JOHNB'S nap had a disappointing run but his NB came second at 6-1 so profit there if you backed it each-way.

So what's our man picked out on a busy day of racing on Friday? See for yourself.

Johnb's Friday's tips

Lingfield 4.0
Regal Dan 3-1 NAP
William Hill

Lingfield 4.30
Gabriels Wawa 16-1 ew

Wolverhampton 8.30
Ocean Applause 15-2 ew NB

John says: “Regal Dan is the turf horse against the all-weather horses you tend to see this time of year and the trainer has found a good race for him. He has been running in better races and against better horses than what he faces on Friday.

“Regal Dan has been dropped 2lb since the last race which just gets him into this one and it is a drop in class. There should be plenty of pace in this race which will set it up for him and with a clear run he should be far too good.”

There are Friday meetings at Lingfield, Warwick, Thurles, Exeter, Wolverhampton and Dundalk. Put your tips and thoughts here.

  1. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Hello :)

  2. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    Heyas swany, Raal!

    Good to see you’re both well!

    I’ve been rather busy! And next week even more so!

    Hope you’ve all been rather profitable! :c)

    Just thought I would stop by and say hello! :c)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Lovely to hear from you Penguins, do pop back over the weekend ;)

  3. swany 5 years ago

    Phew thats better,much cooler in here

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Mmm and a lovely smell of fresh paint.

      • swany 5 years ago

        I got that big drum of pink paint from a friend for free and I was doing nothing this afternoon

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          Looks marvelous swany, compliments the bright orange carpet.

  4. swany 5 years ago

    Good day penguins yes,and just had Bond Artist at Wolv 3/1

  5. swany 5 years ago

    Very interesting dude

  6. cooldude 5 years ago

    Raal, if Fenton is found not guilty, jesus we’ll look like awful idiots :)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Dudes given the influence of certain people within the industry he may well be found not guilty. Inquiry into the Godolphin doping was conducted by an ex top cop who had ties to Sheik Mo and remarkably found nothing else worth reporting!!!

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        This is my personal opinion not the threads in case Sheik Mo looks in later.

  7. johnb 5 years ago

    Ocean applause is my NB & Reasoning for my Nap is on thursdays thread

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Cheers John. Question mate, do you think, in your opinion, racing is corrupt to an extent greater than we will ever know?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      johnb, I’ll update the post.

    • rale 5 years ago

      It would be great to hear reasoning for other two, as well.
      Thanx again for your effort.

  8. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    I will do Raal :c)

    7.30 – Silverware – Wolverhampton – 15/8. (Nap)

    Ran behind Star Links last time and star links has since hosed up again that horse is also entered in the lincoln so this was no disgrace loosing out to that horse. Gibbons has rode this horse twice and has an ok record winning once and loosing out by a short head on the other occasion. This horse has won here at Wolverhampton twice over 1m1f looking through the rest of the field they are going to have to improve on their most recent efforts to get near Silverware today

    8.30 – Classy Trick – Wolverhampton – 6/1.

    Now dropped another pound for that most recent 4th this horse is yet to win a race but i feel willy’s claim may make all the difference dropping it down to 47 and dropped backed into a class 7 it has come close a on a few occasions off higher marks than this and everything looks set up for a big run a win surely has to be round the corner as the mark can not go much lower.

    9.00 – Malaysian Boleh – Wolverhampton – 11/4 (Nb)

    Traveled supremely well LTO under a woeful ride by Hayley Turner saying that the horse did run well but i thought it could of won the race she left it way to late before asking the horse to quicken however the 2 horse it lost out to where Nassau Storm rated (84) and corporal maddox rated (85) Malaysian Boleh was rated just 74 on this occasion but did well to get near these and i think there is a lot more to come from this horse again there’s 3 pounds being taken off and i think this may be crucial it was a way better race than this last time out and can go in here.

  9. Cookie Monster 5 years ago

    Gabriels wawa 20/1 at PP Johnb

  10. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Dudes, gonna be a hell of a dark cloud over Cheltenham next month at this rate.

  11. SOXANSID 5 years ago

    Thank you johnb for all your input u r brilliant and so informative keep up the great work.
    Good luck with tomorrow’s tips. Love it especially when you put up three tips. Better betting opportunitys.
    Also thank you raal and others for all your hard work in making this site what it is. Good luck to all with all your bets.

  12. keady 5 years ago

    Cmon kirby work your magic on prohibition

  13. honda 5 years ago

    Not long finished work, managed to get on just a shade under those prices, cheers John for everything :) Cooldude, keep it cool, Penguins keep waddlin’, Swany keep it real, I have much respect as you are one of the originals :) Raal, ice hockey is tomorrow I believe?

    • swany 5 years ago

      Sorry about the mess honda I will get my man to come and take the ladders and planks away later

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Correct honda. Will put up my opinion in the morning.

  14. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    I was on prohibition and my nap and nb

    Prohibition wins :c)

  15. dave 5 years ago

    only 3 games in NBA tonight De Andre

    have had a look at some scorer makets and point spreads

    think there is still some scope to make a few quid

    paddy power dont have up scorer odds for all the matches yet

    have you any thoughts

    dont know if you saw my post the other night about sportingbet refunding a losing nba fourfolds if you only get 1 wrong

    worth a look if you ask me

  16. Clarky 5 years ago

    Great ride by Kirby now all I need is gibbons and were quids in

  17. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Lucky u penguin i was on the second

  18. PenguinsJames 5 years ago


    • swany 5 years ago

      Ok penguins on silverware with you

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        On it to swany and Penguins. Gibbons on board is good!

      • swany 5 years ago

        Unlucky penguins thought he might just have got the pace right there,nevermind.

  19. johnb 5 years ago

    Raaljaca there will still be more trainers found out

  20. keady 5 years ago

    Im on sky Khan 7.30 ew Got a good chance i think

  21. alec 5 years ago

    how soldaro manage to miss that unreal

  22. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Fleetwood sands has been tipped a few times on the site any thoughts on the race tonight people

  23. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Sounds good Dave, wouldn’t have helped much last night though haha :-) Only 3 games but if you look closer you’ll realise there’s only really 1 game. Miami @ Oklahoma…WOW! I’m just zeroing in on this game tonight, I’ll put up tips later….

  24. keady 5 years ago

    Get in there sky khan

  25. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Good run u got keady silverware poor got 30 left out of 2 hundred today just how it goes sometimes.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Ajax and Maccabi Tel Aviv games jimmybeee, both teams to score double, pays around 3/1.

  26. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Spurs down 1-0

  27. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Ok m8 do u fancy it

  28. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Jimmybeee, I have done them mate. Also did a PLACE only double on PIPERS PIPING and KHAJAALY in the 8.30 and 9.00 which pays just over 2/1. That is my lot for tonight as I don’t bet on darts etc.

    • swany 5 years ago

      What about our friend Bunting!

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        On the World’s I do swany but not this Premier League stuff. I backed Bunting purely because he was in excellent shape and obviously looks after himself. Makes the fat farmer look anorexic!!!!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Place only double and they both win!!

  29. Deekster 5 years ago

    Any ideas why Miami Gator showing as lost on my placepot with bet365 should show as placed ??Just a glitch hopefully.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      2nd in a 7 runner race deekster so you are fine mate.

  30. keady 5 years ago

    On a good run got jolly red jeanz in next dont fancy the fav gratzie as here hasnt run for awile

  31. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Ok raaj m8 im on the both teams to score though 4/7 and 4/5 in the bookies im at

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Tell them they are robbing b*stards Jimmy! Good luck with them mate.

  32. jimmybeee 5 years ago

    Lol ok m8

  33. Deekster 5 years ago

    Gratzie beat so made no odds :( felt jockey could have ridden out for a place but as happens so often they just go thru the motions!!

  34. DJ 5 years ago

    Favourite treat 4:00 lingfield 6/1 bet365 NAP..
    Volito 3:00 Lingfield 10/3 bet365. NB
    Good luck All.

  35. PenguinsJames 5 years ago

    Classy trick going off at 8/1

  36. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    After last nights triumph it’s a smaller card tonight albeit higher quality as the top 2 in the league go head-to-head…again. You might remember I made a fuss when OKC headed into Miami and was adamant they’d win (they did) well Westbrook could be back (game time decision) so you’d think that I’d be all over OKC again, wrong! Gimme the Heat led by LeBron. The best player in the world has been playing like it recently and has won games for his team @PHX, @GSW and @DAL…all of those games he took over in the 4th with clutch play and I think he will lead another late surge and comeback win tonight. What a mouthful that was and as most of you probably just skipped this to see my tips haha! :-D

    Miami Heat to win (5/4)
    Double Result.
    Oklahoma/Miami (5/1)
    Total Points.
    Over 207.5 (10/11)

    Paddy don’t have it up yet but if you find a bet like LeBron to score such and such and Miami to win get on that too, probably 30+ points or something.

    Good luck everybody!!! ;-)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Miami to win and over 207.5, Hills wont let me double them!!!! Goddamit!!! Miami to win for me then at 6/5, thanks DeAndre, this will be my first ever basketball bet :)

  37. Bobajob 5 years ago

    John b is pearl nation the danger to the nap ? You tipped it before and thought was unlucky actually made a note to back it next time out
    But take it Dan is just a better class

  38. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Nice one Raal, I’ll tell you at 4am whether or not that was a smart move :-)

  39. Rusty 5 years ago

    It’s been great for NBA goers lately and hopefully we can continue the profits today. Three games on the card and 3 trebles from me to go. I’m including a different market today in ‘Race to 20 Points’ which is fun, fast and pays well. It’s risky though. I find it more suitable towards those tuning into the games live as the result can be had in a few minutes which is always fun :)

    Game Totals:

    MIA Heat @ OKC Thunder – Over 206
    DEN Nuggets @ MIL Bucks – Under 211
    HOU Rockets @ GS Warriors – Under 217

    10 returns 40


    MIA Heat +6
    DEN Nuggets -3
    HOU Rockets +4

    10 returns 37

    Race to 20 Points:

    MIA Heat
    DEN Nuggets
    HOU Rockets

    10 returns 60

    Good luck :)

  40. Rustychest 5 years ago

    It’s been great for NBA goers lately and hopefully we can continue the profits today. Three games on the card and 3 trebles from me to go. I’m including a different market today in ‘Race to 20 Points’ which is fun, fast and pays well. It’s risky though. I find it more suitable towards those tuning into the games live as the result can be had in a few minutes which is always fun :)

    Game Totals:

    MIA Heat @ OKC Thunder – Over 206
    DEN Nuggets @ MIL Bucks – Under 211
    HOU Rockets @ GS Warriors – Under 217

    10 returns 40


    MIA Heat +6
    DEN Nuggets -3
    HOU Rockets +4

    10 returns 37

    Race to 20 Points:

    MIA Heat
    DEN Nuggets
    HOU Rockets

    10 returns 60

    Good luck :)

  41. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Tips so good they had to be repeated ;-)

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Haha DeAndre :) I noticed it was posted under the wrong Name and had ‘awaiting moderation’ so I reposted it. If a moderator could delete the one under ‘Rusty’ it would be great. Thank you :)

      PS. DeAndre, I’m glad we feel the same about the results. Hopefully Bron doesn’t get an itch or the Heat will lose their game-maker and run around silly while being webbed into the paint by the Durantula ;)

  42. eddy w 5 years ago

    Khajally hopefully for a good double with huzzah even a place will do

  43. davyb 5 years ago

    Fridays tips nap Reginald claude 3 0 lin nb ghost train 3 30 lin

  44. keady 5 years ago

    Nap Astios 3.20 exeter very confident

    Nb Devon Drum 2.30 lingfield

    Ew supreme bob 16-1 4.50 exeter

    Good luck everyone

  45. eddy w 5 years ago

    Ya beautttttty. 6-1 huzzah. 13-2 khajally 13-2 Another mattie stuck up 3rd for fortune pity lucy alexander couldnt win with it

  46. dave 5 years ago

    de andre/rusty

    what do you reckon for lebron over30.5 or durant over 33.5

    same with harden or curry in the other game

  47. Rustychest 5 years ago

    dave, I would take lebron and harden. I love harden at the moment, he is absolutely on fire. curry has been misfiring since the all-star weekend.

  48. Rustychest 5 years ago

    It’s worth noting though, Rockets coach gets a chance to rest his key players today.

  49. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Dave I would take both James and Durant, Harden too, maybe not Curry.

  50. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Sorry you wanted a double oops, LeBron and Harden as Rusty says definitely…I think LeBron could have 40 in him tonight

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      DeAndre knows his stuff :)

      Today’s games have great entertainment value, but I can’t wait ’til tomorrow as a bettor. I’ll be going all out and quite possibly post half a dozen trebles if today fairs well. So many goodies :)

  51. luke a 5 years ago

    Amazing how easy it is to pick winners when not backing them. Khaalay, fashion line and pipers piping all won tonight which I fancied but didn’t back due to 12 straight poor days. Picked out a few for tomorrow too, even though shan’t be betting. Don’t know why I do it to myself.
    last 2 times I’ve jumped off the horse racing bandwagon Johnb has had great days. Last time was the day we all remember, noble citizen won when tipped at 16/1. How strange to see Johnb has tipped another at those odds tomorrow. I’ll be in two minds tomorrow, wanting them to win for all you and for Johnb himself. But will be gutted I haven’t backed them if they do win. Anyways, good luck all. I’ll still be following proceedings to keep in sync in run up to Cheltenham

  52. stewart 5 years ago

    Raaljaca my old mate.

    my horse came in today but I’m not on your leaderboard for wk2, day4..

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Stewart you are on -1.33 mate. If you don’t select a NAP any day you are deducted a pound in the interest of fairness to all the other competitors. It is in the rules at the start of the thread mate. Get another winner tomorrow and you will be right up there ;)

  53. bobbydingdong 5 years ago

    15.30 lingfield avondream nap

  54. Stewart 5 years ago

    Cheers Raaljaca

    Just realised that after posting :( looking for a 3 legged pony at 100/1 tomorrow :)

  55. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I’m putting pretty much all my winnings from yesterday on Miami

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      I put all my winnings from yesterday into today as well mate ;) Singles from you, trebles from me :)

  56. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Paddy just put this up LeBron James to score 35+ and Miami to win is my last tip on the game…if anyone fancies the Thunder then it’s the same bet 35+.

    LeBron 35+ Miami (9/2) Tipping this.
    Durant 35+ Oklahoma (13/5) Just highlighting this for non believers :-D

  57. Stewart 5 years ago


    Sorry forgot to ask, do you still lose £1 if you pick and your horse doesn’t win?

    Eg Day 1 no winner 0
    Day 2 no winner -1
    Day 3 no winner -2

  58. Lee woody 5 years ago

    Got on Miami heat to win 13/10 bet365 :)

  59. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, I’m considering switching bookies. They do offer Parlay Bonuses (Up to 50% more on accumulators) but unfortunately 365 doesn’t have such a great range on NBA as your bookie. I can’t even add player performances in an accumulator.

  60. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Disclaimer all bets on paddy power mobile site

  61. johnb 5 years ago

    Bobajob well remembered & pearl nation might have been the choice if regal dan wasn’t in this race
    just some of Regal Dan’s form
    Regal Dan wad 3rd to Majestic Moon & Pythagorean who are rated 91 & 96

    He beat Red Avenger who is rated 100

    He was a close 4th to Bretton Rock rated 103

    He beat Dutch Masterpiece rated 110 by 4 lengths & Dutch Masterpiece won a group 3 at the Curragh

    the list could go on as Regal Dan has always run against better horses rated in the 90s & 100+ but the closest horse to him on friday is just rated 83

    trainers do run there turf horses this time of year on all weather to get them fit for turf season but Charlie Hills has also managed to find a lower class race for him
    To be honest if this horse has a clear run then on paper he cant get beat but this is racing & you need luck

  62. ChrLz 5 years ago

    Deandre i dont get the Double result! In bet365 its written OkC Thunder- Miami heat – 6.50.
    Is this your double result Oklahama/Miami (5/1) bet?

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      ChrLz, I believe it is. He wrote Double Result: Oklahoma/Miami so that would be OKC Thunder – MIA Heat under Bet365 ;)

  63. Max 5 years ago

    William hill also just out this up James to score 34 or more Miami win at 7/2

  64. ewthief 5 years ago

    Hinton admiral 3.00 lingfield has a squeak

  65. Buck 5 years ago

    De Andre, how confident are you on the Miami to pull through and win??

  66. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Max get on it! Not as good a price but still a good bet!

  67. DeAndre 5 years ago

    That’s just how I see the game going due to Miami/LeBrons recent play and the fact he’ll be hungry for revenge after KD stroller through Miami and picked up the W.

    Russell Westbrook will indeed play tonight.

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      DeAndre, indeed and Westbrook’s return is actually bad for OKC. He’ll need some time to adapt and that should hinder Thunder’s progress for a few games.

  68. ChrLz 5 years ago

    Cool @ Rustychest.

    Im on your trebles too.Would be nice to wake up to some $$$. ;)

  69. Buck 5 years ago

    What about James over 30.5 at 5/6??

  70. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Batter in, I’m on him for over 35 so I think he should get 31…I hope ;-)

  71. Buck 5 years ago

    Sorry again Miami +3 at 10/11

  72. Sean 5 years ago

    Taking johnb’s Nap @ 5/2 and doing it on a double with LINFIELD tomorrow night away to Glentoran in the footy,just cant ignore the generous 10/11 on them.
    Double pays a very tasty 5.68/1.

  73. DeAndre 5 years ago

    That’s my thinking exactly Rusty…still think OKC win the title, just gonna lose this game!!

  74. Buck 5 years ago

    are you going straight money line or handicap de andre?? would you recommend handicap

  75. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Good luck lads, I know I have to set my limits and I’ve lost a bit too much this month, as soon as I go negative £££ I stop! I know after doing/saying this johnb will probably land an immense treble. I hope he does

  76. Yndkr 5 years ago

    Raal, you got any ideas for bets on the ice hockey tomorrow please mate? I’m assuming you’ll be on Canada to win the game?

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Yndkr, I have Canada to win the gold for quite a few bets but I am still tempted to back them at 7/5 to beat the USA.

  77. chasingthedream 5 years ago

    Lingfield 1:30 Moonlit sky fancy the newcomer don’t ask me why just an amateur having a punt.Good luck

  78. ewthief 5 years ago

    See yer soon eddy Hinton admiral will fetch yer back in the red

  79. honda 5 years ago

    Finland and Canada wins ;) Singles and a double :)

  80. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Straight money-line better price!

  81. luke a 5 years ago

    You sound like me steadyeddy! Trouble is, I’ve picked out 3 horses I really fancy for tomorrow.
    3.20 Exeter, Astigos 13/8 (nap)
    6.00 Wolverhampton, Louis Vee 6/4 (nb)
    4.40 Warwick, Union Jack Dycy 10/3
    really can’t see a trixie on those 3 making a loss. The first two should win, and the third will providing it’s jumping holds up.
    Also noticed Betvictor are tipping Gabriels Wawa. I already fancied Ocean Applause for at least a place. And now after reading John’s double write up on Regal Dan, also convinced this horse should run a big race too.
    I’m just running bad at the minute, the horses I back lose, the horses I fancy but don’t back win. Maybe day 13 will be the end of my rut??

  82. Pete Brown 5 years ago

    I’ve done Johnb tips all in a e/w treble! Here’s hoping

  83. A BLACK 5 years ago

    Let down by Nap (again) but NB delivered nice bit of profit on Thursday. Up to +£12.90 for £1 stakes to win across 31 picks (10 winners) this month

    Twiston-Davies yard delivered yesterday and I was sorely tempted by Cogry in the 2.10 at Warwick. But reluctant to return to that well too soon. Also at time of posting (midnight Thursday) only prices available are 11/5 from BetFair so passing for now but if it does win remember I mentioned it.

    Instead going for:

    5.00 Lingfielde – Waveguide 5/2 bet365 (Nap)
    Decent sort in a poor field from in form Simcock yard. Much value at this price. In fact when I was going through some candidates wrote “if better then 6/4 then grab it” so delighted at 5/2

    4.30 Lingfield – Keene’s Pointe 12/1 bet365 14/1 Betvictor (NB)
    John Hills horse running at 1mile after solid if unremarkable runs at lower distances always worth considering.

    Couple of others worth mentioning. Won’t include these in my profit/Loss figures but might be tempted with EW/Place bets

    2.50 Exeter – Marie Des Anges 10/1 BET365 14/1 LADBROKES
    Outsider in a first hurdles run for over a year form COULD be deceptive. Honeyball-Bumpers usually finds a few long shot winners in February.

    3.00 Lingfield – Metropolitan Chief 12/1 BET365 14/1 BETVICTOR
    After a bit of buzz for this on Twitter I watched a stream from 31 Jan: Had a nice steady look about him when 3rd behind Seamstress. Seemed to be running well within himself and eased off in 2nd when obviously beaten allowing another to push him back to third.

  84. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    DeAndre, on Skybet 205 to 215 points on the Miami game 5/2. Worth taking?

  85. DeAndre 5 years ago

    That’s tough….could easily go over that but yeah I’d jump on that. Disclaimer I’m allergic to money :-D

  86. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Or they’ve got 210 to 220 points at 3/1? Be good to know your opinion cheers

  87. DeAndre 5 years ago

    If I had to choose 1 if go with the 1st one mate, lesser odds but I can see each team scoring in the early hundreds, like 106-102.

  88. Alty Adam 5 years ago


  89. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Don’t thank me yet haha

  90. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I really really hope these two meet in the finals!!!

  91. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Race to 20 Points
    Denver WIN
    Miami WIN (Evs)

    2 out of 3 with the The Rockets game starting later. Great start, hopefully it continues :)

  92. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Easy money Rusty :-)

  93. Daveod 5 years ago

    De andre any websites that show scorers as well as scores for nba ?

  94. DeAndre 5 years ago go to game track or box score.

  95. Daveod 5 years ago


  96. DeAndre 5 years ago

    The only reason I put them up here is I love my horse racing and I’m always on this thread stealing the great tips! Don’t see you contributing much so shh or I’ll clog you!

    • Rustychest 5 years ago

      Rustychest likes this post.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Well put DeAndre, any more of his nonsense and he will be the victim of a ‘drive by’ as we say in the good old US of A :)

  97. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Mama there’s that man!! LeBron James Player Performance home and dry in a point!!

  98. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Well we got the Miami win we wanted and without a sweat, but unfortunately with 33 points LeBron got bopped on the nose and went to the locker room, he did not return :-( I hope a lot of you made the straight win your main bet, as it’s the only one I got right ;-) and we were just unlucky that James is a bleeder :-)

  99. Alty Adam 5 years ago

    Unbelivable, needed Le Bron to score one more point

  100. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Raal, that was a smart move ;-)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Thanks DeAndre, after weighing up who could pop the ball in the basket the most I feel it was the correct way to go :) You are very very good at this NBA stuff me old mate!!!

  101. Rustychest 5 years ago

    The Miami game was mostly unexpected. So much blank shooting. I don’t think anybody expected that and then the injury to LeBron. Oh well, two trebles still active :)

  102. DeAndre 5 years ago

    I’ve made a whack on the win but couldn’t get your race treble, done your other treble but just on the money-line…handicaps are scary :-)

  103. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, I love handicaps. Why? I’ve seen enough last minute two point wins to warrant them. Even if the team I pick to the plus points is who I see will win, I feel it’s safer for the punter :) That said, I didn’t expect OKC to underperform -that- much. Watching Rockets game now :)

  104. DeAndre 5 years ago

    Nice one Rusty, is that a Bet365 market (Race to 20) ???

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      DeAndre, that’s me 1-1 on your basketball tips!!!! ‘Go Miami’ is the term we use I think ;)

  105. ChrLz 5 years ago

    Nice one!
    Now left with the handicap market! :)

  106. Rustychest 5 years ago

    Excellent! Thanks DeAndre :)

    I played it on Bet365. Covered all stakes and a profit :)

  107. ChrLz 5 years ago

    DeAndre i got two right! Miami win and Lebron over 30.5.(bet365)

  108. Rustychest 5 years ago

    The Spread treble looks likely too :)

  109. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, we’ve been doing really well. Nowhere else around the web is there this much NBA success – at least not on any free websites – and we don’t even have a dedicated thread for the sport haha :) Your Player Performance picks banked really well this week that even if you lose all your picks for the weekend, the weekly turnover would be in the pluses. Nice job mate and thank you for allowing me to voice my ideas and tips on here even if it means trampling on the racing thread. However, I don’t think that somewhat racist guys ‘rubbish yank sports’ remark derived from his discomfort from the BB posts, but that of missing out on the goodies we’ve been posting here. Respect to you DeAndre :)

  110. Rustychest 5 years ago

    2nd Half Lines:

    HOU Rockets -1.5 (10/11)

    O 104.5 (10/11)

  111. Josh 5 years ago

    Great tipping again Rusty and DeAndre. I went for the following and woke up to see that this came in this morning. I didn’t fancy James or Harden but loved the confidence from you both. Howard and Bosh are just givens it seems to go over their respective pointsrebounds.

    NBA Matches Miami Heat At Oklahoma City Thunder
    Player A Total Points
    LeBron James Over @ 5/6

    Houston Rockets At Golden State Warriors
    Player A Total Rebounds
    Dwight Howard Over @ 5/6

    NBA Matches Miami Heat At Oklahoma City Thunder
    Player C Total Points
    Chris Bosh Over @ 5/6

    Houston Rockets At Golden State Warriors
    Player A Total Points
    James Harden Over @ 5/6

    £5 @ 11.19/1

  112. Rustychest 5 years ago

    DeAndre, Rockets lost by 3 but I put them at +4 on the spread, so it brought home the treble. I hope this convinces you as to why I find the Spread market more favorable mate :)

    2 out of the 3 trebles today and 8 out of the 9 selections overall with some pricing around evens and worthy of singles. Not bad at all :)

    I’ve been doing nothing but focusing on these games since I woke up. Glad to see our contributions and my personal mission run to get back on track in style is profiting you gentlemen. I’m off :)

    • swany 5 years ago

      DeAndre,Rusty,keep it up,you guys are doin a great job,don’t know what you are on about most of the time an lost last night but a lot of them came up,great stuff guys!

      • Rustychest 5 years ago

        Having trouble sleeping so I’m kicking around a bit more.

        Swany, by ‘lost’ are you to getting lost in what we talk about or a pick you lost last night? Apologies if our NBA talk gets a bit technical mate ;)

        • swany 5 years ago

          Lost an acca Rusty on overs but thats fine mate,yes lost in your jargon,but enjoy it just the same!

          • Rustychest 5 years ago

            swany, indeed unlucky on the totals. For what it was paying, I was profusely happy that the Rush to 20 Points treble came through, but I don’t think many were on it. Oh well. Both DeAndre and I felt the Heat v Thunder game would go over 206 but little did we know Thunder were to perform so badly. It was nice to just nick through the Spreads treble by a single point in Rockets v Warriors and as I’ve mentioned it’s results like that which have had me playing spreads over money-line almost every time ;)

            • swany 5 years ago

              Well done Rusty,enjoy your sleep,hopefully see you tonight.

    • dave 5 years ago


      some great picks again last night

      doubled my cash by going for lebron/harden overs
      though was unlucky with the total points spreads with 2 from 3

      thought all bets were off when i went to bed harden had only scored 5 points in the first half and had 3 personal fouls

      guess he must have got a rocket(pardon the pun) up his ass at halftime

      • Rustychest 5 years ago

        Dave, great to hear mate :)

        LeBron James had even more in him but was getting knocked around. I don’t think Harden was going to go down without leaving his mark on the game :) Rockets are what I think the most settled down team in the NBA at the moment with James Harden at the helm. Great that James surname and James first name brought it home for you, I was on ’em too.

        Cheers :)

  113. SMR 5 years ago

    Morning. Cheers DeAndre it was nice waking up to some cash in the bank. Went for the straight Miami win.

  114. swany 5 years ago

    Why don’t you just post your email and we can send you the horsey tips””””””Not

  115. Stealth 5 years ago

    Morning all. Done a nice little £2.50 e/w Trixie on JB’s 3 selections @ 5/2, 7/1 & 16/1. If all selections were to place it would return £121.72. If they all were to win it would return a massive £1870.47. :-)

  116. Kobe 5 years ago

    DeAndre and Rustychest are legends!!!!

    Admin – give them their own thread!!!!

    I pay for tips and many were tipping Thunder to win in that matchup and Bucks to win in that matchup but DeAndre posted Heats to win at over even odds and Rustychest tipped -2 Denver ATS in the treble…. gold!!!!


  117. boz 5 years ago

    two tips wednesday first day on here both won £220 profit to my stake.Hope it continues.
    didnt tip yesterday but 2 today

    EXETER 16.20 THE ITALIAN YOB NAP 4/1 bet365 will appreciate the 3 miles step up

    WARWICK 15.10 WATER WAGTAIL NB 3/1 bet365 improving every race less to do today.

    like to thank ablack for his 9/2 winner he pointed out yesterday

    dont know who puts time in run this site but thanks anyway
    real good

  118. honda 5 years ago

    Cheers for the nba last night guys :)

  119. Buzz 5 years ago

    I’m with you Stealth on the treble except I’ve put 20 on the NAP as confidence seems high and I’ve done a 25 ew treble on the three, so if the treble goes down and the Nap wins at 5/2 I’ll brake even and if the treble comes in with all placed I’ll be nicely up. Fingers crossed! It could be the last day horse betting for me:-)

  120. Buzz 5 years ago

    Boz, I’ve done your selections too mate, 2 singles and a double, all small stakes. Good luck.

  121. Alan 5 years ago

    5.45 dundalk – strategic approach


  122. Alan 5 years ago


  123. boz 5 years ago

    ok buzz good luck to exeter and beyond

  124. swany 5 years ago

    WAR 2-15 COGRY 15/8 NAP

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Morning swany. Lovely day on the banks of the Forth.

      • swany 5 years ago

        Sorry raal was out running on the beach,bloody freezing but nice.

  125. Jed 5 years ago

    ****MSG for Ral****

    I can see I’ve got my name on the naps table but I’m just wondering why it’s only 2.5. I posted naps on tues/wed that lost so don’t I only get docked 1pt for missing Monday? Maybe my maths is as bad as my tipping but just want to check.. Jed

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Jed, I will double check mate and apologies.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Jed, you get deducted a point for a losing NAP and also missing a day mate.

  126. Max 5 years ago

    Big thanks to De Andre and rust cheat for there great input on the Nba, as I said last night I had Kebron over 30.5 and Miami win also had bigger stake on the +3 just incase was close! So woke up to lovely profit and a shock the game wasn’t as close! Cheers guys look forward to tonight’s

    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      Max (aka fat fingers), yellow card for calling rustychest rust cheat and renaming Lebron as Kebron, must do better lol ;)

  127. Dancing Brave 5 years ago

    NBA Separate Thread Petition :)

    Since joining this site, I have been lured into the murky world of NBA betting by DeAndre initially but latterly by Stueyd and Rustychest. These rascals have got me hooked with their technical jibber jabber and uncanny ability to pick winners. In all honesty these guys, and I am sure there are more, have an excellent take on the game and uncanny ability to spot some great bets which are more often than not landed at very good prices.

    In recognition of their brilliance I propose a new ‘NBA Jibber Jabber’ thread dedicated to the wonderful world of basketball so that all these great posts and winning tips are seen and appreciated by all.

    If you agree please reply to this thread and with the power of the people we can get MrF to make the necessary changes.

    God bless the NBA (and DeAndre, Stueyd, Rustychest etc etc) lol

    DB :)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Nicely put DB, when the site changes come I think DeAndre etc can set up their own blog type thing

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Dancing Brave, it won’t happen until site changes are made. Then you guys can have any thread you want.

      • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

        Cheers Mr F – you can see just how good this site is with the instant response to questions and the general banter…top work :)

        • Author
          Mr Fixit 5 years ago

          Dancing Brave, we try our best but can’t always be the case – for example from 4pm when I start at the Record tonight.

  128. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Dancing Brave, we try our best but can’t always be the case – for example from 4pm when I start at the Record tonight.

  129. abbas 5 years ago


    Corny, 5/2, Warwick


    Persian snow, 5/1, Warwick


  130. johnb 5 years ago

    Its good to see money for Gabrials Wawa advised at 16/1 last night but just after i posted he went out to 20/1
    Gabrials Wawa was the outsider of 11
    i have said before you sometimes have to think what would connections do & with Gabrials Wawa we have a horse that was half decent with Richard Fahey & won twice about this time last year off a mark of 73
    he was then raised 5lb & went off the boil
    he also got switched to Roger Ingrams yard but looked even worse there with his last two runs coming at Southwell which he clearly looked like he didn’t like the surface
    so we now have a horse that has moved to a shrewd yard Noel Quinlan who has a knack of picking up horses that have dropped down the handicap & getting them to win straight away
    now if that is the case here then Gabrials Wawa is on a very good mark now of 62 which is 11lb lower than his last win
    for this theory to be right we would want to see some stable money come for him, now there has been money but from where is impossible to know but for an outsider to attract money is a good sign
    Gabrials Wawa now best price 11/1 but that is also going & ladbrokes are as low as 7/1 with hills 8/1
    Another theory could be that Gabrials Wawa just performs better at this time of year so also being 11lb lower is good for us

    when you back big priced horses you take a chance but sometimes it pays off

    good luck everyone

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Great write up John, thank you mate.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Great insight to your thinking John,thanks for that.

  131. Rale 5 years ago

    Cheers mate!

  132. Bobajob 5 years ago

    Does anyone fancy coillte cailin today after the jockey error it’s 11/4 to win 5pm lingield?

  133. SMR 5 years ago

    Thanks John.

  134. Jed 5 years ago


    Vale of Clara – wolves -17.30 11/2

    Red shuttle -wolves – 20.30 10/1

  135. raaljaca 5 years ago


    SEMI FINALS 16.30

    One stand out bet at odds that really should be much shorter but are this price as her record includes disqualifications. She is competing in her favourite distance and will quite probably win a medal so;


    I reckon her true odds on ability and probability should be around 1/3 so any spare pennies just stick them on at the 4/6.

  136. winnerallright 5 years ago

    Sir johnb. Amazing stuff. How u spot the horses is unreal. Placed e/w bet @ 20/1 last night. Can’t believe its now 9/1. After reading ur post it all makes sense. Best of luck to everyone 2day.

  137. MrT 5 years ago

    Cheers to DeAndre and Rusty for BB picks! Time for a specialised BB thread me thinks.

  138. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Good morning racing fans it seems when johnb does not have such a good day it rubs off onto me hope we can do better today johnb.

    5:00 Lingfield “COILLTE CAILIN” 2/1 Nap

    Bet this horse a few days ago when unlucky to be 2nd.

    3:30 Lingfield “SEAMSTER” 5/2 Nb

    3:40 Warwick “UXIZANDRE” 11/8 Nb2

    Good luck to all tipsters what the bet for the hockey today raaij.

  139. Denman 5 years ago

    Spent an hour looking for my first Nap which is…..


    His course and distance form behind Mr Moonshine, and win over No Butts stands up well in my book,and with R Johnson back in the plate should ensure a bold show.

    Currently 4/1

    Good luck with your bets today.

  140. Lee woody 5 years ago

    Morning everyone here’s hoping for a better day than yesterday my picks for today are a Coleman double which pays around 10/1 good luck today everybody!

    ASTIGOS 13/8 nap Exeter 3:20
    SAROQUE 3/1 NB Exeter 4:20

  141. All sports 85 5 years ago

    Hey guys , if you are looking for a guaranteed super single jump on sydney city roosters 13+ against Wigan warriors in the rugby league world club challenge , this isn’t a soccer people you can’t play for a draw this is rugby league there is no way in hell that Wigan can beat sydney,to be safe maybe cover sydney 1-12 but I’m certain they will smash Wigan,I watched Wigan last weak and they were really bad,sydney are full of super star players that will have a field day against Wigan

  142. darran 5 years ago

    sovereign princess a 2nd r 3rd race dundalk not sure bout the price needs to b 16s

  143. abbas 5 years ago

    Right lads was rushing this morning,


    Cogry, 2-10, Warwick, I believe its 10/11 now but I’m still on it


    Volito, 3-00 ling, 7/2


    Persian snow, 15-40, Warwick,


    • Dancing Brave 5 years ago

      Top work Abbas :) :) :)

      Never backed one of them lol but very well done :)

  144. abbas 5 years ago

    Lol swany, ive lost the plot, I’ve been going gym a lot the last week, getting ready for ring appearence and with work been so hectic, how’s things anyway mate?

    • swany 5 years ago

      Take it easy abbas,don’t go givin yourself a heart attack

      by the way will I get a price on your comeback!

  145. abbas 5 years ago

    Haha I’m only 28 still loads in the engine lol, maybe next year if I get past my first MMA fight lol I do pro wrestling so its more entertainment and stunt work

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Good luck abbas, total admiration for anyone who is prepared to train and fight in MMA.

  146. FrankyC 5 years ago

    Price boost regal dan now 7/2 @ betfred

  147. busstop 5 years ago

    2 tips yesterday 2/1 WINNER AND 8/1 2ND

    2 again today


  148. SOXANSID 5 years ago

    Flow chart 600 nb 5/1

  149. john henderson 5 years ago

    Every dog has its day they say today Methaaly 5.30 Wolver Nap.

  150. Lyn 5 years ago

    2.30 Lingfield.

    half point ew Lillioftheballet (IRE)
    quarter point ew Littledean Jimmy

  151. raaljaca 5 years ago

    WARWICK 2.10


    In a race that Philip Hobbs is 1-1 in and Richard Johnson is 2 winners and a place from 4 mounts this is worth a small bet in the W/O the favourite market. Power go 7/2 but 3/1 is available elsewhere.

  152. Lyn 5 years ago

    Tax Reform 1.30 1 point ew

    • Lyn 5 years ago

      13:30 Lingfield Park (GB) Industry SP Betfair SP
      1st 9. Zamra 1.73 1.86
      2nd 1. Tax Reform 7 8.36
      3rd 8. Jammy Moment 15 23

  153. abbas 5 years ago

    Cheers raal, done Thai boxing since I was 13 but MMA different kettle of fish, so much to learn

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      abbas, I started off with Wado Ryu many years ago and then learnt ta kwon do. Calum Paterson of Hearts was in my sons classes, he is a black belt as is his cousin Michael Travis of Arbroath. I then studied Muay Thai in Edinburgh for 3 years but my body decided enough was enough not too long ago. Best of luck with it mate and remember;


      • dave 5 years ago

        don’t know if you are much of a reader raaljaca

        have you read angry white pyjamas by robert twigger

        as a jambo you might also like Heartfelt by aidan smith

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          I do read dave and will get a hold of Angry White Pyjamas mate. Read Heartfelt when it came out and thought it was brilliant, got to admire Aidan Smith for what he went through!!!

          • dave 5 years ago

            another couple of great books are Pointless by jeff connor

            the miracle of castel di sangro by joe mcginniss
            (you will never bet on italian football again after reading this)

            and stamping grounds by charlie connelly

            they will keep you busy and out of bother for a few weeks

  154. SOXANSID 5 years ago

    Money for conducting gay kelleway today 2 o clock
    Hard to say if its her money but but its made me take notice 9into5 had a few tips from this stable but not until her money is on! Going in at small stakes just in case.

  155. Lyn 5 years ago

    Copperwood and Lily Edge 2 half point ews in the 2.00

  156. alanm 5 years ago

    Nap seamster 3.30 lingfield 2/1

  157. gerdub 5 years ago

    Stinking ride from s kelly on matraash

  158. SOXANSID 5 years ago

    Boooooooom conducting! Great start

  159. abbas 5 years ago

    Cheers pal, just gotta stay off the chips lol, was actually gonna ask you and johnb or others if can help, the last few weeks I’ve been looking into weights too much and its effected my picking is this normal when still learning? I undetstand how weights work in handicaps but do u think its something I’m looking too much into, any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      abbas, stick to how you picked before mate, you did really well.

    • swany 5 years ago

      Abbas I read a book many years ago called always back winners and the guys take on weight was very interesting,his theory was that clear top weights were good on turning tracks where they could not go flat out gallop,therefore the weight didn’t tell so much,it did work and I got a lot of winners back then at good prices,not sure whats changed but it don’t seem to work now,not sure if it’s still in print but its a great read.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Thanks swany, one of my better publications I always thought. That and Fly Fishing by J Raaljaca Hartley.

  160. Boco1976 5 years ago

    Gabriel the terror 2.30 lingfield 7/1 nap

  161. keady 5 years ago

    Get in there my nb comes in what i tipped last night on here

  162. robroy85 5 years ago

    Abbas, nice tip with cogry! Good start to the day there :)

  163. Boco1976 5 years ago

    Volito sweet nice tips abbas

  164. swany 5 years ago

    Good going abbas!

  165. dougieC 5 years ago

    Olah ola o my god smurfer here Good authority here 11P-PFP .now fitted with 4.50 EXETER SHAKING HANDS 20-1 after too many DakariS
    Raal she was not so accomadating as you promised!!!

  166. dougieC 5 years ago

    Ok guys.. swany trolls unless you know the password for for Members Enclosure Chelt.

  167. dougieC 5 years ago

    raal as you know two bricks for the camels Depends how hard you connect. Still you can end up with sh….t in your face!!!

  168. dougieC 5 years ago

    Sorry guys massuessee !!! getting restless check in later. cool 23 degrees!! adios

  169. abbas 5 years ago

    Cheers swany, ill see if I can get it on amazon, is there any other good books?

  170. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Get in seamster

  171. Eagle1 5 years ago

    wow abbas thats 3/3!

  172. rale 5 years ago

    What a treble Abbas!!! Well done.

  173. abbas 5 years ago

    Cheers lads, trixie landed, quadruple just waiting for johnb nap fingers crossef either way very happy

  174. Danny T 5 years ago

    There’s a great book by my favourite Russian author called baby’s revenge by Nora Titsov

  175. Mark n 5 years ago

    Abbas the new JohnB… Well done

  176. Denman 5 years ago

    Nap up, hope you were on.

  177. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Dsappointing from regal dan

  178. Beenie 5 years ago


  179. Boco1976 5 years ago

    Last three winners at lingfield coming out of stall 7

  180. alanm 5 years ago

    Boooooom 2/1 seamster

  181. swany 5 years ago

    Boooooom 2/1 seamster

  182. cooldude 5 years ago

    Raal, what did you think of the Sweden game today? Best game of the Olympics so far I think!

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Excellent match dudes, decent side Sweden and will give either of Canada or USA a hard game mate.

  183. Deekster 5 years ago

    4.50 Exeter Billy Dutton currently 3’s from 5’s

  184. Johnnyg 5 years ago

    Hi All i’ve been of this page for a few weeks. I have not seen Blayers tips just wondering is he still on here.

  185. The special one 5 years ago


  186. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Busstop awesome double mate.
    I only went 10cent ew but returned a cool €1.34 thats 3 out of 4 and a second in two days. Hope your luck runs on!!!

    • busstop 5 years ago

      spud murphy glad you were on mate ive had 3 winners and a second now from my only 4 tips hope i can keep it going going study for saturday now let you know

  187. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Good day abbas. Freakin that I didnt lay ur tip. Good for you.

  188. Stealth 5 years ago

    Raaljaca, been holding back, trying to think of the right thing to say but think you summed it up beautifully :-)

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Thanks Stealth, trying to find the correct terms and indeed words takes a very very long time but I am happy with the overall result ;)

      • Author
        Mr Fixit 5 years ago

        raaljaca, he’s gone. Unbelievable.

        • raaljaca 5 years ago

          I put it down to the school holidays Mr F. Are you getting the chance to watch Elise Christie? Semi final coming up shortly.

  189. abbas 5 years ago

    Thanks lads, mark n give it a rest with john please, he don’t deserve sarcastic comments, he made us a shut load of money and he will have days where his horses won’t come in like all of us

  190. steadyeddy 5 years ago

    Well said Raal

  191. dempsey 5 years ago

    How’s your luck when a horse gets hampered 6 lengths clear lol

  192. Michael S 5 years ago

    2 I quite fancy for an e/w Dbl tonight
    6:30 Give us a belle 12/1
    8:30 Ocean Applause 7/1

    Not going to go daft on them but my last 2 on the naps comp have placed 3rd @ 28/1 and 2nd @ 12/1. So hoping I can spot another couple of places.

  193. DannyBoy 5 years ago

    I’ve gone for a cheeky treble at wolvo tonight using john b’s NB tip

    Louis vee
    ocean applause

  194. alanm 5 years ago

    Another heads up
    The weekend’s two big betting races are the BetBright Chase at Kempton Park (formerly the Racing Post Chase), and the Betfred Eider at Newcastle – always one of the most gruelling races in the calendar.

    The BetBright Chase has a nice shape to it, as there are a whole host of horses who aren’t confirmed stayers at the 3m trip, and while common thought is that if you are going to see out 3m anywhere then Kempton is the place, that is plain wrong. Being a speed favouring track ensures races are generally run at half a stride faster than elsewhere, and so come the end of races, stamina is always the deciding factor.

    Two who stand out as having the requisite stamina and speed, and are also well handicapped, are Planet Of Sound and Tour Des Champs. Though much depends on what the weather does this week, and I would love to be recommending them at 11/1 and 20/1 respectively, but the first mentioned wants it drier, while Tour Des Champs would need it very soft – so best to hold fire for now.

    Up at Gosforth Park, the Eider winner will still need to be galloping at the end of 4m 1f in what will be incredibly testing, sticky, drying ground. Two stand out at current odds as being ideal types. Jonjo O’Neill’s Smoking Aces and Tim Vaughan’s Our Island both possess limitless stamina, and have proven on many occasions that this dour slog will suit.

    Smoking Aces was still galloping on stronger than anything behind Emperor’s Choice in the West Wales National, when beaten 8½ lengths into third, and the extra 5f here will be perfect.

    While Our Island was a strong fancy for last year’s race before being snowed off, and finds himself 8lbs lower in the handicap this time around, (though if Junior runs, he will be 2lbs out of the handicap.) He has only been faced with 4m+ on heavy ground once, when sent off favourite for the Devon Marathon in December 2012. That looked strong form at the time, as Our Island and winner Arbor Supreme went on to finish fourth and fifth in the Welsh National a month later.

    It wouldn’t surprise were punters to latch on to either nearer the day, so taking 8/1 and 10/1
    Betfred Eider Chase (Newcastle – Saturday):
    Smoking Aces – 8/1 (Bet365)
    Our Island – 10/1 (Bet365)

  195. rale 5 years ago

    Phew! Louis Vee!!! Managed somehow to end the day in profit. Couple of trebles were hanging on to this one.

  196. Apb 5 years ago

    The tips on here are fantastic what a site.2 winners from in two bets nice.

  197. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Morphettville tomorrow first race…ABBAS is running lol…….
    Wonder who will bet on that 1 ;)

  198. rale 5 years ago

    Breaking News!!!
    We will be Non Runner No Bet & B.O.G on ALL 27 races at the CheltFest from midnight tonight!
    Bet 365

  199. johnb 5 years ago

    Saturdays bets


    Fox Appeal 7/4 NB ladbrokes & hills

    Tours Des Champs 8/1 NAP hills paddy power & betfred

  200. misafir 5 years ago

    Thanks johnb :)

  201. DeAndre 5 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Back to trebles today as I refuse to give the bookies back all their money, well not right away anyway :-D

    Charlotte Bobcats (20/33)
    New York Knicks (4/6)
    Phoenix Suns (Evs)
    Treble pays 4.35/1

    Player Performance
    Chris Paul(LAC) +17.5 Points
    Paul Millsap(ATL) +17.5 Points
    Goran Dragic(PHX) +21.5 Points
    Treble pays 5.16/1

    Good luck if you’re having a bet, and look out for Rustys’ Race Trebles!

  202. dawnisrising 5 years ago

    thanks jb

  203. johnb 5 years ago

    Saturdays NB Fox Appeal
    if anyone can tell me why Balder Success is favourite i would love to hear it because unless i have looked at this wrong i can see no way that Balder Success will get extended 2m 4f on Saturday
    Fox Appeal will love the trip & ground & i think we are guaranteed to get strong run race even in this ground so Fox Appeal will get a dream run in behind & pick them off even this false favourite
    can the bookies be so wrong?
    Well i think they have made a big mistake with Balder Success
    i still cant believe its favourite & if Balder wins then please slate me lol
    Back Fox Appeal or Lay Balder Success surely both will make money

    Reasoning for Nap to follow soon

  204. rale 5 years ago

    Placed! Thanx mate and better luck tomorrow!

  205. Danny 5 years ago

    Yes get in Waving

  206. luke a 5 years ago

    Strategic heights, Louis Vee and now Waving. Easy pickings tonight guys!!

  207. Clarky 5 years ago

    Waving how many times is that horse going to pull me out a hole.just love to watch it in the last furlong pulling away every time

  208. Skippy 5 years ago

    Shake the bucket 9.15 Dundalk

  209. The special one 5 years ago

    Cheers john b with you all the way till death do us part

  210. The special one 5 years ago

    Need ocean applause to lad two of my trebles
    Comon john b

  211. bobbydingdong 5 years ago

    Hill fort good value 8.30 Wolverhampton

  212. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    FFS disastrous from ocean applause jockey. Either way that horse would of failed to make top 3.

  213. Clarky 5 years ago

    Please don’t come on and say it was the jockeys fault,every time johnbs horses get beat there is always some one to blame.?

  214. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Watch the race…

  215. tur 5 years ago

    Some win some lose simples.

  216. spudmurphy 5 years ago

    Yep agree. Its gambling.

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