SCOTTISH star Andy Murray is going for back-to-back titles on Sunday when he takes on Rafa Nadal in the Madrid Open Final.

Murray was in impressive form to beat Kei Nishikori 6-3 6-4 in the semis while defending Madrid champ Nadal was also at his imperious best, defeating Tomas Berdych in straight sets.

Nadal – who has yet to drop a set in Madrid this week and has won all six meetings with Murray on clay – is 4-11 at Ladbrokes on Coral while the British No.1 is 5-2 at Skybet and bet365.

At the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton has been beaten to pole position for the first time this year but is still narrow favourite at evens with BetVictor for the win.

Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg starts first on the grid and is 11-10 at bet365 and Skybet followed by Seb Vettel at 10-1 with BetVictor.

There’s also the likes of golf, cricket, cycling, rugby and NBA play-off action on a packed day of sport so let’s hear your tips and chat and good luck with your bets.

  1. Jordan 1 year ago

    £22 on Over 99 1st Half Points in the Grizzlies/Warriors game **LOSE** 94

    Mike Conley Over 16.5 Points @ EVS **LOSE** 11

    Huggy amazing work the Memphis game mate, hats off! Superb!

    • huggybear 1 year ago

      mate now and again you just gotta take a game on , lets be fair if you fancy an upset and take grizzlies to win and cover -4.5 at 10/11 you gotta be mad not to take grizzlies to win by 6 or more at 3`s ( its one more bucket for heavens sake )and if they are gonna win chances are they are gonna lead all game again gsw so take the ht/ft at 3`s.

      just a pity you can`t double them , but i`ll take 7 from 8 all day long.

  2. huggybear 1 year ago

    well those gsw idiots owes me big time , wounded animal want to come out fighting , need the big boys to step up.








    (the eggs in 1 basket bet) 5/6 Damn you 1 point

    wizards/hawks over 202 @6/5 103-101 WINNER !!!

    klay under 21.5 (20 POINTS) WINNER !!!

    randolf over 17.5 (22 POINTS) WINNER !!!



  3. huggybear 1 year ago

    for what its worth the this year`s nba champions are gonna be……

    f knows…

    first it was hawks , then gsw , then spurs , then gsw again , now LA CLIPPERS , now ….. ANYONE INCLUDING the grizzlies LOL

  4. the wet lettuce 1 year ago

    NBA Wet Lettuce SS (Super Sandwhich)

    Wizards -3
    Warriors -3

    4.5/1 Bet365

    Wizards even without Wall who may still play are very good at home lately, Hawks away are iffy i see Wizards winning by 5 or more..i hope.

    Warriors will want to show everyone that defeat at home was a blip and that they are worthy favourites…i hope.

    Also need Wizards for last nights treble stroke double as Bulls was push.

    On Jordans prop and thanks again mate as i was on Smith over 12.

    Gl all…..LOST.

    Well done Huggy great stuff.

  5. the wet lettuce 1 year ago

    It pays to cover.

    Got stake back by backing Grizzlies +3 at evens before game started.

  6. thereddevils 1 year ago

    Giro d’Italia – Stage 2

    Greipel is the big favorite but I can see someone else winning.
    Viviani @6
    Modolo @8
    Nizzolo @8

    Small stakes on those three, let’s see what happens.

  7. Hunter 1 year ago

    @Picksix Was the Joshua over 1.5 rounds not a loss? I had this in a treble along with Wizards & Grizzlies and the bet is showing as lost!?!

    Well done those with winners on NBA last nigh, went for Wizards to win by 6 or more inplay @ 27/10 and went to bed feeling pretty confident it would come in! 

  8. Mr. Orange 1 year ago

    Cycling: Giro d’Italia 2015 stage 2


    MEZGEC v Boonen
    MATTHEWS v Lobato
    Double @ 2.17 with 888sport

  9. Picksix 1 year ago

    @hunter was going to come on here to moan as to why I still had not been paid for the Joshua fight as my balance is still nought on there until I seen your comment just spoke to boylsports with them confirming it was a loser as the 3rd round had to start for it to be a winner doubt I would have bet it if I knew it had to go into the 3rd slightly misleading over 1.5 round I would say

  10. Picksix 1 year ago

    Hahaa well done Huggy

    My trebles have landed aswell

    Cleveland Cavaliers + 9.5. (WON)
    LA Clippers + 4. (WON)
    Washington Wizards + 11 (WON)

    Treble @ EVS **WON**

    Bulls v Cavs ovr 185.5 (WON)
    Rockets ML (WON)
    Wizards + 6.5 (WON)

    Treble @ 13/10 **WON**

    That bad day from golden state now well in the history books (lesson learned)

    Klay Thompson under 21.5 points @ 17/20 **WON**

    Gonna place another one

    Memphis Grizzlies + 12.5. (WON)
    Cleveland Cavaliers + 6.5 (Pending)
    LA clippers ML. (Pending)

    Treble @ 6/5 (pending)

  11. Picksix 1 year ago

    Felix sturm v Ruskin chudinov

    Felix sturm by decision/tech decision @ 11/10 **LOSE**

    No idea wat happened in that fight tbh sturm was 1/4 to win the fight going into the 12 round yet chudinov won on points and was 11/5 going in the 12…. Very strange

    Anthony Joshua vs Raphael love

    Over 1.5 round @ EVS ** LOSE**

    Gonna stick to the hoops I think haha

  12. Hunter 1 year ago

    @picksix, not what I was hoping you’d say as was looking at a pretty hefty payout! Congrats on your NBA picks

    Note to self: don’t bet on sports you know nothing about!

  13. Erik 1 year ago

    Raikkonen fastest lap.
    Verstappen in top 6 finish.
    Small stake on Vettel to win. Good chance with a good value.

  14. Picksix 1 year ago

    Hunter, lettuce unlucky on the Wizards for u guys they should have won by at least 20 points I think instead of a bucket on the buZzer they thought they had the game won so no effort put in by them they had a 20 point lead with 7 mins to go , it was atlanta bench that made the comeback some crazy sh*t

  15. Picksix 1 year ago

    Hunter are u on about the Joshua bet buddy

  16. Mr. Orange 1 year ago


    Small each-way bet on Moreno Hofland to win stage 2 of the Giro @ 21.00 with WH

  17. huggybear 1 year ago

    well done guys on the winners , some great alternatives there picksix , that joshua ova 1.5 bets is a skank , they often hide behind the half points/rounds/goals bulls**t to confuse us and it works.

    paul , you dont half bet on a variety of sports , i struggle to consistently win on 1.

    cant imagine but did anyone do any of the same bets as me , im doing it again in the next leg , think memphis aka chelsea of the hoops world got em pegged.

    post my nba thoughts on tonights games soon.

    keep up the winning guys

  18. Picksix 1 year ago

    Huggy I felt I got tucked up on that boxing bet tbh I even posted it as a winner lol

    You’re righjt they confuse u with all there 0.5 bulls*it

  19. Picksix 1 year ago

    Tonight bets

    Already have a treble running but gonna have a go on the Cavs

    Cleveland Cavaliers – 1.5 @ 10/11

  20. Hunter 1 year ago

    Yea Picksix, I was referring to Joshua I know nothing about boxing and blindly added it to my NBA double, which on it’s own would have been a great bet! Was a double hit with my Wizards to win by 6 or more. Should have stayed up to watch it as the cash out must have been good!?!

  21. Picksix 1 year ago

    Unlucky hunter I wouldn’t have bet it myself if I knew if had to go to the 3rd round to be a winner

    The bets still showing as unsettled on my account but when I spoke to them they told me it was a loser

    Football over 1.5 goals = 2 goals winner
    Boxing over 1.5 rounds = 2 rounds loser

    Does not make sense to me

  22. Jordan 1 year ago

    I’m guessing the fight was stopped in round 2? Correct?

    • huggybear 1 year ago

      jordan , you missed a great fight , 1 bloke waiting to be knocked out , dropped his guard midway through the second and it was goodnight and god bless.

      pathetic , wat we on tonight guys , luckily the eggs in 1 basket made up for 2 recent loses.

      odds of 10/,10/11, 5/6 ,6/5 ,20/23 ,3/1 ,3/1

      best night in ages

  23. huggybear 1 year ago

    p.s love to find a website tipping grizzlies ht/ft at 3`s and to win by 6 or more at 3`s.

    dont think they exist….

  24. Juan 1 year ago

    That is a confusing bet alright! Over 1.5 rounds must mean the 2nd round has to be completed & fighters come out for the 3rd round, never knew that & I bet most non – boxing punters didn’t either! Sneaky bookies

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Juan, I’m not sure what the argument’s about. Over 1.5 rounds mean 2 complete rounds the same as over 1.5 goals means 2 goals or more. It doesn’t mean one and half rounds.

  25. Jordan 1 year ago

    Juan that is correct. To get the two rounds complete the 2nd round would have had to finish. Realistically the fight only went 1.5 rounds so that’s why its a loss.

  26. huggybear 1 year ago

    huggy`s fancies for tonight ,

    mike dunleavy over 10.5 points (main bet)

    chicago bulls +2.5 points

    rockets +7.5 ( small bet )

    clippers ht/ft 10/13 ( small bet )


  27. Jordan 1 year ago

    I like Dunleavy mate, might go with another Cavs player too. Don’t like bets you’re opposing yourself on though! Just props again for me tonight after a check on team news later.

    • huggybear 1 year ago

      how`d you mean Jordan ? the opposing

      Picksix it`s on LOL

      P.S liking that double Jordan , think the Clippers own Houston..

  28. Picksix 1 year ago

    I see your going for the Bulls hugmeister game on buddy haha

  29. Jordan 1 year ago

    Bulls +10
    Clippers -2

    Just under 9/10 @ 365

  30. Jordan 1 year ago

    Whoops. Bulls +8*

  31. huggybear 1 year ago

    panathainkos -29.5 inplay tenner … you never know

    • huggybear 1 year ago

      lost by 2 , flipping 2 points on the buzzer to end it. tossers

      stick to nba son

  32. Picksix 1 year ago

    Any of you guys backed the clippers to win it ?

  33. Picksix 1 year ago

    The championship I mean by that

  34. thereddevils 1 year ago

    Giro d’Italia – Stage 2

    Greipel is the big favorite but I can see someone else winning.
    Viviani @6
    Modolo @8
    Nizzolo @8

    Small stakes on those three, let’s see what happens.


    Viviani wins it :)
    Hofland 2nd, keep an eye on him!

  35. Mr. Orange 1 year ago

    Cycling: Giro d’Italia 2015 stage 2


    MEZGEC v Boonen
    MATTHEWS v Lobato
    Double @ 2.17 with 888sport WIN :)

    Small each-way bet on Moreno Hofland to win stage 2 of the Giro @ 21.00 with WH WIN :)

    Nice one reddevils! I had some on Hofland, he brings in the EW bet.

  36. Harry 1 year ago


    Long time no see! Anyone on my Australia to win the ashes tip from a few months ago at 1/1, it’s now a best 4/9 and you should be able to cash out for a 20%-25% profit already! Perosnally I think the price will drop more nearer the time but I’ve already pumped all my cricket world cup profit on it So I’m done with it. For anyone interested, I’ll put up some correct score tips when more bookies open the market. At the moment only betway have it so I don’t know if the prices are great yet But I’m thinking to back Australia to win 3-0 4-0 5-0 as I can’t see us coming close to winning a test and our only saviour will be rain! If it doesn’t rain I can see a comfortable 5-0 but I’ll have an equal stake on all 3 scores. See ya soon

  37. Dazzler 1 year ago

    Red Sox @ Blue Jays
    Over 7.5 @ 1.48

    Royals @ Tigers
    Over 7 @ 1.43

    Double @ 2.13 *won*

    Cubs @ Brewers
    Cubs @ 1.9 *lost

  38. Dazzler 1 year ago

    Orioles @ Yankees
    Over 7.5 runs @ 1.66

    Red Sox @ Blue Jays
    Over 7.5 runs @ 1.52

    Double @ 2.54

    Dodgers @ Rockies
    Dodgers @ 1.5

    Mets @ Phillies
    Mets @ 1.7

    Double @ 2.57

    Good luck everyone.

  39. Jordan 1 year ago

    Iman Shumpert (Cavs) Over 9.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-Fair

    Smaller Bet

    Cavs Over 49.5 1st Half Points @ 10/11 @ WillHill

  40. Jordan 1 year ago

    Monaco to score
    Sevilla to score
    LA Clippers ML (NBA)

    11/10 @ WillHill – 2.94 points

    Posted this on the football thread (up 40 points this week so hoping to end on a higher note)

  41. Capone31 1 year ago

    Murray to win 1st set @2/1 looked very nice too

  42. Captain 1 year ago

    Would have bet so much on murray not to win the madrid masters, so many reasons why murray can not finish nadal off,

    Nadal to win INPLAY v murray , EVNS with Ladbrokes £50

    Yesterday post

    Kei to beat Murray in play when 0-30 down on serve 4/5***LOSE***

    Thanks to the racing post tipper who earned me a nice some today being , doubling my stake on every lost napnb he posted, finally came in,

  43. Recoba 1 year ago

    Got on Murray at 4/9 in 2nd.
    Surely done and done now.
    Cash out is shocking!

    Tennis an darts are the 2 worst sports for thinking its all over though.

    Cmon wee man!

  44. the wet lettuce 1 year ago

    Paul Gasol tweaked hamstring does not play for Bulls tonight.

  45. Ad 1 year ago

    Bit off thread here but anyone like Sevilla @ 2/1? Form good. And All to play for against nothing to play for.

  46. Felix 1 year ago

    I stuck Andy in a throwaway acca with a Sevilla win

  47. Ad 1 year ago

    Off to a good start

  48. Jordan 1 year ago

    Last speculative bet for tonight

    Monaco to score
    Sevilla to score
    LA Clippers ML (NBA)

    11/10 @ WillHill – 2.94 points

    Can be covered on the Houston Rockets to win @ 11/4 @ WillHill

  49. thereddevils 1 year ago

    I’m live on Bulls to win @2.23. Good game so far.

  50. huggybear 1 year ago

    round 1 to me PICKSIX lol

  51. thereddevils 1 year ago

    Bulls miss more than 10 straight shots after 2 bad calls by the refs. Not looking good!

  52. Jordan 1 year ago

    Smaller Bet

    Cavs Over 49.5 1st Half Points @ 10/11 @ WillHill **LOSE** 49!

  53. Picksix 1 year ago

    Lol Huggy


    Picksix with the equalizer

  54. the wet lettuce 1 year ago

    Kyrie Irving looks in some pain playing for Cavs if he Carries on and they win then hats off…personally i am on the Bulls to win.

    If Cavs do win what damage could Irving be doing and with Love out i still see Bulls going through?

  55. the wet lettuce 1 year ago

    Unlucky Jordan then 1/2 point mo#her f#c#ers.

    I pinched your Seville/Monaco goals with Bulls…your on some roll footy/Nba..Well done.

  56. Picksix 1 year ago

    Lebron is such a greedy bas*ard shooting when he knows hes cold

  57. Jordan 1 year ago

    Picksix I said this a while ago. At least with Curry/Harden etc they pass the ball. Can someone tell me if Shumpert is out!?

  58. thereddevils 1 year ago

    I should stay off the NBA, that Bulls bet was not so clever. Tomorrow some new cycling bets!

  59. Picksix 1 year ago

    I know mate hes been doing it too much this season when he was at Miami he still used to do it but not as much as wade had a saying, don’t think anyone on this Cavs team will open their mouth to lebron though

    Shumperts on court buddy

  60. thereddevils 1 year ago

    Noah is the worst player ever.

  61. Sfcmatty 1 year ago

    Another buzzer beater, this series is gonna go all the way

  62. Jordan 1 year ago


  63. Jag 1 year ago

    Wow another buzzer beater tonight! Saved me!

  64. Picksix 1 year ago

    The king on the buzzer

    Man what a playoffs this has been fuc*ing awesome

  65. Picksix 1 year ago

    Hahaha Huggy both are bets landed they couldn’t split us

    Well done buddy haha

  66. Picksix 1 year ago

    Tonight bets

    Already have a treble running but gonna have a go on the Cavs

    Cleveland Cavaliers – 1.5 @ 10/11 **WON**

    Memphis Grizzlies + 12.5. (WON)
    Cleveland Cavaliers + 6.5 (WON)
    LA clippers ML. (Pending)

    Treble @ 6/5 (pending)

  67. huggybear 1 year ago

    huggys main bet

    bulls +2.5 86-84 WINNER !!!!

  68. Jordan 1 year ago

    Haha first part of my main double in too so I’m happy. Well done lads. Can anybody find Austin Rivers prop bets?

  69. Picksix 1 year ago

    Ye well done Jordan clippers should bring home the bacon for us now

    Might be hard trying to find a prop bet for him don’t think I’ve ever seen one for him mate will definetly join u on that if u find one, got no idea wats happened to him last 2 games he’s been sh*t hot

  70. Picksix 1 year ago

    Jordan reddicks points are not a bad shout mate he had some great looks for 3s last time out

  71. OriaZ 1 year ago

    God these playoffs games are awesome, I’m loving it!

    Nice picks Huggy/Picksix, awesome to have both winners with different selections.
    Jordan I’m on your double and trebble, hope Clippers do the job!

    Having small stakes myself on Huggy’s brazilian team as well. Bauru -10.5 @ 10/11

    Been a while since they’ve had a smallish spread and playing this 1st leg at home they should cover it easily.


  72. Jordan 1 year ago

    Yeah I’m going to leave a prop mate. Reddick or Griffin were the next best but I had a feeling if any Rivers points available they would be low and probably worth a punt. Got enough on the Clippers so fingers crossed.

  73. mulac 1 year ago

    Ana ducks ml
    Clippers -2


  74. paul 1 year ago

    Going big on rockets plus 4.5

    109-106 win

  75. Jordan 1 year ago

    Not sure if I can watch another half of hack-a-Jordan haha

  76. Jordan 1 year ago

    Rockets +3.5 @ 9/2 @ PP for the double cover.

  77. Picksix 1 year ago

    Jordan that first half was a disgrace mate f*ck the rockets i can’t stand watching all them fouls either

    Clippers have put them in there place now though up by 20

  78. Jordan 1 year ago

    Haha rockets +3.5 now 33/1, no need for cover (I hope)

  79. Picksix 1 year ago

    Can’t believe I didn’t bet the reddick points he’s absolute pis*ed it

  80. Jordan 1 year ago

    Only has 15 at the minute mate. His total was 16.5. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets it.

  81. Picksix 1 year ago

    Ye you’re right mate just double checked

    Heard the commentator saying he had 18 ,The same commentator also called the beard james Howard

    We’re do they get these guys from

  82. Jordan 1 year ago

    Haha well there’s his total! Think this one is over. Won’t post the winner yet just in case haha

  83. Jordan 1 year ago

    Right if the Clippers blow a 32 point lead with 8 minutes to go I’ll never bet on NBA again haha, trusting that even the -2 is a winner. 115-83.

    Bulls +10
    Clippers -2

    Just under 9/10 @ 365 **WIN**

    Monaco to score
    Sevilla to score
    LA Clippers ML (NBA)

    11/10 @ WillHill – 2.94 points **WIN**

    Iman Shumpert (Cavs) Over 9.5 Points @ 17/20 @ Bet-Fair **LOSE** 5

    Smaller Bet

    Cavs Over 49.5 1st Half Points @ 10/11 @ WillHill **LOSE** 49

    The big one lands with the mixed treble rolling in, up 50 points in one week from the footy, and that’s only on that thread 😉

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