AYR and Lingfield have passed morning inspections but there is the possibility of freezing temperatures and Scotland braces itself for more snow tomorrow.

Here are my thoughts for the day and hopefully some winning tips.

AYR – chance of freezing temperatures


SOUTHWELL – Standard

2.00 Lingfield
BALLYGARVEY 6-5 will take some stopping. He impressed on his handicap debut over C&D prior to struggling in a much stronger event at Cheltenham last time and taking a significant drop in class today can see him bounce back to form.

2.30 Lingfield
LITTLE JIMMY 5-2 had every chance when crashing out at the final obstacle at Folkestone last time and could prove difficult to beat in what looks a fairly moderate event, providing that nasty experience hasn’t dented his confidence.

4.00 Ayr
SACRE TOI 5-4. James Ewart’s inmate has won two of his five starts so far this season and wasn’t beaten too far in a competitive contest at Doncaster last Thursday. If fully recovered from those exertions he should take all the beating today.

4.20 Southwell
APACHE RISING 11-8 is returning from a 98-day break but struck over track and trip on his handicap debut in November and wouldn’t need to have improved much in the meantime to defy a 4lb rise.

Punts of the Day

3.15 Southwell
Thunderball 7-1

4.30 Ayr

4.40 Lingfield

Good luck.


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  1. Milesey 5 years ago

    3.25 AYR
    TAP NIGHT 11-10

    The champion jockey travels north specifically to ride Tap Night, who is owned by JP McManus. A Grade 2 winner over hurdles where he had the very useful Captain Conan behind, he made a winning start over fences here last month but was a very disappointing last of four in a much better race at Kelso.

    They didn’t appear to go quick enough for TAP NIGHT at Musselburgh nine days ago and he therefore struggled in what turned into a sprint in the straight. Another chance is given, however, and the two-time course winner can get back to winning ways providing they go a little quicker up front.


  2. John Henderson 5 years ago

    AP double on the cards should win 1st on Deepsand

  3. Milesey 5 years ago


    13:50 Ayr (GB)

    1st 5. Deepsand (IRE)
    2nd 6. Hallmark Star
    3rd 1. Bishops Gate (IRE)

    14:00 Lingfield Park (GB)

    1st 1. Ballygarvey (FR)
    2nd 2. Clouded Thoughts (IRE)

    14:30 Lingfield Park (GB)

    1st 4. Little Jimmy
    2nd 3. Richo



    • Milesey 5 years ago

      15:25 Ayr (GB)

      1st 1. Tap Night (USA)
      2nd 6. The Tracey Shuffle
      3rd 4. My Mate Vic (IRE)


      • Milesey 5 years ago

        16:00 Ayr (GB)

        1st 2. Sacre Toi (FR)
        2nd 6. Lord Of Drums (IRE)
        3rd 4. Suprise Vendor (IRE)


  4. 1plus2 5 years ago

    “Here are my thoughts for the day and hopefully some winning tips.”

    Milesy m8 your thoughts seem to be copy n pasted from a well known site with the odd word missed or changed.

    Here’s your thoughts

    2.30 Lingfield
    LITTLE JIMMY 5-2 had every chance when crashing out at the final obstacle at Folkestone last time and could prove difficult to beat in what looks a fairly moderate event, providing that nasty experience hasn’t dented his confidence.

    and heres the same thoughts from a well known web site

    LITTLE JIMMY still held every chance when crashing out at the final obstacle at Folkestone last time and he could prove difficult to beat in what looks a fairly moderate event this evening, providing that nasty experience hasn’t dented his confidence. Sablazo had been placed in his two previous starts prior to running out at Fontwell latest and he can give another good account, while Owner Occupier is well treated on best form.

    It’s a bit misleading saying these are your thoughts when they are copied and pasted from another website ? are you betting the same horses that you have copied and pasted as well as the punts of the day ?

    It would be nice to hear an indepth view of your own instead of copying it from somewhere else as it seems you like the horses and it would be interesting to hear your own thoughts without copy n pasting.

    For instance the punts of the day where did you get them from or are they ypour own picks and if they are it would be nice hearing YOUR OWN thoughts on why you have picked them m8 cheers 3

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      They are my thoughts, how can you word anything any differently ? look at the betfair site, and the horse racing section.

      Thank you


    • 1plus2 5 years ago

      I should have included unless you actually work for that well known website then that would explain it lol

      • Milesey 5 years ago

        If anything where yout have got these from have come directly from Betfair and timeform.


  5. Striker 5 years ago

    Woohoo, nice one on the Ballygarvey / Little Jimmy double

  6. 1plus2 5 years ago

    So m8 you are saying the thoughts behind the picks with the analysis are your own work ?

  7. Milesey 5 years ago


    The vote, however, goes to the in-from SACRE TOI. James Ewart’s inmate has won two of his five starts so far this season and wasn’t beaten too far in a competitive contest at Doncaster last Thursday. If fully recovered from those exertions, he should take all the beating today.


    The vote, however, goes to the in-from SACRE TOI. James Ewart’s inmate has won two of his five starts so far this season and wasn’t beaten too far in a competitive contest at Doncaster last Thursday. If fully recovered from those exertions, he should take all the beating today.


    Both taken from the BETFAIR/TIMEFORM Section, if anything they should get their own writers !


  8. Milesey 5 years ago

    I work for BETFAIR stevenage, in the horse racing betting department……… enough said thank you


  9. Milesey 5 years ago



    Read them both what they are saying, IDENTICAL, taken from BETFAIR / TIMEFORM horse racing section….. they put up a tip the otherday that my German mate sitting next to me right now put on the Betfair site for he knows his German horses 100%, so don’t get fooled by these sites, they copy !


  10. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Do you work with Betfair writing the analysis for the horses you had in your column then ? as i added earlier that would explain it.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      Myself along with others put into the site with Analysis and form etc for the horse racing, and work very closely with timeform. So i am going to use that yes, for most is the opinion of people in the know.


  11. 1plus2 5 years ago

    I am not disputing that sites copy stuff m8 thats why i was asking you if that was your own/work/thoughts, if you do not actually write the analysis on Betfair/Timeform then surely they cannot be claimed to be your own thoughts unless as i say you actually work there writing them m8

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      what, because i don’t actually write it ? HELLO the writer of the article actually knows f all, it’s people like me that give him all the form, analyis, opinions, just cause he can type it all out and is a geek for he can put it online, does that make him a genius on horse racing ?


  12. James C 5 years ago

    Hi Milesey, two winners from first two tips, well done! I would not worry too much about comments from someone whose avatar is giving everybody ‘the fingers’! Obviously someone with a big chip on his shoulder because his team were liquidated!!!!! If you want to visit this site for horse racing tips please have a less offensive avatar, thank you!!!!!!

  13. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Do you know if sporting life or oddschecker gets there analysis stuff from Betfair/Timeform m8

    Be interesting to actually find out where the original analysis is actually written from ie Betfair/Timeform Racing post Sporting Life etc etc

  14. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Sighz, James thats the Winston Churchill Victory sign not 2 finger up yours salute just as a matter of interest

  15. 1plus2 5 years ago

    Anyways thx for your explanation Milesey m8

    Better not add anymore as its now attracting the neandrathals to post utter shite about things that have no relevance whatsoever in the subject i was asking about.

    thx 3

    • James C 5 years ago

      I think you’ll find that ‘Neanderthals’ is the correct spelling, say no more!!!!!

  16. Milesey 5 years ago

    2 winners out of 2 and people are trying to shoot me down, what an absolute joke, go to ATTHERACES and RACINGUK, and have ago at them for copying exactly the same article that timeform and Betfair put out.


    • Milesey 5 years ago

      This is why i never bother putting anything up, just the names of the horses i think will win etc…. no explanations for people like to nit pick all the time, what a joke, the articles come from BETFAIR / TIMEFORM, i know who does them with input from all us guys on form, analysis etc…….. thank you


      • 1plus2 5 years ago

        Milesey if u think that was me trying to shoot u down earlier then far from it i was asking the question if you wrote the actual anaylisis that every site seems to use for the horse tips, you explained you and others do all the form and tips etc etc etc that every other site uses so that explains the copy n pasting i was asking about in the 1st place.

        • Muzza 5 years ago

          1plus2 that is the biggest back track I have ever seen you snivelling arse!! You ripped the poor lad this morning and now you know what his job is you are grovelling – you fickle person!! Read your own post back and think about how it sounds – bang out of order!!

          • 1plus2 5 years ago

            Muzza i am not getting into a slanging match by calling people arseholes as you seem to think is ok and acceptable on here but as a point of interest show me 1 thing i said totally ripping him apart as you said ?

            He explained fully what he does at Betfair and thats good enough for me, so where me ripping him apart comes into it is obviously what you think which is way off the mark so keep the abusive comments to yourself in the future or better still don’t bother commenting at all on something that had nothing to do with you.

            • Muzza 5 years ago

              You have accused him of cutting and pasting all his info and basically not having his own opinions even choosing to HIGHLIGHT WORDS that you wish to emphasise in the process. It was not a positive critic, you were blatantly having a go!

              I can choose to get involved as I wish as this is an open forum and by you having a go at one of the main tipsters who Mr F has chosen to head up a column I wanted to get involved and stick up for my mate – even though he doesn’t need it and will “shred” you on his own should he so choose.

              Anyway I have made my point now. Good evening to you…….

              • Guido 5 years ago

                Well said Muzza…

                • Muzza 5 years ago

                  Who are we on tonight whilst we sleep Guido? I love these early morning surprises in my account! Lol

              • 1plus2 5 years ago

                Muzza when i seen what he had put up this morning it indeed looked like copy n pasting as i had seen it on other sites thats why i was asking him why he was copy n pasting and i asked him a couple of things, and he explained exactly what he does/done regarding the tips form analysis etc etc etc.

                You seem to be selectively picking what you deem as out of order but you totally ignore the fact or the comments i put up after that especially the last one which was thx for the explanation m8 i accepted that, why can’t you accept the reasons i gave.

                PS whats the petty name calling all about ?

  17. Milesey 5 years ago

    Found out what ?

    3 winners out of 3 , 😉 😉

    Don’t be jealous !


    • Muzza 5 years ago

      Milesey ….. PLEASE DON’T GO! I’ll miss ya!! LOL ;0)

      Had a great day today backed 2 winners at Lingers, 1 at sh*tty Southwell and 5 at Ayr – only 2 losers out of 10 bets – GET IN!!

      Nice profits today Shan! Good luck to STEVO tonight!

  18. sacre blues 5 years ago

    Yes chris, a big well done to the TIMEFORM team.

    • Milesey 5 years ago

      Really ? haha, they all come out of the woodwork when i am winning ha ha ha

      25 races on today, and i have picked 3 winners out of my 4 picks with 1 left to go !

      Go to ATTHERACES or RACINGUK , or even better betrescue, they don’t even put up their own picks !


  19. Milesey 5 years ago

    Mr F i’m not doing these tips anymore, sick of being shot down by idiots, even when i am winning they still aren’t happy, complete idiots, like i say i don’t need this site, i take nothing from it at all, i give my time to do the friday night competition myself.

    APACHE RISING, 1st 4 OUT OF 4 , thank you, and goodbye, no more tips from me.


    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Milesey, I get it day in, day out and I’ve learned to deal with it or just delete. You get much more praise than criticism and if you stop you let the minority win. I think every tipster is there to be shot at and unfortunately there are people out there who think they can do better. Ignore them, I’ll delete all the rubbish and if that comment has come from Chris Guy he’ll be subtracted £100 from his tipster pot as I said he would.

      • AC 5 years ago

        Mr F me and Milesey havnt seen eye to eye in the past and I still stand by Messi being a better player than Neymar but if Chris Guy is still creating up false accounts to just give Milesey some abuse than shouldn’t Chris Guy just be banned, he is clearly jealous that he hasnt got his own thread and to be fair his tips are pretty w*nk

        • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
          Mr Fixit 5 years ago

          AC, I said last week that the vendetta between Milesey and Chris had to stop and it wasn’t one-sided stuff. Both were at fault. It’s up to admin whether he’s banned if he’s posted the comment and remember only one person has been banned in two and a half years so it’s not a decision we take lightly.

          • AC 5 years ago

            Well it does sound a bit stupid if he’s actually posted his name as ‘Chris is the Daddy’ …. but if it is him then it is really pathetic

            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 5 years ago

              AC, Chris denies it and at the end of the day could have been posted by anyone. As I say admin can check the IP address.

          • Danny 5 years ago

            Paul if memory serves me have 2 people not been banned both with same 1st name with the later being unbanned

            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
              Mr Fixit 5 years ago

              Danny, I know the guy you are talking about it. Admin will remember but I thought we made it so all his comments had to be approved before they appeared. Anyway have spoken to admin about Tony and he’ll be allowed back in a few weeks or so. But he’ll be told next time he steps out of line it will be a sine die ban.

              • Danny 5 years ago

                if it wasnt for the time consuming nature of it approving comments wouldnt be a terrible idea that will be good if hes aloud back on shall be no nonsensicul comments

                • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
                  Mr Fixit 5 years ago

                  Danny, if that was the case a lot of relevant comments wouldn’t be posted in time because we don’t have someone sitting there 24 hours to approve comments. At the end of the day 99 per cent of comments are fine and punters shouldn’t be involved in slanging matches, they should be helping each other.

    • Guido 5 years ago

      Don’t be daft Milesey…stick with it…few muppets out there…do u want the assholes to win/that’s what they want?? You can never please all of the people all of the time…but ur pleasing the vast majority…just hit the delete button and ignore the twats.

      Did Ballygarvey Evs n Apache Rising at 5/4…widda done the other but was busy…thanks/appreciated. :-)

  20. Ryan 5 years ago

    Sorry to see that you will allow a couple of idiots to push you out Milesey. Thanks for the tips anyway and all the best.

  21. James C 5 years ago

    4 out of 4 Milesey, excellent tipping, well done!

  22. Danny 5 years ago

    thats ashame Milesey sure theres punters who make plenty of your horse racing tips wont be to happy to see you go

  23. Craig Liddell 5 years ago

    Milesey don’t bite even if you do research other sites you are still putting a lot of effort in to help other people

  24. Mr H 5 years ago

    Milesey i post your racing tips on my facebook page,is me bad?

  25. Milesey 5 years ago


    you can tell exactly who these comments come from ” Chris Guy” the one that thinks he is the daddy of the site and tries to force everyone out, just cause he loses thousands a week on his bets. Thinks he owns the site and wants to shoot everyone down, every when Danny was playing the competition he’s on there telling him what to do…. He doesn’t even post anything worth while for anyone to bet on themselves but thinks he runs this site.

    Had a great post from him the other night, that i still have but Mr F kept deleting it, saying how he’d been on this site so much longer then me, and how i should get banned from this site…… whatever good luck to these people, i have been making thousands from betting since 14 years old, and will continue to do so without this site, as i say i have never taken anyting from here just tried to help people out, explaining bets, how to make money from betfair…. Anyway i sign off with 4 from 4 today, so a massive profit for me today, and just off to get the coach now, for BRENTFORD we are coming……………


    Mr F i’ll email you tomorrow sometime.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Milesey, picked up a Racing Post after my golf and they’re all over Brentford. So good luck with your bet and enjoy your game. I’m off for a pint before looking out tomorrow’s tips then settling down to watch Celtic-Juve.

  26. conor 5 years ago

    milesy i look forward to your tips..dont be driven away by a couple of nobs

  27. John Henderson 5 years ago

    Milesey keep up the good work it is good to have horse racing section and you do a good job m8, who cares about where the write ups came from as long as the winners keep coming and bookies lose. :)

  28. conor 5 years ago

    nobody else has their own section..they are just jelous…they are obviously your selections and your just forwarding whatever you have read which has influenced you in your selection..whether it is your own writeen piece or someone elses after the horse does it really matter.. ive seen you hit all four selections before which is why you have been rewarded with your own section..enjoy the game

  29. Ryan 5 years ago

    I think Milesey that you should focus on the positive comments from people who appreciate what you do, myself included. I have found in my experience that silence is golden, just post your tips and rise above any idiotic and unproductive comments. I can never quite understand why it is people can become such idiots when hiding behind a keyboard.

    • Striker 5 years ago

      I agree with everyone else!! You’ve made me a lot of profit with your tips Milesey, would be sad to see no more horse tips!!

      F&£^ the haters!!

  30. Chris Guy 5 years ago

    Paul I have not put any comments up. Obv someone trying to frame me lmao. This really is laughable.

    I know absolutely nothing about horse racing and I’m not going to pretend I do.

    Milesey hat off for the 4 out of 4 tips. Well done. I honestly haven’t typed anything up. Come to your senses.

  31. Bingo 5 years ago

    Milesey boy don’t let a coupla of negative comments put you off. You’re providing quality tips (free of charge) and get more winners than losers from what I’ve seen. Most fair minded people should realise you can’t win all the time. Mr Fixit has to put up with the same nonsense when his tips don’t win every time. If every tip was to win every time we’d all be millionaires and there wouldn’t be any bookies. Quality tipping again today mate 4 outta 4. Not so sure on your tipping Stevenage to win all the time right enough!!! Keep up the good work as Im sure the vast majority of visitors to this site are delighted with the tips you’re providing.

    • Danny 5 years ago

      Bingo did a supporters bus leave fae the doublet in the years a stayed in The Faifley I always thought it was mixed

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 5 years ago

        Danny, it pains me to see all these Celtic and Rangers fans leaving the town when they have a perfectly good team to watch down the road. Anyway, it’s their loss – and at the Bankies you can have a pint (OK can) before, after and at half-time if you like.

        • Danny 5 years ago

          Paul I put it down to family tradition to follow one of the big 2 and people that have a choice go for the glory but I can see how it might be good supporting Clydebank Id stand and watch the game wae a botto a tonic and the best thing about it theres no chance of someone stabbing you to death for wearing a Clydebank top

  32. fathead 5 years ago


  33. Bingo 5 years ago

    Aye Danny mate the bus is still running. There’s about 15 – 20 of us that go on it. The pubs mostly frequented by Rangers fans but there’s a few Celtic fans as well. It’s our pub though!!! Never really any hassle usually all good banter although we’ve been on the receiving end lately… It’s always been considered a Rangers boozer though. There used to be a double decker that ran to the Rangers games in the bygone days…

    • Danny 5 years ago

      thats madness dont know how none ma family telt me about it and theve stayed in the faifley aw thare days they must have known

  34. Bingo 5 years ago

    I used to go see the Bankies down at Kilbowie when I was a nipper Mr F and I used to have a can before, during and after in those days as well!!! I’d probably see a better standard of fitba at the Bankies games these days rather than the nonsense I’ve been watching at Ibrox this season…

  35. Guido 5 years ago

    I like a wee deposit in the morning myself Muzza..havna had one for a few weeks…:-) ooh, er aye…I see what ya mean a money DEPOSIT!! 😉 hahaha. Well sticking with the Argentinian theme perhaps a wee splash on Velez Sarsfield (won the Apertura in Dec) away at Emelec of Ecuador in the qualifying rounds of the Copa Libertadores..as long as the altitude aint a significant factor?

  36. Guido 5 years ago

    Ooops sorry Muzza…Emelec from Colombia…shoodna be any altitude probs then… u might get shot but shood be able to breath!! :-)

    • Muzza 5 years ago

      Hahahahaha nice one Guido – lol!

      I’m gonna leave it tonight as I won a rake of cash on the horses today and my footy bets were pish! Was going to bet Sheffield utd, Yeovil & Bounemouth but I changed my mind and picked Stevanage – tit!!

      • Guido 5 years ago

        Emelec are from Ecuador as I originally thought Muzza..ffs…might do a wee double of Velez 13/10 and National (Uruguay)at home to Barcelona (Ecuador) not the real Barca!! Stevenage…bloody Milesey letting ya down with his way off tips!! :-)

        • Muzza 5 years ago

          Looks like he had a cracking night with his singles except Stevo…. And he bets big so will be well in profit. If he had used his head instead or heart he would have hit the jackpot!

      • Guido 5 years ago

        keep yer winnings in yer pocket Muzza…least yer guaranteed waking up chuffed in the morning..stead of yer happiness getting potentially shafteded by some crooked gringo ref 7000 miles away!! :-)

        • Muzza 5 years ago

          Exactly! Where do you live Guido?

          • Guido 5 years ago

            Buenos Aires :-)) hahaha :-) split time tween Glesca and Inverness.

            Mileseys racing tips as usual were outstanding today..got in on the first at 2pm n last one at 4pm and missed another two good ones in the middle…..f&&&in work getting in the bloody way!!! spoiled ma afternoon!! :-)

            • Muzza 5 years ago

              I thought you were in Rio de Janeiro!!

              I read Mileseys tips but also look at GG.com and they picked 3/7 at Lingers, 2/7 Southwell and 6/7 at Ayr

              I was just lucky today and hit 8 from 10 bets (all singles) and finished £987 to the good!

              • Guido 5 years ago

                Very Nice Muzza!! :-) hope furra few nice ones tomorrow…if Milesey bothers to come back? Shocking stuff. Dunno why folk knock him…lotta work n savvy goes into assimulating that knowledge. I reckon with the success he has he could charge folk a tenner a month for that knowledge and loads wid pay..crazy attitude from some folk??

                • Muzza 5 years ago

                  Totally agree pal very short sighted folk at times.

                  Few nice runners at Kempton & Lingers tomorrow. Southwell still hard to call with the new track

                  I am off for an early kip pal – laters!!

      • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
        Mr Fixit 5 years ago

        Muzza, there was no logical reason to back Stevenage but Hartlepool and Wycombe results were extremely disappointing.

        • Muzza 5 years ago

          Mr F – I just had a feeling on Stevenage as I thought Brentford would have an eye on Sunday but it appears they were all fighting to get in the team to face Chelski and played a blinder

          • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
            Mr Fixit 5 years ago

            Muzza, surely promotion is more important than FA Cup glory. I fancied Brentford but let Milesey’s comments talk me out of it.

            • Muzza 5 years ago

              I agree but you know when you get that feeling you just go with it!

  37. Guido 5 years ago

    Watched big fat gypy wedding last night Muzza..sum of it filmed in Corby…that wasn’t you in the pink fluorescent tutu dress with a 20 foot long lime green train struggling to get oot of a glass cased horse drawn carriage up the aisle was it?? :-)

    • Muzza 5 years ago

      Oh noooooo you have found me out!! Only usually ware that at he weekends!! Brass of a programme btw!!

      Most of the pikeys have been driven out of corby to be fair

      • Guido 5 years ago

        haha..Pikeys!! they dunna like that! yeah think it wiz a repeat form last year perhaps/ Had a wee dip on National at 4/5 to beat Barca…just started. Might do Velez later 13/10. Did quite well oota them last few seasons/fairly reliable team

  38. fathead 5 years ago


    • Guido 5 years ago

      Well said Mr Fathead…Milesey Milesey hes the man to gie us winners at 10/1 :-)

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Fathead, if it happens – and I don’t know if it will – it will be in the morning. I’m leaving him and admin to sort it out. Strangely, his racing tips were good and he didn’t get serious stick really, just a guy asking him a question and someone else been silly. I’d rather slate him over Stevenage and putting me off Brentford.

      • Muzza 5 years ago

        Like Arnie – He will be back! He can’t resist it, it’s in his blood………..

  39. fathead 5 years ago


    • Guido 5 years ago

      Well said Mr Fathead :-)

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit Author
      Mr Fixit 5 years ago

      Fathead, that’s what it’s all about, helping each other. And when you see a tip you don’t fancy leave it out but don’t slaughter the guy for putting it up.

  40. AC 5 years ago

    I reckon he will come back … just needs a few days to cool off.

    Especially when he hears that is was the same person on different account given him the abuse.

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