MILOS RAONIC rallied from a set down to oust British hope James Ward on Monday and today it's the turn of Andy Murray to fly the flag.

The super Scot is just 1-16 to make it past Yen Hsun-Lu while Rafa Nadal – going for back-to-back titles – is 1-4 at Boylesports in his battle with Alexandr Dolgopolov (10-3, Skybet).

Match of the day could well be Aussie starlet Nick Kyrgious versus French Open champ Stan Wawrinka. It's the pair's first ever meeting and Kyrgios is 7-5 at BetVictor against Sportingbet's 13-20 Swiss ace.

In the women's Aegon Classic, Heather Watson is 4-9 at Bet365 to give her Wimbledon preparations a boost with victory over Aleksandra Krunic, 11-5 at 888sport.

It's not often Scotland are hot favourites to trounce Brazil but that's the case at the Snooker World Cup where the day's matches also include Wales against Poland and England taking on China B.

And Golden State Warriors can wrap up glory in the NBA finals when they take a 3-2 lead into the latest battle with Cleveland Cavs.

Good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.

  1. Dazid316 3 years ago

    ***Posted Yesterday***
    MLB for tonight

    Double @ 2.82 LOST
    Altanta Braves @ Boston Red Sox
    Over 3.5 Atlanta Runs @ evens (Win 4-2)
    Toronto Blue Jays @ NY Mets
    Over 3.5 Toronto Runs @ 10/11 (Lost 4-3) 1 run short

    5 Fold @ 28.30/1 (Free £5 Bet) LOST
    Altanta Braves (Win 4-2)
    Toronto Blue Jays (Lost 4-3)
    Texas Rangers (Win 4-1)
    St Louis Cardinals (Win 3-2)
    NY Yankees (Lost 2-1)

  2. Dazid316 3 years ago

    Tennis Today Queens/Halle

    6 Fold @ 2.54/1
    Murray 2-0
    Berdych 2-0

    Anyone think this has a good chance? any feedback welcome

    • punterpounder 3 years ago

      looks good to me good odds aswell good luck

  3. huggybear 3 years ago

    9.15 am

    san miguel beermen -13.5 £40 on

    or team total over 100

  4. punterpounder 3 years ago

    tennis 5fold

    jankovic 2/5

    nadal 1/5

    wawrinka 8/15

    azarenka 1/7

    troicki 4/11

    5fold odds: 4/1 @b365

  5. bazza131 3 years ago

    Any reasoning on ur 2 picks ad

  6. Bazza 3 years ago

    Rugby league State of origin will any team score 3 unanswered tries : bet no $1.75
    These games have been low scoring tight games can’t see this one been any different and unlikely for any team to get 3 unanswered tries

  7. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Blue Jays @ Mets
    Blue Jays o7.5 hits @ 1.83 *lost*

    Braves @ Red Sox
    Braves @ 2.55 *won*

    Blue Jays @ Mets
    Team to score first wins @ 1.42
    Braves @ Red Sox
    Team to score first wins @ 1.4

    Double @ 1.99 *lost*

    Blue Jays losing in extra innings cost me last night, as their win streak came to an end.

  8. Ad 3 years ago

    Nothing too I nsightful from me on these.

    I think on a grass court there’s a decent chance of Rosol stepping up and getting past Monfils if the Frenchmans not quite at his switched on best, which he often isn’t. Especially with him transitioning quickly from one tournament to another. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to check the scores later and see Rosol has won, so I’m going to put a little bit of money behind that happening!

    Johnson- hasn’t played on grass yet this year which is perhaps not ideal, but assuming he doesn’t take long to adjust he should run Tomic close at least. He should match up pretty well against Tomic on a grass court and I’m expecting a few long sets and plumping with the underdog who will hopefully show enough aggression to take the initiative when it counts.

  9. bazza131 3 years ago

    Cheers ad thanks for reply thought the same about monfills worth a dabble good luck

  10. DK 3 years ago

    Murray 2-0
    Nadal 2-0
    Cilic 2-0

    Sky enhanced treble 11/4

  11. Dazid316 3 years ago

    Saw that DK, still trying to decide to put something on it or not

  12. Ad 3 years ago

    Personally, i don’t like that treble. Especially as sky are promoting it! I think Nadal and Cilic could both well drop a set. I’m almost tempted to back Rafa to lose, but I’ll mull that one over a little longer first as it’s probably a stupid idea that’s stemming from Rafas previously poor form. Has he turned the corner?
    Dolgopolov is a seriously dangerous player on his day, it may come down to whether last week’s title is the perfect preparation and confidence builder for Rafa or a slight drain on him. I have a feeling it will be the former.
    Having focussed on those two, it will probably be Murray who goes on to blow the bet!

  13. Ad 3 years ago

    Johnson beats Tomic 6-3, 7-6 to start the day on the front foot. :)

  14. bazza131 3 years ago

    Thanks ad great shout on jhonson comon rosol

  15. punterpounder 3 years ago

    tbf seeing as rafa is coming to queens for the first time in a few years instead of Gerry weber and is prepared to pay the tax which goes with it I think he’s going to be bang on form and will progress far this week so I wouldn’t bet against the Spaniard yet

  16. Felix 3 years ago

    Wawrinka may have a grand slam hangover. Tempted by Kyrgios. Just wish he’d have played a bit on the grass before Queens.

  17. Juan 3 years ago

    Great tipping as always AD nice start to the day, any thoughts on Goffin causing a slight upset? Simon yet to play on grass this year while Goffin at least had a few games last week

    • Ad 3 years ago

      Not sure Juan. As you point out the fact Goffins got a few games under his belt on grass already may help him. But his forms not too hot this year and I don’t particularly fancy him on this surface. Basically I’ve no clue who’s gna win!

  18. Felix 3 years ago

    Evidently no hangover. Bit worrying to hear Kyrgios say “I’m absolutely cooked, I can’t breathe”.

  19. punterpounder 3 years ago

    my bet looks good cmon victor

  20. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Juan goffin to win easy. Well worth a small punt of 150

  21. Ad 3 years ago

    Stakhovsky to win from behind must Hqve a good chance. I don’t know why they had A delay though

  22. Felix 3 years ago

    Weird how Troicki’s serve is awful today considering how consistent it was last week. Obviously overdosed on bratwurst.

  23. Felix 3 years ago

    Light rain with the Stak and Golbis match apparently

  24. Felix 3 years ago

    Stakhovsky basically gave up when playing Groth last week, so I dunno if I trust him

  25. punterpounder 3 years ago

    looks like a tiebreak will decide the querrey dimitrov game wich seems only fair considering the amount of effort both players have put in

  26. Felix 3 years ago

    Troicki decided to tank the second set I see. Predictable

  27. AceFace 3 years ago

    cant see the tennis should the cash out option be taken in Troicki match?

    looks like he imploded

  28. Ad 3 years ago

    Jeeezus, tune into Rosol monfils to see Rosol waste his first real chance to go ahead in the set and then play a truly shocking service game to get broken. Not looking good!

  29. Felix 3 years ago

    Not watching the Troicki match, just following. He tanked the second (put minimal effort in). Bit 50/50

  30. Felix 3 years ago

    Kukushkin and vesely have got to be the two biggest chokers on tour. What a couple of clowns

  31. punterpounder 3 years ago

    whats a matter mr nadal?

  32. Ad 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t do anything for a small envelope on its own Malcolm. They cost about 5p. That’s why I need to know what’s in it. Not because I need you to elaborate on the term ‘small’.

  33. Felix 3 years ago

    Malcolm, I hope you cashed out.

  34. The R Kid 3 years ago

    Back Nadal to come back here?

  35. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour de Suisse stage 4 inplay


    GASPAROTTO v Van Avermaet
    SAGAN v Matthews
    Double @ 2.26 with WH

  36. Ad 3 years ago

    And the R kid- no, I wouldn’t back Rafa to come back. Dolgopolov has the game to get this done and is hurting Rafa with his shotmaking as there was every chance he would.

  37. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Mlb Tonight
    Braves @ Red Sox
    Braves @ 2.4

    White Sox @ Pirates
    Pirates @ 1.66

    Double @ 3.99

    Braves @ Red Sox
    Team to score first wins @ 1.44
    White Sox @ Pirates
    Team to score first wins @ 1.4

    Double @ 2.03

  38. punterpounder 3 years ago

    cmon nadal

  39. Ad 3 years ago

    Rafas is growing into this a bit now. Power is on the up and holding quite comfortably. Dolgopolov still coming up with the goods for now though. Hard to call

  40. The R Kid 3 years ago

    What you reckon AD?

    • Ad 3 years ago

      If Rafa nicks th set he’ll probably go on to win, but it’s 50/50 he doesn’t. Dolgopolov doing well

  41. Ad 3 years ago

    Fair enough. Hope those teeth don’t run in the family.

  42. Jimbob 3 years ago


  43. Felix 3 years ago

    Bye, Malcolm. At least you only lost imaginary monopoly money.

    Anyway. Dolgo still playing good tennis. Can he keep it up?! Something surely has to give with his style

  44. Jordan 3 years ago

    My Aunty is Kellie Maloney :)

  45. Ad 3 years ago

    6/1 broady v Halep….love a Brit on a grass court! Only seen one game but she’s looking good, could well be misleading but a few quid wasted on patriotism aren’t wasted at all!

  46. Ad 3 years ago

    I’m assuming Malcolm was joking. He knows as well as anyone that he hasn’t shown any inside tennis knowledge since he first posted on here! Just ‘tips’ and ludicrous stakes

  47. punterpounder 3 years ago

    rafa is on form of old the Ukraine guy has his work cut out vamos rafa

  48. Ad 3 years ago

    Dear me, Rafa gets his first break point of the match at 1-1 in the third and only because Dolgopolov played a woeful shot on a slam dunk volley at 30-30. Dolgopolov will need to start swinging again now like he did in the first set. Rafa been solid behind serve since first few games

  49. Jordan 3 years ago

    Kyrgyzstan RT9 @ 11/10 @ 365 – 10 points

  50. punterpounder 3 years ago

    rafa made hard work of it but it seems hes got a win if he holds his serve

  51. Ad 3 years ago

    Dolgopolov 70/1 to win queens. It would be rude not to!

  52. Ad 3 years ago

    Haha. Think he might need to work on his popularity and his staking plan before Mr F gives him his own thread!

  53. punterpounder 3 years ago

    that’s me done for f3k sake.. :(

  54. Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    Jordan, if he’d said he was related to Tim Henman I’d have said no straight away. I’m on my nephew Andy Murray to win Wimbledon by the way.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Haha good luck to your nephew Mr F. I hope he share sout the prize fund to relatives if he wins ;)

  55. The R Kid 3 years ago

    Ad, ended up going with Rafa! What a let down. Can’t believe my cousin Rafa let me down so badly!

    • Ad 3 years ago

      You’re gna have to have stern words with him at family Christmas! Rafa has improved since the French but I’ll be keeping my eyes on his draw and hoping to cash in on an early Nadal exit at Wimbledon again this year

  56. Felix 3 years ago

    Decent opportunity for the cashout with Rafa when he was actually up a break in the third

  57. punterpounder 3 years ago

    if u have a

    someone needs to get divina mcall on here with so many relations mentioned I need to find my uncle fred (perry) lol

  58. huggybear 3 years ago

    Beermen cruised it. Anyone on

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      they won by 32 and sailed over 100

      Hit 115

  59. Jordan 3 years ago

    San Miguel Beermen? Owned by the AA :D Good stuff huggy.

    Tonight is the night mate :)

  60. Ad 3 years ago

    Reckon there might be value in Mannarino @ just over 2/1. Neither man looks like getting broken. Also on overs

  61. O Ado 3 years ago

    Was up boys

  62. Ad 3 years ago

    As well as Stanley the Manley at 10’s, I’m now also recommending Pliskova @ 22’s for the women’s. If she catches fire she’ll be a nightmare here

  63. huggybear 3 years ago

    Test hello

  64. huggybear 3 years ago

    Huggys tips coming , on a roll

    6/6 and a 11/4 last night

  65. huggybear 3 years ago

    Draymond green over 13.5 points

    Lebron over 11.5 rebounds

    only 2 larger bets than normal.

    hopefully jordan gets his £900 and we all have a smile on our faces


  66. Adam Pendo 3 years ago

    What bookie do you use hampy?

  67. Adam Pendo 3 years ago

    Huggy bear sorry!

  68. mlac 3 years ago

    anyone think cavs will win tonight ?

    • JM 3 years ago

      yeah i really think this series will go to game 7 and they are a decent price

  69. Jordan 3 years ago

    F*cking hope not mlac :D

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      MLB Bets tonight

      5 Fold @ 11.79/1
      St Louis Cardinals ML (Win 3-2)
      Houston Astros ML (Win 8-5)
      Oakland A’s ML (Win 6-5)
      Pittsburgh Pirates ML Pending
      Detroit Tigers ML Pending

      Single bet (underdog pick)
      LA Dodgers @ Texas Rangers
      Texas Rangers @ 11/8

      Double @ 4.64/1 (underdogs double)
      Texas Rangers
      Toronto Blue Jays

      Working all evening, only getting to post now

      • Dazid316 3 years ago

        ***Posted earlier***
        6 Fold @ 2.54/1 LOST (Always just the one that lets it down)
        Nadal Lost
        Cilic Win
        Murray 2-0 Win
        Nishikori Win
        Monfils Win
        Berdych 2-0 Win

  70. JM 3 years ago

    cavs win

  71. Hunter 3 years ago

    4th Q Point Spread: Warriors -1 @ 20/21 William Hill

    Andre Iguodala over 1.5 3-pointers @ 8/11 Betvictor

    Dellevadova Vs Green

    Green -2.5 @ 7/10 Betway

    Draymond Green over 12.5 points @ 17/20 Betvictor

    LeBron James Vs Stephen Curry

    LeBron -2 Assists @ 17/20 Betvictor

    Good luck guys!

  72. Jonesy 3 years ago

    Where is picksix?

    Would like to hear his view he usually always posts basketball thoughts.
    Will be on huggys tips

  73. Hunter 3 years ago

    Women’s Eurobasket

    Turkey Vs Montenegro (2:30pm)

    Points Spread: Montenegro -1.5 @ 17/20 Bwin (large stake)

    Good luck!

  74. Hunter 3 years ago

    Jonsey, think picksix is on holiday!

  75. max 3 years ago

    My ONLY tip of the day can be covered by Uruguay DC at 7/1 to ensure big profit, depending on your stakes :D ;)

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      ***Posted Earlier***
      MLB Bets tonight
      5 Fold @ 11.79/1 LOST
      St Louis Cardinals ML (Win 3-2)
      Houston Astros ML (Win 8-5)
      Oakland A’s ML (Win 6-5)
      Pittsburgh Parites ML (Win 3-0)
      Detroit Tigers ML (Lost 5-2)
      Again 1 team lets me down, no luck going for me at the min

      Single bet (underdog pick) WON
      LA Dodgers @ Texas Rangers
      Texas Rangers @ 11/8 (Win 3-2) walk off 9th home run for win

      Double @ 4.64/1 (underdogs double) LOST
      Texas Rangers (Win 3-2)
      Toronto Blue Jays (Lost 3-2)

  76. Jordan 3 years ago

    Huggy good stuff mate, I feel my cash burning a hole in my pocket already :P

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      Congratulations Jordan on your Golden State Warriors Championship bet
      Well done Huggy on your 2 bets on props tonight

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