JOHNB didn't manage any winners over the weekend but knowing him he'll be working even harder to come up with some gems this week.

He hasn't posted any tips as yet but when he does they'll appear here.

There are Monday meetings at Musselburgh, Plumpton and Wolverhampton. Put your tips and thoughts here.

And remember week 3 of raaljaca's naps contest will start on Tuesday so post entries there.

  1. Enda 5 years ago

    Just posted my naps on other page back again c if I can help ;)

  2. luke a 5 years ago

    Good to have you back enda. New week, hopefully brings change of luck!

  3. winnerallright 5 years ago

    Welcome back enda. goodluck with ur selections. ive backed Shawkantango @ 3/1. cheers

  4. Denman 5 years ago

    Going for 4 NAPS out of 4 after a, 4/1, 1/1, and 2/1.

    Had a look at Monday’s card’s and my choice is…

    NAP: DINGO BAY 14:50 Musselburgh.

    Should be able to defy the penalty.

    Currently 4/1

    Good luck with your bets today.

  5. cooldude 5 years ago

    Enda good to hear.

  6. keady 5 years ago

    Ive gone for topcop in the 3.00 wolverhampton enda but good luck anyway and welcome back

  7. Enda 5 years ago

    Cheers lads its a tough game just wasn’t having the luck as I’m sure Johnb goin through there my selections reasons for them shawkango is knocking on the door in tougher races I think e fathers wolver then Southwell which he won on twice last time he ran in wolver was same distance and same weight nothing else really stood out to me in that race he seems the 1 to beat! As for my nb rocky stone he’s been a great stayer under McGuire won over this distance I just think hel b better then the field all I know is he stays on well witch is vital my opinniion guys glook with your selections

    • PA 5 years ago

      Enda, if it wasnt for a selection of your a few weeks back my pot would have been empty and i was gonna give it a break, yours and i think swany got me a great double up that night, which gave me cash to put on Johnb’s 120/1 treble which i took as a trixie and won a lot of cash (my standards). I’ve still got most of that money thanks to you, keep up the tips, every one has bad runs, your input is greatly appreciated pal

  8. Skippy 5 years ago

    Edna good to see your tips back up appreciate you sharing them with us.

  9. Bertie 5 years ago

    Let us never forget it’s us vs the bookies we all have one mission to smash them !

  10. Big Dubz 5 years ago

    Nice to see you back Enda

  11. nfl fan 5 years ago

    good man enda welcome back

  12. Carey Faughs 5 years ago

    Well done Johnb and Ace Venturer on 20/1 Jason Day winning the golf

  13. chasingthedream 5 years ago

    Great point there Bertie lets get smashing.

  14. davyb 5 years ago

    do more business 6 00 wol nap nb bellgrove 3 20 muss

  15. tur 5 years ago

    Great to see a pro gambler back lets rock the winners enda.

  16. louis 5 years ago

    Enda great to have you back… its weird i was asking people of your activity just yesterday. Your knowledge has been great value to me in the past. Hope your winning ways continue today.

  17. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Great to see u postin enda. Best of luck mate.

  18. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    My flutter tomorrow is on Stanlow Wolverhampton at 6. 7/2 with PP.

  19. davefromdonny 5 years ago

    yesterday was my first day and tipped kayf moss (16-1) and son of suzie to win also had both scudamore rides so bit gutted they did nothing. cant overlook these today at good prices
    silver steel 2.50 mus
    swingbridge 3.50 mus
    zafaraban 4.10 plu

    yesterday talked myself out of a kayf moss / mail m double (both longest travellers) and would have made a really nice profit. anyway as we should all think on here we are working prople if we can take some money from millionare betting companies to make ourselves a bit more secure then spread the wealth. good luck everyone

    • swany 5 years ago

      Well done Dave on your double,missed it yesterday,too much goin on here at times,good luck today mate.

  20. swany 5 years ago

    Wolv 4-30 MR RED CLUBS 15/8 NAP

    Wolv 6-00 REGGIE BOND 11/4 NB

  21. Danny 5 years ago

    Ends welcome back

  22. boz 5 years ago

    another good day yesterday nap winning HOT WHISKEY AND ICE
    at 3/1 got 4/1 myself

    2 today



    ty guys for some great advice yesterday denman abbas swany etc

    • boz 5 years ago

      also got mention BUSSTOP GREAT TIPPING MATE your on a roll

  23. Jamie Paterson 5 years ago

    Welcome back enda

  24. Sanj 5 years ago

    I wonder if anyone can help with this one. On Bet365 I get the place only option under more markets on my ipad ok but can’t seem to locate it when on the Bet365 website on my mobile phone! Any help much appreciated!

  25. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Good morning racing fans what a day yesterday and I don’t mean the weather, winners are as hard to find as goals for raaij’s Hearts team. Here goes for today:

    Wolverhampton 5:30 “COILLTE CALIN”

    Musselburgh 3:50 “KRISS CROSS”

    Plumpton 3:10 “DUNGENESS”

    Anyone who would like a share in a racehorse info at

  26. busstop 5 years ago

    Good morning thanks guys some more fantastic tips on here yesterday.

    i have give 8 tips On here so far
    5 WINNERS 2 SECONDS AND A LOSER hoping to carry on

    MUSS 16.50 MORNING WITH IVAN NAP useful on flat
    should hurdle well

    MUSS 15.20 PASS MASTER NB proved liking for
    course when winning
    in november

    muss 15.50 KINGS GRACE EW great win boxing


  27. Alan 5 years ago

    Having not posted anything yesterday I am going for 4 in a row having won Thursday with peppers piping 3/1 Friday strategic heights 11/8 and Saturday Irving Evs. Another short price today but a confident selection once more. 4.50 musselborough – morning with Ivan 5/6

  28. Dave 5 years ago

    Is big JB taking the day off?

  29. Big Dubz 5 years ago

    It’s the Ooor Willie weather report!! Lol

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Like to think every bit of info may be of help to followers of The Sport of Kings ;)

  30. raaljaca 5 years ago


    Going: Standard

    Sound if yir a camel.

    Travel Report;

    Fire intae abbas’s chippy and he will see yi awrit fir directions cos he’s fae doon that way. Dinnae miss oot on his 1 for the price of 2 offer the day like. Nae wonder he’s minted.

  31. Big Dubz 5 years ago

    Haha, nice one Raal, the work you do on here is spot on. Just having a bit of fun with you mate!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      ;) I know dubz. Just at a loose end now the Olympics are over!

  32. Sean Ireland { north} 5 years ago

    After my double on saturday produced a winner at 5/1 and a 2nd at 11/4 my NAP today is

    3.00 Wolverhampton
    Your Gifted @ 5/1

    • Sean Ireland { north} 5 years ago

      Ive just noted mt Nap is being heavily backed has gone down to 7/2 from 5/1 in the last hour,good sign? me hopes so ;)

  33. luke a 5 years ago

    The racing at Musselburgh is getting absolutely decimated with all these non runners. The 3.50 was a 10 horse race, now down to 3. Massive shame, cos their card looked quite competitive last night, but with that heavy rainfall, only mud lovers will be left in, again!! Can’t wait till we get some better weather, drier courses and bigger variety in the runners.
    Only one horse really sticks out for me today, 2.20 Muss ROCKY STONE 5/2.
    at better odds, STANLOW in the 6.00 wolves looks overpriced at 11/2. Currently 9 runners, so providing there is no more than 1 non runner in this race, I feel he has great value as looks sure to place at the very least.
    good luck all

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Like, it has rained non stop all night here and is only beginning to clear up. Musselburgh drains really well but will be saturated so as you say, best avoided.

      • swany 5 years ago

        Wall to Wall sunshine this side raal,was out runnin on the beach

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          Wall to Wall carpets this side swany. You on lukes picks today? Hoping he is right about the Rocky Stone one as I have gone on it big time.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Like the look of them Luke, might chance a few pound on them, cheers mate.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Great tips Luke on them mate

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Unplaced favourite??? Not great in my book swany, rather dismal I’m afraid.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Ah crap Stanlow nr luke

  34. Bazil T 5 years ago

    Hold the Bucks 3.10 Plumpton currently 12/1 skybet e/w claims

  35. misafir 5 years ago

    Raaljaca just a question, it is no critic an anyone. You know me, i am always peaceful :)

    Wanted to ask, at the time it seems that everybody has a bad run, rarely to find a winner! Before a month when I started with race betting, everyone had good run, johnb, blayyers, dougie-c, ticketyboo and many others! Was these time a special week or a special race? Or is it the weather at moment that make it hard to tip winner? Or was it just a fortune and it may come anytime again?

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      misafir, I honestly think the weather has made it near impossible to follow form. If you watch the racing each day, horses that are supposedly lovers of heavy ground seem to be hating it. Right now I think the all weather is worth following. I tend to wait until a couple of races have been run and see the result then compare the winning and placed horses form to the ones still to run. Hope that helps mate ;)

  36. eddy w 5 years ago

    Only bet today John potts 6.0 wolv. 7 time course winner. Kirby on board 42% win rate last 2weeks trainer had 2 winners yesterday 8.8 betfair e.w

  37. keady 5 years ago

    Nap civil war 2.05 plumpton 7-4

    Nb Katacenko 1.50 Muss 6-4

    Ew ryton runner 2.20 muss 10-1

  38. alanm 5 years ago

    Nap Civil War 7/4 2.05 Plumpton
    Nb Dungeness 13/8 3.10 Plumpton
    Goodluck all

  39. DeAndre 5 years ago

    2 NAPs in a row I’ve got to try and make it 3…

    Wolverhampton 15:30 Desert Ranger (11/4) NAP

    The sniper on a newbie? I’ll have some of that :-)

  40. Greg Browning 5 years ago

    Wolverhampton 6pm – Stanlow 11/2

  41. abbas 5 years ago


    Shan valley, 11/4, 4-20, muss.


    Civil war, 2.05 plumpton 7/4


    Deandre gonna put your nap in for the treble.

  42. Dave 5 years ago

    Is there not going to be a post from John B today Mr Fix it

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Dave, doesn’t look like it – but that’s up to him. He doesn’t need to put up tips every day.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Johnb may post later if he see’s anything worthwhile but the state of the ground at present is making it very difficult to spot ‘form’ horses.

  43. luke a 5 years ago

    Glad to see you’ve noted Stanlow as well Greg, seeing as though you’re a man in form.
    Shame Johnb isn’t posting today, was curious as to what he thought of Shan Valley after tipping it when second last time out. Will be interesting to see how I get on purely from my own picks though

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Best of luck luke, I am on your picks also.

    • swany 5 years ago

      NR Stanlow,bugger

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Means my double is onto Rocky Stone as well!! Bit nervous now.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Hoping Luke’s tip for Rocky Stone is a good one or that’s me for the day!!

  44. Denman 5 years ago

    ******* CHELTENHAM STATS /TRENDS********

    With the festival just around the corner, here are all the stats you’ll ever need.

    Have used this with success in the past, I’m sure it will be of help this year too. Or, just
    google gaultstats.

    NB Don’t miss the General tab on the Right off the home page.

  45. dougiec 5 years ago

    mayday mayday smurfer here how do you read!!!!!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      I’m so alone, my love without you
      You’re part of everything I do
      When you come back, and you’re beside me
      These are the words I’ll say to you

      Welcome home, welcome
      Come on in, and close the door
      You’ve been gone, too long
      Welcome, you’re home once more

    • swany 5 years ago

      Loud an clear Dougie

  46. dougiec 5 years ago

    DUNGANESS near Lockerbie? NAP for today

  47. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Loud and clear Papa Smurf. Clear to post, over.

  48. Dave 5 years ago

    Would be good to sort of see a profile of John B just to see who he is. Maybe just a pic / age / were he hails from. How long he been into horses stuff like that. What do other people think

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      We respect everyones right to privacy and to remain anonymous dave.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        I would never divulge that I am actually the Prime Minister.

    • swany 5 years ago

      I heard he has a big shiny helmet Dave

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Dave, Johnb is happy to remain anonymous and I respect that. Doesn’t matter who he is or what he age he is – won’t make the tips any different.

  49. Dave 5 years ago

    Yea I understand that rajjjjjiiieee. Just simple thing as seeing pic of mr f seems to make it better like we know who the guy is ya get me.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      I do but Mr F runs the site and has his pic in the paper nearly every day!! Wheres your photo?

  50. Thehawk 5 years ago

    Nap dubai celebration wolver
    NB coillte cailin wolver

  51. Dave 5 years ago

    I’m not giving tips though.
    Also if I was any good with computers I would have one up I’m bit useless at all this pen n paper type of guy raaalllll

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Me too dave. Go to mate, it explains everything.

  52. dougiec 5 years ago

    Anyone out there

  53. dougiec 5 years ago

    thanks swany I thought I was alone in this lead up to Chelt.Im on for myself TRAVIS BICKLE 3.30 Wolv..

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Who’s driving his taxi this afternoon?

  54. dougiec 5 years ago

    I should point out Im on the f/cast with DESERT RANGER

  55. dougiec 5 years ago

    raaal?????? who are all these newbeeeees

    • swany 5 years ago

      Been a lot of comings and goings and comin backs

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Been a lot of comings and goings and comin backs

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      All on probation Papa Smurf no need to worry.

  56. luke a 5 years ago

    Absolutely gutted Stanlow is a non runner, looked very overpriced to me and certain for minimum a place, which would’ve at least got money back. Reggie bond should win that race now

  57. Lyn 5 years ago

    In the 6.o clock Wolverhamton I’m having a small each way interest on Hot Sugar and Do more business.

    Good Luck to you all.

  58. Greg Browning 5 years ago

    Luke, that was my nap today mate, also had it in another Line! :(

  59. dougiec 5 years ago

    Right lads logging off now. Sober as a p on here last turn down Leith Way check in soon

  60. Bertie 5 years ago

    Raaljaca excellent point regarding the ground this heavy ground throws the form book out of the window one of the greatest gamblers of all time alex bird said never bet when the going is heavy

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Bertie, Heavy is never an accurate description as it can vary so much. If Alex Bird said don’t bet then you don’t bet!

  61. swany 5 years ago

    Jason McGuire says its soft on the bends at Musselburgh and ok in the straight

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Ok in the straight? He obviously hasn’t walked across it wearing pair of smooth soled Ballroom Dancing shoes, Black Leather Lederhosen and a White Bowler Hat and fallen on his arse like some of us!!

  62. Kev 5 years ago

    Does dougsie mean he’s backing desert ranger 2nd and Travis bic for 1st in the 3.30 @ wolves?

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Kev, Dougie wears a purple smurf outfit 24/7 and signs his name as ‘Papa Smurf’ at the job centre. Are you really concerned at what he means???

      • swany 5 years ago

        Poor Dougie,I think it’s just the Tenerife air thats got to him.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Think he may be on before 3-30 kev and he will tell you

  63. keady 5 years ago

    I tipped ryton runner 10-1 on here and it comes in get in there

  64. swany 5 years ago

    Tomorrow Musselburgh hold their final jumps meeting of this season, and once again they are providing sound going. This should be appreciated by Ryton Runner who is top weight in the three mile handicap hurdle. Craig takes off seven pounds, and he should be able to build on his last run. At the other end of the handicap Vallani is trying one. Big Lucy did give an ever so slight insight into the chances of this one,although it was just a tenny weeny insight.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Lucy backed Rocky Stone, she isn’t happy!!

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      She also said this ;)

      Ryton Runner – Our second runner in the race – a lazy sort, but on a fair mark too and this grade will be easier. Hard to win with though with just one career win and might have preferred slightly quicker ground – hard to pick between our two runners in the race, but if pushed this one slightly preferred.

  65. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Luke????????????????? What the f*ck happened on that NAP????????????????? Rocky Stone????????? Oliver Stone would have gone closer!!!!

  66. Kev 5 years ago

    Jokes aside I actually rate wee dougsie as a decent tipster here and fancied a wee dabble at his forecast which is usually decent odds. My betting last few days has been abysmal!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      He is good Kev. Gets some decent priced stuff. Stick with him, DeAndre, Swany and the gang!!

  67. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Johnb, please come back and rescue us from this tipping hell!!!!!!!! :)

    • Youngy 5 years ago

      I’m with you there raaljaca mate, Johnb can’t return soon enough!!

  68. luke a 5 years ago

    Terrible terrible no show from rocky stone. As for Lucy and what she said about the winner, she said it needed round ground, therefore all that rain should have put it out of contention!! Goes to show even the trainers can’t read their own horses at the moment, gives us mere mortals no chance. Think I may follow Raal footsteps and focus mostly on all weather until ground starts to dry out!! Think rocky stone may have been 1 of endas 2 horses as well :/ I’m hating the jumps results at present

    • swany 5 years ago

      McGuire says ground is ok Luke,Muss very quick draining.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Luke, just winding you up mate. I didn’t back it. I always avoid Heavy ground races as the tips tend to be guesses and half a dozen guesses went down the drain on that race.

  69. Kev 5 years ago

    So u reckon he was on Travis 1st desert ranger 2nd raal? Or is it better to give another …. Ground control to papa smurf!?

    • swany 5 years ago

      Better ask the smurf of the turf kev

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Olympic “Smurf Turf” heads to Sheffield
        Iconic hockey pitch finds a new home in Yorkshire

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          The blue artificial turf with its brilliant pink surround, nicknamed the ‘smurf turf’, was one of the stand-out images of the London 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford and it will now make the 163 mile journey north from the Riverbank Arena to its new home.

  70. keady 5 years ago

    Im on top cop 3.00 wolverhampton i think the step back will suit after Watching it the last couple of times

  71. bobbydingdong 5 years ago

    Top cat 15.00 Wolverhampton

  72. swany 5 years ago

    Ben Akram has looked as if he prefers good ground and having hung left handed, Musselburgh may not be ideal for him. However this is possibly the driest ground that we will have for the next few weeks and he takes his chance in the two and a half mile chase.

  73. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    PP enhancing jason maguires rides today. To me that says it all bar his first short priced win. Steer clear for rest of day lol

  74. swany 5 years ago

    Another good ride from betty!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Dantes Frolic ticks all the right boxes for me swany, what do you think?

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Apart from the box that says ‘jumping every fence’.!!

  75. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Be a good day for rals competition. Few outsiders in the reckoning. Roll on tomorrow

  76. Bazil T 5 years ago

    From this morning…Hold the Bucks 3.10 Plumpton currently 12/1 Skybet e/w claims – WINS

  77. Eagle1 5 years ago

    Wow boys, just had ryton runner (9/1) tipped by keady and hold the bucks (12/1) tipped by bazil T on a double!

    Only 50p e/w but £70 return
    Thanks guys

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Good going eagle, keady and bazil, 2 beacons of light in a world of tipping darkness!

  78. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Got a late tip for two pounds of butter at plumpton guys think its about 12/1 if u want a wee flutter on this good luck im on each way.

  79. Eagle1 5 years ago

    Indeed raal, still learning this horse racing biz but noticed they’ve put winners before.

  80. Skippy 5 years ago

    Well I think I shall learn from today and stay away from heavy ground, good win on nba last nite and got a little carried away, still up tho and if mr red clubs and Reggie bond win will turn out to be a good day after all.

  81. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Gonna go for ew flutter

    4.10 Dushy Valley 6/1

  82. Bazil T 5 years ago

    also had Crazee Diamond e/w which has just come 2nd at 9s

  83. swany 5 years ago

    DeAndre,you’re the man!

  84. Enda 5 years ago

    Poor run on both missed spencer making the journey sorry guys il try again tomorrow keep the heads up well done to all that backed a winner

  85. abbas 5 years ago

    Yes deandre, got 30 e/w with my nap fingers crossed

  86. Davie-S 5 years ago

    Have you broke that losing streak yet Swany ?

  87. abbas 5 years ago

    No need to apologise enda, se appreciate your time and effort win ir lose mate

  88. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Oh 3 in a row I’m feeling dizzy haha hope you got on, sounds like it’s been rough without JB leading the charge.

  89. Bazil T 5 years ago

    fancied according to them as the outsider of four at 8s and won – shame I only put 40p on! and didn’t double up with Hold the Bucks!! I am still learning…

  90. misafir 5 years ago

    Thanks Raaljaca, the answer give us a new motivation ;)

  91. Bazil T 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t necessarily recommend following but am seeing if the hot streak continues with Fantasy King 4pm Wolves

  92. swany 5 years ago

    Well done Tickety boo!

  93. robroy85 5 years ago

    thats some nice nap’in D’Andre! :D

  94. honda 5 years ago

    To anyone that thinks theyve had a bad run recently im on a defecit of 32 points for racing ! Maybe I should have hit harder into the johnb e/w double or reduced stakes a long time ago? Still in a very good position due to other things :) but any advice would be nice to your happy honda :)

    • swany 5 years ago

      Honda sit back and watch the racing till the results start to get back to normal,in the meantime follow DeAndre on the nba.

  95. Skippy 5 years ago

    No way!! deandre I missed your tip. Note to self anything picks deandre get on . Look forward to tonites nba tips.

  96. DeAndre 5 years ago

    They’re on the yank thread skippy :-)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Cant wait to hear his excuses dudes.

      • cooldude 5 years ago

        Raal, no doubt these will be kept well under wraps by the BHA and the general public shut of to anything concerning him.

  97. Dave 5 years ago

    Money comi g for 2 pou ds of butter in the 4pm Wolves. Now 5/1

  98. big kev 5 years ago

    I think we should be careful with betting banks as the ground not helping anyone at the moment but with cheltenham starting 2 weeks tomorrow surely trainers concentrating on their fancied runners .always get some funny results at this time of year

  99. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Well done on twopoundsofbutter sneaky shibin tip that ;)

  100. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Great each way tip Jimmybeee, thank you mate.

  101. abbas 5 years ago

    2nd again

  102. Scuzzle 5 years ago

    This Virtuel DOudon coming up in the last at Plumpton must be a good thing. Pipe and Scudamore coming to Plumpton for a festival warm up and I’m surprised the price on this is not far less than it is.

  103. boz 5 years ago



  104. luke a 5 years ago

    With so many favourites being turned over recently, short priced favourites especially, may be worth noting Rose Kazan running in 5 minutes time at Wolverhampton. Arantes is just about a worthy favourite, but Rose Kazan is good value at 9/4 when it seems it only needs to see off one other horse.
    I do fancy the favourite in the 5.10 and Reggie Bond in the last at Wolverhampton to both do the business though. (But with my current record, best to lay those now I’ve said that!!)

  105. hasheyb 5 years ago

    Red wifey 5.00 ran better lto than result suggests got a chance e/w 20/1

  106. busstop 5 years ago

    oh yes nap just come in morning with ivan nb pass master was a non runner

    9 tips on here 6 winners 2 seconds and a nowhere

    hope my luck continues guys

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      busstop, must do better. What happened to the one “nowhere”. I was thinking the naps contest was today and had picked out that Ivan horse too – wonder if raaljaca will give me that one.

      • busstop 5 years ago

        the nowhere was unlucky if it had gone faster it would have won



  107. Thehawk 5 years ago

    Not called thehawk for no reason Nap dubai celebration boom 5/1 nb coillte cailin 5.30 come onnnn.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Hawk is a common name for some birds of prey, widely distributed and varying greatly in size.
      The large and widespread Accipiter genus includes goshawks, sparrowhawks, the Sharp-shinned Hawk and others. These are mainly woodland birds with long tails and high visual acuity, hunting by sudden dashes from a concealed perch.
      In Australia and Africa hawks include some of the species in the subfamily Accipitrinae, which comprises the genera Accipiter, Micronisus, Melierax, * Urotriorchis and Megatriorchis.
      In the Americas (and other areas) the term includes small to medium-sized members of the Accipitridae—the family which includes the “true hawks” as well as eagles, kites, harriers and buzzards.

      :) Nope can’t see the connection :)

  108. TomTom 5 years ago

    Have you adresy seen new gamę with paddypower, called It’s free, the aim is to gain 1million, starting with 100 ooo p. Good chance!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      TomTom, it’s not new and we mentioned it here when it was launched. An interesting gimmick but so far I’ve only reached £1m twice out of 25 attempts.

      • TomTom 5 years ago

        Thanks MrF for info. It means, there are fews attemps to run? Winning 1million they will give some money for my account or not ?

  109. TomTom 5 years ago

    Great job busstop. Just keep winning

  110. boz 5 years ago



  111. Skippy 5 years ago

    Luke, Greg and swany I noticed you all fancied stanlow earlier and he was a NR, just noticed he is running at lingfield tomoz in the first race priced up at 7/4 would you fancy him again at tht price?

    • swany 5 years ago

      Well if I pick him skippy he’s certain to lose,so I wont touch him,feel free mate

  112. Thehawk 5 years ago

    Off to find some food any penguins about ?

  113. Skippy 5 years ago

    Lol cheers swany, I’m sure you luck will change enuf.

  114. Clarkey 5 years ago

    £3 L15 + (£2.50 e/w 4fold) …

    450 M Morning with Ivan (evs)
    500 W Arantes (4/5
    510 P Virtual d’Oudon (7/4)

    all won and Coillte Cailin didn’t want to oblige in the 530 at Wolves.


  115. Striker 5 years ago

    Cheers thehawk and eddy w, had dubai and John Potts in a £5 win/each way double £235 back

  116. Thehawk 5 years ago

    Nice win striker well done now don’t give them horrible bookies it all back bet wisely.

  117. luke a 5 years ago

    Skippy, I’m by no means a tipster, quite the opposite by looks of it as most horses I suggest run poor races or get done on the line (Reggie Bond particularly hurt!) But my opinion would be this. The fact Stanlow was removed from today’s race in favour for tomorrow is a great positive straight away. The race itself looks a much much easier task than what today’s would’ve been. At 7/4, it may seem short, but could prove a steal. I’ll be interested to see what Greg and Swany say too

  118. honda 5 years ago

    Thank you Swany, honda shall now go sit in the back of the room and take notes :)

  119. eddy w 5 years ago

    Cheers striker didnt win as much as that but 60pde keeps me happy

  120. kcang18 5 years ago

    25/2 Leicester 3:10 Morgan’s Bay 9/4 bet365

  121. johnb 5 years ago

    Sorry i couldnt get on last night but here are tuesdays bets


    Resonare 8/1 NB bet365

    Peachez 8/1 NAP skybet

    reasoning for both these horses are the same
    I like well handicapped horses & both these are
    Resonare was beaten 1 1/2 length by Bertie Blu Boy who is fav for this race but Resonare is now 13lb better off with Bertie Blu Boy

    Peachez was also beat 1 1/2 lengths by Keep Kicking who is fav for this race & now Peachez is also 13lb better off with Keep Kicking

  122. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Welcome back John ;)

  123. Stueyd 5 years ago

    Well done Boz was on your tips and made my balance a lot healthier :). Will look forward to your selections tomorrow


    • boz 5 years ago

      glad you were on mate last 2 naps won and a good double today time to study tomorrow

  124. luke a 5 years ago

    Good luck with your tips Johnb. I’ve never backed against you before, but tomorrow may just be the first time for that (which is likely to be good news for you and all your followers). Bertie blu boy is a favourite of mine, and not sure I can see Resonare will quite manage the turn around, although I would expect Resonare to place, so will possibly back it to do so. as for Peachez, I’ll be surprised to see the horse place, seeing as though it’s the dreaded 7 runner field. Think I may just have to have a small stakes each-way double though, otherwise I’ll be kicking myself if both were to come in.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Luke, an honest piece of advice. If you are selecting even money and 5/4 shots that are losing and not getting placed stick to following the one person who has shown big profits on here. Johnb makes his own selections based on past form and many other factors. He does not copy other peoples tips or constantly select short priced favourites hoping for a bit glory. I know mate, I have made a 5 figure profit following him since he came on here, I do not always back his horses to win but virtually always to place. I also have made a large 5 figure profit of my own this year by doing my own homework on sports outside of racing. Trust me Luke, stick to a proven tipster and you will do well.

  125. Youngy 5 years ago

    JohnB on those straight away, cheers mate, missed you today.

  126. TomTom 5 years ago

    Thanks jonhb, good luck everyone

  127. Stealth 5 years ago

    Thanks JB. That’s gonna be some payday if they both were to win. You deserve the result to hopefully turn a poor February around. Everything crossed for tomorrow :-) Good luck

  128. Enda 5 years ago

    NAP Oscar the myt 2.10 Leicester following this one since last summer lads he ran once since in December was cruising and fell second last I’ve been waiting for him to run again and he couldn’t come at a better time for mr got 4s disevnin on him, il put up next best he is one to watch he will win in next two runs following a bitty luck and tha is sir lynx 2.40 Leicester nb glook

  129. Enda 5 years ago

    Also lads have a look at lucky sunny tommrow front runner watched that race last week only for a mistake at the last he Would of won easy I would say he was very unlucky not to have won and he’s out Tmoro with the leather combination of Williams and Coleman all going well with my nap I will b lumping on lucky sunny 3.50 catterick

    • swany 5 years ago

      Whats the leather combination enda? is big Venitia into that sort of thing?

  130. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Evening people sorry i couldnt respond earlier as i was at work glad to help you out when i can sorry about the price thought it was 12/1. a profit is a profit though good luck tomorrow.

  131. luke a 5 years ago

    Enda, I had lucky sunny the last twice, and both times made a mistake towards end of the race. Maybe third time lucky tomorrow!!
    Raal, appreciate that mate. And I understand fully what you’re saying. But I too have been following Johnb for quite some time now, and majority of his short priced favourites this month have lost, with fair few having not even placed, just look at weekends tips for prime example. I know I don’t have the depth of knowledge John does, not even a smidgen!! I agree in long term, you’ll always end up in profit with John. But lately, well this month as a whole, has been a stinker. That said, to be breaking even from a stinking month speaks volumes of the guy. Cos a stinking month for me would cost me a fortune, let alone breaking even. As for me picking short priced selections that don’t place, rocky stone was obviously example of this. But to me, when a horse is below 3/1, the horse may as well finish last if it doesn’t win. Because a short priced horse that places means nothing to me, still a loss. Reggie bond was a killer tonight, as done everything right except see the last couple strides out. As plenty of people have said before, you included, a winner is a winner. The price of a loser is irrelevant. Give me a 2/1 winner over a 12/1 loser all day long.

  132. luke a 5 years ago

    And in no way, shape or form am I trying to challenge or take on Johnb either, as clearly there’d only be winner, but at least I’d get a silver medal! I was just purely stating my initial thoughts on the two races his selections are in tomorrow. And I do genuinely hope Johnb gets a double up tomorrow. Would do great for confidence, and would help turn this months tips into a decent profit

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