ALL eyes will be on the East End of Glasgow on tonight for Celtic's European crunch. And while the Hoops are hoping not to be murder there's murky goings-on at EastEnders where someone can make a killing in the betting stakes.

The big reveal of who killed Lucy Beale will come in Thursday night's live episode and Bobby Beale is the current favourite at 4-1 with Betfred. The Beales are fancied to have blood on their hands as Jane, Peter and Ian all feature prominently in the betting. They seem a right dodgy lot.

Dear old Dot Cotton is a 300-1 shot at bet365 and I reckon it was definitely her. With a bazooka. Post all your EastEnders related “tips” and chat here and hopefully someone can bag a winner to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Bet365 are doing inplay bets during the live show – and that has to be a first.

  1. raaljaca 4 years ago

    It was Billy Mitchell.

  2. BelfastBeaver 4 years ago

    I rekon nasty nick

  3. Nanna P 4 years ago

    Greetings all, I follow the nags and bags and my grandson told me about the site. I always back but don’t comment but thought this thread was my effect opportunity to write my first! Iv watched east Enders religiously for the past 30 years and this is the best story Iv followed. Me and my two dogs max and coffe and my grandson noah. We all think the murderer is Ian Beale. He’s had his turn off story lines over the years and it looks to us that this one is about to be all about him as well. My best bet for the ‘who done it’ is Ian Beale @ 8-1

  4. Kid kipper Tommy k 4 years ago

    Nana p, proper agree with you there, what dogs you got btw? I love Bulldogs me. Gonna have a smash on that bet, Probs put on like 15 quid on that bet, sound

  5. NOAH BUBBY GARDINER 4 years ago

    Nanna get off this site your slowing down the internet

  6. FootballPundit6 4 years ago

    It was me

  7. Wato 4 years ago

    I’m recording it and won’t be visiting this thread again :) lol

  8. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Very intrigued to see how this pans out. Shall be sat down over the next few evenings having the odd glass of red or two. Don’t think I shall having a bet though, my wife has been keeping a close eye on my account of late. Shall stick to the horses

  9. steve myers 4 years ago

    Dont watch east enders but at a guess I say it was Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the Spanner

    odds million to 1

  10. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Who shot JR again?

  11. Jamie 4 years ago

    Ian or Peter beale 12/1 & 13/1

  12. RPC 4 years ago

    My money is on Wellard.

  13. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Sod the wife (pardon the French) I’ll be having Peter Beale

  14. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Anyone here a Corrie fan, love the cobblers me

    • nexus 4 years ago

      A betting source said: “One man has been trying to place big bets of up to £1000 on Billy in shops in and around Dublin.

  15. Richard bun west 4 years ago

    Kid kipper Tommy k. Why a bulldog may I ask?

  16. Nanna P 4 years ago

    Kid kipper Tommy k. I have 2 big red setters. I only wanted the one but couldn’t leave the other one there as it was he runt off the litter. Are you sure able to look after a dog? Can barely look after your knees kidda

  17. toptipterry 4 years ago

    Billy Mitchell has been backed from 20s to 3/1 today..Hmmmm someone MUST no summit.

  18. huggybear 4 years ago

    im having a fiver on Madge bishop or harold .

    not sure yet which one.

    thought’s ??

  19. Burty 4 years ago

    Been told today from a good source Denise 20/1 down to 12/1 today max bet £20 Ladbrokes

    • GREGGE 4 years ago

      The money is down @ 14/1 Denise Fox is the culprit!

      Have you worked it out yet? :)

  20. sidplay 4 years ago

    Got a fiver on Whitney Dean at 33/1, has to be a better shout than a 8yr old favourite.

  21. Kev_Tranmere 4 years ago

    Cheeky fiver on Ian Beale at 14/1 for me for the unexpected shock factor etc…

    That Breakdown he had a wee while back will have something to do with him killing Lucy as it has left him mentally unstable etc.

  22. Scotty2hotty 4 years ago

    Eastenders special
    A lady just walked into my local bookies (Hertfordshire) not far from the set and try to put £2000 on ian Beale
    They said max £50
    And William Hill only accepted £25 bet from her
    Could be something or nothing
    But he looked pretty rough the other night on graham norton show looks like he needs some time in prison to recover from 30 years of hard work

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Scotty, so many bets on so many different people – there’s only one winner and that’s the bookies.

  23. bigmick 4 years ago

    i,ve a wee 2k on den watts, which i think is safe as houses.

  24. Alves 4 years ago

    Billy Mitchell has been backed in from 66/1 not 20’s

  25. craneguy 4 years ago

    was either angie watts dug rolli or ethel skinners dug willy

    that tells ye the last time a ever watched it…………..

  26. toptipterry 4 years ago

    Mary the punk lol 7500/1 back from the 80s

  27. Stevie H 4 years ago

    Peter Beale announced a few weeks ago hes leaving the show very soon #justsayin

  28. jevan 4 years ago

    Guys so many people sayin big bets on ian beale…how can someone put 1000’s on this eastenders thing unless they know

  29. dave 4 years ago

    Boys as u know the biggest who dunnit ever will be revealed in just over 24hrs. They say a victim knows its killer and I suspect that to be the same here. I will be re watching previous episodes tomorrow afternoon, I toying with the idea of the beale family or carter family. I am happy to rule out donna yates at 66-1 and natural causes/suicide also at 66-1 as I do believe she was murdered.

  30. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    I have 50e on sharon Mitchell

  31. Wato 4 years ago

    Some have said recently that this site can be a soap opera at times it appears now this is indeed actually the case haha

    I hope it’s not a true story ;)

  32. Rookie 4 years ago

    Jack duckworth

  33. Alves 4 years ago

    If you go onto next Mondays tv guide on sky it tells you it was Peter that killed her

  34. Jordan 4 years ago

    Imagine the outrage when everyone finds out she committed suicide :D

  35. Daz 4 years ago

    I thought we all agreed it was ronnie months ago ,what’s gone wrong ,told the ex I had inside info ,oh well ,don’t watch it but I’m going for janine butcher ,she’s got good form in knocking people off

  36. Wato 4 years ago

    Jordan if she used Scott’s bazooka it could at least make decent viewing before turning back to the Europa League

  37. Big phill g 4 years ago

    It was Bobby Ian’s son . he killed her accidentally. Then Jayne covered for him with the help of max .

  38. Donny 4 years ago

    It was dirty den

  39. V P 4 years ago

    Boy have I loved reading this thread

  40. riqlme 4 years ago

    Daz, Ronnie would of been a good story especially having her wake up from the coma as the killer. However logically she’s already murdered someone,lost a baby and gone to jail before. Im positive they wouldn’t put her through that again, especially now that she finally has another child. Also Richard Blackwood will be on the show for a while yet and he’s connected to Ronnie so it would make no sense to have her banged up as his character would not be in a position to develop if she’s not there!

  41. darran 4 years ago

    Max kat or dot eway small stakes could there have been two

  42. Abbas 4 years ago

    It’s Bobby Beale I actually got him at 66/1 well not me my missus told me to put £5 on lol I bet she won’t be sharing If it wins lol

  43. darran 4 years ago

    Good detective work alves

  44. Sean Ireland 4 years ago

    It was either Kat’s Ample chest or Mr F’s dug.

  45. darran 4 years ago

    Lee carter caught his old man on the job with Lucy Beale how old is she actually

  46. darran 4 years ago

    Has to be something devious to make the story line worth while

  47. Hamish75 4 years ago

    A fink swany has her captive in his castle n dawnrising interrogated her n she done herself in 18/1 wi peter Barlows booky ktf

  48. Brett 4 years ago

    Lee Carter massive tip

  49. theresa higgins 4 years ago

    I think it is Ronnie, they Mitchels have always been dodgy and she has killed before.

  50. Big will 4 years ago

    Its wellard trying to pick the killer out. Going for cindy or lee

  51. Luke 4 years ago

    LEE CARTER 35/1

  52. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    Had to get involved and have a few quid on max at 40/1 and Peter at 10/1

  53. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Copied from: http://www.gg.com/forum/topic.php?id=172272&page=5

    Do the newspapers in the evidence file secretly tell us the killer?


    There is an advert on mortgages and a property guide.

    Ian Beale viewed himself as a big shot property tycoon back in 2011.
    Things went a bit downhill after that.
    Was he jealous of Lucy having ownership of his businesses and then moving into the property market with her and laurens firm LB Lettings.

    A random property advert perhaps put there to show a motive of jealousy. Ian was always the kingpin in the Beale Empire but Lucy had control of his assets.
    Does this hint towards a sinister planned murder?


    There is an advert for glasses with the words “Why look further”.
    In the Ian beale press release appealing for information it appears that Phil knows something about what Ians done. Probably saw him on the night unbwknown to Ian.
    Anyway on the appeal Ian puts on a pair of glasses. He is also looking very suspect and keebles eyeing him she looks like she suspects him.
    Ian was not wearing glasses in any of the scenes following lucys murder-never when he was with the police. Yet on the appeal he puts glasses on.
    Is the caption Look no further a reference to this?



    There is an advert for holidays to France and one for ‘fun in the sun’.
    Ian and Jane are due to go on a honeymoon. Is this a clue to Ian with Janes involvement?


    There is a sofa advert. A lot of people think the photo of lucy sitting on her sofa was close to her last moments. Is this advert tellingbus Lucy did die on her sofa at home.
    The jounalists name who has written the article is ARVIN SLOANE. Arvin Sloane was a famous tv character, a father who killed his own daughter, he grabbed her and pushed her, she tripped and hit her head on the table and died.

    LONDON TELEGRAPH-web page news

    The headline says Drug Fuelled Last Days.

    An annagram of






    Ian was the only person who reffered to Lucy as ‘Lucy Lu’.

    What is the purpose of these placed adverts in the bbcs evidence file? Is the killer of lucy hidden in these newspaper articles?

    of course the clues on these newspapers tell you it was Ian.

    Adam Woodyatt has been in Eastenders since day 1.

    You are the director of eastenders, its the biggest story in soap history.
    Do you put a 10 year old boy or a 16 year old girl in the centre of the story???

    Of course not. You put the star of the show in the star role. Lucys killer.

  54. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Make of it what you will!

  55. Harpreet 4 years ago

    RONNIE Mitchell I’m staying with her now down to 150/1 from 500/1 2 days ago. If it isn’t all I lose is spare change….If it her then happy days!!!

    There is surely another twist in the story yet

  56. RobRoy 4 years ago

    Do go on…

  57. jakemunk 4 years ago

    why everyone ruling out peter bill when saying it was someone from the bill family have i missed something as i dont watch the show but his my bet @ 12/1

  58. darran 4 years ago

    les coker 25-1 stone cert only thing is if too much money goes on they might change the outcome

  59. Jordan 4 years ago

    It was Danny fackin Dyer!

  60. Fed 4 years ago

    A cheeky 100 on Dot Cotton… Silent but deadly I say…

  61. Kyle B 4 years ago

    One of

    Max Branning 40/1
    Lee Carter 35/1
    Ronnie Mitchell 150/1
    Janine Butcher 500/1

    Defo punting for the outsiders

  62. dave 4 years ago

    Boys as u know I new this thread would be popular as we all do our best to be like taggart. As u know im watching old episodes and having ruled out natural causes and sucicide yesterday as I believed lucy was murdered. I am also now ruled out Bianca butcher and tiff butcher. The piece of fluff who works on the flower stand, nick cotton, dot branning and Patrick trueman, and am sorry to break it to you I am ruling out Ronnie Mitchell too. an outsider I have an uneasy feeling about is Lola Pearce 66-1. I am down to 35 top suspects and a couple of floaters. Im not ruling out tracy the barmaid as she has motive in that she been in it 20+ yrs and never spoke more than 20 words, pinchin a livin that one

  63. Andy 4 years ago

    It was suicide

  64. toptipterry 4 years ago

    I do reckon its any of the Beale’s..I’m with harprett..I think there’s a Massive twist somewhere in this..I like yer write up tho rob roy but I don’t think its anyone obvious.I’ll be dissapointed if it is.I’m recording the darts for this.lol

  65. toptipterry 4 years ago

    I*don’t reckon its any of the Beale’s I meant..new phone””lol

  66. toptipterry 4 years ago

    I don’t watch it tbh but as I’m walking up v bookies later I might av a fun quid on sum1..I reckon its Simone nobody would suspect..I’m gunna have a pound on ..what’s the young Asian boy that sits around all quiet with glasses drinking orange juice..I’m gunna do him. Its none of the Beale’s or anyone like that..its down to jealousy of love or summit..Poirot..Jessica fletcher..Monk..Colombo..Beware Tip too terry is on the scene lol!! What’s the young boy called pls anyone?

  67. SefK 4 years ago

    still puttin the pennies on Ronnie just because of that tip from months back.. looks so unlikely based on the storyline but imma stick with it

  68. Jt 4 years ago

    Big Ron did it with his bare hands!

  69. Ali ba ba 4 years ago

    I think it was Wellard myself!!

  70. toptipterry 4 years ago

    That’s it Tamwaar..£1 or 2 on him later up the shop at 100/1 you never know.

    • Kyle B 4 years ago

      Good luck with that, he cant bring himself to talk to a girl nevermind murder one haha

  71. mrkrabs 4 years ago

    either wellard (lol woof woof) or sindey who knows? who cares?…..

  72. Kev_Tranmere 4 years ago

    Last nights show ruled out Ian and Jane for me at the end, it was just too obvious that it was made to look like one of them two.

    But i now Believe they both know who done it and they are both covering up for either Bobby or Peter.

    So Ive parted with another fiver and gone for Peter at 16/1 as there is not enough value in Bobby for me.

  73. Author
    Scott Allot 4 years ago

    Betvictor doing a special on their instabet app – 6/4 for any Beale to be the murderer

  74. tonytanaka 4 years ago

    Main bet will be Dirty Den in the laundrette with the daffodils and a small cover on Tucker Jenkins down the allotment with a canny bag of Tudor.

  75. Barryburton 4 years ago

    Got an inside tip (makeup artist) that it was Sadie Young who killed Lucy in a case of mistaken identity after finding out that Lauren (who was wearing similar clothes) was having an affair with her husband. I don’t watch the show I just thought I would pass on the info.

  76. Kyle B 4 years ago

    SkyBet also doing a Beale or No Beale market

    Beale and Suicide/Natural causes 4/6
    No Beale 11/10

    Sure this will come of interest

  77. toptipterry 4 years ago

    Kyle b that’s hilarious..I assume that was aimed at my pick lol..its a good point

  78. bad jasper 4 years ago


  79. Fifi gardiner 4 years ago

    Hello all, first time poster after my son gubbins told me about the site. 8.10 Chelmsford Bulldogs boy. Good luck all, off to the rising sun for a swift bottle of red and a catch up with the kids. Hope jimbo isn’t working! Terrible breath!

  80. Dave B 4 years ago


    • Kyle B 4 years ago

      Big Ian Beale couldnt av done it, think he would have killed Phil Mitchell first before he killed his own daughter after everythings hes put him through

  81. Kyle B 4 years ago

    The chair in max brannings office is still available at 33/1 at Betfair for any takers. The price wont last

  82. Matt Mahon 4 years ago

    Bobby beal for me grnts

  83. Kyle B 4 years ago

    If there is no amazing twist after waiting for 10 months, my fist is going thru the laptop and the laptops going thru the television :)

  84. rolanrat 4 years ago

    rolanrat 10/1 hahaha

  85. Top sink Tommy k 4 years ago

    Sound, can’t wait for eastenders tonight, proper like excited. Gonna have a can or two and watch it, get myself properly fishy before an early night. Mate at work said it was Ian Beale who’s done it so stuck a 5er on it, sound

  86. Carlos 4 years ago

    Heard a whisper in work that Cora cross does it 66-1 coral

  87. da-tha-man 4 years ago

    Never watch eastenders until tonight,bet on Billy Mitchell in October when seen tip on here.

    £10 at 50/1

    Come on Billy you look very guilty my son…

    Hope you are right Raal…

  88. Daz 4 years ago

    Haven’t watched it for years ,still no sign of ronnie yet ,but why call an ambulance when theyve got doctor legg

  89. toptipterry 4 years ago

    Christ..How shite..Too obvious

  90. bigmick 4 years ago

    well who done it then?

  91. Jordan 4 years ago

    I’ve just flicked over to see Dot Rotten in a meat wagon? Tell me it wasn’t her hahahaha

    • PeteT 4 years ago

      Haha Jordan I did the same. Flicked back to the footie now.

      Sadly it wasn’t her though …..

  92. da-tha-man 4 years ago

    Well that was an anticlimax .lol…

  93. Kyle B 4 years ago

    OMG its not janet WTF

  94. bigmick 4 years ago

    i,m thinking it,s boabby the barman.

  95. toptipterry 4 years ago

    It wasn’t her..she’s covering for sum1 or summit..otherwise that is 1 hell of a anti climax

  96. Kyle B 4 years ago

    Wouldnt surprise me with soaps, got to be bobby, she wud not cover for anyone else unless Christian HOLY SHIT cud u imagine!!!!

  97. Jordan 4 years ago

    Prices have been slashed on Bobby Beale after that episode but you can still get him @ 6/4 @ BV

    Jane is taking cover for him or so a flustered partner thinks.

  98. darran 4 years ago

    dot cottons gonna fess up while in the clink hahaha

  99. stagger 4 years ago

    Ian said to Jane over the phone he knew who killed the girl. Now Jane will explain to him how she was only at the scene when it happened and someone else caused the death, maybe Bobby, Ian’s young son??

    • bad jasper 4 years ago

      Jane is covering for one of the longest surviving cast members. He hasn’t been seen much lately, in fact he has never been seen at all.
      It’s mr opodopolous, the dastardly owner of the laundrette.

  100. Jordan 4 years ago

    Now 4/7. Got my £10 on in time hahaha

  101. Kyle B 4 years ago

    The chair in max brannings office has just drifted to 40/1 @ BetFair

  102. Jordan 4 years ago

    Just seen this on someone’s book of face. They must have some time on their hands.

    Bobby Beale, and Jane’s covering for him, because Lucy was killed at home.

    Following the discovery that Lucy kept a stash of cocaine in her jewellery box, Jane flipped out.

    She flipped out even more when, later that night, she discovered that little Bobby had got his hands on Lucy’s drugs. After catching Lucy having sex with Lee earlier that day, Jane sent Lucy a text saying she needed to talk to her. Jane thought Lucy was going off the rails and her intention was to talk some sense into her.

    After bringing a drunken Jake back to Albert Square, where Lucy was heading anyway after receiving a concerned text from Jane, Lucy decided to pop home for a quick pick me up before she went to Roxy’s party. Lucy wound Jane up by laughing at her and saying that Bobby wasn’t even her real son and she was just a barren old woman. When she got to her room, Bobby was in there going through her jewellery box. He’d heard Jane and Ian going on about the jewellery box and wanted to know what was in there.

    A scuffle broke out as Lucy tried to snatch it back from her brother. During the fight, Bobby pushed Lucy over, she dropped the music box, banged her head and died, as a result of the previous head injury she received at the car lot. Jane walked in and saw what had happened and went into Protection Mum mode.

    First of all, in a panic, Jane ran outside looking for help. She ran into Max who was out walking Tramp the Dog. Max saw she was upset and Jane blurted out what had happened and that she didn’t know what to do. Max convinced her that if they moved the body and planted it on the common, they could make it look like a mugging. He suggested they dump her bag somewhere and to make it look more realistic. That’s when Jay and Ben found it and took the purse and wallet.

    They put Lucy’s body in the back of Jane’s car. Abi came looking for Max and Tramp and saw what was going on. She didn’t question Max about it until later though, this would explain Max’s comment about no one finding out about what happened on Good Friday.

    That’s when Jane’s behaviour started to become very suspicious.

    It would also explain Emma’s “you knew” comment to Max, as he drove her to hospital after the car crash. And it would explain why Emma texted “I can’t keep THE secret” rather than YOUR secret to the killer. And why she said “yes, but it’s still murder” when she met JANE in the park. Jane was trying to justify her actions saying it was an accident.

    This explains why Emma said she can’t keep the secret, because Jane came along to meet her with Bobby, that’s why she asked the “hut” to stay open, because she was meeting a child. OR she wNted to know someone was there as after all, it was a killer she was meeting, and needed security/witness if anything was to happen. This also explains why Bobby knew exactly where Lucy was found.

    Emma knew the killer drinks tea as she bought one for the killer when they met at the park. How many cups of tea had she shared with Jane while working as the family liaison officer and comforting the family?

    Jane gave Lauren that weird alibi when Emma was given the footage from Fatboy’s phone, but Jane and Bobby were suppose to be in Birmingham that night. Emma realised when Dean came into the pub and said Patrick had fell and had only left him for 5 minutes, Jane said the exact same thing when Bobby disappeared. Was she providing an alibi for Lauren? Or for herself? Or was she telling the truth, but lying about where she was? If she were inside the Masood’s as she claims, she wouldn’t have been able to see if Lauren had gone into the Beale house or not.

    Everything else is the same. After having sex with Ian, Jane whisked Bobby off quickly to get her car cleaned so none of Lucy’s DNA was in it, and to get Bobby out of Walford before he started coming unstuck in front of the police.

    Jane didn’t want to go to the funeral because she couldn’t bear to see Ian grieving over Lucy, when she knew what had happened. She turned up in the end but still managed to avoid it when she comforted Ian who had just found out that Lucy had been sleeping with Max.

    She was still the first person to look at Lucy’s phone after Ian had charged it up, which enabled her to delete the text that she sent asking to see Lucy.

    And remember how she took on Phil Mitchell to keep the phone and purse? Who takes on Phil Mitchell? Maybe someone whose fingerprints and DNA are all over the stuff from when she took it off Lucy and dumped it, making it look like she was mugged. And then she hid them under the floorboard in the Beale house, rather than giving them to the police.

    The fact that the actor who plays Bobby has changed too has made me think that this is because he’s about to get a big storyline. And, remember one of the clues was the music box being the last thing Lucy heard. The open music box on the floor was the last thing Lucy heard as she died.

    Bobby killed Lucy, Jane and Max dumped the body to cover it up. Abi caught them in the act so she knows as well.

  103. V P 4 years ago

    Read the last bit and that doesn’t make sense because Max blamed Abi for it yesterday in a conversation where no one else was there

  104. hasheyb 4 years ago

    Bobby beale 2/1 now on skybet. Hope its someone random though. Janine butcher.

  105. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Mr f come on seriously you put a thread up for tips on who killed Lucy Beale in EASTERNS haha though I just heard the last of that then came on here for football and horse tips and seen this what is the world coming too come on guys what form you going on I supose its okay for abit of fun with the family guessing who killed who but to have a thread with a full write up of who killed Lucy Beale haha come on Mr f

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Tommy d, it was done to keep the comments away from the football – anyway look at the number of comments.

  106. hasheyb 4 years ago

    Wow must have been a big bet. 8/13 now!

  107. Jordan 4 years ago

    Which bit VP? I wouldn’t have a clue. All I know is they took a hell of a time to type it out!

  108. V P 4 years ago

    The bit where Abi caught them in the act and knows as well, right at the end

  109. darran 4 years ago

    everyone done it what a girl she must have been stalkers everywhere ahahahahah

  110. darran 4 years ago

    what is she on the game

  111. Jordan 4 years ago

    Natural causes/suicide has plummitted. Coke overdose?

  112. Daz 4 years ago

    Ronnie is still in the frame ,c’mon ronnie do your stuff

  113. darran 4 years ago

    f…k what was that we guy price

  114. dawnisrising 4 years ago

    What a chronic anti climax to a chronic show…onto equine

  115. Jordan 4 years ago

    Do I win?

  116. V P 4 years ago

    He’s been favourite for a while 11/4 earlier today

  117. SefK 4 years ago

    i get the feeling Ronnie was the killer but that very early leak gave enough time to change it up…

  118. bigmick 4 years ago

    that wee runt bobby should have been in bed by then, he fecked my bet up, the wee chip munching prat.

  119. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Haha not slating Mr f its just mental all about a soap . I found it funny reading some comment and how bet 365 was doing in- play betting lol the fav came in anyway looks like the bookies won lol

  120. SefK 4 years ago

    if she was bending down and got smashed up then cool but no way that some little dude way smaller than Lucy could do that sort of damage it dnt make sense

  121. Tommy d 4 years ago

    Haha bigmick

  122. Abbas 4 years ago

    As if my missus tips better than me

  123. Jordan 4 years ago

    Well hats off to my friend who took the time to post that on Facebook. Even had the music box in his hand the little gypo! £10 into £25 I’ll take that.

  124. V P 4 years ago

    Jordan that essay is spot on in every detail. I am actually amazed at how precisely your friend has worked everything out. And all those details prove that it was going to be Bobby from ages ago and it wasn’t a last minute decision. Every bit has been thought through perfectly

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      VP they stole it from somewhere but they won’t say where! I’m not complaining though.

  125. Jamie 4 years ago

    Glad I covered my Peter & Ian bet with Bobby to kill at half time!

  126. V P 4 years ago

    That explains it then. Had to be too good to be true. My mind is now back to being unblown. They won you some money so guess you can’t ask for too much more information

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