AFTER a recent survey several people suggested they'd like to donate to the running costs of the site or to show their appreciation of the hard work put in by myself and the site admin or just to say thanks for a winning tip from the likes of johnb.

We're currently reviewing the best ways to take the site forward but in the meantime we've added a “Donate” button as a trial on the right hand sidebar, where users can effectively Buy Me A Beer (my favourite being Leffe Ruby!).

There's no minimum or maximum amount you can donate and of course no one needs donate anything, it's entirely up to you. Buying Me Beer won't literally get me drunk. Any donations will go towards the upkeep and running of the site so you're helping towards giving all users and tipsters the platform to post their tips.

Payments will be gratefully received via PayPal to 12th Man Media Ltd, which is the company name we use to pay for hosting and the general running of the site.

If you don't already have a PayPal account it only takes a couple of minutes to set one up and of course once you've created your account you'll be able to use it on millions of sites on the Internet.

If you cannot see the button below or on the sidebar you can make a manual transfer of funds on Paypal to

If you'd like to “Buy Me A Beer” or just make a donation of some kind you can do so below. Thank you very much in advance.




  1. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Donating a wee bit extra for crisps or peanuts as well ;)

  2. Jim Lovetoy 5 years ago

    I’ve bought you a beer Mr Fixit.

    I don’t comment much but appreciate the hard work and effort put in by your and your team. I win more than enough off this site so buying you a beer each week is the least I can do.

    Enjoy your Leffe mate!

  3. Carpe Diame 5 years ago

    Utter nonsense soccerfan.

    You’re effectively calling Mr Fixit a liar. If you think bookies influence his tips then why come here?

    I dont know much about affiliation but the number of winning tips on I’m surprised bookmakers dont want the site shut down.

    Get a grip.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Carpe Diame, well said. If we were influenced by bookies the first thing that would happen is johnb’s tips would disappear. Nor we would put up stats, team news or anything else that helps pick winners. This site is influenced by no one except the people who run it.

  4. Jambean 5 years ago

    Have one on me, Mr F!

  5. Haizeek 5 years ago

    Nice one Mr f,i think the link aint working,can you create another means of payment.through debit card,credit card etc,paypal is not available in my country.

  6. Crossanbhoy 5 years ago

    I will gladly buy you a beer mr fixit. Although i hardly comment on the threads im on it about 3 or 4 times a day so really enjoy it. 1 man i would love to buy a beer is johnb. Best horse tipster i have ever seen. Amazin.

  7. misafir 5 years ago

    Mr F please don’t remove this button till monday, then I will send to you a GERMAN BITBURGER & TWO KÖLSCH ;)

  8. Apb 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work Mr F a beer coming from me enjoy your Leffe.

  9. oak 5 years ago

    Not a fan of pay pal, please consider other options as well, like to show some support too.

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Cash accepted to Bank of Raaljaca 18-74-00 51515151 ;)

  10. Pak67 5 years ago

    I will also buy you a beer, another one who doesn’t comment much, but appreciate the tips & hard work put in to achieve this :)

  11. weasel 5 years ago

    Great work from all invoved, have 2 on me !!!!!

  12. Llamados28 5 years ago

    Enjoy MR F its a great site and very much appreciated. From AKA Tonywizz

    • raaljaca 5 years ago

      Call me slow but just saw what your name meant!!!!

  13. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Link to odds available from every bookie, with 7 separate free bets offers from different bookies means no one bookmaker is promoted. This is a betting site so surprisingly there may be the odd ‘bookie’ mention as it can be helpful when trying to put a small wager on!!!!

  14. Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    soccerfan, please don’t buy us a beer as you don’t understand the site. With no affiliation links there would be no site but there is no influence on tips whatsoever. No one sees our tips before they go up, no one asks us to change them. Please consider this: If this site was influenced by bookies would johnb be allowed to put up tips? And remember the donation button is a new and a trial so we have no idea of the site costs can be covered that way or not.

    • G-money 5 years ago


      Pls remove the risky ones from the list. Be honest with me MR F. Thanks in Advance.

  15. Alex 5 years ago

    I’d love to buy you an ice cold Budvar Mr F, although it’s much nicer if we go to Prague…Mrfixitstips trip to Prague on a “scouting” mission?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Alex, Prague can’t be any nicer than Clydebank, can it?

    • G-money 5 years ago


      Alex Pls remove the risky ones from the list. Be honest with me. Thanks in Advance.

  16. Ricman 5 years ago

    I,ve bought you a vodka and red bull for all your hard work on this site.Don’t comment much but my main bets are golf 72 hole match bets .Might start putting some up if no one minds.CHEERS!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Ricman, there’s a golf thread posted every week. Last week Garcia was a winner for us and McIlroy was the main tip for this week.

  17. J 5 years ago

    Sorry but is the button available on the mobile site. Its probably me but i can’t find it

  18. J 5 years ago

    Sorry my mate was messing about with me phone

  19. kele 5 years ago

    ideal / paysafecard as payment options would be great

  20. GaryEdinburgh 5 years ago

    Cool, here’s a beer from me – had a couple winners thanks to yourself and fan of the discussions thats support singles as opinions come together. Can we give Johnb a beer also or you can go or entertain him to a night out.
    Keep the winners coming and let your liver pay the price Mr fixit.


    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      GaryEdinburgh, buying me a beer is the same as buying johnb a beer – or raaljaca or anyone. It’s not beer money in reality, it’s to pay for the site costs which continue to rise as does the traffic.

  21. GaryEdinburgh 5 years ago

    Said before action, the button is gone – guess everything crashes on sat as par. got text as follows but no link

    Trust i will do asap

  22. Bet Your Bottom Dollar 5 years ago





    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Guys, re Leffe Ruby – I’ve only seen it France. Don’t think you can get in the UK.

  23. jason 5 years ago

    Do you fancy wolves mr fix it?
    i might double them up with brentford.

  24. Blair 5 years ago

    Been away MR F …
    All I can say is keep a few in the tank
    U could be reeling by this time tonight
    Enjoy mate
    Great site and advice and I would happily subscribe

  25. Buckie 5 years ago

    Does anyone know where to buy a beer on i pad or am i thick.

  26. AdrianG 5 years ago

    Enjoy a pint on me (and johnb) MrFixit and put the rest to buying cotton wool to wrap around johnb we don’t want him getting damaged he is too precious

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      AdrianG, nice one. That’s the point, everything will go to site costs and looking after people like johnb.

      • raaljaca 5 years ago

        Every person on here should take a quick look at the Racing Posts ‘experts’ own sites and see the costs, it is huge amounts with no guarantees whereas Johnb gives free tips with a strike rate that could only be bettered if you actually knew the results beforehand!!

  27. Nizzy 5 years ago

    Enjoy your pint MrF

  28. Buckie 5 years ago

    Ok i got how to donate. Keep up good work everyone, MR f , admin & all the punters who give brilliant tips.

  29. Craig Mc 5 years ago

    Glad you have gone for a donation button Mr F and team.

    One recommendation is a bar that shows how much you need ever month and shiws the current pot.

  30. raaljaca 5 years ago

    **** RACING SUMMARY****

    On Friday night Johnb gave us 3 selections of which 1 was a NAP 1 was an NB and the other was pipped for his NB. The outcome was that the NAP became a non runner and the other 2 romped home. If you backed the 3 in doubles and a treble you would have staked 4 points and got a return of 40 points. John also gave a horse running at Meydan that he said would have been a NAP but he also said it fitted the profile of a horse that lost recently due to lack of fitness and this one duly lost. 4 tips and 2 big priced winners with a non runner. I personally am finding it very difficult to put into perspective just how good this man is but put it this way if he was to do this as a full time job people would 100% guaranteed, pay good money for his knowledge so just appreciate exactly what we have here through Mr F’s work and Johns willingness to share.
    Other guys who struck gold today with winning NAP’s are;



    BLAYYERS (again)




    DEANDRE (his hasn’t run but will win in 10 minutes!)

    Also a mention for ENDA who may not have landed a NAP but confidently put us all onto a big priced winner at Meydan. Brilliant work one and all.




    Johns advice is to back them tonight at the prices available.

  31. The Turk 5 years ago

    Mr F I have just bought some LIONS MILK. Well deserved sir, enjoy and Thank you again.

    Originally developed as an alternative to absinthe, raki — its still potent cousin — is popular in Greece, Bosnia and other Balkan countries and is called the national drink of Turkey. Similar to Greek ouzo and Italian grappa, the nonsweet, usually aniseed-flavored spirit was originally produced from the solid residue of the grape — the skin, pulp, seed and stem — that remained after the fruit was pressed to make wine. Today it is made from a variety of fruits, like figs, and is typically served with mezze and makes an especially good complement to fish, feta and cold hors d’oeuvres. When mixed with water, as it is commonly served, the drink turns a milky white, which has resulted in the powerful drink — said to have up to 90% alcohol content — becoming known as lion’s milk, or the milk of the brave.

  32. ticketyboo 5 years ago

    Purchased a beer for Mr F. enjoy.

  33. abbas 5 years ago

    When I get home ill 100% purchase a beer, might even send some fish and chips lol

  34. didier 5 years ago

    I never posted but I was sponging your treble tips every saturday. And from now on , everytime your saturday treble is up I will be happily buy you a beer( nearly this week). And if you come to Belgium I will give you any Leffe you want.

  35. raaljaca 5 years ago

    Beer and crisps bought and paid for Mr F.

  36. Bob H 5 years ago

    Didier …nearly up? It was 1 from 3 …tell it like it is

  37. nfl fan 5 years ago

    cheers mr f worth every bevvie

  38. JGM 5 years ago

    Have a well deserved beer on me :)

  39. Kenny C 5 years ago

    I’m on here several times a day and been following you in the Daily Record for many years. Very rarely post as I have nothing worthwhile to contribute. But I’ll happily contribute by ‘buying you a beer’

    To everyone enjoying johnb’s tips – don’t take them for granted as he won’t last forever. If something looks too good to be true it usually is. But I certainly hope he’s here for the long haul.

  40. Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    frannie, troll on.

  41. HTOH 5 years ago

    I would gladly donate if i could se tips past 200 posts, prob wont get to see my own post, not ur fault mr f i ono how u take thing serious its ur admin it not just me that complains

    Btw sociead shudda won! Ha

  42. max 5 years ago

    How come the donate button, already has the number 3 in the box, is it a minimum 3 quid donation?

  43. big kev 5 years ago

    how do I buy you a beer for my appreciation for the best betting site on the internet

  44. Tastymassey 5 years ago

    Don’t comment but loving the thread! Enjoy your beer mr f

  45. soccerfan 5 years ago

    ok mr f sorry for that i thought bookie have influrence on your daily pick but i will follow them now everyday and send you 50% of the income made from your super single and top triple pick.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      soccerfan, why would you think that? I put up tips and hope they’ll win. We block no one’s tips or stop people like Johnb and Blayyers who are putting up great naps.

  46. dar-tha-man 5 years ago

    Beer sent Mr F,exellent site some excellent tippers on here,best site on the net.
    Only question I know asked by many people,any chance that the time can be put next to the comments,would be much appreciated if can be done.

  47. Scottbloke 5 years ago

    There should be a beer on the bar for your team,off me Mr F
    Thanks for the footie and racing info

  48. ranford72 5 years ago


  49. GaryEdinburgh 5 years ago

    have a beer, thanks

  50. Scottbloke 5 years ago

    There should be a beer on the bar for your team off me Mr F,thanks for all the effort with the football and racing tips

  51. MrT 5 years ago

    Mr F – Will any of the donations go towards the top tipsters without whom (with the greatest respect to you and what you’ve set up) this site wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as its become?

    I have made plenty following Greg, Alex, The Dane and, most recently, Blawyers and the mighty JohnB and would donate more knowing that they specifically would benefit.

    I would prefer a fixed registration fee to cover site costs but then separate donate buttons for each of the sites top 5 tipsters (including yourself). That way tipsters will benefit proportionally according to how many winning tips they put up and will have a greater incentive to keep posting.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      MrT, at the moment every donation helps the site in general and if costs aren’t met there will be no site. Guys like Johnb will be looked after.

  52. Lossie jim 5 years ago

    Mr Fixit, although I stated in your survey that I wouldn’t pay, it’s only right that I make a small donation for the fun this site is giving me!!

  53. MrT 5 years ago

    Mr F – I hear what you are saying but surely, with the traffic the site is getting, you should be able to cover a decent amount of site costs with ads, either specifically through bookies you work with or googleadwords?

    Speaking from my point of view I’d donate maybe £10 a month for the sites running costs. However, if you made this a fixed fee of a similar amount I’d still pay it plus I would donate a % of my monthly winners to each tipster responsible. For instance, at the mo, I’d like to donate a decent chunk to JohnB, as he’s made me a bundle, but I’m far more reluctant (as no doubt is everyone else) to donate such a large chunk to the sites running costs knowing that a tiny portion will reach him. Yes we depend on the site for him but he doesn’t depend on the site for anything. That’s the real issue. There needs to be a motive other than goodwill for top tipsters like him, Greg, Alex, the Dane to continue to post. And also to bring back Sly and the bounty punter!

    It really would make much more sense to have a fixed fee for running costs plus option to donate to main tipsters. You could run tipster competitions where only the top 5-10 each month earnt a donation button. Now that would be a real big incentive for top tipsters to post frequently!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      MrT, I can’t say too much at the moment but changes are in the offing. Remember the donation button only came about because it was highlighted in the survey. If anyone comes on board as an official tipster we’ll look after them – and you can be sure Johnb is in our thoughts. Donate if you want – there’s no pressure from us on anyone to do us. But all donations go to the improvement and running of the site and bookies cover all of that at the moment through advertising but costs are rising.

  54. sparkyg88 5 years ago

    keep up the good work mr.f on the site been following it with great interest over the last few weeks esp the racing forum

  55. Paddywack 5 years ago

    Hi Mr F

    Dont use paypal myself but love the site and what you have going on. Happy to send a cheque or postal order on a monthly basis. If you think that sounds like a runner say the word.

    Thanks Paddy

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Paddy, leave that just now – we may need to bring in a registration process with a small annual fee in the future.

  56. Paddywack 5 years ago

    No worries, as i said love the site and the work you guys do – been there myself and know the work that goes into all the researching before one even makes any selections – its hard work and I am only to happy to pay a monthly fee or annual sum. Keep up the great work. Ps Ever in Dublin look us up and I will happily stand ya more than a few nice pints of Porter.

  57. benjy 5 years ago

    Cheers Mr F. Appreciate all the hard work

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