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Thommo was in sizzling form on Saturday with three winners from five picks including the winner of the Lincoln, John Godsen's Haqueeqy who landed the big race of the day at 9/2.

Top Rank got Thommo off to a winning start at Doncaster, obliging at 11/2, having been tipped at 6/1. Alan also added a winner at Newbury in the shape of Good Ball. The Cobden / Nicholls combination landed the spoils at 2/1 (tipped at 11/4) to complete a trio of success.

Less is more for Alan on Sunday where he has just one pick from Doncasters…

Doncaster 5.25

SYSTEMIC (5.25) is interesting in the concluding 1m 4f handicap at Doncaster on Sunday.

Hugo Palmer's four-year-old has been in winning form on the all-weather at Newcastle this winter and his recent third to Madeeh is solid form. James Doyle is a good booking. Blow Your Horn has his first experience of turf and is open to improvement.

  1. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    2:55 – Carlisle- sawpit sienna 9/2

    2:45 – ascot – herbiers 9/1

    3:05 – Doncaster- sarvan 7/1

    4:50- Doncaster- rathbone 12/1

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Well done winners yesterday. Alan cleaned up . As far as Saturdays go it was nt bad at all again plenty of money up for grabs if you were lucky enough to get the right combo from everyone’s selections.

    • Jayell61 1 year ago

      Nice 12/1 there Dazzman

  2. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    3:10 limerick- darren’s diamond 100/1 e/w Just a bet on name sake no more than that really but would kick myself if it were to place and I did nt put anything on it haha always e/w extra as well gl

    • Thebigflu 1 year ago

      Stuck 10p e w pays a tenner just for a laugh

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      That’s the spirit 👍haha

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      Double it up with Peterbuilt 2.30 donny😂

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      It’s 40/1 now so hopefully I got on at the right time ! You never know ! If it places that’s a nice 20/1 and that will more than do me for today ha

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      90/1 e/w extra 4places that will do 18/1 5th odds

  3. Thebigflu 1 year ago

    Full time score 4.20 belle metal 5,30 mr coldstone 2.35@ limerick

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Good luck . You ve had some nice winners 👍

  4. double carpet 1 year ago

    Just the Lincoln winner yesterday so not a great day.
    Just the 2 for today

    Glorious Galway 9/4 4.55 lim

    Ahandfulofsummers 7/4 4.35 naas

    2 x singles and a barney rubble

    Well done to all the winners yesterday there were quite a few which is always good to see


  5. edgeman 1 year ago

    Like to say thanks to all the usual guys on here for all the tips. It’s a truly phenomenal tipping page and the only reason I’ve kept my head above water with gambling for quite some time. Unfortunately today I sank without trace so I won’t be continuing for a while. No matter how great you lot are(and you are!), it’s impossible to help a mug gambler like me. I’ve not quite got the noose around the neck yet, but I’m stopping again now before it is. Cheers and good luck all. ✌

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Wise words edgeman.
      RESPECT you for that and I applaud you for your discipline in seeing potential danger signs.
      Always best to take a break and re evaluate when things get tough.
      Look forward to your return and remember captain Tom’s wise words “tomorrow will be a better day” whenever that may be 👍

    • double carpet 1 year ago

      Best of luck Edgeman
      When the fun stops……STOP !!

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Discipline and self control is harder then finding the winners in this game !!

    • ew thief 1 year ago

      Bol edgeman hope everything works out mate 👍

  6. postman 1 year ago

    Respect to you Edgeman 👍
    Hats of the Alan as well, I can never (or very rearly) makes Satudays pay but he mopped up 👍 👍 Well done those who also posted winners up. BIG THANK YOU.

    4:20 Limerick – Full Time Score *** NAP *** 15/8
    4:40 Carlisle – Storm Nelson ** NB ** 5/4
    5:25 Doncaster – Endlessly = * each way punt * 10/1


  7. double carpet 1 year ago

    In the first at Limerick, Collo Meo has been backed from 100/1 into 12/1.
    Horse hasn’t run for 2 years but he was sold for 80k prior to that run. Not something I’ll be getting involved in but be interesting to see how he gets on.

    • double carpet 1 year ago

      Ran well and finished 2nd with an sp of 25/1.
      Will surely come on for that run. One for the notebook

  8. busstop.2018 1 year ago

    Morning All .Well done yesterdays winners. 2 winners from my 4 myself so good day.

    Busy day ahead so early today .Although the clocks have gone forward.


    13.00 . .Stoners Choice. .9/2

    14.45. .Tinnahalla. .7/1. .E/W

    15.20. .Another Crick. .7/2

    15.55. .Crosspark. .5/2

    GL ALL

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Good start 👍 hope the others come in for all who are on

    • jimba 1 year ago

      Well done bus with stoners👍

    • double carpet 1 year ago

      Nice start busstop

    • Mr Humbley 1 year ago

      Nice one for Stoners Choice Busstop.Well played Geez

  9. jimba 1 year ago

    Big well done yesterday Alan, fine tipping 👍

  10. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Morning all. Well done all the winners yesterday. Mine ran like a crab😒
    Hotspur Harry 3.05 Donny 80/1 on betfair 5 places. 45/1 for 7 places. It’s only 40/1 on bet365 ( was 66/1 last night) so betfairs your best bet, but you’d better be quick 😁 GL

    • Parzov 1 year ago

      Thanks Pete I done 7 places 22/1 and 5 places 35/1.
      Hope it’s your day today Pete I got full faith in you. your a top man. 👍.


    • Boxing@123 1 year ago

      Sky bet paying 6 places instead of 4 @ 66/1 👍🏻

  11. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    well above par 4.05 ew well done all winners yesterday

    • New123 1 year ago

      Well done azz👍

    • azzthewigan 1 year ago

      cheers new 123

  12. Parzov 1 year ago

    Hello good morning to you all.

    Double today

    Sindabella is 1 run 1 win under this class and also 1 run 1 win for course and under this distance is 2 runs 1 win the only negative is never won on this going.

    Up hell Aa has definitely proved him self as a ew selection with 1 run 1 place under going 5 runs 5 places class 2 runs 2 places distance and field size he is
    4 runs 4 places the only negative hasn’t ran this course.

    This is the reason for my selections just wanted to give you guys as much detail as I could so you can use it how ever you like. 🙂

    Thank you wish me luck.

    2:55 Carlisle sindabella 7/4
    3:25 naas up helly Aa 12/1

    Good luck.

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Good luck 👍

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      Good luck Pazov 🤞

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      Parzov Sorry

  13. ew thief 1 year ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    Dancinginthewoods 1.20d 14-1
    Fox power 3.05d 20-1
    Scottish accent 4.05c 12-1
    George Bowen 4.50d 25-1
    Roar 5.25d 25-1
    Ew singles & ew lucky31☘️☘️Gl all

  14. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    harmonious 3.05 ew

  15. theplug 1 year ago

    BROOME 3-25 NAAS 9/2
    If this horse can get back to some where near his old form he must have a good chance ,big drop in class ,contested group races. .have won on the soft and the hopefully have a good run from him today .also won first time out.🤞

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Nice shout mate 👍💰💰

    • Deb2000 1 year ago

      Nice1 theplug Jim Delahhunt napped him in the paper as well 👏👏👍💰💰

    • ew thief 1 year ago

      Nice shout mate cheers 👍

  16. nazac 1 year ago

    16:40 Carlisle …. Style It Out

  17. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Bannister 1-33 auteuil 11-8 top 3 finish @bet375.
    And a few pennies on the win at 6-1.
    Rikoboy 2-10 Ascot 3-1
    Another crick 3-20 Ascot 3-1
    Brogue 3-25 naas
    20-1 ew extra 6 places
    4-00 naas
    Parents prayer 3-1 win
    Pronouncement 20-1 ew extra 4 places
    Dick datchery 4-50 Doncaster
    14-1 ew extra 8 places.
    And a few pennies at 33-1 ew

  18. thestigno1 1 year ago

    Was going to put a £10 on Tahitian Prince there in the 13.20 and decided against it – raging lol

    What I have picked today is
    £1 Yankee =£11

    14.30 alpha king 5/2
    15.05 secret victory
    15.40 Annandale 15/8
    16.50 Lincoln park 5/1

    Another Yankee
    15.45 irregular heartbeat 3/1
    16.20 full time score 13/8
    16.40 storm nelson 11/8
    16.55 glorious Galway 15/8

    13.55 hello zabeel 8-1
    15.30 tontos spirit 5/1

  19. Helmk 1 year ago


  20. thestigno1 1 year ago

    But if money coming for credence star in the 13.55

    £10 cover bet possibly

  21. Parzov 1 year ago

    Up hell Aa is 7/2 now they offering me double my stake. I had 12/1 on it. Fingers crossed.

  22. ew thief 1 year ago

    And am sorry about that nag yesterday 😡😡

  23. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Get in 14/1 winner ! Nice little drift on herbiers 💰

    • double carpet 1 year ago


    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      That will do what ever happens now but still hopefulll with my last selection

    • ew thief 1 year ago

      On fire mate 👍

    • jimba 1 year ago

      On fire mate 👍

  24. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Not sure what happened there. Looks like he lost control of the horse and virtually pull it up. 😒

    • Deb2000 1 year ago

      Saddle slipped mate because the horse was pulling like a train probably with it being drawn 18 off 18 he couldn’t get any cover 😪😪

  25. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Hope a few did e/w on darrens diamond coming 4th

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      E/w extra I meant

  26. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Sorry can’t resist – fair mac 3:40 Doncaster @ 5/1

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Right that’s it I’m waiting for rathbone now haha 😂

  27. insider 1 year ago

    no one will see and ill end up with egg on face but chatham street lad in play with over half t go is around 6/4 looks like free money.

    • insider 1 year ago

      brief look, ended up with old wentworth falls (big drifter, scope for extra places), unexposed marly 14s pence on ew and ALBEN SPIRIT 11/2 win in what looks like decent 1650. if one of them wins ill be sure to claim it. bol.

  28. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Oh well that’s that . Not to bad a day decent place money and double figure winner and a single winner courtesy of the plug . Just waiting on Alan’s to wrap things up then onto 2 Moro . Cheers everyone 👍

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Ke – bab time now ! 🌮

  29. recoba 1 year ago

    Well done the winners today a few good ones and I went with a correct pick!
    On Alan Ts so here’s hoping. Great tipping yesterday Alan 👏

    USA Trebles and a single….prices to short for a Yankee I feel.

    Gulfstream-R3. Gitana. 6/5
    R9..Spotters Hill(****) 11/8
    Aguaduct- R6…Ice Princess 6/4
    Bank It – R7. Bank It. 4/5

    GL all 🇺🇸🐎

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Give those yanks a spank !!!

  30. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Just a quick e/w double at Tampa bay downs

    Race 3 – mean as a snake 14/1 e/w

    Race 4 – lord eddard stark 14/1 e/w

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Nearly had that one !!

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Lord eddard went off at 40/1 as well

  31. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Pile o shite from me today ☹️.
    Well done winners today 🏇🏇

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Good thing about racing every day you start with a clean slate !! A lot can happen in a day you can go from zero to hero haha or vice versa haha 😂

  32. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Going for a treble and that’s my lot

    Santa Anita race 2 – Bristol bayou 11/10

    Santa Anita race 6 – Adare 4/1

    Aquaduct race 3 – bingo John 4/1

    Let’s see if I can get a few American winners on the board

  33. Crawmeister 1 year ago

    Santa Anita
    Backing the Baze in races 1 and 6

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      I think I should follow you the way my American picks have been going lately you seem to do well

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