AFTER spending last weekend at a betting conference I got speaking to Skybet about their Super 6 game. It’s a free-to-enter score prediction game where you can win up to £100,000.

Following the recent successes of my Daily Record Bonkers Bet they’ve challenged me to predict the correct scores in the Super 6 games and given me a £10 free bet to give away to one of you if you can predict the most correct scores from this weekend’s featured matches.

As well as the £100,000 prize for predicting all six correct scores on Super 6 there’s a weekly prize of £5,000 if you score the most points on their site for that round. Not bad for a free-to-play game.

If you haven’t already played Super 6 then why not give it a go. Open an account by clicking here; Super 6.

So down to business and here’s my predictions for this week’s Super 6

  • Arsenal 4 Blackburn 1
  • Birmingham 1 Watford 1
  • Ipswich 2 Blackpool 1
  • MK Dons 0 Barnsley 2
  • Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 1
  • Nottm Forest 1 Bolton 2
  • Golden Goal: 8 mins

Once you’ve submitted your predictions for this weekend post them in the comments section below. We’ve a £10 free bet at Skybet to give away on this site to the person who predicts the most correct scores from this weekend’s matches. It’s one point for each correct score and the tiebreaker is the Golden Goal – first goal time in the six games. The usual competition rules apply and in the event of a tie after goal time I’ll do a draw to pick the winner of the free bet.

Good Luck.

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  1. brian thom 5 years ago

    Arsenal 2 Blackburn 1
    Birmingham 1 Watford 2
    Ipswich 2 Blackpool 1
    MK Dons 1 Barnsley 2
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 1
    Nottm Forest 1 Bolton 2
    Golden Goal: 15 mins

  2. weasel 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0, Birmingham 2 Watford 1, Ipswich 1 Blackpool 2, MKD 1 Barnsley 0, Crystal Palace 1 Middlesborough 2, Forest 0 Bolton 2 – Golden Goal 5 mins

  3. Milesey 5 years ago

    i play the super 6 game already and it’s shite, and skybet are the worst firm out there to bet with, what aload of RUBBISH !

    F*ck this rubbish back to where it came from, SKY BET are shocking and shouldn’t have anyone of here’s custome !


  4. Milesey 5 years ago

    it’s free to enter if you have a skybet account, get that point right, so you have to sign up to sh*tty w*nk skybet to play super 6.


  5. Seamus 5 years ago


    Jeff Sterling is quality on Soccer Saturday Danny boy!

  6. Craig alves 5 years ago

    free £10 bet for new customers tho, no deposit required.
    av been doing super 6 for a while and most correct scores got up is only 2 or 3, still be some buzz getting all 6 up for £100,000, unless someone else gets it up same wk and get bumped wi the lucky draw haha

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      free £10 hahahahaha, i’d rather put £200 on bet365 to get a free £200 bet 😉 😉

      SKYBET is shite, it’s the worst out there by far.


    • Milesey 5 years ago

      play Thuderball returns are greater for getting up 6 😉 😉


  7. Craig alves 5 years ago

    roith ravers is not haha

  8. Danny 5 years ago

    murder Craig many a time his shitty reactions huvny been worth a f**k

  9. Gary Mitchell 5 years ago


    • Milesey 5 years ago

      whats that link for i can’t do it, don’t have an account with this sh*te, self excluded myself along time ago, and the poker site hahaha, biggest trash on the net. Come to think of it SKY are just absolute sh*te on every level.


  10. Craig alves 5 years ago

    £10 bet better than nuhin, not aw got thousands to lose at the bookies.

    aye danny but the james brown celebrations were quality a few year back haha, hink that hing got sold for charity at some point

  11. Guido 5 years ago

    Milesey eloquently vents his dissatisfaction with the service offered by Skybet :-) :-)

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      and the soccer saturday show, no time for it, it’s absolute rubbish, they all talk utter sh*t, i’m off now to watch the darts, oh yeah it’s on sky but i don’t pay for it, i’m not a mug 😉 😉


      • robert miller 5 years ago

        milesy, i,m guessing you have played at a higher level than the likes of Phil Thomson on sky sports and thats why they talk rubbish?????

        could just imagine you in your prime trainin with them and you rattlin throo a basic warm up like 50 shuttle runs, 50 burpees and then 50 squat thrusts!!!!!

        • Milesey 5 years ago

          no actually i get on the beers like Paul Merson 😉


          • robert miller 5 years ago

            give you that one Milesy, Merse is a funny guy. totally agree Guido thommo does like a rant but not as bad as Rambo Mcinally who used to live up the road from me

            but at the end of the day you know that well worn statementin sport ” medals in the cupboard to prove it ” or as weemin would put it ” stoor collectors in the cupboard”

            • Guido 5 years ago

              hahaha :-)Agree with ya aboot Rambo Robert..twat!…when I was in Munich with Bayern in Munich…..

        • Guido 5 years ago

          Wid have tae say Robert..Phil Thompson spends mair time watching n commentating on Liverpool than the match hes supposed to…bit of an eejit. We all have oort favs but that muppet gets paid n allowed free reign on tv to show his biase…

  12. Danny 5 years ago

    no bein an ignoramus Craig but am no on the same page as yeh dont recall the celebration 12pints of wive beater and 7 jamesons dusny help my cause either

  13. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Don’t feed the troll……..

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      we are having a conversation about sky, sports related and once again you come on here with pathetic comments, and people wonder who starts all the rubbish on here, well wonder no more 😉


  14. Lockuptipster 5 years ago

    Do they have to be the same predictions as per the super6 predictions when you login etc?

  15. Craig alves 5 years ago

    everytime james brown scored Hartlepool stelling brought a singing james brown figure then they aw went a bit ott wi it, must’ve been a few yr back now tho

  16. Danny 5 years ago

    a honestly dont remember Craig madness coz ive watched soccer saturday for years good few chances oan friday fur some nice winners will come 2 a few conclusions in the mornin as for now buckelt oot ma melt

  17. Profile photo of admin
    admin 5 years ago

    Guys, WTF? Just logged in to see the comments above.

    Show a bit of respect eh?

    In case you hadn’t noticed this site is free. Mr F and us here at admin spend a lot of time on it. Christ, MR F even gets emails demanding he puts tips up for the day if they’re not on for 9am! Most of his and our time is spent dealing with crap like this. This isn’t how it was supposed to be.

    We bring on guys like Skybet, Betway, Bet365 etc to support the site and to give some of you the chance to win some free bets.

    Do you honestly think comments like these are going to encourage other betting firms to get behind the site?

    We don’t mind you expressing your dissatisfaction with betting sites but the comments tonight are out of order.

    We’re not deleting them. People can judge for themsleves whether they’re acceptable or not. It’s time people grew up on here before comments get disable completely because quite honestly Mr F and Admin just cant keep on top of this any more.

    Apologies for the rant but this is getting ridiculous. Get a grip.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      hahahaha skybet are sh*t and i would rather have companies like paddypower, bet365, betfair, on here anyday then skybet, they are the worst out there like it or not, and everyone is entitled to an opinion 😉 😉 I know so many people who have had problems with skybet time after time, they will take your money with ease, try to withdraw it then it’s a whole new matter, and their odds are the worst out there, you shouldn’t be supporting companies like this to be honest, you should be taking the companies who finish in the top ten year after year for their great service, and skybet just do not fit that bill.


    • 1plus2 5 years ago

      Absolutely Bang On Admin why even comment on the thread if you have the feelings that are being vented on this thread about Sky or Skybet strange one.

  18. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Admin I totally agree, the only way forward is to welcome all bookies. Quite frankly I think Skybet are great and Sky tv is the place to watch all the football. Its really just disrespectful when people post such trash on the site. This can not be good for the site. Just hope that nobody from Sky looks at the blog as its clearly very derivative. Any betting organisation that offers free to enter competitions or free bets wether its £10 or £200 has got to be a good thing. Well said Admin.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      hahaha, always one kiss a*se out there 😉 how do you make money betting with skybet ? oh yeah i forgot you don’t you always seem to be losing it. 😉


      • Milesey 5 years ago

        On official ratings year after year skybet are one of the worst online bookies, they constantly have the worst odds, the free £10 is shocking compared to what other sites offer, and their offers throughout the year are non existant compared to other sites, and thats the truth !

        Shame you don’t carry a warning on this site, before people go on there and sign up to sh*t.


  19. Danny 5 years ago


  20. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Admin there’s no point in arguing with someone as simple minded as Milesey. This is the same guy that claimed Mr Fixit was my best friend and was trying his best to help me ‘his friend’ win the competition. There’s something missing from Milesey. The guy is totall unstable and off his trolley. Mr Fixit gives him a section on the site and in return he is abusive if you disagree with any of his selections. He is often verbally abusive to others. He constantly disses any type of free bet offered on the site saying that it doesn’t mean anything to him. So Milesey nobody says you have to like Skybe or bet with them. Nobody is forcing you to play the free competition they are offering either. Simply just ignore it and move on instead of publicly slandering the betting company into the ground. You’re bang out of order. Just like Admin say, your big mouth will stop other firms making offers for the site. Get a grip.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      i am more educated then you will ever be, you have your head too far up your arse, if you want to make money do not use skybet, reasoning being the worst odds out of every company online, but Mr Guy you don’t want to make money, your happy to keep throwing it away, you are my friend the WORLDS BIGGEST LOSER AND KISS ARSE.


  21. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    1plus2 Milesey is a troll. He enjoys to wind people up.

    Internet Troll;

    A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues. Such arguments can happen on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and a host of others. The best thing you can do to fight an internet troll is to not answer..or report them.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      I enjoy making people money with my tips, you help them to lose it with your dribble, and that is a fact to be honest ! who on here wins money with your tips ? would people be crying out if you left this site / i doubt that very much, but who cares, better things to do to be honest then chat crap with D*CKHEADS like you


  22. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    I shall not feed

  23. Seamus 5 years ago

    Plain and simple …. Shut up milesey. You constantly let yourself down with your chat. Great tipster but far too big a mouth.

  24. Chris Guy 5 years ago


    Touched a nerve?

    He he he

    I shall not feed the troll

  25. Bruce R 5 years ago

    Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn
    Birmingham 1-3 Watford
    Ipswich 2-2 Blackpool
    MK Dons 0-2 Barnsley
    C Palace 2-2 Middlesboro
    Notts Forest 2-2 Bolton

  26. Bryan 5 years ago

    Chris trying to call someone simple minded…

    You really couldn’t make it up. lol

    Chris give it a rest. You are making a fool of yourself. You are completely out of your depth with Milesey.

    If I was Mr Fixit i’d be asking for you to provide evidence which proves you’re 18 because you certainly don’t sound it.

  27. Danny 5 years ago

    haha yasss tweet tweet glesga fleet smashin daftys aboot the street

    I was under the impression the nonsense had stopped what went on in the space of 3 hours

  28. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Seamys don’t feed him, just let him go hungry and he’ll move on somewhere else. We all know he is a copy and paste type of guy for his tips anyway. Really don’t know why he’s not banned from
    The site. Constantly abusive to many people now he goes down the route of trying to ruin the website altogether with his derogotary unnecessary comments against betting firms which Mr Fixit has done his best to get them to contribute to the site. With a bit of luck they will realise its only idiotic views from one person and not the whole site.

  29. Lee.collinge 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3-0 Blackburn
    Birmingham 0-1 watford
    Ipswich 2-2 Blackpool
    Mk dons 1-2 Barnsley
    C palace 1-1 middlesborough
    Notts forest 1-3 Bolton

    16th min golden goal

  30. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Danny just read Mileseys idiotic comments

    Bryan (or Milesey 2) do you condone this type of behaviour then? You have the IQ of a grapefruit. Bryan nobody cares about your comments, you’re not that important so go away troll, crawl into your den.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      it’s based on official ratings that skybet are absolute rubbish, you seem to know nothing about online bookies, how to bet to win, or have any knowledge of anything sensible.


    • Danny 5 years ago

      Chris am oot ma face mate canny find the comments I think it would be good if you and Milesey just didny respoond to each others comments ive been here fur a while a know you make plenty on the fitbaw where as Milesey does the same on the horses me and everyone else on the site have no place taking sides one thing I disagree wae is the single and treble 10er been a joke and not worth it coz its only a 10er its part of the site and thats that a like looking at prices and stakes its good but when folk brag aboot it a just think spudnut people that brag aboot money generaly dont huv 2 bob its people with money that keep it on the down low and behave like normal people….BELIEVE ME

  31. Seamus 5 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more Danny boy. It’s getting beyond it. Anyways lets enjoy, it’s Thursday and long weekend off work. Happy days

  32. Bryan 5 years ago

    Chris you ruin almost every thread with your childish drama queen act. Nobody can be arsed with the he said/she said nonsense. You’re like the wee grass who goes running to the school teacher when someone calls him a bad name. Seriously, just grow up mate.

  33. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Seamus I’m on tonight then off Fri sat sun. Not back til Monday so good crack. Pay weekend also.

    Milesey all you have to do is learn to close your mouth and the site will be much better.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      thats what you want everyone to shut their mouths so it can just be all about yourself and your pathetic bets. ” what was it you said the other night you have been on here much longer then everyone else? haha” you think this site is all about you, but who is backing any money backing your tips ? what do you add to this site ?


  34. fathead 5 years ago


  35. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Bryan start from the top of this thread then work your way down. After you have done that come back for further analysis. Anyone can see its Milesey that’s causing the bother on the site. The only people that don’t seem to think so are eh, people with an IQ of a grapefruit. Congratulations fud nut you fall into that category.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      CRY BABY all the time, crying like alittle baby, i didn’t start it i didnt do this and that. YES i started it, people do not sign upto skybet it’s the worst online bookie, end off ! they are the worst officially rated on the net, they have the worst odds. This super 6 gets you to sign up to skybet, and if i was you i’d leave it well alone to be honest. There you go, just trying to help the people out as normal, i know a thing or two, Mr Guy the only thing you know is how to lose money.


  36. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    I shall not feed the troll

    He he he he

  37. Sean Ireland 5 years ago

    Its true some of you are in a possition to turn your nose up at a free £10 bet if the amounts some of you claim to throw on a single bet are to be believed,but to others an offer like this is welcomed,its not all about what one or a select group of people want,its about everyone,thats why there are numerous tips offered at differing odds every day so the big and the small stake punter might see something that suits them, its time some of you realized that fact.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      Don’t want to mention names, sean ireland, but i had an email linking you with the likes of big jock, chris is da daddy, sacre bleu, so not going to listen to a word you have to say, but Mr Guy will i am sure.


      • Guido 5 years ago

        wwoooo Milesey!!!…are we beginning to starting to unravel the underhanded internet bogus shenanigans??.. :-)

      • Sean Ireland 5 years ago

        Milesey you have proved over and over again what an ego maniac you are, everytime the limlight is slipping away you kick up a fuss and yes so what? did any of those names cause you any bother? they were only ever used in jest never malice like the way you go around this site attacking anyone that dares to oppose anything you say,so you go ahead keeping it up for your narrow minded sheep that follow you around roclaiming your brilliance or better still why not throw another temper tantrum and sit back and watch them beg you to return,never come across anyone so narrow minded and full of themselves in my life, ”oh i went to cambridge” ”ive been earning thousands betting since i was 14” ”i dont need a tenner,im loaded”…you sound like a right @@@@.

        • Milesey 5 years ago

          sesn ireland you are big jock, and now you don’t like it cause you have been found out, but admin traced all your ip addresses and they are all the same.


          • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
            Mr Fixit 5 years ago

            Milesey, Danny, etc. Just back from the boys’ football and can’t believe the comments. I’ll reiterate what admin say: “Bet with the bookies you like, stay away from any you don’t”. But don’t slaughter firms who are supporting the site just for the sake of it. At the end of the day it’s another free and fun contest. Take it or leave it, don’t enter if you don’t like Skybet. Admin have summoned me to a meeting tomorrow to get the comments situation resolved. All I’d ask for from everyone is a bit of respect to each other, stop the slanging and let’s just put up tips.

          • Sean Ireland 5 years ago

            And that armed you in what way milesey? i proved i have a sense of humour,is that a crime? it still sows tat you are an EGO MANIAC, you must be hell to live with milesey,do you kick up that big a stink when your mrs forgets the sugar in your coffee?You spend all your time in here either looking for 1 of your sheep to say how wonderful you are and proclaiming you ”a god” and if 1 person dares to go against 1 of your tips or if tey give a tip you dont agree with then you dump all over them,try to make them look stupid and give them a hard time,met people like you before,some call them bullies.Not replying any more to you as i dont wis to be blocked even though its you tat as started this [email protected],yet again.

  38. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    I agree Sean

  39. Bruce R 5 years ago

    Forgot 1st goal time – 6 minutes

  40. Guido 5 years ago

    Jaysus!!…anyway, whats yer bets tonite Chris?…don’t think yav at time to mention with all the policing that yav been undertaking tonite…

  41. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Guido only done £50 first and last on Bale mate

  42. Seamus 5 years ago

    Milesey – your obsessed with chris guy. The amount of times he has offered olive branch and willing to move on, and you seem to get defensive and aggressive because he is willing to be bigger person.

    What does his bets have to do with you? How does it affect you? You say no one follows his bets or take what he is betting? Who cares, really? The way you go on about him and his ways are beyond it.

    Your arrogance, obsession and mouth let you down, not only that but the site.

    You have followers, which I respect, the article you write fir the site I respect. But leave the nonsense in the class room. Try be an asset to the site, which you can be.

    Rant over.

  43. Chris D W K 5 years ago

    I,m confused mr fixit is this the correct page to put super 6 tips? you never would know. Cant we have a separate page called the “Rant Page” for those who wish to rant and keep the football pages clear just for football stuff as it used to be back in summer last year.
    Takes ages to wade through all the waffle.. anyway heres my entry good luck to everyone else..

    arsenal 2-0 Blackburn
    birmingham 1-2 watford
    Ipswich 2-3- Blackpool
    MK Dons 0- 3 barnsley
    Crystal p 4-1 Middlesborough
    N. Forest 2-1 Bolton

    golden goal 8min

  44. Seamus 5 years ago

    A sure will chris, three on three off so can’t complain. Bring on united at paradise on Saturday. Lets hope big ambrose has sobered up

  45. Bryan 5 years ago

    Chris, i’ve read the thread again and it’s you who instigated the latest drama. You just couldn’t wait to get your wee dig in at Milesey after admin had commented. Until then Milesey hadn’t even mentioned you.

    It’s pretty obvious Milesey wants absolutely nothing to do with you Chris, and understandably so, so if you had any sense you’d keep your distance. You’re ruining almost every thread.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Bryan, all comments from Chris about Milesey and vice versa will be deleted. Never seen admin so angry.

  46. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Paul have you actually read all the comments? I said nothing wrong. Only thing I said is dont feed the troll.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, that’s enough to be honest. Please don’t mention him again.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, no one person is being blamed but it’s time for it all to stop. We keep asking yet you and others keep putting up comments. Let’s stick to tipping and general betting chat without the slanging matches.

  47. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    Chris, any comment you send with reference to Milesey will be deleted. Admin have told me they won’t hesitate to ban anyone who keeps up these arguments that no one’s interested in.

  48. Danny 5 years ago

    no point in asking that ? Chris you know the answer

    wonder if everyone on the site could start a fresh the day and get some good winners alsorts of good bets the day

    first person to be a wido banned and send out a message

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Danny, Seamus, what you say is spot on. Let’s all move on and start afresh.

  49. Seamus 5 years ago

    Not taking sides chris just how it is. However, think collectively we need to all get back to tipping by the sounds of it we are in the verge of shooting ourselves in the foot. I like debating tips not people’s attitude, might sound contradictory in term of my opinion on attitude – self admittedly. But this site is cracking, lets keep it that way – lets not waste it.

    But it’s a tipping sight, similar goals, and sure a speak fir everyone it’s an escape from the mrs.

    Good luck all

  50. Milesey 5 years ago

    still talking about me 😉


  51. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    On the plus side Paul, Gareth Bale first goal right at the death of first half. Get in there. He must have made you a good few quid recently Paul and me tonight.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, I can’t stop backing Bale at the moment but I know his run has to end soon.

  52. Craig alves 5 years ago

    Any chance you could move this to new thread paul, come Saturday it’s gonna be a nightmare trying to check other peoples posts if get a few correct results. even repost it tomorrow and just transfer peoples entries into it

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Craig, probably a good idea but entries can be checked under both.

    • Profile photo of admin
      admin 5 years ago

      Good idea Craig. We’ll tidy up the thread tomorrow. Probably start a new one. People can still submit their predictions here and we’ll carry them over.

      I’m not for deleting this thread however. It shows up how low we’ve sunk. Hopefully the only way is up from here.

  53. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Just delete all the posts

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, from now on they will be but people should be able to abide by the rules and stop the sniping. Admin now watching this carefully and they have the final say no me.

  54. Seamus 5 years ago

    Here here! C’mon athletico, Kazan down to ten so here’s hoping.

  55. Profile photo of admin
    admin 5 years ago


    Your spat with Milesey is beyond tiresome. Both of you are to blame for keeping it up. It is bringing the site down.

    Some comments made earlier about the Skybet and the likes are embarrassing they do no favours to this site, it’s reputation and indeed Mr Fixit’s. Heaven help us if other prospective betting partners of the site are looking in tonight.

    We have a problem. Clearly between us Mr Fixit and Admin cannot control the comments pure and simply because people cannot control themselves. We have to do something and fast and we’re looking at what the options are.

    In the meantime can I propose a truce. It’s best that you and Milesey just ignore each other and that everyone else just gets on with commenting on betting.

    This site has the potential to be great. We have some brilliant contributors on here who really know their stuff. But it is being strangled by the petty one-upmanship that some are indulging in. If you don’t think it’s detrimental to the site then please think again. We’ve had people contact us to say they’ll not be back, they can’t be bothered sifting through the nonsense. Frankly neither can Mr F or Admin anymore. Both he and I were out tonight separately with our kids and have spent the best part of an hour since returning going through the crap. We’ve better things to do and I’m sure everyone would much rather Mr F’s time spent on research and picking us some more winners.

    So how about it everyone? A truce? As of now. Leave it all in the past and lets move on.

    • Danny 5 years ago

      that took use a month an a word document ae come wae that lol

  56. AC 5 years ago

    Hahahaha all this again … Jesus Christ

  57. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    Guido, I’ve already said move on so let’s all do it.

  58. Guido 5 years ago

    ya gone for Taylor n RVG Milesey?

  59. Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
    Mr Fixit 5 years ago

    Milesey, nothing from earlier’s been deleted, now everything that follows will be. Please stick to what you do best and put up the tips.

  60. Sean Ireland 5 years ago

    Had my say after being ”outed” by milesey, ill leave it now.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      sean ireland is big jock and about 10 others, he is alittle boy who has to come on here and hide behind many an alias on this site, even having ago at Mr F, telling him to hurry up with his threads etc… and basically taking the piss out of every body on this site, and a certain person thinks he is talking sense ? if you want the defination of a troll then sean ireland is one and his many made up aliases he uses to mock others !


      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 5 years ago

        Milesey, u r not listening. Please stop this now.

        • Sean Ireland 5 years ago


          • Milesey 5 years ago

            you come on under 10 different people and have even had ago at MR F, started arguments [retending to be chris guy with pathetis comments, for thats how you get your kicks, you are one sad individual.


  61. Milesey 5 years ago

    why can’t i name and shame SEAN IRELAND, for it’s been him thats started many an argument on this site…….. what do i care, ban me , do i really care ? i think not 😉 😉


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Milesey, he’s admitted and he’s said he’ll move on. It’s time to start over – you, Sean (Big Jock), Chris, Danny etc. Let’s help 1plus2 in his mission.

    • Guido 5 years ago

      Poor show if it is Milesey……no point getting involved tho/waste o time

      What did u make of ur horse at Meydan today a good un?

    • Sean Ireland 5 years ago


      • Milesey 5 years ago

        and you couldn’t do that on your alias SEAN IRELAND for your mr big behind your computer with all your different names aren’t you ? chris is da daddy, then slagging myself off not going to start an argument ? silly posts from big jock, what were you adding to this site ?
        Pathetic sad little boy.


  62. Jimmy Mac 5 years ago

    lads, does anyone know if cavoni played with napoli tonight or did he come on after de 1st goal had been scored. had a trbl backed with HULK, BALE AND CAVONI. by de way i think milesey dont like skybet.

  63. Craig alves 5 years ago

    personally I liked readimg BIG JOCKS posts haha sean Ireland bring back BIG JOCK :)

  64. Jimmy Mac 5 years ago

    mr f, did cavoni play tonight with napoli

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Jimmy, must have started because my Bale/Cavani bet is just paying me a single. Really strange result for Napoli considering they were planning to play a full team.

  65. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Ok lads i have £50 looking to be multiplied to £7000 by Feb 2015 so starting from now all help will be appreciated and all advice and suggestions will be most welcome everyone will be welcome in this quest and if i manage to get debt free by 2015 i will dance at your weddind although i will need a zimmer frame and oxygen to help me do it lol.

    So who is 1st up for to get me debt free by 2015 all bets will now be courtesy of the punters on here bear in mind the small bank i have at the minute.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      1plus2, I’ll put some Friday bets tomorrow if I have time but starting my Daily Record column just now.

      • 1plus2 5 years ago

        Sound m8 this way i wont feel so bad when the bets go south i can blame everyone else lol

  66. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    There’s me thinking everyone was told to start arguing. Onwards and upwards with the site.

  67. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Paul thinking about McGinn first goal tomorrow for Aberdeen @ 4/1. What you reckon. Good chance it will be an unders game also.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Chris, I backed Bale first and anytime and Bale and Cavani double but not at Betfred because I don’t have an account and wasn’t near a shop. I’m quite happy with the return because I wasn’t even thinking about Bale to score two. As for Aberdeen tomorrow McGinn has gone off the boil but if anyone’s going to score it will probably be him. Dons are so poor in front of goal I might take a Dundee player, will look at it in the morning.

  68. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Anyway what a result for me tonight. Paul I hope you took my advice with Betfred.

    £50 Bale first goal returned £550
    £50 Bale last goal returned £300

    £100 on and £850 back – profit of £750 :-)

    Damn I’m good.

  69. Seamus 5 years ago

    Bet Fred chris guy Paul?

    Surely, hope you took your own advise chris mulgrew :-)

  70. Tony 5 years ago

    Took my half hour reading the crap but anyway……it’s FREE to play super six,I do every Saturday, and I’m not a sky bet customer, you just log in with your sky details.
    As to the pointless crap getting posted. I think admin may have to consider “comment pending” , which will slow this GREAT, FREE and for me over the past two years VERY profitable site down a lot.
    COMMENT PENDING will come if the crap persist.

  71. Seamus 5 years ago

    Damn straight! Good bet mr mulgrew! That’s a bet I wish I had followed rather than put a bit on my double! Well done, bake is unreal ATM. Hate what bake done to scitkand but he is up there currently. Mr bale, I enjoy your footballing exploits :-)

  72. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Very happy with that return on a £100 stake. Right at 45 mins and 90 mins too. Betfred must have paid out a few quid.

  73. AC 5 years ago

    Hahaha it was obvious BIG JOCK was some kind of spoof …. He was f*ckin funny though … BRING BACK BIG JOCK

  74. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Just on my nightshift now, about to settle down to a huge plate of sirloin stake with fried onions and garlic yummy yummy.

  75. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    I agree Big Jock was funny

  76. Seamus 5 years ago

    You have earned that steak lad! I should be on the beans and toast !

  77. Muzza 5 years ago

    WOW!! Been down to the smoke for the day with the family, just back and what a fun filled day I have missed! LOL!

    No names, no comment but funny all the same!

    No bets for me today either, having withdrawal symptoms………

    SHREK was great though!

    • Guido 5 years ago

      Muzzas back!! I thought ud decided ud made enuff dosh and gave up n have a lifetime of deciding how to spend in front of ya??
      Yeah…some fireworks earlier on…lotta stuff – guff deleted/probable never seen it

      • Muzza 5 years ago

        Lol Guido!

        Spent a few quids in London pal @ £6.50 a pint! And £15 for a G&T!

        • Guido 5 years ago

          S ya were Daaaann Saaaaarrrff today then?? Ya bump inta Milesey? jeez..£6.50 a pint?…you need to trade that missus of urs in havin to pay that kinda prices for her tipple!! :-)

        • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
          Mr Fixit 5 years ago

          Muzza, where the hell were you drinking. £15 for a G&T! I was there at the weekend and prices weren’t too bad – then again I wasn’t paying.

          • Guido 5 years ago

            Paul, Muzza wiz just takin advantage of the cheap prices as part of his country memberships at the Ritz and Dorchester

            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 5 years ago

              Guido, make good crackers though the Ritz.

              • Guido 5 years ago

                nice with a bitta cheese Paul. These boys like Muzza n Milesey on a different level to us mere mortals/poor downtrodden Scots.. scrabbling aboot for some loose change…country memberships, golf memberships at Wentworth, days out at the theatre n lunch at the Dorchester stuff…everyday occurrence….:-)

          • Muzza 5 years ago

            Leicester square

  78. Allen - Walsall 5 years ago

    Here’s my tips for Sky Super 6. Milesey gets upset with Sky Bet, but they do have a BPTS (Both Players To Score bet) which I don’t think any of the others have (Not 100% though).

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0
    Birmingham 2 Watford 0
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 1
    MK Dons 1 Barnsley 1
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 2
    Nottingham Forest 1 Bolton 1

    Golden Goal: 3 mins


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Allen, what’s BPTS? Is it like an anytime double? I quite like the Skybet site and they have some good markets but as I said earlier people will have ones they like and ones they don’t. There’s plenty of choice and no one has the monopoly on best price.

  79. Allen - Walsall 5 years ago

    BPTS (Both Players To Score) are pre-named players from either side anytime during the match.

    It usually pays decent odds.


  80. Seamus 5 years ago

    That hungry could eat a horse …..

  81. Smiler arbroath 5 years ago

    Chris, one to hav a look at
    Lille v rennes. (Alessandrini) Rennes hav scored 2goals in there last 5 games and alessandrini scored 3in last 4games. He’s 13/2 1st and 13/2 last and 15/8 anytime . Not sure if there will be much goal threats at aberdeen, good luck everyone.

  82. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Smiler cheers for that. Alessandrini is 11/1 first goal and 4/1 anytime with Bet365. Might put a punt on anytime.

  83. Danny 5 years ago

    I use to play this every saturday best I ever done was 2 correct al have a go with

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0
    Birmingham 2 Watford 1
    Ipswich 2 Blackpool 1
    MK Dons 1 Barnsley 2
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 2
    Nottm Forest 2 Bolton 2

    Golden Goal – 5th Minute

  84. jonathan conor 5 years ago



  85. john cairns 5 years ago

    arsenal 3 Blackburn 1
    Birmingham 1 Watford 1
    Ipswich 1 blackpool 0
    mk dons 2 Barnsley 2
    c.palace 0 Middlesboro 0
    notts forrest 0 Bolton 2

    golden goal 5 minutes

  86. Allen - Walsall 5 years ago


    Are you going to score the super 6 competition, similar to Sky?

    5 Points Correct Score &
    2 Points Correct Result?
    Then nearest first time scorer to differentiate.


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Allen, no. We’ve already said simply one point for a correct score then of course use the golden goal time as a tie breaker.

  87. gary callaghan 5 years ago

    mr f u have said time and time again about this arguing between milesey and chris. it is putting ppl off the site, and i 4 one dont like to read this rubbish. they dont seem to b taking ur advice and i can see both of them being banned from the site if they say another word. maybe u should make an example of them??? anyway get a grip lads and start posting tips as this is what the site is used for.
    admin i have emailed u about a query i had and not heard bk from u. i sent it a cpl of weeks ago and heard nothin. can u help?
    regards gary

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Gary, admin have warned both and should see your comment because they’re watching it closely today.

  88. Vinnie Hoey 5 years ago

    •Arsenal 3 Blackburn 1
    •Birmingham 1 Watford 1
    •Ipswich 1 Blackpool 2
    •MK Dons 1 Barnsley 2
    •Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 1
    •Nottm Forest 1 Bolton 1
    •Golden Goal: 10 mins

  89. AC 5 years ago

    •Arsenal 0 Blackburn 8
    •Birmingham 5 Watford 6
    •Ipswich 5 Blackpool 1
    •MK Dons 0 Barnsley 9
    •Crystal Palace 12 Middlesbrough 3
    •Nottm Forest 0 Bolton 0
    •Golden Goal: 3 secs

  90. Greg Browning 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0
    Birmingham 1 Watford 2
    Ipswich 2 Blackpool 1
    MK Dons 2 Barnsley 1
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 1
    Nottm Forest 1 Bolton 2
    Golden Goal: 2 mins

  91. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Morning all, well Mr F have we got anything of interest on My Quest for a small win to chip away at my target.

  92. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Cheers what one would you favour over the rest m8

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      1plus2, I’d go for AC Milan tonight although the price isn’t what you’re looking for.

  93. Tommo 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 1
    Birmingham 2 Watford 1
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 2
    MK Dons 2 Barnsley 3
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 2
    Nottm Forest 2 Bolton 2

    Golden Goal: 4 mins

  94. Donald Priest 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0
    MK Dons 1 Barnsley 3
    Birmingham 1 Watford 2
    Crystal Palace 2 Middlesbrough 0
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 1
    Notts Forest 1 Bolton 1
    9 mins

  95. James Broxup 5 years ago

    Arsenal 4 Blackburn 1
    MK Dons 2 Barnsley 0
    Birmingham 3 Watford 1
    Crystal Palace 1 Middlesbrough 1
    Ipswich 3 Blackpool 1
    Nottingham Forest 1 Bolton 1

    Golden Goal to be scored in the 6th minute.

  96. malcolm caithness 5 years ago

    Arsenal 2 Blackburn 1
    MK Dons 1 Barnsley 2
    Birmingham 1 Watford 2
    Crystal Palace 1 Middlesbrough 1
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 1
    Notts Forest 2 Bolton 1
    3 mins

  97. Craig alves 5 years ago

    arsenal 3-1 Blackburn
    palace 1-1 boro
    brum 1-1 watford
    mk dons 4-0 barnsley
    ipswich 2-2 blackpool
    bolton 2-1 forest

    7th minute golden goal

  98. Graham Mitchell 5 years ago

    I thought had submitted this
    arsenal 3 blackburn 1
    birmingham 1 watford 2
    ipswich 2 blackpool 2
    mk dons 0 barnsley 2
    crystal palace 2 middlesburgh 0
    notts forrest 1 bolton 0
    Golden Goal 4 mins

  99. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0
    MK Dons 2 Barnsley 1
    Birmingham 1 Watford 2
    Crystal Palace 1 Middlesbrough 2
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 2
    Notts Forest 1 Bolton 2

    4th minute golden goal

  100. Tyron Parkinson 5 years ago

    Arsenal 4 Blackburn 1
    Birmingham 0 Watford 1
    Ipswich 1 Blackpool 1
    MK Dons 2 Barnsley 2
    Crystal Palace 1 Middlesbrough 2
    Nottingham Forest 1 Bolton 1

    Golden Goal: 10 mins

  101. Gary F 5 years ago

    Arsenal 2-0 Blackburn
    Birmingham 0-1 watford
    Ipswich 2-2 Blackpool
    Mk dons 1-2 Barnsley
    C palace 1-1 middlesborough
    Notts forest 1-2 Bolton

    10th min golden goal

  102. ste corrin 5 years ago

    arsenal 4-1 blackburn
    mk dons 1-2 barnsley
    birmingham 2-2 watford
    palace 2-1 boro
    ipswich 2-1 blackpool
    forest 2-1 bolton

  103. ste corrin 5 years ago

    forgot to add 8 min golden goal

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