THE New Orleans Saints still have a prayer of rescuing a play-off place when they go into battle at Chicago Bears in the Monday night NFL match-up.

New Orleans have been dogged by inconsistency this season and are reeling from a 41-10 thrashing against Carolina Panthers last time out. They are 7-10 with Betfair to bounce back with a win tonight while the Bears – whose poor campaign has already seen their play-off hopes bite the dust – are 5-4 with bwin.

In the NBA it's another busy night with Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks and high-flying sides Tornto Raptors and Portland Trail Blazers also in action.

There's also NHL ice hockey, Champions Cup hockey and ITF tennis so good luck with your bets and post your tips and chat here.


  1. Simon wright 4 years ago

    Overnight (UK) NHL double


  2. Attila 4 years ago

    My handicap tips on today’s NBA games (all pay $1.92):

    Celtics -4.5
    Bucks +5.0
    Raptors -7.5
    Spurs +3.5
    Pistons +12.5
    Hornets +10.5
    Pacers -5.5
    Hawks -1.0

    NAP from above tips: Hawks -1.0 @ $1.92 odds.

    TREBLE from above tips: Celtics -4.5, Bucks +5.0, Pistons +12.5 @ $7.00 odds.

    8 fold Accumulator (straight win result): Celtics, Buck, Raptors, Spurs, Clippers, Cavs, Pacers, Hawks
    – odds not in yet for 2 games but 8 fold should pay around $25 (small stakes)

    8 fold Handicap Accumulator: Take all the 8 handicap tips listed above at odds of $185 (very small stakes)

    ***I know the 8 folds look a long shot, but i won a straight win 7 fold today, & got 6 out of 7 in a Handicap Acca that would have paid $96 (didn’t post cos didn’t have time).

  3. Jell 4 years ago

    Can’t help but think MNF will be a low scoring affair with increment weather forcing both teams to play the run game. Bears haven’t scored more than 28 points this season so under 24.5 points scored by the Bears seems good at 5/6. Also I think Drew Brees’ passing yards are slightly too high at 300.5 and the game total at 54.5 seems a lot too in my opinion. Also like under 6.5 TDs at 5/6. The Saints haven’t scored a rushing TD in 5 weeks and the Bears have rushed for 48 yards the last two weeks which is the second fewest in franchise history since 1950. I do think, however, that the Saints will win this comfortably and -3 at 10/11 is generous I think.

    What are everyone else’s thoughts?

  4. Leo 4 years ago

    @ Attila good tips,am on them!

  5. huggybear 4 years ago

    @ Attila if you get an 8 fold acca hats off to you , but i`m sure you know 1 will let u down.

    me following last nights success that takes me to 8 naps out of ten , i`m on a little safe double

    ( famous last words = Al Nasr SC Dubai -1.0EH vs. Al Ittihad Kalba @ $2.00/EVENS )


    hawks -1 / doubled with bucks +5.5

    good luck hope yours are all right , then mine will be.

    stuff footy betting empoli/torino btts nil bloody nil

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Huggy – sorry about the Al Nasr game…stats & form had it the other way around to the end result…couldnt believe it!

      Too right about the footy betting…whatever I win on MBA seems to get Los on footy…gonna go low stakes on footy going forward & concentrate more on NBA.

      I like your double btw – might put a bit on that myself as well. Good luck mate!

  6. Jordan 4 years ago

    Jell I think its going over mate. Weather didn’t matter when the Cowboys came to Chicago and I’m not sure it’ll phase either team tonight. You’d think rain would mean run games, but to apply the run game you need the linemen to have grip at the line of scrimmage to make the alleys for the backs so you’re better off passing and putting faith in your receivers. Both fairly decent offense if they want to be but not a lot to stop scoring and both QB’s would rather throw. I put my life on Forte getting his yards after their coach said they would be establishing the run and I think Forte had under 10 carries.

    Over 52.5 total points @ 365 will be my bet. Snow or rain.

  7. Richard 4 years ago

    Hi Attila – gonna give your tips a try Attila though I noticed the Spurs are +8 @ 1.90 on the spread with Bet 365 – seemed like quite a big difference to me??

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Hi Richard, the lines I quoted were what the markets opened on…they’ll always fluctuate depending on where the money is going. Spurs were at +5.5 when I placed my bets…+8.0 is even better :-)

    • huggybear 4 years ago

      boys , look at the team news *** important*** spurs are near enough throwing the game.

      resting all their stars , up to you but that could be a heavy PORTLAND will.

      attila , only messing with the footy , it happens …


    • Attila 4 years ago

      Typical! Already placed my bets 12 hours ago so I could get the better lines before money pushes odds down…and spurs release this news. Ah well, here’s hoping still!

  8. Bam 4 years ago

    Jordan if you put your life on forte getting his yards is he surely not worth a bet???

  9. Jordan 4 years ago

    Bam, that was against the Cowboys mate.

  10. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    Monday night football nfl

    Saints @ Chicago if Sean Peyton and drew brees are going to clinch their division this is where it will start, Chicago have struggled all year Jay cutler is a liability and admitted he didn’t know if he would be at the franchise next season after last week, the Chicago offensive coordinator was almost in tears last week and Marshall is out for season. If saints don’t win today I’ll not touch them all season this is a game they have to win and should do against a Chicago team out of contention. Chicago have struggled to contain tight ends all season and whilst Jimmy g is struggling with injury I’d expect him to find end zone. Speaking of finding end zone is expected cutler to have some success and with forte a threat running the ball he is also a threat from the backfield and 7/1 first td is big price. With Marshall out of action Bennett will be big player tonight and can add to his 6 tds this season.

    Tips saints -3 10/11
    Graham wincast 6/4
    Forte first td 7/1
    Bennett anytime scorer 4/5
    Over 6.5 tds in game 11/10

    Jordan over to u for game by game coverage none of this silence for 3 quarters like Thurs night then an update of 6-3 I expect constant td posts :-)

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Haha Lee that was more commentating than the ones on Sky so you were lucky!

      Good luck mate but I’m taking the points as I am not betting on a team with a losing record.

      My stat of the week;

      The Bears are surrendering 2.48 points per drive. The Saints are giving up 2.44 per drive. No other team in the NFL has allowed more than 2.31. Points the way for me tonight. All the best mate.

  11. Attila 4 years ago

    Just reading articles, looks like Spurs are going to play very defensive to limit blazers scoring…they might still win it if they can restrict them well and frustrate them.

  12. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    U do well with ur props bets mate but I have never studied that only ever form and team news and head to head and interviews depth charts etc I find listening to both coaches address media can give lot away too. My vikes nearly did it last night and despite the defeat was very encouraged the way we covered megatron and teddy grows each week can’t understand our last attack tho leading to a 68 yard field goal attempt that had to be quick slant shot for 7 yards with the densive backed up to give Walsh a shot and the delay of game penalty was a shocking time management blunder

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Cheers mate I do my best on the props but like you say media addresses are probably the ones to wait for as you get some idea of the game plan (unless coaches are like Mourinho and try and fake out the opposing team) for instance I waited for the press release for the game against the Cowboys and Trestman said they have to apply their run game (Forte had 13 carries for 26 yards haha)

      Chief said yesterday rushing yards probably the hardest to predict and I’d agree as you get so many teams with 2 or 3 backs. Even receiving yards can be difficult sometimes (Jimmy Graham for instance) Bears terrible against TE’s this season but Graham has had more drops than a drum and bass rave over the past couple of weeks! I’ll take the points and hope its a free for all :D

      Saw that final drive and I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an out rout instead of Teddy spiking the ball! Lions had everyone back expecting a hail mary too! Fair play though they’ve stepped up the last couple weeks but too little too late.

  13. Areef 4 years ago

    Attila, huggybear, what’s with the faith on the Hawks tonight? Is it simply because the spread is small and odds are good? Bulls are playing very well and Atlanta have just lost their streak. Plus they haven’t played anyone near the calibre of the Bulls? You guys definitely got me curious, might just put something on it now

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Areef, Hawks won 9 straight before losing by 1 point the other day. They will be motivated at home after getting their winning streak snapped, plus Bulls are on the 2nd of a back to back on the road. I think Hawks could even win this by 5+ points. And ye, the odds were great for Hawks…have dropped since but I got them for the win at $1.85 originally. GL!

  14. Jell 4 years ago

    Jordan, I take your point about the backs not getting grip on the line of scrimmage but it will also make the pass game a lot harder so that’s why I think the game will be a lower scoring affair than expected. The game totals mark has come down slightly too but there might not be much in that.

    I think the only thing we all agree on is the Saints should win and -3 @ 10/13 is generous. Giving that the line on Saints team points is 29.5 and the Bears line is 24.5 B365 reckon the Saints will win by 5 and -5 is 21/20. So, this is my only tip…

    SAINTS -5 @ 21/20

  15. Jordan 4 years ago

    Not sure if you’ve noticed this yourself Lee but I use CBS to check previews and stats, and always see Americans going on about the ATS records from years ago and they base their picks on what happened in previous years through advanced maths (no idea how) People picking Carolina on Sunday because their paperwork from results noted down for years said so? Did their paperwork mention Newton was going to have a car crash midweek too? Baffles me, especially with the amount of players that come in each year.

  16. Jordan 4 years ago

    Sorry Jell I’m not even sure on the Saints winning haha

    Rain will make the pass game harder (not as much for the Bears as they play in this most weeks) but both teams are pass first so I expect a fair few TD’s with the secondary as bad as they are on both sides. I’m sure wet balls would have been involved in practice too.

    Good luck lads.

  17. cobramint 4 years ago

    If your wide awake and looking for an inplay bet take Elon anything upto -40 to best duke. Gonna be a massacre!

  18. leecunliffe 4 years ago

    So many things to look at mate I prefer to look at who needs it more and who has more players fit the next couple weeks will be impossible pick with so many teams nothing to play for but tonight the saints got to go hard and hopefully they will, keep me informed mate

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      I will do mate but I’m not sure if it ruins it for you. Not sure if you’d prefer to watch highlights but I’ll note your bets and let you know on your winners if you like.

      I look at pass/rush yards for/against, points for/against. Records, home and road, last couple of weeks results and I find checking the NFL fantasy stats over the last two weeks are important as you get to know how a team is rated over those weeks instead of the season. But like you say gets more difficult these last two weeks and I’ll be going easy until the playoffs.

      Just seen the best Mike Ditka impression on Monday Night Countdown. In tears hahahaha

  19. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Attila what about the unders in the Portland game, especially if u think it will be defensive game?

  20. Attila 4 years ago

    Great start in the NBA so far with 1st 5 games going straight to plan. Just hope the Spurs resting of stars doesn’t let me down! Get in there!

  21. thechief 4 years ago

    NFL MNF Saints @ Chicago

    These are my bets for tonight’s game.

    Saints were trounced last week by Carolina and now head to the windy city to take on the Bears. Jay Cutler will be without his Big WR Brandon Marshall, and so TE Bennett and RB Forte will have to help him and WR Jeffrey out. I am not a Cutler fan and with their season over, I will be on the Saints and Drew Brees tonight.

    Brees believe it or not is an elite QB, this season he has made Geno Smith, Mike Vick and Jay Cutler look good, but even outdoors tonight he could light up this Bears secondary like a Christmas tree.

    Anytime scorer

    STILLS 11/10 Skybet

    Prop bets

    STILLS O68.5yds Bet365
    BENNETT O63.5yds 10/11 Skybet
    GRAHAM O64.5yds 1O/11 William Hill


    Good luck if your having a bet

  22. thechief 4 years ago

    Anytime scorer

    STILLS 11/10 Skybet

    Prop bets

    STILLS O68.5yds Bet365
    BENNETT O63.5yds 10/11 Skybet
    GRAHAM O64.5yds 1O/11 William Hill


  23. thechief 4 years ago

    My previous post was stuck in mod, basically bears secondary suck so I am with Brees and his offence.

  24. thechief 4 years ago

    Stills prop was 10/11

  25. Jordan 4 years ago

    Jay Cutler with an interception on the first drive.

  26. Jordan 4 years ago

    Then the Saints fumble on their first drive, recovered by the Bears hahaha, C’MON MAN!

  27. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ahh wondered where you were chief. Good luck buddy I nearly took Bennett yards before hand but sticking to the points.

  28. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ahh wondered where you were chief. Good luck buddy I nearly took Bennett yards before hand but sticking to the points.

  29. thechief 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan, and good luck to you. I called Jay Cutler the human turnover machine before they played Lions on thanksgiving but shocking 1st QTR.

    The biggest C’*** *** must be Jay Cutler getting a 7 year 126m deal last year, He is shocking and they cant release him or even trade him, because no team is going to even take the 3 year contract.

    Marc Trestman a 7 year deal…. Oh C’MON MAN! :D

  30. Attila 4 years ago

    In play update:

    Cavs won, Hornets covered
    Pacers won & covered
    Celtics won & covered
    Hawks won & covered
    Raptors won & covered

    That’s the Super Single in, 1 leg of the Treble & 5 from 5 so far for both straight wins & Handicap 8 folds…

    Bit concerned about the Bucks slow start, & god knows how Spurs will go but with only 2.5 games to go and 100% so far things are looking great :-)

    • yulasinio 4 years ago

      Thanks Attila for the tips. Did a 6 fold and waiting for LA Clippers win. Should I cash out or let it run?

      • Attila 4 years ago

        Yulasinio, not sure mate…depends how much extra you will win? If ur happy with ur profit now just cash out. I can’t cash out in Australia but if I could I would cos I think Spurs are gonna let down both my 8 folds :-?

        • Attila 4 years ago

          Yulasino, instead of caring out, just put some loose change of Clippers -12.5 handicap. Put enough on that it covers your stake…might give y more profit this way if the 6 fold wins than what you get on cash out?

        • yulasinio 4 years ago

          Thanks mate. Profit is profit in the end of the day :) I’ve seen your posts before about the gambling laws in AU.
          What do you reckon about the spread bet? I didn’t add Spurs so only waiting on Bucks +5.5 and Pistons +12.5.

  31. ricky25121989 4 years ago

    great tipping atallia hope all ur folds come in i am new here and i made profit after a very long time thank u keep up the good work

  32. Attila 4 years ago

    Spurs are keeping with trail blazers, goal for goal…promising so far. Nail biting stuff now…set to profit about $500 if the last 3 games go to plan!!!

  33. thechief 4 years ago

    Graham just dropped a touchdown in the end zone, Oh dear!

  34. Attila 4 years ago

    Pistons are on fire! Up 19-10 against the mighty Clippers after only 6 mins :-D

  35. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Bucks are going to let me down I just know it! All 5 others that I did have won! What way can I cover it? I did bucks +5.5

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Gazza, are you on my tips? Long way to go still, try not to stress, although I’m feeling it too, lol.

      They are only down by 3 atm, meaning the +5.5 is currently winning so still looking positive mate!

      • Attila 4 years ago

        ***not 3, I meant 5..,but its still good for now mate

  36. Attila 4 years ago

    And here come the Bucks! Get in there!

  37. yulasinio 4 years ago

    I wish the referees call it a day in both matches, the result now is perfect for us :)

  38. Gazza83 4 years ago

    I went on hawks, Cavs -3, celtics, raptors and bucks +5.5 I added a footy bet from earlier. It’s worth over a grand! I was always weary of the bucks bet tho, hope I’m wrong! Lol great tipping Attila tho!

  39. Gazza83 4 years ago

    I fair sweating now Attila! Come on the bucks! The suns just won’t go away!

    • Attila 4 years ago

      This is killing me… Down by 3 now! C’mon!

      • ricky25121989 4 years ago

        bucks bringing in other 2 is the main major bets now

  40. Gazza83 4 years ago

    I can cash out for £600 decisions decisions! Lol think will they do it?

  41. Attila 4 years ago

    Wish I got Spurs at +8.0. The were only +5.0 she I jumped on early before team news released. But worried about the Pistons now too…they seem to have slacked offfin the 2nd quarter!!!

  42. ricky25121989 4 years ago

    no overtime plz

  43. ricky25121989 4 years ago

    y am i getting a strange felling that overtime is nearing

  44. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Attila what happens our bet if it goes to overtime? Does the + 5.5 come into play?

  45. ricky25121989 4 years ago

    go for the kill bucks

  46. Attila 4 years ago

    Those 2 games look OK now, now ota Pistons game ggonna screw me!!! Lazy feckers

  47. Attila 4 years ago

    Gazza, handicap works the same in overtime as it does in normal time. Just treat overtime as a ‘5th’ quarter…result at end is like a fulltime result.

  48. Jordan 4 years ago

    Well looks like I’m beaten by a TD. Saints 31-15. Over 52.5 @ 5/6 **LOSE**

    No Graham TD, no Stills TD, no Bennett TD, only 6 total TD’s. Think only Graham got his yards. Bears only seem to start playing in the 4th quarter. Unlucky for most but well done to Lee and Jell who bit the bullet on the Saints handicaps. TNF is a no touch game! Tennessee @ Jacksonville. NO THANKS!

  49. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Shit I really don’t need overtime then! Hope the rest of your bet doing ok?

  50. ricky25121989 4 years ago

    atilla i guess our acc ll go down by spurs all the best i dont want in any case to happen bring in a full house booooommmm

  51. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Get in there you buck beauties!

  52. Attila 4 years ago

    Plz call fulltime now…bucks bet is a win atm. Spurs have dropped off, down by 9 but should cone back in the 4th. Pistons handicap is only just hanging by a thread! Anxiety taking its toll on me right now, haha

  53. huggybear 4 years ago



  54. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Amazing tipping Attila! Thanks once again! You are fast becoming an NBA legend!

    • Attila 4 years ago

      Congrats to you Huggy on 2 more…great stuff! Also congrats to all who followed mine and huggys tips. I haven’t won anything yet, still sweating on spurs and pistons…damn

  55. yulasinio 4 years ago

    Will see what the cash out is, or I’ll cover with Clippers -12.5 for profit

  56. Attila 4 years ago

    Bucks won & covered… That’s 6 from 6 in both my 8 folds… Spurs need to dig deep with their young squad today…

  57. Gazza83 4 years ago

    Cheers huggybear I followed both u and Attila in along with gory tip from earlier! Nice profit! Thanks again

  58. Samuel 4 years ago

    PEC Zwolle
    Karlsruher SC
    FC Nantes
    Want to play this team today MrFix

  59. huggybear 4 years ago

    Gazza im 10 from 12 naps.. way easier to call than football .

    on portland due to team news from earlier

  60. Attila 4 years ago

    There we go, Pistons have cracked…always get let down by the last leg…clippers piling on points now.

  61. Attila 4 years ago

    Spurs did me in…wish id seen the team news before I did my bets…gonna wait in future til teams are released…did me over for a fortune today.

  62. huggybear 4 years ago

    Get in portland 3 for 3 tonight…

    attila unlucky but I’m sure u made a wedge .

    keep eye on team news and east vs west . East sides are pretty pants on the whole

  63. Attila 4 years ago

    Havnt got any profit yet…need Detroit to get going. What a downer…

  64. Attila 4 years ago

    Need Detroit to get within another 4 points for 2 of my bets to land (had a couple other Accas on but mot posted). Spurs let down all my main bets I posted (Barr the SS) but will still profit by $200 if Detroit get within 13…

  65. Richard 4 years ago

    Unlucky Attila – you got me a good run for my money anyway – anyone got any insight for the early morning games tomorrow?

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