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THOSE guys at Bet365 sure love giving away money! Hot on the heels of Tuesday’s £50 risk-free in play-offer on Arsenal v Bayern Munich they’re doing it all again in this weekend’s top-of-the-table Manchester Derby between Man City and Man Utd.

If you place a pre-match bet on the game – up to £50 – which kicks off on Sunday at 2.05pm then Bet365 will give you a risk-free in-play bet to the same stake.

How to claim you £50 risk-free bet

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet of up to £50 before kick-off. Then once the game starts place another bet – of the same stake – on any in-play market.

If your FIRST in-play bet loses Bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk pre-match bet and take a chance on the in-play – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

Also, please note the £50 refund is in the form of cash after the match, it does not appear as a free bet in-play. If you are doing the offer and using the max stake of £50, you will need to place bets totaling £100 – that’s £50 pre-match and £50 in-play so make sure you have enough funds in your account. If the in-play bet loses it will then be refunded a couple of hours after full-time.

Join or Login here

To claim your risk-free bet you should click on the link below, this will take you to more details about the offer and the terms and conditions.

Click here >>> Visit Bet365 to claim your risk-free bet <<< Click here

How to make the most of your risk-free bet

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals at odds of around 1-16. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of around £5 at 10-1 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer’ market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a maximum total spend of around £2 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 in-play bet to try to win big, e.g. on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found by simply clicking the banner at the top of this page or the link in bold above.

Win a Bet-A-Day in November at Bet365

Regulars to the site will have noticed my current promotion in partnership with Bet365 where you could win a FREE £5 BET EVERY DAY in November. All you need to do is open a new Bet365 account in October via the link in this post and you’ll be entered in to a draw to win a free bet-a-day.

This risk-free offer, coupled with Bet365’s £200 welcome bonus, mean it’s a great time to open a new account. Furthermore the chance to win this fantastic prize mean it’s offer that you shouldn’t miss. Click here for all the details of the competition.

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Visit Coral33/1 Man Utd to beat Liverpool - Winnings paid in free bets. Max stake £1.
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Visit SportNation10/1 Liverpool to beat Man Utd - Winning bet credited in cash. Min/Max stake £5
> CLAIM NOW 18+. T&Cs Apply.
  1. David Burza 2 years ago

    Or if you’re quick, when team news comes out, you have a 5/10 minute window before 365 remove players not involved. If your quick enough place your pre match bet on a goalscorer who ain’t involved. The bet will be voided but still counts towards the offer. This has even been confirmed on 365 live chat. Then you have a totally risk free £50 in play

  2. Wolverine 2 years ago

    David Burza, I’ve already done this :) Took George Evans (Man City player now on loan at Walsall) as first goal scorer before he was removed. I advised this several times on other threads as soon as the offer was confirmed by bet365.

  3. BigB 2 years ago

    Did a bit a searching about and it seems Delph is still injured and won’t be playing tomorrow. (Even the fantasy league news says so aha) He is still available to be backed as a goal scorer. Just a heads up for anyone interested.

  4. Joe 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tip bigb. I’ve just been on the city website and Delph is confirmed injured so just put 50 on Delph to score. Any tips for the inplay bet to make some money?? I fancy goals but a lot of city injuries

  5. TheBoss 2 years ago

    Is this confirmed that’s he’s injured?! He’s still available don’t wanna get screwed and his a sub at 89th minute lol

  6. Joe 2 years ago

    I saw it on the official city website theboss

  7. Riggsy 2 years ago

    So will the Delph bet become void before of after the game if he isn’t playing?

  8. John smith 2 years ago

    What about jesse lingard?

  9. Harpreet 2 years ago

    *** BE WARNED ***

    Bet365 can void your pre play bet if a player doesn’t start for example and just before kick of they will put the £50.00 back into your account leaving you with no pre play bet placed.

    Yea I agree with where many are coming from but be warned that instead of voiding the bet they will cancel the bet placed and deposit the funds up to £50.00 back into your account just as game starts.

  10. Wolverine 2 years ago

    Sorry Harpreet but you are completely wrong. All non starting player bets get settled AFTER the game finishes, not before. I know this for a fact as I did exactly the same bet (Robben in the Bayern game). Chat even confirmed this before I placed my bet. They also said it wouldn’t affect the inplay bet and it wasn’t breaking any rules.

  11. Riggsy 2 years ago

    Regardless, just keep an eye on your account before kick off, if the bet voids before the game, just have a bet in mind as a back up.

  12. Philip 2 years ago

    You don’t have to be that blatent or stupid to pick someone who is injured . bet 365 ain’t daft! They can and will if they choose to void the bet or hold winning funds at their discretion. There are lots of ways to either put a risk free bet on or if you want for a couple of quid have a good go at winning big. Ie £50 on half a goal prematch. £4 or £5 cover on no scorer with another bookie, ten or eleven to one. £50 in play on a goalscorer or a big cool grand back if united win 3-1, 20-1 !!!

  13. T84uk 2 years ago

    They will settle the delph bet after the game. I did the same bet on robben to score v Arsenal and was settled after game

  14. Belfastmark 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if I open a new 365 account and claim the up to 200 deposit bonus,is there a way to use the in play offer and withdraw the 100 again and still have the deposit bonus?

  15. Harpreet 2 years ago

    Wolverine – Wrong as they can cancel your bet like I was told over the telephone. I was advised on this very same forum to be careful last time bet365 did this offer and I’m glad I did.

    • Wolverine 2 years ago

      Fair enough Harpreet I was maybe a bit harsh in my last post but I don’t think it will be a problem. Sure it’s a good idea to check to see if the money is returned before kick off but I think I’m safe enough. Good luck anyway.

  16. Ramey 2 years ago

    Over .5 goals and 50 inplay no gs at 10/1

  17. Dreamkiller 2 years ago

    “Does anyone know if I open a new 365 account and claim the up to 200 deposit bonus,is there a way to use the in play offer and withdraw the 100 again and still have the deposit bonus?”

    To use the £200 bonus you have to turn the £200 deposit over once. If you withdraw then you lose the bonus. If you deposit then you can still use the £50 Freebet offer and the first £50 bet will go towards the £200 stake playthrough …. There is an easy way to play through the whole bonus with no risk as long as you have a fair amount of lay off bank 😉

  18. vxn77 2 years ago

    mam city over 4.5 corners at 4/6 seems an absolute cert considering how attacking minded they are. £40 profit to start!

  19. Marty2k365 2 years ago

    Anyone got any guaranteed profit bets they are doing?

  20. 02ba 2 years ago

    I’m going to put my £50 inplay bet on 2-2 draw at 14/1 I can see a good cash out offer if it starts going the right way

  21. bankbuildee 2 years ago

    just spoke to bet365 told them exactly what i was doing i.e backing delph first goal and they said you would still be eligible for the risk free bet but advised to read the T&C’s for future bets hahs they know the score

  22. Wintz 2 years ago

    So do i need to deposit in £100 then bet £50 pre match and £50 during the match or do i just need to lodge £50 and then there will be a free £50 bet for in play?

    • Wolverine 2 years ago

      Wintz you need £100 in your account if you intend betting £50 prematch then using another £50 inplay. It’s not waiting for you to use, you have to use your own money then it gets returned to you.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Wintz, you need to use your own money and then it will be refunded.

  23. Harpreet 2 years ago

    Wolverine – Just be careful mate that’s all I’m saying as they can do it

  24. RichB 2 years ago

    Pre match bet £50 on over 0.5 goals and then the £50 inplay most likely on a BTTS.

    Covered with a £4.20 bet elsewhere at 11/1 on under 0.5 goals just Incase.

    Boring and low risk but all being well an easy £30ish profit.

    Still tempted to take a chance on the 50 inplay but think it’d take a lot to convince me hahaha.

    Did consider de bruyne ATGS at 12/5 but whilst it’s a cool £170 I just feel BTTS is nailed on today (fingers crossed)

  25. Belfastmark 2 years ago

    Dream killer cheers dude,was on the phone to them,it could be done but as you say,too much hassle tbh,the missus was gonna open one but I’ll just stick to the in play offer on my own account :-) good luck!!

  26. Heastwood 2 years ago

    B365: stake: 100
    United to win: 50–>127.50

    In play: draw: 50–>175.00
    (Returned if lost)

    Sky bet: stake: 50

    City to win : 50–>140
    If united win, stake=150.
    Winnings =127.50 +50. = 177.50
    If draw, stake 150
    Loss= 150
    If city win, stake 150
    Winnings= 140.00 +50
    Profit= 40


  27. Paul M 2 years ago

    I get a free bet up to £50 with pp when i bet up to £50 at odds of 1/2 or better, how would i guarantee a profit with this and also using the bet365 offer ?

  28. Alvez 2 years ago

    Paul stick £50 on Man utd then stick your free £50 on draw wi PP, on 365 offer stick £50 on City then can take a chance on anytime scorer/score with inplay bet as it’ll be refunded of it loses, just go wi whoevers biggest at PP or 365 for ‘cash’ bets

  29. tonytanaka 2 years ago

    Anthony Martial First Goalscorer 11/2

  30. Coleone 2 years ago

    Going for Over 0.5 goals (Pre match)
    Man City team goals Over 2.5 at 5/1 (inplay)
    Covered with 5 on no goalscorer with betfair at 9-1.

  31. Wato 2 years ago


    All bets must be paid for and placed in the usual way and any bets that are fully or partly Cashed Out are excluded from this offer.

  32. Wintz 2 years ago

    cheers Wolverine & Mr Fixit, I have deposited £100. Put £50 on over 0.5 match goals at 1/16. Now I can put any bet on for £50 and if it wins I ma quids in and if it loses I get that £50 back plus hopefully the first over 0.5 goals bet?

    I surprise myself sometimes with how slow I am… Sorry guys and thanks for the help and advice, appreciate it

  33. Paul M 2 years ago

    Cheers alvez think i will do that

  34. Wato 2 years ago

    Wintz have you bet on no goalscorer or under 0.5 with another bookie? If it finishes 0-0 you lose your first £50

  35. Michael C 2 years ago

    Heastwood, that is almost exactly what I have done
    £50 on home win with 365 pre match returns £130
    £45 on away win at 888 returns £129.15 (although skybet odds now better)
    Inplay £50 on draw returns £165 at present, but odds are dropping :-(

    Home win gives £35 profit
    Away win gives £34.15 profit
    Draw gives £25 profit.

    If doing this then don’t let odds drop below 2.9 inplay as at this point you break even on the draw. Anythig less would mean a loss.

  36. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Free 365 in-play going on Over 4.5 match goals…6/1.

    Good luck.

  37. Michael C 2 years ago

    GL Hull – I considered O3.5, but sticking with the guaranteed profit method! Reckon yours has a half decent chance….

  38. Alvez 2 years ago

    23/10 on the draw

  39. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Cheers Michael…was actually 7/1 when I put it on in 1st minute…bit of a tall order but a 3/2 score line isn’t too far fetched.

    Not bothered about the guaranteed profit…much rather use it too have a bit of fun…it’s free after all.

  40. Alex MS 2 years ago

    i’m with you michael c and heastwood.

    I’ve been using guaranteed profit method since start of season on the bet365 in play offer and up 27+ points, soon to be 31+ points so far! still early days in the season as well so its a nice way to build up guaranteed profit!

  41. Michael C 2 years ago

    I got the lowest of the guaranteed amounts with that draw – just £17.50. But that takes me to plus £204 for the season over the 5 offers they have done so far. That’s over £40 average win per bet. Fair to say my other betting pots are doing nowhere near that well!

  42. Wolverine 2 years ago

    Got my money back on George Evans 1st goal scorer straight after the game finished. No problem at all.

  43. cottweiler 2 years ago

    wd ramey and alvez

  44. HullShaker 2 years ago

    Well done lads…profits profit! I made bugger all but had a free flutter…just the 5 goals short.

  45. Daf Smith 2 years ago

    £62.50 profit love this deal

  46. TheBoss 2 years ago

    Well that was a boring game!!

  47. cottweiler 2 years ago

    how long does it take for refund to go back into account

  48. realwalker 2 years ago

    I must be the only one losing money on these offers, changed from the draw to man u win and didnt cover nil nil, absolutely thick as pig shit.

  49. KP 2 years ago

    My pre bet on Delph was VOIDED , in play bet NOT refunded :-(

  50. Hensby 2 years ago

    £40 on 0-0 correct score returned £440 and in play bet returned stake as it lost. Have no doubt in your ability MrF but I think your cursed at the moment. Backed against your super single yesterday and the 0-0 feeling came today when I read you would only be going on BTTS! Two tired teams scared of losing in the end.

    • John smith 2 years ago

      Hensby, did you post your 0-0 bet on here pre match?

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Hensby, you must have been gutted the Super Single landed today.
      The Utd-City btts was stats based – never thought in a million years two top English teams could serve up such rubbish.

  51. KP 2 years ago

    Was anyone else Delph bet voided please

  52. cottweiler 2 years ago

    how long does it take for refund to go back into account


  53. KP 2 years ago

    My pre bet was NOT voided before i placed my in play bet. Have i got anyone come back on this Mr.F ?

  54. TheBoss 2 years ago

    Just checked mine I have been given my £50 in play and voided Delph money back.

  55. KP 2 years ago

    Amazing, has just been refunded!
    Not trying that again :-(

  56. Hensby 2 years ago

    No wasn’t posted pre match wouldn’t expect anyone to take a amateur gut feeling over the stats produced by some of the tipsters on the site.

    And MrF no not gutted your super single landed as I’m not going to take the tactic of betting against you, don’t think ill come out on top haha. Yeah was the fact they both had tiring mid week games that swayed me toward the classic English over hyped 0-0 in a game that should have offered more, especially from a analytical sence.

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 2 years ago

      Hensby, backing 0-0 on the bet365 offer is actually quite a good tactic and I’ve done it and won in the past.
      They can’t use tiredness as an excuse – it was a big derby but was played as if they were at the Chelsea Flower Show.
      Total rubbish and fans who paid a fortune to watch must be really pissed off.

  57. KP 2 years ago

    Yes indeed Mr.F :- think they could hear me sobbing into my coffee!

    Chelsea flower show …LOL!!!

  58. Alves 2 years ago

    Going for a wee double to pass an hour til PSG game

    Viking v Stabaek – over 1.0 ht gls
    Chapecoence v Avai – over 10.5 asian corners


  59. Daf Smith 2 years ago

    Refund can take 1-2 hours….Best bet is do double chance before game on either team to win and as soon as game kicks off slam that £50 on draw simple

  60. Bankbuilder 2 years ago

    I had no priblem getting my inplay bet refunded after backing delph first goal. also i managed to have £50 on 0-0 on my ‘dogs’ account. my bulldog is £600 richer tonight

  61. Chip 2 years ago

    How do you complete the KYC verification with your dog?

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