STAN WAWRINKA has hit a form slump in recent events and is looking to get back on track as he defends his title at the Monte Carlo Masters.

The Swiss, who suffered early defeats at Indian Wells and Miami, is 7-17 at 888sport to win his second-round match on Wednesday morning against Juan Monaco, a 9-4 shot at Sportingbet.

Rafa Nadal and Tomas Berdych are both huge favourites to get past Lucas Pouille and Sergiy Stakhovsky respectively while Sportingbet make Gael Monfils 4-6 in his clash with Alexandr Dolgopolov (7-5 at Betway).

England are now up to 8-11 at Skybet to win the first cricket Test against West Indies after losing their last five wickets for just 42 runs. They posted a first-innings total of 399, with the hosts reaching 155-4 by close of play on day two.

There's also a packed 14-game card to round off the regular NBA season. Good luck with your bets and as always feel free to post your sporting tips and chat.

  1. Jordan 4 years ago

    Wtf? Set my alarm for the end of the Pacers game to see a f*cking football score with less than 10 points in OT? Well can’t see the bet winning but it’s still going. Just thought I’d say I’m getting on the Spurs -5 in New Orleans tomorrow night. Will be battling it out all the way with Houston/Clippers for second seed.

    Spurs -5 @ 10/11 @ PP

  2. Jordan 4 years ago

    Maybe it will win :D

    Small stake on this.

    Pacers -2.5 & Over 184 Total Points @ 4/5 @ 365 **WIN**

  3. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    Cycling: Brabantse Pijl 2015 (starts 10.30)

    GALLOPIN v Leukemans
    FELLINE v Haas
    Double @ 2.26 with 365 (also available at Unibet and WH)

  4. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    I am on Mr Orange..thanks.

    What time is expected finish?

  5. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Pacers to win @1.30


    Always safer to play without HC!

    I want to take Monaco +1,5 sets but my bookie is offline for maintenance.. And I have to get to work then so no time. I hope he loses in straight sets now!

  6. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Normally between 17:23 and 17:52, lettuce (Belgium, GMT +2). Depends on it..

  7. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Cheers Thereddevils.

  8. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Bookie is back online.

    Small stakes on Gallopin top 3 @3.50
    He should be in the top 5 so let’s hope for a good result here.

    Monaco +1,5 sets @1.69

  9. huggybear 4 years ago

    Huggy`s only bet

    pacers ova 186 with the -3.5 on the spread

    pays 1.21/1

    SCRAPED A WINNER !!!! (by 1/2 a point)

    sticking a tenner on the ht spread too , with pacers -4 and hoping wall doesn`t see the court for the wizards…
    *lost* , r well WALL played entire match..

    still profit though…

  10. OriaZ 4 years ago

    Small but good card last night :-)
    I was expecting close games and they delivered!

    I thought Celtics/Raptors would go to overtime at some point as they were keeping it very tied till the end but Celtics managed to get the 2 points needed for the win.
    Wizards decided not to make it easy for the Pacers and forced the overtime but didn’t manage to win it.
    Clippers played a strong first half and Suns won the 2nd, the over came in smoothly with both teams playing to score.

    Posted yesterday:

    Single: Celtics +1.5 at home against the Raptors @ 10/11 *** WIN ***

    – Pacers -4.5
    – Clippers/Suns over 196.5

    @ just over evens. *** WIN ***

  11. OriaZ 4 years ago

    Good stuff as usual Jordan/Picksix/Huggy, looks like everyone nailed a winner!

    Too bad Celtics/Raptors didn’t go to overtime for Attila’s single.

  12. Attila 4 years ago

    OriaZ, yeah the wrong bloody game went to overtime! 2 points on the Buzzer for the Celtics screwed my Treble up as well. Pacers & Clippers both won which were the other 2 legs.

  13. OriaZ 4 years ago

    Agree with Jordan on Spurs -4.5 @ 10/11, already got a few points on it.
    Will check the others games and post something later.

  14. Dazzler 4 years ago

    Tigers @ Pirates
    Tigers @ 2.1 *won*

    Mariners @ Dodgers
    Over 2nd hits in the first innings @ 3.0 *won*

    So it was a good night last night.

  15. Juan 4 years ago

    Going for Monfils, Raonic, Federer and Svitolina in the tennis today – good luck all

  16. huggybear 4 years ago


    SPURS -5
    NETS – 8 ( HAVE TO WIN )

    Will narrow it down to 1 or 2 , might have a little prop bet as sides need the win major players will get more floor time…

  17. huggybear 4 years ago

    team news tonight is the key , see what cavs play as i might take the ht spread again , same with san antonio

    what you all thinking ???

  18. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Monaco lost in straight sets, hmm. I’m on Raonic @1.18 to win it back!

  19. NAMELESS 4 years ago

    Wow don’t think I’ve ever been as lucky on a bet as last night, the overs and handicap coming in after 2OT!! Thanks for the tips lads

  20. NAMELESS 4 years ago

    I’ve seen that huggy, unbelievable talent!

  21. Jordan 4 years ago

    Haha saw that last night. He was annoyed when he misses the 78th too. What a pro.

    Cheers lads, well done Oriaz. Spurs all the way for me.

  22. Jordan 4 years ago

    Advice for tonight boys but I thought being the brainy bunch you’ll obviously know. Stick to the teams playing for a seed or a playoff birth. Let me break it down.


    Chicago Bulls: 49-32, vs. Hawks 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 3 if they beat the Hawks OR the Raptors lose to the Charlotte Hornets

    – No. 4 if they lose to the Hawks AND the Raptors beat the Hornets

    Toronto Raptors: 48-33, vs. Hornets 7:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 3 if they beat the Hornets AND the Bulls lose to the Hawks

    – No. 4 if they lose to the Hornets OR the Bulls beat the Hawks

    Indiana Pacers: 38-43, at Memphis Grizzlies 9:30 p.m. ET

    – No. 8 if they beat the Grizzlies OR the Nets lose to the Orlando Magic

    – Eliminated if they lose to the Grizzlies AND the Nets beat the Magic

    Brooklyn Nets: 37-44, vs. Orlando Magic 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 8 if they beat the Magic AND the Pacers lose to the Grizzlies

    – Eliminated if they lose to the Magic OR the Pacers beat the Grizzlies


    Los Angeles Clippers: 56-26, already finished season

    – No. 2 if the Spurs lose to the Pelicans AND the Rockets lose to the Utah Jazz

    – No. 3 if the Spurs beat the Pelicans OR the Rockets beat the Jazz

    San Antonio Spurs: 55-26, at Pelicans 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 2 if they beat the Pelicans

    – No. 3 if they lose to the Pelicans AND the Rockets lose to the Jazz

    – No. 5 if they lose to the Pelicans AND the Rockets beat the Jazz AND the Grizzlies lose to the Pacers

    – No. 6 if they lose to the Pelicans AND the Rockets beat the Jazz AND the Grizzlies beat the Pacers

    Houston Rockets: 55-26, vs. Jazz 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 2 if they beat the Jazz AND the Spurs lose to the Pelicans

    – No. 5 if they beat the Jazz AND the Spurs beat the Pelicans; OR if they lose to the Jazz AND the Grizzlies lose to the Pacers

    – No. 6 if they lose to the Jazz AND the Grizzlies beat the Pacers

    Memphis Grizzlies: 54-27, vs. Pacers 9:30 p.m. ET

    – No. 5 if they beat the Pacers AND the Rockets lose to the Jazz; OR if they beat the Pacers AND the Rockets beat the Jazz AND the Spurs lose to the Pelicans

    – No. 6 if they lose to the Pacers; OR if they beat the Pacers AND the Rockets beat the Jazz AND the Spurs beat the Pelicans

    New Orleans Pelicans: 44-37, vs. Spurs 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 8 if they beat the Spurs OR the Thunder lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves

    – Eliminated if they lose to the Spurs AND the Thunder beat the Timberwolves

    Oklahoma City Thunder: 44-37, at Timberwolves 8:00 p.m. ET

    – No. 8 if they beat the Timberwolves AND the Pelicans lose to the Spurs

    – Eliminated if they lose to the Timberwolves OR the Pelicans beat the Spurs

  23. Dazzler 4 years ago

    I’m on these doubles for tonight, alternative totals @ bet365. Individual prices there for info.

    Phillies @ Mets
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.47
    D’backs @ Padres
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.55

    Double @ 2.29

    Marines @ Dodgers
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.37
    Rockies @ Giants
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.46

    Double @ 2.01

    Click my name for reasoning.

    Good luck everyone.

  24. Attila 4 years ago

    @ Dazzler – I like your website mate. I’ve been getting into (learning) the MLB a bit and whilst I havn’t yet put any bets on it i’ve been watching yours and you’re doing quite well.
    Teams seem to be getting into their groove now after a few matches so I might start having a bit of a go at it.
    Cheers man

  25. Attila 4 years ago

    Thinking of the following 8-Fold just for the fun of it:

    – OKC
    – Rockets
    – Spurs
    – Nets
    – Raptors
    – Bulls
    – Cavs
    – GSW

    Pays $6.41 (or $8.00 for me with 25% acca bonus from my bookie)

    Anyone see any bogies in there? The 1st 6 listed are all based on Jordans research/advice, and then Cavs & GSW are in there cos I dont think they’ll lose.

  26. Picksix 4 years ago

    Good stuff again last night

    Oriaz good call on the celtics

    Pacers ht/ht. @ 10/13 **LOST**

    Raptors ht/ celtics ft @ 9/2 **WON**

    Agree with ure thoughts on the Spurs boys gonna have a bit of that I think

    Gonna post a few bets tonight and make the most of it

  27. Picksix 4 years ago

    Jordan good write up mate

  28. Jordan 4 years ago

    Grizzlies being given +1.5 at home when they need to win? Wow. Marc Gasol must be God. Think this is a decent bet. Very nearly upset the Warriors after a 30 point lead came down to 4. Gasol and Conley questionable with Tony Allen out. Putting a small stake on it. Pacers will only progress if they win and Nets lose which I don’t think either will happen.

    Memphis Gizzlies +1.5 @ 10/11 @ PP

  29. Jordan 4 years ago

    Copy and paste job boys but vital for tonight.

  30. Jordan 4 years ago

    Attila I’ll be going for something similar to that when the alternates come out @ 365. Only one I’d worry about are the Bulls but it depends what the Hawks line up is like. I’ve noticed although playoffs are sealed for some teams, the coaches like to keep the players in rhythm.

  31. anasewhiz 4 years ago

    You guys won’t believe wat happend too me last nite… Still can’t believe it..

    Did the following bets ::

    Raptors ht/ celtcis ft (picksix)
    Clipper-Suns ova
    Pacers ova

    Was sooo happy.. Shouting boom boom

    Only too check and discover I accidentally picked pacers under… I think I pulled out a lot of hair dis mrng

  32. Jordan 4 years ago

    Anasewhiz, I swear you do this every bet you place?

  33. Attila 4 years ago

    As for Singles, im looking at taking the points on the following 2 games and hope for opposite number to take foot off in the 4th:

    – Nuggets +12 vs GSW ($1.92)
    – Hornets +11 vs Raptors ($1.92)

    I might even Parlay these 2 together as and put 10 points on it as a DOUBLE paying $3.69

  34. Dazzler 4 years ago

    Cheers Attila. The thing with having the blog is you can see if anyone is reading the reasoning and it’s kinda nice to know that people are reading it.

    Yeah the teams are still finding their feet as there are a few, like the Red Sox, who have made major changes and then teams, like the ones on my no bet list that should be dominating but just aren’t performing, like the Nationals.

    It’s great a bit further on in the season, as it’s a real stats based game and the ESPN and mlb websites are great. You can read through the previews of the games and then look at the pitching, hitting stats etc. Can be time consuming though. All the games are streamed on bet365 now as well, not sure if that’s the same where you are though.

  35. Jordan 4 years ago

    Agree with Attila Dazzler that’s a nice blog you’ve got going there. My money lies in other places when the football and NBA are on but will probably start following again when both are finished and the season is underway a bit more. Keep up the good work though mate.

  36. Dazzler 4 years ago

    Cheers Jordan.
    I’ll keep writing it if people keep reading. The teams all need a few more games yet before we really see where things are.
    Most pitchers are just starting their second games in the rotation now but plenty of time to find so mismatches with another 155 games for each team to go.

  37. Picksix 4 years ago

    lol messi to hit the woodwork 13/2 at paddys

  38. Picksix 4 years ago

    Liking this treble can’t see any additional point spreads atm but looking at the current spreads it should be something like this

    Grizzlies +9/10
    Cavs ML
    Rockets ML

    Should be EVS

    Sounds preety safe to me

  39. Jordan 4 years ago

    Boys PP have screwed up on the Memphis spread again. SBR has the opening spread @ Memphis -1.5, I can guarantee it’ll come out on 365 at Memphis -3 or more.

    Memphis +1.5 still available @ PP or 11/10 on the ML.

  40. Jordan 4 years ago

    Bucks -3 should be Bucks -6.

    Spurs -5 (now 5.5)
    Memphis +1.5
    Bucks -3

    Treble is a shade short of 6/1 @ PP

  41. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ok maybe not -3 but Memphis will be – instead of + like @ PP.

  42. Jordan 4 years ago

    Bucks now -6. This guy at PP is an amateur!

  43. Jordan 4 years ago

    Memphis now -2 @ PP :)

    Sorry for the posts but it’s the second time this week PP have screwed up. Fantastic.

  44. mlac 4 years ago

    barca dc
    bayern dc
    spurs -3
    cavs -3
    raptors -3
    Thunder -10


  45. Mr. Orange 4 years ago

    Cycling: Brabantse Pijl 2015 result

    GALLOPIN v Leukemans
    FELLINE v Haas
    Double @ 2.26 LOST :(

    Crap! Haas finished one place in front of Felline

  46. OriaZ 4 years ago

    I saw that Mr. Orange! Bad luck :( … bet Haas’s front wheel was 5 cm in front of Felline’s … lol.

  47. Harry 4 years ago

    Delhi daredevils

    11/8 1pt

  48. Jordan 4 years ago

    SS as posted this morning is Spurs -5 but best -5.5 now.

    Nets -1.5
    Raptors -2.5
    Rockets -3.5

    11/10 @ 365 (£50)

    Add Spurs +2.5 @ 17/10 (Four fold) (£25)

    Add Thunder -5.5 @ 24/10 (Five fold) (£25)

    Smaller Bets

    Grizzlies +1.5 @ 10/11 @ PP (£11)

    Grizzles +1.5/Spurs -5.5/Bucks -3 @ 6/1 @ PP (£5)

    Nets -1.5
    Raptors -2.5
    Rockets -3.5
    Spurs +2.5
    Thunder -5.5
    Bulls ML
    Grizzlies +9

    @ 46/10 @ 365 (£10)

  49. Jordan 4 years ago

    That Memphis spread has gone from Memphis -3 to Pacers -1 in an hour and now going back out to Memphis -1. Hard to keep up!

  50. thereddevils 4 years ago

    Small stakes on Gallopin top 3 @3.50
    He should be in the top 5 so let’s hope for a good result here.


    He was in the top 5 but 4th… That’s really unlucky if you ask me :D

  51. Harry 4 years ago

    Delhi daredevils

    11/8 1pt

    CASH OUT for profit and put it on punjab at 11/10

  52. paul 4 years ago

    Free bet from 365 maybe do full nba acca

  53. huggybear 4 years ago





    HUGGY`S MAIN BET #3 ( well it is the last night )

    ptb ova 201 ,thunder highest scoring 1/4 , rockets highest scoring 1/4 , nuggets +16 , hornets und 203 , pays 3.62/1



  54. Jordan 4 years ago

    Like those huggy and agree on Atlanta. They won’t want to risk any injuries for the weekend.

  55. huggybear 4 years ago

    jordan , a man in the know would make a killing , team news leaves us guessing constantly .


    (probably hit a bad patch and look like tits)

  56. huggybear 4 years ago

    p.s seen your bets , be cheering them on in work for you mate

  57. Jordan 4 years ago

    Haha same mate fingers crossed for both of us!

  58. anasewhiz 4 years ago

    @jordan… WOW, rily.. Raised eyebrow.. Tks 4 d heads up !! NOTED:: Sealed lips..

  59. Shotty 4 years ago

    Attila if your about the snooker fourfold you posted a few days ago is looking good! Thought Maffin was going to let it down but hes turned it right around

  60. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    Jordan what do you think of Cavs, Spurs and Nets all on double result at just over 3/1??

  61. Picksix 4 years ago

    Aw well might as well go for it

    Grizzlies + 7
    Spurs + 2.5
    Rockets – 3

    Treble @ 10/11

    San Antonio Spurs ht/ft @ 20/21

    Rockets ht/ft
    Raptors ht/ft
    Double @ 6/5
    Add Spurs ht/ft @ around 7/2

    And a longshot bet mix of everyone’s picks tonight
    Nets – 8
    Grizzlies ML
    Spurs – 5
    bulls -6

    @ 12/1

    Smaller bets

    Ht Indiana ft grizzlies @ 9/2

    Ny knicks ML ; ) @ 7/2

    Good luck tonight lads

  62. Jordan 4 years ago

    Alty Cavs don’t need to win but Washington on b2b road games, from double overtime, should be fairly ok.

  63. Jordan 4 years ago

    Haha go on Picksix!

  64. Juan 4 years ago

    Monfils Raonic Federer Svitolina nice winner hope some were on. Big nite of NBA ahead ill be following all the regulars, good luck all

  65. aj 4 years ago

    I see the resident NBA tipsters backing Spurs and Nets on the spreads. Presumably a ML double paying about 4/5 @ PP should be pretty safe?

  66. Jordan 4 years ago

    Wouldn’t shy you away from that aj

  67. aj 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Jordan. I won some on your Barca tip (Thanks) and got Burton DC in play so I will reinvest a small amount for the late night fun!

  68. Attila 4 years ago

    ***POSTED 36 HOURS AGO***

    SNOOKER TIPS – Wolrd Championship Qualifiers Round of 32;

    3 Points 4-FOLD:
    – Graeme Dott (Tue & Wed 11am)
    – Mark Davis (Tue & Wed 11am)
    – Kurt Maflin (Tue & Wed 5pm)
    – Robin Hull (Tue & Wed 5pm)

    ***WON*** 4-FOLD pays odds of $4.36

    ***An epic wait for the split day 19 framers but worth it. Maflin came back from 3-6 down to win 10-9. Love a nice value win on the green :-)

  69. Jordan 4 years ago

    No worries aj, nice win Attila.

  70. paul 4 years ago

    Lasc day of regular nba season

    HAve won bucketloads thanks to ye so tonight im on

    RAptors over 103 10/11
    SPurs over 99,5 5/6
    Pistons over 101 5/6

    Free bet 15quid returns 100

  71. Shotty 4 years ago

    Great shout Attila i was on it, tense finish!

  72. Jordan 4 years ago

    Per #Cavs head coach David Blatt, LeBron James will rest tonight. Kyrie Irving will play “a little.” #WizCavs

  73. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Good Luck all in the final round of NBA regular games.

    Bulls -5
    Raptors Ml

    11/10 bet365…..9 Points

  74. Picksix 4 years ago

    Thomas and Bradley being rested for Boston

    Do I smell a bet on the bucks

  75. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    NBA Lettuce Long Shot

    Thunder -7
    Knicks +14
    76Ers +6.5
    Rockets -7
    Wizards +12.5
    Pacers +5
    Kings +8
    Spurs +2.5

    15/1 bet365

  76. Picksix 4 years ago

    All bucks starters playin but minutes being limited

    Gonna add this one too
    Milwauke bucks – 3 first half handicap @ 10/11

  77. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Nice one picsix..where do you get your very latest team news? Thanks

  78. anasewhiz 4 years ago

    Well after a day like this… Esp with the playoffs dis weekend.. I think anything goes..

    Just a thot;

    Spurs over 99pts (nba)
    Kings under 101pts (nba)
    Kansas city win (mlb)
    Dodgers under 9.5 (mlb)

    All the best too you guys…

  79. Attila 4 years ago

    SHOTTY – Glad you were on it mate! Tightest finish ever, great stuff tho!
    Ill post more for the next few days too.

  80. Jordan 4 years ago

    Hope so Picksix!

  81. the wet lettuce 4 years ago

    Sod it seen as its my 1st final regular season on NBA…im having another blast on this…nothings a banker but this looks close (famous last words lol)

    Bulls ml
    Bucks ml
    Thunder ml
    Nets ml
    Rockets ml
    Warriors ml

    2.2/1 bet365

  82. Picksix 4 years ago

    Lettuce I mainly just use Twitter mate but rotoworld is a good website as well but it’s mainly for injures players being rested appear quite late

  83. Picksix 4 years ago

    Good luck to all tonight again
    looks like we’re all making the most of tonight’s action and placing extra bets hopefully it pays off

  84. Jordan 4 years ago

    Picksix Messi hit the woodwork by the way haha

  85. Attila 4 years ago

    This is impossible. Ive no idea which game/s to watch? LOL. Threw a sickee from work today so I could stay at home and watch and here i am with 10 different pop out windows, lol

  86. Jordan 4 years ago

    I can’t look an Anthony Davis without thinking he’s one of those aliens from Men In Black inside a humans body hahaha

  87. Jordan 4 years ago

    Welcome to my world Attila haha, I’ve got the Spurs, Thunder, and Rockets games going. 42 in LED TV and a 20 inch LED monitor being put in full use.

  88. paul 4 years ago

    Treble looked ok but spurs dont want to know yet

  89. Jordan 4 years ago

    Ouch. A Pelican just bit my arse.

  90. Jordan 4 years ago

    The Thunder have just score 47 points in the first quarter. That’s a franchise record. Shame it’s going to mean f all when the Spurs lose.

  91. Emeka 4 years ago

    all 1am NBA to go over surely raining points.

  92. paul 4 years ago

    Yes emeka all except spurs they cudnt be arsed. In for heavy loss. 120-91 so I guess the game will go over

  93. Picksix 4 years ago

    Lol Jordan i should’ve jumped on that tbh completely forgot to bet it in the end was researching the NBA games

    Spurs + 9.5 in play are they gonna concede defeat or get back into this

  94. Jordan 4 years ago

    Rockets 3rd Quarter ML @ 20/21 @ Ladbrokes. Need to try and win back this Spurs stake haha

  95. Attila 4 years ago


    ***WON*** – Hornets +11.0 vs Raptors @ $1.92

    Thats the first of my singles landed :-) Just need Nuggets to stick with GSW later on to make it a great day

  96. danny 4 years ago

    well, spurs had to ditch us all one day

  97. Attila 4 years ago

    Why would anyone write the Spurs off? Probably the strongest 2nd half finishers along with the Warriors. This will go down to the wire.

  98. Jordan 4 years ago

    You’re a fine one to talk on writing bets off Attila mate haha

  99. danny 4 years ago

    pelicans playing a blinder

  100. Jordan 4 years ago

    Danny they are mate. Too much of a blinder for my liking!

  101. Picksix 4 years ago

    Nets +2.5 4/5

  102. Attila 4 years ago

    haha, yeah i know

  103. Attila 4 years ago

    Patty Mills, another great Aussie export. Great to see him back and over his injury in time for the play offs.

  104. Jordan 4 years ago

    Phew haha

    Rockets 3rd Quarter ML @ 20/21 @ Ladbrokes. Need to try and win back this Spurs stake haha

    **WIN** 28-25

  105. Attila 4 years ago

    back to 8 points, i reckon Spurs in with a good chance to win this.

  106. Picksix 4 years ago

    Ye they gotta chance I need it to stay within 9 for my inplay bet and keep it with inside 2 for one of my trebles

  107. Picksix 4 years ago

    There +6.5 inplay atm would reccomend pple to jump on that

  108. Jordan 4 years ago

    Pop playing hack-a-Asik now hahaha

  109. Attila 4 years ago

    Spurs have just gone to $hite again. Hopefully they just start hitting 3’s

  110. Attila 4 years ago

    Didn’t post it before but im on:

    – Grizzlies +2.5
    – Nuggets +11.5
    – Lakers -3.0

    Treble odds are $7.07 but i’ve taken it as a TRIXIE which pays around $5.00 but get money back if 1 leg loses.

  111. Attila 4 years ago

    If Spurs dont win its gonna let down 2 or 3 decent Acca’s i’ve got on which would have paid a motza! Argh!

  112. Attila 4 years ago

    How did the Bucks get beaten so badly?

  113. Attila 4 years ago

    C’mon Spurs, two 3 pointers to take it to overtime!

  114. Picksix 4 years ago

    In play bets

    Spurs +9.5 @ 5/6. **WON**

    Nets + 2.5 @ 5/6. ** WON**

  115. Picksix 4 years ago

    Correction nets + 2.5 was 4/5

  116. Jordan 4 years ago

    F*cking Davis unibrow c*nt. So close to a decent night.

    SS as posted this morning is Spurs -5 but best -5.5 now. **LOSE** Not a big deal.

    Nets -1.5
    Raptors -2.5
    Rockets -3.5

    11/10 @ 365 (£50) **WIN**

    Add Spurs +2.5 @ 17/10 (Four fold) (£25) **LOSE**

    Add Thunder -5.5 @ 24/10 (Five fold) (£25) **LOSE**

    Smaller Bets

    Grizzlies +1.5 @ 10/11 @ PP (£11) **PENDING UP 13 in the 2nd**

    Grizzles +1.5/Spurs -5.5/Bucks -3 @ 6/1 @ PP (£5) **LOSE**

    Nets -1.5 WON
    Raptors -2.5 WON
    Rockets -3.5 WON
    Spurs +2.5 LOST
    Thunder -5.5 WON
    Bulls ML WON
    Grizzlies +9 PRNDING

    @ 46/10 @ 365 (£10) **LOSE**

    In play win on the Rockets 3rd quarter @ 20/21 (posted) got stakes back so not great but better than an abysmal loss. If Spurs covered the +2.5 it could have been a slight bash, shame I had more faith in them over OKC (no idea why, I’m a doofus).

  117. Jordan 4 years ago

    You said +6.5 Picksix! Still covered though haha, well done mate.

  118. Attila 4 years ago

    Awesome – Thought all my Acca’s were down but just discovered an 8-Fold Handicap Acca I placed with odds of $185 still alive. I’ve got $4 stake on it to return $740.

    6 from 8 landed so far (Hornets +10.5, OKC -13.5, Nets -7.5, Hawks +6.5, Heat +2.0, Mavs -7.5).

    Just need the Grizzlies +1.0 (currently leading by 13 pts) and Nuggets +11.5 for a massive PAYDAY :-)

  119. Jordan 4 years ago

    Wtf? I’ve been given an extra £90 from somewhere??

  120. Jordan 4 years ago

    Oh my f*ck! Nets covered! I wondered wtf that was from hahaha, huggy I could kiss you.

    • huggybear 4 years ago

      would have been an epic nights 3 main bets

      nets -8 cover

      bulls blow it by 1/2 a point 91-85

      glad u had that jordan they needed the win badly..should have gone big for that reason

      • Jordan 4 years ago

        I know mate but went just as big on the Spurs. My hindsight downfall was that the Pelicans needed the win just as much but the Spurs very nearly pulled it back. At least we have a couple days off now to research the match ups. Might get a nice progress to the next round acca up if the markets become available. Right work at 9 lads night all and well done on the winners.

  121. Picksix 4 years ago

    Jordan I had them + 9.5 at Half time mentioned it a few posts up from the + 6.5 was just letting u know that it was still a generous spread wen they were only 8 down

    And as u said it coped anyway so hope pple jumped on that

    looks like we both got our money back from the Spurs anyway with your rockets bet winning

  122. Attila 4 years ago

    LOL yeah I know Jordan…they blitzed it at the end. Im shocked that so many ended up covering. Big 4th quarters – home court advantage in full swing today.

  123. Picksix 4 years ago

    Jordan that Memphis bet looking good mate

  124. Jordan 4 years ago

    Picksix I know mate but I only bloody put £11 on it haha, couldn’t care less to be honest with the Nets covering. That’s the trouble with too many accounts sometimes, forgot I’d even put a stake on them on my WillHill account. F*ck the Spurs haha, Go Nets! Slightly annoyed I had to bet in play as I could have lost out hard and I fancied a total tonight (Cavs/Wizards) but thought it didn’t mean f all and I wouldn’t have been following my own advice. A better first half for the Spurs could have made the night better but hey ho Barca Over 1.5 team goals got me enough. today.

    On to the playoffs!

  125. Jordan 4 years ago

    Yes and no Attila mate but if you look at my advice given today, a fair bit of it made sense. Raptors needed a win, won, Nets needed a win, won, Bulls needed a win, won, Rockets needed a win, won, Thunder needed a win, won, Pelicans and Spurs needed a win (my downfall) and Memphis need a win, winning. Typical the one I bloody pick fails haha

  126. Picksix 4 years ago

    Ure right mate F*ck the Spurs I would’ve been in for huge profit if they started off well and went on to win those inplay bets done the job tho and I had a 6/5 winner from my posts earlier so it’s all good had to make the most of the last round of matched

    Huggy unlucky on the Bulls bet nothing worse than loosing by half a point ide prefer the Hawks to win by 20 than to loose out by a half point

    GS to win the championship and bring home the bacon

  127. Attila 4 years ago

    Come on Denver, thats the way, keep it tight! Dont do me out of my $750! (if this lands btw, it will be my biggest odds bet ever won – $185 odds. Wish i put more than $4 on it now, lol).

  128. Jordan 4 years ago

    Warriors or Spurs mate. Think the Warriors play Pelicans and Spurs will get the Clippers so a tough match up but one they should get through.

    Dynamo Kiev
    Club Brugge

    All to score tomorrow pays 9/10 @ Ladbrokes if you’re interested boys.

    Night all.

  129. Attila 4 years ago

    Seeya Jordan, looking forward to the playoffs!

  130. Jordan 4 years ago

    Skybet giving Warriors 3/1 and Spurs 7/2 EW @ 1/3 of the odds to two places (EVS win for a place in the final). I’ve got Warriors @ 9/2 and Spurs @ 5/1 EW.

  131. Jordan 4 years ago

    Bigtime Attila! Night mate.

  132. Jordan 4 years ago

    Warriors/Nuggets Over 106.5 2nd Half Total Points @ 5/6 @ 365

    Couldn’t resist. Massive first scoring half. Denver 2nd half team total Over 50.5 looks a good bet too at the same price.

  133. Jordan 4 years ago

    Memphis +1.5 @ 10/11 **WIN**

    Said the ML @ 11/10 was a decent bet but a win is a win.

  134. Alty Adam 4 years ago

    Any in-play tips on the Warriors game anyone?

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