THE sports thread, aimed particularly at those backing on basketball and the likes, went down a storm yesterday.

I'll put the thread up as often as possible for De Andre and the crew and there are some great tips being put up there.

Remember when we make the site changes in the next few weeks there will be as many threads as you can throw a needle at.

  1. Greg Browning 5 years ago

    I’m going to open a thread Paul!

    “How many games clydebank games will be called off between now and May, haha!

  2. dave787 5 years ago

    hi lads, does anyone cover nhl tips? im not volunteerin but i follow it and am just seein if anyone does?

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Hi Dave, I just noticed this. I’m occasionally on NHL. I was happy to get an OK run going but it wasn’t as successful as my NBA run, so I’ve limited it to strictly 100% confident picks or nada :) too many variables in Ice Hockey for me.

      I can tell you though that I’ve placed my confidence on The Ducks to Win Outright (13/2). Last outright win bet I placed was opening day on Gael Monfils to win ATP Montpellier. That one returned nicely. Bruins were looking good at one point but I came to notice their inconsistentcy after a viewing of a few games. In my opinion, ANA Ducks have more spirit, but I may slightly be biased as I grew up on them ;)

  3. cooldude 5 years ago

    no Dave I dont but Id be more then welcome to know your next bet!!

  4. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Hope you’re all doing well.

    Just got back. I’m so guttered I couldn’t post picks for the 23/02 NBA games. Also that I missed the early games. When I was out, I had access to internet but it was dreadfully slow. While on the move, I was able to load up and do a research on the teams and starting five to quench a Race to 20 treble of which I’m beginning to feel is my expertise :), I played them but it was frustrating that I couldn’t load this website up to post it before the game. I’m guessing isn’t mobile friendly?

    Anyway, for reference purposes here’s the Race to 20 Points treble screenie:

    That was the only one I was able to play today apart from DeAndre’s tips. Looking forward to being a NBA hermit over the week again :)

    Hope all your picks are doing well and hopefully Trail Blazers can turn this game around! Cheers

  5. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Mr. FeAndre, nice job with the money-line treble. The Blazers were phenomenal the second half!

    Cheers bud :)

  6. Ian Ramsay 5 years ago

    Many thanks Deandre! Top tipping!

  7. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Ha, didn’t even see the new thread, oops! Cheers guys hope you all got on.

    • swany 5 years ago

      DeAndre you are the raal of basketball,thats the highest compliment I can think of,cheers man.

      • Rustychest 5 years ago

        swany, now THAT is offensive :P Does he look like a hearts fan? haha. He is the Mr. F of NBA.

  8. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, did you get on Bet365 yet? (or whoever else has Race to 20) :) I’ll be leaving money-lines etc. to you while I take on the Race to 20 Points market to add variety to whats already posted. Maybe some of other markets if I’m feeling it. Nice job on today again :)

    PS. DeAndre, Hope I haven’t offended you. If my response to Duncan’s comment with ‘quality before quantity’ got to you, I only wanted to put emphasis on how I was working my picks. I implied that I chose to somewhat lower the risk and post several different trebles to ensure that if just one of the trebles won, there would be a bit of profit and all stakes covered. It was it no means a diss to you and your picks with wealthy odds. It was a misunderstanding. Please accept my apologies on the matter. My apologies to Duncan as well.

    • Duncan Poundcake 5 years ago

      RUSTY i didnt even connect the two things and definatley was not a dig at you sorry if you took it that way
      keep up the good work,i have made more on basketball than on horses lately

  9. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Apologies? I’m not sure I even know what comment you’re referring to :-D

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      DeAndre, here is the comment exchange I was referring to

      Duncan Poundcake: De Andre I work for a distillers .It’s a bit like gambling QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

      and I replied: Duncan, it’s easy to throw that saying around, but would you rather lower the risk and win or lose big?

      Bad timing I’m sure, but it felt like a stab at my short picks and re-reading it now I may have just come across like a douche as well as realizing it may have looked like a stab at you and I had no intention of that. Either way, I felt like a douche and I wanted to apologize for it.

      Phew. :)

  10. Rustychest 5 years ago

    I believe I offended you so I wanted to apologize mate :)

    • swany 5 years ago

      Watch out for those wallabies on the road Rusty!

  11. Rustychest 5 years ago

    swany, pff :P

    C’mon I love you guys. My great grandpa is from philly, the city of brotherly love. Group hug?

    anyway :D I’ve eyed my picks for tomorrow in the Race to 20 treble, but odds aren’t up yet and I’ll have to look closer, but here they are:

    DAL Mavericks
    GS Warriors
    LA Clippers

    • swany 5 years ago

      I used to like the cheese from philly rusty,it was good on crackers.

      • Rustychest 5 years ago

        not sure if serious :)

        • swany 5 years ago

          Its a joke Rusty don’t worry about it

          • raaljaca 5 years ago

            We don’t do ‘offended’ on here. We are on big happy family just like the Waltons :)

  12. Stueyd 5 years ago

    Well done DeAndre managed to land a nice 5 fold with your selections and Also the Heat and Raptors. Nearly had the Thunder but removed it…phew

    Watched that game and it was awesome. It’s hard to back against the Clippers at the moment

  13. Pak67 5 years ago

    DeAndre, fantastic tips again once more I woke up to a new healthy balance, keep up the good work, cheers

  14. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Glad to hear it Stueyd, the Heat were impressive without ‘Bron and if Wade stays healthy the Pacers will have a hard time beating them in the playoffs.

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      DeAndre, bro I can’t believe you totally moved on without resolving what I wrote… I pour my heart out there man! :)

  15. dave 5 years ago

    great treble again yesterday de andre

    got close with the scorers had noah and de rozen but Parsons came up 5 short in his game

    wish i’d stuck with lillard now
    fancied him strongly and was saving him for a single but fell asleep

  16. dave 5 years ago

    paddy power got 2 games priced up

    think melo to score 31 at 5/6 will probably disappear later on

    will probably change to 34 or 35

  17. Damo 5 years ago

    Missed the first game but had the other two in a double that still payed 2/1, cheers deandre!

  18. DeAndre 5 years ago

    It’s Melo, they could change it to 60+ it would still be a good bet;-)

  19. Skippy 5 years ago

    Deandre on your money line again, had a few good days now and it’s all thanks to your tipping.

  20. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Didn’t think it needed resolving, like I said you haven’t offended me or anyone on here I don’t think…just keep putting up winners ;-)

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Happy to hear that DeAndre :) I would hate to get on your wrong-side. I owe you a cold one :D

    • ticketyboo 5 years ago

      @ DeAndre Thanks again DeAndre for last nights or this mornings NBA winnings I think I will just have a copy and paste message to use every morning thanks again mate and dont forget to have a look at the share in the racehorse plus a 25GBP bet info at

  21. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Is there more than one Rustychest or do you have a different outfit for each day of the week must say this is the best so far?

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Haha Tickety, I am the one and only Rustychest :) My current avatar is Nicolas Batum from Portland Trail Blazers. They call him Batman and he tends to get a real show going with his side-kick Robin (Lopez) :D To me, he is what sparked the Blazers win against Minnesota in the second half, so I put him in my avatar :)

  22. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Cheers Tickety, I’ll get right in that :-)

  23. Andy 5 years ago

    Florida State easily covered the +9.5 spread last night and made up for Delaware’s dismal performance earlier in the evening.

    They didn’t even let Pittsburgh have the lead again from mid-first half so excellent performance from them.

    Nice work on the Treble DeAndre, excellent tipping once again!

  24. honda 5 years ago

    Cheers deandre :) top stuff last night

  25. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Woo hoo, some magical cheesing again DeAndre. Landed another treble for me ;)

  26. Samba man 5 years ago

    Thanks again deandre, you are quickly gaining legendary status amongst me and my work colleagues!!:)

  27. luke a 5 years ago

    I’m no longer complaining that betvictor don’t give odds for player performances. Thanks for the money line treble DeAndre

  28. Nizzy 5 years ago

    DeAndre. Thanks one again for NBA tips.

  29. abbas 5 years ago

    Deandre the Racing and NFL wizard, gotta say if you was a women id grab you and give u a big kiss lol, well done mate

  30. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Dallas Mavericks (8/13)
    Golden State Warriors (8/11)
    LA Clippers (20/33)
    Treble pays 3.48/1

    Player Performance
    DeAndre Jordan(LAC) +13.5 Rebounds (5/6)
    Carmelo Anthony(NYK) +30.5 Points (5/6)
    Thaddeus Young(PHI) +20.5 Points (5/6)
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    Just a hunch but I think Boston will beat Utah, they’re 5/4 to do so but they’re 13/2 to win by 11+ Just for a bit of fun in a game between 2 of the worst teams in the league.

    Good luck if you’re having a bet :-D

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      DeAndre, only just noticed your money-lines are the same as my Race to 20 picks haha. We’re on the same page. Awesome :)

  31. Skippy 5 years ago

    I’m on the money line praying for 3 in a row. Deandre I’m gutted I missed your tip 5/1 aswell your on one hell of a roll, long may it continue.

  32. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Yeah it’s nice but gonna end sometime hopefully after Cheltenham :-D

  33. Duncan Poundcake 5 years ago

    RUSTY i didnt even connect the two things and definatley was not a dig at you sorry if you took it that way
    keep up the good work,i have made more on basketball than on horses lately

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Duncan, I appreciate you writing that very much. Thank you.

  34. honda 5 years ago

    Cmon rusty you know you want to ;)

  35. DannyBoy 5 years ago

    whats best to back deandre, the money line or the player performance?

  36. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I put more on the money line purely because the odds are smaller.

  37. alec 5 years ago

    any one heard if hull putting out strong team look big odds should have one 1st game chers

  38. abbas 5 years ago

    On both, cheers for the tips

  39. minty 5 years ago

    De Andre question for you sorry if I’m sounding thick bit not fully clued upon rules ,, okay tthere’s a minute to go and say for example heat are level they get scrap pointer other team miss lay up 40 secs to go ,, this is what o can’t get why don’t they keeepy ball to run time down or is that considered unsportsmanlike ??

  40. DeAndre 5 years ago

    The other team will intentionally foul them

  41. dave 5 years ago

    like the look of the moneyline treble again tonight

    ive gone for

    melo (knicks +30.5)
    green (celtics + 18.5)
    davis (pelicans + 20.5)

    like the look of the celtics tonight as well

    they have won last 7 against utah

    in saying that they have lost there last 17 against western conference opponents a run stretching back 1 year

  42. minty 5 years ago

    Would that not be good they would still retain the possession !

  43. DeAndre 5 years ago

    It forces the other team to take free throws, after which the team that’s losing would get the ball back, is that what you mean? If in general teams have to shoot within 24seconds or it’s an automatic turnover.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Excellent explanation DeAndre and obviously a man who knows the rules of the game inside out. What sport we talking about? :)

  44. Andy 5 years ago

    Syracuse @ Maryland – 12:00am

    I’m riding the ‘Cuse train again just like Saturday. All aboard! Seriously though, Syracuse are ranked in the top 10 in the Country and teams that are ranked so highly don’t usually lose 3 games in a row.

    They lost to Duke on Saturday and lost a few days before that and they need a bounce back win. Maryland should provide them with an opportunity to do so. Maryland are 0-8 against teams ranked in the top 50 in the country this season.

    Syracuse are 25-2 on the year. Maryland are 15-12. Syracuse are 6-1 on the road. Maryland are 10-3 at home. Maryland kept it close with Duke recently so I’m not 100% confident on Syracuse covering the -4 but I expect them to grind out the win so I’m sticking with the Money Line.

    Syracuse ML @ 20/37

    For a little bonus action, I’ve seen some talk about NBA referee, Eric Lewis. He has a 35-10 record in Over/Under games this Season, this included a point where he went on a 16-1 run. He’s 13-2 in games where the total is set between 200-210. He’s referring the Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks Tonight. Total is set at 206. Based on those crazy stats. I’m having a pop at the over in that one.

    Dallas Mavericks vs New York Knicks Over 206.5 @10/11

  45. Stueyd 5 years ago

    My money line treble was the same as yours DeAndre. Should be some food games and hoping the Knicks don’t suddenly come good.

  46. Kah 5 years ago

    I also bet quite a lot on American Sports, have hit about 60% this month, tonight i’m taking:

    Syracuse (-4.5) @ Maryland
    Stamford (-4.5) @ Citadel
    Golden State Warriors (-2.5) @ Detroit Pistons
    Los Angeles Clippers (-4) @ New Orleans Pelicans

    Not taking a single home team here, dont do that quite often but in this case backings these teams makes the most sense.

  47. luke a 5 years ago

    On your money line again DeAndre. Pays 3.3/1 on betvictor

  48. abbas 5 years ago

    Deandre or any1 who can help wheres is the best place to learn and look up stats for basketball? Thanks

  49. Rustychest 5 years ago

    G’day people. Nice to see this thread gaining quite a following and DeAndre getting the gratitude he deserves.

    Unfortunately I had an appointment yesterday which held me back from going through my daily routine. I got to play a Race to 20 on my own while out, but it’s just not fun that way.

    NBA picks. I’ve decided to rate each individual pick out of 5 stars, the lowest meaning the most worrying to me today.

    Race to 20 Points:
    DAL Mavericks (20/27) ****
    GS Warriors (20/27) ***
    LA Clippers (2/3) ***

    10 Returns 50

    I might have a few more picks coming today. Good luck :)

  50. 1a1n 5 years ago

    My favourite thread as I love the US Sports! I’m a big follower of the NHL though it’s tricky to bet I do hold my own so will chuck some tips up when the nhl is back in full swing

  51. cooldude 5 years ago

    1a1n, much appreciated.

  52. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Last of my NBA picks. Game Totals.

    BOS Celtics @ UTA Jazz – Over 186
    MIL Bucks @ PHI 76ers – Over 207
    GS Warriors @ DET Pistons – Under 210

    10 Returns 45

    Good luck :)

  53. Yndkra 5 years ago

    Have to say, great work DeAndre and Rusty, been on both of your NBA picks recently and they’ve been great, thanks and keep up the good work lads.

  54. ChrLz 5 years ago

    Cheers DeAndre! :)

    Help me understand this…In the fourth quarter,GS warriors and DET Pistons had same pooints.How did GS warriors win?

    Im still learning here ;)

  55. Skippy 5 years ago

    Well deandre thts 3 in a row and thanks to you iv woke up to another massive win. Roll on tonite

  56. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Chrlz, not sure what you mean, the Warriors won by 8 points 104-96. If they did finish tied it goes to overtime then if needed double overtime then if needed triple overtime because the Americans really don’t like draws :-)

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