JUDD TRUMP is the new favourite for World Championships snooker glory after both Ronnie O'Sullivan and Neil Robertson fell behind in their quarter-finals.

Trump cruised into a 12-4 lead over Ding Junhui and is now 11-5 at Boylesports for the title.

O'Sullivan, who trails Stuart Bingham 5-3, is 3-1 at Befair and Robertson, who is 5-3 adrift against Barry Hawkins, is 9-2 at Bet365.

Shaun Murphy is 9-7 up on Anthony McGill and 4-1 at Skybet to win the tournament.

There's ATP tennis action in Munich, Istanbul and Estoril on Wednesday and WTA matches in Prague and Marrkech.

Other highlights include cycling and Stateside sport so post your tips and chat here and good luck with your bets.

  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets Winning Margin 1-10 @ 7/5 **WIN** 103-94


    Rockets Game 1/Series Double @ EVS @ PP **WIN**

    Prop Bets

    JJ Berea (Mavericks) Over 5.5 Assists @ 23/20 @ Ladbrokes **WIN**

    Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) Over 20.5 Points @ 10/11 @ Ladbrokes **PENDING**

    Putting £10 on Al-Farouq Aminu (Mavericks) to score 15 or more points @ 4/1 @ Ladbrokes. Has started the last two games for Dallas at Small Forward and scored 15 and 16 in those two games. **LOSE** 14 and fouled out!

  2. huggybear 3 years ago

    huggy`s main bet

    gonna have a go at a double on the totals tonight .

    mavs/rockets ova 215

    spurs/clippers under 210

    double pays 1.23/1


    rockets -4 and ova 113 ht (spread and total) pays 2.56/1

    *lost* 106 at ht

    Dwight Howard ova 16.5 points = WINNER !!!


  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    Gotta be in it to win it huggy! Just tallied up the bets since last Saturday. 20 winners, 6 losers, only 4 winners odds on, only one loss with a healthy main stake (£100 Spurs -6) 3 losers on half stakes (£50 bets) two losers on Fun Bets with £30 total stakes. None of those totals count the props either as they’re only minimal bets. Does that deserve a boom? (I’m kidding, please do not boom). More to come hopefully!

  4. re-invented 3 years ago

    Well done on this thread guys, I don’t post much because I don’t watch the nba but the hit rate has been top class the last few weeks. I am here to pass on more ufc news you might have already seen this, but ufc light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely from the ufc. The belt is now up for grabs between Daniel Cormier v Anthony Johnson, should see some good odds in this fight

  5. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Blue Jays @ Red Sox
    Over 7 runs @ 1.41 *won*
    Giants @ Dodgers
    Over 5 runs @ 1.47 *lost*

    Double @ 2.09 *lost*

    Kicking myself as originally I was putting giants game under 7 in the double and I talked myself out of it and went over 5, grr.

    Rays @ Yankees
    Rays @ 2.0 *lost*

    Angels @ A’s
    A’s @ 1.64 *won*

    Rockies @ D’backs
    D’backs @ 1.8 *won*

    Marines @ Rangers
    Marines @ 1.8 *won*

    3/5 so not a bad night.

  6. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour de Romandie 2015 stage 2

    No match-ups that I like for this stage. I think it will be a sprint of a small peloton. One guy who should be there is Albasini. He is favourite with most bookies and you can get evens for a place on the podium.

    Michael Albasini for a place 1-3 @ 2.00 with 888sport

  7. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Smaller stakes than usual but going for Rockets -7.5 @10/11

    *** WIN *** :D

  8. huggybear 3 years ago

    had a major off night last night , so tonight i`m winning it all back baby !!

    huggy`s going for it main bets

    bet 1 .. memphis grizzlie ht spread -3

    bet 2 .. memphis grizzlies -5.5

    bet 3 .. NETS +5 ht spread

    bulls bucks ova 187.5 , hawks ova 200 double pays 2.64/1

    grizzlies ht/ft 20/23

    and prop bets to follow.

    had a big win from jordans houston 1st and series bet *£300* still about 500% up for the play-offs.

    tonight the grizzlies take it up a lot !!!


  9. Phillis 3 years ago

    I’ve just posted on last nights sheet, just saying thanks to you guys for your tips and info, had my first over night winner, hope you post me some more tonight

  10. Phillis 3 years ago

    Great record Jordan, but FCUK the booms!! I’ve got away from that sheet was doing my head in! Arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!! Lol
    I’ll be looking at you again later after last night, may up my stakes, but saying that I don’t get how use the American sports so I’ll stick to min bets ha

  11. Dazzler 3 years ago

    My picks for tonight…

    Marines @ Rangers
    Under 9 runs @ 1.47
    Royals @ Indians
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.44

    Double @ 2.13

    Giants @ Dodgers
    Dodgers @ 1.55

    Mets @ Marlins
    Mets @ 1.9

    Rockies @ D’backs Bradley gets a pitch hit straight back at him… To the face!

  12. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Hawks -4
    Grizzlies -5.5
    Bucks +8

    2.7/1 bet365

  13. Juan 3 years ago

    Huggy – are you going for 4 singles and a double then?

  14. Jordan 3 years ago

    Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) Over 20.5 Points @ 10/11 @ Ladbrokes **LOSE** 18

    Phillis I despise the booms. I’m praying that boy never comes across to the winners thread!

    Mike Conley set to be out again for the Grizz so think I’m going to leave out the main bet for tonight, but like huggy I would have sided on the Grizz. Courtney Lee has been figured out by the bookies that he’s a better shooter than they think with his points now at 14.5.

    So looking at the other game with the markets available I’m going to be on DeMarre Carroll Over 14.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-fair (5/6 @ PP). He was very quiet last time in Atlanta only scoring 2 points with 1/9 from the field. But the other 3 games he has scored 22, 20 and 17 points.

    DeMarre Carroll (Hawks) Over 14.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-fair (5/6 @ PP)

  15. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Dazzler – I saw that “come-backer” earlier, There are not many things in sports scarier than when those happen! It reminded me a lot of what happened to Chapman last Spring Training. He needed reconstructive surgery.

    I really like that double but would be wary of going against Latos for the Marlins. I saw him pitch a lot for the Reds last season and he is a legitimate Ace. His ERA looks bad but it is down to his 1st game only, he has looked like his old self since.

    I know I keep saying it but the Mets are not as good as their record suggests and it’s just a matter of time before the bubble bursts, just like the Brewers last year (hopefully not today for you though!).

    Good luck mate.

  16. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Jaseos, Looks like he’s got away with minor injuries this time.

    I think it’s a pretty tough card tonight with the pitcher match ups.

    With the Mets they’ve been lucky to have so many home games in Apri , I do think Colon is on a roll but it’ll be a tight game, under 7.5 runs @ 1.86 looks good too. Marlins Park favouring the pitcher at the moment too.

  17. Jaseos 3 years ago

    I have 3 MLB games today folks. All underdogs, as like Dazzler said, it’s a tough card with the favourite’s prices being pinched excessively (in my opinion).

    I can’t recommend a play on Seattle’s “King” Felix Hernandez or Dodgers’ Greinke, as they are just too short (maybe a double though???)

    I would advise further looking into the following:

    Astros (Keuchel must start) at SD – @1.90
    Keuchel is my Boy from last season who made me a ton because he plays for the Astros and is always the under-dog. This guy can duel with the best of them though and is a major reason Houston are doing so well now.

    Royals (Ventura must start) at Cleveland @1.95
    I love this Royals team and I hate the Indians lineup, who will be lucky to win 75 games this year. Ventura is a great young arm as is Salazar for Cleveland but the difference being the Royals have hit him hard in recent times and would probably only need a few runs right now to win this one.

    Toronto (Dickey must start) at Boston @2.10
    On the surface it would appear that Boston are rightly slight favourites for this game, as neither pitcher has been very good this year… BUT… take away Dickey’s bad start last time out, he has been good so far and he owned Boston last season since they can’t figure out that Knuckleball. Also Porcello is very over-rated so I make Toronto slight favourites in this one

    I hope this helps some of you make your mind up on a few games, do your research and good luck everyone!

  18. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Jaseos, what do you think about your Reds tonight @ 1.8? You got a rookie on the mound but Brewers have only won once on the road so far.

  19. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Dazzler – Lorenzen is an excellent prospect with great mechanics but he was only drafted a couple of years ago (he was actually a SS in college) and I think needs a full season at AAA. He is only here because of Bailey’s DL stint. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he pitches well today, there is a big questions mark over whether he is ready – My gut says 2016 will be his year.

  20. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jaseos and Dazzler good insights lads. I might take the Royals on a small bet purely because they made me a fair bit during the World Series. Would there be any reason that Ventura won’t start?

  21. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour de Romandie 2015 stage 2 result

    Michael Albasini for a place 1-3 @ 2.00 with 888sport WIN :)

    He wins the stage!

  22. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Jordan – Cheers mate. Apart from an injury in warm up there should be no reason for a listed pitcher not to start.

    Nice going on the Royal’s price. I list Bet365 figures but “shopping” should always be advised.

    Will we be seeing a bit of your insight on MLB once the playoffs are over?

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      No mate haha, I know zilch about MLB! Only comparison I have towards baseball is that I played softball through my early teens (slow pitch) haha

      Cheers I’ll have a gamble on that Royals ML price then ta.

  23. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Jordan, unless something drastically changes in the warm up he’ll start.
    It’s weather he can stay on the mound is what put me off. He’s been ejected twice (currently appealing a 7 game suspension), left once due to a thumb stain and once for a calf strain. Although having the suspension over his head may mean he leaves everything out there tonight.

    Jaseos, I won’t be backing Hernandez tonight as the Rangers have inflicted more loses on him than any other opponent and Marines haven’t swept the Rangers in 13 years.

    Like the Astros and the Blue Jays picks, good prices for those games too.

  24. Jordan 3 years ago

    Cheers Dazzler. Only for interest as I’m not on any serious basketball bets tonight unless injury news changes my mind.

  25. Feedthecow 3 years ago

    Thanks once again Mr orange.
    I was on your cycling tip twice as my first bet I forgot to put each way, so a double win for me all because of your excellent knowledge.

    • Mr. Orange 3 years ago

      Nice one Feedthecow. Next 2 days we have sprintstages with more potential winners, hopefully we see some interesting match-ups tonight.

  26. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Since I’ll be watching Blue Jays @ Red Sox think I’ll go with Jaseos and back the Blue Jays too!

  27. Jordan 3 years ago

    Mike Conley is out indefinitely and Nick Calathes is listed as the starting point guard for the Grizzlies tonight.

    Two smaller stake props. Going to ride Courtney Lee until he loses a prop for me. Currently 2/2.

    Courtney Lee Over 14.5 Points @ 19/20 @ Bet-fair

    Nick Calathes 15 or more points @ 3/1 @ Ladbrokes

    Both Grizzlies players. Only three small props tonight boys. Good luck with your picks.

  28. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Dazzler – I guess even the best pitchers have bogey teams but this Rangers team is just plain bad, nothing like the team of the last few years and the Mariners are giving him runs – King Felix shouldn’t be worried but like I said, it’s too short to play anyway.

    I won’t be able to watch later but Dazzler, it’s always fun watching a knuckleballer right? Dickey is easily the best of the few that remain in the game. Shame really, as it’s great to see a 67mph pitch float over home-plate a foot from where the batter thought it was going to be!!

  29. realwalker 3 years ago

    Put an 8fold on tennis today just for some interest paying 13/1, waiting on Lopez for the last leg, serving at 40-15 for the match and Haase is 14/1 for the match,
    Do I cover?, of course not,
    Now 4-2 down in the 3rd, ive had some sickeners in my time….

  30. Ad 3 years ago

    Woopwoop, it was a little hairier than Idve liked but the trebles in.

  31. Juan 3 years ago

    Realwalker im right with you there, didn’t see the score in running….just seen he lost, now I wish I hadn’t read your post!

  32. Dazzler 3 years ago

    If Dickey turns up and brings his A game, you know it’ll be a thing of beauty!

    Yep every team has a pitcher they don’t like and every pitcher has a team they don’t like.

    I think Rangers will lose tonight but with the odds so low, having to double it with another game and reading all that, if Rangers go on and win my brain will be saying I told you so for the next week. So I’d just rather leave it lol

  33. Felix 3 years ago

    Lopez basically tanked the last set. Completely lost his head at the end of the second. Really poor from him.

  34. Jordan 3 years ago

    Huggy I’m going to join you on Memphis HT/FT @ 5/6 @ PP (half stakes).

  35. Jordan 3 years ago

    Quiet on here tonight! Where’s picksix and saturated lettuce?

  36. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    On their way @jordan.. They both took the tube, stopped too buy tickets to watch avengers also..

  37. Picksix 3 years ago

    ££££ THE BIG ONE LANDED £££££

    Rockets win first game and Series @ EVS


    Last nights bet

    Clippers – 2 **LOSE**

    TIP : stay away from that series

    2 main bets losing on the bounce awell did have 12 winners in a row before that ;)

  38. Picksix 3 years ago

    Haha anasewhiz I might be young but not really a superhero fan lol

  39. Picksix 3 years ago

    Looks like you’re going for my party trick tonight guys that one is definetely my single

    Memphis Grizzlies ht /ft @ 20/23

  40. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahaha I liked that anasewhiz!

    Picksix I’m no superhero fan but the avengers is quality!

  41. Phillis 3 years ago

    I’m with you on that one Jordan!! No need for any of it, that thread has got ridiculous, and I’ve only been on about a month

  42. Picksix 3 years ago

    Quite a lot of main bets there huggmeister haha

    Jordan I jus can’t get myself to watch those films lol

    Jordan no main bet for you?

  43. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    Lol.. @Pick six.. It looks that way @jordan..
    So gents what are we on tonite

  44. Ad 3 years ago

    Thursday Double:

    Coric d Machado
    Cuevas d Gabashvili

    pays 0.96/1

    bonne chance

  45. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix no main bet but half stakes on the Grizz HT/FT and a couple of props mate. Won plenty since last Saturday so no need to give any back. Hoping the Grizzlies win tonight so I can see what price the Warriors Game 1/Series Double will be :P

  46. huggybear 3 years ago

    lamarcus aldridgre under 11.5 rebounds

    10/11 b365

    all my eggs in the grizzlie basket

  47. Jordan 3 years ago

    Not a basketball bet boys but I’m 99% sure this will land (4 out of 5 on the football tonight with this bet remaining). Kick off at 1:00AM.

    Club America Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 17/20 @ WillHill (I got it at EVS this afternoon).

  48. Jimbob 3 years ago


    Houston Rockets – 7.5 – 10/11 Bet365 *WINNER*



  49. Jimbob 3 years ago

    NETS + 9


  50. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Nothing to add to what has alrdy been highlighted by Huggy/Jordan/Picksix, and not going against them either!

    GL all!

  51. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jimbob is hotter than Nicole Scherzinger at the moment haha

  52. Picksix 3 years ago

    Wel done last night oriaz on the winner I think it’s safe to say the jinx of jimbob is ended haha

  53. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan I know haha

    Do I dare take a half stakes bet on jimbobs pick?

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    My honest opinion. F*ck betting on the East unless it’s the Cavs haha

  55. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jordan – That match is not available on bet365 yet, the strongest play tonight as well and are around 1.7 for over 1.5 team goals (they are away but the stamina of those guys is unreal)

  56. Jordan 3 years ago

    Dave it is mate. Have to click ‘The Americas’ then ‘CONCACAF Champions League’. Club America have been hammered though since this afternoon. It’s 7/10 @ WillHill now. I’d stay clear of Bolivia as you’re just as likely to get as many red cards as goals.

  57. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan u summed that up quite well haha

    Wondering if there’s anywhere taking bets on the finalists

    Defo Cavs and GS going to have a browse

  58. Picksix 3 years ago

    Can’t find anything but guessing it wouldn’t have been much of a price anyway as GS are 8/11 to win the conference no price on the Cavs winning the conference but guessing they would be around 1/4

  59. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cheers Jordan, 1 point on it with the strongest btts, only 1 point to return just short of 3

  60. Jordan 3 years ago

    DeMarre Carroll on 10 points after 1 quarter :)

  61. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix it was available pre playoffs but not sure now. my only bets like that are the Spurs and Warriors to win it all so either one and I’m a happy man.

    Dave good luck mate that looks a decent bet. Harpreet talking about his winning streak hahaha, he wants to take a look here!

  62. Jordan 3 years ago

    Interesting! Oddschecker tweeted before.

    We are backing @memgrizz -5.5 in their #NBAPlayoffs match up with the @trailblazers.

  63. Picksix 3 years ago

    MAX will gladly do the honors for you

    Ronnie osullivan to win WSC @ 15/8 (I think) **LOSE**

    What a tw*t hahaha

  64. Jordan 3 years ago

    DeMarre Carroll (Hawks) Over 14.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-fair (5/6 @ PP) **WIN** 16 points in the first half.

  65. Picksix 3 years ago

    This music there plAyin in the Hawks game is fu**ing creepy

  66. Jordan 3 years ago

    Some of the Carroll winnings on Hawks Over 50.5 2nd half points @ 5/6 @ 365

    £24 stake.

  67. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    I know jordan lol he is in dream land but not getting to involved for my own and others sanity, just one more goal needed and job done. You got a good price on that one.

  68. Jordan 3 years ago

    Dave, it wasn’t a goal mate haha, Peralta hit the post from 2 yards out with an open goal. He was sliding in and the ball jumped up and hit the woodwork. Even 365 gave it as a goal hahaha

  69. Kyle B 3 years ago

    Just watched the highlights from that, he got completely under the ball. Must be one of the biggest misses of all time

  70. Jordan 3 years ago

    Kyle, it was bad but it wasn’t Torres for Chelsea :D

  71. Kyle B 3 years ago

    Some epic goalkeeping there has sealed my bet

    Montreal vs Club America
    William Hill **WON** MEGA PROFITS (£18.18)

    Small stakes for interest, going to be watching after

  72. Jordan 3 years ago

    Not a basketball bet boys but I’m 99% sure this will land (4 out of 5 on the football tonight with this bet remaining). Kick off at 1:00AM.

    Club America Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 17/20 @ WillHill (I got it at EVS this afternoon). **WIN**

    Some of the Carroll winnings on Hawks Over 50.5 2nd half points @ 5/6 @ 365 **WIN**

    £24 stake is now £44 return.

  73. huggybear 3 years ago

    grizzlies -3 ht WINNER !!!

    HAWKS ova 200 part 1 WINNER !!

    ALDRIDGE 4 boards on course

    grizzlies ht/ft halfway there

    nets +5 ht was a loser

  74. honeymonster 3 years ago

    Might have to start watching this thread more often! Great tipping on here!

  75. EDGAR 3 years ago

    A big THANK YOU to Huggybear…trusted your instinct on Grizzlies..Glad i went so heavy on it. Keep up the gr8 work.

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