THE German Masters snooker gets under way today and plenty of big names are in Berlin for a pot at glory.

Ronnie O'Sullivan is the 5-2 title favourite at Paddy Power while the man who cuffed him 6-1 in the Masters last month, Neil Robertson, is next in the betting at 6-1 with Coral, followed by Judd Trump (8-1, Ladbrokes) and defending champ Ding Junhui (10-1, Skybet).

Robertson features among the eight first-round fixtures today – which are all best of nine frames – and the the Aussie is 1-5 at SportingBet to avoid a KO against Coral's 4-1 underdog Fergal O'Brien.

Selby, Trump and Junhui are also short-priced favourites to win their openers while John Higgins is 8-15 at bet365 to beat Peter Ebdon (7-4, William Hill).

It's a busy night in the NBA with 11 matches including Washington Wizards at Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors and there's also three NHL games plus loads of tennis action.

Good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.

  1. Jordan 4 years ago

    Celtic/Knicks over 181.5
    Nuggets/76ers over 184.5

    @ just under EVS @ 365 **WIN**

  2. Jordan 4 years ago

    Josh Gordon suspended for ANOTHER year. What an idiot!

  3. Attila 4 years ago

    Knicks finally earnt the Bettors trust by winning 4 straight at home, then go and lose to Celtics. Jrez, getting hard to pick em at the line the later it gets into the season.

  4. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Easy pickings on the under and over total points in play on nba tonight all you need to do is count and multiply, easy money.

  5. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    @Boco that is totally bs mate, the game can change in a second. Many, many times i’ve gone both overs and unders in a quarter and for most of it it looks like the points total will be no where near and then out of nowhere they get enough points to lose my bet

  6. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Alu my friend have a look after two overs do the math but use ur own judgement ie if 1st qt 50 pts 2nd 42. Add them alty and then go and check ladrbrokes overs and unders seriously mate if you cant make a pound cos ladbrokes early markets are open for abuse.
    True games change but just have a look inplay ladbrokes odds pal, i know fook all about bbball but i know when bookies dont either.
    Dont negate me without checking out what im advising.

  7. Attila 4 years ago

    My SS of Warriors -9.5 *WON*

    Was anyone on???

    My Treble failed miserably though but was low stakes so no bother.

  8. Attila 4 years ago

    @ AD – if you see this in time mate, what do you think of this early Tennis Treble:

    – Ward
    – Sousa
    – Darcis

    Pays $2.67

    If you could let me know if any them are bogies that’d be great thanks AD.

    • browneagle 4 years ago

      I backed this mate, as long as Sousa holds it down and pulls through, we have a winner. nice treble

  9. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    Boco, i’m not having a go or anything and sorry if it sounded that way i’m just curious.
    I use b365 and most of the time they judge it well. Like tonight in the Trail Blazers game i picked overs in the only quarter, which was the 3rd, that went under and that was using the judgement and basing it off the first half. I swear as soon as i placed the overs bet there was something like 8 turn overs and no one scored for about 2-3 minutes.
    I sometimes check to see what bet way have judged each quarter and they always have it at a point higher or lower than b365. Il have a look at lad brokes tomorrow then as no matter what points i bet on, it always comes down to the last play (unless i’m betting on unders and it’s already lost)

  10. jizzy66 4 years ago

    Decided not to play for money for a coulple of weeks, because I did not seem to get anywhere. Wins and losses seemed to even out all the time.
    Really concentrated even more on line movement and have been 14-1-1 during the last 7 days.
    Last night tips.
    Boston -1
    Pistons -4
    Predators (NHL)

    Will post my tips again tonight and hope to stay hot.
    Best of luck guys

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Hey Jizzy mate, I missed your tips yesterday. Might follow you the next week with those results. You’ve always posted decent winners but 14-1-1 is awesome.
      I know what you mean about 1 step forward 1 step back…as soon as I think my pot is growing it goes right back down, haha.

  11. Attila 4 years ago

    Think ill have a throw at stumps at tonight’s Snooker:

    – Selby
    – N.Robertson
    – Maguire
    – Hawkins
    – Trump

    5 FOLD pays $2.77

    If any1 knows more about snooker than me & see’s a bogie in there please let us know :-)

  12. Boco1976 4 years ago

    Seriously alty mate have a look at ladbrokes 9/10 times they set the overs at such a low number and ur getting odds of4/6, 5-6, 10-11.
    To make it a better night u transferred my loose change £1.33 to games and cashed out £60 on roulette and played bingo with the change. Wheel must have been stuck zero and neighbours five spins on the trot.

  13. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Unlucky HuggyBear 3 in a row lost..we all know who follow you these things can happen..edge of seat stuff for tonights £200 SS.Ha

    Well done Attilia,Jordan on your winners great stuff.

  14. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Well done Jizzy looking forward to your NBA tips later..a decent strike rate by the looks of it.

    Im finding it tough like others to pick winners with playoff slots getting solid and teams resting/rotating players.

    Gl all.

  15. Boco1976 4 years ago

    One match on atm alty if ur about, give it until towards 2nd period in play. Have a look at the 1st period ( prob always going to be a heavier scoring period ). Then decide where your bet lies i always try and get the bottom line which they set two or three points low at ht. always go over the minimum then if you think its going to a bit tight during the third quarter take the under.
    So theoretically you could have a £10 on over 191.5 tot pts in one game then in the third period you can get under 201.5 tot points. Both at just under evens if you get ur maths right you get a double win.

  16. Boco1976 4 years ago

    I got 5/6 on over 168.5 total points.

  17. Shotty 4 years ago

    New to the site but been following the tips and it looks like there’s money to be made on basketball, I like the look of team total points so will be using this market a lot!

  18. Shotty 4 years ago

    San Antonio spurs over 108.5 
    Atlanta hawks -5.5
    No pelicans over 100 team points

    Oh and these are my early thoughts on tonight’s games, go easy on me

  19. Fela 4 years ago

    I got 5/6 on under 172.5 during the second quarter

  20. Fela 4 years ago

    166 total points

  21. Jordan 4 years ago

    Gents it’s all good posting your winners when the games are finished but seriously nobody cares if you don’t post it before hand. You won’t get a congratulations for being a good punter when games are over and final scores are in. Good luck with pickings tonight.

  22. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Due to dodgy footy results since Christmas i have a 4 figure loss.

    The next time HuggyBear and Jizzy select the same NBA bet i am putting my total losses on it.

    It may sound daft but only bet with what you can afford..if it lost i will be gutted yes..its my choice tho and its a risk i am prepared to take.

    GL all.

  23. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    Cycling: Dubai Tour 2015 stage 1

    I will be on below mach-ups, winner in capitals:
    CAVENDISH v Degenkolb
    VIVIANI v Guardini
    Double @ 2.01 LOST :(

    It was close, but ended 1.Cavendish 2. Guardini 3. Viviani

  24. Jordan 4 years ago

    I am 100% confident that Huggy will pick a winner tonight with the games available! Well done Attila too mate!

  25. Attila 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan. Congrats on ur winner as well. I’m still surprised Huggy picked Knicks over Golden State. He’s had so many winners on Golden State laying 9 or 10 plus. I’m really starting to think ill just star doing low odds over/under & ML legs to make doubles/trebles around Evens like you do mate. Getting very inconsistent form the past couple weeks.

  26. Jordan 4 years ago

    The Hawks lost their 19 game win streak last time out but I’m going to put that down to pressure on making it to 20 haha, they have only lost 3 in 26 home games (1 in the last 15) the Wizards have lost their last 3 and have lost 13 out of the last 14 in Atlanta.

    The other team I’m taking are GSW who have the best home record in the Western Conference. Coming off a 25 point margin last night in Sacramento, the GSW have only lost twice at home all season, their last loss losing in OT against the Bulls last week. Before that they had won 19 straight at home. Dallas have won their last three games but are 1-5 in Oakland straight up.

    Atlanta Hawks ML
    GSW ML

    10/11 @ Skybet

  27. OriaZ 4 years ago

    Should have taken the fact that Ladbrokes didn’t want me to take Knicks ML as a sign yesterday :-)

    Congrats Attila/Jordan, i was on all your selections but got greedy and added the SS with them too ;-)

    Let’s hope I can make that up tonight !

  28. Ad 4 years ago

    Atilla – sorry mate, didn’t see your post till just now. Looking good though, hopefully Sousa holds on. I would’ve given you a thumbs up on Darcis and Ward, very nice picks.

  29. Ad 4 years ago

    I said I liked the look of Jaziri to beat Istomin the other day but his odds have drifted ever since. He’s available at 27/10 now….Not very encouraging!

  30. Attila 4 years ago

    **Posted Earlier**

    early Tennis Treble:

    – Ward
    – Sousa
    – Darcis

    Pays $2.67

    **WON** – anyone on?

    @ AD – cheers for response mate. All good. I spent a bit of time researching so glad it came thru as a winner.

  31. Ad 4 years ago

    I’m going to have a go on over 22.5 games in Janowicz v Paire @ 17/20. 7:30 tonight in Montpellier.

    I think Janowicz will probably win this but neither man is likely to play well for more than a set at a time and it could well be a topsy turvy affair. Paire’s first serve percentage is at 47% from his last two matches which is just not good enough to beat Janowicz if he’s serving okay, but Paire has enough talent to take a set off Jerzy if the Pole switches off at any point, which he surely will.

    ALso a small double on Janowicz to win and Giraldo to beat Montanes in Eduador. pays 2.3, Good Luck.

    • Ad 4 years ago

      Just to add to that Giraldo v Montanes match. Montanes won his first round match here comfortably but hasn’t won back to back matches since he won a challenger event in August. Giraldo leads the head to head 4-1 and won both times they played last year. This is Giraldo’s first match on the dirt this year but he was fantastic on it last year, hitting the ground running and toppling lots of big names over the course of the season.

  32. Jordan 4 years ago

    GSW gone from 2/7 to 1/5 so you won’t get the price quoted for my double now. Best @ 7/10 @ Skybet

  33. Juan 4 years ago

    Thanks for the Tennis tips, nice treble to go along with Rublev yesterday, small investment in Jaziri as well and hes started with a break of service, keep up the good work guys!

  34. Juan 4 years ago

    Wouldnt you know i spoke too soon!!! Retirement before i got a chance to cash out, still no loss so shouldnt complain!

  35. Ad 4 years ago

    My worries over the drift on Jaziri were unfounded. He won the first set 6-3 and Istomin just retired. Luckily I backed him with Coral who I think will pay out as one set has been completed. I hope so anyway! 2/1 was a great price (though not as good as the 27/10 he went off at) so I’m going to quietly praise myself for the pick whatever happens!

  36. Ad 4 years ago

    Oh wow, i’ve got that completely wrong. My feed was telling me Istomin had retired, but now it’s saying Jaziri retired. That’s no good at all! Now I’m hoping Coral void it after all! Nothing worse than a player you’ve backed retiring when comfortably on top. Apologies for the mis-information.

  37. Ad 4 years ago

    Dodig @ around 7/1 to win Zagreb Indoors seems like a good bet. He is cruising in his first match, should have relatively few problems against Granollers in the next round or against the Sisjling/Mannarino winner. It will be Muller/ Seppi after that and I fancy Dodig in either matchup with home advantage. If he keeps playing well a place in the final is a real possibility and @ 7/1 I’m willing to risk Dodig to string it together this week.

  38. Shotty 4 years ago

    My first tip on here and it’s a double so here goes…

    San Antonio spurs over 108.5 team and Toronto raptors over 104.5 team lets get off to a good start! Pays just over 2/1

  39. Jordan 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t be right without doing a £10 Fun Bet with the packed card tonight so here it is. Only follow if you don’t think £10 is a lot of money.

    Denver Nuggets/Boston Celtics Over (190.5)
    Atlanta Hawks ML
    Toronto Raptors ML
    Milwaukee Bucks (-4.5)
    New Orleans Pelicans (+1.5)
    Memphis Grizzlies ML

    @ 56/10 @ WillHill

  40. Shaun 4 years ago

    Unfortunate yesterday with Huggy’s SS, can’t help it when NY Knicks Decide not to turn up to play the game. Onto tonight and awaiting Huggy’s judgement and putting together a return to winning ways!

  41. Brian tennis 4 years ago

    Just curious ad if you watched the granollers match today. He supposedly played well and I would suspect the odds to be fairly close in the dodig match. Would you recommend dodig to win that match

    • Ad 4 years ago

      I didn’t see it mate. If Granollers and Dodig were playing in Spain I would maybe go with Granollers. But in Croatia it’s got to be Ivan for me. If Granollers is playing well then it could definitely be a close one, and it’s certainly not a banker. But to go on and win the tournament I like Ivan’s chances better. I’ve backed him @ 7/1 and Karlovic @ 9/2.

  42. huggybear 4 years ago

    didn`t think i`d end up here , its a first thats for sure 3 wrong on the bounce , but the upside is how berserk is it going to be with £230 on a bball game ?

    its one of these to save the bank ,

    wizards +6 , jazz +7 , twolves -1

    tonights super single with £230 is

    wizards +9 / jazz +10.5 ( double pays evens )

    my best ht is raptors -3.5 and best points total is wizards/hawks ova 198.5

    YOU NEED TO BE MENTAL TO FOLLOW , NERVES JANGLING ALREADY , this goes down its time for a week or two off it.

    • BRIAN 4 years ago



    • BRIAN 4 years ago



    • BRIAN 4 years ago




  43. jizzy66 4 years ago

    NAP: Bulls +3.5

    Like: Wizzards +6 (might win outright)
    Wolves -1.5
    Celtics Under201
    Wizzards Over199

    Have not looked at Utah and GS yet. Fed up now.
    Hope my good streak will last… !!
    Best of luck for all of you

  44. Brian tennis 4 years ago

    Ad just seen the odds. It’s not as close as I thought so it’s probably best to avoid dodig at the lower odds. Also sela at 11/10 looks a good bet. Did you watch istomin playing jaziri today. What’s your thoughts on the match

  45. ross 4 years ago

    Hope it comes in huggy. Martingales dangerous

  46. Shotty 4 years ago

    Can I just ask why people are going against the hawks? Wizards are obviously a good team but it looks like the hawks like playing against them some big wins in the past

  47. Jordan 4 years ago

    Shotty, I’m not.

  48. Abbas 4 years ago

    Well done Ad on jaziri

    • Ad 4 years ago

      Jaziri ended up being a void or a loss Abbas, wouldve won the way things are going.

      Brian- Sela looks good to me Brian. Didn’t see that much of Istomin but wasn’t that impressed with what I saw. Sela shouldnt be odds against in my opinion x

  49. Shotty 4 years ago

    Last double for me is over 199.5 total points in the hawks game and Toronto raptors over 104.5 team points pays 2.5/1

  50. Ad 4 years ago

    I said janowicz would prob win before hand but 9/1 in play on Paire looks big. Always the potential for a crumble with jerzy

  51. Brian tennis 4 years ago

    Good stuff it looked a good bet so hopefully he can get it done. Gonna have a punt on martin klizan at 9/10 tonight. He was strong favorite but odds have been moving away from him do could be a risky one. Also like the look of falla to beat lorenzi tomorrow 6/4. He’s apparently playing well and is an excellent clay courter when he’s up for it. Odds are drifting from him to so will leave that til tomorrow for better value. Good luck all

  52. Attila 4 years ago

    There’s no way I’m putting $230 on Wizards against the Hawks. Sorry Huggy!
    Think ill just follow Jizzy & Jordan today as havnt had a chance to look properly myself.
    Bulls +3.5 did stand out to me tho as they are well rested and play there best when on the toad this season. They might even win outright.

  53. Ernie 4 years ago

    Ad who do you think is Safer to win tomorrow. Dodig or Muller…? Both 4/11 i think.

  54. Tommy 4 years ago




  55. Jordan 4 years ago

    At what bookie Tommy? I’m only getting that price for my sixfold?

  56. Ad 4 years ago

    That’s a tough one Ernie. I’d probably say Dodig. Home court advantage sways me that way. He played Granollers in Croatia once before and breezed past him. Berankis completely blew out Lacko, but I expect Muller to win too.

    You can get Muller @ 4/9. Dodig a best 2/5.

  57. Tommy 4 years ago

    Bet365 mate

  58. Ad 4 years ago

    Overs in the Janowicz v Paire match came in nicely in the end then, and Paire went a break up in the final set after being 9/1 a set down so there was profit there too. It was the up and down drama fest predicted. Been doing okay on the overs this week so will have another go tomorrow.

    Darcis v Nieminen

    Over 22.5 @ 5/6

  59. The Raider 4 years ago

    Risky 5-fold placed for tonight… a combination of some of the tips on here and some of the odds on ML games tonight:

    Over 197.5 Wizzards / Hawks
    Raptors ML
    GSW ML
    Bulls +3.5
    Bucks ML

    Pays 7.21

    Good Luck!

  60. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    five fold

    normally bet the outsiders and hit a big win few nights ago , but didnt post :( anyway today has much more chance of comming in so …

    pel 8.26/1 gl huggy think with a plus 9 u can win
    they might even win on ml

  61. Beanz 4 years ago

    GSW -6
    Hawks/Wizards over 189.5
    Raptors ML

    Treble 2.21/1 @Skybet

  62. Ad 4 years ago

    Huggy- good luck with the double tonight mate. Really hope it lands for you. I don’t normally bet on BBall but I’ve put a meagre tenner on in solidarity!

  63. kp733 4 years ago

    Just a heads up gents, the spread for the Pistons/Paces game looks like a bit of a gift that no-one has mentioned. I will be backing the Pistons ML (33/20) and 1st half ML(7/5) anyway (I did last night to great success) as well as a minus handicap yet they are currently +4.5 on the spread.

    This is against an absolutely horrible Indiana side whose only recent wins have come against the equally horrible Knicks and Magic. Drummond, Caldwell-Pope and Augustin are playing out of their skin at the moment

  64. Attila 4 years ago

    Anyone who’s interested, I’ve decided to do my own SS & game plan. Will post it shortly. Managed to study all tyr games and have a few winners I think.

  65. Ad 4 years ago

    I’ll also be on over 22.5 games in Baghdatis v Youzhny @ 5/6.

    I think Baghdatis will win, but this is another matchup between two players who are unlikely to sustain good play for longer than a set. I fancy three sets, but overs is the safer bet.

  66. kp733 4 years ago

    Backed myself on:

    DET Pistons by 6 or more @ 7/2

    DET Pistons by 3 or more 1st quarter @ 11/5

    Smallish stakes. Obviously much riskier than your typical 10/11 on the lines etc but I see a lot of value in those prices. Will see how they get on

  67. Lloyd 4 years ago

    Looking forward to it Attilla!

  68. Shotty 4 years ago

    Just noticed I’ve got the raptors in both my bets hope it doesn’t screw me

  69. Attila 4 years ago


    SS: Pistons +8.5, Spurs -8.5 @ $1.90 (5 points)

    TREBLE #1: Nets +12.5, Celtics +2.5, Bucks -4.5 @ $2.51 (2.5 points)

    TREBLE #2: Pelicans +2.5, Grizzlies ML, Mavs +13.5 @ $2.51

    I know my SS is a double, I just don’t trust any team tday to cover the full ATS lines today. I’m pretty confident on the SS, as well as the Trebles. GL today all!

  70. Attila 4 years ago

    Note: The 3 games I’ve avoided completely ate the Hawks/Wizards, Bulls/Rockets & Heat/T’wolves as the they could all go either way IMO.
    (I realize I said I liked the Bulls earlier but after looking into it the Rockets will keep it very tight I think).

  71. jizzy66 4 years ago

    I think the Pacers will cover today Attila, if they do I hope for you not by 8

  72. Jordan 4 years ago

    What makes you think Hawks wizards could go either way Attila? Wizards have won once in 14 attempts in Atlanta.

  73. Attila 4 years ago

    Jizy – Detroit 4 from 4 from 3 point line already. Think it will be a shootout to be honest..will go down to the wire.

  74. Attila 4 years ago

    Jordan – as in, the line could go either way. I think Hawks will win, but could be by only 1 or 2 so best avoided with line betting.

  75. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ahhh I see, yeah to be honest I hate betting the + on the dogs. I’d rather back on the ML or if the spread is low, a + on the favourite.

  76. Attila 4 years ago

    Also on a NHL/Soccer 5 Fold (starts soon):

    – Bruins +2.5 (NHL)
    – Penguins +1.5 (NHL)
    – Sharks +2.5 (NHL)
    – Alajuelense DC (Soccer)
    – Cerro Porteno DC (Soccer)

    Pays $2.05 (2.5 pts)

  77. Jordan 4 years ago

    How dare you invade our minds with that word Attila! It’s football! Haha ;)

  78. Attila 4 years ago

    Haha, not in Australia, lol. ‘Football’ here is either Aussie Rules or Rugby League, depending which state you’re from :-)

  79. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    glad i dont live there :(

  80. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    wtf i but the pacers in my 5 fold and i meant to put pistonts ffs
    also said i did that i my five fold earlier :( pistons lead by 1 at ht ..

  81. Jordan 4 years ago

    We’ll let’s meet half way and call it footy :D

    Mr Fish, you seem to do that a lot! Take your time when placing bets mate!

  82. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    do i ? yea i will be more careful wouldn’t say i do that alot tho

  83. Jordan 4 years ago

    Too many apostrophes to be true in that sentence, I’ll put the beer down.

  84. Attila 4 years ago

    Pistons just had a mini meltdown letting in 12 straight points after finally taking the lead…

  85. Attila 4 years ago

    What the hell is wrong with Bucks & Spurs today? Both being SMASHED by Lakers & Magic respectively…ill give up on NBA if both those games end in upsets.

  86. Jordan 4 years ago

    Hawks starting to p**s me off. Shooting everything from outside the paint when the Wizards are dominating inside!

  87. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    How can i lose by 1 point 4 times in a row?!? Hate to say it the bookies always win!!

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Have to disagree there Alty mate but unlucky. What team did you lose on?

  88. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    As far as im concerned Jordan mate they always, always win. You either get awful odds and even they lose or you get good odds and they always lose….Quite afew teams, no matter what the bet is it always comes down to the last throw so frustrating always being down

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      I’m not so sure mate but we all have our own opinions. It all depends what sort of selections you’re picking.

      Covering my double on Dallas to beat GSW @ 7/2 @ WillHill

  89. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    This Bulls game in the 3rd quarter is proving my point. In-play got over 41.5 points at crap odds and even that is going to the last throw

  90. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    which ofcourse loses…..What were you saying again Jordan?!?

  91. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    wow lucky huggy to get the push on the wizards game:)

  92. Attila 4 years ago

    Spurs!!! WTF!!! How can they let Magic come back to level the scores? Spurs at home, should be 20 ahead by now…typical.

  93. Attila 4 years ago

    Bucks and Pelicans about to let down both my trebles. Getting hard this NBA lark.

  94. Attila 4 years ago

    Can’t believe Bucks threw away 8 point lead at home to Lakers and are now down by 3…think its too close to end of season for betting in NBA. Just getting too unpredictable.

  95. Attila 4 years ago

    Yes; Bucks 3 point on Buzzer takes it to overtime. Need em to win by 5…

  96. Jordan 4 years ago

    Attila the season doesn’t finish till mid April mate.

  97. Attila 4 years ago

    Bucks won in OT so my 1st Treble Won, but Spurs downed my main double…won by 2 points shy of what I needed.

  98. huggybear 4 years ago

    Small margins or wot ? Jazz +10.5 scrapes home by 0.5

    So with 1 push thats £115.00 profit.

    phew !!!

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