      Anymore tonight? Or can I go to bed?

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