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WHAT a day for the racing lads – Johnb’s treble romps in at 120-1 and raaljaca tips a 439-1 treble.

Many of you have commented about it being your best betting day ever – so well done to everyone and here’s some good news. Johnb has proved so popular on the site we’ve signed him up – just in case he decided to run off with his winnings.

That news was to be broken on Sunday but there doesn’t seem to be a better time to make the announcement. We look forward to working with Johnb and thanks to raaljaca and all the contributors who have turned a football site into one that’s a must visit for racing fans.

Here’s raaljaca’s take on a fantastic day. He says: “On a day that didn’t offer a huge choice of racing the results were rather good. With a few still to run naps were landed by GEORGEH11 and BIGT. HOLLYWOOD weighed in with a couple of nice winners on the sand and RAALJACA tipped a 10-1 place treble that actually won at 439-1. The honours however lie with the man himself.

“Johnb gave three selections that landed a 120-1 treble. He’s been described as a legend and it’s a tag that sits comfortably on his shoulders.

“I’m delighted Johnb has accepted Mr Fixit’s offer to come on board on an official basis. And for all those asking about a donation button for Johnb – just hit the one that’s already there.”

Johnb will officially join the site on Sunday and raaljaca will run a weekly naps contest with the winners playing in a final for good prizes. Full details on how to play will be posted on Sunday.

I’ll put up Johnb’s Saturday selections soon.

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  1. rale 4 years ago

    To celebrate great news I`ve just sent you guys £10 worth of “beer”!

  2. AL 4 years ago

    Missed out on the tips today, typical!

    Well done though!

  3. CadaUK 4 years ago

    Johnb was amazing. Won big on the first 2 tips. Many thanks. Thought Sagesse came second? How 120-1?

    • rale 4 years ago

      He didn`t tip Sagesse. Singzak was 3rd and NAP.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      CadaUK, he didn’t tip Sagesse. No one here would be bumming him up over a 120-1 treble if he didn’t get up so check the tips before questioning him please.

  4. stewart 4 years ago

    Nice one lads

  5. Marky mark 4 years ago

    Done Johnbs nap and nb Ew double can’t thank you enough John great start to the weekend all the best to every1 on this site

  6. Elek 4 years ago

    The ‘Donate’ button does not appear anywhere on my page…As I’ve donated once already, does it then disappear?….

    You’ve signed up a gem Mr F…Moyes must be breen with envy!

  7. Elek 4 years ago

    *green *

  8. Eagle1 4 years ago

    Excelent news

  9. robroy85 4 years ago

    great news!

  10. raaljaca 4 years ago

    My one worry was we could lose Johnb as it doesn’t take a lot for somebody giving plenty and receiving nothing to call it a day. Mr F deserves a lot of credit for being able to keep John with us by only relying on a donate button!! I make a contribution to the site as often as possible as it is providing me with winners and educating me to gamble more selectively. I hope everybody on here learns and prospers from it.

    • Elek 4 years ago

      raal…am I being thick or has the donate button disappeared?

  11. Cam 4 years ago

    Suberb lads, great news on John b .. Raaljaca well done mate. Great tipping from you and John.

  12. lord clegg 4 years ago

    Top notch tipping John b_in future I’ll be on them-

  13. paul 4 years ago

    hi MR F

    I BOUGHT YOU A BEER FOR JB my 1 pound patent returned £144 missed raj though oh well

    hopefuly I can lad my 3rd 125-1 golf tip with horsey or koope as tipped


  14. robroy85 4 years ago

    Hey, I just went to the donate page and it says [donateextra]. Looks like it might be down temporarily?

    • raaljaca 4 years ago

      robroy look at the right hand side under recent comments mate.

      • Elek 4 years ago

        That’s where I found it last time….but no longer….The button has disappeared!!


        I’ll try re-booting and see if that brings it back

  15. CadaUK 4 years ago

    So so sorry. I have just checked my bets and johnb won me £171 from a £5 bet. I also had those three and an acc with Sagesse in for a £300 return which came 2nd. My bad. Thank you so much johnb and this site. You have made my weekend.

  16. CadaUK 4 years ago

    Just bought some beer as thanks.


  17. Mark 4 years ago

    How do I donate ?? Where’s the button

  18. Mark 4 years ago

    Found it :-)

  19. DougieC 4 years ago

    Mr F get the donate button fixed please

  20. Kendog 4 years ago

    Fair play Mr Fixit you guys must have bought a few more hamsters for the server… It must have taken a good rattling today and stood up well!

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Kendog, we did indeed spend a few quid upgrading the servers but need to be done.

  21. Dar 4 years ago

    Guys just got to say thanks again… Especially john b & raaljaca … Been following you guys for a long time now 😉 thanx again!!

  22. robbie d 4 years ago

    Great news. Have made a donation to show my thanks, and will do so every time I have a win.

  23. Scottbloke 4 years ago

    A great day many thanks John B payed a bill off
    Thanks again

  24. DougieC 4 years ago

    Paul… shows (donexetra} under buy me a beer

  25. robbie d 4 years ago

    Great news. Have donated to say thanks. Will do so every time I have a win

  26. sam2496 4 years ago

    Donation done …… many thanks

  27. Grand Parader 4 years ago

    Missed today’s action, but just wanted to congratulate everyone involved in making the racing thread so successful. It’s fantastic news that Johnb is joining the ‘team’. Credit to all involved and long may the success continue.

  28. abbas 4 years ago

    Raal what a treble mate well done

  29. DougieC 4 years ago

    Paul..Man Media just gobbled my donation.Glad fully functional now Thanks

  30. Chris Guy 4 years ago

    Fantastic guys. Gutted I missed out :-(

  31. steadyeddy 4 years ago

    Great to hear johnb is on board! Fantastic news well done Mr F, Raaj and of course the King johnb

  32. Dar 4 years ago

    Raaljaca I landed the tricast 20.00 kempton for a fiver

  33. abbas 4 years ago

    Chris what’s your footy tips tomoz?

  34. Dar 4 years ago

    Meant Wolverhampton :)

  35. CarpeDiem 4 years ago

    Hey guys I’m a long time lurker here. Some amazing tips coming out of this horse racing forum. Havent bet myself yet but feel like I’m missing out!

    Does anyone know how many pts profit that JohnB has made so far in 2014?

    Great stuff today lads!

  36. Alan 4 years ago

    Brilliant. Looking forward to getting involved. I’m a total novice when it comes to betting on the horses, but this week I stuck my toe in the water. From Monday, I decided to follow JohnB’s naps, with 1pt a day. I’m slightly down over the last five days, but as I learn more, and gain more confidence, I’m convinced I will make a little bit of profit from these tips. Just backed his nap for tomorrow.

  37. Froggy 4 years ago

    Hi mr F

    Just made a donation as well, I just want to thank you for all the hard work that you and the team put in.

    Im looking forward to be regularly buying a few beers on a regular basis because thats how sure I am that we are a very lucky bunch on this site.

    Secondly I would like to give a very special thanks to raaljaca, you rock my friend and your input is very much appreciated.

    Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all the tipsters on this site for all there contributions, and of course the biggest thank you yet again for the man himself, THE LEGEND that is JOHNB, thanks for all your hard work, it is so much appreciated GOD BLESS, you are simply the best

  38. LEE G 4 years ago

    Great news this site is buzzing with great tips and people.

  39. CarpeDiem 4 years ago

    Sorry guys..does anyone have the information on how many pts profit JohnB is in for 2014?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      CarpeDiem, he last updated at the end of January so have a look. Will probably put up monthly figures.

  40. Sean1892 4 years ago

    Well done Raaljaca and JohnB, awesome stuff today. MrF this is a top site , really enjoy the banter as well.

  41. CarpeDiem 4 years ago

    Where can I find that info Mr F? Thanks in advance

  42. Kenny C 4 years ago

    Alan, how can you possibly be down?? Did you not get on today’s tips?
    Personally, johnb and raaljaca (ew treble) paid off £2k on my xmas credit card, plus I have a few hundred waiting to be invested.
    Thanks to you both today……I already donated but am happy to do so every time I win :)

    • Alan 4 years ago

      Hi Kenny. Read my post again. As from Monday, I started by backing JohnB’s naps to a 1 pt level stake. Four have lost, one has won. I have NOT been backing ALL OF HIS TIPS, and Raaljacas in singles and multiples. I have NOT been backing E/W trebles, just his naps to a 1pt level stake. Hope this clears it up.


  43. sparkyg88 4 years ago

    well in guys didn’t have a bet today but always good to hear some1 or a few dozen lol beat the bookies.keep up the good work guys !!

  44. Apb 4 years ago

    Fantastic news on getting John b signed up quality site well done Raaljaka and Mr F ive just got in will be donating can I still do to buy mr fixit a beer or something else?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Apb, the buy a beer for Mr Fixit/Johnb/the site will be up until we make the changes.

  45. Johnny J 4 years ago

    Typical I shat it today and it lands a big one well done lads

  46. Kenny C 4 years ago

    Sorry Alan, just spoke before I thought!!

    • Alan 4 years ago

      NP Kenny. I only usually bet on the football, and no nothing about horse racing, so I’m just breaking myself in gently before I follow more bets.

  47. Tony 4 years ago

    Dont touch horses. Footy for me only, well in lads.

  48. Harry 4 years ago

    I’ve followed johnb for weeks now and stupid me never laid. I know nothing about horses so I foolishly let it be. However I will now be aboard and happy to deal in. Good luck with the new recruit Mr F and welcome Johnb.

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