THERE weren't as many goals in the women's World Cup as we hoped for with Germany and Norway winning 4-0 and 3-1 respectively but missing loads of chances to cover the expected margins of victory.

That's another double down and June's been a desperate month for the accumulators. I needed Chile -1 to recover my losses but we know what happened in a remarkable Copa America match.

A crazy first half finished 2-2 at which point I called it a night. I did advise to cover the Super Single if Chile took the leas so hopefully anyone still up did that. No one could have predicted it ending 3-3 but I read Chile had two second-half gols disallowed that were perfectly good so that's one ref who'll not being a night out in Santiago.

On Tuesday Copa America sees Paraguay face Jamaica and I'll be looking closely at Paraguay after their fine comeback to draw 2-2 against Argentina from 2-0 down. Paraguay are a biggest 5-6 with BetVictor. Later it's Argentina v Uruguay and that could be a low scorer but I'll have a better look at it later.

There are a pile of World Cup qualifiers from the Concacaf and Asia as well as some friendlies but I'm not sure I'll be looking too closely at them. I've seen comments from people tipping Poland at 1-1 against Greece and while it's tempting both sides will field experimental sides so it might be better seeing line-ups before betting on a low-key friendly.

And in the women's World Cup it's China v New Zealand and Holland v Canada.

All day I've been thinking about doing Paraguay-Jamaica both to score as the Super Single and I've decided to go for it. Paraguay were a threat in the second half against Argentina and could have scored more while Jamaica actually had more possession than Uruguay and had chances to score in their opener.

3pts Super Single

Paraguay v Jamaica btts (10pm)
(11-10, Coral)

June Super Single record

23 bets (10 winners, 13 losers)
Profit/Loss: -3.1pts

June Daily Double/Top Treble record

11 bets (1 winner, 10 losers)
Profit/Loss: -26.5pts

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  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    **Posted on Saturday**

    Australia Over 2.5 Team Goals @ 10/11 @ Co-ral – 11 points

    Extremely overpriced in my opinion. Kyrgystan conceded against Bangladesh in their opening game. Conceded 6 in two friendlies against China in December (2-0 and 4-0) and lost 7-1 against Kazakhstan in September in another friendly. Tim Cahill, Mile Jedinak and Wellington Phoenix’ top goalscorer Nathan Burns are all in the squad.

    **Betting suspended at Boyles and Co-ral, best price 8/11 @ Sporting Bet**

    June Totals
    Bets 52
    Points Staked 147.68
    Points Returned 155.60
    Profit 7.92

  2. craigyboy 3 years ago

    In play:
    Canadian Women v Holland Women
    over 2.5 goals

  3. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Canadian women over 2.5 tg

  4. Harry 3 years ago

    What a game in Chile!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Harry, it’s a crazy and I can’t say Chile have filled me with confidence. My advice to anyone on -1 would be to cover if Chile take the lead or consider cashing out. Unfortunately I can’t stay up as I’ve been on the go since 8am – golf day out then Daily Record shift. I was the only player who had to work tonight – will need to be nicer to the rota man although now off until Friday which is great. Goodnight all and good luck Chile.

  5. Jordan 3 years ago

    Is that Harry. No doubt if I get on 2nd half goals there’ll be none so I’m leaving it.

  6. darran 3 years ago

    Needed one Holland goal for over 2000 for a 6.50 bet f.,,k 3 games btts in 1st half

  7. mlac 3 years ago

    wow what a game this is.

    chile are playing some incredible stuff now

    looks like theres more goals in this…

  8. Jordan 3 years ago

    Chile, Brazil, Argentina. All quality going forward but defense is questionable. Some game.

  9. Jordan 3 years ago

    If only Ray Hudson wasn’t commentating.

  10. Jordan 3 years ago

    The man that once quoted that if Lionel Messi followed you into a revolving door he’d come out before you hahaha

  11. Jordan 3 years ago

    Two disallowed goals for Chile now.

  12. Mike Slesser 3 years ago

    Beginning to think this linesmans got 3-3 on his coupon. Two goals disallowed for Chile that weren’t offside

  13. wtf 3 years ago

    The linesman is a complete spanker

  14. Radical 3 years ago

    That linesman ruined it and called it wrong all night. Sanchez was well onside with his goal.

  15. Alves 3 years ago

    Why oh why do i change ma mind on Aguero, £20 doon the pan and Sanchez isny even gonna get 1 never mind be top gl scorer haha, Vidal would’ve bn some price fo top gl scorer. Anyone still got last wks RFO to check ??

  16. Lamzat 3 years ago

    Glad and thankful! Boommmmmm!!
    Atletico Tucuman


  17. Danny T 3 years ago

    Alves from a web check his odds were 51.0 American odds mate couldnt find anything else

  18. Adam 3 years ago

    Japan v Singapore over 2.5 goals looks good…

  19. Nick 3 years ago

    Poland are 2.25 to score 2+ against Greece, seems high to me..

  20. Kyle B 3 years ago

    Poland are 2.25 to score 2+ against Greece, seems high to me..

  21. Donny1266 3 years ago

    Guys Poland are putting out mostly reserve team so thats worth considering. Interestingly Italy will become top seeds for the world cup qualifier draw if they beat Portugal in that friendly. Ronaldo probably not playing so Italy win could be a good bet. Will wait for line ups.

  22. Tommy 3 years ago

    @ Jordan
    “Chile, Brazil, Argentina. All quality going forward but defense is questionable. Some game”

    Agreed, this Copa America is throwing up some unexpected results. That’s why I’m on Argentina Vs Uruguay BTTS tonight. 5 points, best price 10/11 with Coral and a few others. Seems value to me.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Tommy, Uruguay games are generally low scoring so I’m not sure. A draw would be an OK result for both with Jamaica the final match up for Argentina. Uruguay will amost certainly play for a point and remember they’re holders and unbeaten in a year so unlikely to be beaten easily.

  23. aveejay 3 years ago

    Hello great punters. Thanks for the good work. Please i’m a newbie and i’m seeking for ways to cover effectively on goals market. I’ll greatly appreciate it if anyone can be of help and dish out the info. Thanks a lot.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      aveejay, you need to give an example – the cover is determined on score at the time, odds and initial stake.

  24. Granty Boy 3 years ago

    Poland are playing Greece In a friendly and your a getting EVENS for it. I know it’s a friendly but Greece have been honking of late so seems a decent price

  25. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Poland v Greece

    Poland to win. Evens still available…Cracking price.

    Paddy Power

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      craigyboy, this looks like a low-key friendly with both managers experimenting. Poland will start 4 or 5 first-choice players at most but definitely no Lewandowski. Having said that Greece as we know are rank at the moment. Evens is tempting but I’m not touching it.

  26. Patricia 3 years ago

    There’s a reason for high prices on Poland winning.
    Polish manager is testing young players. Lewandowski is not going to play, nawalka will be focused on defence. Btts might be an option here

  27. Chy 3 years ago

    Argentina vs Uruguay 12.30 am tomorrow

    Argentina over 1.5 team goals @ 1.8 is good for a SS tomorrow

    BTTS and over 2.5 goals @ 2.45 is my NB for tomorrow

  28. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Over 7 corners – evens (Inplay)

    Timor Leste v UAE

  29. James Slater 3 years ago

    So, after watching the Germany Women v Thailand Women game last night and yes, like so many others on here being let down by the handicap not romping home I did however managed to back and follow Raal’s tournament outright winner of Germany and got them at 2/1

    Now I have to say even though they didn’t win by a landslide last night, I do feel comfortable with them winning this tournament, simply because of the way they passed and moved the ball around last night. I thought their positioning was excellent and far better than anything I’ve seen in the World Cup so far, so, many reasons to be cheerful i reckon!

  30. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    UAE to win (1.72) Inplay

    12/1 for the draw before kick off – been wathing the game and frankly they’ve been rubbish but the odds before the game suggest they must walk away with 3 points…..anything less would be terrible.

  31. craigyboy 3 years ago

    James I’m on Germany to win as well. Quite looking forward to tonights womens matches as well. Japan ‘should’ win comfortably and Cameroon are a nice price to net a couple tonight.

  32. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    UAE to win (1.72) Inplay

    12/1 for the draw before kick off – been wathing the game and frankly they’ve been rubbish but the odds before the game suggest they must walk away with 3 points…..anything less would be terrible.

    **WON** 0-1

    Over 7 corners – evens (Inplay)

    Timor Leste v UAE

    **LOST** 5

  33. Daniel 3 years ago

    Mr F:

    My Coral account was frozen a few days ago and I thought it might be because I had entered the wrong password a few times a few days ago.

    So I gave them a call:

    “the account have been closed by the traders, we cannot do anything about it, we will issue a refund”

    For fCK sake?!

    I have only placed small bets (between 50-100) and also I know I am not even in in any big profit through them last months. They have been one of the bookies I have been less successful with.

    So my time at Coral is over?

    They do offer great prices now and then and I would really like to have them among my choices.

    Reply today by email:

    Dear Mr *****,

    Thank you for your message

    I can advise that the closure has been applied in accordance with our terms and conditions.

    I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Daniel, your days at Coral are certainly over unless you find a way round it – and there are ways of course. Luckily for you there are dozens of other firms who will take your bets.
      I’ve said before traders don’t look solely at your profit or loss – they’re more interested in the type of bets you do and I’d say they weren’t WDW in general.

  34. N 3 years ago

    Iran game btts no
    Australia game btts no
    Latvia u21s game btts no
    Andorra u21s game btts no
    Estonia u21s game btts no
    Pays over 10/1

  35. Mcgarry CFC 3 years ago

    Had a wee outside bet on Bolivia to win chile Mexico to draw and waiting on Paraguay for. 210.00 should Paraguay win or should I cash out help

  36. Daniel 3 years ago

    McGarry the Cover will be the Best option

  37. Mcgarry CFC 3 years ago

    Daniel what does the cover mean?

  38. Daniel 3 years ago

    Jamaica doublechance to secure the stake.

  39. Centrecircle 3 years ago


  40. Mcgarry CFC 3 years ago

    Cheers Daniel can’t decide on what to do lol

  41. James Slater 3 years ago

    Yes Craigyboy they should really shouldn’t they? They just seem to be a better drilled and more efficient team than anything i’ve seen so far. The Americans look a bit suspect if I’m honest at the back whereas the Germans look a bit more organised and disciplined with and without the ball.

    I don’t think France will go that far, they seem a bit over rated for me and i think your right about Japan they don’t look bad. Hoping for some good games tonight

  42. Harry 3 years ago

    I took Mr f’s advice and cashed out my bet at 3-2. I was on -1ah so thankfully was offered half a points profit. Jordan I’ll know if it’s a good start to the day/week after the 2.30 so I’ll get on your aussies depending on that

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Harry, good to hear – the way the game went it was the only decision to make. Off to walk the dug then look to put up some tips. Paraguay look good tonight but Copa’s been a bit of a minefield so far.

  43. AndyD 3 years ago


    Russia Div 3
    Solyaris Moscow v Lokomotiv Moscow U19 [0-1 28mins]

    Lokomotiv Moscow U19 -0.5 fhah

  44. AceFace 3 years ago

    japan fhg looking like tsunami :(

    nevermind plenty to play for….

  45. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Japan to score in both halves – 2.37

  46. callum g 3 years ago

    Paul dont feel guilty about the chile tip it should have been a winner —- lines man had a shocker on 2 offside goals for chile— first was a discrace and asnxhez was on line for what should have made it 4 -3 —- had 800 quid on chile so that linesman is on my people to kill list lol— its the fact that it was 2 shcoking offside calls.

  47. AceFace 3 years ago

    AceFace Asian Handicap Double 2/1

    Kr Reykjavik -1 (Iceland u19)
    Grifk -1 (finland Kakkonen)

    I like the look of also Kari -0.5 (Iceland Deild 3)

    4/1 treble (small stake)


  48. Tommy 3 years ago

    Thanks Mr F, the bet was already placed this morning. I’m tempted to leave it on though. I think Argentina will want to finish the day top of the group and will push forward. They have so much quality I just cant see them not scoring. As we have witnessed though against Paraguay they are vulnerable at the back and Uruguay are a better team. I think its likely they will get caught on the break. I’m not tipping it but I think either 1-1 or 2-1 Argentina. Fingers crossed……

  49. Harry 3 years ago

    Copa and the women’s wc have both been minefields, think I’m staying away from them now as I’m haemorraging points in the bookies direction! Thankfully got racing to keep busy with this week. Can’t wait for some proper football to start again…

  50. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Everyone moaned about the Women’s finishing last night…Japan 29 shots and 0 goals…

    small stake on over 1.5 Japan TG 13/8

  51. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Watching the game craigyboy, Singapore gk has been amazing.

  52. Alex 3 years ago

    £5 on the draw inplay since he has been that good Horsing :) If that don’t bring a goal nothing will!

  53. The wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what happened in the Bermuda v Guatamaela World Cup Qualifier?

    I had both teams to score in acca. I got notification that both had scored also on bet365 it said 1 v 1.

    My acca came in and bet365 paid out. I then go to my account and its down as a loss as score was 0 v 1.

    Typical lol.

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    Mr F I like the look of Jamaica to score before 79 minutes @ 5/6 @ 365. They gave Uruguay a run for their money and probably should have netted. Paraguay not so stable at the back and Jamaica have a lot of pace in their side.

  55. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Japan was the game that was going to make or break me – lumped on massively and a goal never came. My gambling addiction has to come to an end – no more from me in my lifetime. Enough’s enough.

    Mr F, thanks for this site and hope everyones luck is better than mine.

  56. J-bcfc 3 years ago

    Was looking at romania u21 to put in a double, anyone got any idea about them? Looking at recent ganes there playing well but dont no enough about either side

  57. Mr Samsung 3 years ago

    A personally think cash out option is excellent. Sure its came back and bite me on the bum after I’ve cashed out early when i could of left it and won more.

    Last night i was just waiting on Chile for £85. They went up 3-2 and the cash out option was £69. Why oh why i didnt cash out i dont k kwow :( i end up just putting £3 on the draw along with Paraguay and Argentina to win treble which pays £59. But those two games are tough. Should of just cashes out at £69 silly boy!

    Ive seen people say on here there against the cashout option but it can be great and bad tbh.

  58. Jordan 3 years ago

    Just goes to show that looking a few days ahead can sometimes benefit you. Tipped those Australia goals on Saturday @ 10/11. Best price now is 13/20. Hopefully doesn’t backfire.

  59. craigyboy 3 years ago

    I hope it comes in for you Jordan…The concern has to be looking at teams such as Japan, Korea and China who are all really struggling to break down weaker opposition. I had a wager on Japan to win at the end and luckily backed corners which covered a lot of the loss…Absolute minefield and the odds being offered by the bookies aren’t really worth it.

  60. Alex 3 years ago

    Jordan it’s because you have a tremendous PR arm fella. I might look at it in play. From what I recall of the Aussies it helps if the other team has a decent attack so that they may counter by knocking into the channels and cross for Cahill. Never heard of the team that they are playing. Hopefully 3 first half goals for you.

  61. miish3aaal 3 years ago

    japan just screwed everybody up

  62. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha maybe I should get into promotional work, Alex. Craigy I looked at Japan, China etc but didn’t like recent results and I actually know more than two of the Aussie players. -2 handicap was 8/5 on the weekend but its odds on everywhere now. Just hope the pitch they’re playing on is acceptable. I find that tends to hinder goals in these worse off countries. Admit the Japan result was a strange one though.

  63. Jordan 3 years ago

    Cahill, Burns, Leckie and Jedinak all start.

  64. Jordan 3 years ago

    Just seen Japan had 18 shots on target. You sure it was the womens team haha

  65. connorr 3 years ago

    I will join Australia over 2.5 TG & add in BTTS from Copa America matches.

    The biggest Copa America game so far must deliver goals with both sides hungry for the win to get ahead in the group, you can’t stop Argentina from scoring but at the same time you’ve always got hope they’ll concede with that defence, odds of 2.1 BTTS too tasty to turn down on what should be an exciting head to head.

    Meanwhile Jamaica I’ve heard deserved points from Uruguay and that game should be relatively open as neither has anything to lose, don’t trust either defence so evens looks nice to me.

    Argentina Uruguay BTTS 2.1
    Paraguay Jamaica BTTS 2.0
    Australia over 2.5 TG 1.61


  66. Jordan 3 years ago

    Connorr you can get 23/20 for BTTS in the Paraguay game @ WillHill but I might just take the Jamaica goal at a shorter price of 7/10.

    • connorr 3 years ago

      Didn’t see that before I placed my treble Jordan but thanks, that price is ridiculous to me, I was laughing at England Slovenia over evens the other day, hopefully I’ll be laughing again.

      An Australia goal so early really does get me optimistic too. Not to speak too early but nice spot.

  67. Jordan 3 years ago

    Goals finally came for China. Never mind. Come on you Socceroos!

  68. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jamaica Goal before 79:00 @ 10/11 @ 365 – 3.25 points

  69. Chy 3 years ago

    England U21 vs Portugal U21

    BTTS @ 1.70

  70. Jordan 3 years ago

    Under 2.5 Australia goals can already be covered @ 10/3 @ WillHill. I’ll wait.

  71. Jordan 3 years ago

    A 4 point stake on Under 2.5 Australia Goals @ 11/4 will see either a 15 point return from 15 points staked (11 points on 10/11) or 21 points return if the get three goals from 15 points.

  72. Jordan 3 years ago

    I haven’t covered I’m just trying to educate :)

  73. deanotron1 3 years ago

    Apart from the goal how’s Australia playing? Looking like they’ll get a few more?

  74. Jordan 3 years ago

    Find it strange they aren’t offering BTTS in this game on 365 or WillHill. Looks a decent bet watching it.

  75. Nick 3 years ago

    Aussies getting pinned back at the moment

  76. Nick 3 years ago

    Was the first goal from a set piece?

  77. connorr 3 years ago

    Having turned on the match I’d have thought twice about the TG on Australia if I’d seen the pitch before, looks like a warzone in parts :D

  78. Jordan 3 years ago

    Deano, to be honest not at the moment. Kyrgyzstan look like scoring though.

  79. Jordan 3 years ago

    Nick it was indeed. Jedinak free kick. Connorr that was the only thing I was worried about and I mentioned it before but hadn’t seen the pitch. Can only hope.

  80. deanotron1 3 years ago

    Gone for over 3.5 goals so need them to start going in!

  81. Nick 3 years ago

    Need to get Leckie on the ball more, seems like the key!

  82. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m going to switch it off shortly. The crowd are doing my head in. Come on you Aussies. Check back later.

  83. Nick 3 years ago

    The Aussies are doing my head in, keep trying to just kick the ball through them!

  84. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m not particularly sure where Kyrgyzstan is but they look like the team that is likely to score next. BTTS @ 16/5 Boyles. Not a tip but after that first half looks a good bet at the moment.

  85. Jordan 3 years ago

    Christ I’ve just seen a replay of a penalty shout that wasn’t given for the Aussies. 2.5 looks dead at the moment. Won’t write this one off at HT today though :)

  86. Satoshi Honder 3 years ago

    Slim pickings this afternoon till I saw the match between Jaro and Ilves in the Finnish Veikkausliiga at 4.30pm. This battle looks tender with two struggling teams.

    The home team sit comfortably in 11th place while the visitors are just 2 points in front in 9th. Ilves can be proud of their current away record, holding the worst defence in the league and in the away league, conceding an eye watering 15 goals in their 6 away games so far this season. To add to it, they’ve leaked atleast 2 in each of those games including to bottom dwellers VPS. Evidently, they’re a shambolic away from their fans.

    Jaro on the other hand are no saints, but must be eager to repeat the performance they had with Ilves less than 2 months ago, where they won 3-1, during the same difficult spell they’re in now. Infact their solitary home win in 7 was that particular game.

    Satoshi’s Superb Shingle

    Jaro to score 2+ 6/5 @Co.ral

  87. Capone31 3 years ago

    Sirius u21 @5/6

    Over 1.5 fhg @5/6
    Over 3.5 mg @4/6

    Stats suggest they are miles better away from home

  88. Nick 3 years ago

    Clearest handball you may ever see in the Aussie game not given!

  89. Jordan 3 years ago

    Kyrgyzstan RT9 @ 11/10 @ 365 – 10 points

    7-1 half an hour to go.

  90. Jordan 3 years ago

    They got a corner as I typed that. Put it on the other sports thread by mistake. Ffs. Sorry guys this looks beaten.

  91. Nick 3 years ago

    One more, come on lads!

  92. Jordan 3 years ago

    Ooooh I’m seeing that light at the tunnel again. 2-0. Fu*k this could go wrong.

  93. AceFace 3 years ago

    thats unforgivable Jordan mate RED CARD ;)

  94. Capone31 3 years ago

    Over 1.5 fhg @5/6 Won

    Don’t care who scores them :)

  95. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha early bath for me AceFace. Corner 7 was 62:45, 8th corner was 63:43. I can assure you I tried posting asap.

  96. Nick 3 years ago

    Hahahaha that defender is already on a yellow too, how was that not a red?

  97. Jordan 3 years ago

    Irresponsible punter of the day award goes to me!

    • Ad 3 years ago

      Jordan, I’m pretty sure it goes to Magic Malcolm for his £1000 chasing loses bet on Heather Watson!

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Haha you could be right there Ad. Uncle Tim won’t be proud!

  98. Tom 3 years ago

    Hey everyone, have been following the site on and off for quite some time and would like to thank (almost) everyone for their tips.

    I’ve tried to find some value today and Romania u21 look a good bet up against Armenia u21. I will be betting on Romania -1, at odds of 6/4 (WillHill)

    Romania have won their last 6 home games including a win over Italy. Armenia’s most recent away game they lost 4-0 to Iceland, a team Romania beat 3-0 March this year.

    I know form history in u21 Internationals is not a great deal to go on, however Iceland v Armenia was Sept last year, surely they can’t have improved that much? Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

    • Satoshi Honder 3 years ago

      Tom, personally I wouldnt take friendly’s as a result. I reckon atleast 11 players have a hangover, everytime.

      Romania lost 8-0 but beat montenegro 4-3 and although Armenia have not played in months, they did beat belarus 2-1 in their last competitive fixture.

      I’ve taken Romania to score 2+ as part of a treble (not posted) for interest. Yeah the odds are shorter, but thats why its in a treble. Also factoring in as you say, u21’s internationals is not a great deal to go on

      Good luck broski

  99. Jordan 3 years ago

    I nearly threw my tv across the room when 365 gave Kyrgyzstan a goal then.

  100. connorr 3 years ago

    If the referee wasn’t out of his depth & Australia sussed that they can’t keep running at the opposition defence and kicking it out of play we’d probably be okay.

    Juric to the rescue.

  101. Jordan 3 years ago

    CAN YOU F*CKING BELIEVE IT!?!? BTTS as big as 9/1 when I last looked. Got the 9th corner though.

  102. connorr 3 years ago

    Handball for their goal to go over 2.5, wonderful. A beautiful display from the referee & Australia to screw us all over.

  103. Nick 3 years ago

    Aussies should’ve had a pen for a clear handball too that he didn’t give.

  104. Satoshi Honder 3 years ago

    Dont mind me, just a meaty tip passing through…

    Satoshi’s Superb Shingle

    Jaro to score 2+ 6/5 @Co.ral ***BACK OF THE NET***

  105. Jordan 3 years ago

    Deepest apologies to anybody on the Aussies lads. I was extremely lucky to claw back stake on the corners which led to the Kyrgyzstan goal that I posted at HT but didn’t take that. I’m not sure what to do about the stake/returns as I feel like I’m cheating anybody about the corners as I posted them on the wrong thread and by the time I posted it on the top tips they had already got the 8th corner.


  106. Nick 3 years ago

    The guy on the line that nodded it in used his hand

  107. Jordan 3 years ago

    Connorr was it the hand of Kyrgyzstan!? I saw Matt Ryan calling for it but didn’t see the replay as I was posting on here??

  108. Luke 3 years ago




  109. connorr 3 years ago

    Maradona would be proud of that one counting, funny thing is I’m not sure the player even knew what was going on, he went to head it and instead it hit his arm and went in.

    Combine that with the fact their defender should have had a red about 10 minutes before and you’re laughing.

    Ultimately no ones fault that result but the ref and the Aussies.

    Just going to go small on a BTTS treble in Copa America games & the women’s game between Cameroon and Switzerland with the fight for 2nd place to recoup the losses.

  110. Alex 3 years ago

    Unlucky DC I thought that was going to bring the bacon home for us!

  111. Jordan 3 years ago

    Australia Over 2.5 Goals @ 10/11 @ Co-ral – 11 points **LOSE**

    Kyrgyzstan RT9 @ 11/10 @ 365 – 10 points **WIN**

    I feel really bad guys. If you had happened to catch it on the other sports thread then fair play. Did mention BTTS and cover on the goals two minutes in but that’s not the point.

  112. Alex 3 years ago

    Mr F I had/have this feeling you might back Aguero anytime. Seems a reasonable price.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Alex, I might – took him first last week but peeved with the Argentines.

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        Going for a pint – the Italy-Poland teams are on Italy’s official twitter – no Ronaldo as expected. Eder starts up front.

  113. James Slater 3 years ago

    i really do like your top tip today Mr.F, think it has a great chance. Pleased that you’ve gone with quality over quantity as well and ignored the meaningless friendlies that are happening later on as well.

    I watched the Uruguay v Jamaica game and I have to say that Jamaica really did play well, they were great going forward and also in the air and they have some very powerful and strong players as well as at the back who went up for the corners so a chance from a set piece delivery would look likely as that seemed to be their general game plan.

    Paraguay on the other hand as good as they were going forward looked extremely suspect at the back. Granted Argentina looked just as shoddy but i would be suprised if Jamaica didn’t score tonight given the way Paraguay play. I think the Jamaicans will be looking at this game as one they can get something out if, particularly after such a narrow loss on Saturday to lets not forget with or without Luis Suarez, the current Copa America champions.

    I’ll be on this bet as my only bet for today.

  114. craneguy 3 years ago

    couldn’t post earlier

    china o5.5mgs 8/11 WON
    aussies o4.5mgs 2/5 LOST

    not sure wot to go on tonite yet………….

  115. AceFace 3 years ago

    Great comeback from grifk after being 1 down after minutes of kick off, hopefully get another early doors in the 2nd and ther is daylight

    “Let there be light”

  116. craneguy 3 years ago

    aussies should be 12/5 LOST

  117. Jordan 3 years ago

    Good on you on the SS Mr F think that’s a beauty. When I posted before on the 23/20 it was cut minutes later to 21/20. Just taking the Jamaica goal before 79:00 myself. Cue the Jamaica goal at 79:01…

  118. Tom 3 years ago

    Satoshi, thanks for the reply mate. Despite losing 8-0 to Germany they also drew 2-2 with them, I suppose this goes to show the unpredictability of internationals, especially u21’s.

    I still think the price is generous for the -1 but we shall see! Good luck and thanks again mate.

  119. Jordan 3 years ago

    Crane just had a whirl winder myself mate. Feel bad but posted plenty options in play.

  120. Jordan 3 years ago

    Danny you any closer to knowing what you’re going to do with the Japanese tonight?

  121. Zhoro11 3 years ago

    Uruguay is without Suarez,Caceres and Ramirez, so I think Argentina will win.
    Italy – Portugal (btts)
    Surinam – Nicaragua (under 2.5 goals)

    Good luck !

  122. Capone31 3 years ago

    5 and 6 goals in the other two Swed games I guess stats mean jack, not to worry I got a 44/1 up

    China over 3.5mg at h/t
    Washington DC

  123. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Have been looking at the Women’s football for tonight.
    Just a few view points:

    Whilst Japan are through there’s something about their style of play which worries me – they don’t come across as goalscorers so be wary about backing on the handicap (as we found out to our cost last night). They may also rest some of their main players.

    In the other game I’m expecting fireworks between Switzerland and Cameroon. I backed Cameroon at 20/1 to win the group…unfortunately falling short against the Japanese. I really think there will be goals in this one and firmly believe Cameroon can trouble the Swiss back line.

    I’m on BTTS and over 2.5 goals
    William Hill

    Cameroon over 1.5 TG

    Lets try and win some money after a week of abysmal betting.

  124. AceFace 3 years ago

    well done Capone31 hope to get some of that luck this week

  125. rensen 3 years ago

    Corals betting terminals – does anyone use these and are the odds internet prices or shop prices ?
    I am just asking as most bookies have better odds online than offline.

  126. sanjay 3 years ago

    I know many have mentioned Poland match and some reserves will play but it will still be a strong side. It may be low scoring so would go for small stakes if anyone is interested.
    Suggested tips would be both teams to score no at 1.66 and milik anytime goalscorer as he will be leading the line and is a great price at 3.10.
    I am Polish by the way.
    Good luck if you choose to have a bet

    • rensen 3 years ago

      Even recently the Faroe islands beat Greece 2-1.

  127. Luke 3 years ago




  128. Jordan 3 years ago

    Mr F is it possible to either have Danny T’s email sent to me or mine sent to him by admin? Cheers.

  129. craneguy 3 years ago

    aye Jordan seen youve been doing a bit of scrambling about today…………

    capone, nice 44/1

  130. Les R 3 years ago

    Yep I like a BTTS and will take a punt on your choice Mr F, I like when these land in the first half….,

  131. Luke 3 years ago



    -1.5 -2 AH


  132. craneguy 3 years ago

    going to have a wee dabble on this at 7

    al nasr btts&o2.5mgs 2/1

  133. Les R 3 years ago

    Yep I like a BTTS and will take a punt on your choice Mr F, I like when these land in the first half…

  134. Capone31 3 years ago

    Cheers Aceface, I’m sure you will

  135. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Well after the lack of goals in the WWC last night and the unpredictability of the games … My main bets will be on:
    Paraguay v Jamaica BTTS (good shout Mr F)
    Argentina v Uruguay BTTS
    As singles and a smaller double.

    In the WWC I am looking at corners instead of goals in the Ecuador v Japan game. Need to research but still like the idea of a corner in under 8 mins @5/6 and >5 FH Asian Corners @1.775.
    Not sure it will be quite as one sided – but I won in the Germany game last night on the corner in under 8 mins (about all I did win and in fact I think there were 2 or 3?) … GL All!!
    Will wait to see others thoughts (after last night probably best avoid the Ladies!!) before I place any WWC bets!!

  136. maxi 3 years ago

    mr f do u defo know ronaldo and levandovsky arent playing tonight

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      maxi, I read Lewandowski wasn’t playing. No confirmation about Ronaldo but reports suggested he wasn’t expected to play.

  137. Harry 3 years ago

    Not the best day on the horses but I’m bored now. One small football bet, nothing extravagant

    France u21
    Paraguay over 0.5tgs
    Argentina over 0.5tgs

    2pts treble 20/21 bet365

    Possibly better price elsewhere but haven’t shopped around

  138. AceFace 3 years ago

    Double still on but the 2-3 has forced a push and odds have dropped to just under evens now, shame not to get a 4th ah well..

    AceFace Asian Handicap Double 2/1

    Kr Reykjavik -1 (Iceland u19)
    Grifk -1 (finland Kakkonen)

    I like the look of also Kari -0.5 (Iceland Deild 3)

    4/1 treble (small stake)


  139. Jordan 3 years ago

    Scrambling alright crane! Idiotic to say the least

    Having a long shot punt on this. As much as the odds suggest it doesn’t look like much of an ask.

    Jamaica Over 3.5 Team Corners & Paraguay no clean sheet
    Argentina Over 6.5 Team Corners & Uruguay no clean sheet
    USA Women Over 6.5 Team Corners & Win
    Sweden Women Over 5.5 Team Corners & Australia no clean sheet

    35.29/1 @ 365 – 1 point (8 fold)

    Said I wasn’t going to back anything in the womens games as its evident that their finishing is under par. Think the USA and Sweden women will gets wins tonight so hopefully a lot of corners will come with their poor finishing. Same with Argentina who should have enough to beat Uruguay. Jamaica played well against Uruguay and will have to start picking up points if they want to progress through to the next round.

  140. Alan 3 years ago

    wwc last nights game

    germany 4 – 0 thailand

    Germany had made 7 changes to the team that played norway
    hence the low score

    Put out a weakened team

    As paul has often said check the lineup
    ( which I did not do before putting on Germany -7 )


    Japan – Ecuador

    Japan should win to nil ( 4-0 , 5-0 )

    Not sure how many they are likely to score

  141. Jordan 3 years ago

    Never realised you could double up markets @ 365 until now. Seems like a bit of a gift. Can’t believe that pays over 35/1.

  142. Jordan 3 years ago

    They did Aaan but they also had 37 attempts at goal so the line up didn’t make much of a difference. Just poor finishing on the day.

    • Alan 3 years ago

      Hi Jordan

      Never saw the Germany – Thailand game

      Just saw the result this morning

      Thanks for letting me know

  143. raaljaca 3 years ago


    There is significant money being gambled on this game that favours a goalless draw or Switzerland to win to nil. Under 4.5, 3.5, 2.5, 1.5 and 0.5 match goals are being backed and shortened by every bookmaker.

    • craigyboy 3 years ago

      Even better for people like me who really fancy Cameroon to run them ragged at the back.

  144. raaljaca 3 years ago



    Online this is 4/6 but in shop Hills go Even money.

  145. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Evening gents,

    Low stake BTTS 4 fold for tonight…a day for keeping the powder dry so just for interest more than anything:


    Good luck with all bets.

  146. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Jordan you’ve inspired me…..there has been a load of corners in the women’s football so a couple of accumulators:

    Over 10: Nigeria v Usa

    Over 10: Switzerland v Cameroon

    Japan -7 corner handicap

    Returns: Approx 9/1

    Over 4.5: Cameroon

    Over 3.5: Nigeria

    Over 5.5: Sweden

    Returns: Approx 6/1

    Nigeria Women over 3.5 corners and over 0.5 TG

    Cameroon Women over 4.5 corners and over 0.5 TG

    Returns: Approx 9/1

  147. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Incidentally a corner before 9mins (8mins in the Japanese game) in all of the women’s games pays a tasty 10/1 so I’ll be on that as well.

  148. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Little in-play, again for small stakes…Iceland U19 game Stjarnan v KR Rejkavic.

    Home side 2 early goals but KR strong finish to half and scored late on…sits 2-1 but KR could well get back in this – a win for them is 4/1.

  149. Tom 3 years ago

    Romania u21 -1 @6/4


    Not much value around tonight, fancy goals in the Grenada v Puerto Rico game but odds short.

    Icelandic 4th division tonight which is goal heaven, unfortunately my deposit limits mean I can’t bet on it through 365! Unless it comes inplay at anther bookmaker.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  150. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Done my research on WWC corners so far in the group stages (2 games played) :
    Japan – 7 Corners
    Equador – 4 Corners
    Switzerland – 19 Corners
    Cameroon – 14 Corners

    I’m going for Switzerland Win and Under 12 Match Corners @ 1.25/1 … (there were 16 corners in the 10-1 Swiss v Equador game … but think this will be more even!!) GL All

  151. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Btw loving the creativity now on the WWC betting after last nights goal shambles!!!

  152. Danny T 3 years ago

    Jordan yeah mate feel free to take my email. I am still thinking about it mate . What I was thinking was watch both games at the same time and hope for no early goal and then get in Japan team goals hoping the line comes down a bit . I don’t think I will have a pre match bet on it as I fear what happens with the Germans may happen again . Any further thoughts from yourself mate ?

  153. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m with you on that one mate. Just gone for the bonkers bet above for a point but main bet tonight is the Jamaica goal before 79 minutes so fingers crossed.

  154. steve 3 years ago

    10pts on poland win now. 11/10. Lump on

  155. Danny T 3 years ago

    Yeah I noticed that I was gutted about Australia for you mate . I fancy Jamacia to net today myself and may join you there.

  156. Luke 3 years ago



    -1.5 -2 AH











  157. kevin 3 years ago

    Jordan I didn’t know that you could double up markets either.
    so an over 6/7 corners and over 2.0 goaline bet on one game works out about evens on most games. hmmm.

  158. Luke 3 years ago

    Iceland women’s game on at 9.
    Away team 1/1200. And betting stopped….wow

  159. Jordan 3 years ago

    Kevin that’s correct mate. Obviously not all markets can be doubled but you’ll know which ones you can and can’t as you get the red highlight on the markets selected.

    Heads up for Monday.

    Swedish Superettan

    Ljundskile Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 17/16 @ 888 – 10 points

  160. Alves 3 years ago

    Italy RT7 12/5 3-0 up on 46 mins and still goal less

  161. Alves 3 years ago

    Poland RT9 6/4 5-1 and gl less after at HT

  162. HullShaker 3 years ago

    Pap…just seen KR had levelled but Stjarnan score again…these Iceland U19 games are well worth backing on the goals front.

  163. hampy 3 years ago

    Stake halved
    milik first goal scorer 8/1
    anytime 5/1

    Seems abit high especially with no lewandowski. The ajax lad more than capable

  164. Tom 3 years ago

    Iceland 4 Delid: K.O @ 21:00

    Kria v Hvot

    Vaengir v Skautafelag


    Kria: 20 goals in last 4 games, at least 4 goals in each. Hvot last 2 games (played against the teams either side of Kria: 1st & 3rd) 10 goals.

    Vaengir: 3rd in league, there have been at least 4 goals in Skaut’s games when playing top 3.

    Sorry it’s so short they kick off in a min!

    I’m on o1.5 fhg and o3.5 mg depending on price on both.

  165. AceFace 3 years ago

    Poor defending in both games both teams by stats and possesion should have scored more but utter crap

    AceFace Asian Handicap Double 2/1

    Kr Reykjavik -1 (Iceland u19) lose 4-2

    Grifk -1 (finland Kakkonen) win 2-3 :)

    I like the look of also Kari -0.5 (Iceland Deild 3) playing

    4/1 treble (small stake)


  166. Centrecircle 3 years ago


  167. Centrecircle 3 years ago

    CC SS

    13 WON
    12. LOST
    1 VOID

  168. Alves 3 years ago

    Italy RT7 12/5 3-0 up on 46 mins and still goal less WIN :)

  169. Luke 3 years ago




    2.02 BETFAIR

  170. craneguy 3 years ago

    going to have a wee dabble on this at 7

    al nasr btts&o2.5mgs 2/1 LOST

    well that was a rite load of rubbish………….

  171. Luke 3 years ago






  172. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Sorry it’s late

    WOMEN’S WORLD CUP – 22.00


    OVER 11 ASIAN CORNERS – 1.900

  173. Alves 3 years ago

    Poland RT9 6/4 5-1 and gl less after at HT WIN 6/4

  174. Nick 3 years ago

    Everything I touch is falling to pieces. :D

  175. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Alves – top stuff as always with your corner bets, impressive

  176. Jordan 3 years ago

    Alves you ledge. Doubled them up. Only a point but that’s a nice winner after today!

  177. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Overnight Tip

    01.00 – WOMENS WORLD CUP


    OVER 10 ASIAN CORNERS – 1.900

  178. craneguy 3 years ago

    nothing floating my boat tonite just going on small stakes

    Paraguay btts&overs 17/10
    nautico btts&overs 7/4
    double tad over 6/1

    well done all with winners and GL for later on………..

  179. Bertie 3 years ago

    Greece the most anti-football team in the world woeful to watch

  180. GillsRob 3 years ago

    An overnight Tip

    01.00 – WOMENS WORLD CUP


    OVER 10 ASIAN CORNERS – 1.900

  181. windy 3 years ago

    Tip for Tomorrow Euro U21

    Denmark U21 Win
    Denmark U21 over 1,5 team goals.

    They have taken a couple of National team players with them. The young lad that scored the first goal against Serbia at the weekend (Poulsen)and more importantly Højbjerg of Bayern München.
    Other known names are Okore from Aston villa and Fischer of Ajax.

    I have just seen the news over here and they are very confident of going all the way with the group of talent they have.

    I’m backing them, but look out for the names mentioned in the starting line up is probably more advised.

  182. Luke 3 years ago

    Ace face

    Grifk -1 a winner???

    Was 2-3. Void if Asian handicap

  183. AceFace 3 years ago

    Just seen France comback….viva le bleu

    2 to go harry

  184. djhawks 3 years ago

    switzerland women match over 1.5 first half goals 7/4 bet 365

  185. Simon wright 3 years ago

    TOMORROWS TIPS (at present)

    Please remember to check throughout the day as we do continue to add.


    UNDER 9

    UNDER 9.5

    UNDER 9.5


  186. Jordan 3 years ago

    Someone needs to tell Jamaica the game has kicked off here.

  187. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha best, goal, ever!

  188. Jordan 3 years ago

    After that first half I’ll be extremely surprised if Jamaica score. Utter sh*te. Tempted to call my bet a loser already.

  189. AceFace 3 years ago

    RT7 corners swiss 8/11

  190. Jordan 3 years ago

    Craigy great shouts on the Swiss game.

  191. GMan 3 years ago

    In-play bets

    Japan -1 at 1/2 large
    Japan -2 at 11/5 small

  192. Alves 3 years ago

    Paraguay RT7 6/4. 7-2 on 65 mins

  193. Alves 3 years ago

    *RT9 :)

  194. Jordan 3 years ago

    No Lewandowski mate so can’t blame em. Greece are pish though. About to be kicked out the EU too haha, can’t wait for kyp to come on next!

  195. Alves 3 years ago

    Cheers Jordan/Rob, can’t believe the Poles couldn’t beat Greece at home tho after tye Faroes beat them :)

  196. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jamaica to score before 79:00 @ 10/11 @ 365 -3.25 points **LOSE**

    Could count on one hand the amount of times Jamaica have strung more than 4 passes together. Argentina will romp them.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Jordan, Jamaica were decent against Uruguay but poor tonight. On that display it will be easy for Argentina as you say.

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        I’m shocked how they can put that performance in against Uruguay Mr F. That is one of the worst games I’ve seen in a while. Only one of their starting line up doesn’t play in England or America, and that’s their keeper, which shows when you see the goal. Awful showing from the Jamaicans though. Good job the group will be tight, Argentina will hopefully be needing a full strength squad when they play them.

  197. craigyboy 3 years ago

    Have been looking at the Women’s football for tonight.
    Just a few view points:

    Whilst Japan are through there’s something about their style of play which worries me – they don’t come across as goalscorers so be wary about backing on the handicap (as we found out to our cost last night). They may also rest some of their main players.

    In the other game I’m expecting fireworks between Switzerland and Cameroon. I backed Cameroon at 20/1 to win the group…unfortunately falling short against the Japanese. I really think there will be goals in this one and firmly believe Cameroon can trouble the Swiss back line.

    I’m on BTTS and over 2.5 goals
    William Hill

    Cameroon over 1.5 TG

    Lets try and win some money after a week of abysmal betting.

    ***Thank god for that*** All my corner bets are still on for the next two games as well. Delighted I didnt back Japan goals…said it before…they do enough!

  198. Jordan 3 years ago

    NYRB playing a a strong squad in the US open cup against Atlanta who are bottom of the NASL. Will post when markets come live in play.

  199. James Slater 3 years ago

    Judging on that performance by Jamaica i think they should stick to the bobsleigh’s! :)

    On a more serious note, what on gods green earth was the keeper doing for that goal?

    Unbelievable. Give that guy £200 quid and tell him it’s on you’ve been framed

  200. max 3 years ago

    Fancy Argentina to win tonight at 8/13 only bet of the day!!!!!!

  201. James Slater 3 years ago


    10/11 William Hill

  202. tomtie 3 years ago

    Argentina win + btts 3/1 bet 365 think argentina will win but with their defence can see uruguay scoring

  203. Jordan 3 years ago

    NYRB RT7 @ 10/11 @ 365 – 3.67 points (months profit)

  204. max 3 years ago

    Defensively not great Mr F but I think their attack will outscore almost everyone in the competition. I wonder if they took their foot off the pedal against Paraguay and thought they could coast to victory, their coaches subs choices were very strange to me also.

  205. James Slater 3 years ago

    Posted Up Earlier:


    10/11 William Hill


    Goodnight & God bless! :)

  206. Jordan 3 years ago

    James he was 7/5 @ 365. You’ve been robbed! Oddschecker ;) Well done mate.

  207. Jordan 3 years ago

    NYRB RT7 @ 10/11 @ 365 – 3.67 points (months profit) **LOSE**

    Level for the month

  208. Jordan 3 years ago

    Literally nothing taking my fancy over the next few days so will re-post my bets that I’ve already posted over in the upcoming days.

    Sunday – Norwegian Tippeligaen

    Rosenborg Over 1.5 Team Goals
    Stabaek to score

    9/10 @ Boyles – 5 points

    Monday – Swedish Superettan

    Ljungskile Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 17/16 @ 888 – 10 points

    June Totals
    Bets 55
    Points Staked 176.6
    Points Returned 176.6
    Profit 0

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