THE Auckland Masters darts is decided this morning and Raymond van Barneveld has high hopes of glory after knocking out title favourite Michael van Gerwen in a thrilling last-leg shootout.

Barney is 11-8 underdog at Boylesport in his semi-final showdown with James Wade (8-11, Skybet) while also fighting it out for a place in the final are Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis.

Taylor – victorious in Sydney last week – is 4-11 Unibet to progress at the expense of Skybet's 11-4 shot Lewis.

The World Athletics Championships come to an end in Beijing with a batch of medals up for grabs in events such as the marathon, javelin, high jump and track relays.

There's also snooker action from the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany plus stage nine of cycling's Vuelta Espana so let's hear your tips and chat and good luck with your bets.


  1. thechief 3 years ago


    I hope John Harbaugh didn’t mention Jay Gruden’s weight :)

    Philly’s fast paced offence under Chip Kelly showing no signs of slowing down. Bradford lighting up the Pack D

    Julio Jones good luck, I hope you can find a way to live on 47m Guaranteed :)

  2. Martin 3 years ago

    James Hill to win big brother. heard it here first. Currently around 9/1

  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    Chief have you seen the injuries the Pack have taken tonight? I’m not feeling too optimistic!

    Quote Jim Mora ”Playoffs!?!?” Hahaha

  4. the watcher 3 years ago

    Rugby with body armour and motorbike helmets ain’t sport.

  5. Jordan 3 years ago

    Neither is sitting on a horses back and whipping it across a line but I don’t go on the racing thread and tell them that ;)

  6. thechief 3 years ago

    I did mate, Cobb would be a worry with his injury record and with Nelson done for the season. In preseason they take no chances any knock they are pulled, so he could be good to go for week 1.

    Next week is usually backups, rookies and free agents playing trying to get a roster spot, so I would avoid betting on those games, as I do anyway on preseason games.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Yeah I know man. Although Picksix made a very good case for the Vikings tonight against the Cowboys which paid off as they were on the + handicap and won by 14.

      Hyde was carted off too and Bulaga went off with an ankle injury ‘yay’. But Janis has looked sharp, reckon he’ll be our Devonte Adams of last year.

      I know about pre season game 4, been watching a few series of Hard Knocks. Great insight to training camp.

  7. thechief 3 years ago

    Janis and Ty Montgomery could be nice additions, and help make up the yards and TD’s Nelson put up. To be honest me and you could catch passes of Rodgers although I doubt I could run down the field haha.

    Bridgewater looking good in preseason and if they get Blair Walsh kicking again, they will be good. Hard knocks is a excellent watch. Night mate

  8. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha you’re right, he’d make us look like Jerry Rice. Not long now. Can’t wait. The winners thread will be in full flow :) Night mate.

  9. Attila 3 years ago

    Hi Jordan mate, can’t wait for our winners thread to be back in full swing. Have you heard from Huggy? Hoping he brings his daily single back again once Nbl starts up.
    Looking forward to your and Chiefs nfl tips over the next while

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Hi Attila, long time mate! I haven’t heard from him but I’ve got his email so I’ll send him one in the not to distant future.

  10. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Pirates o8.5 hits @ 1.83 *lost* by 1

    Mariners o8.5 hits @ 1.83 *won*

    Double @ 3.36 *lost*

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      ***Posted Yesterday***
      MLB Bet For Evening

      Single @ 9/4 (£10) WON
      Detroit Tigers @ Toronto Blue Jays
      Toronto Blue Jays Over 7.5 Runs (Win 15-1)

      Dazzler – yea was with skybet, was in the afternoon when I took it at that price. Unlucky on your hits

  11. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Was it! Wow it for for proper hammered in then, not really surprising though.

  12. Attila 3 years ago

    Tennis Singles (both on the same match):

    1 – Andrey Kuznetsov to win 2-1 @ $4.00
    2 – De La Nava vs Kuznetsov OVER 22.5 total games @ $2.00

    All 3 previous H2H’s finished 2-1 to Kuznetsov and this being a final today, I can see another tight encounter in which Kuznetsov should just prevail. Great value in the above 2 bets. GL!

  13. O Ado 3 years ago

    It is the second time the Pirates let’s us down
    Let’s hit some winners today

  14. supersaint 3 years ago

    I presume bet365 will put up the spread for Steelers@patriots on opening night once Brady’s appeal is decided?

    With Steelers injuries to Bell and Bryant, Antonio Browns yards will be a definite bet!

  15. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Tonight’s mlb
    Blue Jays o9.5 hits @ 1.76

    Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.83

    Double @ 3.24

  16. Attila 3 years ago

    Tonights MLB Singles:

    – Cubs ML @ $1.80
    – Royals ML @ $1.96

    Arrieta in for the Cubs, no more needs to be said. And Royals record against the Rays, no more needs to be said. GL!

  17. Attila 3 years ago


    Tennis Singles (both on the same match):

    ***WON*** 1 – Andrey Kuznetsov to win 2-1 @ $4.00

    ***WON*** 2 – De La Nava vs Kuznetsov OVER 22.5 total games @ $2.00

    All 3 previous H2H’s finished 2-1 to Kuznetsov and this being a final today, I can see another tight encounter in which Kuznetsov should just prevail. Great value in the above 2 bets. GL!

    • Dazid316 3 years ago

      MLB Bets For Tonight

      Single @ 9/4 (£10)
      Detroit Tigers @ Toronto Blue Jays
      Toronto Blue Jays Over 7.5 Runs
      Taking a chance for to happen 2nd night in a row

      5 Fold @ 17.90/1 (£5)
      NY Mets -1.5
      NY Yankees ML
      Kansas City Royals ML
      Texas Rangers ML
      Washington Nationals ML

  18. Picksix 3 years ago

    NFL Pre-Season

    MIN Vikings @ DAL Cowboys (Saturday 29/8 )

    * Minnesotta Vikings + 3.0 @ 20/23 **WON**

    Pre season betting should not be taken too seriously but this one has caught my eye. What you have in this game is 2 coaches who have the complete opposite opinion of how serious pre season games should be taken. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer won all 4 pre season matches last season and has won his first 2 this season aswell. Zimmer has got the Vikings looking solid on defence thus far and has given sensible minutes on the field to the Vikings starters and has them looking in preety good shape at the moment. On the other hand Jason Garrett and the Cowboys lost all 4 of last years pre seasons games and have lost there opening 2 this season and have struggled on offence. The Vikings have a lot more depth than what the Cowboys have in my opinion and the second and third stringers for the Vikings have looked a lot more impressive than the Cowboys . Cowboys backup QB brandon Wheadon is also out through injury so you’re looking deeper down the depth chart on the QB situation as Romo is certainly not going to be given much time on the field to make any sort of impact. Final thoughts i think vegas got this spread wrong and I doubt it will be + 3 for long

  19. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan it’s not looking good with these injurys for u guys, bulaga is so important to that line and Cobb speaks for himself

    Hard knocks is quality mate try and see if u can wAtch the cowboys one from a couple years ago probably the best one or even the Falcons last year was a good watch https://youtube.com/watch?v=ILtOjLRanzw

  20. Picksix 3 years ago

    Thechief I’m guessing Julio was waiting to see what dez was going to earn before he signed anything must have earned himself an extra £10 million by doing that the bas**rd lol

  21. Jordan 3 years ago

    Supersaint. Antonio Brown should have 200 receiving yards that game haha, Bryant had 138 yards and 1 TD from 3 receptions last night. I drafted him for my fantasy team so you can imagine I’m p*ssed haha

    Picksix, watched the Falcons one mate, really good, just started watching the Jets one. Rex Ryan is as funny as! Well done with that bet mate wish I’d got on.

    Saints/Texans on Sky Sports, happy days!

  22. thechief 3 years ago

    Saints -3.5 looks a decent bet in the game Jordan. I wont be having a bet, just happy to see a whole live tv game

  23. picksix 3 years ago

    Cheers mate, be a cracker of an opening game that one its looking like the pats secondary is struggling too, devin mccourty has been playing as a corner in pre season too, it doesn’t look good and devin himself has said he doesn’t feel right there and your not going to want to have him matched up against brown if he feels uncomfortable. Either butler or logan ryan must be struggling is my guess why they’ve experimented with that.
    Cheers for the heads up was going to stream the game too but that’s even bettet if it’s on tv

  24. Jordan 3 years ago

    Think I’ll be leaving any bets until the opener chief but thanks for the input mate. You think Brees will be playing a lot?

  25. thechief 3 years ago

    picksix, very true and Demaryius Thomas pay day would have helped. I like Jones but he needs to deliver this season though, he doesn’t score enough Td’s for me like the big boys do.

  26. BigB 3 years ago

    The Chief, Jones hasn’t had the O-line to support the Falcon’s run game or to keep Matt Ryan upright though, if you compare the the other 2 similar WRs (Thomas and Dez) Broncos has a solid run game and Cowboys had argubly the best O-line in the past 5 years at least!

  27. thechief 3 years ago

    Jordan, a couple of series as per in preseason, but I don’t think JJ will play he missed all preseason so far.

  28. Jordan 3 years ago

    Chief I agree but Falcons had to do a lot of shifting on the O line last year but did get better as the season went on. Matty Ice has a few targets to aim at too but do I remember Julio tearing the Pack secondary to pieces at the Lambeau?

  29. thechief 3 years ago

    Broncos have Peyton, making it easier for the RBs as teams would be daft to fill the box. Dallas had a good O-line last couple of years, that’s why Murray had such a big year, and why Romo got to play after Christmas, but still Dez was a beast last year. I’m not comparing Jones to Dez and Thomas mate, I think Jones is good but top 10 at best.

  30. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Blue Jays o9.5 hits @ 1.76 *won*

    Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.83 *won*

    Double @ 3.24 *won*

    Much better!

  31. O Ado 3 years ago

    Triple bottom of 8

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      O Ado, well done.
      Been watching the golf and Jason Day is about to give Ace Venturer another win.
      What a run he’s on – will make him feel better after Hearts’ defeat yesterday.

  32. Ad 3 years ago

    Hello folks. Action stars at flushing meadows tomorrow and here’s a recap of what I’m on, plus a few added extras I’ve talked myself into since yesterday.

    1st round
    Coric d nadal @ 4/1
    Krajicek d Giraldo @ 11/4
    Young d Simon @ 3/1
    Tiafoe d Troicki @ 5/2
    Bedene d Gulbis @ 8/5
    Zverev d Kohlschreiber @ 2/1
    Cibulkova d Ivanovic @ 9/4
    Tomljanovic d Knapp @ 2/1
    Gavrilova d Sharapova @ 3/1 (Maria may tough it out but hasn’t played since Wimbledon)


    Halep @ 13/1
    Federer @ 9/2 (also a double of these two as my fave picks)
    Wozniaki @ 35
    Bencic @ 25
    Cilic @ 90
    Ivanovic @ 100/1 ( going against her in r1 but if she makes t through has a seriously easy draw.

  33. Jordan 3 years ago

    Amazing how consistent Ace is on the golf Mr F. Is it more of a case of form and knowing which players like which courses?

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Jordan, I think he uses a lot of stats and watches a lot of golf too. Some courses suit big hitters, etc but mostly it’s finding guys who are in form and consistent.
      He certainly tips better than he plays!

      • Dazid316 3 years ago

        ***Posted Earlier***
        MLB Bets For Tonight

        Single @ 9/4 (£10) WON
        Detroit Tigers @ Toronto Blue Jays
        Toronto Blue Jays Over 7.5 Runs (Win 9-2)
        Taking a chance for it to happen 2nd night in a row

        5 Fold @ 17.90/1 (£5) LOST
        NY Mets -1.5 (Win 5-4) 1 run short
        NY Yankees ML (Win 20-6)
        Kansas City Royals ML (Lost 3-2)
        Texas Rangers ML (Win 6-0)
        Washington Nationals ML (Win 7-4)

        Nice hits winners Dazzler

      • Jordan 3 years ago

        Haha suppose that’s not a bad thing if it pays for the golf lessons!

  34. Picksix 3 years ago

    Aw wow think Ive just seen one of the worst officiating calls I’ve ever seen in the Saints Texans game

  35. Picksix 3 years ago

    Haha after the call the camera goes straight to the women official

  36. thechief 3 years ago

    Cracking final in the darts Aidy Lewis wins 11-10 having beaten Phil Taylor in the semis.

  37. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahaha what you trying to say Picksix??? What was the call? I was watching the ‘soccer’.

  38. O Ado 3 years ago

    Mr fix
    Between your Saturday pick
    And dazz today
    Thank u guys

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