IT'S the betting frenzy that's becoming more frequent than a mazy run from Leo Messi. Once again bet365 are doing punters proud by presenting their popular in-play bet offer for BOTH of this week's Champions League semi-final matches.

Tuesday night sees Bayern Munich hoping for a miracle as they try to turn around a 3-0 first-leg deficit when Barcelona visit the Allianz Arena. Then on Wednesday there's another blockbuster as Italian champs Juventus take a slender 2-1 lead to the Bernabeu for their crunch clash with Real Madrid.

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet of up to £50 before kick-off. Then once the game starts place another bet – of the same stake – on any in-play market. If your FIRST in-play bet loses Bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk first bet and take a chance on the second – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals in Real Madrid v Juventus at odds of around 1-25. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of around £4.50 at 11-1 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer' market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a maximum total spend of around £2.50 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 inplay bet to try to win big, eg on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found at bet365 by simply clicking the banner at the top of this page.

Please be aware that these offers work independently of each other and should be treated separately.

Both the Bayern Munich v Barcelona and Real Madrid v Juventus offers are available to all customers with the exception of the following:

Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, Italy and Romania.


  1. Dominik Tamborini 3 years ago

    Completely agree with the recommended bet if over 0.5 and also backing no scorer.

    These offers dont come along too often so why be boring and guarantee yourself £10 or £20? go for big money in play its worth the risk as you stand to lose nothing atall, i done the above last week and went big in play and won £450.

  2. paul 3 years ago

    Yeah im gonna bet on a 4-1 scoreline to bayern in play as they will be quick outta traps

  3. paul 3 years ago

    Or bayern minus 1 would be useful too

    I can see bayern winning but barca qualifying

  4. Taz 3 years ago

    What does it mean for a maximum spend of £2 you are then covered? Doesn’t make any sense

    • Author
      Scott Allot 3 years ago

      Taz, it makes sense because u either win just over £51 if there’s over 0.5 match goals or £53 if there’s no goals. Therefore you’re effectively spending around £2 and then have a £50 inplay bet to use as u wish

  5. Taz 3 years ago

    Sorry understand now I wasn’t paying too much attention when reading

  6. Taz 3 years ago

    Will you be doing a write up for the real game? I may put a risk free bet on Ramos fgs

  7. Bluemooner1894 3 years ago

    Call me daft but I’m not sure y do u use another bookie 4 the No scorer?

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Bluemooner18984, technically yes but despite the t’s and c’s they normally turn a blind eye to people trying to guarantee profit because the offer is all about increasing turnover and a bit of customer service.

  8. Edintoronto 3 years ago

    Hey all,
    It’s my first post, but I’ve been a long time follower.

    With these free bets I normally like to go for the big in play win.

    Last week I had 50 on Barcelona-1 and in play of Messi @ 50to score first, when it won @ 4-1 I put 20 on Messi @ 10-1 to score the 2nd. I followed the same strategy with Juventus, but lost on Tevez.

    For this game, I fancy Bayern to win @ 2.62 and Lewandowski for 6-1, both for 50.

    • edintoronto 3 years ago

      Won with Bayern winning 50 @ 2.62 and money back on Lewandowsky to score first.

      Won 131 + 50 back.

      For the Real Madrid game. Hmm what do people think of Juventus to draw @ 4.2?

  9. paul m 3 years ago

    I’ve three chances with this bet on both nights,one bet is on the draw not sure where the other two are going though.
    Maybe correct scores could be the way to go.

  10. sibo 3 years ago

    In the terms and conditions it states one per househould, family etc. Will me and my brother both be able to get the risk free bet or will it only refund one of us. how strict do they tend to be? cheers!

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      sibo, I’d check with them – if you both genuinely use separate accounts there shouldn’t be a problem.

  11. irishinatlanta 3 years ago

    Heres a massive boom bet
    50 on over 0.5 pregame
    If bayern score early doors and look like they are up for it, then i am thinking of putting 50 in play on barca to qualify on penalties…its 125/1 right now, hoping its at least 100/1 at 0-1 Massive gamble but sure why not give it a lash if it looks like Bayern are up for it on the night they are the one team in europe that can claw back a 3 goal barca lead on home turf
    Good luck with whatever you do

  12. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Sibo ask bet365 on live chat. There normally pretty quick with replying.

  13. Lon_don 3 years ago

    barca prematch @ 13/8= 131.25
    draw inplay @ 11/4= 187.5
    bayern prematch with pp £40 at 17/10= 108 and then put the free £10 bet on bayern 108+17= 125

    odds will change slightly for the inplay draw and bayern inplay free bet but all in all should roughly make £31.25 if barca win, £37.5 if its a draw and £25 if bayern win

  14. PC 3 years ago

    Lon_don – Maybe I’m wrong but if Barca win does your method not return £41.25?

    • Lon_don 3 years ago

      it does sorry i initally calculated it as £50 with pp because i wasnt aware of they £10 in play offer till i was writing it up, but yes your right

  15. Dreamkiller 3 years ago

    The returns would be :-
    Barc 2.63 @ £50 = 131.25 -£50 – £40 = £41.25 profit
    Draw (IP) – 3.75 @ £50 = £187.5 – £50 – £50 – £40 = £47.50 profit
    Bayern 2.7 @ £40 = 108 – £50 – £40 = £18 …. PLUS PPower
    Bayern 2.7 @ £10 FBet = £17 ……. So £17 + £18 = £35 profit

    Think he took the £10 FBet was taken off twice …. just lay PPower £20 pre game bet off for small loss.

  16. Jorge1877 3 years ago

    Dominik, how did you win £450 last time?

  17. QPR Fan 3 years ago

    Guys, you get the inplay £50 stake back if it loses…..

  18. Dreamkiller 3 years ago

    Hardeep as QPR says you forgot the £50 return from the inplay … Barcelona returns £131.25 minus the £50 bet minus the £40 on Bayern …..
    Hope I am right as I think I am :)

  19. QPR Fan 3 years ago

    Your calculations are correct x

    • bad jasper 3 years ago

      Macedonia league 15-30 ko
      Shkendija v vardar
      Btts 21-20
      Last 4 here here been bts and over 2.5 including a 3-2 home win 3 weeks ago

  20. Mr G 3 years ago

    Bet365 offer

    I’m going to do over 0.5 goals to start just as Mrfixit advises

    Then for my inplay bet

    Draw H-time Draw F-time @ 5/1

    Obviously if it’s 0-0 full time you lose off your first bet but win on your free inplay bet.

    1-1 half time and draw at end of match would be perfect scenario though

  21. Donnie 3 years ago

    Bet 365 offer

    Under 6.5 total goal at 1/50…..£51 back

    Going for a score to win big…..3-1 Barcelona pays 18/1 or 2-2 10/1

    Guaranteed profit is £50 on over 0.5 first half goals for £64.28 back and in play under 0.5 first half goals for £175 bk. 0-0 half time would be the perfect scenario…..profit either £14.28 or £75.

  22. Vangoo 3 years ago

    Last week I did
    £50 draw ht/ barca ft
    Inplay £50 2-0 barca ( cashed out on 81mins):-)

    Might go for some of the same tonight barca 2-1 inplay

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Vangoo, you don’t get the offer if you cash out so everyone should be aware of that.

  23. 99probz 3 years ago

    Couldnt you just do:

    50 on Barca/draw prematch @ 1.5 = 75 = £25 profit (inplay refunded)
    50 on bayern inplay @ 2.62 = 131 = £31 profit

    or have I miscalculated?

  24. king razvan 3 years ago

    tempted to use the bet on a bayern player to score first

    lewandoski or muller

  25. dannyglovers 3 years ago

    Was gonna put my 50 in play on a barca win and BTTS but it seems that bet 365 don’t offer this market in play. Anybody able to clarify this?

  26. Vangoo 3 years ago

    Mr f Yip I should have said that but if I didn’t cash out I would only have got my £50 bk

  27. Stevenb 3 years ago

    Will go Kurt first goalscorer to get that voided but still get the in play. Then probably go Messi first at 4.75

    • ash 3 years ago

      so if i place a bet pre match bet on a goal scorer who wont start bet be voided right?

  28. king razvan 3 years ago

    can you do £50 on over 0.5 goals at bet365 then go to paddy do £20 on over 0.5 goals.

    then use one of the free £5 bets on 0-0 draw? this covers you without having to spend.

  29. king razvan 3 years ago

    two methods im posting


    Place £50 pre match bayern WIN = 130 – 50 – 40 = (£40 PROFIT)
    Place £50 in play DRAW = 187– 50 – 50 – 40 = (£47 PROFIT)
    Place £40 barca WIN at Paddy Power = 105 – 50 – 40 (£34 PROFIT) **

    ** Place the two £5 free paddy bets on barca win so the minimum we can win is £34


    Place £50 pre match on over 0.5 goals = (£1.51 PROFIT)
    Place £20 pre match on over 0.5 goals at paddy = (£0.40 PROFIT) **
    ** Place one of the paddy power £5 free bet on no goal scorer to cover ourselves and use the other £5 on your choosing.

    Right now use the £50 bet365 in play bet on your choosing without any risk.

  30. Alves 3 years ago

    If your prematch bets up(over 0.5 gl) and its still a draw after 85 mins you can cash out if you’re happy with the returns. Remember it’s still your own ££ you’re playing wi folks. Or if you’re on 5+ gls wi over 0.5 ft gls prematch, 2-2 at HT you can cash out your 5+ gls as it’s still your ££

  31. Recoba 3 years ago

    Spied that too Scott Allot.

  32. Evanreilly 3 years ago

    When will my free bet be available to use? I stuck £50 on over 0.5 goals but i can’t see where my free bet is?

  33. Kane18 3 years ago

    If I was to do this on the Real v Juve game would I need to enter a offer code to get this risk free bet? or just place both the pre/in play £50?

    Also when can you withdraw the winnings and/or risk free refund?, Is it bonus money that can’t be withdrawed until you have placed it x amounts of time?


    • Author
      Scott Allot 3 years ago

      Kane, no bonus code required. Just bet £50 pre-match and £50 inplay. If inplay bet loses it’s refunded as cash that can be instantly withdrawn, not bonus funds and no other wagering requirements

  34. tomekplnd 3 years ago

    So how long does it usually take for 365 to refund the stake then?

  35. Kane18 3 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Scott, I will have a bash at it tomoz then

  36. Lon_don 3 years ago

    i fancy madrid to win tomorrow so im thinking of going with
    madrid prematch @4/6=133
    in play draw @ 16/5 =210
    juventus @ 4/1 with pp £15 gets you £75+£50=£125
    madrid win should give £18
    draw= £95
    might be worth waiting for the first goal before backing the inplay and juve bets

  37. paul 3 years ago

    So heres what I did

    OVer 0.5 goals first bet WON
    In play barca or draw LOST

    HT in play put 12 quid on bayern as cover at 6/1

    Will I still get 50 quid back n make 73 quid profit or am I left with 23

  38. paul 3 years ago

    By the way im going 0.5 goals pre match in madrid
    Penaltyshootout in play

    HUge odds wins a couple of grand.

  39. Kane18 3 years ago

    A friend did this today and won, can he use the same offer on the Madrid match?

  40. paul 3 years ago

    Hooray finally if I do ill get back a lot of money I lost.if not im still down 47 quid plus weekend disaster

    Thank god neymar didnt make it 3-3 at end . Out of 15 bets lost in last week 7 hv been lost by late goal, basket, six,

  41. king razvan 3 years ago

    if anyone has £250 to use, this is decent for tonight

    Place £50 pre match draw = 210 – 50 – 150 = (£10 PROFIT)
    Place £50 juve WIN inplay = 275– 150 – 50 – 50 = (£25 PROFIT)
    Place 150 on Madrid WIN at Paddy Power = 250 – 150 – 50 (£50 PROFIT) **

    ** Place the two £5 free paddy bets on some first goal scorer bets for more potential profit

  42. Rusty 3 years ago

    I ll be on that £250 method king razvan!

    I expect a real win so fingers crossed for an easy 50 sheets!

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