SAN ANTONIO SPURS were victims of a costly upset last time out in their play-off crunch with LA Clippers and head into Tuesday night's match with their campaign on a knife-edge.

The seven-game series is tied 2-2 so there's little room for error as the Spurs head to California priced up at 4-5 by Paddy Power for the win against a Clippers side generally available at 11-10.

To qualify the Spurs are 13-18 at 888sport who make the Clippers slight odds against at 15-13. The other match on Tuesday night sees Dallas Mavericks, who trail 3-1, try to make it back-to-back wins.

The Mavericks are 5-2 at Coral for victory while hosts Houston Rockets are 4-11 at Skybet for the win that will wrap up the series.

At the BMW Open tennis there's a stack of first-round matches including Janko Tipsarevic versus Bernard Tomic and Dustin Brown against Simone Bolelli.

Other Tuesday sporting highlights include World Championship snooker and Tour of Romandie cycling so let's hear your tips and thoughts and good luck with your bets.


  1. Ejike 3 years ago


  2. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    Totals Bet :: 2/3

    Hawks – Nets ov 198 *win*
    Grizles – Raptors ov 190 *win*
    Bulls – Bucks ov 188 *lose*

    Was hoping the bucks wuld push rose and co, forcing them too play better but it didn’t happen the way I hoped..

  3. WildWille 3 years ago

    Gonna try again today:


    Ka Pliskova

    4-fold 28/25 @ Bet365

    Good luck everyone.

  4. Attila 3 years ago

    I won’t be on much guys. Lost 4 figures the other day after stupidly chasing losses from the Spurs game. So taking some time off.

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      Attila , catch you soon mate , take care.

  5. huggybear 3 years ago


    gonna try a treble of

    bucks +15.5

    nets +11.5

    ptb under 201

    TREBLE PAYS 1.22/1

    WINNER !!!

    Beno Udrih Over (13.5)

    grizzlies prop bet *LOST*


    and an optimistic fiver on

    `first basket and to win first 1/4 , brook lopez nets

    £5 @ 11/1 ( what a stoopid bet huh !! )`

    he scores the 2nd basket and they WIN the quarter.


  6. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cheers huggy took that treble for a nice 1.4 points profit

  7. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Seriously getting some good tips from here, think I have lost 2 (1 of those was my own effort) and won 10 or 11.

  8. huggybear 3 years ago

    OK ,jordan will agree ,wer`e on a roll of about 30/35 (main/smaller bets), i lost the other night on Spurs but won it back last night and now i go again tonight.

    Attila and others Dont chase losing bets ,unless you can afford big losses , i can`t.

    You WILL win it back following tips posted by myself and others.

    Will post a few tonight if anyones interested , i know J will put his up later , but a couple of us are waiting on the Rockets to win the series for a tidy sum ( thanks 2 Jordan )

  9. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    Was on your treble huggy, cancelled out that spurs loss for me thanks :)

  10. huggybear 3 years ago

    a wins a win , but hate when the two would have won on the ML and the third came under the set 194.5 spread.

    would have paid a very nice 4/1 ish , but money for tonight.

  11. Picksix 3 years ago

    Last night bets

    will probably look for some inplay bets on the Games tonight as nothing looks good at first glance

    Put smaller stakes double

    Hawks v nets under 198.5 (lost)
    Grizzlies v Blazers under 193.5 (won)

    Double @ 5/2 **LOSE**

  12. Picksix 3 years ago

    Huggy any thoughts on Spurs clippers

  13. RPC 3 years ago

    Managed to stop myself while chasing Spurs losses need to be more disciplined. Will stick with the main bets for a couple of days and try to build my bank back up.

  14. Jordan 3 years ago

    Only a prop for me tonight like I said.

    The Memphis mans total was 9.5 points in game 3, which he kindly brought in for me in the first quarter. With one of their 3 point shooters out and starting point guard Mike Conley, Lee is the only real 3 point shooter in their starting line up. His totals have been as follows for the series. 20 points, 18 points and 9 points. The double digits being the last two games.

    Courtney Lee (Memphis Grizzlies) Over 12 Points @ 5/6 @ PP

    Double stakes on this prop (£24) as its the only bet of the night unless I fancy anything in play later.

    Now to enjoy the sunshine and spend some winnings.

    **WIN** 19 Points.

    Well done Huggy. Glad I didn’t put up my own main bet in the end as it would have lost. Guess who. Bulls! East is awful.

  15. Picksix 3 years ago

    Gotta felling this series is gonna go down to the wire so a clippers win for me

    La clippers – 2 @ 10/11

    Rockets should bring home the bacon later for the series bet with a win but the mavs should keep it close the 7.5 start not a bad shout

  16. huggybear 3 years ago

    picksix , i think like you that Clippers win and cover tonight.

    Jordan , great write up and bet , wish i`d joined you after my prop was a 1/2 point loser , hope you convinced a few to join you. And couldn`t agree more East is just woeful and has been all year.

    might have my prop bet in the Dallas fixture as you`d have to think this`ll go high. might go with Harden home court showing off moment.

    picksix good idea to place a smaller bet last night even though i called all 3 right , i wasn`t overly confident.

    Jordan that`s 2 of us thinking Clippers , what about you ?

  17. huggybear 3 years ago

    HARDEN , is 28.5 on pp @ 5/6 also like the look of Dwight Howard ova 12.5 rebounds @ 5/6

  18. huggybear 3 years ago

    Memphis Grizzlies (-5.5) Thursday night looks the bet of the week as they look to close out the series at home , id imagine Conley been rested ( called injured ) will play home court , and they`ll get the win , also taking the ht spread on the night.

  19. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Chased many times and come out badly most times, even when you recover you lose the discipline.

    Been a bit better myself lately but still had the odd wobble.

    Been down 125 points at one stage whilst depositing another 25 points. Managed to recover to around 50 points and banked 25 so around -50 pending tonight.

    Bet safe and enjoy, not worth the stress.

  20. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Hey guys,

    Just thoughts, not tips yet:

    Spurs/Clippers: have to agree with the comments above, Clippers -2 seems good.
    Mavericks/Rockets: I like Houston to finish the series at home tonight and covering the -6.5, the beard will be fired up by the home crowd so Huggy’s idea for him on player points sounds like a good idea.

    Lost a good bunch on Bolton not to score last night :-(, need to build my bank up a bit.
    Take care Attila, we’ll be here when you get back.

  21. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour de Romandie 2015

    A tour of 6 stages in the Swiss mountains. It starts today with a team time trial. Not a big fan of TTT’s so I will only have a small bet on today’s stage. Also like Uran to finish on the podium.

    Stage 1 winner: Orica Greenedge @ 3.25 with BV

    Rigoberto Uran for a place 1-3 @ 3.50 with 888sport

  22. Attila 3 years ago

    Cheers Huggy. Problem was I had a fight with the missus, so was pissed from Spurs & her at the same time so went heavy on a couple of bets that loss (cod I was betting in anger) then better bigger again to win that back and lost (many times chasing losses works) but on this occasion I chased hard and lost a ton (there goes my 185/1 winner profits from 2 weeks ago, lol)

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      like oriaz said .. be here when your ready.

      hope things are sorted now.

      I’m no pro gambler but a postie ( drive 7.5 tonne vans ) and bet for fun and post to try and win others some cash based on my nba knowlesge.

      when its no longer fun I’m outta here.

      luckily I’m about 675% up with my decent run.

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      quality mate.

      loving kapfenbergs 2nd quarter too

      they now lead by 19… now I wish id done more…

  23. Gbjefr 3 years ago

    Cycling tour de romandie
    Match ups
    Orica greenedge v team sky. Team orica win 8/15
    Etixx quickstep v bac. Team etixx win 4/9

    Double pays 1.2 bet365

  24. Jordan 3 years ago

    I really have no idea about the Clippers game. Flip a coin and whichever side it lands on that’s my choice

    Thinking about these

    Rockets Winning Margin 1-10 @ 7/5 @ PP
    Rockets Winning Margin 11+ @ 13/8 @ PP

    As long as the Rockets win, you will profit

    Split stake 50/50.

    £50 @ 7/5 to return £120
    £50 @ 13/8 to return £131.25

    £20 or £31.25 guaranteed, might get your account blocked though haha

  25. Olatunji 3 years ago

    Who do you think will win the first round match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather

  26. Jordan 3 years ago

    You could even do the 7/5 as the main bet and cover it on the 13/8

    £50 @ 7/5 to return £120

    £30.80 @ 13/8 to return $80.85

    £39.20 profit or stake back with 5p change.

    Picksix, do you know if you can cover winning margins in play? As I’d be tempted to take the 1-10 and look to cover if its close late on? I know I could do that with -10 in play but just checking my options?

  27. Juan 3 years ago

    Jordan – am i being stupid here or could you not just place the £100 on Houston @ 1/3 and if they win it returns approx £33 profit? Instead of either £20 or £31.25

  28. V P 3 years ago

    Houston win is a better idea but you do that because I’m always wrong

  29. V P 3 years ago

    Juan you aren’t being stupid

  30. Jordan 3 years ago

    Juan yes, but that’s more stake for less profit.

    £100 to return £30.

    My way is £80.80 to return £39.20 or stake refunded.

  31. Jordan 3 years ago

    And Houston win isn’t a better idea. It is if you want less profit from more stake.

    Don’t listen to VP, he doesn’t post bets, just butts in on my business.

  32. paul 3 years ago

    Hey jordan I was looking at rockets too. Id say theyr as mad as me for falling sleep the last night.

    WAs going to do that 1-10 n 11plus on atlanta but did over 103.5 n your player prop. Thanks man.

    Dont think rockets game will go as high as previously but houston will win.

    Also the guaranteed profit jordan would you not be better to just put the 100 on rockets ml or -2.

    I think theyl win by at least 6

    Whats the player prop for beard?

  33. Jordan 3 years ago

    No wait a minute. I will accept defeat there, because it doesn’t return stakes at all.

    My apologies.

    My bet will be Rockets 1-10 @ 7/5 and I’ll cover if needed in play.

    Well done VP.

  34. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul player prop for the beard is 27-28 I think but I might look at another player for the Rockets, not all bookies have markets out just yet.

  35. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Royals @ Indians
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.45
    Ended 6-2 to Royals.

    Mets @ Marlins
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.4
    Ended 3-1 to Mets.

    Double @ 2.03 *lost*

    Marines @ Rangers
    Rangers @ 1.9 *lost*
    Ended 3-1 Mariners.

    Royals @ Indians
    Royals @ 2.4 *won*
    As above.

  36. paul 3 years ago

    God thats high.

    WatcHed nets game last night. Jeez those guys were fired up. The crowd were great too

    MigHt do that 1-10 bet too jordan. Dallas will surely fight to hang on.

  37. Dazzler 3 years ago

    My bets for tonight-

    Blue Jays @ Red Sox
    Over 7 runs @ 1.41
    Giants @ Dodgers
    Over 5 runs @ 1.47

    Double @ 2.09

    Rays @ Yankees
    Rays @ 2.0

    Angels @ A’s
    A’s @ 1.64

    Rockies @ D’backs
    D’backs @ 1.8

    Marines @ Rangers
    Marines @ 1.8

  38. Picksix 3 years ago

    You can cover winning bargains inplay mate I would be wary of them still being available halfway through the 4th though as a lot markets seem to dissapear around then

  39. Jordan 3 years ago

    Going to take two early prop bets.

    Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) Over 20.5 Points @ 10/11 @ Ladbrokes

    Leonard has been the Spurs highest points scorer in the series with 24.8 points per game. If the Spurs want to have a chance of a win in LA again he’ll have to have another big game. Total points in the series stand at 18, 23, 32, 26. Bookies such as PP have his total @ 21.5 @ 8/11, so for the point less and much better price I’ll take 20.5 @ Ladbrokes.

    JJ Berea (Mavericks) Over 5.5 Assists @ 23/20 @ Ladbrokes

    Berea has stood in for Rondo at point guard and started game 4 for the Mavericks, in which he had a double double with 13 assists and 17 points. Game 3 when he was still being rotated saw him get 9 assists and 11 points. Like my main bet points out, I think the Mavericks will keep it within 10, and if they do that then they’ll need Berea to hand out the dishes once more. His production in Houston wasn’t as good but Rondo was still playing then, and without Rondo they play much better.

  40. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Afternoon American sports fans.

    Just one game jumped off the page today and that’s Seattle (Happ must start) at Texas (Detwiler must start). Mariners’ starter Happ is having a great year and Detwiler for the Rangers and his 10+ ERA… well… isn’t!

    An important reason behind this pick is the last time the Mariners saw Detwiler a week or so ago, they crushed him and I see no reason why the likes of Cruz, Cano, etc shouldn’t inflict the same fate on him this time around.

    Also, I am surprised to find that despite playing 1/2 their games in a hitter-friendly park, the Rangers are rock bottom of the MLB charts in hitting (a terrible .211 team avg).

    I see that Dazzler has already highlighted them and 1.83 seems generous here so they are my best pick of a tough card.

  41. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Tour de Romandie 2015 result

    Stage 1 winner: Orica Greenedge @ 3.25 with BV :( LOST

    That’s why I don’t like betting on team time trials, Team Sky beat Orica Greenedge with a margin of 0,6 seconds.

    Rigoberto Uran for a place 1-3 @ 3.50 with 888sport (pending)

    He only lost 14 seconds today and took some time on other rivals.

  42. Gbjefr 3 years ago

    Cycling tour de romandie
    Match ups
    Orica greenedge v team sky. Team orica win 8/15
    Etixx quickstep v bac. Team etixx win 4/9

    Double pays 1.2 Bet365

    By 0.5 sec. Sh*t happens

  43. huggybear 3 years ago

    huggy`s main bet

    gonna have a go at a double on the totals tonight .

    mavs/rockets ova 215

    spurs/clippers under 210

    double pays 1.23/1

    2 smaller bets for me

    rockets -4 and ova 113 ht (spread and total) pays 2.56/1

    and the prop bet

    Dwight Howard ova 16.5 points



  44. huggybear 3 years ago



  45. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahahahaha you liked the gravatars then mate!?

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      yeah brill , cheers mate.

      kapfenberg now lead by 19

      think it may be a ……

  46. huggybear 3 years ago

    yeah brill , cheers mate.

    kapfenberg now lead by 19

    think it may be a ……

  47. GAZ B 3 years ago

    26 points !!!! WD HUGGY ,
    Like ya say could have gone more but Sod’s law they woulda lost by 2!!!! Great spot , wish all 10/11 came in by that much !!!!!

  48. GAZ B 3 years ago

    Houston to win by 10+
    Clippers to win by 5+

    4/1 double, decent odds
    Just to keep some interest while watching
    No doubt I’ll get slated by all the “pros” just thought people might want to see few other people approaches , GL huggy and the rest of the regulars , and good luck all newcomers

  49. Jeanmax36 3 years ago

    Haha took all French league 2 games over 1.5 in 8 folds and only waiting on 2 now! Hope one of of them does it. Thanks Greg for pointing it out!

  50. Jordan 3 years ago

    Every chance as the next bet Gaz. Good luck.

  51. huggybear 3 years ago

    gaz b . the system

    a side opens – 8.5 favs , if they fall behind early and they drift to minus 1 or in this case plus 1.5 , i will back em as more often than not they’ll turn it round.

    worked well then

  52. Jag 3 years ago

    Houston Rockets 1Q DNB @1.5

  53. Ellis 3 years ago

    Jordan and Huggy ,

    What are you finalised tips for tonight?

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets Winning Margin 1-10 @ 7/5 and the prop bets Ellis mate.

  55. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Smaller stakes than usual but going for Rockets -7.5 @10/11

    I’m expecting the Rockets to finish the séries tonight and do it quickly. They’ve covered this spread in the two first legs when playing at home and I expect them to do it again tonight.

    GL all!

  56. Ellis 3 years ago

    Thanks Jordan’s!

  57. Jimbob 3 years ago


    Houston Rockets – 7.5 – 10/11 bet365



  58. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahahaha good luck Jimbob!

  59. Ad 3 years ago

    Greetings one and all. Going with a hopefully safe favourites treble tomorrow as there are no real attactive underdogs catching my eye.

    Pliskova d Pironkova
    Pennetta d Siegmund
    Bacsinszky d Maria

    Pays 1/1

    Might have a few bob on Zverev d Kohlschrebier at 4/1 for a bita fun too.

  60. Jag 3 years ago

    Jordan how confident are you in houston because im looking to put down a large stake tonight

  61. Jag 3 years ago

    Hmm looks like most of you guys are siding with the rockets too, might aswell go for it!

  62. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Sh*t !

    Hope I’m as lucky as Picksix when Jimbob backed his tip now ;-)

  63. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jag quietly confident (not so much now jimbob has posted) paha, just jokes. I think they’ll win but not sure on the 7 points. Dallas have played a lot better without Rondo in the squad and they’ll be fired up after the home win. If Houston win by more than 10 my bet will obviously lose, but I’ll have my main bet that I posted at the start of the playoffs a winner so it won’t be all bad. Good luck if you go on mate.

  64. Jag 3 years ago

    Haha cheers mate, good luck to you too, also have some money on Houston 1Q

  65. Picksix 3 years ago

    why jimbob why ….

    Oriaz good luck buddy hope it lands for you I think the curse of jimbob has ended he’s going for his 3rd in a row atm haha

    The crowd helped the mavs so much in the last game they were awesome was a huge factor in them winning the game , even got me pumped up haha there not going to have that in houston

    Another thing going the rockets way Is that the beard played poor last game so a big performance is on the cards for him

    Good luck again lads

  66. paul 3 years ago

    Going on likely houston over 57.5 first half points at 10/13

    Think theyl get 30 in first n another 28 so itl squeeze in.

    Final score houston 112-104 dallas

  67. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul that scoreline will do me fine!


    Clippers/Spurs correct score. Go!

  68. paul 3 years ago

    Spurs 107 – 102 clippers

  69. Jordan 3 years ago

    Interesting paul!

    I literally couldn’t guess a score if I had a gun at my head. My head hurts thinking about who’s going to win haha

  70. Picksix 3 years ago

    Clippers by 30

  71. Picksix 3 years ago

    lol it’s 90/1

  72. Juan 3 years ago

    AD im liking your tennis treble, going to add in Konjuh who had a good win over Bencic yesterday

  73. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha f*ck off picksix!

  74. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan im going doubles stakes onit haha

  75. Picksix 3 years ago

    Draft day Thursday aswell buddy will probably post a few prop bets tomorow

    Already have Amari cooper first wr drafted @ 10/11 placed it after Kevin white performed well after they combine looks like coopers heading Oakland think he’s 4/6 now

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      I know mate never watched the draft before I’m getting hype! Watched the combine though, that Kevin White looks an absolute beast! Melvin Gordon is a good price for first running back drafted. Something tells me teams will be worried about Gurleys knee injury. Not going to place any bets myself. Just want to see who the Pack draft. I’m hoping for a first round inside linebacker.

  76. paul 3 years ago

    So on the props n ht points

    All we need is a game.

    Least confident bout assist prop as only can get 7.5 as not with ladbrokes

  77. Jordan 3 years ago

    20 minutes it’ll tip off mate. Bit silly to take it if I tipped 5.5 mate but good luck to you. What total did you get for Kawhi?

  78. Picksix 3 years ago

    I know mate tbh it can drag a bit as you get a lot of guys hugging and s*it lol but still a great watch there’s always that suprise trade or pick aswell

    Ye i can’t see gurley gettin picked ahead of Gordon because of that

    Ye ive heard the cheeseheads are after a corner aswell as a linebacker be interesting to see who they draft

  79. Jordan 3 years ago

    How long does each team get for their pick mate? Yeah I reckon you might see Gordon go to the Cowboys. 2/1 you can get Gordon first back drafted but its not for me.

    Just seen my JJ Berea prop has gone from 23/20 to 4/6 @ Ladbrokes haha

  80. Jordan 3 years ago

    Putting £10 on Al-Farouq Aminu (Mavericks) to score 15 or more points @ 4/1 @ Ladbrokes. Has started the last two games for Dallas at Small Forward and scored 15 and 16 in those two games.

  81. Picksix 3 years ago

    Around 15 mins a pick in the first round mate 10 mins on the clock but by the time the commisioner comes out and announces the pick it’s around that

    It’s gets faster in the later rounds but I don’t really watch past the 3rd round

  82. Jordan 3 years ago

    3 assists in 5 minutes for JJ :D

  83. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix I think I’m right in saying Sky Sports air the first round?

  84. Jag 3 years ago

    Houston Rockets 1Q DNB @1.57 WIN :D

    Now just waiting on Rockets ML :D

  85. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye they show the first at least I think, no first round pick for the Hawks this year but can’t complain …

    Jimmy graham

  86. Jordan 3 years ago

    I know mate that is some addition. To be fair though I thought your tight end Luke Wilson played well towards the end of the season but he’s no Jimmy Graham!

  87. Jordan 3 years ago

    Barea 5 assists, Aminu 8 points. Just need Mavs to stay within 10. It’ll be big payouts either way with that double Picksix :D

  88. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye I like Luke he will certainly be involved in some plays next season and as you said improved as the season went on

    There letting the mavs back into the game hoping for a big 3rd

  89. paul 3 years ago

    Feck htpoints wrecked by wretched ft percent of 20

    Im more of a jinx than jimbob haha

  90. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul other than Harden and Brewer the Rockets are crap at the line! Don’t be so hard on yourself though mate haha, nobody is that bad.

  91. Picksix 3 years ago

    Unlucky Paul nothing worse than loosing out by a point mate

  92. paul 3 years ago

    Wheres mr assist. Hes gone off

  93. huggybear 3 years ago

    looks likw prop bet is gonna be the only


  94. Jordan 3 years ago

    JJ Barea Over 5.5 Assists @ 23/20 **WIN** Finally! 5 in the first half and 6 going into the 4th!

  95. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets by 11-15 @ 7/2 @ PP for cover (under the mrs account, cheers love). 16-20 @ 10/1.

  96. Jordan 3 years ago

    There’s 8 assists paul

  97. Jordan 3 years ago

    Putting £10 on Al-Farouq Aminu (Mavericks) to score 15 or more points @ 4/1 @ Ladbrokes. Has started the last two games for Dallas at Small Forward and scored 15 and 16 in those two games. **LOSE** 14 and fouled out!

  98. Jag 3 years ago

    Houston Rockets 1Q DNB @1.57 WIN :D

    Now just waiting on Rockets ML WIN:D

    Great night guys, made back losses i made on the footy earlier

  99. Jag 3 years ago

    Houston Rockets 1Q DNB @1.57 WIN :D

    Now just waiting on Rockets ML WIN:D

    Great night guys, made back losses i made on the footy earlier

  100. Jordan 3 years ago

    GET IN!

    Rockets Winning Margin 1-10 @ 7/5 **WIN** 103-94


    Rockets Game 1/Series Double @ EVS @ PP **WIN**

  101. Jordan 3 years ago

    GET IN!

    Rockets Winning Margin 1-10 @ 7/5 **WIN** 103-94


    Rockets Game 1/Series Double @ EVS @ PP **WIN**

  102. huggybear 3 years ago

    great shout mate..

    im on clippers -2

    v large bet

  103. Jordan 3 years ago

    Cheers bud. I would watch it but work at 9. Wish you (and Kawhi) all the best. I’ll be jumping on the Warriors Game 1 Series Double if its anything close to EVS against the Grizzlies!

  104. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Smaller stakes than usual but going for Rockets -7.5 @10/11

    *** WIN ***


    Nice last 3 pointer by Dallas to get Jordan’s win margin in aswell!

  105. Jordan 3 years ago

    My bad its 20 winners :D

  106. Phillis 3 years ago

    Cheers guys! Had my first over night winner last night

  107. oli 3 years ago

    What do you guys think of 10/1 for maayweather fight not to go the distance? Floyd wins a lot.on points and.can.easily go 12 rounds but pacman seems to always get knocked down from what iv seen of him any input welcome

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