WALES did the business to rout Russia while England did everything but score against Slovakia.

So my 8pts Super Single double on England dnb and Wales not to lose became a 5-8 single for a 5pts profit.

The both to score double flopped as Slovakia settled for finishing third in Group B.

Winning the group means Wales face third place in A, C or D so possibly Northern Ireland or Albania while England meet the runners-up in Portugal's Group F with the winners of that likely to come up against France.

There are four games tonight as Group C and D are played to a conclusion and I've posted separate previews on both.

I'm backing Germany and Poland to win but Spain v Croatia could be a draw that suits both – although Luka Modric is a huge loss to the Croats – while Czech Republic must beat Turkey to have any chance.

Spain tempt at odds against but I'd like to see starting line-ups before backing them.

Having won 5pts on yesterday's Super Single I'm putting up another 5pts double. It's simply Germany to beat Northern Ireland and Argentina to beat USA in the semi-finals of Copa America in the early hours of the morning.

Argentina have been in great from since Lionel Messi joined the party and he and Gonzalo Higuain have been banging them in with Sergio Aguero largely on the sidelines.

They are massive favourites to win the tournament after netting nine goals in their last two games while the USA were well beaten in their opener against Colombia before coming through against three lesser-ranked teams.

USA have three key men banned – Jermaine Jones, ex-Rangers defender Alejandro Bedoya and striker Bobby Wood – and it's a tough assignment for Jurgen Kilnsmann's men.

I can see Argentina winning by at least two but for the Super Single I'm sticking with the straight win doubled alongside the Germans.

Hopefully that will be the Super Single losses wiped out and I can tackle the accumulators which have ended in profit in the last two months.

Picking them during the Euros has been difficult but I'm having a go tonight with Germany (again) and Poland as well as Messi to score. He is a best 39-40 at 888sport.

Add Spain draw no bet for a line that pays just under 6-1 at Ladbrokes – and 4-1 if Spain draw.

Remember to check out WeLoveBetting for their latest tips and video chat.

5pts Super Single

Germany (5pm)

Argentina (2am)

(1-1, Coral)

2pts Fourfold

Germany (5pm)

Poland (5pm)

Spain draw no bet (8pm)

Messi to score (2am)

(6-1, Ladbrokes)

June Super Singles Total

Loss: 2.6pts

(16 bets, 6 winners, 1 void)

June Advised Accas Total

Loss: 10.85pts

(16 bets, 3 winners)


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  1. Jordan 2 years ago

    Evening gents. Just in from the local White Heart (how original) and suffice to say I’m not surprised by England’s result. I said Wales to score before 67 minutes would be my bet of the night, and they got all 3 within 68 minutes but that’s the way it goes. Congrats to any Wales natives too. More dead rubber tomorrow so once more I won’t be having a bet. Good luck with your punts.

  2. Johnb 2 years ago

    Well done Wales, looking like it might be a quarterfinal against Belguim if they can get through their last 16 game which could be Northern Ireland

    England could meet any of the 4 group f teams and if they can get through then its probably France in the quarterfinals

    But remember this
    England have only ever won one knockout game at the euros and that was a penalty shootout against Spain in 96
    So England have never won a knockout game in 90mins

    My duel forecast of Wales Slovakia didn’t come in but my pre tournament worries about England always finding a way not to win was pretty much spot on

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Johnb, main problem for England is in all 3 games their opponent has played for a draw and they haven’t been able to cope.
      Wonder what will happen when they face a side that is more open. As you say may have to go to pens in the last 16.

  3. harrybaines 2 years ago

    This could be a possible flaw in the last man standing Challenge. There are 4 people left, if all 4 loose they get another chance the next day. It seem’s they are all going for the same selection as each other as they are guaranteed not to be knocked out as if the bet looses they have another chance. Get some risk into you lads and get some different selection’s going :)

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      harrybaines, a bit harsh. Problem today was there were only 2 games.
      I’m sure there will be different bets with four on Tuesday.

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        No i am just saying, it is pointless though if all of them are copying the each other as nobody will win. Looks like 2/2 have gone for Germany, it will be 4/4 when i wake up. Joking but it more than likely will be

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          harrybaines, so what – someone will win eventually.

          • harrybaines 2 years ago

            Not if they keep going for the same bet’s they won’t as nobody can win or loose

            • Author
              Mr Fixit 2 years ago

              harrybaines, they won’t – someone will chance it.

              • harrybaines 2 years ago

                Hopefully otherwise it will be like watching Slovakia’s defense

                • HullShaker 2 years ago

                  Or watching paint dry or reading this drivel…

                • 2 years ago

                  Somebody went for Poland and I think theyre gone. Germany was always the safest bet today. still 20 games to go shur.

  4. theboss 2 years ago

    Lol I come on to check for any late night tips and you both are on about a challenge your not both in ??

    Night night ?

  5. capone31 2 years ago

    Ukraine looked hopeless last game, Konoplyanka running out of play with the ball, yarmelenko was a mess! I’m staying away from them!

  6. sless1903 2 years ago

    Harry rather than clogging up this thread why not use the dedicated thread for the competition. As has been said already were 45 mins into the new day and already it’s the Harry Baines show.

  7. kelly.d 2 years ago

    winnings from earlier on corners in the volta game

    €25 volta redonda game over 12 corners returns 45

  8. harrybaines 2 years ago

    I have seen a lot of people saying about how they have been given the wrong odd’s from bookies and when they go and get there money they have gave them there money to the right odds so winning’s have been cut.

    Well i was just watching a game and the odds stayed the same from kick off till the 30th minute and i got under 0.5 fhg for 2.30 and the game got taken off a few minutes after, i still got my winning’s for the odd’s i got. Wish i put a lot more on now. What a mistake from the bookie

    • primetime 2 years ago

      Takes one to know one.

      • primetime 2 years ago

        Thank you for confirming that my point is a valid one.

        And fyi, Jordan has his page because he has earned it by posting through the years. If you want a joke, here is a joke, people demanding respect and admiration when they haven’t got any for anyone nor have they earned it. Now that, is an effing joke.

  9. craneguy 2 years ago

    Capone, agree but surely cant be be as bad again tomorrow…… Time will tell…….

    Sless, yer man won’t be told or take any notice yer wastin yer time………..

  10. Jordan 2 years ago

    Change of heart. If it’s one thing I’ve learnt in my new job, team motivation is a big factor in betting. France and Switzerland played like they didn’t need to win the other night, Russia played like they knew they were going home last night, and tonight Ukraine know they already are going home. Of course they won’t want to be embarrassed by their Eastern European neighbours, but they might not have a choice.

    Watching Poland/Germany the other night, if you had replaced Milik’s chances with Lewndowski, the Polish may have well snatched all three points. I fancy them to start quick tonight and give themselves a shot at the top spot in group C, albeit an unlikely one with the Germans playing the Norn Irons. Still, Poland to score before 53 minutes seems good enough for me so I hopefully won’t regret not taking Wales after advising them yesterday.

    Poland goal before 53:00 @ 5/6 @ 365 – 2.4 points

    June Totals

    Bets 22
    Points Staked 39.25
    Points Returned 41.34
    Profit/Loss +2.09

  11. Alves 2 years ago

    Ukraine over 4.5 corners 10/11 @ Skybet

  12. stagger 2 years ago

    Germany win
    Poland DNB
    Czech DNB
    Spain DNB
    returns a top whack of 7/2 (Coral)

  13. Alves 2 years ago

    NI to get 4+ corners 4/6

  14. Alves 2 years ago

    Botafago nxt gl 5/6

  15. Alves 2 years ago

    Read yday thread and it took me a while but can guarantee that folk aren’t moaning about inplay bets, I’ve done it for yrs and never had a moan yet. Inplay usually the best way to go wi corners but if you think the games going to go one way there’s plenty value to be had wi RT markets

  16. kelly.d 2 years ago

    Yay makes up for the losing corner bet ??

  17. Alves 2 years ago

    Defo a winner harry

  18. maxxxx 2 years ago

    Bonjour from your man Max, just checking in I know results have been tough but turning on each other isn’t the way forward. If your losing money then please STOP. I see so many people posting their bets on random obscure leagues it not good guys, I’ve said before discipline is key, if you’re out of work rather than betting a few quid on a obscure game, go for a walk, do some gardening, help out in a charity shop. I saw yesterday people questioning why a game on Bet365 was pulled at H/T with the score at 14-0? Jeezzz I wonder why.

    After a tough couple of days it was nice to land my ONLY TIP of the day at a nice price. The last few days were not great but having a fantastic start to the Euros it was good to land a winner for me and my followers, and I noticed a few on the site were also on Bale to score, so hope I won you a few quid.

    Monday Tip

    Bale to score 8/5 Stan James (3PTS) WON :) £££s

    Posting Tuesday tips shortly

  19. maxxxx 2 years ago

    I am taking a couple of big names to finally come to the party today. I would love the Irish to beat our biggest rivals ze Germans but I cant see it. Germany have been ok so far but should over 90mins have to much quality for the Irish. Muller to play up top is the cry from the Germans fans I have encountered over here, and reading their local press ( with help from a german waitress last night) they could get their wish. He is 6/5 Paddy Power. Lewandowski is the other big name I am referring to and I can see him on the score sheet against a disappointing Ukrainian side. He is 13/10 Hills. I expect despite the Poles having lost their last two against the Ukraine to win the game going off the games I’ve watched these two play over here. I hope some of you get on.

    Tuesday’s Tips

    Muller to score 6/5 (5PTS)
    Lewandowski to score 13/10 (3PTS)
    Poland to win 1/1 Various (5PTS)


  20. radu 2 years ago

    Russia – Wales – 1st Half draw – lost
    Northern Ireland – Germany – HT/FT – Germany/Germany & 2-3 goals aggregate @ 4.20
    Ukraine – Poland – Poland to win @ 1.98
    Czech R. – Turkey – No goal before 29:59 @ 1.75
    Croatia – Spain – Croatia or draw @ 1.87

  21. robertc 2 years ago

    Reading the above…’s like being back to the Harpreet days (when I left the thread completely until it died down). It’s a shame – I love this site.

    I don’t post often, my “tips” aren’t great, so my opinion doesn’t count for much, but the past few weeks haven’t been great. I’m not a Silver Member, and I know the response might be “go elsewhere then” but I love the tips and general banter here, have done for the last four years – just seems to me anyone who’s name starts with “Har” is usually bad for the site!

    Here’s a suggestion from somebody who’s probably got no place to make one – give Harrybaines his own thread and bar posts to the main one.

    People who want to read it can then do so.

    Good luck everyone who’s having a bet today – just Jordan’s Poland bet for me (also on Spain/ Croatia Germany / Poland to top their groups with Iceland to qualify so key day for that one)

    Have a good one ?

  22. waddo 2 years ago

    Morning Mr F and/or admin…I’ve tried posting a couple of times this morning but the posts aren’t appearing on here. When I try to re-post it says it’s a duplicate. Is there a problem with the site again today? Thanks.

  23. nathanl 2 years ago

    My recommended dual forecast from start of the euros..

    Group A – France Switzerland @5-6

    Group B – England Wales @3-1

    Group C – Germany Poland @6-5
    Group D – Spain Croatia @11-10
    Group E – Belgium Italy @11-10
    Group F – Portugal Iceland @7-2

    had £10 on singles (don’t know why I didn’t do doubles) and £5 on they acca pays just over £1800, looks like what I thought from the start that group F would let me down and it’s even worse that hungarys 87th min goal could have cost me big time, Portugal and Iceland need a win tomorrow but I’m doubting Iceland winning against Austria as Iceland in my opinion have been the worst in the group (in terms of possession shots etc.

  24. nathanl 2 years ago

    Haven’t posted my bets for yesterday as don’t want to be deemed as putting too many ‘tips’ up but I did just post my bets and totals for my own benefit to keep track of what I was doing.

    One I do fancy today is turkey DNB @6-5
    Massive odds in my opinion to beat a Czech side that has been awful the last two games, they have spent a good total of around 165/180 mins in their own half and some could say they only drew against Croatia because of the crowd trouble.
    Turkey do have the few standout players that can get forward and will think they will atleast score

  25. waddo 2 years ago

    Morning gents, hopefully today will be a more profitable day than yesterday – England break their 7 game streak of there being a goal after 75th minute and couldn’t hit a barn door last night. Congratulations to Wales and England for getting through.

    One of my favourite leagues for goals involves a few games today…Sweden U21. You can virtually always guarantee goals there, it’s just about picking the right games. So, today I’m going with:

    GIF U21 v AIK U21
    Jonkopings U21 v Elfsborg U21
    Assyriska U21 v Degerfors U21

    Over 2.5 goals treble @ 4/5

    And, a little dabble on…

    GIF U21 v AIK U21
    Jonkopings U21 v Elfsborg U21
    Assyriska U21 v Degerfors U21
    Angelholms U21 v Varnamo U21
    Norrkoping U21 v Orebro U21
    Orgryte U21 v GAIS U21

    Over 2.5 goals 6-fold @ 3/1

    *I’m literally putting spare change on this one as there’s usually one bugger that lets you down.

    Hopefully Mr Luck pay’s us all a visit today. Will be on Germany and Poland to do the business tonight too and may post a few tips later on those matches. ?

    • waddo 2 years ago

      Also worth mentioning…there’s two more games that aren’t yet available pre-match – they are:

      Norrkoping U21 v Orebro U21
      AFC U21 v Frej U21

      I’m expecting plenty of goals in these two matches so would be worth a watch in play.

    • theboss 2 years ago


      Dowws in the first game :( gutted!

      • waddo 2 years ago

        Yes, sorry mate – one of the games I expected the most goals in. I’m on most of these in-play – hopefully will get a few winners to make some £ back on the treble loss.

  26. maccathered 2 years ago

    both to win pays 1.92 gl all
    i see the hb show is alive and kicking…

  27. jinx 2 years ago

    Germany win, poland win, croatia/spain both teams score and czech/turkey under 2.5goals. Just under 10/1 william hill

  28. dc john boy 2 years ago

    I never liked to bet unders as hate not wanting to see goals

    All four euro games today to go under 2.5gls returns 5/1

    Can’t make up my mind, probably leave it as one will might go over. Been disappointed with tournament so far, but been good for goals which not good for betting. Looking forward to leagues resuming

    Like the look of this to

    Poland to score
    Spain btts

    Returns just under 2/1

    Won’t be high stakes tho

    Good luck all

  29. dc john boy 2 years ago

    NOT been good for goals – really need to stop using phone to post

  30. waddo 2 years ago

    Poland v Ukraine

    After Ukraine’s first game against Germany I actually thought they may be in with a chance of qualifying – they played really well despite the loss and really looked up for it. Along came the NI game and not to take anything away from the GAWA – Ukraine were awful, they just didn’t look interested and were a shadow of the attacking side I saw against Germany. Ukraine are already out, so tonight is meaningless for them (unless they’re after a bit of pride) where as Poland could top the group if they outscore Germany by a few goals.

    Whilst Poland only need to draw against Ukraine tonight I reckon they’ll go for the win to attempt a leapfrog over Germany and go into the knockouts with a bit of momentum. I’ve been impressed with Poland so far despite the lack of goals. They’re a good attacking side with intent and have kept the ball for long periods in their first two games, they just need to get Mr Lewandowski into the game a bit more and I’m sure they’ll start notching again like they did in the qualifiers. As Jordan mentioned earlier – if Lewandowski had the Milik chances I’m certain he would have bagged.

    Poland haven’t conceded in their last 3 matches and I’m struggling to see Ukraine netting tonight with no motivation to do so…*queue Ukraine playing their best match of the tournament!

    I’m decided on…

    Poland win to nil @ 15/8 (SkyBet)
    Lewandowski ATGS @ 13/10 (WH)

    Good luck gents.

    • handyman22 2 years ago

      Agree with you here Waddo at 15/8 a win to nil can’t be ignored i simply can’t see Ukraine playing with any intent.

  31. nazalus 2 years ago

    Ffs,come on Mr F or Admin,sort this out,Everytime i come on here all i see is Harrybaines arguing with someone.Ok its not always him thats starting it,but its like the old days of ” he who shall remain nameless”…..Ive been visiting this site for over 4 years,sometimes contributing,sometimes opinionated,but enough is enough,its NOT the Harrybaines show ,its a betting forum for the guys who like to share their good luck stories or bad luck days,,BUT WHY OH WHY do we need to see this drivel everyday..Please please do something before myself & probably a lot more leave & never return.

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      Just to clear it up mate, the forum looks a mess but all i do is write something and get hate. I am within my rights to reply and if people actually look, i am never ever the one to start the arguments. I just defend myself and if am am cocky it is not my problem as everyone else seems to give me abuse so i will give it back.

      People need to stop nit picking at my post’s and then there wouldn’t be this mess. As mr f has said before, it isn’t hard to ignore my post’s so just do it :)

  32. spursman 2 years ago

    Anyone any thoughts on the early Australian games?

  33. nathanl 2 years ago

    Two for me today…

    Germany win to nil
    Poland DNB

    Challenge bet 3
    Germany win
    Poland DNB
    Turkey DNB
    £14.81 pays £57.86

  34. the notorious 2 years ago

    Mr f, last few days on this thread is nothing but people taking aim at Harry. He is entitled to post 100 times a day if he wants. Theres nothing more frustrating then having every second comment a 10 line paragraph on Harry Baines. Craneguy in particular seems to take daily swipes at Harry. If you dont like Harrys tips dont bet them and dont shoot him down otherwise you end with comments like this whiich benefit nobody.

  35. Jordan 2 years ago

    @harrybaines calling me cocky ? The only joke on here is you pal. Seen someone mention ‘Harp’ today and I have to agree. Another spoilt little boy who bets off Mum & Dad’s money. Get yourself a job, girlfriend or life. Something, please. For the benefit of this website. It’s not healthy what you’re doing mate. I’ll leave you alone now.

    Max X The Fourth, nobody posts on the Other Sports Threads because there are no sports. When NBA was in full flow there were many posters but they died a horrible death as the excuses and consistency died off. You’ve posted about 20 tips in your lifetime on this site, the other times you’ve just posted jealousy against me, and although I agree with Alves, your tips have been pretty good, stop pretending you’re in France and get delivering that milk again.

    Mr F. I will personally forward you £1000 for the site changes to be done today ?

  36. liamw 2 years ago

    Like most on here not ususally a fan of unders, either on goals or corners, but it just seems unlikely that the Czech game will be an exciting affair:

    4 fold, pays around 11/10 Bet 365:

    Draw or poland
    CR vs Turkey U3.5mgls
    ” vs ” Race to 9 corners, neither
    Spain vs Croatia Over 1.0 Asian goals

    11/10 Bet 365

    Would also be good to get the opinion of the regular corners folks on here on the Czech vs Turkey game going unders in the first half. No corner in the first 10 mins pays 5/4 and Under 5.0 Asian corners pays 1.8 if I remember correctly. Worth a go? No-one likes unders but it seems decent value?

    Also, not sure whether I’ll bet on it but a four fold on U3.0, 3.5 Asian Goal Line pays 1.28/1 – again, thoughts appreciated – has any game made 4 goals yet??

  37. davros 2 years ago

    Morning all,
    Euro picks from me today:-

    Germany 1/3
    Poland 19/20
    Croatia v Spain Total Goal Bands 2-3 21/20
    Czech Republic v Turkey Total Goal Bands 2-3 Evens

    1.3 points stake, pays around 10/1

    Good luck all today!

  38. liamw 2 years ago

    Forgot about the Czech vs Croatia game, special circumstances in that one though!

  39. tribe lover 2 years ago

    3 bets for me today.

    Poland, Spain, Germany, Czech R all to win @ 11/1
    Poland, Spain, Czech all DNB @ 2/1
    Over 3 1st half German and Spain corners @4/1

    Good luck with all your bets today

  40. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Croatia v Spain – Aside from the Spaniards, Croatia have been one of the teams of the tournament so far.

    Really well organised outfit with Modric acting as play maker and the two Inter guys bombing back and forward on the wings.

    Not much needs saying about Iniesta and the Spanish side but BTTS looks worth a shout at 5/4
    (2 Points)

    Also fancy Poland to kick on tonight and Over 1.5 team goals also pays 5/4
    (2 Points)

    Double of above pays 4.06/1
    (1 Point)

    Best of luck with all bets

    • tribe lover 2 years ago

      Beware of Croatia bud as Modric is confirmed to be out for todays game, without him I think it will be all Spain

      • HullShaker 2 years ago

        Cheers tribe lover – looks like Kovacic set to stand in and that replacement didn’t work out too great last time out…bets already on! Could be a long night for the Croatian midfield.

  41. nathanl 2 years ago

    Correct scores punt for fun…

    NI 0 – 2 Germany @9-2
    Ukraine 0 – 1 Poland @9-2
    Croatia 1 – 1 Spain @11-2
    Czech 1 – 2 turkey @11-1

    £1 singles
    .50 doubles
    .25 trebles
    .10 fourfold pays £335 (wishful thinking?)

  42. handyman22 2 years ago

    Tough day of betting with it being the last games of the group, team news will be crucial and while i fancy a few bets i’ll try stick to a few singles and one or two more.
    I really like Turkey today at the odds against the Czechs, while alot of people are writing them off a win could see them through as 3rd place qualifiers if Sweden/Ireland fail to win tomorrow and they score 2+ goals and with a front three of Turan, Calhanoglou and Yilmaz i think they have what it takes against a poor Czech side.

    I really fancy Argentina tonight too against an already poor USA team missing Jermaine Jones, Bedoya and Wood. Their aim was semi finals and now they’ve got there i feel Messi and co will steam roll them. They haven’t looked convinving to me in any games in this Copa America.

    Turkey 9/4

    Argentina -1 6/5 NAP

    Poland win to nil 15/8 NB

    Germany win to nil 4/5
    Argentina -1 6/5

    Poland win to nil 15/8
    Turkey DNB 5/4
    Croatia vs Spain draw 21/10

  43. waddo 2 years ago

    Does anyone fancy the Czech Republic v Turkey game to see a few goals tonight? I know the trend of the tournament has generally been under’s but both teams (as awful as they’ve been) MUST win this game tonight or they’re out…Turkey need to win by several goals too. No point holding back for either team, as it stands, both are going out so surely we’ll see at least 3 here tonight?

    Best odds I can see at the minute are 11/8 for over 2.5 goals @ BetVictor.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      waddo, I’ve seen tips for goals and as you say both teams have nothing to lose.

    • maccathered 2 years ago

      I see goals mate and i can see a turkey win,the crowd needs to get off arda turans back and i think he will shut them up tonight.

      • waddo 2 years ago

        Thank you gents – I think the odds are too generous to turn down for the overs. Good luck if either of you take it. I know what you mean @maccathered mate regarding Turan, a lot of pressure on him to perform because he’s a Barca player. As a team Turkey have been poor, not just one individual.

        • maccathered 2 years ago

          @waddo got to remember they played spain in their last game and for me spain will win the tournament i thought maybe england would do it but they don’t hold enough experience as of yet.

  44. theboss 2 years ago

    Bloody hell come back on and everyone is still arguing….

    Any tips today or is it just a slating thread.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      theboss, I’ve tidied up – not sure why everyone can’t just get on as we’re here for the same purpose.
      Anyway changes are being worked on and people who only want to read certain comments should like them.

  45. big mac 2 years ago

    Ffs is it only Harry that’s aloud to chat shit on here without getting posts deleted?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      big mac, I simply tidied up the thread – too much waste on it.
      Lots of Harry’s comments deleted too.

  46. archie 2 years ago


    Gl all

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      archie, take out Wales and there’s hardly been any first-half goals. What are the odds – and is it worth doing 15 bets?

    • waddo 2 years ago

      I think you’re onto something here @archie

      Of the 28 games played at Euro 2016 – only 5 games haven’t been a draw after 30 minutes. And only 6 goals scored from 51 before 30:00 so far, so wouldn’t be surprised to see 0-0 in all 4 come 30:00.

      All four games to be a draw after 30 minutes is available with Coral @ 5.58 but I’ll go with the 3 from 4 perm bet just in case we see a rogue goal or two float in. Thanks for highlighting mate.

  47. bullseye 2 years ago

    Big Euro card and it would be wrong not to try a couple of acca’s


    NI vs Germany – Draw/Germany
    NI vs Germany – Germany – 5 corners
    Ukraine vs Poland – over 2.0 goal line
    Ukraine vs Poland over 4.5 first half Asian corners
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – draw no bet Czech Republic
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – corner match bet Czech Republic
    Croatia vs Spain – over 1.5 MG’s
    Croatia vs Spain – corner match bet Spain



    NI vs Germany – half with most goals 2nd
    Ukraine vs Poland – over 4.5 Ukraine corners
    Croatia vs Spain – corner match bet Spain
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – draw no bet Czech Republic
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – corner match bet Czech Republic


    Good luck all

  48. maccathered 2 years ago

    Liking your double mr f

  49. punterpounder 2 years ago

    gone for a treble today


    £10 returns £50.91 @willhill (placed in store)

  50. markus 2 years ago

    This used to be my favorite drama site. Now it’s all about “tips”, pff. Greg, johnb, waddo, jordan, bulls — can we get back to what’s important please — like what max had for dinner or who’s gunning for harry today.

    Hey, harry mate; *lose, *their, *would’ve :)

    Carry on…

    • dom77 2 years ago

      Ha. I’m an English Teacher and I did pick up on those spellings. Didnt want to offend by pointing them out.

  51. rog 2 years ago

    Putting together many of the learned opinions on here I have come up with this for some interest.

    Over 0.5 Poland 1st goals 11/10
    Lewandowski anytime 11/10
    Lewandowski to score & Poland win 11/4
    Poland win 17/20

    Muller anytime 10/11
    Germany o 1.5 tg’s

    Spain win 21/20
    8 trebles
    To 1 pt stakes returns just over 70 in the event all senarios are met of course . Poland is obviously the key game .

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      A one goal defeat could well still send northern Ireland through and Germany would take a 1 goal win to win the group.

      Poland should get the point they need for 2nd place against a disinterested Ukraine.

      Czech game like the Romania game in that both need a win. Romania finished 0-1 and this could be similar.

      Spain game will be a dead rubber and it could well peter out into a training match with a 0-0 or 1-0 Spain win

      Germany win and under 2.5 match goals 1-0 2-0 or 3-0 spread
      Poland win and under 2.5 match goals 0-0 1-0 2-0 spread.
      Czech republic 1-0 0-0 0-1 spread
      Spain 1-0 0-0 1-1 spread.

      All games total under 8.5 goals ??

  52. dc john boy 2 years ago

    Decided not to do the unders four fold so as one game possibly turkey or Germany game would let me down so tonight’s bet will just be the follwing double

    Poland to score
    Spain btts

    Returns 2/1 (odds now lower but bet placed fist thing this morning)

    Will maybe do goal scorer once teams are confirmed

  53. cockney villain 2 years ago

    Spain corner match bet win.
    Poland corner match bet win.
    Over 2.0 goal line Northern Ireland v Germany.
    £25 on pays £96 good luck all.

  54. raoul duke 2 years ago

    Afternoon all.

    I usually reside in the ‘other sports’ thread, posting NBA tips… but fancy a punt or 2 on Euro’s.

    Spain v Croatia.

    Interesting game, Croatia have been one of my favourite teams to watch this Euros, having said that I do think the plan tonight will be ‘do not lose, and guarantee 2nd spot’ especially if they’re without Modric.

    Unfortunately bore draws and scrappy games have been a theme of the group matches this Euros, and I think this game could go the same way (to begin with).. Spain ‘should’ however manage to eventually pick the lock, score a goal and open this one up – you’d think.

    But I do think Croatia hold out for the 1st half at least. I like No Goal Before 36mins @ 1.83 (Bet 365).

    Czech Republic v Turkey.

    It’s already been mentioned on the board, and I believe in it to…GOALS.

    Turkey need a win, so why on earth would they sit back and defend?.. Not going to happen. At least 2 goals in this one.

    Euro 2016 Group D Double

    Spain v Croatia – No Goal Before 36mins
    Czech Republic v Turkey – Over 1.5 Match Goals

    Double @ 2.57 – 2 Points.

    Good luck everyone.

  55. the notorious 2 years ago

    Mr f, wheres Harry today? I need his input on the games

  56. waddo 2 years ago

    Poland lineup vs. Ukraine…

    Fabianski, Cionek, Glik, Pazdan, Jedrzejczyk, Krychowiak, Jodlowiec, Kapustka, Zielinski, Milik, Lewandowski

  57. waddo 2 years ago

    Germany line up vs Northern Ireland…

    Neuer, Hector, Hummels, Khedira, Özil, Müller, Boateng, Kroos, Götze, Kimmich, Gomez

    Good to see they finally have a striker on the field in Gomez. Should be a Germany win here.

  58. kelly.d 2 years ago

    €10 accum starting in few mins returns €75 just for fun while waiting on 5pm kick offs
    pk 35 vaanta game
    Jonkopings game
    sk senco game
    fk nika game

    all over 1.5 fhg

  59. kelly.d 2 years ago

    €30 germany ht result, lewandowski atgs returns €123

  60. 2 years ago

    bet/game 29
    Put €25 on
    Lewy atgs
    Pays €51
    Put €25 on
    Ger -1
    Pays €49

    GL all

  61. andrzejstarba 2 years ago

    Was busy at work today so no write up about polska.
    Following bets I’m on
    Poland win
    Lewandowski to score
    Poland race to 5 and 7 corners

  62. theboss 2 years ago


    Well that’s pissed me off!! The game that didn’t come in was 1/9 and the rest are lower odds and there all winning! Pissed right off

  63. humble tipper 2 years ago

    Germany looking to run riot here
    Germany -2 9/5

  64. andrzejstarba 2 years ago

    Well Poland are playing shit

  65. theboss 2 years ago

    I’m anout to stick over 2.5 team goals Germany but 2nd half could be tottaly different! And knowing my luck!

  66. bullseye 2 years ago


    NI vs Germany – Draw/Germany
    NI vs Germany – Germany – 5 corners
    Ukraine vs Poland – over 2.0 goal line
    Ukraine vs Poland over 4.5 first half Asian corners
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – draw no bet Czech Republic
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – corner match bet Czech Republic
    Croatia vs Spain – over 1.5 MG’s
    Croatia vs Spain – corner match bet Spain

    160/1 LOST


    NI vs Germany – half with most goals 2nd
    Ukraine vs Poland – over 4.5 Ukraine corners
    Croatia vs Spain – corner match bet Spain
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – draw no bet Czech Republic
    Czech Republic vs Turkey – corner match bet Czech Republic

    16/1 LOST

    Both down in flames but for big returns they’re always worth doing

  67. Jordan 2 years ago

    54th minute. 53:53. Swines.

    • Jordan 2 years ago

      In fact it was 53:31. My fault as I liked them on the WDW. Apologies gents.

  68. Author
    Mr Fixit 2 years ago

    Jordan,let’s all move on. This isn’t doing anyone any good.

    • Jordan 2 years ago

      Get those site changes done pronto Mr F. It will be a better betting world. Can’t react to what we can’t see.

  69. nate pesh 2 years ago

    Main bet today is Germany and Argentina double which has started well

    Gonna have a look at the 2 late euro games to see if there is anything worth backing

  70. bigdazza123 2 years ago

    #CRo : Subasic, Srna, Corluka, Jedvaj, Vrsaljko, Rog, Badelj, Perisic, Rakitic, Pjaca, Kalinic.

    #ESP : De Gea; Juanfran, Ramos, Piqué, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Iniesta, Fábregas; Silva, Nolito, Morata.

  71. kelly.d 2 years ago

    Thirteen players on online bookie Betsafe cashed 100 times their stake when the Euro 2016 match ball burst into pieces.

    The very unexpected match ball explosion in Monday’s match between Switzerland & France has cost Betsafe thousands. They were the only sportsbook worldwide to have a market live for the Beau Jeu ball to burst in-play.

    The biggest individual winner was from Norway – taking home an impressive £1675 on the 99/1 special odds. WELL PLAYED SIR.

  72. craneguy 2 years ago

    Ukraine btts evens LOST

    Should of taken capones advice last night.

    Tonight, hopefully with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also note no use of Scots slang.

    Czech Rep, Spain o1.5MGS 11/10

    Small stake for interest as keeping powder dry for the night owl.

    Guid luck awe wi a bet oan may yer lums reek!!!……… DAMN IT :D :D :P ;)

  73. chris guy 2 years ago


    Mandzukic to score anytime with a header @ 14/1 (Hills)

    Gerard Pique to score anytime with a header @ 25/1 (Skybet)

    Good luck everyone

  74. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Just the 1 goal for Poland so that’s brings the double down.

    Not a market I’d usually play but Iniesta is 7/2 for ‘Man of the Match’ and is worth a point as he should dominate play with the Croatians making a few changes.
    (2 Points)

    Good luck?

  75. dc john boy 2 years ago

    Tonight’s anytime scorer bets

    Yilmaz 2/1
    Kalinic 9/2

    2 singles & feeling lucky with a 15.5/1 double

    Good luck all

  76. kelly.d 2 years ago

    €10 spain win and over 10 corners, turkey game over 2.5 match goals and over 10 corners returns €170

  77. wasclueless 2 years ago

    Morata ATGS 15/8 ….
    hope he can carry on where he left of in the Turkey game – hitting the onion bag!!
    Ramos ATGS 8/1

  78. mr. orange 2 years ago

    3 games left I like for goals before the knock-out stage.

    Czech Republic v Turkey
    Iceland v Austria
    Sweden v Belgium
    Over 1.5 match goals treble @ 3.06 with 888

    Czech Republic v Turkey over 2.5 match goals
    Iceland v Austria 2-3 goals
    Sweden v Belgium 2-3 goals
    Treble @ 9.20 with BF

  79. -wato- 2 years ago

    Euro 2016 8pm
    Czech Republic v Turkey
    Over 1.5 Match Goals

    Brazil – Serie B 11.15pm
    Ceara v Oeste
    Ceara Over 0.5 Team Goals

    CRB v Parana
    CRB Over 0.5 Team Goals

    9/10 (Coral)

  80. robertc 2 years ago

    Morata and Perisic both to score 16/1 with Sky – it’s where my £3 free bet for Germany winning is going

  81. nate pesh 2 years ago

    Nolito AGS 10/3 bet365

    Has come close last few games

    Spain over 6 corners 7/5 WHill

    Busquets to be booked 7/2

  82. 2 years ago

    Thankfully winning elsewhere and can keep this mad 51 bets thingy going. Will put up the losses at the very end.

    bet/game 31
    Put €25 on
    Czech o2.5mgs
    Pays €57.50
    Put €25 on
    Spain win
    Pays €49

    Crossbar hit in German game so put €25 on Arg win + o3.5mgs later pays €75

    GL all

  83. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Over 2.5 Spanish team goals…2/1 – going to have to be done with that early goal.
    (3 Points)

  84. craneguy 2 years ago

    Dc, cheers GL too…..

    Waddo, nice pick on Poland

    Wato, well thought out treble as always

    Hull, “that’s brings down the double” tut tut sit up at the back lad, could find yourself in front of the headmaster there sir……..

    Not many wins posted so far today couple of good looking tips up for tonite GL too all………

  85. theboss 2 years ago

    Now this is a proper game!

  86. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Spain game over 1.5 fhg

    3.00 decimal odds

    5 Points lol

  87. Jordan 2 years ago

    Evening gents. With Poland scoring their goal 30 seconds too late I go into the minus for the month. But only by about £4 so no real drama. Tonight is the first Copa America Semi-Final where the hosts USA face a tough task against Argentina. Lionel Messi started his first game in the competition against Venezuela and I’m pretty sure he will start tonight, with Angel Di Maria also pushing for a start after missing the last two games with an injury. The USA will be without Jermaine Jones, Alejandro Bedoya and Bobby Wood. Jones is a key man in the midfield and you could compare him to Eric Dier for England, while Bedoya and Wood and more attacking options and will miss out due to yellow card accumulations.

    Argentina are the clear favourites here but are quite short. Obviously not a cert but the good thing here is that if Messi doesn’t start, the bet will be voided. I think another bet that has good value is Gyasi Zardes for the USA to have one shot on target. Just one, which you can get @ EVS @ 888Sport.

    Lionel Messi (Argentina) Anytime @ 22/23 @ 888Sport – 2.3 points

    Gyasi Zardes (USA) Over 0.5 Shot(s) On Target @ EVS @ 888Sport – 2 points

    Bets will be settled according to official statistics published by

  88. wasclueless 2 years ago

    Morata ATGS 15/8 WON :)

  89. dc john boy 2 years ago

    Lucky feeling paid off

    Yilmaz 2/1
    Kalinic 9/2

    2 singles & feeling lucky with a 15.5/1 double **WON**

    Kalinic goal also brought in double

    Poland to score
    Spain btts

    Returns 2/1 **WON**

    Might start enjoying these euros now

    Well done all winners & who will win in second half

  90. archie 2 years ago

    Ooooppppssss ,picked the wrong day for the draws atv30 min . Well never mind .

  91. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Stroll on – a winner…

    Croatia v Spain…BTTS 5/4
    (2 points)


  92. bullseye 2 years ago

    Copa America

    USA vs Argentina double:

    card before 25:00
    Argentina to score in both halves


  93. harrybaines 2 years ago


    Spain race to 7 corner’s @1.53


  94. craneguy 2 years ago

    Couple of nice winners in on the scorers WD lads…….. Great stuff……. ;)

  95. craneguy 2 years ago

    Czech rep, Croatia o1.5mgs 11/10 WON

    Win at the euros for a change nice n early too…..

  96. harrybaines 2 years ago

    Glad Ramos missed, not a pen in a million year’s

  97. theboss 2 years ago

    Ffs why is Ramos taking it!??

  98. wasclueless 2 years ago

    ahhh Ramos ya muppet !!!

  99. Jordan 2 years ago

    Silva, Iniesta and Fabregas on the pitch and Sergio Ramos takes your penalty ?

    • theboss 2 years ago

      Stupidness!! Just when I need Spain to win ??

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Jordan, he’s the taker – but that was a poor one.

    • wasclueless 2 years ago

      even more pissed when I had him as an ATGS !!

      • Jordan 2 years ago

        Seems a strange one Mr F considering the players on the pitch. Didn’t help that the keeper was almost on the spot when he took it.

      • dc john boy 2 years ago

        That’s a sore one. Well done on morata though

      • harrybaines 2 years ago

        It’s a joke when he misses and you have a bet on but it shouldn’t of been one anyway, little bit of Justice. Croatia by far the better team in the second half

        • harrybaines 2 years ago

          Told you lad’s, the better team has scored. What were the odds for them to win? Can’t believe i didn’t look

    • markus 2 years ago

      I put 10 units on o2.5 literally 3 seconds before the pen was awarded. What a roller coaster of emotions. Glad Perisic closed the deal. Damn, what a great match he had today. Minus the shirtless torso, that was just plain stupid

  100. kelly.d 2 years ago

    thanks again harry well done

  101. harrybaines 2 years ago


    Spain race to 7 corner’s @1.53



    Annoy’s me i got on for like 1.65 but it went up to 2.40 :( Anyone else get pissed when the odd’s get that high and you could of had them lol

  102. Jordan 2 years ago

    Oh dear De Gea. @robertc top shout even though it was £3!

  103. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Whoa…Croatia get a second – did I not see a croatian over 1.5 tgs selection this morning…John B maybe? Whoever it was, cracking stuff.

  104. capone31 2 years ago

    Croatia were 4/1 dc when 0-1 and around 16/1 for the win

  105. harrybaines 2 years ago

    #ENG, #ESP, #ITA, #FRA, #GER are now all in he same half of the draw….. #Euro2016

    Unlucky England lad’s

    • shauncpfc 2 years ago

      Doesn’t make a huge difference, gotta play the best if you want to achieve anything.

      Plus it may well be better to play an opposition team who wants to actually turn up and play a football match, not an attack vs defence training session.

  106. nathanl 2 years ago

    Posted this morning..

    Two for me today…

    Germany win to nil
    Poland DNB

    Challenge bet 3
    Germany win
    Poland DNB
    Turkey DNB
    £14.81 pays £57.86

    Stated this morning that I fancied turkey DNB @6-5, great odds against a poor Czech side!

    Correct score punts
    Germany 2-0 LOST
    Poland 1-0 WON
    Croatia 1-1 LOST
    Turkey 2-1 LOST
    Tiny stakes but was looking good with for a while

    Well done all winners

  107. the notorious 2 years ago

    Harry Ive lost track of how many goals have been scored after 86 minutes lol

    • harrybaines 2 years ago

      It is unreal, they go in when i don’t have a bet on. 3 bets on goals in the second half in the Euro’s and it has downed my Challenge 3 times in 3 nights. The one time i don’ do it and boom, just like i said haha

  108. Jordan 2 years ago

    Only just realised England get to face the runner up of Group F, which is any four of Hungary, Iceland, Austria or Portugal. Get through them and it’s France or third place from C/D or E in the Quarter-Final. Still well in it ?

    • the notorious 2 years ago

      England going nowhere fast. Hodgson aint go a clue with his caveman style management. Every time you watch him on the training ground or in the dugout, he’s like a rabbit caught in headlights.

      • Jordan 2 years ago

        Going further than Ireland.

        • the notorious 2 years ago

          Fairly predictable. Im amazed at some people that believe the hype surrounding England. Its a pity they dont have a manager to give themselves some hope. All you English out there shoulnt have too much longer to wait till Roy of the Rover gets the sack!

      • capone31 2 years ago

        I have to agree, Bring in Arry Redknapp.

        Jordan, you can’t compare our groups or the size of the countries! England will underachieve if they don’t reach the semis!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Jordan, it’s France then – don’t see England beating France.

  109. nathanl 2 years ago

    Don’t like the challenge thread and it’s only the second I’ve posted today so it shouldn’t be a problem posting here, besides this is more a ‘tip’ than bickering?

    £9.07 Bet 4
    Splitting stakes

    £40 Argentina win pays £58

    £17.86 Argentina -1 pays £38.29

  110. stagger 2 years ago

    Germany win
    Poland DNB
    Czech DNB
    Spain DNB
    returns a top whack of 7/2 (Coral)

    That’s me until the knockouts. There’s some hot Swedish action tomorrow which I may get on instead.

  111. dc john boy 2 years ago

    Don’t often do night owls but on

    Argentina over 3.5mgs 9/4
    Argentina over 2.5tgs 7/4

    Good luck all

  112. craneguy 2 years ago

    Dc I’m thinking very similar to you tonite so GL on them, cracking scorers from you tonite was a few cracking tips up this evening for a wee change…..

    Onto the nite owls, euros not been kind to me but been doing ok in the copa and SA games past 2 or 3 nites had a 6/5 a 21/10 and a 5/1 just about sees losses on euros back, hopefully tonite will see me back in the black for the month. Been looking at these 2 games for a couple of days now not being able to decide which way to go so decided to just go on all 4 bets

    USA o2.5mgs 8/11
    USA o2.5mgs, palmeiras o1.5tgs 6/4
    USA o3.5mgs 15/8
    Argentina o2.5tgs, palmeiras o3.5mgs 7/1

    GL all on a late one……..

  113. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Tomorrow’s Euro card sees 4 matches and there’s a potential upset in each – barring Italy, not one of the 3 other ‘favourites’ have really impressed so far.

    On the contrary, all 4 of the underdogs have offered more than their prices reflect and there is perhaps some value in either the BTTS or (Craneguy’s favourite Saturday night) ‘no clean sheet’ markets.

    I’ll be taking on both with low stakes:

    BTTS 4 FOLD…24.41/1
    (1 Point)

    (1 Point)

    Also worth a look is KR Reykjavic v IA Akranes (2015 KO) in the Icelandic top flight tomorrow – will have a look in depth tomorrow but if the price is evens or better for KR -1 on the handicap, I’ll be taking that.

  114. davros 2 years ago

    Euro picks from me today:-

    Germany 1/3
    Poland 19/20
    Croatia v Spain Total Goal Bands 2-3 21/20
    Czech Republic v Turkey Total Goal Bands 2-3 Evens

    1.3 points stake, pays around 10/1
    :-) :-) WINNER :-) :-) :-)

  115. davros 2 years ago

    Thanks Hull :-)

    • craneguy 2 years ago

      Certainly was a cracker dav few nice winners tonite great to see as was slim pickings on the early ko’s

  116. Alves 2 years ago

    Ceara RT7 21/20. 1-1 inplay

  117. ray_ez 2 years ago

    Like a Crap episode of holyoaks in here today?.
    I reckon Messi might bag 2. Coral offered 9/2. I bit.
    Any other night owl tips I may have missed whilst sifting through the ??

  118. nathanl 2 years ago

    Argentina win
    Portugal win
    Italy DNB

  119. harrybaines 2 years ago

    What everyone saying about Argentina game? Will it be tight or will there be a few goal flying in

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