ANTHONY JOSHUA'S first tilt at a world boxing title has been confirmed for April 9 against Charles Martin and William Hill have priced up plenty of markets on the big fight.

The highly-anticipated IBF showdown at London's O2 Arena sees challenger Joshua the 1-7 favourite while Martin, who beat Vyacheslav Glazkov to win the world title in his last fight, is a 9-2 shot to defend his belt – with the draw available at 33-1.

 William Hill spokesman Tony Kenny said: “Anthony Joshua has long been built up as a future world champion – now he’s got his chance to live up to the hype. AJ is our red-hot favourite to claim the title but ‘Prince’ Charles Martin has knocked out 21 of his 24 previous opponents and shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Today's sporting action features the likes of ATP tennis and Welsh Open snooker so as usual post all your tips and chat in the comments section and good luck with your bets.

Joshua v Martin (William Hill prices)

1/7 Anthony Joshua, 9/2 Charles Martin, 33/1 Draw

Round betting: Joshua: 8/1 Round 1, 7/1 Round 2, 7/1 Round 3, 7/1 Round 4, 8/1 Round 5, 10/1 Round 6, 12/1 Round 7, 14/1 Round 8, 20/1 Round 9, 22/1 Round 10, 28/1 Round 11, 40/1 Round 12,

Round betting: Martin: 33/1 Round 1, 28/1 Round 2, 28/1 Round 3, 28/1 Round 4, 33/1 Round 5, 40/1 Round 6, 40/1 Round 7, 40/1 Round 8, 50/1 Round 9, 66/1 Round 10, 80/1 Round 11, 100/1 Round 12,

On points: 4/1 Joshua, 14/1 Martin  

  1. dodger22 3 years ago

    I’m a big boxing fan and this for me is a 50-50 fight. If aj fights like he did againat dillian whyte he has no chance. White would have beat him if he didn’t do his shoulder in. Personally for me aj is way overrated and martin looks over priced.

  2. Johnb 3 years ago

    I was going to do a write up for the fight but got to say 5/1 Charles Martin stealing money off the poor bookies who can’t price up most sports, they have the wrong people pricing up, people with average knowledge on sports.
    There is no need to take odds on bets when there are so many sports out there that are priced up wrong
    5/1 Charles Martin to kick some Joshua butt, I can’t wait, for anyone that doesn’t know, Anthony Joshua’s middle name is Audley Harrison
    Even Wilder thinks it’s too early for even him to fight Charles Martin

    Johnb is on record saying 5/1 Charles Martin will beat Anthony Joshua

  3. Johnb 3 years ago

    Recap on yesterday’s tennis

    5 bets 3 winners
    Jankovic 13/8
    Shvedova 2/1
    Stakhovsky 3/1
    good profits there, also my double stake Monday tip on Dolgopolov which was delayed because of rain won on Tuesday at 11/10

  4. Johnb 3 years ago

    Got so much respect for some people and it’s amazing what some people will put themselves through

    • waystrong 3 years ago

      Hi John hows it going? Well done on the tennis today i was on them, Also got on smyczek against fritz at 2.90 thought maybe he wouldnt be mentally ready after just coming out the final loss and was correct.

      I was looking at the boxing aswell, my question you think Martins price will drift out as you will get all the noobs closer to the time just backing Joshua off hype? Or you taking the 5/1 now?

      • Johnb 3 years ago

        Yeah I thought the conditions of this tournament wouldn’t suit Taylor Fritz and I don’t think there will be much money for Joseph, it’s just the bookies trying to hype up Joseph, the pro’s will soon be giving their views but I agree with Carl Froch, it’s a fight Joseph doesn’t want this early and Charles Martin is being underestimated, I think Martins price will shorten

  5. dodger22 3 years ago

    Correct john 5-1 is stealing money joshua just bum rushes his opponents which is easy when he’s fighting the class he’s been fighting. He’s had two rounds with a fit and potentially decent opponent in whyte where he was in big trouble then beat up an injured whyte. Due to his musclybody he will struggle with cardio which we also seen in the whyte fight. Apart from whyte who has he ever knocjed out? I mean he’s won by tko but he never actually puts people to sleep its usually stopped by the ref due to the opponent not fighting back or being way out of his depth. Only goes one way for me martin win probs by late round stoppage

  6. mr. orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour of Oman stage 2

    Dan Martin to beat Dumoulin @ 1.85 with WH

    After yesterday’s stage Dumoulin admitted he wasn’t at his best yet in his first race of the season. He couldn’t keep up with the best on the climb and came back in the descent. Martin is one of the favourites for this race and this stage suits him perfectly.

  7. alex 3 years ago

    JohnB I would be very careful with AJ. I agree the pricing feels all wrong for a belt but the other guy won it because Glazkov suffered a knee injury. I also watched back some highlights of Martin going the full 10 rounds with Raphael Love until he ko him, someone AJ despatched very early. I lot was made if Whyte but let’s face it AJ knew he had his number, he got careless due to inexperience and would have been better served picking him off from behind his jab. He will come on for that. My money is already on AJ to pick up a belt before 2017 so I may consider the cover at generous odds.

    • Johnb 3 years ago

      I just don’t rate him mate, he was lucky to win olympics, lucky to get past the first round and the mbe must be a joke “for his services to boxing”
      Just think it’s a matter of time before he is found out but he will still make millions for being average but to be honest there aren’t any good heavyweights out there

  8. Johnb 3 years ago



    Halep v Ivanovic 3pm
    ANA IVANOVIC 11/10 NAP/NB general (double stake)


    Burger v Kostova 6pm
    CINDY BURGER 1/1 bet365 (might be bigger with other bookies)

    I don’t tip odds on but have to mention Kristina Mladenovic at 10/11 to beat Coco Vandeweghe but it’s not a tip because it’s odds on but she should win

    Still looking at the men’s might have another tip later

  9. huggybear518 3 years ago


    11 hours ago

    “Unlucky huggy the -13.5 only just lost, keep going and you’ll get better”



    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      huggybear, that means he wins.
      Admin have already been asked to ban him so please just ignore him until he’s sent packing.

      • huggybear518 3 years ago

        Yeah I get that , but in my own haphazard way I posted a lot of winners through the day and night and he is getting right on my nerves looking for a loser ( that actually won as when I posted the line changed as they went behind).
        I’ll have a day away till the Nba resumes and if that person is back on my case , I’m off and he wins…

        • hunter 3 years ago

          Nothing much to add that’s not already been said! Best to just ignore and continue as usual.

        • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

          huggybear518, I’m told he’s been banned but we can’t stop him coming back under a different guise.
          We don’t tolerate people like that so let us deal with them and you get on with what you’re good at.

      • oriaz 3 years ago

        @huggybear518 don’t get yourself winded up, that’s exactly what he’s looking for. Just ignore it.

        You’ve got nothing to prove on this thread.

        • Johnb 3 years ago

          Just ignore, I very seldom bite which surprises me sometimes, but I actually love it as it fuels me lol
          if you admit it gets to you then they win, if you ignore any haters then it pisses them off

    • jacksonator 3 years ago

      Not much to add as all the above have said, just try to ignore him, you have nothing to prove on here mate, winners thread should stick together, i seldom post on here but am on her more than the football and you guys are usually on fire, try not to let the odd one spoil it for you. Take it as a compliment that he actually has taken time to go through all your posts.

  10. Johnb 3 years ago


    Dominic Thiem v Diego Schwartzman 7pm
    SCHWARTZMAN 16/5 boylesports

  11. robbie c 3 years ago

    Just a small £10 Acca for me today
    Welsh open snooker all 2pm starts
    Sean murphy
    Neil Robertson
    Judd Trump
    Tennis WTA Dubai
    Ana Ivanovic (John B Tip)
    Fourfold pays 4.81 Betfair

  12. nflfan 3 years ago

    huggy probably jealous ,I look on the sports site everyday,urself hunter ,Jordan john b ,Raoul and many more give me an insight into sports like basketball,tennis ice hockey which I have little knowledge.i value your opinion and use it to my advantage to win money ..keep at it mate

  13. robbie c 3 years ago

    Apologies Judd Trump 8pm start

  14. Jordan 3 years ago

    About time that qusi lad went. Been here no longer than two weeks, no tips, just winding up the good punters of this thread.

  15. bigdazza123 3 years ago

    My TIPS Today

    Muguruza to beat Svitolina 2-0 @ 6/5

    Stakhovsky to win a set vs Wawrinka @ 15/8

    Good luck

  16. ghunt11 3 years ago

    NHl tonight, very tight card so small stakes but on the following –

    Patrick Kane ATG 13/10
    Rangers inc O&P 10/11
    Blackhawks v Ranger Under 5 EVS

    Canadiens inc o&p EVS

    Wild over 5.0 8/11

  17. ghunt11 3 years ago

    Stanley Cup –

    Washington Capitals are heavy favourites to win this years stanley cup and rightly so with them been so dominant this season and should finish league leaders but i honestly don’t think 4/1 is enough value for a team that have flopped when its come to the play-offs and has no experience in winning the cup so will be looking for more value than that.
    Blackhawks are next favourites at 7/1 which is great odds with them having another decent season and also being the reigning champs and have won 3 of the last 6 seasons so they definitely have the bottle and experience for the win and with Patrick Kane posses a very deadly player but with back to back season wins very hard to come by (last team were Red wings 97 and 98) im going to pass on good odds and go for more of an outsider.

    my two longshots are Kings @ 10/1 EW who have been in terrible form of late but are more than capable of getting the results needed in the playoffs with them winning 2 cups out of the last 4 seasons! My other long shot is a team that have a great goalie in Henrik Lundqvist, and their offence can score steadily so have a real good chance at pulling some good playoff wins out the bag and thats New York Rangers @ 14/1 EW. Both these teams could make the final which would mean quids in but i reckon each have a good chance of glory this year! i would not be shocked if Caps took the stan cup the way they’ve been playing but 4/1 is just too short for me.

  18. 3 years ago

    @Jordan how confident are you they’ll score

  19. Johnb 3 years ago

    Another tennis tip wins and it’s a double stake NAP/NB at 11/10
    ANNA IVANOVIC wins 7-6 6-2

    • Johnb 3 years ago


    • waystrong 3 years ago

      thanks john got on inplay, Put a point on Martin @ 5/1 seen couple bookies cut in a little. Read a few articles today with alot of people seeing it as more 50/50, so 5/1 for a 50/50 is worth a shout.

  20. huggybear518 3 years ago

    cheers guys for the support , other than a 20 point on the west -6 in the all star , i`ve put up more winners than losers , some gut feeling some stats based. I Just aim to give others ideas and watch where i blow my money , no-one has to follow but knobheads like him question why i bother.

    had a bit of johnb`s tennis and also took Martin as is being advised , my choices and thats what i`ll continue to post….

    • hunter 3 years ago

      Keep em coming Huggy….don’t let ‘knobheads’ as you put it, spoil a good thing?

  21. huggybear518 3 years ago

    stupid little bet 2 pass the time..

    legia warszawa – 14.5 / ca porto btts double

    2.85/1 £2.50 funbet

  22. robbie c 3 years ago

    Just a small £10 Acca for me today
    Welsh open snooker all 2pm starts
    Sean murphy
    Neil Robertson
    Judd Trump
    Tennis WTA Dubai
    Ana Ivanovic (John B Tip)
    Fourfold pays 4.81 Betfair
    Good tipping John b on tennis shame Sean Murphy went in off black to go 3-1 up. ?

  23. androkabro 3 years ago

    Sir John b. Thanks for the effort you put in tennis research for people like me to win big.all i can say is i appreciate your effort .@ huggy hater make’s you strong.

  24. Johnb 3 years ago

    CINDY BURGER wins 6-3 6-0 another winner at 1/1 this time

  25. Johnb 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone it’s not one of my strongest sports but been putting in a bit extra time studying tennis for the reason there are a lot of matches wrongly priced up, the best player doesn’t always win

    • hunter 3 years ago

      One word….’OUTSTANDING’. Cheers jonb?

      • oriaz 3 years ago

        Have to say I don’t like “one man sports” but some quality tipping right there Johnb.

        Since there’s a mini-break in the NBA, I’m using my daily stakes on some other things and doubled Ivanovic with Burger for a nice return. So Cheers.

  26. bigdazza123 3 years ago

    BOOM STAKHOVSKY to win a set at 15/8!!!! Winner

  27. huggybear518 3 years ago

    £2.50 funbet

    champions league btts double / and over 5 fh corners in the real madrid game

    pays 5.90/1

    doubt anyone follows but like to know what other fun bets people are having..

    cheers johnb , sheer class !!!

  28. bigdazza123 3 years ago

    Muguruza making hard work of this 1st set

  29. huggybear518 3 years ago

    another £2.50 double

    btts newells and defensa games


  30. Johnb 3 years ago

    Couldn’t be a worse time for rain to come Schwartzman had his chances in the first set but lost it 7-5 second set he gets broken twice to go 3-0 down but pulls it back to 3-3 then the rain comes

  31. robbie c 3 years ago

    My Nap for Friday should stand a great chance.
    Bologna vs Juventus
    Only Juventus to score. 13/10. Will hills

  32. michaelc 3 years ago

    Cheers John – had some spare time this week (half term!) so have been rooting around areas of the site I don’t normally have time for. Followed some of your tennis tips yesterday and made a v small loss (didn’t catch all of them) and today have got on all and am in profit regardless – also put a bet on Mladenovic as odds on doesn’t bother me – and also put all 3 women’s bets in a treble @7.70 so the small profit about to rise slightly (hopefully!) – regardless of the Schwartzman result…….

  33. Johnb 3 years ago

    One sport I do watch a lot of but don’t back in is ice hockey, so this is my very first tip and I am going for it

    Ice Hockey

    Montreal Canadiens at Colorado Avalanche 1am
    COLORADO AVALANCHE -1.5 12/5 NB coral
    MATT DUCHENE to score anytime 5/2 NAP william hill

    Both these teams are in poor form but Colorado do have more to play for as they look to get the last playoff place
    I am expecting Matt Duchene and Nathan McKinnon to be on fire tonight for the home side and both could score but I am going for Matt Duchene who is 10/1 betway to score first but I am playing safer with anytime at 5/2
    Colorado to win would be safer at 4/5 but it’s odds on and I like the -1.5 anyway as they need the win and will be going for it

  34. Johnb 3 years ago

    Schwartzman couldn’t make it a full house thanks to the weather, my main reason for going for him was the suspect fitness of Theim and although Schwartzman was a set and 3-3 when the rain came Theim was struggling as Schwartzman won 3 games in a row, breaking Theim twice, the rain gave him a chance to recover and Theim won 7-5 7-5

  35. bigdazza123 3 years ago

    Tonights BETS

    Xavier, Villanova, Arkansas treble @ 4/5

    Louisville, North Carolina, USC treble @ 7/5

    LSU, Utah State, Oklahoma treble @ 3/1

    Chicago Blackhawks to win 1st period @ 9/4
    Patrick Kane (Blackhawks) to score first @ 10/1

    Good luck all

  36. huggybear518 3 years ago



    2 POINTS AT 4/7

    thanks 2 johnb i`m in the black for today…

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