THE PDC World Championship resumes today after a short Christmas break and title favourite Michael van Gerwen is the headline act.

The Dutch dazzler – 3-4 at Betfair to land the title – is last on against Cristo Reyes, with the Spaniard a massive 25-1 at Marathonbet to send MVG crashing out.

The day's other matches include van Gerwen's compatriot and ex-world champ Raymond van Barneveld versus Alan Norris as well as Phil Taylor against Kevin Painter and Dave Chisnall taking on Chris Dobey.

Away from the oche there's the likes of Test cricket and NBA action worth a flutter so post your tips and chat here.

  1. acsafc 2 years ago

    Well I’ve learnt my lesson never bet on the Cavaliers when Lebron James isn’t playing they are woeful. It’s like Barcelona without Messi. Missed so many shots and gave away so many silly fouls can’t see the handicap been covered so off to bed.

  2. bullseye 2 years ago

    PDC World Championship Round 2 afternoon session:

    Chisnall vs Dobey – Chisnall over 8.5 180’s 10/11 PP **NAP**

    Thornton vs Gurney – Thornton highest checkout over 115.5 5/6 PP **NB**

    Chisnall vs Dobey – Chisnall most 180’s, high checkout & win 11/10 PP
    PDC World Championship Round 2 evening session:

    Van Gerwen vs Reyes – Van Gerwen average over 102.5 5/6 PP **NAP**

    Taylor vs Painter – over 9.5 total 180’s 5/6 Bet365 **NB**

    Van Barneveld vs Norris – highest checkout Van Barneveld
    Van Gerwen vs Reyes – correct score Van Gerwen 4-0

    Double 6/4 Coral
    Last year Chisnall hit 12 maximums at this round two stage against Christian Kist in a 4-1 win. He has already demonstrated his maximum scoring abilities in round one hitting nine against Rowby-John Rodriguez and he should at the very least match that feat against Dobey who is equally prolific with the 180’s and could easily win a leg or two giving Chisnall more opportunities to score them.

    Thornton’s high checkout line of 115.5 is quite reasonable as its realistic that at some point he may have a low ton out of something between say 118-122 and as he’s shown in the past he can be relied on take them out under pressure.

    Van Gerwen raced away to a 4-0 win against Darren Webster averaging 109 in last year’s World Championship at this same stage. I’ll put my neck on the line and say it’s almost 100% likely that Van Gerwen will repeat that scoreline against Reyes tonight and in doing so achieve an average of 103 or above due to the match being wrapped up so quickly. To put this all into perspective, Webster who this year eliminated Whitlock 4-0 in round 2, achieved an 105 average to progress so Van Gerwen sould be looking to lay down a marker and better that, which will be good for the NAP.

    Taylor and Painter encountered each other at this very same stage last year in the worlds. Taylor was the victor winning 4-1 in a match where thirteen total 180’s were exchanged. Using that match as a guideline where the scoreline tonight could be similar and with both known to hit average to high amounts of max’s the total 180 line should be surpassed.

    Good luck all


    2017 World Championship NAP record:

    7 wins
    3 loss

  3. the lucky filipino 2 years ago

    NBA single

    Butler (bulls) over 22.5 sky bet 5/6 **LOSE** ? 16

    Well that ends my run of single winners ? Not the greatest choice- not even close… – bulls bounce bk ,but the star of the night belonged to Dwayne wade..

    well done any winners..
    NBA player prop record
    48 wins
    39 loss

  4. maxxxx 2 years ago

    I took a night off from the NFL last night after tipping 12 out of 15 on Xmas Eve ;-) :-)

    Don’t worry I still tipped 5 out of 5 on the footy thread. The odds were 6/5 27/20 and 11/4.

    GL everyone with your punts.

  5. baggio 2 years ago

    Rugby Roundup

    Bristol -1
    1.90 @ bet365

    (Line has moved to -2 as I put the bet on yesterday but still worth taking)


    Edinburgh over 16.5 team total
    1.80 @ bet365


    Cardiff v Newport under 53.3 total points *Win*
    Leinster +17.5 *Win*

    1.83 @ bet365


    Boxing Day Acca

    Bristol -2 *Win*
    Cardiff/Newport under 46.5 *Win*
    Leinster +11 *Lost*
    Edinburgh +3 *Lost*

    13.30 @ bet365

    ??LOSER ??

    Updated Totals

    Won 30
    Lost 25

    Not counting the acca as that was just a bit of fun. Two more games on today.

  6. raoul duke 2 years ago

    Pelicans -4.5 @ 1.95 (Bet 365) – *WON*
    Suns +13 @ 1.90 (PP) – *LOST*

    Split night to start the week.

    Updated record

    Week – 1-1
    Season – 46-33

  7. baggio 2 years ago

    Aviva Prem/ Pro 12

    Two games on today with both having home teams in good form with stron home records.

    Harlequins -7
    1.90 @ bet365

    1.90 @ bet365

    GL if you follow

    • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

      Gonns bet on the rugby for the first time today mate..gonna go for your harlequins -7..use to do security work in the twickenham stadium for 3 years and it’s crazy I have never betted on rugby before?..
      Good luck man..

      • baggio 2 years ago

        Nice one mate. I’d prob say the Ospreys bet is more likley to come in though!!

        • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

          @baggio lol this some exciting stuff mate ?..hopefully harlequin continue scoring more after half time…osprey is smashing it..?

          • baggio 2 years ago

            Fingers crossed dude, they’ve got a good first half under their belts.

            • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

              Oh man that was so close mate..? Thought it was in the bag at 28-10 then made food for the kids and looked again 28-24 ?…all good one..?

            • baggio 2 years ago

              Sorry your first rugby bet was a loser mate. 18 points up with 20 mins to go and Quins get a silly yellow card.

              • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

                That’s cool least I understand it abit better now..was celebrating every try and drop goal in the first half lol like a little kid ?…yeah that 18 point lead went down quick..only made noodles and came bk to see them only winning by 4….nvm great shout on the other bet though..

                • baggio 2 years ago

                  Games can turn around quickly in rugby as the scoring system rewards risk. Makes it very exciting! In future i would advise betting on both matches and then you’re likely to win your money back at least.

    • acsafc 2 years ago

      Cheers Baggio I went for the safer option with Harlequins and Ospreys to win off the back of your tip and stuck RVB to win the darts for a treble at 5/4 more than doubled my money

  8. baggio 2 years ago

    Sorry that should read:

    Ospreys -7
    1.90 @ bet365

  9. acsafc 2 years ago

    Sunbets have Phil Taylor and MVG to both win 4-0 tonight at 3/1 is that worth a few quid? Like my darts but no expert

    • bullseye 2 years ago

      MVG will almost certainly win 4-0 but Taylor does take a while to get going sometimes and Painter is a capable performer so he could easily register a set. Worth a few quid but not one to lump on.

      • acsafc 2 years ago

        Thanks for that bullseye just stuck a fiver on it for fun

        • acsafc 2 years ago

          Well Taylor has won 4-0 I thought he would be the one to let it down so put a single on MVG to win 4-0 as well don’t muck it up

  10. raoul duke 2 years ago

    For some reason this website hates me betting on or mentioning the G r i z z l i e s. haha.

    Every time the post disappears. Im’a post some funky spaced out version below.

  11. captain 2 years ago

    Rocket -2
    OKC -1

    1 point returns 2.2 points with 365

    As long as there is no unusual team news, confidence is high

  12. raoul duke 2 years ago

    Grizzlies +7.5 @ 1.90 (PP)

    FFS it’s not Grizzlies that I cant post. But that is my bet.

    • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

      Hey dude…Haha was just looking at that matchup ..for some Reason I like gasol to make over 19.5 points tonight…he been playing well of late even though he has failed to make over 19 in his last 2 games….??hmm ..still researching on other props but that’s my early lean…

      • raoul duke 2 years ago

        @the-lucky-filipino he got 24 against Boston on the 20th, and he’s averaging 21.6 ppg on all road games this season.

        Might be worth a punt.

        • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

          @raoul-duke yeah it has a good chance of landing I think mate..gasol was monsterous before the last 2 games and his road ppg backs up his chances of 20 or more..think the beast will wake up tonight haha..if celtics don’t concentrate in defending him he could easily get big points

    • ayeright 2 years ago

      I don’t know bro celtics are on fire..

      celtics half time full time 0.6
      rockets half time full time 0.6
      rockets -6 evens

      • raoul duke 2 years ago

        This is a revenge spot for the Grizzlies.

        When the two sides met @ Memphis on December 20th the line was -2 Boston, and Grizzlies agonizingly lost the game by 3 points in over time – even though they were still struggling with injuries.

        Tonight we get a line of +7.5.. Grizzlies are pretty much full strength, and are 7-1 ATS this season on b2b games.

        I think the line is great value… Conley has hit better form, and I expect a decent game from Gasol who got 24 points in that OT loss a week ago.

        Grizz keep it close and make the cover.

      • raoul duke 2 years ago

        I’ve done a write up but this website doesn’t allow me to post it. Annoying since i’ve done the research.

        • raoul duke 2 years ago

          I’ll try summarise it and hope it doesn’t disappear..

          – Grizzlies 7-1 ATS on b2b games (87.5%).
          – Revenge on the OT loss @ M e m p h i s on Dec 20th.
          – Grizzlies pretty much full strength, Conley back in form.
          – +7.5 is good value. (Line is now +6.5 on PP).
          – Celtics 4-8 ATS on all home games (33.3%).

        • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          Only reason you can’t post is because you’ve used a banned word or more than 7 links.
          I’ll check spam.

        • Mr Fixit 2 years ago

          Was in spam – I’ve moved it.

  13. the lucky filipino 2 years ago

    Evening lads

    Looking to bounce bk after butlers poor show last night.. my single tonight …

    Russell Westbrook (okc) over 10.5 assists 4/5.PP

    Mr triple double will prob get close to getting another tonight against a inconsistent Miami team..if he’s not scoring he is helping others Score- MVP for defo in my eyes..Adams benefited with Westbrook assists last game by scoring 20+ and same Scenario could happen here..a whiteside vs Adams match up in the paint – kanter will surely contribute from the bench…Miami will try find a way to stop Westbrook in doing so open the court to other players that will be ready for a Westbrook dish..

    Good luck all….
    NBA player prop record
    48 wins
    39 loss

  14. ayeright 2 years ago

    grizzlies plus 9.5 and over 2.5 in the hearts killie game for me 8 turns to 20

  15. the lucky filipino 2 years ago

    My NBA longshot…

    Gasol over 19.5 points
    Adams over 12 points
    Harden over 11.5 points
    Gordon Hayward over 22.5 points

    11/1 fourfold PP

  16. the lucky filipino 2 years ago

    ?????? defo id put my house on it

  17. raoul duke 2 years ago

    I’m also leaning Jazz -5 tonight…..

    • the lucky filipino 2 years ago

      Looks a good a shout mate- think they will return to winning ways tonight ..if clippers had CP3 and Blake the other night lakers would have struggled…jazz defends well – big Gobert is class and should dominate the paint in both ends – and Hayward to lead the scoring ….-5 looks great …

  18. baggio 2 years ago

    Rugby Roundup

    Harlequins -7
    1.90 @ bet365


    1.90 @ bet365


    Updated Totals

    Won 31
    Lost 26

    Nothing gained, nothing lost. Quins up by 18 with 20 mins to go and then only winning by 4 is very disappointing. Next rugby on Friday.

    • baggio 2 years ago

      Ospreys -7 that is!!

    • hansaimperator 2 years ago

      Hi baggio,

      thanks for your tips! I have been following for a couple of weeks now, great!

      Actually today there is a little loss since the odds were 1.90, unfortunately not 2.00.

      Anyway I really appreciate your tips!

      • baggio 2 years ago

        No worries mate. You’re correct, a small loss, but hopefully not enough to break the bank!! Ha!

  19. raoul duke 2 years ago

    NBA Bet 27/12

    Utah Jazz @ LA Lakers

    Pick – Jazz -5 @ 1.86 (Bet 365)

    Good luck all.

  20. raoul duke 2 years ago

    Team news for the Grizzlies.

    Conley now questionable and Chandler Parsons is resting.

    I’m still going to let my bet run.

  21. fraser51 2 years ago

    Keeping it simple tonight gents



  22. dazid316 2 years ago

    *Posted Yesterday*
    NBA Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 7.71/1 (£10) LOST
    Grizzlies -2 ✗
    Cavaliers +10 ✗
    Pelicans -2
    Raptors -3.5
    Kings -3.5 ✗

    NBA (accumulators)
    November Bets 27 Win 3 -£83
    December Bets 25 Win 5 +£145.85

    NBA Player Prop
    just for interest again
    5 Fold @ 19.71/1 (£5) LOST
    (Bucks)G Antetokounmpo Over 23.5 points ✗ got 22
    (Pacers)J Teague Over 16.5 points ✗ got 6
    (76ers)R Covington Over 12.5 points ✗ got 5
    (Raptors)K Lowry Over 18.5 points – got 27
    (Pelicans)J Holiday Over 14.5 points ✗ got 7

  23. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Evening gents!

    Bit of advice much appreciated if anyone is around as I take a tentative step into the world of American football…


    Seems there has been a few off-field boycotting shenanigans at Minnesota which had added to already stronger fancied Washington’s cause. Evidently they already have the better offensive set-up but I know little here and am going from a few different sites information.

    Was looking at either:

    Total points…+61.0…19/20


    Spread -8.5 (Washington)…10/11

    Any thoughts (apart from stick to the footy ?) much appreciated.


    • primetime 2 years ago

      Hello @Hullshaker,

      Good to see you on the thread, as you have already touched on, Minnesota embroiled in a lot of controversies with the suspension of the 10 players and players refusing to play the game. Naturally and perhaps logically, you would expect Washington State to win. I am very much inclined to think Washington State will win too, especially having watched them claw their way back in their game against Washington in the penultimate round of college football.

      However, I would just like to point you to the game that has just finished with an upset. Wake Forest, like Washington State was embroiled in their own bizarre controversy regarding the leaking of game plan by a former player and radio broadcaster. They were up against a top ranked defense without their head coach, and they showed Temple up (much to my annoyance!).

      I would suggest bet with caution on this game, perhaps don’t bet it at all. But if the shakes are taking over, I would lean on total points or even the Cougars team points currently around the 33 mark.

      • primetime 2 years ago

        Oh, and I am currently in a bit of a loosing rut, so take my comment with a pinch of salt, and even bet against it if you like!

        • HullShaker 2 years ago

          Primetime – really appreciate the reply pal…I went with Total points (Over 59.5) in the end.

          No huge amounts of money involved and a bit of interest really – always good to keep an open mind with sports betting and been a real education reading through posts from yourself and others on Jordan’s Thread this last week.

          Cheers again and good luck ?

          • primetime 2 years ago

            Here is hoping it comes in for you pal. I was on Cougars -6 but that bet is gone when Temple got beat aha.

            It’s a pretty good time to get some college football in you, with multiple games playing practically everyday. The games around new years are the ones that will be most exciting with the most NFL talent on show (That is if you are not being a social butterfly and out getting hammered over new years!)

            • HullShaker 2 years ago

              No such luck…couple of kids under the age of 7 put paid to that…didn’t use to mind a hangover but no fun at all with Beelzebub’s spawn jumping up and down on your head at 5am ??

  24. dazid316 2 years ago

    NBA Bet For Tonight

    4 Fold @ 7.4/1 (£10)
    (Grizzlies)Z Randolph Over 10.5 Points
    Thunder -2
    Mavs/Rockets Over 203
    (Lakers)N Young Over 13.5 Points

  25. dazid316 2 years ago


    5 Fold @ 14.33/1 (£5)
    Blue Jackets ML
    Penguins ML
    Wild ML
    Blackhawks ML
    Flames ML

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