Final standings: Danny £0 (7), David £821.50 (11)

DAVID SMITH of Airdrie is the first person through to the last eight of the Ladbrokes head-to-head tipster contest.

He had much of his £1,000 betting pot intact when Danny Taylor of Perth, Australia, blew his remaining £243 on a fourfold that was beaten Braunschweig.

David placed 11 bets – the last of which was a both teams to score double on matches at Watford and Dundee.

The second tie between Mark Talbot, Manchester and Chris Ford, Stirling starts on Sunday at midnight. I hope you’re ready guys.

I posted up the rules previously but just to make sure everything is in order and easy to follow I’ve re-capped them below again.

  • All players will start their games with a mythical £1,000 betting fund and you can stake from £50 to £1,000 on any football bet provided Ladbrokes have priced it up.
  • Stakes have to be quoted as do all prices and they have to be Ladbrokes’ odds. If you’re backing an accumulator please provide the individual odds as well the combined odds. Perms are not allowed. In-running bets are not allowed. And bets must only be on football.
  • You can bet on any football market provided by Ladbrokes but winnings won’t be allocated if no price is quoted. All tips must be posted before the start of the relevant event, for example by 2.59pm for a 3pm kick-off.
  • Each person must over the course of the week-long contest must place a minimum of 20 bets so the £1,000 stake is utilised. This is to prevent a contestant sitting on his pot. Minimum take £50.
  • Single or accumulated odds must be 1-4 or above.
  • You cannot copy exactly the same bet as your opponent. You can however include the same bet in an accumulator that includes at least one different selection.
  • The winner will be the person who has accumulated most winnings, including stakes, by the deadline for the tie. But if one of the players loses his £1000 pot before the deadline his opponent will be declared the winner. Winnings can be staked so if your pot increases above £1,000 you have that money to play with. Stakes will be included in winning bets.
  • In the unlikely event of a draw in any of the tipping head to heads there will be a tiebreak contest to decide the winner.
  • All bets must have been settled by the close of the competition, i.e. by 23:59 on the Sunday evening otherwise the bet will be declared void.
  • In the event of any disputes Mr Fixit’s decision will be declare void.

Although there are prizes up for grabs please remember this is also a bit of fun.

Remaining ties

Week commencing 18th Feb: Chris Guy v Cammy McDonald, Livingston

Week commencing 25th Feb: Halid Abdul, Uganda v Al, Blackburn

Week commencing 4th Mar: Craig Alves v Marc, Newcastle

Week commencing 11th Mar: Joe Gallacher v Scott MacLeod, Livingston

Week commencing 18th Mar: Milesey v Sharon McDonald.

Week commencing 25th Mar: Al, Peterhead v Steve, Troon

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  1. Danny 5 years ago

    I hope a get past the first game Braunschweig strong at home only lost 1 all season but Aalen arnt too shabby away taking 17 points from 30 so far

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Danny, for the first time in my life I’ll be watching the Braunschweig game carefully.

      • Danny 5 years ago

        Al be doin the same thing Paul a hate they websites with all the ads and buffering so al have it on bet365 pitch view thats usauly good part from the madness in the Paulista game

        cheers Craig mate would be nice too pull it of will be alsorts of ups and downs over the weekend just incase it happens ave got 4 quick fire bets wrote down for early doors saturday

        • Milesey 5 years ago

          Looking at what you have done, i think Watford could be the ones who will let you down if any team does, if they win then i think you will be fine with the rest.

          So Goodluck !


          • Danny 5 years ago

            cheers Milesey the reason for Watford was for the odds to boost winnings up hope a dont regret it also I get a bit of hope from Palace not winning away since november stats like that have to change at some point right enough

            • Milesey 5 years ago

              That was my thinking, at some point Palace are going to hit some kind of away form, just hope it’s not tonight. Palace not even scored away in 2013. Added incentive tonight though is that they win they go into 2nd place in the league.


              • Milesey 5 years ago

                Think it’s one for the BTTS market though, but as i say Palace not scored away this current year, but these teams are still the highest scorers in the championship.

                This match pits the two highest scorers in the division; Palace have netted 52 goals in 30 outings, Watford 58.


  2. leon peet 5 years ago

    how do I enter the tipping contest?

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      A NEW Sports
      Betting Game
      from Paddy Power

      You’ve got 10 days to turn
      100K into 1 Million.


      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 5 years ago

        Milesey, I’ve seen, looks interesting. I was planning to ask the Paddy Power guys if we could do anything with for the site users, for example have people playing it like a fantasy football league.

        • Milesey 5 years ago

          I was looking at playing it yesterday, and had another peak at it today, but think if you want to earn the full amount on there, you have to start off with £500 deposit.

          I might do it, think you can enter at anytime, then have the 10 days from when you enter to reach the 1 million mark, so maybe when i get alittle more time i’ll look at it in abit more depth.


          • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
            Mr Fixit 5 years ago

            Milesey, what’s the minimum deposit then? We’ll have a look at this.

            • Milesey 5 years ago

              I believe it’s free to enter but then you can’t win anything, your just playing the free version with play money… You can deposit £5/£10/£15 ……..etc and then you can actually make yourself some money.


              • Milesey 5 years ago

                If you deposit £5, you can win £125, if you deposit the max £500, you can win £12,500.00, if you reach the 1 million bankroll.


                • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
                  Mr Fixit 5 years ago

                  Milesey, I wonder what’s the most they’ve paid out in real money. I’m sure we could do a kid-on one as a mini league with prizes. I’ll put it to them some time.

                • Milesey 5 years ago

                  hahahaha, no one can build much on their thousand at the moment, so wouldn’t like their chances of trying to get to a million in 10 days 😉 😉


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Leon, as I said the other day you missed the deadline. Might do another next season if this one works well.

  3. Craig23_50 5 years ago

    Good luck Danny lad I hope ya pull it off cos then it will be a good crack to see what happens over the weekend I will be cheering ur teams all the way tonight :-)

  4. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Id prob to get the £1 million in 5 days no bother although others may struggle :-)

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      hahahaha, get your £500 on there then and have ago 😉 😉


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, have you seen Hill’s goal time coupon? If you have do you think they should paying out on a goal in the last 20 minutes if they accept bets until the 70th minute when the time is 69mins 26secs?

  5. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Not seen the coupon Paul. To answer your question its a bit of a tricky one to be fair. If I back a team to be winning by 30 mins then its up to and including the 30th minute ie 30:00 or it could be easier to say 29:59. 30:01 would be classed as the 31st minute I would say.

    If they are taking bets up to and including 70 mins then the bet really has to be placed before this time. Up to and including the 70th minute would be 69:59 or 70:00 to be precise.

    As far as I’m concerned placing a bet in 69 mins and 20 secs is in the 70th minute so a bookie could argue that the bet had to be placed before 68:59 or 69:00 to be precise as 69:01 has gone into the 70th minute therefore 69:26 is in the 70th minute.

    You could argue it either way. Is it a problem with a pay out. If this was the case its a bit harsh over 26 secs. I’d argue I was waiting ages to get served.

    When you say 69 mins 26 seconds is this the time the bet was placed or the time the goal was scored?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, I agree with you but it is slightly ambiguous. It’s a query about the non-payout rather than when it was placed. I’ll see what Hills say.

  6. Guido 5 years ago

    Ive gotta hunch that line of yours might just come in tonight Danny!
    I put a few bob on Paulista the other night as well…checked the score and it had them scoring in the 90th minute…winning 1-0game over..I went to kip. I laughed to masel/Dannys jammy/ paulsaid the very same thing goal in 93rd minute. Got up in morning to check account and it was down as a loser..0-0??!!..someone musta f&7ed up the night before?? Did u se that?

    Anyway good luck…make an interestin weekend if it comes in

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Guido, goal was chalked off for pushing or something like that but seemed a harsh decision. I think Danny’s got a chance but I slightly worry about Watford.

      • Danny 5 years ago

        am tryin ae stay up fur the 4 fold Paul but a wis on skype tae aw the Faifley clan fur hours which in turn led me to a nice single malt an aboot 10 lager so the eyes ur a tad heavy

        • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
          Mr Fixit 5 years ago

          Danny, you might wake up with a nice surprise.

          • Danny 5 years ago

            all defos be up fur first game so if the germans get beat thel be no need ae stay up in the past ave done no bad on friday nyt fitbaw so weel see how it goes

            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 5 years ago

              Danny, 20 mins to go. I’ve done an acca with Monaco and Kaiserslautern but not the other two.

  7. Danny 5 years ago

    cheers a hope yer right Guido it will make for a good saturday n sunday on the site alsorts a ups n downs a was up early doors watchin the paulista game when it went 1-0 93rd minute a wis on the site geein it yasss kapow kapow kapow 10 seconds later 0-0 finished lookin like a whopper not that its anythin new right enough lol

  8. Danny 5 years ago

    mon eintracht get the finger oot

  9. Danny 5 years ago

    Aalen 1-0 penalty 45th minute…they think its all over

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      is one of your games on now Danny ?


  10. Danny 5 years ago

    aye Milsey top of the ladder Eintracht gettin beat 0-1 at home courtesy of a 45th minute penalty for Aalen

  11. Danny 5 years ago

    excuse the mistake in your name keyboard is wasted

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Danny, I’m on the train (waiting for my car to arrive) so by the time I get home you could be out – but hopefully not.

  12. Milesey 5 years ago

    No worries Danny….. didn’t know your games were starting this early, i’ll have a watch in the 2nd half.


  13. Danny 5 years ago

    Well Done David in easing your way through the first round of the competition wish you all the best in the rounds to come Good Luck Mate

  14. david smith 5 years ago

    BET 11

    £200 btts watford @ 4/6 and dundee @ 5/6

  15. david smith 5 years ago

    danny when are your games in europe starting tonight

    hadnt heard of one of the german teams

    what league are they in

  16. Milesey 5 years ago

    ha ha ha…. Think you will find Danny is done, poor luck he has had !


  17. Willie McGuire 5 years ago

    Eintracht Braunschweig 1-1 ….game over.

    1st time theyve let me doon this season.

    Hard lines Danny bhoy, always goin to be a tough one tonight.

  18. flyboivince 5 years ago

    sorry danny

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      What you sorry for ? were the ref the other night ? or was it you who took the penalty this evening ? ………. if so be sorry, be very sorry, for Danny is coming to get you !


  19. Danny 5 years ago

    Chris a doubt Milesey will feel the same as me if he gets put oot unless he is boozing on that particular nyt its a competition I wanted to do well in but didny its water aff a ducks back I would rather like to win on Saturday evening with some of my hard earned Family Inheritance….. Real Budda

  20. Milesey 5 years ago

    Have ago on that Bet dash Danny, you can play it for free or deposit as little as £5, i’m going to give it ago for £10 and see what it’s like and then may stake the big amount and see if i can hit the 1 million.


  21. Danny 5 years ago

    its something Id give a blast Milesey but for some stupid security reasons my UK account is not aloud to open new accounts and be4 I left UK I thanked several online bookmakers and had accounts permanetly closed with regrets still and always will have dohraymee in my william hill account and landed with poxy WATAB bookmakers run by the government no high street competition so poxy odds dont want online accounts here need a nice bank balance for the new mitsibishi lancer thats oot

  22. david smith 5 years ago

    Thanks Danny for the good luck message

    I think as the competition progresses it will always be down to a few bits of luck here and there

    Looking forward to seeing how things progress with the other seeds over the next few weeks

    A few people have a lot to live up to

    Paul Do I have to keep making my bets to get to 20
    or will it help with seeding for the next round depending how much money I have left


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      David, you can call it quits now or place more bets, just let me know. It won’t affect seeding or anything. Next round is an open draw. We had talked about a prize for biggest win of the week but some people said it wouldn’t be fair and one the evidence of week one, which was tough, they are probably right. So let me know what you want to do.

  23. Chris ford 5 years ago

    Ready to rock and smash this geezer 😛 Had 16/1 5fold up tonight and lumped on PSG -1 also…..EASY MONEY! Had 50/1 Scorecast with England 2-1 Rooney FGS during the week…….wish I had Danny’s place this week. Let the games begin!

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, Danny would happily have swapped you I think. But you have a good week with the Champions League etc.

  24. david smith 5 years ago

    Thanks paul

    i’ll happily wait now till the draw for the quarter finals

    dont see any point in posting now as it would give you more unnecessary work

    you have enough on your plate maintaining order on a daily basis

    look forward to seeing how things unravel over the next few weeks

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      David, thanks for that, will definitely help us out. Good luck in the next round.

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