Champions League Last Man Standing Competition: Matchday 4


RESULTS went largely as expected on Matchday 3 which meant most members still in the competition secured a safe passage to Matchday 4.

Most were on Barca or Juve, whilst a trio impressively opted for the draw between Leverkusen and Spurs. By my reckoning we lost 4 at the last hurdle and at least 20 members are still in play. I say at least because of course some members will still have their Second Chance card to play.

So even if your selection lost last week you can regain entry to the competition using the Second Chance card but remember you can only use it once, so if you’ve already played it then you’re out.

Unfortunately if you’ve not already taken part in the competition then it’s too late to join us as you’ll have been deemed to have had losers in earlier Matchdays.

How it Works

The format is simple. I’ll pick 6 fixtures each UEFA Champions League matchday and you need to pick the outcome in just one of those matches to progress to the next matchday. As always you’ll have a ‘Second Chance’ card, which means you can afford to get ONE wrong and still remain in the competition. Get it wrong on your ‘Second Chance’ and you’re out the competition. If you miss a matchday that’ll count as a loss so make sure you visit the site regularly to keep playing in the competition.

How to Play

Simply submit your result in the comments section below. Get it right and you’ll qualify to the next matchday. Get it wrong and you’ll need to play your ‘Second Chance’ card in the next matchday to stay in the competition.

The winner will be the last person left in the competition. In the event of a tie at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final the winner will be the person who has not used their Second Chance card. If things are still tied the winner will be determined by the person who has selected the highest priced winners, to a single £1 stake per match, throughout the competition.

The Prizes

  • 1st Place – A Free Bet Bundle* worth £100, A shirt of your choice of one the 32 teams** competing in the UEFA Champions League & 1 year’s free membership to MrFixitsTips
  • 2nd Place – A Free Bet Bundle worth £50
  • 3rd Place – A Free Bet Bundle worth £30
  • 4th Place – A Free Bet Bundle worth £20

Matchday 2 Fixtures

Please make your  selection from the fixtures below. You only need to select the result, not the correct score.

  • Besiktas (12/5) Draw (5/2) Napoli (21/20)  – 17.45 Tuesday
  • Basel (5/1) Draw (11/5) PSG (8/15)
  • Man City (7/4) Draw (12/5) Barcelona (4/6)
  • FC Copenhagen (23/20) Draw (23/10) Leicester (12/5)
  • Monaco (4/5) Draw (5/2) CSKA Moscow (7/2)
  • Spurs (10/11) Draw (13/5) Bayer Levrkusen (14/5)

You must quote the odds of your selection.

The usual competition rules apply. Your selection must be made before kick-off in your chosen match. Mr Fixit’s decision is final.

Good Luck!!!

* Bookies to be confirmed. **Where available. If not available a £50 cash prize will be awarded.

  1. Profile photo of geoff50
    geoff50 1 month ago

    PSG 8/15 win

  2. Profile photo of ianlinds03
    ianlinds03 1 month ago

    Spurs win at 10/11

    That’s if I am still I this I can’t honestly remember

    • Profile photo of obi wan cannoli
      obi wan cannoli 1 month ago

      Went back and had a scan (since I missed a round whilst I was travelling in Europe and had to check on my own eligibility too). You missed match day 1, tipped Spurs (winning with your 2nd chance in match day 2), but missed match day 3… so sorry mate, looks like you’re out.

  3. Profile photo of mcnaughtie
    mcnaughtie 1 month ago

    Monaco 4/5

  4. Profile photo of obi wan cannoli
    obi wan cannoli 1 month ago

    Monaco @ 4/5 (2nd chance)

  5. Profile photo of larue
    larue 1 month ago

    I’m not sure if I’m still in !…….if I am Spurs 10/11

  6. Profile photo of theresa higgins
    theresa higgins 1 month ago

    Spurs 10/11 Second chance.

  7. Profile photo of revans86
    revans86 1 month ago

    PSG (8/15)

    (Still Second Chance)

  8. Profile photo of mullz
    mullz 1 month ago

    PSG 8/15 win – second chance

  9. Profile photo of double carpet
    double carpet 1 month ago

    Monaco 4/5
    (Still 2nd chance)

  10. Profile photo of bixieupnorth
    bixieupnorth 1 month ago

    monaco 4/5 second chance (or have i already had that??)

  11. Profile photo of djeniks70
    djeniks70 1 month ago

    Monaco (4/5) to win

  12. Profile photo of leveller
    leveller 1 month ago

    Barcelona 4/6

  13. Profile photo of leveller
    leveller 1 month ago

    Barcelona 4/6
    (Still 2nd chance)

  14. Profile photo of harrybaines
    harrybaines 1 month ago

    Monaco to win at (4/5)

  15. Profile photo of ged72
    ged72 1 month ago

    Spurs ( 10/11 )
    Second chance

  16. Profile photo of picko_
    picko_ 1 month ago

    Spurs Win @ 10/11

  17. Profile photo of dj76
    dj76 1 month ago

    Monaco to win @4/5
    (Still 2nd chance)

  18. Profile photo of im a lucky punt
    im a lucky punt 1 month ago

    Spurs 10/11

  19. Profile photo of obi wan cannoli
    obi wan cannoli 1 month ago

    Since a few folks are asking if they’re still in… and I had already checked a few names when I was backtracking on myself… I went and checked the rest. Mr F – hope you don’t mind me posting this?

    Bixieupnorth & larue – you’ve already used your 2nd chances, so are out. Sorry.

    Thru to Matchday 5: geoff50, revans86 (2nd chance) & mullz (2nd chance).

    Still in play for Matchday 4:
    brooksey62 – 2nd chance (no tip as yet!)
    dazid316 – 2nd chance (no tip as yet!)
    dj76 – 2nd chance (monaco)
    djeniks70 – (monaco)
    doublecarpet – 2nd chance (monaco)
    frastar – 2nd chance (no tip as yet!)
    ged72 – 2nd chance (spurs)
    harrybaines – (monaco)
    im a lucky punt – 2nd chance (spurs)
    mattyg123 – 2nd chance (no tip as yet!)
    mcnaughtie – (monaco)
    obi wan cannoli – 2nd chance (monaco)
    picko – (spurs)
    skyblueliam – 2nd chance (no tip as yet)
    theresa higgins – 2nd chance (monaco)

    • Profile photo of obi wan cannoli
      obi wan cannoli 1 month ago

      Geez… even in my summary I couldn’t get things right. Theresa tipped Spurs.. and I said she tipped Monaco. Sorry Theresa!

      We’re now down to the Magnificent…. Eleven?
      djeniks70, geoff50, harrybaines, and mcnaughtie are flying on their first chance still.

      dazid316, dj76, doublecarpet, mullz, obi wan cannoli, picko, revans86 are all hanging in there on our second chances.

  20. Profile photo of brooksey62
    brooksey62 1 month ago

    Spurs 10/11

  21. Profile photo of dazid316
    dazid316 1 month ago

    Monaco (4/5)

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