ATLANTA HAWKS are a soaraway success in the NBA this season and on Monday night they take their proud unbeaten record to New Orleans.

The Hawks are on a stunning 19-game winning streak and they're flying high as leaders of the Eastern Southeast. They ground out a gritty 91-85 victory over Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday to make history as the first team to go 17-0 in a calendar month.

Tonight the Hawks – fifth favourites for the NBA title at 9-1 with SportingBet – travel to a Pelicans side who beat LA Clippers on Friday and are expected to welcome back star man Anthony Davis.

Other NBA fixtures in the eight-match Monday card include the Clippers at Brooklyn Nets and the 76ers travelling to Cleveland Cavs.

Elsewhere on the sporting agenda New Zealand are 4-9 at Betfair to follow up their opening victory with another win over Pakistan (2-1, bet365) in the second cricket ODI.

Good luck with your bets and let's hear your sporting tips and thoughts.

  1. BRIAN 4 years ago


  2. ross 4 years ago

    Feel sick after the superbowl, actually cant believe what happened. Who throws from 1yd on the 2nd down?? Cant imagine how sick russell wilson must feel

    • BRIAN 4 years ago


  3. jimba 4 years ago

    Huggy celtics let us down, never mind bud, KTF, at least the other celtic won!

  4. Evo21up 4 years ago

    I thought Seahawks were cruising when I left the action last night and the majority of tips on here had been superb. Sounds like a bad call ruined a few people’s night. Unlucky if ur bets didn’t come in, but thanks once again to john b, Jordan and the chief to name a few.

  5. jimba 4 years ago

    Cheif on your gronk tip thanx bud!!

  6. Attila 4 years ago

    My shortlist from an early look at todays NBA card has me looking in the direction of HAWKS-6.0, GRIZZLIES-2.0 and CLIPPERS-7.5.

    The Cavaliers line is set at -16.5, and i’d be a brave man to take that against the 76’ers who only lost by a couple to the Hawks 2 days ago so that game is a no bet for me.

    Also, Mavericks will win but -13.5 once again is a big line to cover and im sick of getting BURNT by teams leading by 25+ at halftime to coast home and fail to cover the spread by 1 or 2 points.

    As for total points, the WIZARDS/HORNETS game looks good for the UNDERS, whilst the CLIPPERS/NETS game looks good for the OVERS.

    IF HUGGYBEAR’s Super Single is one of the 3 on my shortlist, then ill throw 5 points on it and then another 2.5 points on the remaining 2 on my shortlist in a Double.

    HUGGY – what are you liking bud?

  7. Ellis 4 years ago


  8. huggybear 4 years ago

    ATTILA , mate first day the bet gets the double stake as per previously posted plan.
    3 days have seen £66 banked and £25 lost due to poor effort by the celtics after getting in position going into the fourth.
    mate the answer is yes , my pick is one of your 3 , and again its the h2h which is the deciding factor in the ss choice , memphis are 4 and 0 in phoenix , suns have 1 win in the last 6 games and the spread is near enough the money line.
    grizzlies are bang in form and are tonights ss and following last nights loss we are going £50 tonight.
    the ht bet is going to be on the thunder , and the fav points total is in the cavs game where i see poor 76`s points tally.

    tonights ss then is MEMPHIS -2 / £50 FOR £95.45

    P.S great shouts on lynch NBA , gutted that seahawks misjudgement cost you boys decent money.


    • BRIAN 4 years ago

      TOOK THEM -1 @4/5 ON SKYBET.

      WOULD HAVE HAD TO GO TO -4.5 TO GET 6/5.

  9. Jamie 4 years ago

    Anyone know what colour Gatorade was poured on the winning coach?

  10. aj 4 years ago

    Jamie – I believe it was Blue.

  11. 7sfcmatty7 4 years ago

    Anyone got anything on the six nations?

  12. Jamie 4 years ago

    Cheers Aj

  13. Martin 4 years ago

    @Huggy – did you put up those websites yesterday ? I was hoping I could take a look – cheers

  14. Jordan 4 years ago

    Well it’s a good job I get Mondays off lads as I’d be phoning in sick anyway! Unbelievable finish to the Superbowl. I was thirty seconds away from all main bets winning. But you have to see it to believe what happened. Jamie it was indeed blue.

  15. Jordan 4 years ago

    Huggy I covered mate so I lost nothing but I was gutted for everyone else on such a bad call at such an important time. Going to watch the press conferences now. I’m still in shock. It almost seemed fixed it was that bad haha

  16. Andy 4 years ago

    I think this years six nations won’t be a hugely fought as previous years as a lot of the nations are trying out different players ahead of the World Cup.
    I’ve gone for an England double to win grand slam and World Cup.

    • nexus 4 years ago

      England have big injuries and wales will be too strong at home.

  17. jimba 4 years ago

    Huggy, on the ss bud, good luck all!

  18. Ad 4 years ago

    Just one bet from me today:

    Dustin Brown d Jerzy Janowicz @ 2/1

    (Montpellier 19:30)

    This is one of those matches that could go any which way. A tight three setter or a blow out for either player, nothing would be a surprise here. That’s why 2/1 for Dustin Brown looks like good value. Brown can hang with pretty much anyone when he brings his A game on a fast court, and with Janowicz far from reliable when put under pressure, the big hitting German has a good chance if he serves well.

    Brown is 80/1 to win the tournament for anyone who likes a long shot as much as I do!

  19. Jordan 4 years ago

    Superbowl Sunday

    Main Bet

    Seattle Seahawks to win @ 20/21 @ BV **LOSE**

    Main Prop

    Marshawn Lynch over 85.5 rushing yards @ 4/5 @ BV **WIN**

    Smaller Props (20% stakes)

    Seattle to win by 1-13 points @ 7/5 @ PP **LOSE**

    Lynch Wincast @ 5/2 @ WillHill **LOSE**

    £10 Fun Bets

    Lynch MVP @ 11/2 @ WillHill **LOSE**

    Seattle to win by 13+ points @ 6/1 @ PP **LOSE**

    One dodgy call and 3 of the 4 main bets lose. Can’t find any press conferences from Pete Carroll which I find quite strange. I covered @ 9/2 on New England to win and advised anybody else to do so, but my word what a horrible way to lose.

  20. Jordan 4 years ago

    Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel

    “We were conscious of how much time was on the clock and we wanted to use it all,” Bevell said. “It didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would”.

    Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

    “We were going to run the ball in to win the game, but not on that play,” Carroll said. “I didn’t want to waste a run play on their goal-line guys. It was a clear thought, but it didn’t work out right”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, they wanted to use all of the clock. An incomplete pass would have stopped the clock, and a complete pass in the end zone stops the clock. A run play that gets stuffed and the clock keeps ticking, and they had two more downs and a timeout.

    Mind = Blown!

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Carroll saying they were going to run the ball in but not on that play? They were on the 1 yard line? What did they want a receiver to catch it an inch before the n zone? Baffled! Well and truly baffled!

  21. Fela 4 years ago

    John Reel!! Excellent tipping John B :)

  22. huggybear 4 years ago

    I`M sure someone mentioned this earlier last week , oh yeah me !!!! lol

    and tonights ss are away… doh !!

  23. Jordan 4 years ago

    Huggy that is mental. I use that site to see where the money is going in NFL haha

  24. huggybear 4 years ago

    could do with a nice win tonight mate , you let the superbowl go yet or is it still grinding you…

  25. Jordan 4 years ago

    I didn’t lose anything mate, in fact I made a small profit but I just can’t get over that play call haha

  26. huggybear 4 years ago

    no i agree its not always the losing or not , its the why the hell didnt i win !!

    i`m trying a new footy bet , came in saturday . sunday did 11 teams some over 0.5 mg and some over 1.5mg.
    when you get chance tell me which italian fixture let down the 4/1 11 acca…


  27. Finchy 4 years ago

    Jordan I read something that mentioned they typically throw on the 2nd down as they know they will go for the run on third down to score the TD so to them the throw play was just to use up time but I agree with you.

    It’s the biggest stage for American Football, stop being cute and pound it across the line. Patriots are good but you would have left yourself defending a 3 pt lead with the statistically best defence in the league.

    I didn’t post anything but I managed to get Edelman anytime and yards and Amendola anytime. Had 20 quid on Edelman MVP at 20/1 and if Patriots had won comfortably without a Brady 4th qtr comeback Edelman would have won it hands down.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Finchy I know they tend to throw on second down, but not on the 1 yard line with 30 seconds to go. Get that TD and let ‘the best’ defense do what they have to do and close the game out. Completely agree with what you’re saying mate. Good job on the Edelman yards etc he had a great game. I just normally tend to go for props on who I think will be the winning team. That’s why I was frustrated with Wilson throwing it. It’s easy to say now because it didn’t happen, but over 100 rush yards and 2 TD’s, 1 to win the game may have got Lynch the MVP award and I would have been laughing. Just the way it is. That is why we love the ‘boring’ NFL as some might say!

  28. Jordan 4 years ago


    Toronto Raptors ML
    Cleveland Cavaliers over 99.5 points
    OKC Thunder -7.5

    @ 14/10 @ Skybet

  29. Finchy 4 years ago

    Yeah it was a good game! A lot better than last years and I believe it’s not really the trend for super bowl games to be decided by just one td so we are lucky to see a close game! 7 months of waiting now though :(

  30. Ad 4 years ago

    An early pick for Wednesday:

    This one has caught my eye.

    Malek Jaziri v Denis Istomin. Jaziri just made the third round of the Australian open, which was a career best result, but the real point of interest there was the fact that Marin Cilic’s coach, Goran Ivanisevic, was coaching him pro-bono. Goran had some time to kill with Cilic pulling out injured and took a shining to Jaziri when they played together in the Indian Premier League Tennis. Goran has been talking about how amazed he is that, despite not ever having had a coach travelling with him, going to the gym or really having any of the set-up around him that top players have, Jazri is number 65 in the world. He says that speaks volumes about is talent and clearly sees enough in him to want to help him hit new heights in the final few years of his career.

    Istomin hasn’t managed to win a match yet in 2015, but will see this as his best chance so far of getting off the mark. With his confidence unlikely to be high though, and with Jaziri potentially riding a wave of new found belief and motivation, that could be easier said than done. The two have only met on a hard court once and that was back in 2011, but Jaziri did win it. At 2/1 I’m willing to risk the Tunisian to get the better of Istomin again.

  31. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    Usually watch the superbowl highlights as it’s amazing what you miss when watching it half cut. Won’t be doing tonight after what happened if seattle run it in then the wincast and seattle single comes in. The lynch yards was a lock though and think enough of us commented on that to make some money. Also the edelman anytime brought some cash in, but could have been a lot more if not for Pete Carroll. So that’s the end of that but fear not as the nfl season ends the rugby league season begins

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Lee, ESPN calling it the worst play call ever, many commenting saying the worst call in sports history (neutrals too). I just think with the clock time remaining, three downs, 1 timeout, and the most powerful RB in the game who had already scored a 3 yard TD, it’s a no brainer. Is what it is. Not sure how much I’ll get into the rugby though, never been overly keen on it although plenty of my mates play it.

  32. dave 4 years ago

    Boys as u know I have only just got up after last night, had a great night won a few quid following the boys bets and Katy Perry made Dave very happy. Packed the wife of to the offy for sum cans n fags is there anything on tonight for me to invest my winnings on?

  33. OriaZ 4 years ago


    I don’t have Cavs over 99.5 at Ladbrokes, only over 105 which looks too much for me.
    Have you got any advice for total points for the match instead ?

    over 189 pts @1.61
    over 191 pts @ 1.71
    over 195 pts @ 2.05
    more ?

  34. Jordan 4 years ago

    Oriaz my advice to that question would be just do the double. I imagine it’s around 4/5?

  35. OriaZ 4 years ago


    I can get up to 6/5 with Thunder -9,5, what you think ?

  36. Anasewhiz 4 years ago

    @huggybear @attila

    my bet list wuld be..

    Memphis win
    OKC under208
    Cavs ht-win
    Mavs ht-win
    Clipps ht-win

    your thots ??

  37. Jordan 4 years ago

    Not a bad shout mate but 2 points is 2 points. If you’re unsure then take a look at previous h2h or results home and away from this link.;home

  38. Jordan 4 years ago

    Chief, can you believe it, Madden 15 predicted the correct score of the Super Bowl…

    ‘The freakishly good prediction by the same game that accidentally made one player twelve inches tall only gets better from there. It also guessed the second half Seahawks push, the Patriots being down 24-14 in the third quarter and the MVP, Tom Brady.

    EA Sports’ Madden predictions now have correctly guessed the outcome of nine of the last twelve Super Bowls, in what is clearly a sign that there is a severe glitch in the Matrix’.

  39. huggybear 4 years ago

    Logical Conclusion is to Pick Grizzlies -3 as Suns are Growing Home Dogs in Monday’s NBA Odds

    the ss has got the pro`s backing , uh oh !!!

  40. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    they got to be right sometime :)

  41. Abbas 4 years ago

    Ad have u played tennis b4?

    • Ad 4 years ago

      Yes Abbas, I play all the time. Mainly men’s doubles but singles and mixed when I can as well. How come?

  42. Johnny J 4 years ago

    Need some advice for a fiver in august i took a double PATRIOTS to win superbowl & BULLS to win NBA CHAMP getting cash out of £35 but could win £385 also took PATRIOTS to win AFC & BULLS to win EASTERN CONFERENCE again £5 cash out £18 could win £85


    what the chance of the BULLS winning either or both??

    AND thanks Andre (think it was) for the tips


  43. Jordan 4 years ago

    Johnny J. The guy you’re talking about is DeAndre. Bulls might win their conference but I’m 90% sure they will not win the NBA Championship.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Keep your £85 going mate. But your £385 is a very long way away.

  44. Johnny J 4 years ago

    cheers Jordan! think i will take that advise mate and see how the other runs ;)

  45. JP4 4 years ago

    Grizzlies ML
    Raptors – 3.5
    Wizards – 4.5

    Treble 3.49/1

  46. Jordan 4 years ago

    Johnny the Bulls will make the playoffs. I just don’t think they’ll win the championship. You might get a better cash out by the time the playoffs come round though so I ‘d keep it going for now. You’re cash out won’t get any worse put it that way.

  47. De Niro 4 years ago

    Top pick Ad on Dustin at 2/1
    looks like he s going to win – I cant get on site later but wanted to congratulate as;


  48. Ad 4 years ago

    Thanks De Niro…..but he only went and blaady lost it! Absolute joke. 4 match points for Brown in the second set, 2 more in the third, and Janowicz wins it with his first. I didn’t get a chance to cover but really wish I had.

  49. Abbas 4 years ago

    Just asking mate, I love playing myself great sport, my brother played a few futures around the world and did quite a lot as a junior but unfortunatly has to stop due to injury etc

    • Ad 4 years ago

      Ah that’s a shame mate. Musta been fun while it lasted. Paying to play tennis is as close as I’ve ever got to getting paid to play!

  50. Abbas 4 years ago

    We use to spend a lot of time in Barcelona, my bro has hit with marcel gronollers and his brother Gerard and has hit with Tim Henman a few times etc

  51. Ryan 4 years ago

    Huggy bear, new to betting on NBA, I have decided to follow your ss but can you tell me what market it will be under thanks.

  52. Abbas 4 years ago

    Tennis is a real thin line mate, but its a real fantastic sport to play, what did u think of the australlian open?

  53. Augustus 4 years ago

    Ad I cashed out on brown for 95% of the winnings. At that point Jano was around 250-1 to win and I was half tempted to throw a €1 on but I thought he was done.

  54. Ad 4 years ago

    Augustus- well done mate. Wish I’d taken that 250/1! Covering’s so important in tennis. Luckily I’d never stake too much on a Janowicz v Brown match!

    Abbas- agreed. I thought the Australian Open was okay, it all felt a little flat to me after Fed went out though, and I never get too excited about Djokovic winning anything! I wasn’t able to watch most of the second week though as I was on holiday so I didn’t really get a chance to get carried away with Aussie fever. It was loving it the first week when I could tune in. How about you? Got your eye on any of the up coming tournaments?

  55. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Ryan..Huggys SS tonight is Memphis Grizzlies -2 that is on the points spread.

    Gl everyone who is on.

  56. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Ryan at the minute bet365 has the point spread at -2.5…you can change it to -2 in the additional spread.

  57. Abbas 4 years ago

    I thought it was good, wasnt a surprise to see nadal lose the way he did, was surprised to see federer go out so early as I thought he would of been in the mix, but yeah the standard was good especially with the hot conditions in Australia,

    With upcoming tornys I usually look at players who usually peak this time of year, with tennis players they usually have periodization plans all year round, it’s usually 4 times a year they look to peak for certain tornements,

  58. weebanger 4 years ago

    hornets + 6.5 @ 11/10

  59. Jordan 4 years ago

    Why does LeBron always seem to be pissing round with his chest/vest?

  60. Lon_don 4 years ago

    is it worth taking the hornets at +3.5 at 10/11

  61. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Unlucky HuggyBear with Memphis -2..1 point out..thats betting lol.

    That was last is a new dawn.

    2 down in a row is a rarety..overall profit thanks to following you.

    Gl with tonights SS.

  62. Ad 4 years ago

    Unlucky with the SS Huggy. I took Memphis money line when I saw you go for them so cheers anyway!

  63. Frankie 4 years ago

    Huggy, Jordon , atilla @
    Had 300 on grizzlies +5.5 @ 2/7

  64. paul 4 years ago

    I also did the 5.5 at 2/7 but not 300

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