JOHNB was confident about his evening Kempton tips but was left in the dark as his picks finished second and third.

That was disappointing for our man but all over the thread there were good winners and that’s great to see. Johnb has a confident selection for Thursdays which he says includes one of the best handicapped horses this year and two more horses who are far better than their opposition.

Johnb’s Thursday Tips

Musselburgh 1.0
Dominada 2-1 NAP/NB Paddy Power (double stake)

Chelmsford City 6.15
Spanish Squeeze 5-2 Bet365

Meydan 5.20
Nathr 6-4 Bet365

Dominada & Spanish Squeeze 8.19-1 Bet365

Dominada (NAP)

Here we have a horse as we say in racing is 16lb well in, meaning he should be carrying 16lb more than he is. This is thanks to the weight for age allowance being a 3yo.

Admittedly he isn’t the best of jumpers but can improve having only hurdled twice winning one and second in the other when beaten just over 3 lengths by Mountainside who is now rated 129. Although Dominada was 4-6 that day he was giving Mountainside 7lb so that also says the rating of 105 for Dominada is quite a bit on the low side.

The only concern would be Dominada is trained by Brian Ellison who is quite a shrewd trainer but will know this race is Dominada’s to lose.

Dominada’s last run over hurdles was 139 days ago but he will be fit having won on the flat 47 days ago.

  1. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Storming strumpet 2.55 4/1 nap/NB
    Toby lerone 1.20 9/4
    Merritt island 6.15 13/2
    Annie salts 5.10 5/2

    Nice return on that beauty aswell!

  2. de niro's cousin 12 months ago

    McKENZIES FRIEND 1:45 market rasen

  3. LM/C 12 months ago

    Will be on Spanish squeeze, Hugo palmer says I am certain he is at least listed class

  4. davyb 12 months ago

    for instance 1.20 tow
    ready token 2.15 mr
    red tortue 2.25 tow
    Xenophon 3.30 tow

  5. Alanm 12 months ago

    Nap Master Neo 3/1 2.15 Market Rasen
    NB Eastern Witness 6/1 1.55 Towcester
    2 More tomorrow for yankee

    • Alanm 12 months ago

      Two more

      Sarsted 2/1 5.40 Chelmsford
      No Kidding 11/2 3.45 Thurles

  6. Yovan 12 months ago

    W Greatrex writes in his blog that Gee Hi T 1:55 will be very hard to beat. Bit on a short side 5/6, but maybe in a double with JB’s Nap, or even treble with Duke Of Medina MR 1:10. That’s what I am going to do.

  7. Rookie 12 months ago

    16.35 Chelm Cappy brown 6/1
    17.40 Chelm Sarsted 3/1
    14.45 MR Raktiman 6/1
    13.35 Thurl One fine morning 7/1

  8. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Am missing dariuz and his info. Saves flicking from page to page.
    Nothing of large stakes today, fun bets.
    Course specialist the jolly boys outing o.5ew
    And xoenphbe 4t1 in 3.30 tow 1ptew
    2.25 mylord 1ptew
    Drombegwest 16t1 course specialist 0.5ew
    Perfect women 2.40 thurles.
    I won’t risk large stakes on low grade or races am uncertain off, so just going to double it johnbs nap/nb as he seems so sure?

  9. Dfluffmeister 12 months ago

    Back dominada with paddy power. You get your money back if he finishes second

  10. DENZEL 12 months ago

    Dominada and Gee hi double Nap ₤££££££££££ on it!!!!

  11. jimron12 12 months ago


    I nearly put up

    Ready token 2.15
    gee hi 1.55

    Glad i did t now form your in……

  12. Wullieboy 12 months ago

    Timmons 4.15 thurles

  13. Johnb 12 months ago

    One race I looked at last night was 1:55 Towcester and GEE HI currently 8/11 & 4/6
    he will be popular after his win 9 days ago winning by 24 lengths & only going up 7lb

    But a word of warning, when you look into races like Gee Hi’s last one it isn’t till you study the race closely that cracks appear
    After I had a really close look it was obvious to me that the result flattered Gee Hi in what was a very weak race and I have doubts that he can follow up

    Odds on horses should be winning and his closest rival is 7/1 so its bold going against him but I do have doubts about him

    In the race I think EASTERN WITNESS 7/1 could be the one to win but there are a few in here that could trouble the favourite

  14. Johnb 12 months ago

    Just also want to add I am not tipping Eastern Witness though because as I said there are a few horses that could trouble the favourite

  15. Johny Banker 12 months ago

    Thanks Johnb win or lose that is one Fav I am going to swerve

  16. Johnb 12 months ago

    Odds on my other horse now available

    NATHR 6/4 bet365

    Not had a chance to check all bookies odds so just put up bet365

  17. Johnb 12 months ago

    Just a single on NATHR though

  18. double carpet 12 months ago

    Morning all

    NAP NO NO MAC 7/4 2.45 mr
    NB MALIBU SUN 9/2 2.25 tow
    SALUT HONORE 6/1 3.30 tow

    Best of luck to all

  19. double carpet 12 months ago

    2.45 1
    2.25 6
    3.30 1

    • Alanm 12 months ago

      D/C TIPS

      NO NO MAC 2.45 MRASEN
      MALIBU SUN 2.25 TOW

  20. busstop 12 months ago

    Morning all

    5/2 winner yesterday so a bit of profit


    14.25 GREAT CHOICE 11/4 bet365 coral

    15.30 DAWNIERIVER 7/2 coral NAP


    14.15 MIDNIGHT CATARIA 9/2 bet365 coral

    14.45 NO NO MAC 7/4 NB bet365 coral

    just 4 bets for me today few odds on i fancy but we dont need tell each other them

    gl all

  21. busstop 12 months ago

    sorry dont know what happened then

  22. magictips 12 months ago

    Great admirer of this site and all the brilliant tipsters.

    First time posting horse tips, that I personally think will go close.

    My Betty 1.30pm Musselburgh

    Red Tortue 2.25pm Towcester


  23. jimron12 12 months ago

    Busstop i cant access any prices currently i backed dawnriv at 7/4 last night has it drifted out to 7/2 now? Think its going to win either way just prefer the bigger price……

    Its in a double with johnbs nap…..

    So ive probably jinxed the pair of you…

    • busstop 12 months ago

      jimron its widely available at 7/2 and some bookies are now 4/1

      i still give it a good chance

      hope you bet with a bookie offering bog prices or 7/4 is a poor price.


  24. The Postman 12 months ago

    Off to Meydan later this afternoon, I thought I would stick my pick six selections up for the meeting.

    7:00 – Sky Jockey
    7:35 – Sullivan Street
    8:10 – Life Partner
    8:45 – Paene Magnus
    9:20 – Nathr ( I was going to go with Famouse Warrior but put John bs top instead)
    9:55 – One Man Band.

  25. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    oscar jane 12.50 venitien de mal 1.05 nap.court dismissed 1.30 may dullea 2.40

  26. johnb 12 months ago

    My only concern about Short Squeeze is the trainer Hugo Palmer, he never seems to get the best out of his horses
    Even his winner I feel could have run better

  27. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    all so had a few pounds on a placepot at towcester good luck everyone today cheers

  28. double carpet 12 months ago

    Thanks for that im in moderation so could only post that way

  29. HELEN 12 months ago

    Raktiman 245 mr
    Maralad 540 ch
    Stephen hero 225 tow
    Super collider 130 muss lucky 15
    Gluk all …

  30. SAV-DOG 12 months ago

    Great start Azz the wigan!!

  31. double carpet 12 months ago

    Great shout well done

  32. de niro's cousin 12 months ago

    mckenzies friend NR. ROBINSSON 1:20 towcester

  33. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    cheers dc. sav dog

  34. Alanm 12 months ago

    AZZ great start for the thread today

  35. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    cheers alanm

  36. David mc 12 months ago

    Unlucky John

  37. Jim burnside 12 months ago

    That was costly dominada drifted bfore the off as tho it had been shot sadly by that time ad done my bet.still say its the most corrupt sport in the world. But only raging cos am not in on it.DOMINADA WAS NOT WANTED THERE SIMPLES.

  38. Bettingaddict 12 months ago

    David i don’t know what ye expected

  39. Paul 12 months ago

    Things are not happening for JohnB at the mo

  40. Chef 12 months ago

    Thank you jimron! I have said that a lot these last couple of weeks !

  41. Bun west 12 months ago

    Viva the Saint. Viva the Saint.

  42. double carpet 12 months ago

    Theres massive word for TIMMONE 4.15 thurles floating around over here and the price is reflecting it as he opened up at 8/1 (so im lead to believe as i cant seem to access oddschecker market reports for some reason) and is now best priced 7/4 and as low as 5/4. Its his first start so theres obvious risks but ive taken the plunge.

  43. busstop 12 months ago

    azz well done with oscar jane


  44. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    cheers busstop

  45. double carpet 12 months ago

    Nice start for you bol with the rest

  46. Alanm 12 months ago

    Nice one jimron well done

  47. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    well done jimron toby lerone

  48. The Postman 12 months ago

    Top stuff Jimron. Thank You.

  49. busstop 12 months ago

    jimron great start

  50. Axel 12 months ago

    Thanks for pointing out Gee Hi Johnb, I layed it & got back the money I lost on dominada. ps great thread, keep up the good work & thanks for all the tips. Silent follower.

  51. Bertie 12 months ago

    Well done johnb on calling the gee hi race I backed it last night @ 4/5 but I did have my concerns it stank the place out odds on in handicaps is never a good idea carring 12.5 top weight could not have helped I guess

  52. jimron12 12 months ago

    Cheers lads fingers crossed for rest of the day with all of us!

    Nap nb into 11/4…..

  53. Bertie 12 months ago

    Johnb when you said gee hi last race was a weak one was this becuse the other horses form was poor in chase races?

  54. Alanm 12 months ago

    Blackpool for that one :(

  55. bigbucks 12 months ago

    What a battling win for mylord. Ace race

  56. SAV-DOG 12 months ago

    well picked Bigbucks!!

  57. double carpet 12 months ago

    Well done. Nice winner

  58. km 12 months ago

    Was on nap alanm, u cant win them all, won me plenty recently, great tipster.

  59. azz the wigan 12 months ago

    well done big bucks

  60. Johny Banker 12 months ago

    Thanks Johnb for pointing out Gee Hi was a poor fav that saved me a few quid

  61. bigbucks 12 months ago

    David bass with ride of the week on dualing banjos. At it again with mylord.
    Never noticed him before.
    Thanks lads and cheers for the winner today on toby le ron. Agian small stakes but all adds up.

  62. bigbucks 12 months ago

    The skeltons and henderson seem to have their horses in good form.

  63. km 12 months ago

    Who won the 2.55 ? says suspended ?

  64. km 12 months ago

    who won 2.55 says suspended?

  65. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Ruby rambler absolutely battered the 2.55.
    Eased down well before the line.
    Another for the scrap book or dairy.

  66. busstop 12 months ago

    poor day for me but well done any winners


  67. jimron12 12 months ago

    Nap NB was never on the and left way to much to and unlucky with dawn!! Annie power moment!

    Big bucks he had a soft lead though didn’t he also I. Doing this had a tank full at the end or he is a better horse I’ll re watch race later either way Brennan didn’t even get mine close :( .

  68. Bertie 12 months ago

    Racing post saying going is good at towcester lol

  69. bassman3530 12 months ago

    What’s people’s thought on merritt island 6.15 Chelmsford pls as I don’t do horses much and a mate has tipped it thanks lads

  70. jimron12 12 months ago


    Its in my yankee…..

  71. boz 12 months ago

    hello everyone

    had to wait till evening for the flat racing

    c 4.35 my best song
    c 5.10 annie salts nap
    c 6.50 head space
    c 7.50 snow prince nb

    good luck everyone

    happy days

  72. bassman3530 12 months ago

    Thanks for the response jimron12 I’ll stick a couple of quid on and keep my fingers crossed for both of us lol

  73. double carpet 12 months ago

    Well that just topped off a rotten day.

    Well done to all the winners today

  74. Bobman 12 months ago

    Anybody think nathr is worth a big bet?

  75. gengarrrr 12 months ago

    really need a win from spanish squeeze tonight bit worried about johnb comments and hate betting agaist a godolphin horse still fingers crossed there a little bit of luck to be had on a bad day

  76. marc 12 months ago

    Dariusz really appreciated your time form comments mate

  77. jimron12 12 months ago


    Out of curiosity do u post on a mobile or tablet or comouter?

    My mobile is a nightmare to post gthe last month which has coinsided with me moving to EE?

    Just curious….

  78. cooldude 12 months ago

    GD, darius only posts timeform.

  79. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Ruby rambler ? Have to agree jim , that may have been a poor race(jockeys almost expected it drop back). I just watched it again and though ruby rambler ran well. The others horses was finishing fast, suggesting that it was given a soft lead.
    That said, ruby rambler traveled like a higher graded horses.

  80. Dariusz 12 months ago


  81. Dariusz 12 months ago

    Jimron12, I mainly use a computer to post comments. But as far as I remember I had the same problem (comments not appearing) on a mobile site. On a mobile site there was also a second problem. I’ve always had an error “Maybe your comment was too short?”, but the comment was posted anyway. Not a major issue, but it always made me thinking if I posted the comment or not.

    Aaand my last comment was deleted of course. It’s really distasteful, that’s another thing that makes me stay away from commenting here.

  82. upswing 12 months ago

    well done john b…. wish nathr was the nap/nb

  83. Bertie 12 months ago

    We’ll done johnb nathr bolts up ! Never in doubt

  84. jimron12 12 months ago

    Mr f i prefer to blame ee and not this site

  85. jimron12 12 months ago

    Just my last pick of the day to get me back on level ish pegging and onto tommorrow!

  86. Shane 12 months ago

    Chelmsford 6.15
    Merritt Island

    Chelmsford 6.50
    For Aymeen

  87. Jonny0902 12 months ago

    Yankee for me tonight gl all

    6:15 c – MERRIT ISLAND…..6/1
    6:50 c – HEAD SPACE…..7/2
    7:20 c – EARTH GODDESS…..16/1
    7:50 c – WAVELET….11/8

  88. johnb 12 months ago

    Going to Benidorm in the morning for 10 days so will post when I can but only if enough research is done

  89. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Bad day all round !

  90. gengarrrr 12 months ago

    did spanish squeeze get that ?

  91. Juangoal 12 months ago

    Think it lost

  92. johnb 12 months ago

    Hugo Palmer can’t train, I had to pick Spanish Squeeze because he was head and shoulders above anything in the race but again Palmer can’t get the best out of his horses and I have said it time and time again
    I know the man from a few years ago in the Scottish Borders and I have never rated him

    Sorry everyone but never again can I tip one of his horses

  93. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Johnb totally agree there mate!

  94. Big gee 12 months ago

    Never back against the Boys in Blue 😉

  95. Yovan 12 months ago

    But Boys in Blue didn’t win.

  96. Big gee 12 months ago

    Won the 5.40 race @ Chelmsford :)

  97. Duncan Poundcake 12 months ago

    One for the Appleby system Dougie GL.

  98. ben 12 months ago

    John u are tottaly mentel palmer was winning all the big races a few weeks ago?

  99. allycoops 12 months ago

    Mellerstain Hoose JB?

  100. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Aristo du plessis 3.00 nap NB 13/8

    Back on track hopefully

  101. Big gee 12 months ago

    One from a blog I follow.. TIMES OF ANATEFKA 6.30 Dundalk @8/1 bog

  102. johnb 12 months ago

    Ben I did say earlier even Palmers winners could have won better

  103. Stevie 12 months ago

    Why do my comments keep being deleted. Showing support for john b and bang post disappears??

  104. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Enjoy your holiday johnb

  105. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Any chance of keeping the thread running Mr Fixit.?

    Maybe we can all help jb while his study time time rightly limited(holiday comes first). We might be able to help pay for your flight johnb

  106. Wato 12 months ago

    I thought the post last night was bad but this one just tops it.

    Unbelievable some of the posts on here at times which is a shame as there are some brilliant tips provided everyday of the week

  107. Jimron12 12 months ago

    Cannot believe some people on here!……

  108. Gengarrr 12 months ago

    I’m at a loss for words with some of you the top dog has a couple bad months and your throwing a fit because he’s off on holiday don’t bet what you can’t afford you pay nothing for these tips you don’t have to follow it is not a license to print money it is gambling his horses the last few days have come close apart from the nap today but it wasn’t just John everyone was napping dominada the guys record is unbelievable but to come on here and make wild accusations is pointless and isn’t going to help or change a thing he will profit this month I’m sure of it only one tonight who seems to have any sense is jimron rest of you need to wise up a little bit

  109. bigbucks 12 months ago

    In his defence johnb tipped a solid liams map at breeders and all other picks was at large odds.
    Laoms map battered it.
    He gave shaky info on a solid American pharoeh. But was widely availible that jockey over rode horse? We punters can take what we want from that?!! I personally thought yanky exposure, something us brits don’t do much to dpread horses profiles and public intrests.
    Brother ted is a solid horse and was a solid nap.
    And gave the info on conti having bigger contests in hand.
    To me johnb is genuin just useless lol. Just seems to be trying to hard but clearly loves his racing.

    Its easy to fall into the favorite route when on a loosing run. Look at mr f and his 2t11 banker that lost haha
    That still hurts lol

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      bigbucks, Johnb is genuine and he’s not useless – have you actually looked at his profit for the year?

  110. bigbucks 12 months ago

    And to excell my piont liams map was 4t6 on.
    Bookies cursed that horse winning and tried their best to make brother ted drift, to stop it being the nap banker johnb suggested

  111. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 12 months ago

    Bun west, that’s slanderous to be honest. Ridiculous accusation that needs an apology to Johnb.

  112. Derek 12 months ago

    I don’t agree with anyone doubting John being genuine but sometimes Mr F people can be allowed to be a bit negative and down , doesn’t have to be happy clappy all the time. I’ve followed John and believe me lost a fortune last three months , people who play with pennies and guys who don’t follow or back johns tips it’s easy to say acht that’s life , I’m still a John b follower and have always believed he will turn corner but the last couple of months have been so poor. but I don’t doubt he is trying his best , I know we get the info for nothing and it’s our choice and I’ve always said that but it’s a forum . We can still have a moan now and again . Or can’t we ? When he gets it right there is lavish praise . Just my opinion

  113. Derek 12 months ago

    Don’t think there’s any need for the how stupid comment . I said the last couple of months have been awful. They have. No getting away from that.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      Derek, that’s not what your comment aluded to. Don’t back one crazy man who suggests something that is simply nonsense.
      He’s on a losing run – that’s it. No conspiracies. No tipster wants losers to their name.

  114. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 12 months ago

    Derek, how stupid are you? What’s his yearly profit?

  115. Matty 12 months ago

    Bunwest, based on John’s record over the past months and years, no I do not think a. He is making the prices crash or b. He is laying them to make enough money to go to Benidorm for 10 days. My view is that the prices drop because there are many, many people that recognise the bloke knows his stuff and have won significant amounts of money from his research winning goes on his tips. If you have an inclination that john is in cahoots with the bookies there is a clear choice that as an adult you can make. Don’t take his tips and pick your own.

  116. bigbucks 12 months ago

    I was joking mr f
    yes i have and his profits around cheltenham are most interesting.
    Hes clearly good thats what i was saying just had a bad run while also picking the Excellant winners i mentioned as proof to his credabilty

  117. bigbucks 12 months ago

    The selections i suggested johnb posted are proof his not laying favs.
    Sorry if i worded it wrong, i thought i little light harted banter might help ease the slander calls

  118. bigbucks 12 months ago

    Tomorrow’s tips.
    Musslbourgh. Western way 1pt 2pm
    3pm aristol de plussiss(glad jimron boldly seclected this, i just liked it ) so2pts
    Village vic 1pt 3.40

    Hexam. Presenting junior nap 2.pts 1.50pm

    2.40 jean fleming 1pt cd bf
    3.20 the imformant
    3.40 ally, course winner. 0.5double with 3.20.

    Confindence for only the 2 really.
    Pound stakes on rest for me.
    Big guns out soon!

  119. Km 12 months ago

    Really annoys me to see people giving unfair comments directed towards Johnb, proven time and again to be great tipster, just see yearly profit, why would you start moaning about getting free tips on a daily basis, don’t like the tips, move on somewhere else. People like ye are convincing me to buy the upgrade in site!

  120. markf 12 months ago

    I don’t ever post on here but feel I have to voice some support for Johnb.Some of the comments aimed at him have been disgraceful.OK his form over the last few months has been pretty poor but he is still well in front for the year and to suggest he is laying his tips to lose is ridiculous,I hope Johnb doesnt let these comments get to him and continues to share his knowledge and hopefully his luck will change.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 12 months ago

      markf, thanks to you and others for the copmments about Johnb.
      Pretty sure he has a thick skin and the consolation of a big profit margin this year.
      I won’t let the vocal minority beat him up and I’m confident our racing moderator or moderators will ensure fair play on the new racing forum.

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