KEI NISHIKORI is on track to secure back-to-back Barcelona Open titles on Sunday when the top seed faces Pablo Andujar in the final.

Nishikori, who eased past Martin Klizan in straight sets on Saturday, is 2-9 at William Hill to grab glory. Spaniard Andujar – who won the pair's only previous meeting on clay at the 2013 Madrid Masters – is 41-10 at 888sport.

In the WTA Stuttgart Final Caroline Wozniacki is slight favourite at 10-11 with Coral against Angelique Kerber, 23-20 at Betfair.

At the World Snooker Championships Ronnie O'Sullivan and Neil Robertson look to complete the job in their second-round matches while Judd Trump gets under way against Marco Fu.

There's also the likes of the London Marathon and day one of cycling's Tour of Turkey on Sunday so good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.

  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    Bulls ML
    Warriors -1.5

    EVS @ 365 (Half stakes)

    Just found a cunning alternative! Skybet are offering just under 11/10 for the Bulls and Warriors Total Series Games (4).

    11/10 **LOSE** Didn’t take the EVS but can’t see the Bulls winning now anyway.

    Bulls down 6 with a minute to go. Tied it to 90, Derrick Rose turns the ball over with 1 second to play, THEN leaves the wide open lay up on the buzzer for the Bucks haha

    Rule for the next round. Back against the Bulls :D

  2. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    Saturday night/Sunday morning treble from me
    Hawks +5
    Bulls +3
    Grizzlies +11
    PAYS just over evens Bet365


  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    Small prop for tonight and there is only one man for the job. Steph Curry too New Orleans to the sword the other night in his 40 point game, what’s even more incredible is that he only shot .345 FG%.

    Curry has had 40, 22 and 34 in all three games, so with my suspicion on the Warriors looking to get this tie over as soon as possible, I’ll be on the likely MVP of the season to get his total.

    Steph Curry Over 26 Points @ 5/6 @ PP £12 stake. **WIN** 27 with 4 to play in the 3rd quarter. £12 is now £22 haha

  4. Jordan 3 years ago

    39 for Curry so it was close haha

    If anyone has a bet-fair account. For some reason they are offering 4 Total Games in the Warriors/Pelicans Series @ 11/10

    11/10 **WIN** Sadly I wasn’t on this gem.

    • Brian 3 years ago

      4 Total Games in the Warriors/Pelicans Series @ 11/10

      500 @ 2.10 GSW (11/10) = 1,050
      250 @ 3.60 Pelicans = 900

      Total Stake = 750

      Guaranteed Return

      Pelicans Win = 900-750 = 150
      GSW Win = 1,050-750 = 300


      • Brian 3 years ago

        4 Total Games in the Warriors/Pelicans Series @ 11/10

        100 @ 11/10

        Result GSW win
        Total Return = 210

  5. Jordan 3 years ago

    Courtney Lee Over 9.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-fair. Noticed they do players you wouldn’t expect to have totals for. This is low for their best shooter in the first two games. **WIN** 10 points in 7 minutes of the 1st quarter!

    Don’t think I’ll get one that quick again!

  6. Jordan 3 years ago

    Huggy nice treble mate good stuff. I think you and picksix will be up for this one, maybe Attila this time?

    Spurs -6 @ 10/11 @ Various.

    Spurs head in to game four having dominated the Clippers the other night. LA started the series off with a win but have struggled as it progressed. The key signs being shown here is that their depth just isn’t as good as the Spurs, losing by 27 on the night. I expect San Antonio to cover another dominating win with the Clippers legs tiring even more on the road and take a 3-1 lead back into LA.

  7. Jordan 3 years ago

    My £10 Fun Bet from the other day.

    Celtics +11.5 WON
    Bucks/Bulls Under 198.5 LOST
    Pelicans +12.5 WON
    Wizards +2.5 WON
    Rockets +7.5 WON
    Spurs +2.5 WON
    Nets +9.5 WON
    Grizzlies +9 Grizzlies up 13 at HT.

    @ 23/2 @ Skybet (11.5/1) **LOSE**

    Kind of hurts knowing that this looks to have been blown by 1 free throw from Derrick Rose…

  8. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    As i got nice returns on Nets..i am on this double.

    Warriors v Pelicans over 208 points
    Grizzlies v Trail Blaizers over 189.5

    2.64/1 Bet365..2 points

    Lost ..Warriors game was 207 points for last 30 seconds and know more baskets.

  9. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    NBA Lettuce 8 fold (over next 3 nights) 2 points.

    Wizards +3.5..won
    Spurs +3…won
    Nets +10…won
    Bucks +12…won
    Pelicans +14.5…won
    Grizzlies +10.5…up by 12 in 3rd
    Celtics + 16.5….to play

    6.4/1 Bet365

  10. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    My Lucky Day

    Un 188 bulls * won
    Un 199 hawks * won
    Ov 206 gsw * won


    Been awhile I won when I posted here

  11. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Already on 4/4 thanks to this thread

    1.5 point returns 3.2 (stolen from Jordan)
    LOST only just

    CHI Bulls @ 1.55
    GS Warriors -1.5 @ 1.40

    1 point returns 5.5 (as part of Jordan’s acca)

    Waiting for
    Grizzlies +9
    Nets +9.5
    Pelicans +12.5

    2 points return 4.4 (pretty much the same as above)

    MEM Grizzlies +9.0 @ 1.33
    BKN Nets +9.5 @ 1.29
    NO Pelicans +14.0 @ 1.29

    Anything else worth being on tonight

    Good luck all

    Bank 34.5

    Cheers Jordan and others :-)

    8 from 9 quality tips on here

  12. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Think it was from your fun bet a few days ago.

  13. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Think it was from your fun bet a few days ago.

  14. mint 3 years ago


    cheers for the wozniacki (NAP) yesterday some price £££!!!

    What’s the thought on the final?

    • Ad 3 years ago

      Mint- nw dude. I’m thinking Wosniaki for the final but as I havent t seen Keber during this great run of hers it would be dangerous to go against Her in a big way. Home soil could work either way here I think. Tempted by over 21.5 games but will largely leave this one alone.

  15. re-invented 3 years ago

    Picksix and jordan they paid out!!!! Hahaha actually shocked that they didn’t realise thanks for the heads up guys, probably move the profit on to spurs-6 tonight if that’s what your all feeling

  16. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Cheers Jordan i got on Grizzlies o 44.5 2nd half points.

  17. Attila 3 years ago


    ***WON***. 1 – Bucks +10.5, Pelicans +13.5, Grizzlies +9.5 @ $1.95 (11 points)

    ***LOST***. 2 – Bucks +4.5 & u.188.5, Pelicans +7.5 & o.204.5, Grizzlies +3.5 & u.188.5 @ $42.12 (0.75 points)

    ***The main Acca landed giving me about 10 points profit so not too bad! Couple other low stakes bets I posted both lost tho.

  18. Picksix 3 years ago



    They paid it out at 11/10 haha somebody’s gettin sacked I think

    Golden state warriors v New Orleans Pelicans

    4 total games @ 11/10 ** WON**

  19. Picksix 3 years ago

    Re invented i was expecting a void bet after my balance didn’t change 2 hours after the game finished i thought they were inspecting it or something

    burst out laughing wen I checked just then haha

    Big thanks to jordan on that one amazing spot

  20. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    Wiz ml
    Spurs ml
    Double pays just under evens at bet365

  21. Shotty 3 years ago

    Bulls +4.5 Grizzlies +5.5 decided to go for this double tonight hope the NBA keeps earning us all money! The double pays 1.2/1 @Skybet good luck again gents


    I love the nba haha well done all on the winners once again

  22. kimmbo 3 years ago

    Am really surprised betfair paid on that 4 gamescon the gsw. Cheers Jordon! That’s easily the best tip I’ve got in years.

  23. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Blue Jays @ Rays
    Rays @ 1.9 *won*

    Braves @ Phillies
    Braves @ 1.86 *won*

    Both games over 6.5 runs @ 2.2 *lost*
    (but bet365 paid out on it anyway)

    Giants @ Rockies
    Giants @ 2.15 *won*

    So kind of a full house lol

  24. BenTen 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip Jordan, just turned 200 into 420. If i ever see you at OT i will buy you a few drinks!

  25. paul 3 years ago

    Small bet for me

    RAjastan to beat kolkata in cricket

    1130am evens at 365

  26. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Couldn’t get on yesterday but today 2 MLB matches stand out today:

    CARDINALS (Lynn must start) @ Brewers – @1.64 (or RL-1.5 @2.05). Complete polar opposites in terms of hitting, pitching, record and form. I really find it difficult to make a single case for the Brewers here. Therefore, even at short odds, consider the Cards.

    PIRATES @ D-backs – @1.74 (or RL-1.5 @2.25).
    Liriano (Pirates Ace) has been pitching really well for them this season but their hitting has not done enough yet to give him a win. I fully expect this to change today. Hellickson starts for the Diamondbacks and has been far less impressive thus far. Overall the Pirates line-up, pitching and bullpen are stronger than the D-backs and think they will complete the sweep here.

    Dazzler/Attila – Do you gents have you any thoughts on these?

    I Hope it helps with your picks and also performs better than the Mets on Friday night… sorry about that one. At least King Felix lived up to my billing of him!!

  27. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Also forgot to add that the Diamondbacks have a poor record against left-handed starters and they are up against a real tough one today in Liriano

  28. RPC 3 years ago

    Jordan thanks for that 8 fold, came in for me last night as I couldn’t get the unders in the bulls game I went over 179. Also was on Curry over 26.5 points and over 40.5 points, rebounds and assists as well as Klay over 22.5 so a good night again thanks to all the tipsters on here I have learned a lot about the game in the past couple of months.

  29. huggybear 3 years ago

    gonna try pelicans +13.5 and ova 198.5 with bulls und 195.5

    treble pays 1.76/1

    bulls end on 184 , with pelicans losing by 11 in a total of 207

    so it`s another 1.76/1 WINNER !! * 7 FROM 7 * ( BUT SMALLER STAKE ADVISED )

    MY small bet on clips u20`s was another WINNER !!!

    PROP BET ANOTHER BLOODY LOSER LOL , This gasol finished on 7 rebounds 2 short… bellend

  30. huggybear 3 years ago

    Just for the record this TAFFY is a Spurs fan , which is funny as i support ARSENAL.

    I`M gonna have to take the -6.5 tonight , personally before i post my huggy`s main bet , i can a double digit win.

    spurs are like dogs with a bone , they smell blood , Clipper blood.

    why oh why didn`t i prop curry/a davis , i blame the demon alcohol.

    p.s i`m getting fed up of all you winning , i was the main go to NBA GUY along with J and ATILA , now i`m a tiny amoeba in a vast body of water..

  31. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Cards look good for the win. Also Fiers has struggled at home, 9 innings for 13 hits and 13 runs.

    Pirates should be good for the sweep too and Hellickson is another pitcher who has struggled more at home.

    I haven’t looked through any of the other games yet, so I’m going to do that now.

  32. huggybear 3 years ago

    WELL done Jordan who won all the guys Free money from the no lose GSW game , well done all those that won.

    Dave be a wiseman , stay off footy follow the guys and your cabbage patch will blossom..

  33. Attila 3 years ago

    Garcia Lopez to beat Vesely @ $1.75

    Vesely was lucky to make the final, whereas Lopez has played tough seeded opponents on his journeys and disposed of them easily enough.

  34. Attila 3 years ago

    Too right Huggy, I feel like a lemming in this thread now, when a few months ago it was mainly just you, me & Jordan in here on out own most the time, haha

  35. huggybear 3 years ago

    guys regarding the MVP , when James `the beard` Harden wins it , you have to remember that regular season only , the votes are in and play-offs don`t count as far as i know.

    HARDEN ,mvp mvp mvp , Westbrook would have had a shout but sadly he couldn`t show case in the play-offs.

  36. Picksix 3 years ago

    The spreads are out already for the first round of the NFL there’s still 5 months before the start playing lol

  37. Picksix 3 years ago

    Haha huggy you’re still the veteran buddy and the main man

  38. Attila 3 years ago

    NBA 4-FOLD (Sunday games):

    – Celtics +15.5
    – Spurs ML
    – Wizards ML
    – Rockets +4.5

    4-FOLD pays odds of $3.00 neat (10 points returns 30 points)

  39. calacoe 3 years ago

    Is there any bookies taking bets on the mvp

  40. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Ad- going for kerbed he over even odds make her the natural choice.

  41. 4thQuarter 3 years ago

    Great tipping lads, been smashing the playoffs so far!

    Tonight I’m going for this double, which pays just under evens. Think Grizzlies are great value tonight:

    Bulls +3.5
    Grizzlies +6.5


    More of the same tonight hopefully! Playoffs have been awesome.

  42. Jordan 3 years ago

    In play. Memphis Grizzlies Over 45.5 2nd half points @ 10/11 @ 365 **WIN** 53

  43. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wow they actually paid out? Hahaha sh*t. Good job lads. Glad a few got on it.

    Also glad a few made some from the Fun Bet. One free throw killed it for me.

    Wetveg no worries mate I posted that then hit the sack so was nice waking up to see they scored 53 :D

    Still can’t believe I go the prop in the first quarter.

    Huggy, taught me everything you know haha

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      WOULDN`T have taken long LOL , obviously this is personal so i`m not asking in monetary terms but …


      from my point of view it`s well above 600%

  44. huggybear 3 years ago

    Jordan do u thnk curry will land mvp over harden ?

    well done AGAIN last night inplay

  45. Picksix 3 years ago

    Spurs it is

    San Antonio Spurs – 6 @ 10/11

    Good luck again tonight gents

  46. huggybear 3 years ago


    has to be SPURS -6

    can’t see how clippers can stay with them , and they’ll know a win here leaves the home tie to wrap it up if it goes that far.

    gonna post a treble later and an optomistic 6 fold funbet and my propbet that has no hope

  47. Jordan 3 years ago

    Not got an exact figure but its as much as that if not more mate. Gold mine. Still think Curry will win it, just because the Warriors finished first. Think I seen a poll not long ago from the people that actually vote and 88% said Curry.

  48. Jordan 3 years ago

    All aboard the Spurs train :D

  49. Picksix 3 years ago

    Not to sure about the percentages but the strike rate of the guys on here is ridiculous lol

    The so called “pro handicappers” wich you see online all usually average Around under 65%

    The strike rates on here are much higher than that

    • Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Picksix, nice comment – I don’t have enough time to follow that thread properly but it’s good to hear.

  50. 4thQuarter 3 years ago

    Just this for me tonight:

    Rockets +4
    Wizards ML

    Double @ 1.95

  51. Attila 3 years ago


    ***WON***. Garcia Lopez to beat Vesely @ $1.75

    Vesely was lucky to make the final, whereas Lopez has played tough seeded opponents on his journeys and disposed of them easily enough.

  52. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’ve just worked out that if you followed me from the start of the playoffs (last Saturday) with £100 stake on all main bets without covering, £20 on the 59/10, with the losing stakes of £20 (52/10) £50 12/10 (Treble which I advised half stakes) £50 EVS (Double which I advised half stakes last night) and £10 on the 23/2 (Which lost from a free throw miss).

    Total stake. £1450.

    Total profit. £1613.

    Bear in mind I cover on every bet I can to return stake without loss from 2/1 upwards. Doesn’t count for the main bet I posted at the start. Rockets Game1/Series Double @ EVS. Not bad for a weeks work!

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      not bad !! yeah !! that’s amazing betting . doublt I’ll ever place a footy bet again.

      Not been on that thread for at least a month to 2

  53. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Just a double and a treble for me tonight-

    Blue Jays @ Rays
    Under 8.5 runs @ 1.55

    Red Sox @ Orioles
    Over 7 runs @ 1.47

    Double @ 2.2

    Add Cardinals @ 1.66

    Treble @ 3.67

  54. huggybear 3 years ago

    Don’t forget guys 2 games are 6.00 pm and 8.30 pm

    cavs on then spurs

    spurs on national tv will want to send a messsage


    mvp really should be to the team , curry misses up steps klay , harden misses out they have d howard ( average ), be close , very surprised by 88% for curry…

  55. Attila 3 years ago

    @ Picksix – need to remember Pro’s stick to EVENS SINGLES, which is much harder than alternative spread doubles & trebles most of us do a lot of on here. But you’re right, top strike right on this thread!

  56. Picksix 3 years ago

    Atilla I know wat u mean mate it’s usually the spread with the extra 0.5 to make it an even money pick and you’re right I don’t know anywhere else where people are tipping alternative spread trebles

    Cheers mr f good work on the site

  57. Attila 3 years ago


    – Andujar +4.5 vs Nishikori 2.20
    – San Antonio Spurs -6.0. 1.92

    DOUBLE pays $4.22 (2.5 points on)

  58. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’d agree that its hard picking a single with one team to cover but I’m not sure if it’s any harder than picking a double or treble. I’d much rely on one team like tonight, than my usual doubles/trebles.

  59. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix, you see the joy I get on my alternative spread bets. Just think how well I was doing in the NFL with those :D

  60. huggybear 3 years ago

    brose baskets inplay -1.5 .. fiver

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      That’s a fiver done for .. be hell of a comeback

      20 behind

      • huggybear 3 years ago

        or maybe NOT , brose come from 20 down at ht to be losing by 2

        lol . i WANT my £4.50 profit

  61. Conor96 3 years ago

    Hey guys,

    After having a great week the past two days have been shocking for me. Hopefully can change that tonight on the NBA. Seems like you’re all on Spurs -6 so I’ll jump on that as well as two others.

    Spurs -6
    Rockets ML
    Cavs ML

    Odds: 4.19

    I really need this to come in!

  62. Picksix 3 years ago

    Agree mate hard picking that single to beat the spread everyday that’s why the best thing to do is it mix it up ht/ft alternate spreads etc

    well have to see come September mate hopefully theres more money to be made

    What do I mean hopefully I mean there WILL be more money made haha

    U seen the spreads for the first round of games yet there are already 2 winners there

    Packers – 4
    Cardinals -2.5

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      I’ll be u and jordan for the NFL .

      keep the WINNERS thread going strong

  63. Capone31 3 years ago

    Andujar over 8.5 games @10/11

    Win @4/1

  64. huggybear 3 years ago

    my losing prop is isiah thomas over 17.5 points

    huggys medium bet

    rockets ova 211.5
    raptors + 12.5
    celtics +14.5

    treble pays 1.43/1

    good luck guys

  65. Calacoe 3 years ago

    What’s peoples thoughts on the cavs game tonight

  66. huggybear 3 years ago

    sneeky feeling for cetics plus 7.5 , not got 100% confidence in the win , may just want to win it at home..

    thats only gut/guess feelings

    on that game myself so will cheering for you and hope it stays close

  67. Calacoe 3 years ago

    Thx huggy for your thoughts

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      calacoe couldn`t be more wrong , cavs opened a lead and now celtics are shooting 3`s and missing from everywhere ,

      my treble looks dead here

  68. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Cycling: Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2015 result

    WELLENS v Hermans
    GASPAROTTO v Gerrans
    Double @ 2.60 with 888sport WIN :)

    WELLENS v Hermans
    RUI COSTA v Mollema
    Double @ 2.41 with WH WIN :)

    • WildWille 3 years ago

      Well done and thx Mr Orange. Was one the last one :)))

  69. Picksix 3 years ago

    Just went back to see my record in playoffs

    13/14 lol currently 12 in a row atm only bet not a main bet was a half stakes acca wich won at 3/1


  70. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Afternoon Gents/Ladies/Vegtables

    NBA Lettuce 4 fold

    Celtics +10.5
    Spurs -4
    Wizards ml
    Rockets +3

    4/1 bet365 …5 points.

  71. Picksix 3 years ago

    Well done mr orange gonna start following them cycling tips of yours buddy

  72. calacoe 3 years ago

    thx mr orange, done it again

  73. Gbjefr 3 years ago

    Mr orange, I can’t find anywhere wellens finishing the race mate! Could you please tell were I can find full classification as neither wellens or Herman finished in the top 92

  74. huggybear 3 years ago

    Those baskets win 95-88

    So following bauru , clips u20

    It’s another WINNER !!!!

    How diverse is my bball knowledge ?

  75. Shotty 3 years ago

    Going for the Spurs -2.5 and Rockets +4.5 tonight for another evens double @SkyBet, hope the money train continues with another winner good luck again tonight guys !

  76. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    Gbjefr,Wellens finished, Hermans didn’t

  77. 4thQuarter 3 years ago

    Cavs mean business tonight.

  78. Gbjefr 3 years ago

    Cheers Mr orange , have looked everywhere for result and only found top92 finishers and neither were there , where do you check results?

  79. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix haven’t seen the spreads yet but I’ll be waiting for the draft and pre season before I place any bets for the first games. Injuries could come a cropper.

  80. Jordan 3 years ago

    Warriors will be playing Memphis in the next round if they win the series. Should see some nice low spreads and totals in that next round. Warriors to sweep?

  81. Mr. Orange 3 years ago

    google procyclingstats

  82. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    Act 2 :: hoping for the best

    Rocket – Mavs un219
    Spurs – clipp ov200
    Wiz – raptor un197

    Best of luck wit ur tips guys… @huggybear you are still the man, all of us are backing you up *winks*

  83. Jordan 3 years ago

    Prop for tonight.

    Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) Over 31.5 Points/Rebounds & Assists @ 5/6 @ 365. Clippers haven’t had an answer for him the last two games. Totals in the series would stand at 27, 35 and 37. Games in the 30’s being the last two.

    £12 only.

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      Jordan be interesting to watch the grizzlies muscle curry and thompson , and i agree you`ll probably get 5 or 6 point spreads to mull over.

      Gotta fancy gsw to put them away in 5 games 6 at the max.

      p.s isiah thomas on 13 points need 5 and he`s shot 2 from 15 in the field , what a knob.

  84. upswing 3 years ago

    fantastic mr orange!

  85. Jordan 3 years ago

    Well done on Thomas Huggy!

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      CHEERS J , whose your prop ?

      • huggybear 3 years ago

        huggys medium bet

        rockets ova 211.5
        raptors + 12.5
        celtics +14.5 WIN

        I see now j , kawhi

  86. huggybear 3 years ago

    my losing prop is isiah thomas over 17.5 points



  87. Jordan 3 years ago

    Leonard Over 31.5 Points/Rebounds and Assists.

    He has 8 of Spurs 10 haha

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      thats the start you want , gonna watch now on sky

  88. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Evening all,

    Going to chill for a bit as been a strange day, started at around 34 points and took a hammering on quite a few football games. Have then banked on three games which has returned 54 points :-)

    On a mission to get back to 100 points(may happen may not but all good fun giving it a go)

    Only needed 1 arsenal goal for another 58 points but cant win them all

    Thanks for the winners from here as gave me a bit of confidence today

  89. Attila 3 years ago

    I picked the wrong day to take Clippers. Thought about it again today but such consensus on Spurs I went with the flow. Hope they pull away soon

  90. Attila 3 years ago

    Damn Spurs, lose every time I bet on them! (My one bogie team, like Miami Heat for Huggybear, lol)

  91. Bangerang 3 years ago

    It’s only HT, pal

  92. huggybear 3 years ago

    your right mate , seems to be the same team that screw u over , i expect a different spurs side 2nd half , but clippers bench been doing well today.

    hopefully they give a good strong 3rd and open a lead , other wise that -6 is gonna be a tall order.

    berserk to think its the same players from the other night that fell 37 points behind and now lead by 4 at the interval.

    but 24 minutes is a lifetime in bball terms as u know ,tim duncan needs to go splash some water , he`s playing like a dog.

  93. Attila 3 years ago

    Yeh I know mate, but Clips are up for it today. Don’t see Spurs covering the 6 points tbh

  94. Jordan 3 years ago

    Only two quarters in basketball now!? :D

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      my sarky is back LOL , SPURS gonna explode 2nd half , clippers wont know what hit em .

      just say now ( risking major egg on face ) after tonight spurs lead 3 – 1…..

  95. Bangerang 3 years ago

    thanks huggy, i need to spend more time over here and less time in the football and horses threads.

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      more winners , less moaning and arguing and some TOP blokes , me and footy thread done for weeks ago.

      THE HOME OF THE BANTER , ask Mr cabbage for an assigned accent !!!

  96. Picksix 3 years ago

    In play bet

    San Antonio Spurs ML @ 20/23

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      hope your right ( you are ) iv`e had a dabble at spurs ml …

  97. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha I was just about to say I’m a bit gutted jimbob didn’t chip in with his Clippers +6 bet tonight!

  98. huggybear 3 years ago

    needs jimbobs backing though tbh !!

  99. Picksix 3 years ago

    I hope so huggmeister

  100. paul 3 years ago

    Sundays a dangerous day to bet on nba. Seems that lots of teams try harder on the sabbath n day of rest for big teams. Went low on spurs money line. Might go small on winning margin less than six
    I see spurs/clippers 103-101 win

  101. 4thQuarter 3 years ago

    The comeback is on! #LETSGOSPURS

  102. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    Can always really on spurs for the hack a lol

  103. Jordan 3 years ago

    No more dangerous than any other day of the week paul. This is the playoffs mate. It’s all or nothing every game.

    Leonard currently on 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Need 4 more of anything for the prop.

  104. huggybear 3 years ago

    fouling d jordan , top free thrower lol

  105. huggybear 3 years ago

    PANIC !!!!

  106. Jordan 3 years ago

    Ginobili has to be as bad as Di Maria on decision making.

  107. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hahaha I’ll panic if the Spurs aren’t winning with 2 minutes to play.

  108. huggybear 3 years ago

    Can I have my eggs poached ?

  109. Jordan 3 years ago

    See, Ginobili!

    Ok huggy.

    PANIC hahaha

  110. huggybear 3 years ago

    he runs up is head is nearly spinning and just seems to lob it anywhere..

  111. Jordan 3 years ago

    IT’s not over! CP3 is on 5 fouls. Foul out and they could be in trouble.

  112. Sfcmatty 3 years ago

    The decision making from spurs in this game is terrible

  113. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’ll go first :(

    Spurs -6 @ 10/11 **LOSE**

    • huggybear 3 years ago

      i`ll join you

      huggy`s main bet

      spurs – 6 *lose*

      and trump you

      spurs inplay ml *lose*

      you can`t in em all , 1st wrong un in 8

  114. huggybear 3 years ago

    gonna see if bauru can help me out i think ..

    spurs have shat this…

  115. Jordan 3 years ago

    Prop for tonight.

    Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) Over 31.5 Points/Rebounds & Assists @ 5/6 @ 365. Clippers haven’t had an answer for him the last two games. Totals in the series would stand at 27, 35 and 37. Games in the 30′s being the last two.

    £12 only.

    **WIN** 26 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists with 2 minutes to go.

  116. Jordan 3 years ago

    Who’s brave enough to back Houston -3 tonight??

  117. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Blue Jays @ Rays
    Under 8.5 runs @ 1.55

    Red Sox @ Orioles
    Over 7 runs @ 1.47

    Double @ 2.2 *won*

    Add Cardinals @ 1.66

    Treble @ 3.67 *lost*

  118. paul 3 years ago

    So what u doin with bauru huggy?

  119. Shaun 3 years ago

    Spurs never really got going, few moments to but never got in full swing. Any tips J or huggy for tonight’s other games?

  120. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m slightly worried on my Spurs championship bet. Not going to lie!

  121. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Will the wizards finish it off tonight or will the Raptors stay in the fight.

    Having read up a bit and correct me if I am wrong but the Raptors struggle for consistency over all four quarters whilst the Wizards cast the spell and have a more consistent game plan.

  122. Jordan 3 years ago

    Shaun the Spurs were my most confident bet of the night haha

    Wizards being backed heavy but whether that’s people chasing Spurs losses I’m not sure.

  123. Picksix 3 years ago

    Aww well

    San Antonio Spurs -6 @ 10/11 **LOSE**

    San Antonio Spurs ML inplay @ 20/23 **LOSE**

    Wining streak ended 12 in a row before today

    Cmon rockets bring home the big one ££££££

  124. Shaun 3 years ago

    Before the night started I was feeling confident on the Wizards doing the business and Hosuton also? Spurs was definitely unexpected.

  125. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix don’t hate me but I think we might be waiting a couple days for that EVS. I’m soo close on putting a stake on the Mavs.

  126. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye I’m not 100% tonight on them they should surely do the business at home

    Not a bad call mate these playoff games are never easy I can’t really remember the last time so many teams have had the chance for a 4-0 sweep in the playoffs

    My predictions
    The Wizards and rockets will both NOT win tonight

  127. Picksix 3 years ago

    Wen I say that I don’t mean they will both loose

    Just one of them


  128. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Just for interest

    1 point on to return 2.2

    Double to win
    HOU Rockets @ 1.68
    WAS Wizards @ 1.32

  129. Jordan 3 years ago

    Biting a bullet.

    Mavericks ML @ 5/4 @ 365

  130. Jordan 3 years ago

    Half stakes if you follow.

  131. Picksix 3 years ago

    I would join u on that one buddy but I just can’t go against the beard

    Brave pick that could pay off

  132. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha Dave sorry mate I saw your bet after. If you fancy it wait for the Wizards to win (if they do) then cash out and put it on the Mavericks. Or just cash out and leave it so I don’t feel like a c*nt :D

  133. Picksix 3 years ago

    Raptors getting whooped atm

  134. paul 3 years ago

    Back into profit on wizards who are surely going to get 112 though only ova 103.5 when I bet.

    STill think theyl get over 112.5 5/6 but im cashing out in profit as im chicken

  135. Jordan 3 years ago

    Surely not amazing cash out though paul?

  136. paul 3 years ago

    Also they might pull away from raptors so stickin a cheeky fiver on -15.5

    Used bet365 partial cashout so hv something to bet on for 20 quid win

  137. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wizards Over 47.5 2nd half points @ 5/6 @ 365

  138. paul 3 years ago

    Jordan I know its a stupid cash out but 2 weeks back a team needed 35 second half points n got 34. Boston I think.

    In it for the long haul so small profits day by day. Or huge loss chased from friday to saturday has taken a lot out of me

  139. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jordan lol, what will be will be. At least we will have one winner :-)

  140. Shaun 3 years ago

    Jordan they literally just increased it to over 48.5 would you still take it?

  141. Jordan 3 years ago

    Yeah only a point Shaun.

  142. Jordan 3 years ago

    Remember, we could still both lose haha

  143. Shaun 3 years ago

    Yeah I know mate aha but lets be confident ;) was a solid first half performance

  144. Jimbob 3 years ago


    Mavericks + 3 10/11 bet365


  145. Jordan 3 years ago


  146. Jordan 3 years ago

    My Mavericks ML is done for!

  147. Shaun 3 years ago

    Lool everyome lump on houston

  148. paul 3 years ago

    Oh no im definitely on rockets now haha

    JEzuS how can profit seem so depressing.

    Wizards are magic! Literally

  149. Jordan 3 years ago

    Think we’re on to a winner Shaun :D

  150. paul 3 years ago

    Well done jordan n shaun n thanks for tips this weekend … apart from man utd ova 1.5 goals …lost that but made 63 quid after being minus 360 friday night

    GAmbling eh

  151. Shaun 3 years ago

    Lool Wizards have been a beauty to watch tonight, up at 7am uk time for work so usually place bets and then head to bed but tonight I can’t take myself away from this team performance. Everyone out there is on fire tonight and has been for the series!

  152. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul less about United today the better thanks :(

  153. Jordan 3 years ago

    Need an 11 point 4th quarter Shaun haha

  154. 4thQuarter 3 years ago

    Think the Wizards part of my double is safe haha, they’re on a tear tonight.

  155. Picksix 3 years ago

    Hahahaha jimbob

  156. paul 3 years ago

    Yeah the wizards are a dark horse eh. Who they play next?

    AT least yer in champs league jordan. Im liverpool. Europa league again.

  157. Shaun 3 years ago

    Couldn’t tell ya who they will get next as dont know how next round works tbh first year following the NBA. Aha Jordan it’s been a good half agian

  158. Jordan 3 years ago

    You could still catch us yet mate! United have a few tough games to come.

  159. paul 3 years ago

    Think rockets r gonna go all out not to hv a struggle like other night. Id say mavericks might not win…jimbob.

    GOing on rocket over team total n bed. Good luck guys.

  160. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wizards Over 47.5 2nd half points @ 5/6 @ 365 **WIN**

  161. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul they’ll be playing Hawks or Nets.

  162. Shaun 3 years ago

    Get in there nice win at the end there! Can’t believe that throughout this game b365 keep favouring Toronto for every quarter anf first to 10,15,20 points.

  163. Shaun 3 years ago

    Even now with wizards 35 ahead they still got the split at 31.5, Toronto have been nowhere near wizards throughout and yet are being favoured to draw in points when it’s all one way traffic!

  164. paul 3 years ago

    Howdu think wizards hawks will go.

    Think wizards hv momentum.

  165. Shaun 3 years ago

    Only thing I would say is that wizards are resting now and going down paces as they have no need to overwork a game in the bag.

  166. Jordan 3 years ago

    We don’t know it’ll be the Hawks yet :D But a clean sweep over Toronto is quite surprising to me. They certainly have come good after having an awful run through February. I’d rather watch Wizards/Hawks over the Nets but to pick a winner between the two is a tough one.

  167. paul 3 years ago

    The best thing is let first game ride n if then lump on points f wizards lead by lots. Ive been impressed by 3 teams..


    IN no particular order.

    May be wrong but dunno why ye think mavericks will win tonight. Am I missing something

  168. Jordan 3 years ago

    Shauns comment was at max too picksix haha, I’m not sure what he’s on about either to be honest.

  169. Picksix 3 years ago

    Aw haha my bad

  170. Shaun 3 years ago

    May not be rocket science as I did understand what you meant, but there is a thing called grammar and when used it greatly helps peoples understanding of what you are trying to say.

  171. Shaun 3 years ago

    I’m lost with what your point even is anymore. Just posting odd messages with nothing to them.

    On a side note Chandler with the Alley-Oop after Hardens mistake!

  172. Picksix 3 years ago

    Who u guys backed in this game jordan,Shaun

  173. Shaun 3 years ago

    Too tough too call Picksix, I fancied Houston before but having seen the crowds input and willing on the Mav’s I can now see them winning. After an up and down day I’m not on anything for this one.

  174. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye it’s tough to call hard to bet against the beard but the mavs will Give it there all unlike the raptors earlier

  175. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul just seen your comment asking why I fancied the Mavs, it’s 3-0 to Houston, it’s all or nothing tonight, Mavericks lost by 2 points the other night, a one possession game, need a win to keep the series alive and believe it not I saw that they actually have played better without Rajon Rondo in their line up, and that’s showing right now, and also in the last game.

  176. Shaun 3 years ago

    Jordan what you reckon on another 2nd half team totals? Houston at 57.5 and Dallas 53.5. Could see the Dallas one coming In if the game stays tight and keep scoring.

  177. Jordan 3 years ago

    Mavericks up 61-53 at the half. Can be covered for stake back on Houston ML @ 17/10 @ Bet-fair.

    For max as he obviously doesn’t know the cover situation.

    £50 Mavericks ML pre match @ 5/4 @ 365 to return £112.50.

    £30 Houston ML in play @ 17/10 @ Bet-fair to return £81.

    Total stake £80 to return £81 or £112.50.

    Not rocket science ;)

  178. Jag 3 years ago

    Jordan ignore that idiot, im a student myself so you can direct your anger at me max, i for one appreciate the picks they put up here

  179. Jordan 3 years ago

    Shaun, Dallas Over 52.5 might be worth a go but I already backed them pre match on the ML mate. Not as confident as what I was on the Wizards that’s for sure.

  180. Shaun 3 years ago

    Yeah that’ll be my final little one for the night;
    Dallas Mavericks over 53.5 2nd half points.
    Only putting a small stake on it, small bit of the Wizards 2nd half winnings.

    See you all tomorrow for another fine day!!

  181. Jordan 3 years ago

    Cheers Jag, he can abuse my so called lifestyle all he likes. It’s saying my picks are from websites is what really annoys me. Without sounding like an airhead, I think even some tipsters who get paid would be surprised with the consistency of us on here.

  182. Jordan 3 years ago

    Night Shaun mate. Good luck.

  183. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets ML @ 6/1 @ Bet-fair for cover on the pre match Mavs @ 5/4.

    People giving me stick for covering need to get real.

  184. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets now 20/1 haha, haven’t scored for 9 minutes!

  185. Jordan 3 years ago

    Rockets bench has been subbed in. Game over.

    Mavericks ML @ 5/4 **WIN**

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