BET No.4 was a comfortable winner with Ludogerets scoring at Red Star Belgrade before going on to win 4-2 after extra time.

I had £80.18 on at 3-10 so that's me up to £104.23 in the £20 to £250 challenge.

My next tip is similar at the same price – Shakhtar Donetsk to score at Young Boys. The Ukrainians are clearly the better side and while they lead 2-0 I expect them to bag at least one away goals as insurance.

This is the place for the challenges so let's see what you've all got – harrybaines, kelly d, etc.

Bet No.5

Shakhtar Donetsk to score (7.15pm)

(3-10, Ladbrokes)

Stake £104.23

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  1. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    I know I think you are a loose cannon at times with your bets.
    But I genuinely feel your pain over the goings on in Cyprus.
    It’s the sort of thing that usually happens to dom77.
    90 mins and 0-0, them 3-0 in the 99th minute f.f.s.

    All I can say is sleep on it as you have lost your stake and not the potential win, have a greasy full English in the morning then hit the bookies with a clear head tomorrow.
    Best of luck bud…..

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Couldn’t believe what I was seeing mate, especially when that defender decided to take his anger out on the ball and kick it up the air into recklessly which lead into the path of the opposition = Open net from outside the box… Instead of leaving the ball for the keeper that was in touching difference of him. Keeper would of kicked it out then full time ? I will mate!! Thanks a lot pal, nice one.

      • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

        Got to take the losses with the wins although I watched the highlights and it was unreal.

  2. williams1993 3 years ago

    New York Red Bulls match in-play, 23 mins played

    Over 0.5fhgs @ just under evens. Will be my bet 1

    • williams1993 3 years ago

      WIN – goal straight after posting. Fingers crossed my other bet for NYRB II over 1.5tgs comes in as well.

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        Nice win mate but don’t forget to make note of that stake ?

        • williams1993 3 years ago

          Indeed well noted. Was trying to get the post up as quick as possible so forgot. Was only bet 1 so was £20 and odds were 1.9 when I jumped on = £38.

          GL for tomorrow buddy. Will keep an eye out.

  3. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Been a kinda decent ending to the day with this just coming in. Two random bets but thought I’d say it otherwise someone will ask why my stake is what it will be tomorrow on my bet 1

    £50 was on that Peru game at half 9, did they away team race to 3 corners at 1.95 as they were 1-0 up on corners. Came in just before halftime. They got 12 in the end lol. Bookies didn’t expect that. I think race to 9 was over 10/1 for the away team.

    Then I just did this game at halftime with the winnings from the other bet and came in on the 91st minute. Late goals took my breath away today but two more goals after the 90th minute will make up for it, especially if I am like bet 3 / 4 to hit the £1000

    Didn’t expect the away side to bag 3 but there we go. Dangerous attack stats are in huge favour of the home side but nothing.

    Night people – Good luck ?

  4. townie 3 years ago

    my challenge starts tonight with leigh Griffiths and celtic.
    Griffiths to score anytime and celtic to win. 7/5 ?
    £20 – £140
    £20 wins £48

  5. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    Central FC 0-1 Vancouver Whitecaps

    Both Teams To Score @2.37

    – Risky Bet –


    Mentioned why my stake was that before.

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Lost but i did mention it was a risky bet. I wouldn’t of placed a single penny more on it.

      I was watching it though and i was surprised the home team didn’t score. They were the most attacking team and did look overall the better team

  6. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    CRB Game over 0.5 goals 2.25

    Stake £50


    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      I might tip another game soon as there are a few games 0-0 that there should be a goal or two in

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        Damn it, the America de Cali v Leones game i stayed awake for to tip over 0.5 goals has only gone and got a goal in it seconds before it was hitting evens. Damn

  7. cajalmighty 3 years ago

    £5-£100 Challenge.

    Bet 1 : Pachua over 2.5fhg

    £5 returns £12.50

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Good luck mate, night

      • cajalmighty 3 years ago

        Night mate, cant believe all 3 games finished 0-0

        • harrybaines 3 years ago

          I know mate was mad, i was just about to jump on my favorite out of them all “America de Cali ” game and goal came just before i got my funds deposited, waited over hour and 20 mins for that haha. 2 goals in the last 20 minutes as stats suggested. Catch you tomorrow afternoon, 5 ish :)

  8. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    Pachuca v CD Olimpia

    Pachuca race to 3 corners 1.40


    I would wait longer but i’m too tired, Night

  9. mattr 3 years ago

    Can’t get Soccerway to work at the moment but already some good possibilities today, not least Norway League 3 group 4. See you all later ?

  10. williams1993 3 years ago

    BET 2:

    Aus FFA Cup match Bonnyrigg v Manly

    Manly win @ EVENS

    £38 stake.

    Have no time for a write up as start work in a second but all points to a Manly win aside from H2H, although last time time they played Bonnyrigg only just scraped a draw from an 85th min penalty.

    I wanted Cardoza to score anytime/first but not available :(

    GL gents

  11. radu 3 years ago

    10 Steps Bet Challenge (5 attemps x 2u -> 1u = 10euros)
    2) Apoel – Rosenborg – BTTS @ 1.81
    3.38u -> 6.12u lost :(
    10 Steps Bet Challenge (4 attemps x 2u -> 1u = 10euros)
    1) Young Boys – Shakhtar – 2nd Half over 1.5 goals @ 1.74
    2u -> 3.48u

  12. mattr 3 years ago


    £10 challenge number 4

    Risky again today but the odds are so short at the moment so another treble from two of my favourite leagues, Norway 3 group 4 and Finland Kolmonen.

    Bet 5

    O2.5mg treble

    Vestfossen v Holmen (Norway 3 1830)
    Drammen v Halsen (Norway 3 1800)
    Ilves v Kissat (Finalnd Kolmonen 1630)

    £29.76 pays £49.30

    Reserve: £10

    Good luck

    Bet history (not including current challenge)

    Challenges: 3
    Profit/loss %: +343%

    • dt4854 3 years ago

      Mattr – if you were to only back one of them, which would it be?

      • mattr 3 years ago

        Vestfossen probably mate. Odds really short though, but profit is profit…

    • philwindy 3 years ago

      On it, but having problems with soccerway to check stats. ?

      Looking at the odds I’m guessing that the games see a lot of goals!!!

      Let’s hope this is the case again tonight.

      • mattr 3 years ago

        Yes Phil for some reason h2h comparison is being temperamental. Kolmonen stats are on Soccer vista. Type in Finland Kolmonen into Google. On soccer vista then you can click on other leagues and go through the leagues until you find the league with relevant game. Click on game and some great stats.

        • philwindy 3 years ago

          Good stuff they look solid. Only thing that could play up the the Scandinavian weather. Pissing it down here an hour south from Copenhagen. Classic summer weather ?

    • robnraine 3 years ago

      I must get a bet 365 account !

  13. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 2

    Seongnam Ilhwa v FC Seoul

    Both teams to score 1.61


  14. theboss 3 years ago

    I see another goal this game @harrybaines

    • theboss 3 years ago

      See LOL

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Just come out of the shower mate otherwise I would of waited for odds to get a little higher. Deffo mate I reckon there will be another in the last 10 mins! 1-1 now in 79th

      • theboss 3 years ago

        I stuck £4 on over 2.5 I didn’t wanna risk what I won and ith my luck and it come in! i should have at least stuck a £10 on the win it was 21/10 before the goal!

  15. theboss 3 years ago

    Just about to get on Muang Thong over 1.5 goals and they scored!! other team id down to 10 men

  16. theboss 3 years ago

    Think they will get another but odds are short at 2/7

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Not too sure tbh mate, i’m off to the gym now i’ll catch you around 5.

      BTTS is decent value but as you say they only have 10 men

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        Ffs it landed as well, odds were 3/1. Damn it

        • harrybaines 3 years ago

          I should of just done it, I’d of been up to £400+ from £119 & ready for bet 4. Argh, gonna cost me this I feel for me not to hit £1000

  17. theboss 3 years ago

    And they scored 3 goals but left it alone. Ah well.

    On to the next @harrybaines

  18. capone31 3 years ago

    Harry, I’ve been off this for a while, have you completed many in the last week or 2?

  19. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 3

    JJK v FC Jazz-j

    Over 1.5 goals – 1.90


    • theboss 3 years ago

      Too late! I’ve got them on -1 handicap so happy days!

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        I was waiting for the odd’s to go up the tiniest but and missed out so i did over 2.5 out of anger.

        I waited for it to go from 1.90 to 1.95. About £6 difference.

        I really have to stop waiting for odds to go up the tiniest bit, it always does me over. For the sake of £6 wow

        • theboss 3 years ago

          I do that!! Wait for the odds to rise to get Max odds and and it wins and lose out because I want that extra £5 ??

          • harrybaines 3 years ago

            It’s actually so annoying. Would of been on a decent run then as well

  20. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Gonna stick £100 on

    Korsholm v KPS over 1.5 goals 1.95

    I have no idea where either are in the league i just know there’s always a few goals in there games

    If it win’s that will be my stake for bet 1


    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      Goal, 90th minute. Luck is coming back

  21. philwindy 3 years ago

    @Mattr or anyone else any idea what the score was Lives kisset game in Finland. It never came up in play???

    The other games in the treble are looking hopeful.


  22. theboss 3 years ago

    Guess it lost it shows as LOST and other 2 won :(

  23. philwindy 3 years ago

    It has come up as a loss. We go again.

  24. mattr 3 years ago

    I’m going to question this now in the hope it is a glitch in the system as as soon as the 2nd of the 3 games came in it came up as a loss although it wasn’t in play and all the sites I use aren’t listing the game as having a result yet. So maybe some hope still. Doubt it though ?

  25. mattr 3 years ago

    They are saying it ended 1-1 but Soccer vista no longer lists the game at all as to be played or having been played. Strange. I’ll keep an eye on this. I’d like to think 365 wouldn’t lie…

    • theboss 3 years ago

      Yea don’t think they would lie guess it was a loss ?

  26. philwindy 3 years ago

    Ilves kissat vs PK-44
    kalomonen Finland. @harrybaines

  27. theboss 3 years ago

    Looking for bet 3 harry?

  28. theboss 3 years ago

    Typical bet on Barca for couple more goals and they take Messi off and barca don’t wanna score anymore

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Same as Saturday – 3-1 against Celtic at HT and finished 3-1.

      • theboss 3 years ago

        Did £3 on Leicester to win at 20/1 worth a pop lol also to score another goal at 2/1

  29. theboss 3 years ago

    @harrybaines Anderlecht game BTTS lookgs good shout?

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      They score there most goals in the 60th minute to the 75th. Come on lads

  30. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1/2

    Anderlecht v Rostov

    Both teams to score evens


    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      how did nobody get on that

      • harrybaines 3 years ago

        When you debate doing Anderlecht race to 9 corners in the 78th min for 15/1 but don’t and it lands. Im getting 15/1 but cant land evens

  31. andyfox 3 years ago

    I was on it, stats looked really good for a goal

  32. theboss 3 years ago

    Bollox ??

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      It’s more annoying when you were debating a 15/1 then it comes in. If only I had funds in my account at the time. As if they didn’t score

  33. theboss 3 years ago

    Don’t go on the tilt mate. Carry on

  34. harrybaines 3 years ago

    I’m gonna do a correct score tomorrow, I was gonna put £25 on Celtic 2-1 and that was the scoreline. Unreal

  35. the notorious 3 years ago

    Harry, you should be well in profit so dont get too bogged down.
    Tomorrow is another day

  36. harrybaines 3 years ago

    Bet 1

    New Zealand game over 1.5 fhg evens



    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      this game is dead asf wow, can’t see it myself

      • hombre3000 3 years ago

        Second half should see more goals @harrybaines the American women love a few in the second half last few games I’ve seen!

  37. hombre3000 3 years ago

    There’s one just after I post!

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      It would be right after halftime, they could of scored 1 minute earlier haha. I stuck £50 on over 2.5 goals at 2.15 at halftime so just need one more. Bet it stays 2-0

  38. hombre3000 3 years ago

    Sorry mate thought theyd at least grab 2 second half!

    Im turning my attention to bayern v real

    btts in play @ 8/13

    • harrybaines 3 years ago

      I only realised they scored straight away in the 60th + min

      Cash out would of been great if I did it right after and best of luck pal

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